Valentine’s Day: The First Step

*Note: be sure to read part one of this series first*

Our new hobby began to border on obsession for all three of us. Our friend was all but begging for more photo sets and videos, and with each new set, her confidence sky rocketed. Both of us were getting off on knowing what he was doing with every picture and video we sent. It was a rush.

Every set we did had its own theme. The first one we decided to push the envelope a little further with was a Halloween set where she wore blue lingerie and a venetian mask to match.

It started off like every other photo set, with her revealing a little more skin with each progressing photo. She was still shy about her pussy and ass though, and we stayed within her comfort zone.

But this time…she motioned me closer with a sly grin. ‘Pull your cock out for me.”

I did, and she had it in her mouth almost as soon as it was freed. I took the photo. I took three, in fact, from different angles, her lips wrapped around my cock, her eyes locked on the camera.

She pulled my hard, wet cock out of her mouth right when she knew I was getting close to cumming.

“No post-nut clarity this time.” She smiled. “Send the set, and I’ll finish you off.”

She slid her hand down into her panties and began moaning as she fingered herself. Her other hand groped her exposed breast from her last pose. “You better hurry, before I make myself cum.” She laughed.

Fuck it. I sent it.

She pulled my cock back in her mouth while she rode her fingers.

A notification chimed. He responded.

I didn’t want to look. I was nervous, I’d known him since kindergarten, he was like a brother to me.

She pulled my cock out with a huge grin. “Let’s check it.”

“Holy shit! These are amazing!” The response said.

With a new, hungry fire in her eyes, she shoved my cock back in her mouth and sucked me dry, swallowing every last drop.

A few months passed, we were going to hang out with them on Valentine’s Day, mostly to do some gaming like we usually did.

Like I said before, his girl had great tits, at least from what I could tell, I hadn’t seen them exposed. She was wearing a low cut shirt with an unbottoned flannel shirt over top and I could hardly keep my eyes off them any time she reached across the table to grab the dice or move her figure for the game.

Likewise, I could tell he was seeing my girl in a different light. This was the first time we hung out face to face since we started sending the photos and videos.

My girl noticed both of us. Our friend’s girl was the only one fully invested in the game anymore at that point.

After we had a few drinks in us, my girl chimed up. “Hey, I have a crazy idea.” She said with a sheepish grin, talking to our friend’s girl.

“What?” She said with a laugh.

“Have you ever done any sexy pics before?”

She looked nervous, “no, why?”

“Uggggh, it’s so fun! We started playing around with our camera over the last few months and it makes me feel so good about myself….and it’s fucking hot!’

“Um….okay.” She replied, surprised and nervous.

My friend and I shot each other a glance, neither of us knowing where this was going. I wasn’t even sure if his girl knew about the pics or not, he sort of vaguely implied she did, but we never pressed the issue.

“We should do some together!”

“What!? Haha.” She was shocked.

“Come on, it’s Valentine’s Day, the guys will love it!’

“What would we even do?” She asked nervously.

“Nothing you aren’t comfortable with.”

“I don’t know about this.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun! We can stop the second you want to.”

She looked at us, there was no hiding our excitement.

“Fine,” she sighed. “But I’m not getting naked.”

The two girls talked amongst themselves about what they would do and what was comfortable. When they were done they both went into separate rooms to get themselves ready.

“Holy shit”, I mouthed to my friend.

“I know, right!”

Our friend’s girl came out first, not having a change of clothes or anything, she was the fastest to get ready. The only difference we could tell was now her shirt was buttoned up. Then my girl came out, with a flannel shirt of her own buttoned up.

“Ok”, my girl said with a smile, “let’s go in our bedroom.”

We followed the girls, excited, but a little nervous. This could turn out to be a disaster after all.

The first few shots were awkward as hell. They were both nervous and giggling, mostly just awkwardly standing next to each other.

My friend jumped in to give them a little direction, but we had no idea what the girls had planned when they discussed it and didn’t want to cross any lines. He just had them face each other, in almost a dance position. One arm around the shoulder, the other around the waist.

They giggled and their faces flushed, but I snapped a pic in the small window between fits of giggling.

For the next, my girl grabbed her friend’s hands and had moved them towards her face. I snapped the photo, and I was starting to get turned on when I saw it. His girl was cupping the face of mine, and their was something more in my girl’s eyes. Some of that fire had ignited from our experiences before.

My girl unbottoned the top button of her friend’s shirt. When she reached the next button down, her friend raised her hands to cover it.

“It’s okay,” my girl said. “Just this button, trust me.”

Her friend nodded, and my girl unbottoned that button as well as her own top two buttons.

My cock was hardening immediately, neither girl had a shirt under their flannels. I loved my girl’s tight, C cup tits, don’t get me wrong, but our friend’s were much larger and the cleavage was deeper than ever now.

My girl signalled for me to have the camera ready, I did.

She grabbed our friend’s shirt and yanked it open as far as the remaining buttons would allow, revealing a black, lacy bra.

I snapped the photo. It caught our friend’s surprised gasp.

My friend instructed our friend to do the same to her now.

She did, nervously, revealing my girl’s pink and white bra.

“I don’t know about this,” our friend stammered, her face red.

“Come look at these,” I suggested, remembering howy girl’s first time seeing results kicked off her love for this.

“Oh wow,” she said. “These ARE hot.”

“Yeah,” My friend and and I agreed.

“Okay, we can do just a few more.” She agreed.

My girl undid the next button on both shirts. “Do you trust me?” She asked.

“Yes” her friend answered.

My girl pulled her friend’s shirt as far as it could go to one side, and pressed her lips where her friend’s neck met her shoulder in a long kiss.

I took the photo.

“Oh my God” the guy friend exclaimed, just happy to watch.

My girl slid down her friend’s exposed bra strap and moved her lips up to the side of her neck. Her bra cup sat loose, barely holding our friend’s large breast at bay.

I took the photo.

Both of their chests were heaving with excitement now. My girl had her friend do the same thing to her.

I took the photos.

My girl unbottoned our friend’s shirt completely, and posed her on her knees, facing us. She got behind her and kissed the side of her neck.

I took the photo.

She turned her friend towards her for a deep kiss, sliding her tongue into her mouth.

I took the photo.

My girl kept our friend facing away, and her hands moved under the back of our friend’s shirt. Before we knew it, she pulled her bra away and tossed it aside. She buttoned her shirt back before having her turn back facing us. Then my girl removed her own bra without exposing herself and tossed it aside.

My friend and I glanced at each other, wide eyed.

They slid out of their jeans, both having panties that matched their bras.

They faced each other once again, my girl undoing the top half of the buttons of her shirt.

“If you’re not comfortable, I don’t have to do this back to you.” She assured her friend. “I want you to yank open my shirt like you did before.”

The other girl’s face turned red. “Isn’t that a little much?’

“It’s okay if you don’t want to.” My girl answered.

The other girl looked at the two of us guys, gauging us. I was trying to be as nonchalant as possible, my friend however, was grinning ear to ear and nodding at her.

“Okay,” she agreed nervously.

She pulled my girl’s shirt open, exposing her firm, C cup breasts for the first time. Her nipples stood erect as she threw her head back in the moment.

I took the photo.

“Are you okay.” She asked the other girl.

“Yeah,” she stammered.

She glanced at her boyfriend, he nodded and said “go ahead.”

She unbottoned her shirt as well, and gave my girl permission to pull her shirt open in return. Her large, soft breasts poured out into the open and she threw her head back the same way my girl did.

I took the photo, my cock was rock hard and getting wet.

They did a few more poses before taking each other’s shirts completely off. To our surprise they moved in for another kiss, their breasts pressing together.

I took the photo.

My girl kissed her neck, and moved her way down to kissing and sucking the other girl’s breast.

I took the photos.

Our friend returned the action.

I took the photos.

My girl shoved her onto the bed and mounted her, making out with her and shoving her breasts in the other girl’s face

I took the photos.

Our friend rolled over so she was on top of my girl and did the same thing.

I took the photos.

My girl reversed their positions again, pulling down our friend’s panties. She buried her face in our friend’s pussy, eating it desperately.

I took the photos.

Our friend moaned and grabbed a fistful of my girls hair as she continued.

I took the photo.

My girl pulled her mouth away from her pussy and asked if she wanted to swap places.

Our friend shook her head. “I don’t think I can do that. That’s a bit too much for me.”

“Should we stop?” My girl asked. “We can’t really go any further than this at this point.” She laughed.

Our friend’s face flushed. “Can you…” She paused. “Can you finish me?”

My girl grinned and lowered her mouth back down to her pussy, licking and sucking her clit. Sliding her tongue in and out of her pussy.

Our friend threw her legs over my girl’s shoulders and squirmed in pleasure. I felt like I could cum just watching this happen. My friend and I avoided eye contact like the plague.

Letting out what was damn near a scream, our friend tensed up, and came. My girl licked her clean, and came away, wiping her mouth with a smile.

In a rush, she came over to me and pressed her mouth against mine, still wet from our friend’s pussy, I could taste it as we kissed.

“Yeah…” Our guy friend said. “We should probably go, send those to me though.” He laughed.

We barely noticed when they left as my girl tore my clothes off and shoved my cock inside her. I’m almost ashamed to admit, we were both so turned on that I’m not sure that we lasted even a minute. She had never done anything like that with a woman before.

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