The Origins of Granola Girl

An adult stories – The Origins of Granola Girl by TxRad,TxRad Gerry Gardener or Gigi, as her friends called her, had been an outdoor enthusiast all her life. She had been born and raised on a farm and spent as much time outside as possible. She had learned at an early age that she was a born nudist and ditched her clothes as often as she could and the law allowed.

She roamed the woods and fields of the farm naked anytime she got the chance. When she was young, her parents thought it was cute but as she grew older, they tried their best to rein in her nudist behavior. In a last ditch effort, they shipped her off to live with her grandmother in the city. No woods and isolation, so no nudity was their way of looking at it.

This seemed to work. Gigi graduated high school living with her grandmother and no mention of nudism ever came up. That is until she returned to the farm for the summer before starting college. That is where things changed forever.


Gigi had been home three days and every in-law she had ever heard of had been by to visit. She had not had a moment to herself it seemed. This morning was different however. Her parents had left very early to do their weekly shopping in town. It was an all day deal starting with breakfast at the local cafe and ending with supper at the barbecue house.

The sun was just up above the trees to the east of the house when Gigi woke up. She sat up in bed and stretched her arms high over her head and twisted her upper body from side to side. Her firm bare breasts were pulled up by the position of her arms as the covers fell away. They moved slightly from side to side as she twisted.

Lowering her arms, she ran her hands over the sensitive skin of her breasts and arched her back as her palms grazed across her responsive nipples. Her nipples grow larger and tingled. She moved her hands to the side and flicked her thumbs back and forth over her growing nipples. A shiver ran up and down her spine a moment later.

With a smile, she threw back the covers and turned to sit on the side of the bed. It was odd in a way that the sun was a bight red ball sitting on top of the trees. Her bedroom at the farm was on the second floor. Her room at her grandmother’s was on the eight floor of a large high-rise apartment building. The view there from her bedroom window was another apartment building across the alley.

The smile became a grin as she thought of Jerry, the guy whose apartment was directly opposite her bedroom at her grandmother’s place. He never closed his blinds and neither did she. It was their little secret and they both liked it that way. If she couldn’t be naked in the fields and woods, she could at least be naked in her room.

Standing up, Gigi moved over to stand directly in front of her bedroom window. The green of the side yard had a sparkly look from the morning dew. The twin rows of fruit trees made her mouth water as she remembered eating peaches, apples, pears, and plums directly off the trees. She stretched up on her toes and raised her arms over her head as she arched her back and stretched.

Jerry had always loved it when she did this. He would move to the window of his place and watch her as his dick grew longer and harder until it stood up against his lower belly. Only then would he touch it. Gigi grinned. At that point she usually turned and went to the bathroom for her morning pee and shower.

With just the sun and woods outside, she took a half step to each side and cupped her sex with one hand and a breast with the other. She was still up on her toes with her back arched as she caressed the breast and the outer lips of her cleanly shaven pussy. She had always wanted to do this for Jerry but had always resisted.

Her middle finger parted her plump lower lips and she made a hissing sound as it moved over her clit and the slippery folds of her sex. The old antsy, itchy feeling was back inside her in an instant. Her love of being naked was back and she loved it. Her nipples tingled, her clit tingled, and the energy at the base of her spine was building slowly.

As the tip of her finger teased her damp hot opening, she suddenly dropped down off her toes, ramming the finger deep inside her pussy. It clamped down on the finger with a pulsing grip. She groaned and pulled the finger out slowly. She moved the finger up and rolled her clit around with the slippery digit. She groaned again as her hips flexed slowly back and forth.

When she pinched and rolled her nipple, the groan grew louder. With a shiver, she let go of the nipple and moved her finger way from her clit. Her nipple continued to burn and her hips still moved as she sighed deeply. She was right on the edge of an orgasm but wasn’t in a hurry to get there. Being on the edge was delicious in its own way.

With another shiver, she turned away from the window and reached for her robe. Remembering her parents were gone, she grinned and left the robe where it was as she headed for the door and the bathroom. As she went down the hall, she stuck the sticky finger that had been in her pussy, in her mouth and savored her own rich flavor.


There was still coffee in the pot and it was hot. With a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal in hand, Gigi moved to the back deck and sat down at the table to eat. Being naked in her parent’s home and outside on the deck especially, had her excited and very wet. She could shift her hips and squeeze her thighs together and feel her inner lips slip and slide against each other.

It was very cool at this hour but the wind was calm. Her nipples had hardened as she came out the back door and now they were to the point of aching. She brushed a fingertip across one and whimpered softly around a mouth full of cereal. As she took a sip of the hot coffee, she whimpered again as she wondered what it would be like to suck on her own nipple with the hot liquid in her mouth.

She dipped her thumb and forefinger in the hot liquid and then rolled her left nipple around. She groaned and arched her back. More hot coffee on her fingers and she rolled her right nipple around. The groan was back even louder. A moment later, she giggled softly at the thought of coffee flavored nipples.

“That would sure be a surprise for someone, wouldn’t it,” she whispered aloud.

She was smiling as she finished the cereal and drank the remaining milk. She licked her lips and sighed as she sat back in her chair and propped her feet up in another. She sipped her coffee and rubbed the warm mug over her breasts from time to time. The sun was losing its red tinge and warming up as it shined down on her body.

After she finished the coffee, she grinned and whispered, “To the woods, to the woods, to the woods I can go!”


Gigi returned to the deck wearing her hiking boots, an old baseball cap, and sunglasses. She had a fanny pack and a canteen on a soft belt around her waist. In the fanny pack was a t-shirt and a small pair of shorts, along with tanning oil, Chap Stick, a couple of granola bars, and toilet paper. Rolled up in the shirt and shorts was a long slender vibrator and a short fat dildo. She was all set for a day in the woods and fields.

As she went down the side steps to the sidewalk, she paused at the edge of the house and looked around the corner cautiously. The driveway was clear all the way to the highway. Feeling exposed for the first time, she walked across the drive and entered the grassy area with the fruit trees. Staying among the trees, she turned left and walked to the back fence.

There was a small gate that she opened and went through. With the woods to her right, open pasture in front of her and the barn to her left, she started her day of hiking naked with a deep breath and a big shiver. It had been a long time since she had done this and the old thrill was back bigger than ever.

She could feel the slip and slide of her pussy lips as she walked slowly forward. Her nipples were hard enough to hurt as she crossed the open space to the back of the barn. There was another gate there. From here on, there would be woods to the right and fields in front and to her left. It was open and flat with the grass only ankle high in places.

She opened the gate and stepped out into the large pasture. There were cows off to her far left along the tree line on that side. She whimpered softly as she shut the gate and started to walk straight ahead. After several dozen steps, her hands came up and she caressed her breasts lightly and rubbed her palms over her aching nipples. The ache turned into a tingle that shot pleasure outward to settle in her sex, which now was getting even wetter.

With a soft moan, she dropped her hands and walked on. She experimented with different steps. Long strides made her clit tingle. Short strides made her moan from the faster rub of her inner and outer lips. Placing one foot in front of the other made her groan and stumble as both sensations came into play and she realized she could probably come from walking that way.

About halfway across the field, she stopped and turned around. She was protected from view from the highway by the fruit trees, the house, and the barn. She was in the shade of the trees so she walked out toward the center of the field. When she was out in the warm sunshine, she stopped and looked back toward the road. There was now a narrow strip of it visible between the end of the house and the far side woods.

She groaned softly and turned around. She couldn’t hear the road or see it but it was in her mind deeply. There never had been much traffic on the road but now her mind supplied every car in the county going by. The inner muscles of her pussy kept clamping down and quivering about every other step. She lengthened her stride and groaned even louder than before as her inner lips rubbed her clit. An orgasm was growing quickly.

Just before she reached the point of no return, she stopped walking and held her body in check. Her hips wanted to jerk and twitch and her hands wanted to caress her breasts and nipples. Either one of which would put her over the edge she was balanced on. The only thing she was having a problem controlling was the clench and release of her sex. It felt so good but didn’t add to her orgasm. If there had been something for her pussy to grip inside, it would have made her explode.

After several minutes of deep breaths and mental concentration, she relaxed and sighed deeply. She was grinning as she resumed walking at a normal pace and stride. She was still on the edge and it felt so good deep down inside. She could feel the tingle in her clit and nipples, as well as the sensuous slide of her inner and outer pussy lips but now, she could feel the slipperiness on her inner thighs when they brushed against each other.

When she was younger, she had loved the warmth of the sun and gentle tickle of the wind but now that she was older, it had all became so sensuous and sexual. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she could have dozens and dozens of orgasm but she preferred to wait and build them up until she couldn’t help but explode.

As she continued to walk, her mind was working on the one she would have when she reached the back fence. That was her first goal, to come as she reached the fence and faced the large open field and the small view of the road. Hopefully, several cars would pass, as she stood there spread eagled against the fence. That thought made her moan softly.


Thirty yards from the fence, she started to walk with one foot in front of the other. Her inner lips rubbed together even more firmly and rubbed against her clit deliciously. Her orgasm was rising quickly and she varied her steps to keep it under control for the last dozen steps. With only a few steps remaining, she shortened her steps but kept one foot in front of the other as her hands came up to caress her breasts and nipples.

She reached the fence with a whimpering moan. She turned quickly and spread her legs wide as she leaned back against an old wooden post. Her hips were flexing back and forth and any touch on her clit would set her off. Her eyes were on the road looking for any traffic. Her hands were still caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples.

An old truck passed the opening on the road. Gigi pinched, rolled, and pulled on her tingling, aching nipples. Then she was coming for all she was worth, her hips jerking and twitching as her hands moved out and gripped the wire on either side of the post. Her back was arched as her stomach muscles contracted and released, her inner muscles doing the same. Her hips jerked and flexed even harder as her eyes closed and mental pictures of the old truck stopping and backing up, floated behind her eyes.


Several minutes later, Gigi opened her eyes and took in a deep breath. She held the breath in and then let it out slowly. Her pussy was still trying to grip something but wasn’t having any luck. She grinned at that and took another deep breath. As she let it out, her hands came over to caress her breasts. Her body quivered at the light touch. She avoided her nipples. They would be super sensitive after that orgasm.

Lowering her hands, she smiled and relaxed in the afterglow, her body and mind slowly settling into a nice euphoria from the endorphins and other chemicals her brain had released. “One down and a dozen more to go,” she whispered as she stood up straight.

There was a small metal double ladder to her left that made crossing the fence easy. Her dad had built and installed the double ladders so he didn’t have to put gates in the pasture. Her family had deer hunted the woods beyond the fence and used the ladders to get back and forth.

Gigi felt more exposed as she climbed up one side and down the other. That only made her wetter, as if that was actually possible. Her inner thighs felt like they were dripping wet almost to her knees. She stood on the woods side of the fence with her feet together and shifted her hips from side to side. Her pussy lips moved easily against each other and her inner thighs slipped and slid against one another sensuously.

She was smiling broadly as she turned and followed a narrow trail out into the woods. The woods were thick with brush in places and open with scattered trees in others. There were dozens and dozens of trails all through the area and she was surprised how well she remembered where each one went. At a clearing, she turned to her right and followed a different trail. It led across two creek bottoms and then around a small hill to a large deep pond.

As she rounded the base of the small hill, she paused to sniff the air. She thought she smelled smoke but couldn’t be sure since it was so faint. Smoke in woods that were supposed to be deserted was not a good thing. She walked a little ways farther and paused to study the tops of the trees for signs of the smoke. The smell was a little stronger but she couldn’t pinpoint the direction it was coming from.

She almost missed the turnoff that led down to the lake. It was overgrown and the smoke was distracting her. There was a small strip of yellow cloth tied on the end of a limb at the narrow entrance to the trail. It had caught her attention quickly because it was totally out of place against the green bush. It was also out of place since no one in her family would have to mark this trail. This was the old family swimming and fishing hole.

Now she had two mysteries to mull over as she went down the trail. The smell of smoke had faded as she moved down the hill and mostly forgotten as she traversed a steep crooked section of the path. She slipped and grabbed a bush next to the trail for balance. Over the bush was a thin plume of smoke. The first thing to cross her mind was a campfire but who would be camping down here.

Then she gave a little jerk, as her eyes grew wide. Campfires meant people and she was naked. She turned around quickly to beat a hasty retreat up the hill. About halfway back up the steep section, she stopped and looked back down the trail. Something was nagging at her memory. Then she remembered the diving place. It was above the place where the smoke was coming from.

She looked up and down the trail a moment and then moved up a little more. Then she saw the opening between two bushes and followed the small narrow trail to her left. It followed the curve of the hill and descended slightly at the same time. A few minutes later, she came to an opening and the flat rock area above a deep part of the pond. As a kid she had take many running jumps off this place to scream all the way down to the water.

Gigi was smiling as she walked across the rock area and cautiously looked over the edge. The smoke was coming from the old fire pit close to the base of the short cliff. She remembered her dad bringing her down to the pond so he could fish for catfish at night in the middle of the hot summer. She had loved the cool water and the blazing fire. She had also learned about fishing and things of the night.

She couldn’t see the fire pit and she also couldn’t see anyone. She bent and leaned out more. There was still no one in sight. “If some idiot left a fire unattended out here, I’ll kill them for stupidity,” she whispered as she straightened up.

As she turned around, a male voice said, “It’s not unattended and you are totally gorgeous.”

Gigi almost jumped out of her skin as her eyes flew to the older man sitting against a big rock almost directly in front of her. He had a big pad of paper on his lap and a pencil in his hand. Then it dawned on her that he was naked unless there was a pair of short shorts under that pad. Then it dawned on her that she was naked and had nowhere to hide. This had never happened before. She had walked right by him and had not seen a thing. Distraction was a bitch.

With a deer in the headlights look, she asked loudly, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing on private property?”

The man grinned and swept his eyes from her face to her feet and back again. “I’m the guy that has the best view of an angel in the buff I’ve ever seen and I have the landowners permission to be down here or anywhere else I want to be.”

Gigi opened and closed her mouth several times as more questions surfaced and were discarded. “Who is the landowner?” She finally decided was a good question.

“Frank Gardener,” came the reply.

“And you are?”

“Jack Carter. I’m a freelance artist by trade. Who are you?”

Gigi groaned and shook her head. “Pretty much mud when my father finds out I’m up to my old tricks again.”

“He didn’t strike me as the type that understood nudism and or the people who practice it.”

“Is that why you’re down here as naked as I am?”

“It is rather remote and private and I am a nudist, so….”

Gigi giggled, which was unusual for her. It was partially from embarrassment at being caught and the remote and private part of what he had said. “Not quite private and remote enough from my point of view at the moment.”

Jack grinned and nodded. “You are a very beautiful young woman so I’m not going to complain in the least.” He paused a second and then add, “Don’t be surprised if you see yourself in a painting by me someday, when I get rich and famous.”

When she gave him a puzzled look, he chuckled and said, “I have a pornographic, uh, photographic memory when it comes to beautiful female forms. The rest of the stuff I have to make drawings of before I paint them.”

“So you’re drawing the lake?”

“Something like that,” Jack replied.

“Can I see?”

“If you’ll tell me your name, you can. Pretty Much Mud, just doesn’t fit you somehow.”

Gigi laughed. “It’s Gerry with a “G” but everyone calls me Gigi.”

“Ah, Gigi as in two G’s. Gerry Gardener perhaps or Granola Girl. The possibilities are endless.”

Gigi tilted her head and looked thoughtful. “Granola Girl, I like that.”

“See what a fifteen year college career can do for you,” Jack said as he held up the drawing.

Gigi moved closer to examine the drawing. It looked a lot like the pond behind her but there were subtle changes to balance things out. An extra tree here, lily pads there. Some bushes moved around to give an open area for a deer. “Very nice,” she said. “Maybe I’ll get to see the painting hung in a museum one day.”

“I hope not,” he said turning the drawing around and flipping the page to a blank one. “They only hang dead artists paintings in museums.”

“Then I’ll change that to an art gallery.”

“Much better,” Jack said as he looked up at the young woman in front of him. “Stand up straighter and put your hands behind your back, please.”

“What?” Gigi asked as a grin came to her face. “You’re not going to draw me, are you?”

“I’m going to attempt to if you’ll stand there for a few minutes.” The pencil in his hand was already moving over the paper.

Gigi chuckled as she took her belt, canteen, and fanny pack off and laid it aside. She stood up straight as her hands moved behind her back and she clasped them together at her ass. “How is this?” She asked a moment later.

He glanced up at her and nodded. “Yes, perfect.”

With her hands behind her back, her breasts were pushed out and up slightly. She also found her nipples getting hard as he looked up at her from time to time. That antsy feeling was growing in her sex again also. She wanted to shift her hips but held them still. That just made the feeling grow stronger. “I’ve, uh, never posed before.”

“An interesting feeling, isn’t it?” Jack asked with a knowing smile. “I know some well known models that can actually orgasm from being drawn or painted.”

“You’re kidding me right?”

He chuckled and shook his head slightly. “Not in the least. They are the exhibitionists of the group and get off on being looked at. The pencil or the brush is just a longer, more drawn out way of looking.”

Gigi thought about what he said and how she was feeling as he continued to draw her. “I understand that,” she said softly a few minutes later as a shiver ran up and down her spine. The urge to shift her hips and now, to caress her breasts grew stronger.

“You’re getting turned on, I take it. If so then you have been an exhibitionist without a voyeur.”

Gigi chuckled as she thought of Jerry in the city and how him watching her had always made her so wet and wanton. “I had one when I lived in the city but I’m just now realizing what our relationship was.”

“Ah yes, self-discovery is always so enlightening,” Jack said with a grin. “It usually leaves some people very horny with no way of getting off.”

With a slow shake of her head, Gigi said, “Getting off has never been my problem.”

“From the looks of your wet sex, inner thighs, and standing clitoris, I’d say you’ve already had at least one very healthy orgasm already this morning.”

Gigi shivered, “And several smaller ones that I didn’t keep control of.”

“The wonderful multi orgasmic young woman. A true marvel of engineering.”

Gigi laughed. “Engineering? Is that the way you think of it?”

“Only when I drawing and I don’t want my dick peeking over the edge of the pad to see what I’m drawing.”

Gigi laughed again.

The longer Gigi stood there the harder her sex clenched up every time he looked up at her. His eyes went to one part of her body on one look and another on the next. His hand was moving faster but in smaller strokes in one area or another.

“What…. What are you doing now?” She asked in a breathy whisper. She had meant to speak in a normal voice but her body had other ideas, as did her mind, which was more focused on her building orgasm than anything else. The question was more of a way to distract her mind than anything.

“I’m shading. Giving the flat two dimensional drawing depth,” Jack replied.

“Then you’re almost finished,” Gigi asked as her hips twitched.

Jack had been looking up at her as she asked the question. He noted the movement of her hips and smiled. “Almost but at this point you don’t have to hold as still as you have been.”

Gigi groaned softly as her hips twitched again. “If I… uh… move, I’m afraid, I’ll come.”

“Then by all means do so,” Jack said with a grin.

Gigi’s hips twitched harder and then her hips shifted as she bent one knee slightly and then the other. With a loud, long, drawn out groan, she did just that. Her hips trembled and jerked as her thighs squeezed tightly together, her stomach muscles contracting and relaxing as pleasure ran throughout her body.

She had her eyes closed and her lower lip between her teeth. She thought of bringing her hands around to caress her breasts and to pinch her nipples but they seemed to add to the orgasm by keeping them where they were. From somewhere far away, she wondered why that was. She forgot it quickly as she bent her knees and shifted her hips again. Her clit rubbed on the folds of her sex and her orgasm kept right on rolling.


Jack’s hands on her arms snapped Gigi’s eyes open. He smiled and guided her over to a large rock and sat her down. She whimpered and rocked back and forth slowly. Her clit tingled and added to the pleasure she was feeling but not to the point of making her close her eyes. She shivered hard and then groaned.

“That was a beauty,” Jack said and then added, “I did not want to disturb you but you started to sway and I was worried about you falling.”

Gigi nodded and took several deep breaths. A moment later, she groaned as a new thought crossed her mind. “No one… has… ever watched… me come… before,” she got out in a halting whisper.

“Ah, that explains a lot,” Jack said with a grin. “I guess my first question should be, are you a virgin?”

“Uh…. Not in the… technical sense,” Gigi whispered. “I, uh, lost that to a hairbrush handle.”

Jack chuckled. “You would be surprised how often that happens.”

Gigi shivered hard and took a long deep breath to clear her head more. “I kind of got carried away one night.”

Jack walked over to get a bottle of water out of his day pack. When he turned back, Gigi was grinning at him, her eyes on his dick. “That’s much bigger than a hairbrush handle,” she whispered. “Bigger than my voyeur back in town, also.”

“So your voyeur liked to be watched also,” he said as he walked over and handed Gigi the water.

With a giggle, Gigi whispered, “I would tease him by showing myself until he was hard but when his hand went to rubbing it, I would usually leave the room or move out of sight.”

“Interesting,” Jack said. “Did you two ever meet face to face?”

Gigi was sipping the water and shook her head. A moment later, she replied, “No, we never spoke, we never met. It was just a few minutes in the morning and sometimes a few minutes in the evening.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t try to see you up close and personal.”

“I think he was very shy when he was with people or around people would be more correct,” Gigi said. “I was at my Grandmother’s to keep me out of the woods naked. My room was the only place I could be that way. He was just an added bonus, so to speak.”

“As beautiful as you are, I’m surprised your hairbrush is the only thing that ever graced your sex,” Jack said and then realized how nosy that sounded. “Not that it’s any of my business,” he added quickly.

Gigi laughed. “I was the new girl in school and a country bumpkin to boot. I played and dressed the part. Probably too well for my own good but I like to think it worked out for the best. Most of the boys around were way too young for me, at least mentally. Maturity would be a better word. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend and I think the guys picked up on that rather well.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t consider you as being a lesbian.”

“That did come up a time or two,” Gigi whispered and then grinned. “A smile was my usual reply to the guys and a frown to the girls.”

Jack laughed. “In other words, you played everyone.”

“Pretty much. I’m in no hurry to get married and have kids. I want to see the world, have a good job, and have some fun.”

“That is a very healthy outlook from one side but it could be very lonely from another,” Jack said as he held up the drawing for Gigi to see.

“Wow! That’s definitely me in all my glory.”

“There are still details to fill in but I can do that later from memory,” Jack said as he moved back to where he had been sitting earlier and sat down. He flipped the pad back a page and looked out over the lake. He sighed and shook his head. “Nature is wonderful but the human form has it beat all the way.”

Seeing the older man’s sad expression, Gigi asked, “What other poses do you like?”

Jack looked at her and smiled. “I like them all when the model is right.”

“Am I the right model?”

With a chuckle, Jack nodded. “You are excellent.” Then his eyes narrowed. “Are you offering to model for me?”

Gigi shrugged. “I seem to like it, so why not.”

Jack grinned. “I think you want to explore your exhibitionist side more.”

“Is that a problem?” Gigi asked with a grin of her own.

“Not from where I sit,” Jack replied as he lifted the drawing pad and flipped to a clean page.

With a giggle, Gigi asked, “How do you want me?”

“On your hands and knees with my hand wrapped in your hair,” Jack replied without a moment’s hesitation.

Gigi groaned deeply. “My favorite position when I used my hairbrush back when and now when I use my vibrator or dildo.”

Jack sighed deeply and shook his head. “You asked such a loaded question and I’m such a dirty old man but someone has to do it,” he said in a whisper.

Gigi chuckled as she leaned forward and went to her hands and knees in front of the older man. She crawled forward a little and then pushed up until her knees were off the rock surface, her ass high in the air.

Jack groaned softly and shook his head. “I wasn’t thinking when I suggested that position.”

“Yes, you were but not about my posing,” Gigi replied with a laugh.

“True, very true,” Jack said with a laugh as he moved the sketch pad aside so she could see his hard dick standing up against his belly. “But I was thinking with the wrong head.”

“That’s a pretty big head from my limited experience,” Gigi whispered as her eyes locked onto his hard dick.

“Alas, there are no brains in it. It runs on pure instinct,” Jack said with a chuckle. He reached into his day pack and pulled out a towel. “For your knees,” he said as he tossed it in her direction.

Gigi stood up with the towel in her hand. She folded it several times and laid it on the ground. Looking at the white towel, she asked, “Won’t that mess with your drawing?”

Jack shook his head. “I’m drawing you at the moment. I’ll fill in some of the rock texture from farther out and the towel won’t exist in my mind when I’m painting.”

With a shiver and a soft whimpering sound, Gigi went to her knees on the towel and then lowered her upper body forward until she was on her hands and knees. She moved one knee to the side and then the other. She had looked at herself from his point of view in a mirror so she knew what he was seeing. She groaned deeply.

“Excellent,” Jack said as his hand moved the pencil over the paper. “Can you lower your upper body, maybe going down on your forearms?”

Gigi groaned and did as he asked. “You, you can see everything now,” she whispered as a shiver ran up and down her spine.

Jack grinned and nodded. “Keep your ass where it is and turn your upper body more to the side. Move your forearms over about four inches.”

Gigi whimpered as she moved at his directions. “Should I look at you or somewhere else?”

“I’d tell you to look at my dick but it seems to be busy watching me draw.”

Gigi giggled and shivered. “I’m surprised he’s not looking at me.”

“I’m doing enough of that for both of us,” Jack admitted with a grin. “It has been a very long time since I’ve had a model who looked as wet and slippery as you do.”

Gigi shivered hard. “Will, uh, that show in your drawings?”

“Probably not but it will in the painting believe me. I’ve already made several notes at the bottom.”

“I, uh, I,” Gigi whimpered and then groaned softly. Her sex was clenching up tightly and relaxing to a rhythm of its own.

She heard Jack sigh and opened her eyes quickly. When had she closed them, she wondered. “Is, uh, there a problem?”

Jack chuckled and shook his head. “Not one I can do anything about and neither can you. I either have to draw your vagina and asshole clenched up or relaxed. That or make two paintings.”

“You, you can see me moving back there?”

With a laugh, Jack replied, “It is very hard to miss.”

Gigi groaned deeply and there was a shaking quiver in her hips.

“Are you coming again?” Jack asked quickly.

“No, no, not yet,” was Gigi quick reply.

“A fingertip against your clit, or a short dip into your sex, or even a lick on your asshole would put you over right?”

Gigi threw back her head with a yell as she came and came hard. Her hips flexed and jerked as what he said ran around and round in her mind. This orgasm was almost as big as the first one and she marveled at that somewhere far back in her mind.


Gigi slowly swam up out of the depths of her orgasm. She was still on her knees and forearms but her head was resting on her left wrist. Her eyes fluttered open and she took a deep breath. As she let the breath out slowly, she turned her head enough to see the old man still working the pencil on the paper.

He looked up; saw her eyes open and smiled. “That one was almost as good as the first one and much more educational from my point of view.”

“Uh, educational?” Gigi asked.

“As in how your sex looked and reacted as you came. As an artist, that is valuable information.”

Gigi giggled and shivered. “If you can get half the feelings into your painting, you will be world famous.”

Jack chuckled. “I have more than a dozen notes about just that. And another dozen about movement and motion.”

Gigi saw his hand moving in short fast movements. “You’re shading again?”

“Another few minutes and I’ll have enough to let you see it,” Jack said.

“Can I read the notes?”

Jack chuckled. “Of course. You can tell me more about your end of things.”

Gigi laughed. “You have a better view of my end of things than I do.”

“I, uh, I was talking about feelings,” Jack said and then grinned. “You do have a most beautiful end, I must say. It would be a hard decision as to whether I’d dive face first into it or jam my dick as deep as it would go.”

Gigi groaned as her hips flexed up and down. “I, I, I,” she stammered a moment later.

“Both ideas appeal to you?” Jack asked.

Gigi groaned and nodded. “The only problem is that one touch on my clit and it would explode.”

“How about me ramming my dick in as deep as it would go?”

Gigi groaned even deeper than before as her eyes zeroed in on the head of his dick peeking over the edge of the pad. It looked very big. “I’m more than wet enough but I think it would be a very tight fit.”

“Is there a problem with a tight fit?”

With a big shiver, Gigi shook her head. “On this rock ledge is not the place for it unless you have a sleeping bag handy.”

Jack did a double take at the young woman. He had been teasing her but he suddenly realized that she was taking him seriously. “I, uh, I,” he stammered and then groaned softly. “My sleeping bag is down in the cave.”

Gigi grinned as she sat back on her heels and raised her upper body upright. Her hands came up to caress her breasts. She made soft whimpering sounds as the palms of her hands brushed against her hard sensitive nipples. She turned at the waist and looked at Jack.

“You were teasing me,” she said softly.

“Uh, yes and no. Yes, I was teasing you and myself and no, I don’t usually take advantage of my models.”

“That thought never crossed my mind,” Gigi whispered.

Jack chuckled. “Your orgasm had you distracted from reality. Modeling is a job, an employer, employee, arrangement. The model could come onto me but me coming onto the model would be frowned on.”

Gigi nodded. “I understand the concept.”

“So, how long are you going to be out and about?” Jack asked. “You don’t seem to have enough equipment for more than an afternoon.”

“I’ll need to be home before dark,” Gigi replied. “Mom and dad are doing the weekly shopping and will be home a little after dark.”

Jack nodded and held up the drawing so Gigi could see it. She got to her feet and came over to look at it closely. “Wow, you’ve caught just about every detail and then some.”

“And the painting will show even more of the beautiful details,” he said softly.

Gigi groaned as she leaned closer and read the notes at the bottom of the paper. They all seemed to have details for the details. “You’ve got just about everything lined out. There is not much I could add.”

Jack grinned. “There is so much you could add but I’m afraid we don’t have that kind of time.”

“How long are you going to be here?” Gigi asked as she straightened up.

“Only a few more days. I have to be back at the college in time to start classes in a week or so.”

“Is it a local college?” Gigi asked.

Jack shook his head. “It is back east, I’m afraid.”

With a nod, Gigi picked up her belt and hooked it around her waist. With her equipment in place, she moved over to where Jack was sitting and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. While she was bent over, she was stirring her sopping wet opening with her finger.

As she stood up, she brought the finger out in the open and pressed it against Jack’s lips. He opened his mouth and closed it around the finger. They both groaned as he sucked her flavor off her finger.

With a big shiver, Gigi pulled the finger out of his mouth and whispered, “If I see you out here again, I’m going to sit on your face, among other things.”


Gigi had a big grin on her face as she headed up the trail in the direction of the farmhouse. The smoke from earlier had no effect on her. Her mind was turning over the possibilities of sex with strangers while roaming the woods.

“State Parks, National Parks, wilderness areas, the list is endless,” she said aloud and then chuckled. “Granola Girl could become a legend to rival Bigfoot.”

“Only time will tell,” she added with a deep sigh.

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