a good accident_(1) by Jiggajames

A literotic sexstories: a good accident_(1) by Jiggajames
” See ya later James ”

” later dude ”

I put my ear buds in for the mile walk home, i stood on a corner and waited for the lights to change when it did I took two or three steps and that’s all I remember but what I’ve been told I was hit by a car doin 25 to 30 miles an hour and was tossed onto the cars hood and rolled in

To the glass, all I know is two broken legs a hand full of bruised ribs and an broken arm are not fun.

I had been in the hospital just shy of a week when I was released I didn’t need surgery and I had no permanent injuries

” you happy to be home baby ”

” yeah ma just still in pain ”

” your gonna be ”

” I know ”

Mom left the room then my cousin Jess called me

” hello ”

” what’s up accident prone ” she said in an eager voice

” hey not my fault this time ” half heartedly laughing in pain

” I know did ya hear ”

” bout what ”

” I’m coming down tomorrow all summer to help you and aunt Marie ”

” great ” in a sarcastic tone

Really i was excited she was coming down for an extended stay being an only child of a widowed wife after my dad was shot and killed in a mugging five or so years back she was the one person in grew close to cause her brothers my cousins weren’t the ones to talk to about my feelings after.

but I was happy because of other things.

I had always thought of her as my little girl cousin she was two years younger than me but last time she was down two months ago fuck had she changed she was 5,5 120 pounds brunette hair with brown eyes she had awesome tits they were mid C cups but from what I’ve seen had no sag, she had a tight body that was tanned to perfection but Jesus was she smart she was just turning fifteen and was in all AP classes

” aren’t you excited ”

” define excited ”

” happy can’t wait to see me ya know ”

” oh I’m ecstatic on the inside but the physical ailments I’ve inhibited in the Last week kill anything from coming out ha he ooooh ”

” your a dick ”

” but you wanna be with this dick for three months ”

” sick fuck hahaha ”

” no Jess I really can’t wait to see ya I really wish you guys lived down here I miss you I can’t wait till tomorrow ”

” I miss you to James I love you be safe see ya tomorrow ”

” love you to little cuz see ya tomorrow ”

Mom walked in

” hey your cousin Jess is coming down for the summer cause of your accident ”

” I know ”

” how ”

” she just called me ”

” oh OK

We went on like normal for the rest of the day except with my shower I had to be helped I had put on swim shorts before it when I sat on the chair in the bathroom they had to come off.

” those have to come off to ” pointing at my shorts

” mom there’s somethings that a mom can’t see after their son reaches a certain age ”

” those are coming off now ”

” no ”

She yanked at the shorts that loosely clung to my body, the shorts tightened up but didn’t come off.

” mom they’ll come off just leave and let me clean myself ”

” ok ”

I felt my comfort level go back to normal as she exited the room, I cleaned myself and took care of my needs before I put the shorts back on and called mom in

” better ”

” yeah ” I was exhausted but with sleep comes opportunity’s so I knocked out early

” James! James!! ”

I opened my eyes to a blurry face

” yeargh ” groggily mumbling

” wake up ”

I looked at my clock it was quarter till seven

” its sleep time leave me alone ”

” hahahaha ”

That chuckle I knew that chuckle, I opened my eyes again the blurry ness had mostly dissipated, I saw the two most beautiful light brown eyes staring at me

” hey baby cuz ”

” hey accident prone ”

” not my fault again ”

I sat up in bed and gave her a lop sided hug she was so afraid to touch my broken body she hesitated to hug me back

” its OK now gimme a hug ”

She gave me a tender hug making sure not to cause me any further pain

” your really broken James ”

” I’ll heal in a month or two ” yawning then grimacing in pain

” I know but I didn’t think you were this bad off ”

” could a been worse ”

” true so when do you get this all off ” looking at my casts

” this ( raising my one broken arm ) in four weeks I have a tiny fracture in my wrist that will heal pretty quickly and my legs four to six weeks one only has a hairline fracture in my foot and the other is a dislocation of the knee cap and a seven inch crack in my tibia that runs straight up and down that may take a while ”

” yeah ”

” enough about me how’s life with the family ”

” its alright but with Chris and Connor off to basic training for the army its sorta quiet around the house and mom and dads jobs taking them all around the country its lonely so when mom told me about your accident on a day she was home I offered to fly down a week later and here I am ”

” well its gonna be nice to have you here ”

” thanks ”

” your welcome by the way where’s mom ”

” she had a couple errands to run said shed be home in a couple hours ”

” OK… I have to go to the bathroom and as you can see I can’t really walk ”

” OK umm I’m obviously not gonna be able to pick you up and you can’t walk the hell do I do ”

” Grab the wheel chair Mrs smarts ”

” yeah that’d be a smart move ”

” ya don’t say ”

She brought the chair to me, I slid backwards off of my bed and into the chair

” how are you going to go to the bathroom if you can’t stand ”

” like you girls do it sitting down ”

” I’m talking about pulling the pants down and the whole nine ”

” we gotta pulley system installed by some medical assistance company thank god for health insurance ”

” James ” impatiently stating

I wheeled into the adjoining bathroom

” I got one good hand and I still have my fingers on the other so I’ll manage now leave please ”

” nope ”

” what now ”

” I’m not gonna risk you falling and me not hearing you ”

” Jessica! Come on now.. I need a little privacy mom hasn’t givin me any… at the hospital I couldn’t get any can I please get a little I’ll even leave the door open ”

” OK but if I hear a pin drop im in here weather your nude waste down or not ”

” deal ”

She walked out and I hoisted my self on the throne of sorts and methodically wiggled my loose fitting gym shorts down enough to go to the bathroom I decided I’d try and go both because I knew I would have to do both eventually and why drain my energy going to the bathroom.

I finally got as comfortable as possible and started going her phone rung and she walked into the living room and started talking to her mom

It was was easy to hear what the conversation was about considering the house was deathly quiet

” hey mom… fine… he’s pretty beat up… I can’t believe they released him from the hospital that’s how bad… he seems in good spirits even with how much pain he looks to be in… I dunno I haven’t asked… between three and six weeks… yeah… um I’m gonna wait and see… I’ll ask in a couple days… I would love to but don’t wanna burden them… remember that talk we had… well its still there… what do you think I should do… I love you to ma… I will… thanks

” James you OK ”

” I’m fine give me a couple more minutes ”

” OK hey uh ma just called she told me to say hi and she hopes you get better and that she loves you ”

A couple minutes later and I finished I flushed and sprayed Lysol to get rid of the stink and pulled my shorts back up

” you can come in ”

She walked in

” you OK ”

” Yeah can you help me out a little ”

She quickly walked over and grabbed a hold of the rope and helped me position myself back into the wheel chair

” thanks baby cuz ”

” I’m not baby cuz ”

I pushed myself out into the living room her close behind me, I wheeled up next to the arm chair in the living room and motioned for her to sit which she did

” your my baby cuz weather you like it or not ”

” what about Aiden or Angie ”

” yeah they’re younger than you and they’re our cousins respectively but your the special one, Chris and Connor are both in the army and in their twenty’s, but you and me well were the only ones around our age in our family so yeah perspectivly your not my baby cuz but I call you it cause its something me and you have a common ground on but if you want me to stop I will ”

” if that’s how you think of it then I’m OK with it but could you try calling me by my name I’m grown up ya know ”

” yeah Jess I understand ”

” thanks ”

She smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and unconsciously hugged me ”

” ow fucking eh ”

” I’m so sorry ” concern ran across her face

” its good ” sucking in a quick short pain filled breath

” you sure ”

” yeah… just give me a second ”

The pain slowly went back to the moderately tolerable level

” can you help me lay on the couch ”

” yeah ”

” just don’t hurt me ”

She looked at me and gave me that smile that was easily read as you are so lucky your hurt or I’d kick your ass ”

” what ” chuckling

” you know what ”

” but you know I had to ”

” yeah ”

” I love you ” I said being a kiss ass

For a second or a fraction of a second when I said I love you I saw her expression start to change but it immediately jumped back to I wish I could kick your ass

” alright how are we gonna do this ”

” um I’ll put my feet on the couch then with my arms and your help I’ll push myself onto the couch ”

With her help I got onto the couch with mild to little discomfort

” thanks baby cu I mean Jessie thanks Jessie ”

She smiled at me

” at least you tried that’s all I ask… I’m gonna go to the bathroom try not to fall off of the couch when I’m in there OK ”

” what ( I asked in mock confusion ) you guys go to the bathroom ”

” yeah what did you think we did just store it ”

” yes that’s exactly what I thought god wait till I tell the guys they’ll be thrown completely off ” with sarcasm in my voice

She gave me that look again

” just another guy ”

With that she turned and walked into the bathroom, I turned on the TV and started watching a movie on HBO I grabbed the laptop off of coffee table and powered it on and went to Facebook, it was the first time since the accident and god was my wall blown up.

I guess I should take the time out now to describe me. well I recently turned seventeen, I’m going to be a senior next year, I’m exactly six feet tall and weigh just shy of two hundred pounds. I’m an A and B student I don’t participate in extra curricular activities but I do have a decently fit body ,I’m not the cool kid but everybody knows me because I’m the class clown of sorts I know when to stop or keep going, and I’m pretty trust worthy so a lot of people confide in me and I’m generally the nice guy.

As I was scrolling through the hundreds of well wishes jess came out of the bathroom

” are you hungry ”

” now if I think about it yeah I am ”

” what do you want ”

” whatever you make ”

” eggs it is ”

” dammit ” joking around

” what ”

” its just that ”

She gave me the I’m going to actually kill you look I stopped what I was saying

” what I thought haha ”

The rest of the day went on mom came home with filled prescriptions and groceries, she had told me that she had to fly out west Monday morning and would be back that night and asked if she needed to have someone fill in for her to take care of me I looked at Jess she looked at me I said she didn’t and that Jess and I could manage and that was that all we did really was talk and watch TV, I had started to get tired and wanted to go to bed and they helped me to it then mom walked out of the room.

” where are you sleeping Jess ”

” on the couch ”

” no your not ”

” I’ll be fine ”

” trust me one night on that couch is horrible let alone a couple months I gotta king sized mattress more than enough for me and you to sleep comfortably plus if I need something in the middle of the night I got you right here to help me ” I gave her a genuine smile

” are you sure ”

” yeah ”

” OK I’ll get all my stuff ”

She brought in two suit cases and a small laptop carrying bag

” when your done can you turn the light off ”

” I’m pretty tired so give me like fifteen and I’ll be joining you in going to bed ”

” OK ”

I rolled away from her and closed my eyes and started falling asleep and about twenty minutes later she turned the light off and got in bed she whispered ” goodnight ” and kissed me on the cheek and laid down and covered up with a blanket

” I love you only if I could tell you that ”

I was too tired to comprehend what she said and fell asleep. I woke up two or three hours later in the pitch black room I could make out the outline of her lying face towards me I whispered

” you awake ”

” yeah ”

” everything OK ”

” yeah you ”

” my left side hurts ”

She turned on the bed side lamp and walked around the bed

” let me see ” still in a soft voice

I lifted my shirt her jaw dropped

” oh my god why are you out of the hospital ”

” its not as bad as it looks ”

” no its worse ”

She gently touched my side examining the foot long by foot long bruise she put a little to much pressure and a sharp pain shot through my side

” ah shit ”

” I’m sorry ”

” me too ”

” what do you want me to do ”

” Just lay here and talk with me I never get to do that with anyone ”

” OK ”

She laid down and turned the light out

” so what did ya wanna talk about ”

” life.. in general like how are things at home, how’s school, have ya met anybody ya like, what are your plans when you get back home those kinda things ”

” home is lonely and quiet mom is becoming less and less frequent to be seen, school well school is alright but im happy to say it doesn’t start for three months, any people I like there’s no guys at my school I like ( she took a pause before continuing ) but there is a guy iv known for a while he’s cute sweet and thoughtful but I don’t even think he likes me how I like him ”

The thing she mentioned earlier shot back into my head in only milliseconds my mind had asked it self so many questions.

was it me. how am I supposed to react. How do I find out if it is or isn’t. What do I do if it is. I knew I had to tread lightly I knew this was a touchy subject so I had to be sure before anything.

Then the most important questions formed in my brain do I feel the same, yeah she’s beautiful intelligent and witty, but is it right, my saying is if its love then you shouldn’t be judged on who you love its natural human instinct so to me yeah its ok, do I love her, yes more than anything just cause she cares remember this is just milliseconds in my brain

” how do you know he doesn’t like you back the same way ”

” I don’t really but he hasn’t made any moves ”

” when you feel the time is right flirt with him that’ll show weather or not if he likes you that way or not but if he doesn’t he’s absolutely gay your too beautiful to be stood up by a gay guy ”

” how do you know ”

” I’m a guy I know if I had a smart sexy girl like you hitting on me I wouldn’t turn her down ”

” why are you telling me this ”

” because you should be with the guy you like ”

” aww how sweet ” tauntingly

” I’m a hopeless romantic I’m sorry ”

” how about you any girls you like ”

” there was one I can’t remember her name or even what she looked like all I know is she was beautiful smart and witty she gets who I am and is always there for me I just wish I knew who she is ”

” you’ll remember one day ”

” I hope I do ”

the thought that the girl I’m talking about is my very cousin crossed my mind and the thing is I didn’t feel shameful if anything she was a girl I loved that’s it.

We talked for awhile it was getting late when she passed out or so I thought I gave her a kiss on the cheek

” I love you to Jess ” only if I knew that she was still awake I would of told her

Three weeks went by and me and Jess had grown inseparable from one another we were already like a couple only without the kissing and what not it felt good to have a girl always by my side

” James are you ready ” mom hollered down the wall

” Jess you ready asking through the bathroom door ”

” I’ll be in a minute ”

” give us a minute ma ”

” c’mon Jess ”

She opened the door and walked out

” damn ” unconsciously stating

She smiled at me not ashamed at the statement

” I guess I don’t have to ask huh ”

” what ” still awestruck

She was wearing a yellow wife beater tank top that fit her perfectly, it stuck to every curve of her body but it wasn’t to revealing.

she had on Jean short shorts that gave her ass an almost possessive quality it cut off about an inch and a half below her ass cheeks and showed off her athletic legs that had a light shade of bronze coating them

” do I look good ”

” do I even have to answer that question ” picking my jaw up off of the ground

She chuckled at my answer

” guess not let’s go ”

She grabbed her cell phone and her money clip and placed them in her back pockets, I started rolling out of my room then was yanked back into my room

” the hell ”

” ladies first ”

” asshole I thought cripples ruled over all ”

” nope ”

” then get your ass through that door so we can go and see what casts come off and which ones stay on then I will open every door for you ”

” OK ”

She walked through the door putting a little sway in her ass every step of the way

” Jesus christ ” under my breath

” what ”

” I want cheese and crackers ”

She gave me a seductive smile for a second before she grabbed my wheel chair and helped me out of the house and into the car

” so Jessica how long are you planing to stay down ” mom asked pulling out of the drive way

” that’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys about ”

” yeah ” mom asked

” well me and mom were talking before I came down and uh she was worried about me being alone days at a time when she was out of state I told her I was fine but when I found out I was coming down here she had asked me to think about maybe living with you guys if it was OK with yall ”

” so what do ya think Jessie ? if I said it was OK would you move down and stay with us? ”

I looked at her and she looked at me

” I’d love to ”

” James what do ya think ” mom asked me

” cool ”

As mom drove her and Jess talked about arrangements and what not I just stared out of the window ready to get my casts off so I could finally walk

” James are you ready to get those casts off ” Jessie asked

I looked back to her

” nope ”

” what ”

” because when these come off means I have to go back to doing chores ”

I smiled at her and her and mom started laughing

” James ill help pick up the slack ”

” sweet ”

We pulled into the parking garage. We got out of the car and walked into the adjoining building up three stories down the hall and to the left into the orthopedics office mom signed me in then filled out the paperwork

” Jess come get me when they call his name I’ll be right out the door on the phone I’m gonna call your mom and get everything set in stone ”

” OK ”

About 15 minutes passed

” James ”

” hey go get mom I’ll wheel myself in ”

” OK ”

She was opening the door when I was wheeling into the doctors office.

The nurse did all her things and got me sitting in the saw room mom and Jess walked into the room

” everything good mom ”

” what ”

” is Jess living with us or not ”

” yeah actually when me and Jackie got off of the phone she was calling the moving company she was excited Jess was happy enough with saying yes she hated leaving her alone for such long periods of time, also she said every holiday either us or them will be flying down ”

” cool ” I smiled at Jess she smiled back

The technician walked in shortly followed by the doc

” hey mom James, I don’t think if met you ” looking at Jess

” I’m Jessica ”

” hi Jessica ”

He shuffled through the paperwork

” well James what were gonna do is get these off of you take you to X-ray and we’ll go from there sound good ”

” sounds great ”

He walked out and the technician got all of his equipment together, he fired up his saw and started cutting the cast on my left hand as soon as as metal touched cast Jessie’s face contorted to one of pure horror once he had cut through both sides and shut off the saw

” Does that not hurt ”

” no ”

Right then the technician cracked the cast and she cringed at that and if you’ve ever had a broken bone you know as well as I do the crack of a cast sounds like you snap a bone in half

The tech looked up

” you look more uncomfortable than he is ”

I started laughing, he finished all the casts and put me in a wheel chair the radiologist came and got me he took the pictures and brought me back

” everything OK ” Jess asked with a concerned demeanor

” yeah a little stiffness and soreness but all in all I’m good ” I gave her a sincere smile

The doctor came in a few minutes later and pulled the film up on the computer he quickly clicked through them then went back to on and left it on the screen

” well James i can say you will have no more casts today but I am worried about that tibia fracture on your left leg so what I’m going to do is put an air boot on your leg, this doesn’t mean you still have the fracture there its just the tibia is a weight bearing bone and we want to make sure it heals strongly in fact that will be stronger than it used to be ”

” how ”

” well the shock that you received had broken the elements that hold your bone together I.e the fracture but then both sides of the fracture that were once joined have to heal and fuse together but they’re never going to a line perfectly so they heal in different places making the bone denser ”

” cool ” I had stopped listening midway through

” well I’ll go get your boot and crutches and you’ll be on your way ”

” sweet ”

Mom handed me my shoe and I put it on, the doc came in and put the boot on my left foot and handed me the crutches I went to stand up I got on my feet and my legs immediately buckle

” I’m OK I caught myself its been awhile since I’ve walked ”

I tried again and I was able to start walking

” alright let’s go ”

Mom and Jess started laughing and followed me out of the door and back to the car

” let’s go ”

” chill James god ”

” tell me to chill I’m halfway walking it feels great ”

Mom walked around the SUV putting the now useless wheel chair into the back as she was doing this Jess was talking to me

” thank you ”

” for what ”

” I think life would a been a hell of a lot harder if you didn’t come down and I’m just saying its gonna take some getting used to living with you and all ”

” its no problem I guess and to part two you’ll get used to me ”

” hahaha hopefully ”

we got back into the car and were headed home the whole time mom and Jess were talking the whole way I butted in for just a second

” hey mom when we get home can I take the car ”

” you sure your gonna be able to drive ”

” yeah ”

” where you gonna go ”

” I don’t know I just wanna relax I’ll put gas in it ”

” OK why don’t you take Jessie too ”

” I see no problem with that ”

” cool ” she excitedly stated

We got home and one unassisted bathroom break later I was ready to go

” Jessica you ready ” walking into the living room

” yeah ”

” mom can I get the keys ”

” yeah honey but can I please talk to you in private real quick though ”

” yeah ”

I followed her into her room then she closed the door I was thinking she wanted to warn me about my driving

” if you tell her you better be one hundred percent in on it ”

” what ” confused

” if you tell Jessica you love her you better be a hundred percent sure that your ready to make a commitment ”

” what are you talking about ma ” trying to seem innocent

” James ( sternly stating ) I’m not stupid… I see the way you look at her… you don’t look at her like a cousin nor does she to you… but please be careful ”

” OK mom but you don’t think its wrong ”

” no love is love you can’t control that ”

I smirked at the thought that I thought the same way as my mom

” yeah ”

She tossed me the keys

” take her to the field ”

” OK ”

” the field ” was the last place me mom and dad were at as a family before he was killed it was a bout an hour outside of the city.

” you ready again Jess ”

” yeah ”

I hobbled out to the car with Jess right behind me and climbed in

” hey ”

” yeah ”

” there’s a couple rules when I’m driving ”

” yeah ”

” one seat belts two don’t disturb me for the first fifteen minutes while I drive please three you can choose the music I don’t care we good ”

” yeah ”

I drove out to the highway and turned onto the highway

” James can I interrupt ”

” yeah what’s up ”

” where are we going ”

” to get some food ”

” where though ”

” can’t tell you its a secret ”

” really ”

” do you trust me ”

” yeah ”

” then sit back and relax ”

She turned the music up and reclined in her chair and placed her hands behind her head and closed her eyes,

after about fifteen minutes she leaned foreword

” are we almost there ”

” yeah give me five or so minutes and we will be there ”

” OK ”

I pulled off the highway and onto a two lane farming road that eventually led back to the city but connected to it was a dirt road that was about a mile long before splitting into three trails if you took the one to the left which we did it led to a huge field ” the field ”

” James where are we ”

I got out of the car and walked to the front i didn’t care what the doc said I went by what I felt and I felt fine without the crutches i leaned backwards onto the hood she did the same

” the last place I was with mom and dad before he was killed ”

” why did you bring me out here ”

I looked at her

” because its the only place I can go to think or talk to dad and know no one is eaves dropping iv never brought anybody out here and I know this is the place I can tell you something I need to get off of my chest ”

” what is it James ”

” Jess you remember your first day out here ”

” bits and pieces yeah ”

” do you remember when you went to bed how you said you loved me but wish you could tell me ”

” you heard that ”

” yes I wasn’t fully asleep ”

” I thought you were asleep you weren’t supposed to hear that ”

” Jessica I’m glad I did ”

” why ”

” because I love you too ”

Her face had flushed to a pale

” what ”

” Jessica you were one of two people I’ve trusted since when dad died. I knew I could call you whenever I needed to you were my comfort pillow twelve hundred miles away, I knew I loved you but always like family or at least I thought but when you said that a light flickered on the feelings towards you instantly made sense your smarts always I guess what you could say turned me on and that combined with your funny witty and sassy attitude had made it easy to love you it ”

She cut me off

” I’ve wanted to say this for years James I love you I’ve loved you for so long you are the only guy I’ve ever wanted to be with ”

” I’m kinda flattered by that I guess ”

I looked over to her and she looked at me

” theirs one other reason I’m down mom knew I loved you she told me if I really loved you I would do all I could to make your recovery the most comfortable one ”

” I’m not completely comfortable yet ”

” really ”

Before she could finish I kissed her for only a few seconds before pulling back

” I am now though ”

She grabbed my head and pulled me into another kiss this time it was more passionate she was like a starving dog she couldn’t get enough its not like I was complaining kissing her had lifted such a big weight from my shoulders all that shit I heard about feeling guilty about kissing cousins was bullshit

Kissing my smart and beautiful cousin felt right.

I pulled back.

” why didn’t we do this earlier haha ”

” I don’t know James but I wish we had hahaha ”

” me too ”

She looked at me with a new sparkle in her eye she talked with a new sweetness in her voice and she smiled a cuter eye catching smile .

I helped her into the car and shut her door I spoke to my dad even if he couldn’t hear me but she could

” hey old man if you can hear me I’m finally truly happy since you’ve been gone I love you pops I’ll make you proud ”

” Jessie you ready to go baby ”

” yeah ”

I started the car and drove back down the dirt path and back onto the two lane farm road about 45 minutes later we had pulled back into the neighborhood that I lived in

” you wanna get a bite to eat ”

” sounds good ”

I hit up a pizza place a few blocks from home I got half a pizza and sat at a table next to Jess the table was semi secluded waiting for the pizza to be cooked, i did the good old yawn and reach she started to laugh

” your a dork ”

” but I’m now your dork so all in all it evens out ”

” I can always change that ”

” but you won’t ”

” fuck you ”

” gladly ”

She went to say something but I snagged a kiss on her, she smiled at me

” that’s not gonna happen every time ”

” really ”

” really ”

” so let’s say your mad cause of some reason but its a stupid reason and its at me but you love me and I openly know this so if I kissed you you would still be mad at me ”

She hesitated

” yeah ”

” I don’t believe you because you hesitated ”

She smiled meekly at me I returned a big grin, she tried to hide her smile by hitting me but I blocked a hit and started acting

” ah my hand my hand ”

” I’m so so sorry ” she was scared shitless

” I think its broken ”

” I didn’t mean to I’m so sorry ”

I thought I’d better stop

” gotcha ”

She started another assault this time she started cussing me out she let up long enough for me to kiss her, that kiss was amazing passion and love coursed between our lips

” thirty five. ” the dude at the counter called out

I got up but Jess wouldn’t let go of my face

” Jess that’s us ” my words muffled by her lips

” I don’t care ” pulling away

” c’mon I’m hungry ”

” well keep eating ”

” I would love to but unless you don’t wanna kiss me ever again I would suggest you to let me get our food ”

” ok ” giving up

I slid out of the booth and bent over to kiss her again

” I’ll be right back ”

” OK I love you ”

” love you to ”

I walked up to the counter

” yo ” getting the guys attention

” what’s up ”

” thirty five ”

” alright ”

In one fluid motion he tossed three pizza pans and a pitcher into a sink while scooping up my half of pizza and handing it to me I was pretty wowed by the feat he was about to turn away from me when I reached into my pocket and pulled a five from it

” good job man ” handing him the five

” thanks dude ”

I was about to take the pizza back to the booth when through the front window I saw my ex with her friends we had broke up something like a week n a half before my accident, I was numb to her after how she fucked me over by cheating on me I knew if she saw me I was done and she would try something.

I turned away from her and walked back to the booth and sat at the table

” yay ”

She had dug into the pizza before I could

” damn ”

” what ”

” what would of happened if I chose eating your lips instead ”

” yours would be gone before mine ”

” ah makes sense ”

As I took a bite of the pizza a figure appeared in my peripheral vision I turned and lo and fucking behold Samantha my ex was looking at me I knew she wanted to talk but I didn’t want to but not being a complete dick I decided to keep my answers short and sweet

” yeah ” bluntly stating

” hey ”

” hi ”

” how ya doing ”

” alright ”

” good I heard you were seriously injured after getting hit by a car ”

” yup ”

” you OK ”

” yup ”

Jess tapped on my shoulder

” Jess this is Sam she’s my ex and Sam this is my girl friend Jess ”

” hi ” Sam said sheepishly

” hello ”

” James could I possibly talk to you in private ”

Sam asked I didn’t want to but I was never a complete and total dick to anyone so I agreed

” yeah ”

I got up from the table and followed her to the front door limping I saw her two friends were still there to make sure Jess would be safe I whistled at them once I had caught their attention I made a hand gesture for them to leave which they did

” what Sam ” still being blunt

” I’m sorry ”

” cool ”

” I am ”

” cool ”

” James why does it have to be like this between us ”

” are you seriously going to ask that question, what are you crazy, Sam you cheated on me you fucked me over I had asked you out because I took a chance on you and you fucked up ”

” it was a huge mistake I didn’t mean too ”

” nobody ever does but you did ”

” I’m sorry ”

” yeah ”

” just don’t be mad at me, you were the only guy I loved ”

” I’m not anymore, you were the only girl I loved till Jess but I can’t forget what you did to me but I can forgive you ”

Their was a pause between us

” what do we do now ”

” I’m going back into eat with Jessica you do whatever, if you ever need to talk to me just text me OK ”

” OK ”

I gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead then walked back into the restaurant, Jess was sitting nonchalantly at the table.

” hey baby ”

” hey every thing OK ”

” yeah she just wanted to apologise to me ”

” for what ”

” summed up version she was my girl friend she cheated on me and we broke up about ten days before my accident ”

” ah do you mind if I ask you a serious question ”

” shoot it at me ”

” did you love her ”

” yeah ”

” do you still ”

” as a friend yes if you mean as anything more no any feelings I had for her are long gone ”

The feeling at the table melted away almost instantly

” Jess you don’t have to worry about anything as long as you love me and I love you I’m not goin anywhere ”

She gave me a soft sweet smile, I scooted over to her and kissed her.

” I love you Jess ”

” I love you to ”

I ate the rest of the pizza and walked up to the counter with Jess and ordered two more slices of pizza and some garlic sticks for mom we backed up from the counter to wait for my order, I looked over to the window again but this time it was almost dark outside but of course another person I knew was walking in

” DannY ” lengthening the Y out

He lifted his head over the semi crowded room of people and spotted me and immediately made his way over to me

” James dude what’s up ”

” blue sky’s man what about you ”

” just came to get some carry out to take over my girls house ”

” nice man ”

I almost forgot introducing Jess

” oh dude this is Jess my girl ”

” howdy ”

” Jessie this is Danny one of my good friends from elementary ”

” hi ”

” 51 ” the dude at the counter hollered

” hey bro that’s us ”

” before you go could I talk to you outside ”

” yeah I’ll be out in the parking lot ”

” alright ”

Me and Jess walked out and put the food in the car and leaned on the back

” I’m glad to be out of there ” Jess stated

” why ”

” its loud as hell ”

” well it is the best pizza place in the city ”

Danny rounded the corner and spotted us and made his way over

” hey man ”

” hey ”

” I heard you were hit by a car and got pretty messed up ”

” yup actually I just got all of my casts off today ”

” casts how many did you have ”

” three ”

” better question wat did you hurt ”

” six bruised ribs my left wrist my left knee my left tibia and my right ankle ”

” how are you still alive ”

” because I’m the reincarnation of Jesus christ himself, I don’t know man all I know is I’m happy I am ”

” me to ” Jess added

we all started laughing pretty hard then his phone started ringing

” dude its my girl I’ll talk to you later ”

” alright bro take it easy

” you too ”

I opened Jessie’s door and she climbed in before i closed it I reached in and with my right hand I gently directed her face towards mine and kissed her softly I pulled back and closed her door I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot I started heading home then my phone started ringing

” hello ”

” James where are you ”

” on my way home why ”

” just wondering, do you think you could stay out till like one or two in the morning ”

” why ”

” I have a couple friends coming over to play some cards ”

” yeah sure I guess ”

” thank you honey, by the way did you ask her ”

” yeah ”

” what did she say ”

The biggest grin spread across my face

” why don’t you ask her yourself ”

” put me on speakerphone then ”

” OK ma your on speaker ”

” Jessica did James ask you out ”

” yeah and ”

Jess leaned over and we kissed and made a loud pop

” finally hahaha I’m happy for you guys your perfect for each other ”

” thanks mom ”

” alright be safe I’ll see you guys later ”

” OK love you ”

” love you to bye ”

” bye ”

” she knew about it too ”

” I didn’t even know she knew until this afternoon when she slapped me in the face with it ”

” hahaha what did she mean by see you guys later ”

” well we won’t be going home till one ish because she has friends over ”

” so what do we do till then its not even eight thirty yet ”

” I dunno ”

I thought for a little while, I remembered since this was dads suv it had a 26 inch DVD flip down screen and second and third row bench seats that if folded correctly could make a pretty decent bed

” wanna watch movies ”

” how ”

I pulled down the screen

” sure ”

I drove for about five minutes I hit up a redbox then drove for another five minutes then pulled into my school

” what are we doing here ”

” There’s a field behind the school that’s bordered by a small wooded area that leads to a road ”

” how do you know ”

” let’s just say I saved my buddy from him losing his car after running from the police ”

” and your proud of that ”

” hell yeah I am you know how hard it is to lose the cops in this place ”

She knew that I was a gear head she smirked at me, I grabbed her hand and drove to the spot and backed in I got out and opened the back door and folded the middle row seats down I got out and then grabbed Jessie’s hand and led her the the back seats, she went to climb in or at least I thought she did but she didn’t she spun around and kissed me

” I love you ”

” I love you to baby ”

” what do you love about me ”

” your smarts and that wit what about me what do you love about me ”

” your sense of humor you know how to apply pressure to my buttons but not press them your so sweet ”

” what made you love me before I found out ”

” I dunno…….. I guess the way you looked at me after uncle mike was killed…… you….. you were so vulnerable but your eyes said how much you loved your dad. I caught that look and it was filled with so much love and pain I never wanted you to hurt that much again but I also wanted that look again it made me feel… it… it… I dunno how it made me feel but day after day night after night I had your eyes in my head and in my own sick little way I started falling in love with you ”

” wow you are sick ” joking

” I know ”

She sounded so hurt I even heard the wobbliness in her voice as if she was about the cry she had her head down

” Jessie baby I was joking ”

she looked up at me she had the biggest smile on her face

” I got you ”

” You… you… played me like a… a… fiddle ”

” you didn’t think you would get away from earlier ”

” well I had hoped my kiss had solved that ”

” nope ”

” you had me goin you had the voice wobble and everything ”

” I know thank you drama class ”

” fuck you drama class”

She turned and climbed into the suv with me close behind I put the movie in pressed play and laid back and relaxed the beginning of the movie was pretty uneventful but had some funny parts, to get more comfortable I had draped my arm over her shoulder and pulled her a little bit closer

” you really wanna know why I love you Jessie ”

” yeah ”

” because your the only person who gets who I am ”

” oh really ”

” I mean its not like I’m fake but no one has ever completely figured me out except you ”

” yeah ? ”

” yeah ”

We sat and watched the movie some more then a thought came to my head but instead of thinking it I blurted it out

” what about your brothers ”

” what do ya mean ”

” like what happens if they find out about us I mean to the everyday person were looked down upon ”

” I don’t know and I don’t care your their cousin as much as I am their sister, if they don’t like it I don’t like them, I’m not changing because society decides to dictate who I can and can’t love, your the only guy I’ve ever felt this way about and no one and nothing can change that ”

I was proud that she didn’t care if society frowned upon us and that the only thing she cared about was me an her, i kissed her and we went back to the movie for a while

” I still can’t believe you haven’t tried to make a move tonight ”

” what had happened was you see i don’t know what you want me to do or not to ”

” how bout you start kissing me and take it from there ”

I smiled at her and rolled her onto me

” I was getting there miss pushy ”

” were you now ”

” I was but were not even to the mushy part yet ”

” oh were not ”

I looked over her shoulder at the screen and the dude had finally gotten his dream girl, I looked at her and she had a smile on her face

” that’s just lucky timing ”

” no no that’s a girls intuition ”

Her body felt amazing against mine every little movement she made a small electrical charge shoot through me, I finally kissed her this kiss was completely different from all the others we took it slow, I rested my hands on the small of her of her back every once in a while running them up and down her sides and back, we broke apart catching our breath

” not bad ” teasing her whilst catching my breath

” your not so bad yourself champ ”

We stared into each others eyes, I flipped positions now becoming on top she grabbed my hands and led them to the hem of her tank top but I had to be sure of something before crossing the point of no return

” baby ” looking into her eyes

” yeah ” her looking into mine

” I need to know in my heart and in my mind that you know that we can’t go back after this we can’t take what happens right here right now back this is the point of no return where all any kind of moral is tossed ”

” James I trust you and I love you what we do now is never going to be regretted ”

Now that anything in my mind that said this was wrong was wiped away, inch by inch we worked her shirt up her torso, her tight mid section was gorgeous not a hint of fat and was completely flat, we lifted her shirt over her head revealing her magnificent breasts they fit her body perfectly and were both topped with little almond colored nipples, I sat up and admired her

” a very nice ”

She busted out laughing

” does James approve ”

” James approves very much ”

I pulled my shirt off I was pretty white considering I hadn’t gotten much sun because of the accident, I reached out and gently cupped her breast in my hand it was soft and pretty firm in the palm of my hand I felt her pea sized nipple with my thumb It was so hard but so supple, I rolled her nipple between my fingers, she moaned ever so lightly.

I ran my hand down her body and got a handful of firm plump ass, I groped her gently through the fabric with one hand while I leaned on the other she undid her shorts and pushed them and her underwear down enough to slip one leg out of them and push them down and off.

she grabbed my jeans and worked them down to my knees leaving me with only my boxers on.

she pulled me into a kiss and for the first time I touched her naked body it was smooth and soft there were no impurities on her bronze skin.

she pushed me back bout only enough to separate our lips her breath was heavy and humid but I couldn’t get enough of it.

I went in to kiss her she pushed me away

” Jessie are you OK ”

” I’m fine I just need to tell you something ”

” yeah ”

” your my first ”

” I’m your first for what ”

” for everything the kissing the touching I’m still a virgin ”

It literally hit me in the face this girl wasn’t kidding about loving me since dad died she was just hitting puberty when it happened and she had liked me more than any guy out there for five years how she managed that I dunno because she could have any guy she wanted because she was drop dead gorgeous

” don’t worry I’ll be as gentle as you want me to be ”

I leaned down and kissed her I slowly pulled away and kissed down her body, I planted gentle kisses starting with her chin then her neck then her collar bone suckling on each each spot.

I kept going down until I reached her perfect nipple, I licked it and her whole body trembled she let out an almost inaudible moan

” fuck this is what I’ve been missing ” she whispered

I sucked it into my mouth and fondled it with my tounge, her moans became louder but were still quiet primal almost.

I knew she had a beast in her and that it just needed to be released.

Leaving a trail I kissed down her stomach I finally reached where no man has been before

I knew slow and steady was the key this was unexplored territory to her and I wanted her to be in a heightened state of relaxation the more relaxed the more I could pleasure her to my ability’s.

I kissed down her pubic bone towards her smoothly shaven pussy, I got right to the hood of her clit, I pushed my tounge out and when it met her skin she quivered and made a few small thrusts into my face before settling down again,

I slid my tounge down till I met the edge of her hood, I pushed down and curved my tounge up, it made contact and she growled and again thrust her hips into my face this time with enough force to shove my head down and with that one move my tounge slid all the way down to her opening and my nose had Been shoved into her pussy and god the my senses came alive.

My nose had been engulfed with a thick musky scent but it was absolutely intoxicating, and the taste it was indescribable I honestly couldn’t put a finger on one exact taste but it was good none the less, after that happened I just went for it I licked lapped wiggled poked and swirled.

she was on cloud nine she was making sounds that would make any mans ego go sky high.

” ohhhhhh fuccckkkkk I love you sooooo muuccchhhh ”

Her body just started contracting her legs tried to close on my head but I grabbed both and held them apart I licked one more time, I started to pull back and to my surprise right before her legs closed I got hit in the face with sweet smelling musk.

I pried her legs apart and too my surprise she was squirting, it wasn’t like a little gush it was like a little kids squirt gun it was powerful enough to hit me in the face a couple times before she held her legs firmly shut and rolled on her side.

I laid down facing her beautiful trembling body.

I looked her up and down her hair was matted to her head she had sweat running down her heaving chest, she laid there for a while without moving

” James ” her eyes still shut

” yeah ”

” why did I wait again to start having sex ” I had a smirk on my face

” because you loved me ever so much plus your still a virgin you haven’t experienced sex yet ”

” yet… were… I mean your going to have to change that ”

I crawled over to her and kissed her for only a moment and waited for her beautiful brown eyes almond eyes to open,

With every girl I’ve had sex with which is two the first time we had sex I would look into their eyes as I was penetrating them I tried to make it as intimate as possible, me and Sam only did it once and the next day I found out she was cheating on me, fucking tore me apart for a couple days.

” Jess ”

” yeah ”

” open your eyes for me baby ”

Her eyes opened her soft gaze met mine I leaned and kissed her soft lips, I finally pulled out my engorged member from my boxers I wasn’t the most impressive in size I was ten inches long and maybe two inches around what most people called a needle dick but I was never ashamed I knew how to use it and use it greatly,

I gave it a few strokes to liven up my half stuffy, I pulled our lips apart.

” are you ready ”

” yeah ”

” I want you to know its going to hurt ”

” I know ”

” grab me and I’ll go as fast as you pull ”

She grabbed my back and started pulling me slowly closer, my dick finally rested on the outer lips of her pussy, I aligned myself with her untouched opening and looked up, she gave me a nod of acknowledgement and firmly pulled my midsection I looked into her eyes as I slowly slid in, I was about a half inch in when a wall came up and she stopped instantly

” fast or slow baby ”

I could see her mind working through her beautiful brown eyes

” fast but do it without telling me ”

” OK ”

I stared into her eyes I waited a few moments till I felt her body relax a little, with one quick motion I shoved my hips forward shredding her hymen.

She didn’t scream she didn’t make a sound the whole time her eyes were fixed on mine, when I tore through her eyes fluttered but never closed and she shed a single tear.

” jessie… I love you ”

” I love you too ” whispering

a few moments went by without a whisper without a movement she started to run her hands up my body towards my head, she grabbed my head and pulled me into a love filled kiss it turned into a make out fest, with one hand she reached between our bodies and pushed my abdomen away withdrawing my blood stained dick almost to the head, we separated and looked down

” I’m glad you ate me out before ”

” but what if I like the taste of blood ”

” oh well ”

I looked back at her and she looked at me I kissed her and slowly pressed back into her incredibly tight hole

” Jess you are so fucking tight ahhhhhh ”

She was too busy enjoying her first taste of real sex to have heard what I said, it was the first time in monthds that I’ve had real sex and your hand never feels the same after, I started speeding up my thrusts until I got a nice rhythm not to fast not too slow something that didn’t tire me out in two seconds and kept her moaning and groaning with pleasure, she grabbed my pounding hips and pushed to stop me.

” stop stop ohhh shit fuck! fuck!! fuck!!! ”

I drove home three more times and tried to stop but by then she was cumming again and I was too close to stop

” Jess!!! Jess!!! Look at me ! Look at me !! ”

Her eyes opened even though her body spasmed, I bucked one more time burying myself to the base of my dick mere centimeters from her baby maker and shot directly into her womb.

Our eyes were locked on one another as we came at the same time is was like slow motion it was the most intimate feeling I’ve ever experienced looking into her beautiful brown eyes that that made her equally beautiful face pop, her eyes finally closed as the hardest part of her orgasm washed over her trembling body,

I pulled out my rapidly softening dick but never left my spot over top of Jess as her orgasmic spasms became less and less powerful until they were nonexistent.

Breathing heavily over her with the car reeking of sex and sweat I finally rolled away exhausted I closed my eyes and almost immediately started nodding off

” James we have to leave common no sleeping yet ”

deja vu smacked me

” its still dark out ”

She started chuckling that sweet sweet laugh

” cmon baby we gotta go home in a little and you can’t sleep you gotta drive ”

” can’t we sleep till morning ” yawning

” no ”

” fuck alright ” still yawning

I opened my eyes to a beautiful sight my sweat drenched cousin I mean girlfriend completely naked with the best case of sex hair ever. I started smiling at her

” what ”

” that is the best case of sex hair ever you look so fucking hot ”

She reached up and started touching her head

” the fuck ”

She maneuvered her petite body to the front passenger seat of the SUV and pulled down the visor and started looking into the miror

” wholly hell my hair is fucked ”

I wrapped my arms around the chair and leaned forward

” well I think you look amazing ”

She flipped her head around and in a second I saw 2 or three feelings shoot through her body

” what ” I asked

” what ”

” I saw those gears turning in your head what ”

” its nothing ”

” Jess ” sternly

” its… I dunno how to put these into words ”

” cmon baby ”

” its just this feels like a dream ”

” how ”

” this morning we were just two cousins this afternoon we were boyfriend girlfriend and and tonight were lovers its just… a lot to take in but the thing is I’ve never had an image of where my first kiss took place or… or where I lost my virginity but I feel like where they did was the best place possible, you made so sure to make me as comfortable as humanly possible ”

” told you I was a hopeless romantic ”

” you did ”

She gave me a loving smile and a warm kiss

” cmon get dressed ”

” OK you know what time it is ”

” ummmm ten fifteen ”

” fuck ”

” what’s wrong ”

” we still got two n a half hours till we can consider goin home ”

” fuck ”

” yeah ”

We finished getting dressed and put everything back into place, I got out to stretch a little bit and felt my phone vibrating in my pocket I pulled it out and saw I had a text from Danny it was twenty minutes old or so

” Hey man me and my gf are going to the beach to hang out with some people you wanna go ”

” I’m down ”

” alright dude were already here ”

” cool see ya in thirty ”

” alright bro ”

I got back into the car where Jess was waiting

” were goin to the beach ”

” why ”

” danny wanted too hangout ”

” OK ”

I started the SUV drove back through the school field and pulled out onto the street I was tired of cruising around so I put my foot through the floor and the 400 horse power V 8 came to life and I was doin 90 when I stopped accelerating

” you know its a forty five right ”

” yup ”

” and how fast are we going ”

” ninety ”

” that sound like a good idea to you ”

” yes ”

She rolled her eyes at me and I slowed down

” thank you ”

” ehhh ”

” what ”

” less than one day and I’m already on a leash ”

Just then as I was going around a slight bend to the left when I caught a glimpse of two headlights straying the double yellow lines on the road,

i jerked the wheel to the right and then to the left I got the SUV sideways with my right side tires into the gravel on the shoulder I was counter steering while trying to break without locking up.

I was able to coax the lumbering vehicle back up onto the road and drove for another quarter mile before pulling into a gas station to take in what just happened and make sure the SUV was OK and most of all if Jess was OK

” Wholly fuckin hell ” I was starting to come off of my adrenaline high putting it in park

I climbed out and walked around the front where Jessie’s small body was sliding out of the passenger side door,

I heard doors close behind the SUV I looked back to see two cars parked behind me.

” are you guys OK ” a male voice called from around the second car

” yeah ” Jessie called back her voice filled with dying adrenaline

I walked around the vehicle checking for damage their was none, one guy came from the second vehicle and a girl and another guy from the first, they all came around my car and seemed stunned.

” wholly shit its just a kid driving ” the girl stated

The guy from the second vehicle seemed a little more concerned then the people from the first

” are you guys OK ” he asked

” yeah ”

” Jesus christ you guys sure your OK ”

” yeah shaken up for sure but we’ll live ”

” alright just wanted you guys were OK that was some sketchy shit ”

” yeah man thanks for the concern ”

” alright ”

He walked back to his car and left the couple I assume they were at least a couple started talking.

” man that that was what he called it ” some sketchy shit ” dude do you know how sideways you were ”

” na and I don’t really wanna know ”

He laughed a little bit and she started talking

” you were so sideways and leaning so much I thought you were gonna roll honestly ”

He talked again

” all I know that that was some of the best driving I’ve ever seen props my man ”

” thanks dude ”

” no problem oh and by the way I’m Steve and this is my wife Aimee ”

” hi um I’m James and this is my girlfriend Jessica ” no hesitation this time

” hi ” Jess said

They said hi back to her and continued talking

” I know this sounds weird but do you have a job ”

” no why ”

” I own Steve’s auto body and repair and I only hire people who know how to drive and as you know what you just did was absolutely ridiculously crazy ”

” it was luck ”

” no that was instinct ”

” OK ”

” would you like a job ”

” yeah I guess ”

” cool ” handing me a business card

” um when do I start ”

” Monday sound good ”

” what’s today ”

” Thursday ”

” sounds great I should be able to walk without this by then ” pointing to my air boot

they both looked down and the awe struck their face

” what did you do ”

” I got hit by a car a month ago broke three of my four main extremity’s and just got the casts off today ”

” your not accident prone are ya ”

” first off this one was not my fault but I’m not gonna lie I kinda am ”

” your not gonna sue me if ya get hurt on the job ”

” na I didnt sue the person who hit me ”

” cool man ”

” sorry but we gotta go ”

” see ya Monday though ”

” yessir ”

we got back in and I started driving to the beach again

” so in five minutes you went from almost crashing a car to getting a job to better your future ”

” our future and yes ”

The SUV went silent for a moment or two

” that was some good ass driving ”

” and just to think if you wouldn’t have made me slow down we’d be done ”

She smiled at me then finally we started relaxing, the rest of the drive was pretty uneventful

” Danny where you guys at ”

” down by the old pier you’ll see like fifteen to twenty cars right by a bonfire ”

” alright I’ll be there in a minute ”

I started driving down the beach

” what do we say if someone asks how we met ”

” our moms are friends your mom and dads careers took off after your brothers left for the army your mom sent you eventhough you were adamant about being old enough to live alone we had met a couple times before had a connection but we were never able act on it till you came to live with us and the rest is history ”

” you’ve thought about this already haven’t you ”

” yup

” haha ”

I spotted Danny’s car with a bunch of others and parked, we got out and I walked around the back of the car and grabbed Jessie’s hand and started walking towards the group of people surrounding the bonfire and heard a really familiar voice telling a story, as we got closer I could hear what he was saying.

” I’ve never seen a SUV get so side ways and not flip that dude knew how to drive ”

” Danny ”

” James and Jessie I think wassup ”

Everybody looked over there were alot of familiar faces I got a lot of hellos and hugs from people

” that’s him that’s the kid who almost crashed and saved it ”

” James he just told a story saying some guy almost made you wreck and you saved it from crashing is it true ”

” hell yeah damn near flipped the car ”

” you my friend are the luckiest son of a bitch I know ”

I smiled and me and Jess sat down

” James how are you doin its been awhile ” my friend Scott asked me

” dude its a list ten pages long and the endings hasn’t happened yet ”

” yeah we heard you got fucked up by a car ”

” it did more than fuck me up ”

I pulled my shirt up and showed the still standing bruise on my ribs but is not as bad as it once was

” fuck when did it happen ”

” a month ago ”

” and your still bruised ”

” permanently but it will fade till it almost matches my skin color but you’ll still be able to see it ”

” ah ”

” oh I almost forgot this is my girlfriend Jessica ”

she got a few hellos and a few dirty looks from the girls who used to flirt with me

” dude you girlfriend is hot ” my friend Wayne shouted

” and where is yours ”

” I don’t have one ”

” and you never will acting like that ”

” fuck you ”

” I would but I’m straight ”

” ha ha ” sarcastically

” I thought it was funny too thanks ”

Everybody started laughing

” man its nice to see everybody again with the addition of Jess”

” yeah it is dude ” Danny replied

We all sat and talked Jess got too meet everybody and from what I could see she made some friends with the girls, me Danny Wayne and a couple other guys were talking and joking around until Jessie came over and tapped on my shoulder

” can I talk to you ”

” yeah ”

” hey guys I’ll be back in a minute ”

I got up and followed her

” are you OK ”

” I don’t feel good my stomach is thrown me through loops ”

” you wanna go home ”

” if its not too much to ask then yeah ”

” alright ‘

I walked back over to the guys

” hey yeah guys I gotta go she’s not feeling good ”

” alright man take it easy ”

” you too I’ll hit you up tomorrow ”

” OK ”

I walked to the car where Jess was already waiting inside

” you want me to stop by a store and get some rolaids ”

” na Its not a gassy feeling just like I feel sick to my stomach ”

” alright ”

I pulled onto the roadway and drove for twenty minutes, as the last ten miles or so came upon us my stomach started too feel funny also but only a minute after that I was becoming sicker and sicker I pulled over and ran out of the car to the front and started vomiting profusely

” James are you OK ”

I couldn’t reply because every time I breathed in I would puke, after a minute of that I couldn’t puke anymore but the dry heaves kept coming for a few minutes

” how are you feeling ”

” not that bad why ”

” your driving home ”

” wait what I don’t even have my permit yet I’ve only driven a couple times and even that was in a empty parking lot ”

” did you stay between the lines ”

” yeah but I strayed a little ”

” you’ll do fine ”

” but ”

” Jess just do it we both have food poisoning but mine hit me like a freight train and your not as sick ”

” OK but if we crash ”

” step one never assume that your gonna crash ”

” OK ”

” now let’s go home ”

We climbed into the car

” you know what to do ”

” no ”

” adjust your seat and mirrors buckle up push the break shift into drive slowly let off of the break and ease onto the gas ”

” what about making turns or switching lanes ”

” mirrors and turn signals ”

She did everything to excellence

” your doing good just relax a little ”

She melted into her seat finally relaxing

” see just go with the flow driving is about being smooth precise and comfortable ”

” OK ”

A few moments later

” pull over ”

” are you gonna be sick ”

” yeah ”

She pulled towards the curb but hit and went over it ”

” I’m so sorry ”

I didn’t care I was gonna be sick, I opened the door and I vomited again I didn’t think I had anything left was I wrong

” are you… do you… ”

She looked up and just like the timing in the movies an ambulance was down the street she got out and flagged them down

” My boyfriend is getting really sick and this is the second round of him throwing up ”

” OK ”

They walked over to me

” hi I’m Jon are you feeling OK ”

I looked up at him like are you really asking that question he got that I wasn’t

” OK um what’s your name ”

” James ”

” well James what is exactly the problem ”

” I think I ate some bad food ”

” are you allergic to anything ”

” not that I know of ”

” do you want me to call your mom ” Jess asked

” yeah were only a few blocks from home ”

She took her cellphone walked to the other side of the car and called mom

” what do you want us to do ” the paramedic asked

” give me a minute ”

” OK ” he wrapped a blood pressure cuff around my arm

” where’s mom Jess ”

” right here baby ” moms voice was clear and composed

” how did ”

” I do have two cars you know ”

” yeah ”

” Shh can you tell me what’s wrong ”

” he has a simple case of food poisoning dehydration an elevated pulse and a really really upset stomach other than that he’s OK ”

” let’s get him home Jessie ”

” what about the car ” Jon asked

” Jess can drive it ”

I looked up and both women were standing in front of me moms expression was no and Jesse’s expression was one of nervousness and fear

” I trust her she got me here excuse me you might want to move ”

” why ” mom asked

I threw up again before i could reply luckily Jess had stepped back and mom was pulled back by the other paramedic, I looked up at her like she was stupid

” food poisoning ”

She looked at me as to say I’m gonna kick your ass when we get home I shot her a glance back like saying the hell you are and then I barfed again

” let’s get you home baby ”

” alright Jess go we will meet you

” OK ”

mom signed a few papers and Jess drove home as well did mom with me in the back seat of her car.

With their help they got me into the house and into my room and laid me down

” well if he gets sick his trash can is right here Jess ”

” OK ”

” I’m gonna get some sleep have a good night ”

They both laughed at the gesture and walked away from each other mom out of my room and Jess into the bathroom locking it shut.

I got out of bed and reached on the floor and picked up a pair of gym shorts and dropped my jeans to the floor and put the gym shorts on I pulled off both shirts and fell back onto my bed exhausted and sick.

Mom peaked her head around the door and walked in

” hey mom thanks ”

” your welcome… James I’ve got a question ”

” anything mom ”

” did you guys fuck… in the SUV ”

I took a breath in thinking I was dead

” its not worth lying about so yea ”

” did either of you guys feel ashamed ya know did either of you feel that it was wrong ”

” I don’t but her is a different story I don’t know about her but I’ll talk to her about it ”

” OK ”

” by the way mom how’d you know ”

” that car had the smell of hot sex pouring out of it ”

” ha ha ha it was hot heavy and full of love ”

Mom smiled at me

” good night baby hope you feel better ”

” thanks mom night ‘

” goodnight ”

She walked out of my room I closed my eyes trying to think about everything but my stomach and eventually started falling asleep but then I heard the shower turn off my senses came back to me I got up and staggered over to the bathroom and opened the door

” hey baby cuz ”

She was wrapped up in a towel sitting on a bathroom stool brushing her hair

” hey feeling better ”

” not particularly but seeing you always puts a smile on my face ”

Through the mirror she half smiled at me, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek

” you know I love you right ”

” yes and I love you ”

” I’m gonna go lay down ”

” OK… James ”

” yeah ”

” If we were not cousins would you still love me if we ever stumbled across each other ”

” do we have a little history before I asked you out ”

” yeah ”

” then yeah cause your personality is what I love, your body is just an extra complement ”

I walked out of the door closing it and shut the light off before dropping on the bed and quickly falling asleep

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