Karen Sex Slave by silver643


Karen was kidnapped by a gang and sold into a life of slavery , Karen is a twenty – eight, year, old blond housewife, five foot five tall, with a thirty-eight, twenty -six, thirty-four figure that turned heads where, ever she went. She and her husband Jack had been married seven-year’s and had decided to delay starting a family. Jack worked as a maintenance engineer and Karen was PA to a company director. Every Saturday morning, she would go and do her weekly shop at the same supermarket. Recently she noticed a black man who never did much shopping but was always close to her and watching her. She told Jack who told her if he tries anything get store security to talk to him.

One Saturday she arrived home after shopping and put everything away and made herself a coffee and sat down to drink it, when the doorbell sounded, she got up to answer it and noticed as she passed the window there was a white van on the drive. She opened the door and there was two black men outside one of them was the one she noticed watching her at the store. Before she could move, they pushed her into the house She noticed one had a knife in his hand and said do not make a sound and you will not get hurt. She asked what, do you want, I have no money in the house. One of them said it is not money we want it is you, with your super figure you are worth, a lot of money. She said you cannot do this my husband will be home soon. They said do not lie we have been watching you for some time and know it will be later when he gets home. One of them walked over to the table and picked her phone up and put it in his pocket. They then told her to undress, and she said no, and they said if you do not, we will cut them off.

She was wearing shorts and a top over pants and bra and started to cry, no man had seen her naked only Jack, as she hesitated, they came over and grabbed her and cut her shorts open and dropped them around ankles then her top, next her bra and then, her panties. She stood there naked in front of them crying as they felt her tits and pushed their fingers into her arse and pussy one said this it is the best one for a long time, should be worth a lot of money. One said it is a long drive do you want to go to the loo, she said yes please do not take me away, can I speak to my husband, he said no, now come to the loo, he took her upstairs and watched as she relieved herself. She asked can I get dressed, he said no you are finished with wearing clothes. He then took her back down where his mate was waiting.

They asked her if she was on the pill and she said yes, they asked where are, they she told them in the bedside drawer, one of them went upstairs and fetched them down and said we will take them with us and keep her on them until she is fixed. They took her into the kitchen and pushed her face down on the table to give them access to her arse, one of them started pushing his fingers into her and said she is very dry we will have to lube her with something. One of them got some cooking oil and sprayed into her then he took his pants off and pushed his cock into her, she was crying hard because Jack was the only one, she ever had sex with, while one was shagging her the other took his pants off and moved to her head, she had never seen a black cock before, he started rubbing it across her lips, but she would not open her mouth so he grabbed her nose so she could not breathe and had to open her mouth, and when she did he rammed it to the back of her throat and she started gagging, he told her if you bite I will cut your tongue out. He started shagging her mouth until his mate shot his load into her then the changed places. She could taste the cum and oil on the other man’s cock and felt sick, when they both finished, they lifted her up and asked did she want the loo again because of the long drive, she said yes so, they all went up and watched her piss then they had her kneel beside the bowl and watch as they both had a piss and made her lick them dry.

Downstairs she asked where are, you, taking me, and they told her to our boss in London for a while then to where, whoever buys you lives, which could be any, where in the world. She asked can I say goodbye to my husband, they said no you are ours now. They had her lie on the floor and tied her ankles and wrists with cable ties then wrapped her in a car rug and carried her out to the van. They then cleaned up and put her clothes that they cut off in a bag to take with them then locked up and put the keys through the letter box and set off. In the van there was some cushions for her to lie on, and after some time driving, they stopped, and one of them put tape over mouth then left her. After some time, they returned with a sandwich and a coffee for her, they cut the tie on her wrists and took the tape off so she could eat and drink. How far have we to go, they said a couple of hours at least and she said I need to pee, so one of them got her a basin and lifted her up on to her knees and held the basin so she could pee, when she finished, he opened the door and threw the piss out. They finally arrived at their destination, and they got her out wrapped in the rug and carried in where they were met, by a tall white man in his sixties they addressed as Ted, who said let me see what you got.

They took the rug off and cut the ties on her ankles and stood her up and Ted said lovely you lads have excelled yourselves this time. He had her turn around and bend down and felt her arse, and fingered her holes then stood her up and felt her tits and said, I will enjoy some of that later. I think she should fetch at least forty thousand at auction. He said we will make some money here before that, put her in with the others for now. One of them took her to a small room, and pushed her in, there was two other girls inside, there was a mattress on the floor and, some blankets, no furniture only a bucket in the corner. He had her bend over and then shagged her before leaving and locking the door, she lay down a cried.

Jack arrived home and was shocked when he found her keys behind the door, and her bag on the chair with her purse with some cash and her cards inside. He phoned her mobile but found it must be switched off, he checked her wardrobe and drawers, but it did not look as if anything was missing. He phoned the police to report her missing, who told him to wait a day and see if she made contact. He phoned the police on the second who said they would come and see him. They asked him all sorts of questions about why she might, disappear told them they were happy with no problems They checked with neighbours, and one talked about a white van on the drive on the day she went missing. Jack told them about a coloured man stalking her when she was shopping. They checked all CCTV and found the van had false plates and had been at a service station two hours away later, on the day she went missing. They checked with ferry and airport with her de***********ion with no success. They told Jack we will keep looking.

After about an hour a man fetched a tray of sandwiches and bottles of water and left them on the floor. The girls told her they had been, abducted on their way home from work three weeks ago and raped five nights each week by numerous men. The first week they were taken to a surgery and sterilised, which did not stop them being raped, they used them anally for a week afterwards. They ate the sandwich’s and later a man came and took the two girls away to the club where they would be used until the early hours. Karen lay on the mattress and fell asleep. She woke later when a man touched her arse with his shoe and said get up and follow me. She was led outside and put in a car and taken to a large house where Ted the boss was waiting, at no time was she given anything to cover her nakedness, Ted said what a beauty I am going to enjoy this, he then told the man who fetched her to take her to the shower room and clean her up and lubricate her. She was led upstairs and told to use the toilet, when she finished, he had her bend over with her hands on the bowl and lobed her arsehole then he pushed his cock into her and rammed her until he shot his load into her bowels. He then put her in the shower and washed her, he then dried her and put some more lube in her arse and pussy working his fingers into her. He then took her back to Ted who called one of the men who captured her and told him to fetch her pills. Ted told her she must take the pill daily until she is sterilised in three days from now. She asked him could she phone her husband and he told her no because calls can be traced, and you are now our property to be sold.

He then sat down on the couch and opened his pants and pulled his hard cock out and told her to get down and take it into her mouth. He pulled her head hard into his crotch and started pumping it up and down until he shot his cum down her throat and she had no option but swallow it, he then pushed her away and she lay on the floor. He stood up and pushed her arse with his foot and told her to get up and he went and made some coffee. She sat up on the floor and he had his mate fetched her a coffee and a sandwich. When she finished the man took her to the toilet and watched as she emptied her bowels, he then cleaned her an took her to a bedroom with a double bed. Sometime after the man she now knew as Paul came back into the room with a well-dressed man who looked about sixty and said this is new stock, and if you are interested you can be the first client to use her. The man said she is beautiful what is her name Paul said call her Jane, the man said how much, and Paul said five hundred for three hours and do whatever you want with her. The man said can I spank or belt her, and Paul said whatever but no permanent marks. The man said OK and paid Paul who then left them. She was shaking and knew this was going to be her life she would not be Karen anymore. Paul knocked on the door in a short while with a jug of water and glasses on a tray.

The man then got undressed down to his boxer shorts and sat beside her on the bed and began rubbing and pulling her tits, he then shoved her onto her back and started pushing his fingers into her pussy and arse. He asked how she came to be in this position, and she told him she was kidnapped and was a prisoner and could he help her. He told her he would love to but the gang who had her would get their revenge on him and his family, and if she escaped, they would hunt her or her family down and kill them. He told her she would probably be sold on and who ever bought her might free her in time. He then put her across his knees and started spanking her arse hard and she could feel his cock pushing against her groin, when he was hard, he pushed her to her knees and put it in her mouth and started moving her head up and down, until she was gagging and thought she would be sick then he pushed her away and got her some water. He then had her kneel on the bed and pushed his cock into her pussy and shagged her hard for some time, he then pulled out, and pushed it in to her arse. Paul had lobed her hole but, it still hurt it was her first time to be shagged there, but after a while it felt easier. After a while she felt him cum in her and pull out, he then had her lick him clean, she felt sick with the smell and taste, but he held her head and forced her to carry on. They lay on the bed, and he sucked her tits and fingered her until he was ready to shag her again. Paul knocked on the door when his three hours was up, so he hugged her and said I hope I will get to hire you again.

Paul then took her to the bathroom where she used the toilet and he washed her before taking her to a kitchen and giving her a meal and coffee. He then put her back in the bedroom to wait for the next client who was a smart younger man who paid Paul one hundred and fifty for one hour all holes. She serviced four more clients that afternoon making a total of six and it being her first day Paul told her she did well. He took her and washed her out then gave her some tea and sandwiches before taking her to Ted who told Paul he was keeping her for the night and to arrange transport. When the limousine arrived, she led out naked and taken to a big house where she was put in a room to await Ted. She sat on the bed and cried wondering if she would ever see her husband again. Ted arrived later and said Paul told me you did well today, I knew when I saw you, you would be valuable and depending on offers I might keep you myself right now I have two friends I wish you to meet. He took arm and led her down to a lounge where his friends were waiting, and when they saw her, they said wow what a beauty and had her sit between them on the couch. They were drinking wine and Ted asked her would she like some, and she said please. They were talking business with Ted for a while then one of them said to Ted can I have the pleasure who said be my guest you know where the rooms are so he took her to a bedroom where he started fingering her and sucking her tits then he undressed and had her suck him until he was hard, then shagged her until he shot his load he lay beside her for a while then thanked her and got dressed, he told her to remain there and he would send his friend to her.

The other man came into the room and sat beside her rubbing her tits and kissing her on the lips, like he was making love to her, then after a while stood up and removed his pants and she could see he was hard. He had her get down and take him in her mouth for a while then he had her kneel with her tits on the bed a started lubricating her arsehole with the cum leaking out of her pussy, then he rammed his cock up to the balls in her arsehole and she could feel his balls bouncing against her clit. He shagged her hard until she could feel his cum in her bowels, he lay on her back until he was soft then he rolled off her pulled her onto the bed and held her in his arms and told her he enjoyed her and hoped Ted would let him have her again, then he dressed, kissed her and left. She got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned her arse and pussy then went and lay on the bed thinking about what is happening to her and wondering if she would ever see her husband Jack again. It must be three or four weeks now sense she was kidnapped. She was not harmed in anyway othered than shagged several times each day and not allowed any clothes. She was showered each morning and shaved once a week by Paul or one of the others. Paul came in the room and took her downstairs to Ted who had her sit beside him, he told her tomorrow you will be taken and sterilised which means we will not be able to use you for a few days until the scar is checked by our doctor.

That evening she was taken to a house and left with four black men who paid Paul who told them you have five hour’s I will return at nine. After Paul left the men gave her some wine before they got undressed. She was then told to kneel on the floor and suck each one until they shot cum into her stomach. She was then left lying on the floor until they were ready again, after some drinks they picked her up and had her straddle one of them who was sitting on the couch, he fed his cock into her and started sucking her tits as he shagged her, after a while she felt her arsehole being fingered by one of the other, then something being rubbed into her hole, and fingers pushed in then she felt a cock being pushed in and they both started shagging her at once. The one in her arse was first to finish then another took his place. After the four had shagged her, she was again left on the floor, she asked could she go to the toilet, so one of them came back with a mop bucket and they watched as she pissed. Paul returned when the clients time was up and took her back to Ted who said he was keeping for the night. After supper Ted took her to his bedroom and used her in every hole until they went sleep. They slept until nine in the next morning, and he shagged her twice before breakfast. After breakfast a woman came and put cuffs with a short chain on her ankles so she could not run away. She put a collar on and attached a leash then put a blanket over her shoulder’s and took her to a car and gave the driver directions.

After a short drive they arrived at a surgery where they were met by a man and a woman who took her blanket and led her into a room like an operating theatre. They gave her a glass of coloured liquid to drink then put her up on the table where she passed out. When she came round. she was on a bed and had a stinging sensation on her stomach. They left her tied to the bed overnight and in the morning the man came and checked her over, then called the woman who accompanied her and told her she could take her back to the holding house. She attached the leash and put the blanket over her and took her back. She was put in a room and a lad fetched her a drink and sandwiches then left her. The next day Paul came in an put a large plug into her pussy and tied it to her thighs then had her suck him. Later in the day he came and pumped lube into and started bringing clients into her telling them only her arse and mouth are available for forty pounds, she was used up ten times each day, and one of the lads came in on a regular basis to take her to the toilet to empty her bowels of cum. Five days later the Doctor who did her operation arrived with Ted and checked her over. He removed the dressing from her stomach and told Ted she is fine and can be used again.

Paul came later and cut the ties on the pussy plug and removed it and went and told Ted she was ready, so Ted was the first to shag her pussy after a week. She heard him and Paul talking, and Ted said we will start her at the club this weekend and see how she handles the dogs we can make a lot of money when it is shown on the internet. Each one up to now fetched a big offer from abroad and she is the best looking up to now. Paul said we will start her with two and see how she cope’s from there. When they left her, she curled up on the bed crying.

Karen lay crying wondering if she would ever see Jack again or was this going to be her life and what did they mean about dogs and offers on the internet. The next day Paul started fetching clients to her again and she was getting ten to fifteen Monday to Friday. On the weekends Ted, Paul and the other lads used her. One evening when she was being used by Ted and Paul they were talking, and Ted said we won’t take her to the club this weekend, ask Joe to get us two dogs and we can video it all here and have our own parties. Put a mattress on the floor in the box room and we can put all three in there and we can still put her in the other room when taking care of clients. If she is with the dogs all the time, they will treat her as one of their own. Karen was shaking when she heard she was going to be living with the dogs as their bitch, could it get any worse. The next day Joe arrived with an Alsatian and a Huskie and told Ted they were used at the club several times, so they knew what was expected of them. Ted paid him for them, and Paul went to sort the room for them he put a mattress on the floor with a blanket, two water dishes and a large litter tray and put them in. Ted said we will introduce them to her when she is finished with the clients. When the last client had finished with her Paul fetched her down and they fed her but never washed her, so she still had cum leaking from her. When she finished her tea Ted told her we are making some changes to your life after twelve months we need you to make some more money. He told her from now you will be treated as a bitch but still be used by clients for five hours Monday to Friday. We have got two, dog’s you will be with them all the time except when with clients. All your time with the dogs will be videoed and put on the internet and if we get a good offer for you, we will sell you, all the time she could not stop crying.

Paul came and put a collar on her then went and fetched the dogs who went straight to her because they could smell the cum, she was sitting on the floor, and they started pushing their noses between her legs trying to get to her pussy. Ted said from now you are theirs and you will sleep with them piss and shit with them and attend to all their needs. Then he told her to get on all fours, then they started licking her pussy and arse then the Alsatian jumped on her back and started jabbing his cock at her lips and after a time he found her opening and she felt him go in, after humping her for some time she felt his knot expand in her he humped her for a time then lay on her back and she could him throbbing in her. After a while Paul noticed she was getting tired so he helped over so she could rest her top half on the couch and wait for him to pull out. After about twenty minutes he pulled out and she could feel his cum running down her thighs he licked her for a while then went and lay down on the floor licking himself. She lay beside the couch and one of the other lads who worked for Ted fetched her some water. Soon after the Huskie came and started licking between her legs, so Paul had her lay with her tits on the couch to give the Huskey access. After a time licking her, he jumped on her back, stabbing at her lips until he found the spot and filled her with his cum, when he was finished and pulled out, she lay down on the floor with cum making a pool between her legs. Later Ted, Paul and the other two men who watched her with the dogs had her suck them off shooting the, cum down her throat.

Ted told one of the lads to take the dogs out for a run around on the lawn, so he got three leads and put them on and took all three outside with Karen on all fours, he told her as you are now a bitch you behave like the dogs. He took the leads off and the dogs started running around and Karen lay on her side watching them after they had played and pissed the came over to her and started licking her because she was leaking their semen. In the lounge the men were watching on CCTV. When she was ready for a piss, she got up crawled over to the side and pissed, the dogs followed and when she finished the Alsatian licked her for a bit then jumped on her and started humping until he knotted. When he jumped off, she went to get a drink of water and as she was drinking the Huskie jumped on her and was in her right way when he finished, she lay down with them and dozed off until Paul came and took her in and showered her and washed her out ready for her first client. This was to be her daily routine, Monday to Friday with the dogs each morning and up to ten clients in the afternoon. When she finished with her last client she was fed and put in with the dogs and lay on the mattress and because she was full of cum, they lay beside her and licked her clean.

This was her life for the next twelve months then one morning as she lay with the dogs in the lounge, she heard Ted and Paul talking about a Mr Pierre who had seen her perform on the internet and was looking for a sex slave. He ran a club where he had sex slaves and dogs on the side where people could come and pay to watch video and photograph them in action. He was impressed with Karen being so beautiful and as he did not have a white slave, he would like to own her. Paul said she is a good earner for us, she has earned roughly fifty thousand in a year so it would have to be a good offer. Ted said I know but we won’t be able to keep her in good condition for ever so I think we should listen to him he is coming over next month so we will see what he has to offer. Mr Pierre arrived the following month and Ted told him he was welcome to stay with them during his visit. He was pleased to see Karen and said she looked better in the flesh than on the web. He asked has she go any ties or is she totally your property. Ted assured him she was his to do with as he pleased and at present, she is earning roughly forty thousand a year. She seems to enjoy the dogs and sleeps with them then he called one of the lads and told to let the dogs out, so he took all three out to the lawn and watched on CCTV as they all had a piss. After licking her clean they both shagged her. Mr Pierre said that is exactly what I want, Ted asked would she be living with the dogs, and he said yes, all the time. They fetched the dogs back in before lunch and Mr Pierre had her suck him off. When he shot his load, he told Ted I will give you forty thousand pounds for her Ted said I think she is worth a bit more if you make it forty-five and she is yours he said agreed I will plan to have her shipped over. That night she could not sleep thinking about her new life in Jamaca at least while she was in the UK there was a chance Jack would find her but not now.

Three weeks later after the dogs had finished with her Paul fetched her in showered and washed her out then took her to the lounge where she saw two black men waiting for her. Ted gave them a coat to cover her, and she was taken away. Eleven hours later she was in Mr Pierres office where he took her coat and checked her over, then he called a couple of lads and told them to get her ready for the cage. The first thing they did was replace her collar and told her to speak and when she tried to, she got a shock under her chin and Ted said from now on you don’t speak, then they put leather socks on her feet and leather mittens on her hands. Finally, they had her lie down on her side and fitted kneepads fixed, so she could not stand then put a leash on and led her away. Ted told them they could use her before they put her in the cage so as they both were hard from handling her one put his cock in her mouth and the other shagged her pussy until they came. They then led her to the cage which was the size of a large room where she saw two young men, and two women all coloured and all fitted out like her, and four Rottweilers dogs then they put her in and took off her leash. The dogs came and sniffed her and throughout the afternoon all four shagged her. At one end of the room there was two large mattress’s and the other had a latrine tray in the corner, there was also feeding, and water bowls fitted to the cage bars. In front of the cage was a large seating area with a bar. From noon each day the bar was open, and the clients paid to video and photograph the actions in the cage. They could also buy sub***********ions to the web site.

Every morning all five and the four dogs are loaded into a large van and taken by two handlers to Mr. Pierre’s mansion where the knee pads would be removed, and they would be walked around the grounds for a couple of hours to keep their joints supple. The three girls would be shagged by the handlers and Mr Pierre before being loaded and taken back to the cage. Each day’s routine was the girls were made to move about to encourage the dogs to mount them. The lads shagged the girls a couple of times each day but always used their arse because they were usually leaking dog cum from their pussies. After some time, Mr Pierre decided he could make some extra money by letting clients use the girls so every evening they were taken out of the cage and the knee braces and mittens would be removed. The lads would then take them to the shower room and wash them out and shower them and shave them if necessary. They were then taken back and paraded around the club and offered to clients to use as they wished for forty dollars for one hour. When a client paid for them, they would be taken to a side room and shagged in all holes. They were used five hours each day, Monday to Friday and the rest of the time in the cage.

At night they would all snuggle up on the mattress’s, to sleep and Karen being the only white one would usually fall asleep with a cock in her arse. She would cry thinking about Jack and wondering would, she ever sees him again. She knew by seeing calendars in Mr Pierre’s office that it was four years since she was kidnapped, she was now thirty- two years old and wondered how long they would keep her. After a time one of the girls got pregnant and was taken out of the cage and after two weeks was replaced by a Thai girl aged about twenty which the two boys made good use of for a few days. One day after morning exercise she was not put to work in the club as normal but was taken to Mr Pierres house where she was told a Sultan from UAE saw her on the website and because she was white was interested in buying her for his eighteen- year, old son who was autistic and spent most of his time with his two Doberman dogs His is father noticed how he spent most of his time watching her on the web and gets excited when he sees her being shagged by the dogs. He thought if he owned her, it would give him another interest looking after her as his personal pet.

The Sultan asked if he could visit with his Physician to inspect her to make sure she had no marks on her and was healthy. His son would want to put his own marks on her and if she was suitable. he would make an offer for her. It was arranged for a visit, and she would be kept at Mr Pierres house until he arrived in three days. She hoped the Sultan would buy her and she would not be put back in the cage. On the morning they were due she was taken by two lads and given an enema then shaved and showered. When they arrived, she was paraded in front of them and Mr Pierre answered all the questions, her age thirty -three, had she ever been pregnant no, and her last owner had her sterilised. They then put her on her back on a table and the Physician examined hir tits and then pulled her legs back and secured them. He then fingered her arse and pussy; he then inserted a speculum so he could see inside to make sure there was no damage. When finished he said she is a beauty and a fine specimen. The Sultan asked did you have a price in mind and Mr Pierre said I think she is worth seventy thousand dollars. The Sultan said I am prepared to pay sixty-four thousand dollars for her with the option to buy her back if my son gets fed up with her. Mr Pierre said we have a deal.

The nextday she was wrapped in a blanket and flown to Abu Dhabi where she was presented to Faisal who was a tall handsome lad who could not believe what he was seeing and rubbed his hands all over and felt between her legs. He rubbed her tits and took her nipples into his mouth then had her kneel on the floor. He went away and came back with his two Rottweiler dogs and said meet Max and Milo who own you just like me as he led them over to her and they started sniffing her. He had her get on all fours so the dogs could get to her and lick her pussy. After a while he took the dogs away and said I have some friends coming to see you later then you can show how you love the dogs. He put a collar on her with a leash attached then had her lie face down on the couch and shagged her. He told her next week I have arranged, to have you marked as our property, and will be treated with care, and can walk upright except when you are with the dogs. You will sleep with me and the dogs each night and eat and drink with the dogs. You will also use the litter boxes in the house and grass outside with the dogs. One of the staff will ensure you are clean at all times.

She knew now she would not see Jack again and this would be her life in the future, but it might be more comfortable with Faisal as her owner. His three friends arrived in the afternoon to see her and said what a great birthday present. All three sat on the couch and Faisal told them to pull their gowns up to their waists and had Karen suck them until each shot their load down her throat. Then he went and fetched the dogs and let them use her. Before they went home, they shagged her in the arse and asked Faisal can we do it again, and he said anytime.

At night she slept in the same bed with Faisal and the dogs and was happy curled up beside him. A couple of days later he had a tattoo artist come to his apartment and put Max on one arse cheek and Milo on the other. Then he had Faisal and a rose put on her mons and said now everyone will know who you belong to. Each morning she was taken for a walk with the dogs around the gardens and was pleased she was bought by the Sultan but could only dream of what the future holds.



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