Alternative Trio Pt. 1 by rickred

A literotic sexstories: Alternative Trio Pt. 1 by rickred
In the middle of my tenth grade year in high school, my family moved to a new town. My

Dad got a promotion, and we could now afford to live in an area that was a little more affluent. I

was glad to leave the redneck area I grew up in, where my style and tastes just didn’t fit in .

I had few friends, and most of them didn’t really share my interests. And what’s more, I

had no girlfriends there, and was still a virgin.

I walked into my social studies class that morning; got a few nasty looks from what looked to be the

“popular” jock crowd. I was wearing my Sonic Youth t-shirt, and heard someone comment, ‘oh great another

one of those punk rock weirdos”. I now thought that this move sure hadn’t changed anything for the better.

I found a seat in the back near two sort of goth looking girls. Both were quite pretty, but seemed like the other outcasts in the room. “Great shirt man”, said the taller thin one. “Daydream Nation is awesome. I’m Deirdre, and this is my best friend Kathy” .

Deirdre had shoulder length black hair, a red skirt with fishnet stockings and combat boots on her long, slender legs. Kathy was short, just slightly plump. Her black hair was shorter, kind of a 1920’s flapper kind of style. She wore a Bauhaus t-shirt with black jeans and red Doc Martens .

“I’m Rick, just moved here”, I said kind of shyly.

When the bell rang and class was over, they asked me what other classes I had, and when I went to lunch. Kathy said, “so you like Sonic Youth, do you play ?”

“A little”, I said. “I have a bass and an amp that my uncle gave me when he quite playing. I fool around with it from time to time”

“Cool”, said Deirdre. “Kathy writes songs and plays guitar. I play drums. We need a bass player to have like a real band. Do you want to try playing with us someday”.

“Sure”, I said. “But I’m not real good, still learning”

“Well so are we”, Kathy said. “We have fun. You are probably the only other person into punk in this stupid jock and Barbie girl school.”

It turned out that we had lunch at the same time. We were the only three people seated at a big cafeteria table. The popular crowd looked at us from time to time and snickered. But we didn’t pay much attention. We talked more about getting together and playing. We made plans to get together one evening in Kathy’s basement. Her house was a few streets over from me.

We got together and played a couple evenings each week and it was fun. At lunch one day Kathy said, “You know with the school year ending , we’ll have a lot more time for playing. We could rehearse every day while my parents are at work, and not get yelled at to turn it down and shit. We could be ready to play one of those all ages shows downtown at The Loft in no time. My cousin’s boyfriend books shows down there and could get us in.”

So in June, when school let out I found myself with Kathy and Deirdre every day. We wrote stuff, recorded our jams and were becoming closer friends each day. One afternoon, when we decided to take a break, Deirdre said, “Man Kath, it’s so fucking hot today we ought to jump in your pool. We haven’t been in it yet this Summer.”

“Sure”, Kathy said. “Let’s go. You wanna get in pool too, right Rick.”

“I can run home real quick and get a swimsuit, be back in fifteen minutes”, I said.

“Oh fuck that”, Deirdre said. “When me and Kath go swimming in the daytime, we don’t need no stinkin’ swimsuits, do we Kath ?”

“My yard has a privacy fence, so us girls usually skinny dip when my folks aren’t home”, Kathy said in a cute, almost shy way.

I could feel my dick starting to get hard, picturing these two goth punk cuties bare ass jumping in the pool.

“‘Well shit I’m ready,” said Deirdre, as she took off her t-shirt. She didn’t wear a bra, and now stood, topless in black shorts and Doc Marten boots. Her tits weren’t very big, put she had a gorgeous, slender figure. Then she stepped out of the black athletic shorts revealing her pussy, which was shaved except for a little strip. I’m sure she could see my eyes focusing on it, and the bulge in my jeans growing. She sat on her drum stool and removed her boots and socks.

Her long toes had black nail polish, and she had perfect pink soles. “Now I’m really, really ready”, she announced with a giggle. “Come on man”, she said to me.

I looked over to my left and Kathy had started disrobing, a little more slowly than Deirdre.” Underneath her t-shirt she had a black bra. She removed the bra, revealing little puffy teenage tits, with large aureole

She was small, just around five feet tall, about nine inches shorter than Deirdre. She was slightly chubby, but not fat, just cute teenage girl baby fat. She removed her Converse All Stars, showing her petite little toes with nails painted red. Like Deirdre she had pale, perfect skin. Finally her shorts came off revealing a pussy shaved just like Deidre’s. “We shaved each other when I spent the night

last Friday. So we have twin pussies now. We each have a little Mohawk down there see. Punk pussies”,Deirdre said. “Do you like it?” She pointed to the little strip of pubic hair above her teenage pussy.

“Are you sure it’s OK if I swim…. uhhh naked I said”, almost in a state of shock. Remember I’ve never been with a naked teenage girl, and here I am with two little hotties, who are both now completely nude. I’m a little nervous They both laughed at my question.

“Goddamnit, you’ve already got to see BOTH of us naked already. The show ain’t free. Come on”, Deirdre said laughing the whole time.

I got undressed. My dick was pitching a tent in my briefs. “Somebody likes what he sees” Deirdre said. “Don’t be embarassed, you’re a cute, straight guy, you are supposed to get hard when you see naked girls.” I pulled down my shorts and I could see them both checking out my pulsating cock.

Kathy opened the patio door and we headed out to the pool. The girls went first. They ran side by side and jumped in. I walked through the door checking out the yard. Yes there was at least a ten foot high privacy fence surrounding the yard. Phewww, good thing I thought.

“Come on in”, said Kathy. Her and Deirdre were in the middle of the pool embracing one another. I jumped in and joined them. Kathy and Deirdre kissed each other; this was another shocker for me. “Don’t worry, we’re not real hardcore lesbians or any thing, but we do fool around with each other once in awhile when we get horny”, Deirdre said .

“We still like guys just fine”, Kathy said. “Come over here, lets have a band hug.”

So there I am, a sixteen year old virgin being embraced by two gorgeous, very naked girls in a pool. It was heaven.

Then Kathy, who initially appeared to be the shy girl, began to French Kiss me while I felt Deirdre’s hand grasp my hard dick and begin to stroke. “His dick stays so nice and hard, you’ve got to touch it Kath.” I felt Kathy’s palm first brush the head of my cock, sending a shiver

through my body. Then Deirdre released my shaft and rubbed her hand across my stomach and chest and Kathy held my fully engorged cock in her little hand.

“She’s never been fucked by a guy before”, Deirdre whispered in my ear. “You can be her first; she always tels me how much she likes you. We’re best friends, and we share everything. We can share your dick. too. Kath, why don’t we go back in your house ?”

We got out of the pool, drying off hastily, racing back in the house to finish what we started. We went up to Kathy’s bedroom. We laid in her bed. I was between her and Deirdre. Kathy once again began kissing me, while Deirdre began sucking my cock. She was good at it, I thought I would explode, but she would stop each time I was near coming. Then she said, “Sit back and watch for a few minutes.

She straddled Kathy’s face, and the two began licking each other’s pussy. The girls were both very turned on. They switched positions after a few minutes with Kathy on top for awhile. I laid back watching occasionally stroking my dick. ” Then Deidre said to Kathy, “I think somebody’s ready”, Kathy nodded. “Me too”, said Deirdre.

The girls turned their attention back to me. Kathy laid back with her legs spread while Deirdre sat up. Kathy lightly stroked her own clit with one finger. “Do you want to fuck her first”, said Deirdre. “Don’t worry, we’re both on birth control . We had this planned for weeks now. This is why we didn’t suggest going swimming before.”

I climbed on top of Kathy nervously. This was going to be my first time, but I didn’t say anything about it to them. Although they were both gorgeous, I especially had a thing for Kathy; she was more my type. But if both wanted to fuck me, I wasn’t going to stand in their way.

Slowly I penetrated Kathy’s pussy. She was very tight and I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible. I then broke her cherry and she winced, causing me to pull out a little. “Sweetie, it’s going to get better”, Deirdre told her.

I gently reinserted my cock in the pleasantly plump, diminutive goth girl. She seemed as though she was enjoying it more now. Deirdre was stroking Kathy’s hair and lightly kissing her while I fucked her. “Why don’t you get on top him”, Deirdre instructed Kathy. ‘It might feel even better.”

I rolled off of her. Then she straddled my cock while Deirdre got behind her and massaged her little tits. Then Deirdre said to me, “Would you like to eat my pussy while you fuck her”. I did not protest, and the five foot nine , slender, raven haired beauty put her

young twat in my face. She licked Kathy’s clit as she was riding my cock, which her long tongue would occasionally touch as well. I couldn’t hold off anymore and my cock exploded cum inside Kathy’ s pussy. Me we both out of breath.

Kathy then got off of me, and Deirdre said, “Look he’s got your cherry all over his beautiful dick. Let’s suck it and taste the both of you mixed together. Both girls tongued my cock which was covered in a mixture of cum and virgin pussy blood . They alternated between licking my cock and kissing one another. Then they stopped, and Deirdre said to Kathy, “You’re a big girl now man. How does it feel ?”

” It was great”, said Kathy smiling. She turned to me and said, “I guess by now you figured out that Deidre isn’t a virgin like me”.

“I had a boyfriend for a little while last year”, met him at a Black Flag show down at The Loft. He popped my cherry. But I’d like to feel you inside me too”.

With those words my cock was getting hard preparing for a second round……………

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