Darkness Inside by Lilith04


She has that darkness inside her, that darkness whose finality is to reveal her true nature… , I wish you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing, and I hope you like it enough to let me a comment, ok?
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Darkness Inside.

I was born on a dark day. The day my loving mother ceased to exist. And the dark gray clouds filled my sky for years, since I've born. I'm in the shadows, in a flawless, cruel and lustfull night I discovered it was meant to last forever.

The three of us lived in a small and ordinary town. My father, my brother and I. We were nobody. My father was just an employee in a box factory and my brother and I were just simple teenagers, he was three years older and worked in a general store while I just took care of home.

Nobody cared about us, until my brother got caught doing something hideous at the local cemetery.

People kept saying someone saw him slaughtering a goat on somebody's tomb…

Neither my father nor I believed what they were saying. My brother was quiet and closed, just like me, maybe because my mother passed away bringing me to life and we grew up around a disturbed and enraged father. But he never did anything to make us think of him like some satanist. We both were quiet, all ourselves, but that was all. I tried to support him the best I could, I didn't wanted to be alone with my dad, and I had hope it all would be just a huge misunderstanding… Until he disappeared.

My life turned into a nightmare. I was simply the weird girl at school, no more, no less. Never had friends, I never was popular. Even when some interesting boys stared at me, at my looks, even when they saw through the fact I'm slim, flat chested and kinda clumsy, they never took a shot at me. I was considered pretty by some, straight and long dark brown hair with some tones of red, green eyes and a porcelain white skin. But probably that dark thing around me just kept them away from me. Maybe my tastes for music and clothing weren't appropriate, maybe I wasn't cool enough to be seen with them. And I was always too shy and too introspective to give it a try myself. But life was simpler. Now I'm a pariah.

People look at my dark makeup, my usually black clothing, and see some kind of goth nymphet satan's lover, while I'm more a shy virgin who listens to Avril Lavigne and is taking her time starting to enjoy rock and metal music, learning about it through the internet… I just wanted to have some personality, to fit in some group, waiting for someone who was caring enough to understand me and discover that I'm a nice person inside, I just can't leave my shelter…

But in that small town, they just cared enough to insult a sixteen year old girl for no reason. I was charged and considered guilty of being something I didn't even understand. People of the church started to cross the street when see me coming. At school I was called names. The little number of supposed friends I had – girls who were jealous or just were as anti social as I was – simply disappeared. I was left even more alone than I already was. Life turned into hell. And still, I had a man who secretly hated me – my father, enraged at losing his wife to give birth to this freak…

I wanted it to stop. I had no reason to live. I felt like I just wanted to die.

And then, it happened.

Once in a while my dad had night shifts at the factory. When this happened I had the habit of going to a nearby bakery, buy some things to eat at night, then lock myself up at home. This time when I was heading home I saw the next door neighbour walking with his pup.

He was one of the only people who didn't treat me like garbage after the happening. So when I saw him I just waved. Knowing that I didn’t used to smile at anyone, he just grinned and waved back. He was young, probably in middle twenties, and I always felt he had a crush on me, but he didn't even catch my attention. Except the fact he wasn't being mean to me, like the rest, he was absolutely the same as all the people from this dull provincial town, and I hated it.

And for a brief moment I saw his expression reflecting the fact that something wrong was about to happen to me. His surprised face announced the arrival of a black van right next to me, from which two masked men jumped out.

In desperation I dropped the sack with things I had bought at the bakery and I tried to run, but it was useless. They grabbed me, one of them lifted my legs, dragging me to the van, while the other was pinning my arms and muffling my screams, my useless calls for help, as the only person around, my neighbour, was completely static watching what was happening to me not moving a muscle to save me.

Inside were a third man, laughing at their success and holding ropes, while the fourth one drove off screeching tires. In my mind, I was lost. They are going to rape me, they are going to rape me, my conscience repeated insistently, as if it was trying to prepare me for the worst. For a girl who hadn't even kissed anyone yet, just thinking about it was monstrous.

I squirmed and struggled, my heart beating like it was about to break my rib cage, but when they finally had my wrists and ankles tied, I ceased fighting. When I was a kid, every time my father was angry, he used to beat me for no apparent reason. When I was little I just screamed and cried, but soon as I was old enough to figure out it was going to keep happening, my body started to react differently, I became insensitive. The pain was still there, but somehow I figured that struggling would only make things worse. I didn't even cry anymore, and gradually my father stopped his aggressions, like beating an inanimate being wasn't good enough for him to satiate his rage. Since I was seven years old I never cried again.

The same was happening in that van. Three man surounding me, grinning maliciously beneath their cloth masks made of black fabric which exposed only their eyes and mouth, and soon as they dropped me in the wagon's floor I wasn't feeling anything anymore, my body shivered stiff on the ground.

“I said she was weird, remember?” Said the tall one, who continued. “She is not even crying. If I didn't know she is as fucking crazy as her brother, I'd think she's really brave.”

“Or maybe she's just a little whore waiting to get some dick!” The bulkier one said, making me shiver even more. They were really going to rape me. “Why don't you take your hand off her mouth so we can figure it out?” He said to the one behind me, that kept his arm around my neck and one of his hands over my mouth.

“Please don't do this!” I begged as soon as my mouth was freed. They laughed at me.
“Your brother should have thought better before spilling goat's blood in or family’s tombs” The driver said.
“But I didn't do anything!” I tried to reason with them.

“And it'll not stop us from doing you!” The tall one said stroking my right thigh over my jeans, what incited the other two to do the same, the bulkier one shoved his hand between my legs while the guy behind me, with his arm still around my neck, cupped my right breast.

In no time the fact I had this cold blood turned from a blessing to a curse, since they were all groping me, being the first ones to touch my body in a sexual way, and I wasn't able to express hatred, disgust, anything…

“Guys, cut that out. Just put the bitch in the bag, we are almost near the cemetery.” The driver said and I gasped. Maybe they're not just raping me, maybe they're going to kill me.
“Damn, you're boring. Can we at least take her clothes off?” He bulkier one asked.
“Whatever, since you don't do anything else back there and put her in the bag before we arrive.” He answered.
“Heh, now, that will be interesting” Said the tall one smirking at the others while pulling out a knife.
“C'mon! Cut her open! I wanna see if she'll keep this quiet while we check her whole body!” Said the bulkier one in an extremely excited voice, while the guy behind me just passed his other arm around my neck wrapping me tight against him, like he was trying to comfort me for what was coming.

But I kept quiet. I didn't said one word, did a noise or cried a tear while they slashed my jacket and my jeans, ripped my t-shirt and then cheered at each other while carefully cut off my bra.

“Fuck, so she did have boobs behind all those clothes… Look at those red buttons, aren't they lovely?” The tall one said while holding my entire breast in his hand and playing with my nipple with his thumb, while the guy behind me, whose pants had swollen in my back, couldn't hold himself and cupped my other breast. “They're so underdeveloped… But I'd love to suck on them…” He said.

And while they two were weirdly delighting on those two tiny mounds I'm used to calling my breasts, the bulky one subtly hooked his fingers on the edges of my panties and slowly pulled them down while glaring at me, then ripped off. He saw my eyes moisten and grinned, just before brushing the thin small line of red pubic hair he discovered right above my most intimate part. He looked astonished while caressing my pubis…
“Damn… Is it me or this is the hottest lolita I've ever seen?” He said looking at the other two.
The taller's look seemed so frankly surprised as the bulky one was, and I would bet the guy behind me looked just the same, by the way he slowly stroked my little breast.

“Who'd know that beneath that bratty look and all that stupid clothes was such a cute girl!” The bulkier one said, still caressing the surroundings of my crotch, which I was sure he didn't explored further because my legs were shut tight, helped by the knot in my ankles.
“Jordan, we can't do that to this girl, let's just take her home and have turns with her!” The guy behind me said to the driver.
“Shut up you moron! Don't say my name! We are in this for vengeance, we are not rapists! Fuck, am I surrounded by idiots??” He yelled.
“But she isn't even fighting back!” He argued. And I felt my passiveness working again.
“I said to shut the fuck up! She's going to that cross and that's it! What you do to her after is not of my concern.”

And then they stood quietly for a moment, like they were thinking of their options, but soon the tall one spoke.

“He's right.” He took what left of my panties, making a small ball of white fabric and reached my mouth. “Open it.” He said. For a moment I thought about struggle, about calling him names… But I just opened my mouth and he shoved it in, gagging me. Then he smiled and gave two soft slaps in my face.

Few minutes passed until the van stopped. My heart was racing and my mouth was dry. I was completely sure he was going to kill me. I tried to figure out what my brother could have done to make this guy want to kill me in revenge, but I couldn't think of anything. They carried me out, it was way colder than in the van, which intensified my trembling. I could hear the noise of the cemetery trees blowing in the wind as, a couple minutes later, they put me on the cold ground.

So I heard them talking and doing something away from me, while I tried to fumble, looking for a way to open the bag, but it was useless. In no time they were back and one guy opened the bag. I gust of wind hit me and I almost curled myself trying to keep my warmth, but the bulky one lifted me and threw me over his shoulder, his hand stroking my butt while he headed back to the others.

“Hey, look at this.” He said while pointing out something to the others, making them whistle in agreement. With me hanging in his shoulder, my head towards his back, they had a clean shot at the most secret place of me. I felt completely ashamed just by thinking about those guys, people who know me – in this little town everybody knows each other – seeing all my body, seeing me like I never had shown myself to anybody…
“Hang her there.” The driver ordered.
“Ok, but she is naked and it's too cold here. We can't take too long to call the cops saying she is here.” The bulky one said while taking me in his arms and carefully fixing the knotted rope in my wrists at the top edge of a big cross, my feet hanging two feet from the ground. And they all surrounded me.
“And how we are supposed to play with her this way? In this winter, twenty minutes and she'll freeze to death. Then the fun is over.” Said the tall one.
“C'mon, we were already talking about raping this girl, now you're talking about murder… We can't let her suffer that way.” Said the guy who was behind me, his voice now sounding extremely familiar.

“You three do whatever you want to her now, she's not gonna make it and you have nothing to do with it.” The driver said while pulling out a big knife.

My heart was breaking it's way through my rib cage, while two of them almost jumped in surprise the tall one simply came near to me and hugged me, kissing my neck and sliding his hand down my torso, heading to my waist, or lower, while I struggled as best I could, with my shoulders and wrists aching. Until he was pushed by the bulky one.

“Stop that! We are not going to kill this girl, she doesn't deserve that!” He said.
“So you wanted to rape her, but don't want to kill her!?” Said the tall one trying to get near me again.
“That's way different! We can't kill her! This was supposed to be a prank!” And I figured who he was, a guy from school, two years older. His name was Nick.
“Idiot, you told her my name at the van, we can't let her go and it is your fault. Now, if you're going to do something, do it already, because she'll not resist this weather any longer and I want to have the pleasure of finishing this freak.” Said the driver, menacingly approaching me. “And if you don't want a part of it, just leave, or you'll get yourself in trouble.”

So Nick backed off a little and the remaining trio came closer, surrounding my thin body hanging in that big stone cross in the middle of that tenebrous cemetery.
I was shivering and having a hard time breathing while I felt the tall one's hand reaching my crotch and roughly rubbing his hand between my legs. It was too much for me. I didn't make any sound, but I couldn't stand something been harshly rubbed against the sensitive skin of my little pussy without squirming myself. He just continued while the bulky one was groping my breasts and the driver put his knife to my neck.

“Why don't you try to be less weird and show us some emotion? These guys will show you how to feel pleasure just before you die. You should be grateful.” Said the driver superficially cutting my skin, enough to make me feel some blood running down my neck.
“It would be great, cause she's completely dry down here.” Said the tall one laughing.

But it was useless. They could do whatever they like and I wouldn't react. I just wanted to die with some dignity.

“Hey, cut this for me, she isn't going to struggle anyway.” The tall one said pointing to the rope on my ankles. Soon as the driver cut it, he lifted one of my legs and they both groped my little entrance, hurtfully spreading my skin to reach my red fragile flower. And with the bulky one sucking and nibbling at my poor nipples, I was being completely used by those men. And worst, I knew it was only the beginning. I always thought my first time would be painful, but not even in my worst nightmares I thought of something like that.

But the darkness around me acted again.

“God damn it!” Nick squealed behind them, like he had seen something absolutely terrifying just behind the cross on which I was hanging.

The other three reacted the same. I never saw such a fright in my entire life. Two of them fell on their backs while trying to run. In no time I could hear only their screams through the cemetery and amidst its trees.

So I was there, freezing to death, naked in the middle of a cemetery, my slender body hanging there, just waiting for the next one who wants to abuse me or kill me, just waiting for the terrible thing that scared four grown men like they were merely children, until I heard footsteps by my side…

It was a guy. Not too tall, not too robust, just a slender and handsome guy with a modern bright brown hair and wearing a casual white shirt with gray jeans.

“Christine… Finally we met.” He said in a melodious voice.

I certainly was delirious. Maybe the weather had frozen the blood in my brain.

“I was thinking about how much time it would last for you to get ready for me. It was hard to endure your despicable brother for all those years while waiting for you.” He said calmly, taking off the fabric of my mouth and putting his hands in his pockets, standing right in front of me.

“M-My brother?” I managed to say even my throat closing and my body shivering so hard that I was surprised I was still conscious.

“You are having a bad time, aren't you? Here, let me try to help you.” He said while approaching and hugging me. He was absurdly warm, which made me gasp in relief instantly. His torso was tightly stuck to mine, while his arms were around my waist, one hand rubbing my back. “Yes, your brother. The bastard tried to sell you to me, asking if I could bring your mother back to life. Stupid brat.”

He said this, his mouth just a few inches from my face, and I could smell his breath, it was sweet, like mint and honey. It took a moment for me to figure out what I had really heard.

“Sell me to you?… My brother? What?” I was completely lost.
“Yes. Your brother. He wanted your mother back, so he tried to trade you for her. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know that you already belonged to me. So he put himself in some huge difficulties.” He explained slowly and patiently.
“W-Who are you!?” I asked completely perplexed.

“I'm an old friend of your family. All of them had a little fetish for black magic and pacts, including your mother.” He answered. As I simply stared at him in shock he continued. “Your mother knew she couldn't made it when she got pregnant with you. It was really a shame. She had the same charm that you have. Being tiny and not calling any attention instantly, but once you noticed her… It was almost impossible not to fall for her. That's why I made a deal with her. I would help with bringing you to life, as it was almost sure you would have the same fate as your mother, and you should be mine. Knowing me, she accepted. And here we are.”

Weirdly it made completely sense in my head. I didn't have reason to believe him, but something inside me told me it was true. But I wasn't able to speak yet.

“I know your life was hard. And I know that, inside you, you want to die. Now that you know the true, do you still feel that way?” He asked.

My head was a complete and absurd mess. My brother trying to sell me to something… I was sure was not good. My mother using pacts and black magic… Probably my father knew it. Probably he thought she killed herself to bring me to life. The empty hole in my chest just turned bigger and I had no other choice then nod to him. I had no other choice then say that I no longer wanted to live.

“The deathwish is the most respectable thing for me, so, if you wanna die, I'll help you. But I want to try something before we take any precipitative action.” He said unwrapping me from his warm hold, making me shiver hard again, and kneeling in front of me, where he spread my legs a little and put them up on his shoulders, positioning his face just in front of my entrance and lifting me a little, easing the pain I was feeling in my arms and shoulders.

Different from anything I've ever experienced, his first movement made something switch inside me. He touched an unexpected part of me with his warm and soft tongue which made a wave travel through all my body and be expelled as a loud moan. The first moan of my entire life. And so he continued, licking me with his warm mouth and making my small body tremble with a powerful feeling. I could feel him entering me as far as he could with his tongue, exploring my virgin insides, making me bend forward in that sweet agony.

I could feel something growing stronger inside me, something ready to blow, and I never felt better in my entire life.
“P… Please, don't s.. Don't stop… Make me… M-Make me blow…” I tried to beg between furious gasps and he answered, moving even further and faster. That something that was growing inside me simply overflowed in a trembling explosion that beamed through all my senses. And for the first time since I was a child, I cried.

He stood and crossed my legs around him, lifting my limp and shivering body, then kissed me. I could taste what would probably be my own flavour mixed with his saliva and that sweet scent. Then, slowly, he directed something hard and pulsating to my tiny virgin entrance. With my eyes fixed in his confident glare I felt myself spreading for him. First a stinging pain that I tried to ignore, but he intervened.
“Don't. I demand you to let yourself go.” He said while reaching further inside me, and I obeyed, letting a hurtful moaning escape through my lips and something like a immense weight in my chest simply disappeared, while he started moving inside me. “Yes, that's it my beloved Christine.”

His arms around me kept me warm and held me still while he moved in and out of me, making me melt around him. It lasted for ages, and for no time at all. I was in some kind of trance, feeling completely free in his arms, expressing even the most inner sensations in passionate moans I didn't even knew I was able to manifest. Feeling myself struggling to avoid his intrusion, but then trying insistently to hold him inside me. I just laced my arms around his neck and let myself be his.

Until he felt different inside me and I felt something was about to happen. His grip tightened around me and he whispered between harder thrusts.
“This is what I can offer. Do you still wanna die, my dear?
From my personal heaven I said no and he laughed at me, making me smile, something I had long forgotten how to do. Then I felt tremble with me and something hot filled even my deepest insides.

“Christine, from now on the fate of every man who makes it inside you, is in your hands, for you to judge. For now on you're a succubus. No man shall resist your embrace, once you wish for it and as long as you endure it or love it, no man shall survive without your approval. Send the wicked to hell and avenge yourself from this vile world, my darling.”



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