Adventures in a Sex Club 02

An adult stories – Adventures in a Sex Club 02 by ccitydude,ccitydude If you recall from Adventure 01, I’d eaten Myra to an exhausting orgasm and she needed a break, so I went out to the bar to have a pee and get some more drinks. Walking through the bar I saw the woman in the red mesh dress again, still looking very sexy. I said hi as I walked by and went into the john.

When I came out she was standing not far away from the door. It looked to me like she was waiting for me. She was a small woman, slender, firm and nicely proportioned, small but perky tits. I’d never seen such an intriguing body/dress combination before. She looked naked and covered at the same time. I walked up to her and introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Matt. I just gotta say you look very sexy in that dress.”

“Hello, Matt. I’m Dixie.” She took my hand and placed it on one of her tits. She squeezed my hand and I squeezed her tit. “Do I look sexy enough to fuck?”

Wow. That’s bold. “You most certainly look sexy enough to fuck, and I’d like to fuck you.”

Dixie took my hand from her tit and started to walk to the door of the fuck room. I pulled her back and said, “Wait a minute, love, I’ve got something going right now. Can you wait about 20 minutes and then come back to join us?”

She came back, kissed me and said, “Make it 15.”

I returned to Myra in the fuck room and proceeded to get the “pretty Asian girl” blowjob I recounted in Adventures 01.

I told Myra that we may have a visitor soon, and about that time Dixie came into the fuck room, saw us and came over. “I met Dixie while I was in the bar before. I told her she looked sexy in that red mesh dress. She asked me if she looked good enough to fuck, I said yes, and here we are. What do you think?”

“Hi, Dixie, I’m Myra. I agree with Matt. You do look good enough to fuck. Are you interested in fucking both of us?”

“Sounds good to me. I don’t get a lot of girl/girl action, but I welcome it. Let’s go!”

“Where’s your guy.” Myra asked. “It’s couples’ night.”

“My husband lost interest in sex a few years ago but I didn’t. He brings me here every couple of months to let me show off, get laid, and just have a good time. He stays out in the bar area and enjoys the action out there.”

“He doesn’t want to watch us fuck?” I asked.

“Nope. He doesn’t much care for the real fucking that goes on back here. He likes the lighter more playful action out in the bar. You can bet, Matt, that he loved it when put your hand on my breast. That’s what he likes to watch.”

“Cool.” Myra pulled Dixie in front of her, and they began making out. Hot. As I said, Dixie was pretty small, and she had to get up on both knees to reach Myra’s mouth. Dixie started seriously playing with Myra’s tits it was easy to see that Myra was getting into it.

As much as I enjoyed watching the two of them, I wanted to play as well. I lay on my back and slid my head between Dixie’s knees, under her pussy. I pushed the hem of her dress over her hips, pulled her pussy down to my mouth and started licking. She was dry, but after a few licks she opened up, got damper. (She’s an old lady, she’s not going to dripping wet like young girls) She began moving her hips and grinding her pussy down on my mouth. I think she was liking it. I couldn’t tell what they were doing up top, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

All of a sudden, Myra said, “Hey, guys, stop. Stop. You gotta see this.”

We untangled and looked over to where Myra was pointing. A young, very good-looking couple has just swept into the room and stopped at the sex swing. He was tall, blond and wore black, neck to toe. She was also tall, had beautiful, long black hair and wore a black dress with red trim, much like a flamenco dancer. What was happening here?

He helped get her situated on the swing and then lifted her skirts up off of her legs. No panties. He dropped to his knees, put his face in her pussy and just started eating. No licking, no kissing, no tenderness. He jammed his tongue into her cunt, found her clit with his mouth and just ate pussy. And she didn’t seem to mind at all. She grabbed a tit with one hand and his head with the other and rode him like a bronc. After a couple of minutes, she clenched her fists, threw her arms above her head, and bellowed her orgasm.

He stopped eating her, stood up, and undid his pants. His cock was hard as a rock. She lowered her arms and caught her breath for a second. He grabbed her hips, shoved his cock in and started hard fucking. Just pounding in and out. Again, he showed no finesse, he just fucked her. And just like before, she seemed to like it. When she came again after a couple of minutes of this, he stood up, walked around her on the swing, and shoved his cock into her mouth. He came a moment later, and she swallowed it up.

A moment later, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to do his pants back up. She used her finger to wipe a drop of cum off of her lip and licked it into her mouth. He helped her off of the swing. She stood up, straightened her dress, ran her hands through her hair, and they both made sure they were presentable. They walked out of the fuck room, arm in arm, the same way they came in.

I doubt if they had been there 10 minutes.

We were speechless. We all sat back and wondered what we had just seen. We all agreed that, while we might not want to try that, it was a hoot to watch. Raw sex. No love. No tenderness. Just hard fucking. One to remember.

Myra said, “I know I’m the one who broke things up, but can we get back to where we were. Dixie, I love kissing you and I could tell that you really like sitting on Matt’s face. Shall we try some more?”

We got back into more or less the same positions we were in before the interruption. Myra stopped kissing Dixie and began sucking my cock, quickly getting it hard.

Myra cooed, “Dixie, Matt’s good and hard now. Would you like to fuck him?”

“Oh, yeah.” Dixie slid off of my face and down to my cock. Myra helped slip it into her pussy, and Dixie sighed. “That is just what I need. Matt, I’m not much for hard fucking anymore. Be gentle, please.”

So Dixie and I rocked, gently, together until we found a nice rhythm. Myra slipped a leg over my face and sat her pussy down on my mouth. I played with Dixie’s tits, Myra and Dixie were kissing and Myra played with Dixie’s ass. A pretty sexy bundle.

This went on for a bit and I could feel Dixie speed up a little. Her moans were louder. Seems she was getting there so I thought I’d join her. I began pushing a bit more firmly without banging too hard. Myra got the message and ground her cunt a little harder on my mouth. Before long we came within moments of each other. Not bad for a first time. I liked the feeling of Dixie’s pussy getting slippery with my cum. She stopped kissing Myra, put both of her hands on my chest and started breathing deeply. About that time Myra came in my mouth.

We lay like that for a bit and slowly began to untangle. We thanked each other. We kissed each other. We hugged each other. Dixie rose and straightened her dress. Myra offered her a towel to clean herself and Dixie declined.

“My husband likes me walk out with cum dripping down my leg. I don’t know why, he just likes it. He gives me this pleasure; I give him his.”

With that, she said thank you and walked away.

Myra and I laid back and just watched others for about a half hour. We fooled around a bit, but nothing serious. We were both pretty worn out and satisfied. It was time to say good night. We got dressed, pulled our belongings together and walked into the front bar. Dixie and her husband had already left as had most of the other patrons. We said good night to the bartender and walked to the parking lot.

I walked her to her car; we leaned up against it and kissed good night. This time the kiss was deep and wet, no peck on the cheek, and I squeezed her ass for real this time. She got in her car and that was that.

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