Don’t Knock It ‘Till You’ve Felt It by Reek57

Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Felt It by Reek57Reek57: An Eye-Opening Erotic Journey

Author’s note: I was recently thinking about the first girl I’m sure I introduced to oral sex, then about the first time I ate pussy — or tried to — and also about the girl who really taught me how to do a good job of it. I’m putting brief versions of all those tales together here, for your amusement, and my reminiscence. I admit there may be a little deviation from the actual facts; it was quite a while ago after all. I hope you enjoy them almost as much I enjoyed experiencing them.

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I never dated much in high school, and it wasn’t until late in my freshman year of college that I had my first sexual encounter. I’d had plenty of fantasies though, and for one reason or another, eating pussy was one of those things I REALLY wanted to try. Cunnilingus, eating her out, going down on her, eating pussy, muff diving, dining at the Y, giving a mustache ride, or just plain oral sex; whatever you want to call it, I wanted to do it. And the more I’ve done it over the ensuing years the more I love it. Do I love it more than actual intercourse, no, not usually anyway. Do I love it more than having a woman suck me off, well honestly, that depends I guess. It depends on her skill and or how enthusiastic she is about it, I suppose. But I digress…

The first time I got to try licking a vagina was also the first time I saw one “in the flesh,” so to speak. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as I would have liked, partly due to the situation and my inexperience, but mostly just bad timing. Without going into too much detail, it was the girl I dated late in my freshman year, the first one I dated in college. To say that she had “been around” a lot is an understatement, but I hadn’t even been around the block yet.

Donna had apparently been quite sexually active in high school, although I never knew any details of that. She continued at college. She had dated an upperclassman that lived on my floor in the dorm — a somewhat inexperienced one, I gathered. I found out they were “doing it” when he returned my car after borrowing it for a date. He excitedly told me how really great it was that the back seat folded down so you could lie in the hatch back area. Apparently he lost his virginity that night. Long story short, somehow they broke up not long after, and I found her she pursuing me next!

She was fairly attractive, but the idea that some woman was actually coming on to ME was what got me hooked. To the point of this story, we took a walk around campus one spring afternoon and ended up in the woods. We went off the trail to a little grassy place and started to fool around. Before long her pants were down and she was on all fours waving her skinny naked ass at me. I caressed it, and her snatch, then told her I wanted to eat her. She agreed, but didn’t seem very enthusiastic.

Being totally inexperienced, I started to lick at her pussy from behind. Of course, the access was not great in that position. I was too ignorant to lie down under her and have it all right there, but for some reason, she never suggested it either. Looking back, I wonder if she was ever eaten much before that, or if she really just wanted to get fucked. There are quite few things I wonder about her…

On that occasion, none of it mattered much. Moments after my tongue touched her soft, moist lips, some guy walking his dog came wondering towards us. I was very embarrassed to get seen like that, and I think she was too, since she pulled up her pants in a flash and we both jumped up, startling the dog walker, who apparently hadn’t seen us yet. We never finished our interlude that day.

We fooled around a few more times, but for one reason or another, I never got the chance to eat her again. We had an unfortunate tendency to be interrupted by others every time she gave me a blow job. It was an activity she apparently loved, although she always told me not to come in her mouth. I never got the chance since something always disturbed our activity.

It wasn’t very long at all before she found a new guy whose pants she wanted to get into and our sexual activity was over before it really got started. I was both disappointed and relieved, since even then I knew the way she went through “boyfriends” seemed very odd.

I started dating someone else before the term ended, and was with her for over a year. My new girlfriend and I fooled around quite a bit and eventually I got to taste her sweet pussy. She enjoyed it, but she didn’t give me much useful feedback to improve my technique, so I sort of fumbled along. The same was true of the next girl I got to eat, although she was somewhat more vocal, providing a bit more encouragement when things were going well. Still, I was basically self-taught. In those pre-internet days, I had very limited access to useful resources to enhance my skills, other than continued practice.

That changed, however, after my junior year when I was working as an EMT for the summer. I did 24 hour shifts, two or three times a week. We had a single bunk room for the four crew members on duty. One of my frequent coworkers was a girl named Jane. She was a couple years older than me, but when you’re only 21, two or three years was kind of a significant difference. She was also definitely more experienced than I was, in terms of sex.

Jane and I were often partners in the same ambulance, so we spent considerable time together at work. She was easy to talk to, and we got along very well. We talked a lot, and about a lot of things, sex included. I think she probably enjoyed trying to embarrass me, or just getting me all worked up.

At some point the topic of oral sex came up and somehow or other — it was long ago and for the life of me I can’t recall how the conversation got there — I let on that I wished I was better at it, or knew more about what I should do. I recall her saying something along the line of “do pretty much what you like. If you’re having good time, she probably will, too.” But I wanted more than that; I wanted her to have a great time, and I was sure that then I would, too. I guess that was sort of flipping her statement around the other way. For one reason or another, however, the conversation ended there. But the shift went on something like this:

After 3 AM that night, the four of us on duty were asleep in the bunkroom when the speaker sounded with a call for the other crew (we had taken the last one). Of course, when a call comes in and you’re all in one room, everybody wakes up, regardless of who gets assigned. Sometimes getting back to sleep is tough.

Several minutes after their ambulance pulled out, I heard Jane’s voice in the dark, “So, do you really want to know the secrets of pleasing a woman orally?” My eyes opened wide and I wondered if I had really heard it, or just dreamed it. Then I definitely heard “Well, do ya, partner?”

“Um, yeah,” I replied, my heart starting to race. Were we going to have this conversation? Was she about to tell me how to eat pussy from a female perspective? I was all ears, but tried not to sound like it. “Whatever you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.”

“Well, I can’t reallytell you. I mean, I can, but you know that hands on training works much better than just listening. So get yourself over here and let me teach you something.” To say I was shocked was an understatement, but I wasn’t about to refuse. Jane was attractive enough, for sure, and I was pretty eager to see what she had in mind.

The room was pretty dark, but not pitch black. I got out of bed, wearing gym shorts and a tee shirt — standard attire since we slept communally. I walked across the room and stood by her bed. My heart was pounding and my dick was swelling.

“Don’t just stand there, silly. Here, I’ll sit up and you lie between my legs,” she said as she sat up and leaned against the wall at the head of the bed. Holy shit, I thought! I climbed on her bed between her spread legs, though she was still wearing shorts.

“Ok, now don’t think this is more than it is, buster. I’m just trying to help you out, and you’re gonna help me out, `cause a dream I was having got me pretty horny. Then I thought about our talk this afternoon and that made it kinda worse. Anyway, you willing to help me if I help you get better at licking a lady?”

“Uh, yeah, sure, yes.” I stammered, almost starting to drool.

“I hope you’re not as tongue tied once you get started,” she snickered at me. “And you understand we’re not dating or anything. And this kinda thing may never happen again with us, right?”

“Um, yeah, Ok.”

“But if you do a real good job, it might…,” she added, softly. Holy shit, I thought again!

“And remember this is just between us. Don’t go playin’ kiss `n tell.”

“Oh yeah. No, I won’t, I swear,” I said earnestly. (I don’t think she’ll care now, after all these years…)

Alright, lie down and put your face down there. Don’t touch, just listen and do what I tell you. Here, put your hands on the bed by my hips. Now, can you smell me?”

“Yeah, Jane, you smell really good to me.” I guessed that dream really did get her going, and the scent was wonderful.

“Good, that’s good. You need to let her know you like it, and you want her. Some women are concerned about how they look and or smell down there, let alone taste, so you want them to know you’re happy about it all. OK, now kiss the insides of my thighs, gently. Caress them with your lips. Good. Yeah, like that. Ok, we’re gonna skip ahead `cause I don’t know how long the others will be out, and I really don’t need the warm up stuff right now. Normally, you should do more of that kinda thing and work your way up to her kitty, if only to get her good and wet. But I’m more than ready, so pull these shorts off and get back down there,” she said a little breathlessly.

I took hold of the legs of her shorts and tugged them down as she lifted her butt. I slid them all the way off her. Not knowing what to do, I handed them to her, she chuckled and said, “Ok, get down in there and let’s get started.”

I pretty much dove back between her legs as she bent her knees out to either side, spreading her legs. The room being dark, I couldn’t see much, but it was obvious she didn’t shave her privates, nor was she overly hairy. Unsure how she wanted me to start, but dying to taste her, I immediately licked the length of her slit from bottom to top, sliding my tongue in a little between her lips. She tasted great!

“Oh, you are an eager beaver eater. Why don’t you show me what you’ve got and I’ll coach you from there. Go ahead, and do your thing.” I did, and pretty soon she made little noises that seemed to indicate I was doing fine, even pretty good. Occasionally she’d tell me “Yeah, just like that,” or “do that some more.”

I was soon licking deep between her labia and all around her entrance. I then pushed into her as far as I could. Ever since I started licking pussy, I’ve wished my tongue was longer, but I did the best I could. Jane, however, taught me that pushing her legs up toward her chest could let me get in a little farther. I lapped at her pussy and licked her as deeply as possible. She rewarded me with a plenty of tasty juices as she moaned her encouragement.

After quite some time shoving my tongue as deep in her hot hole as it could go, I needed to let that muscle rest, so I just kissed her labia. She told me to suck on them, which I did eagerly, and she squirmed a bit. That response to my activity spurred me on to suck more. Pretty soon I was sucking on the hood of her clit, and probing with my tongue without really understanding what I was doing. I was just kind of exploring since her clit was more prominent, at least right now, than others I had experienced.

“Holy shit, boy wonder, you know more than you think,” she purred. “But let’s save that for later. We’ll get there, but I’m not ready to finish yet. You’re really pretty good at this. Just lay some kisses on me, if you need to rest that tongue. Um hmm, like that…”

I kissed her sweet pussy lips. They were soft, as was the hair on them. I had to stop and one point to pull one from my mouth and she apologized. “Sorry about that, hazards of the job,” she giggled. I’m not shaving down there, and haven’t even trimmed since I don’t have a boyfriend right now.

“Oh it’s Ok. I like the look of a real woman…I mean mature…I mean not a minor…no, I mean…,” I felt like I really fucked that up, but while I was trying to fix it she began to laugh and interrupted me.

“Yeah, yeah, I got it. You prefer the girl beard to a naked vag like a little girl. That’s cool. I like hairy chests and some pupes, too, just trimmed enough to look good, and not floss my teeth too much,” she laughed some more.

“That’s good,” I said, as I thought about my moderately hairy chest, vainly hoping she might be impressed sometime. “I think the look of hair around a pussy is really arousing. Bare skin just isn’t the same. But, I’d eat it either way,” I said with a big grin that I then realized she couldn’t see in the dark. “I’d love to get a better look at yours.”

“Yeah, well, maybe…sometime. We’ll see. Since were taking a breather, let me tell you, you’re better at this than you probably think. I mean, I like what you’re doing and didn’t need to give you too much instruction. Maybe just some tips, I guess,” she said encouragingly.

“Thanks. That’s really good to know. I’m really glad you told me how to get, uh, in deeper, you know.”

“Yeah, that’s good to know for the main event, too, if you follow me. But we aren’t going there. Not tonight, for sure. Anyway, you really seem to enjoy what you’re doing down there and, like I said this afternoon, that makes it better for me — for her, I mean. Another important thing it to try to pay close attention to me, um, to her, to what she’s telling you, even without directly saying it. Listen to her moans and other verbal cues. Pay attention to her body and how it reacts.”

“You mean like when you wiggle and squirm, and…”

“Did I do that? Well, shit, yeah. You are pretty good at this. So, anyway, get going again, but don’t rush. Savor me. Yeah. Now do it again and push that tongue in. Get a good taste, really EAT me. Yeah, mmm. Do that for a few minutes, then you can move on up and do your thing with my clitty. Don’t just head right there, unless she tells you she wants it now. Ok, Bobcat. Get going.”

“Bobcat,” I thought? Where the hell did that come from? Because my name is Rob? I never go by Bob… I snapped out if it when she told me to get going, and I did just that, intensifying my efforts. I licked and sucked on her delicious labia and plunged my tongue inside her pussy as far as I could. She rewarded my efforts with more of her nectar and I lapped it up.

I was massaging her ass with my hands and lustily burying my face in her sopping cunt when she interrupted by telling me it was time to move higher up. I was confused, and paused, looking up at her. She laughed and said, “I see your face is soaked, even in this poor light. It looks kinda sexy. Ok, my all day licker, it’s about time to do my clit. Remember that? Finish me off, Robbie boy?”

I wasted no time latching on and sucking the whole apex of her pussy into my mouth, exploring her clit with my tongue. She pushed into me and moaned, “Oh, shit. Unggh. Um, back off a little. No, don’t. Stay…fuck. Suck me. Oh yeah…” After perhaps a minute, she pulled my head in harder, her fingers clutching my hair — I had a thick, full head of it then, and I miss a woman’s fingers wrapped in it…

“Oh fuck. You’re doin’ great. Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop you clit sucker.” She went on moaning and uttering incomprehensible words, at least to me, at the time. I was nearly as enthralled as she was. Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, we heard the other crew call in that they were headed back. They never transported the patient; that happens for various reasons. Unfortunately, it meant they’d be back much sooner than anticipated.

“Shit, fuck, damn it! I guess this lesson’s about over,” Jane said with obvious disappointment. It was disappointing for me, too, “Damn, I was looking forward to having you do a little more work, but no time. And the mood is kinda blown. Cunnilingus interruptus, I guess. Shit! You were doing a fine job and gave me a nice orgasm, in case you were wondering, but I wanted more, so this is kinda unsatisfying.”

I certainly wasn’t satisfied either, but I was encouraged by her comments, and that she said he had come nicely. I did that good a job! Maybe I really was better than I thought, and had a good aptitude for eating pussy.

“I’m really glad I got to finish you off,” I said, feeling rather proud of myself.

“Oh you didn’t finish me, lover boy. I could absolutely use more from that tongue of yours. And I’ve got more I wanna teach you. But, we need to quit before they get back.”

“Maybe we can try again later? I really appreciate the tips. You, uh, taste really good, and I really enjoyed it,” I said, rather lamely. I stood up and found my shorts noticeably tented by my erect cock.

“I can see that! Yeah, we need to pick this up again sometime. Don’t know when, but I think we will,” she said in a tone that made my heart pound and my cock twitch, but just then, the garage door below us opened.

I went back to my bunk and Jane slipped her shorts back on, saying “Hey, thanks Rob. You did a very good job. Just remember, do what you like, take your time, vary things up, and, oh yeah, warm her up by kissing and nibbling elsewhere before you dive right in. I had you skip that, but normally, you shouldn’t skip that. Unless time it short and she’s already begging for it. There’s some other things you should try, which you may already know about, or not, but we can cover that when we try again, sometime. If you really want to.”

“Yeah, I sure would. And I’d like to be able to get a good look at that wonderful pussy of yours when I’m eating it.”

“You really know how to talk to a girl,” she laughed. “We’ll see…what you’ll get to see,” she added quietly as we heard the others coming up the stairs. We each pulled up our covers, and rolled over as the bunkroom door opened. Once they had settled back in their beds, we tried to see if we could get some more sleep — until the next call came in. It may have taken me over an hour, between the thoughts of Jane’s pussy and my hard on that I couldn’t really even touch without the bed squeaking. I was actually hoping for another call, but the night ended uneventfully.

In the morning, Jane took off before I could try to ask her if we could go somewhere to follow up. But we fooled around some more that summer, mostly when we were alone in the bunkroom with the other crew out on a call. I ate her several more times and made her come. Boy did she come. I had never before witnessed the kinds of orgasms Jane had. I loved it!

She did let me see her nice muff and its soft, fuzzy hair, which she trimmed, for me. She wanted to see my cock, too. She seemed pleased with the sight of it, as well as by playing with it. I liked that, too.

By the third or fourth time we fooled around, she got on top and sat on my face. It was another first for me, and I really enjoyed it, a lot; especially when she came on my face. Eventually it turned into some 69 action — my introduction to that, too. She gave damn good head, and I guess you could say we were “Suck Buddies” for a while.

Jane taught me a few other things, too, and I’ll always be grateful for what she shared with me. True to my word to her, I never told anyone about it, until now. Those are fond memories, and maybe sometime I’ll write more about them. I don’t think she’d mind… However, it’s time for the encounter that got me started recounting all this this in the first place. The events I’d recently been thinking of occurred a few years later.

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