My Sex Life Ch. 18

An adult stories – My Sex Life Ch. 18 by Slutty_Julie,Slutty_Julie Chapter 18: Celebrating The End OF The Exams

I sat my last exam on Thursday morning. Afterwards, Katie, me and a few friends decided a drink (or two) to celebrate would be in order so, after stopping for a quick bite of lunch, we headed on up to Rose Street to do just that.

Fortunately, the weather had actually brightened up a bit by then so we were able to sit outside (much to the relief of the smokers amongst us).

So, as I said, there we all were, sitting out on Rose Street, with the temperature soaring up to around 10°C, sipping our drinks, puffing on our ciggies and generally just relaxing after what has been a pretty heavy and intense few weeks.

That went on until around mid-afternoon until, one by one, the group broke up as we each went off to do our own thing.

It was as Katie and I were walking back from Rose Street that we bumped into Kenny. The flash of instant recognition was mutual (we had, after all, seen quite a lot of each other the previous Friday at Jenny and Richard’s place) and, after exchanging pleasantries for all of about 20 seconds, he explained that he had the afternoon off work and wondered we fancied coming back to his to ‘keep him company’ for the afternoon? I was (as usual) up for some fun but, sadly, Katie had other obligations so we kissed each other goodbye and, after being admonished to ‘be good’, I trotted off, expectantly, with Kenny.

Kenny’s flat is about a 10 minute walk from my place (which was handy) and it didn’t take us very long to reach it from where we met at the West End.

Once inside, we more or less got straight down to business and it wasn’t too long before our clothes were in two crumpled piles on Kenny’s living room floor, with him sitting on the sofa and me kneeling on a cushion on the floor, between his legs with his cock lodged firmly in my mouth.

As he had been on the previous occasion that we’d met, Kenny was particularly appreciative of my efforts. As I worked my mouth up and down along the length of his thick shaft, he was at pains to tell me how much he was enjoying my attentions.

Whilst fairly average in length, Kenny’s cock is one of the thickest I’ve ever known. As such, it was impossible for me to keep it in my mouth for extended periods without my jaws beginning to ache. This meant I had to vary my technique, alternating between sucking it and licking and kissing it all over. Kenny, however, didn’t seem to mind. He, like most men I know, seemed to be of the opinion that anything I do with my mouth is more than OK with him.

As I licked and sucked, I stroked his shaft with my fingers while using my other hand to gently squeeze and caress his balls, causing him to moan as he breathed deeply.

Murmuring things like, “That’s it, suck my cock you little bitch,” and, “Fuck, Julie! Your mouth is so fucking good,” Kenny became increasingly vocal as my fingers, lips and tongue drove him increasingly closer to the limit of his endurance.

It wasn’t long before Kenny’s hips began to surge, driving his cock deep into my mouth and I found myself swallowing down his cum as he shot his load into the back of my throat.

As his eruption subsided, I pulled back until only the very tip of Kenny’s cock remained between my lips. Sucking, quite gently on account of my aching jaw, I used my fingers to milk his thick shaft, easing the last drops of his cum on to my tongue. I held it there momentarily, savouring its rich flavour before sending it on its way to join the rest of his load in my stomach.

I had a cigarette as Kenny recovered, whereafter, I promptly found myself on my back with his head between my thighs as he proceeded to give me an extremely satisfying tongue lashing.

Based on the experience of the previous week, there was never any doubt that this was going to be anything other than a good, hard, rough shagfest. It was never going to be tender and ‘loving’ but it was, I admit, just what I needed. In fact, the only thing tender about it was the state of my nipples, clit, pussy and arse by the time Kenny had finished with me.

As he licked me, Kenny was squeezing and tugging on my nipples and, as I just mentioned, they got quite sore as he worked me from one climax to another, over and over again until his cock had recovered sufficiently to give me the fucking that, by this time, I was craving badly.

When he entered me, I was so worked up that I came again, right there, as he sank his cock straight up to the root in my pussy. With my body shaking violently beneath his, I didn’t even have time to recover before he was banging away at me, with quick, hard, powerful thrusts that had me gasping for breath as I endured his onslaught.

A word of warning here. If you ever find yourself, butt naked, being fucked hard on a stripped pine wooden floor, be sure to have a cushion under your arse. Believe me, I ended up with bruises that I suspect would have taken a lot of explaining if my mum had seen them; although, I guess I could say I took a nasty tumble at judo; which is almost true except that the extremely nasty tumble happened about three hours earlier than that.

As Kenny rammed his cock into my increasingly tender pussy, I raked my fingernails down his back as I turned the air blue giving voice to my pleasure. I was, I must admit, fairly incoherent. My comments were limited to things like, “Mmmmmmmm, fuck,” and, “Yes! Oh fuck yesssss!” and, “Fuck me, Kenny! Ooohhhh fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Vocal, I may be, as I’ve mentioned before, but I suspect no-one could accuse me of eloquence.

After a while, we changed position. I hastily found some cushions to kneel on as I rested my top half on the sofa. Kenny got behind me and quickly continued where he’d left off just moments before. In this position, I was able to reach back and play with my clit, which only served to increase my already high level of arousal.

As he thrust into me, I pushed my hips back, catching him on the deepest point. The walls of my cunt gripped him tightly and I felt the first stirrings of my approaching orgasm in my womb.

“Cum, bitch!” Kenny groaned as our bodies collided, his cock deep inside me. “Cum you sweet little fucking slut!” he continued, grabbing my hair and tugging it. My eyes watered. I wasn’t sure if it was from the hair-pulling or the force with which he drove his thick cock into my quivering pussy.

Suddenly, I was cumming again. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhh yesssss! Ohhh fuck, fuck yes!” I cried as waves of pleasure gripped me. My womb contracted, my pussy flexed, milking Kenny’s cock as it stretched and filled me.

As I was cumming, Kenny advised me that, ‘of all the holes on offer on the last time we’d met, the only one he hadn’t managed to fuck was my arse’. Apparently, he’d had all three of Katie’s holes as well as Jenny’s and my mouths and my pussy but we’d finished up before he’d managed to ‘complete the set’.

As you can see, he has almost as an eloquent way with words as I have.

To be honest, I wasn’t caring about the refinement, or lack thereof, of his language, I was simply enjoying a bloody good seeing to and, of course I was more than happy to let him enter, what was to him at least, ‘uncharted territory’.

I’ve already commented on the thickness of Kenny’s cock. It is, without any doubt, thicker than any other I’ve ever had and, I don’t mind admitting that, much as I enjoy getting my arse well and truly fucked, it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I prepared to accept it into the confines of my tight (and soon to be very tender) arsehole. Despite having used two well-lubricated fingers to ‘loosen me up a bit’ first, it still hurt as he slowly and, by Kenny’s standards, quite gently worked his thick cock into the depths of my back passage. That said, I was, however, so far gone, lost in the throes of such a tumultuous climax that I didn’t really notice, nor care.

“Fuck, Julie! Your arse is even fucking tighter than Katie’s!” Kenny exclaimed as he impaled me fully. It may seem a little odd but I took that as a compliment as my arsehole stretched to accommodate him.

After that, having graciously given me a few moments to accustom myself to his presence at my backdoor, Kenny proceeded to give my arse a bloody good pummelling. Starting off slowly, he quickly built up speed, fucking my poor arse harder with every stroke. As he fucked me he began slapping my backside, bringing his hand down hard on my already bruised and tender cheeks.

The stinging pain as he slapped and fucked my arse brought tears to my eyes. He grabbed my hair and began to tug it again, calling me things like, “You dirty little slut,” and, “You cheap little fucking whore.” From the way he was treating me, that’s exactly what I felt like. I was a dirty little, cheap fucking, slutty whore and I was absolutely loving every painful second of it! At that precise moment, I wasn’t just enjoying such rough and nasty treatment, I needed and, what’s more, deserved it!

As Kenny abused me, I reached back to play with my clit and occasionally finger my pussy as his cock plunged in and out of my back passage. I was so incredibly turned on by his rough treatment that I came almost as soon as I ran my fingers over my throbbing clit.

Screaming, “Fuck my arse, Kenny! Fuck my arse! Fuck it hard! Mmmmmmmm, yesssssss! Fuck my arse hard!” as my orgasm tore through me, I surrendered myself to the sensations. Memories of the previous Friday came flooding back and I found myself wishing that Mike and Richie were there, fucking my mouth and pussy, filling me with their cocks as Kenny relentlessly abused my tortured arsehole.

Suddenly Kenny pulled out. “Turn round bitch!” he demanded, tugging my hair again, “I want to cum all over your slutty face and tits.”

Somehow I forced my trembling body to obey. As I turned to face him, Kenny yanked off the condom and began wanking himself off in front of my face.

“Get ready, slut,” he moaned, “here it cums!”

Kenny’s cock erupted. Strings of cum splattered over my face to drip down my cheeks and off my chin, down my neck and on to my tits. When his load was spent, rather than have me suck him clean, he wiped the last drops of cum from his cock in my hair before leaving me lying cum-drenched on the floor as he went to have a shower.

While Kenny cleaned himself up, I dug out a cigarette and lit up. I puffed away happily, my face, neck and tits still covered in Kenny’s cum. I was feeling sore, but satisfied and deliciously dirty.

Kenny returned to find me there just like that; lying naked on his floor, covered in his cum, happily smoking my cigarette as I let myself recover.

“Fuck, Julie, you really are something else,” he said. “If I had any energy left, I’d do it all over again.” I gave him a smile that let him know that I felt exactly the same way.

That was pretty much that. While I got myself cleaned up, Kenny made us some coffee which I drank while I puffed away on a couple of ciggies before leaving, although not before we exchanged mobile numbers, and walking, somewhat gingerly, back to mine.

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