Karie was the child of an unwed teen left on the doorsteps of the Whitehall First Methodist Church. Matilda Peabody, the church cleaning lady, found her one Monday morning when she arrived to clean after Sunday Services. Matilda immediately called for Pastor Tom.

Pastor Tom rarely visited the church on Mondays as this was the day, he reserved for visiting the sick and infirmed.

However, Pastor Tom quickly responded to Matilda’s urgent call only to find a new born infant left in a grocery basket. On closer inspection, Pastor Tom found a cryptic note simply saying, please take care of my baby and may God bless you.

Pastor Tom’s first instinct was to get the baby fed and instructed Matilda to contact Betty Grayson a local wet nurse. “And tell her to hurry,” he said.

Betty Grayson had nine children and had breasts that were perpetually full of mother’s milk.

When Betty arrived, the baby suckled feverishly as Pastor Tom was right, she needed fed.

Pastor Tom asked Betty to determine if the baby was boy or girl. Betty checked and responded, she is a girl and we will call her Karie.

Pastor Tom was a bachelor and was not in a position to care for the child and asked Betty if she could take care of her until a suitable home could be found. With nine children, the last thing Betty needed was another child to care for, but being the only wet nurse in the area, she was the logical choice. At least until the child was weaned off mother’s milk and able to eat regular food.

It was the 1890s and the First Methodist Church was located in a rural area of the Kansas prairie. The congregation came from scattered farms and ranches of mostly hard working, but poor folk.

Once Karie was weaned off Mother’s milk, Betty delivered Karie to Pastor Tom’s small home. Since a suitable home had not been found, Pastor Tom had no choice but to take in the little girl. His life was about to change dramatically. But with lots of prayer and hard work, Pastor Tom began life as a surrogate father to little Karie.

He bathed her, fed and clothed her. All the things a mother would normally do. Karie was an excellent baby and rarely cried. She was always with him as he performed his Pastoral duties.

As she grew, there was never a need for modesty as Pastor Tom continued to bathe her until she was big enough to do that for herself.

Her religious training began as soon as she could talk and carry on a conversation.

Karie had a natural singing voice and by the age of 12 would lead the congregation in the singing of hymns. By 13, Karie began transitioning into a young woman and a beautiful one at that. She caught the eye of several young men and was seen as a prized catch. It was not unusual for a young girl of 15 or 16 to get married out on the prairie.

Young brides grew old fast from the drudgery of hard work and child bearing out on the prairie.

Children were seen as extra mouths to feed but also extra hands to work.

One Sunday morning a new face showed up for morning worship service. Pastor Tom was stuck by her uncanny resemblance to Karie. A fresh new face of a lovely lady in her early 30s. She sat alone in the last pew by the door. Pastor Tom saw her beaming as Karie led the congregation in the singing of Amazing Grace.

Pastor Tom knew this must be Karie’s mother. The good Pastor realized he was suddenly sporting a hard boner. Boners were not rare to Pastor Tom but they were rare in church.

Pastor Tom shucked his planned sermon and instead gave a sermon on how God worked in mysterious ways. Karie was surprised as she had acted as scribe for Pastor Tom when planning his sermon. At the conclusion of his sermon, Pastor Tom was reluctant to come out from behind the pulpit as he was still tenting a boner. He needed to hustle to the front door to greet the congregation as they filed out of the church. In the hustle and bustle of people leaving, Pastor Tom’s boner went un-noticed say for one. That one being the lovely lady resembling Karie.

The lady had not been fucked since conceiving Karie, but her desire for hard cock remained strong. Realizing the Pastor was sporting a boner caused her pussy to get very wet.

Being celibate did not mean Pastor Tom did not have sensual feelings and often masturbated to seek relief. After all, he was a man.

Pastor Tom decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and took the woman aside to speak to her privately. “I sense you are Karie’s mother,” he said.

“And I sense you are her surrogate father,” the young woman said.

“I have been both mother and father since she was left at the church,” Pastor Tom said.

“I knew I was doing the right thing when I left her that morning so long ago. And by the way, I love the name you chose for her, Karie, its lovely, I was a mere 18 when I got impregnated by a man that had no plans to marry me. He continued to fuck me right up to my delivery time and then went away,” the lady said.

Pastor Tom was taken back by the lady’s brazen talk and said she should never speak of it again.

“It is not too late for Karie to have a mother and me to have a wife, it is a bit unorthodox, but I will perform the ceremony myself and Karie will serve as the matron of honor,” Pastor Tom said

“Perhaps I should introduce myself, I’m Maudie Perkins,” the lady said.

“Well Maudie step back in the church and we will get this marriage sanctified by God,” Pastor Tom said.

Once in the church, Pastor Tom told Maudie that he needed to speak to Karie and then they would get on with the ceremony.

Karie was young, but wise, and seemed to understand what was happening. She was a bit apprehensive about having another woman in the house as it had always been just her and Pastor Tom and their dog Ben.

A very strange, but necessary service took place, a service blessed by God. Maudie and Pastor Tom were married and Karie had both mother and father.

Following the service, Maudie whispered in Pastor Tom’s ear, “We need to get to your home and take care of your boner.”

Pastor Tom admonished her to watch her tongue, but knew she was right, his cock was so hard it hurt.

On the way home, Pastor Tom decided to drop Karie off to spend some time with the Grayson children.

While driving the carriage, Pastor Tom felt Maudie removing his hard cock from his trousers. Once unleashed, Maudie engulfed the hard boner only to have it erupt and unleash a week’s load of cum in her mouth. It had been a week since Pastor Tom had masturbated and Maudie received his pent-up load. She quicky swallowed it all. Pastor Tom’s was stunned, but enjoyed the relief.

Once home and inside the house, Pastor Tom slowly undressed Maudie until she stood nude. Pastor Tom gazed at her beauty and knew he was viewing a full-grown version of Karie. His boner was growing again.

Maudie returned the favor and undressed Pastor Tom. When fully undressed, his boner stood straight out. Maudie’s breath was taken away as Pastor Tom deep kissed his new bride with his hard cock poking her in the abdomen. Pastor and bride were like a dog with his bitch in heat.

He laid her down on the bed and crawled between her legs letting his cock reach the folds of her hairy pussy. As his cock entered, Maudie moaned. It had been so long since she had been fucked, but her pussy was very wet and self-lubricated. Pastor Tom’s cock eased in without great difficulty. The Bachelor Pastor was losing his virginity as he began fucking the mother of his foster daughter. Both Maudie and Pastor Tom were experiencing the first of many wonderful couplings. Pastor Tom was fucking into Maudie their second child.

Such was life on the Kansas Prairie during the 1890s.

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