Oral Exam Ch. 09

An adult stories – Oral Exam Ch. 09 by gradprof,gradprof Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, and to Ally for the help and wonderful words of encouragement. If you haven’t read the first eight stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy.


My eyes fluttered open. The room was dark. The frantic energy of the orgy that had occurred just a few hours before, had given way to a true “slumber party.” I could hear the dull rumble of a soft snore next to me. I turned my head to the left. It was Shannon who was sawing logs – dead to the world. I chuckled quietly. Who would have thought that petite, little Shannon would be the one to snore? Next, I looked to the right. Sarah was nestled against my body, sleeping with her head on my shoulder. The tension that had marked her face was now gone. She was the perfect image of tranquility, like she had found peace after a long ordeal. Two down, a third to go. I now knew the answer to the question that woke me up: Who was the horny, cocksucking slut that was diligently nibbling at my balls? Jessica.

I propped myself up on my elbows, raised my head, and gazed down the length of my body. My cock was erect and ram-rod straight. It was sticking proud and tall up into the air. Jessica’s small, feminine hand was curled around my shaft. Her grip was light and sensual. Her hand was moving up and down oh so slowly and gently. Her slow, subtle movements were that of a total tease. Jessica’s pretty face was buried in my nuts. The skin of my nut sack was between her teeth. She was applying just enough to pressure to hold me in place. Her tongue was flicking the soft skin that extended past her teeth. It was pleasure, subtly lanced with pain. It was a wet, gentle, and exquisite torture that made me want to take her in ways I had never dreamed of before.

“I can see that I have your attention,” Jessica whispered. She was looking up at me with those sexy blue eyes. Her long, blonde hair carelessly covered part of her face, making her resemble a 1940’s femme fatale. Her ruby red mouth was crinkled in a smile. She gave my balls a lick. I could feel that my nuts were wet and sloppy. Jessica had certainly been down there for awhile, nuzzling and licking my sack. “I was wondering if you were ever going to come to. We ladies took a lot out of you. Apparently a girl has to do a lot to wake your sorry ass up Mr. Happy has been enjoying himself for quite some time, though. He and I have been getting better acquainted.” Jessica giggled before continuing, “Mmmmmm, I love the taste of an unwashed cock and balls. All that, left over pussy juice tastes soooooo fuckin’ good. I have been licking and sucking your cock and balls for probably twenty minutes now.”

“Sorry. You girls really took a lot out of me. It was very hot, though – nothing like I would have expected. I don’t think I could have planned it any better. That was quite an evening,” I said, trying my best to stay coherent. Conversation would be very difficult if Jessica was going to continue applying her oral skills to my genitals.

“Is quite an evening,” Jessica corrected me. She took one of my balls into her mouth. She sucked it in deep and swirled it around one her tongue. Her fleshy appendage hit at my nuts from all directions and angles. I wasn’t expecting this fresh onslaught; she totally took me by surprise. I threw my head back and moaned. “Well Professor, I don’t think the evening is over. I think we are just beginning to have our fun,” she said after she spit my balls out of her mouth. “What do you say? Would you like to have some more fun? I need you your cock. Can you get it up another two or three times?”

I laughed. “I don’t know, Jessica. I am getting to be an old fogie. Did you see my cane? I might need a little Viagra to keep up with you.” I looked her in the eyes and slowly and deliberately, “But I sure as hell want to try, you sexy bitch.”

Jessica giggled before she slapped my cock against her face. The effect was such a turn-on. She spoke again, “Good. But don’t expect me to just let you lie back and get a fuckin’ blowjob, Professor. You need to do a little work too. I need some ol’ fashioned humpin’ and pumpin.’ I want you to stick this bad boy inside of me. I need to feel you thrusting back and forth inside of my tight teen crack. Doesn’t that sound good to you? Do you want that?”

I swallowed. “Yes, very much.”

“Well then Professor, get up and follow me.”

Jessica winked at me and then got off the bed. I carefully followed suit, trying my best not to wake either of the remaining two sleeping beauties. Jessica opened my bedroom door, went into the hall, and turned to face me. She was bathed in the soft light from my living room. Jessica’s bronze skin was positively aglow. Her body was completely – seductively, wonderfully – naked. She was a naughty goddess, a sex bomb, a blonde dream. She was the stuff of all my masturbation fantasies. Jessica leaned forward, pushing her heaping breasts together, before blowing me a kiss. She stood upright again and pivoted on her toes. Jessica then worked her hips with an oh so sexy extra helping of sass. She looked like a delicious diva as she sauntered into the bathroom.

When she stood in the bathroom door she turned around to face me again. Jessica smiled, licked her finger, and then beckoned me with it. I felt my legs move. My mind was blank, but boy did my body know where I wanted to go. I followed that sexy, tan coed ass into my bathroom.

Jessica closed the door behind us. I heard the latch click and I saw her turn the lock. She stood on her tiptoes and threw her arms around my neck. Staring me in the eyes, she said, “What we did earlier this evening was totally hot, but I am glad to finally have you alone. Those other women had their turn. Now I get you to myself. Kiss me, Professor.” Her lips were puffed in a crimson pucker. I leaned in, pulled her naked form against my skin, and moved my mouth ever closer to her. I gently ran my tongue along slope of Jessica’s lips, tracing the soft curves of her mouth. They were moist and ready, pursed for our joining. A gentle purr burbled up from her throat. My hand was stroking the small of her back, as I leaned in to her. This was such a sensual moment, overflowing with our longing and desire. I needed her. This sexy student made me so alive. She was giving me back me the excitement that I had lost. My life was too many books, too many classes. Our lips touched. They pressed against each other, so still. Our heartbeats echoed in my ears, our pulses raced on the brink of the plunge. We held it – that moment – to swoon with crystalized tenderness. The need, though, was too great; we could not hold back from the precipice of lust. Each set of lips moved softly, massaging its partner in the eternal lock that we formed. That single movement began the torrent that would burst the dam. I felt Jessica’s tongue pry my mouth apart and enter my oral cavity. Our tongues met there in my mouth, and rubbed together in a sensuous lover’s dual. Desire licked my body from head to toe. This was bliss.

Jessica’s palm moved down my chest, past my stomach, to my crotch. Her hand found my growing cock. My hard rod and been dripping with pre-cum and boring insistently into her stomach. As she grabbed the tube between my legs, she released my tongue, my lips, from hers. She looked up at me – classic need and want in her eyes – and said, “Oh that was so good. I am not sure if I have ever been kissed like that.” She paused. A smile crinkled at the edge of her mouth. I could tell what she was thinking before she said, “Professor, let’s get in the shower. I have been a dirty girl. I need you to scrub me down and help me get clean.”

With a flourish, I pushed aside the aside the maroon shower curtain and gestured for her to step inside the tub. It was nothing fancy, a bathtub / shower like a million others across America. For the moment, however, it was a palace of erotic delights. Jessica and I stepped over the white porcelain rim and turned on the shower spigot.

“Shit!” Jessica squealed. “That is fucking cold.” Both Jessica and I tried, unsuccessfully, to dance around the liquid ice raining down from above. It stung and bit our naked flesh. I frantically reached out to adjust the shower knob. I needed to find the heat that would melt away the frigid and startling cold. It took a moment, but the hot water began to flow. Giggling to each other, Jessica and I embraced. Our skin was thoroughly chilled; my cock was now flaccid from shock. I held her to me, feeling our mutual body heat pulse between us. Her tits were tight against my chest as I bent down to kiss her again.

For a long time we stood there, kissing under the warm gush of water. Tiny beads and droplets caressed our skin, warming our bones, beating away the chill. Jessica’s eighteen year old body was so ripe and warm in my arms. I could feel myself becoming aroused. My cock was lengthening, becoming solid as the rush of blood pumped to my glands. Jessica must have felt it too, urgently pressing against her, since she backed away and cast her eyes down at my crotch. A smile lit up her face as she handed me a bottle of bath gel. “It looks like he came in from the cold,” she giggled lightly. “I know a place where he can be really warm. A fire is already waiting for him. First though, why don’t you soap me up? Then we can see to him.”

Her wish was my command. I squirted a big dollop of bath gel onto my open palm. Sarah turned around so that her back was facing toward me. I rubbed my hands together, and then placed them on her shoulders. Knots of tension had built up under her supple skin. I dug in my fingers, trying to rub away the lingering evidence of tension and stress. A soft moan told me that Jessica was beginning to relax. I slid my hands down her back, working the soap into her golden skin. There was not an imperfection or blemish anywhere on her body. Jessica was so baby smooth and silky. I kneaded her taut muscles with the pads of my fingers. I wanted her to feel the pressure of my touch, to know the strength of my hands. I wanted her to melt before me, to softly give in to the pleasure of the water, the heat, and my caress. My hands were now working the small of her back, rubbing in ever-expanding circles. This was so good. One more moment and I would be at her ass….

“Professor, can you get my front too?” I heard Jessica query. Her voice startled me, as if she was shaking me from a dream. I smiled. Ass for tits – not a bad trade.

“Sure…” I squirted more gel onto my hands. Reaching around Jessica’s shoulders I placed my palms directly over her nipples and squeezed. They were soft and fleshy, the perfect pair.

Jessica laughed, “You don’t waste any time do you?” I chuckled back at her, shaking my head. “Well that’s ok Professor. I want you to touch them. I want to feel your hands on my tits. That is why I asked.” I softly kneaded the firm flesh of her mammaries, catching her nipples between my fingers. The stiff points were hard and poking into my hands. “Oh Professor that feels good, but it isn’t what I really want. It isn’t what I need. I want it rough – hard. I want you to maul my tits. Show me that you really want them. Make it so I know how much you love groping my fucking sweater-meat.” Fuck! Jessica told me just what I needed to hear. I clenched my hands feeling her soft skin beneath my fingers. Her tits were so round and firm. They were glorious, a dream cum true. I slapped her right tit on the nipple. “Oh, so GOOD!” I heard Jessica moan. I could practically feel sparks of pleasure fly from her aureole. “Grab them, slap them!”

But I needed more than Jessica’s tits; her cunt was calling out it’s siren’s song. I whispered harshly in Jessica’s ear, “I am going to fuck you. I am going to shove my throbbing, hard cock into your dirty, wet fuck hole. You are going to be my slut, my whore taking my dick.” I placed the crown of my rod between her flaming lips. They were wet and engorged from arousal. They parted easily for me. I heard her moan, soft and incoherent. Jessica was very ready. Now was the time. I had to have her.

I drove my engorged dick deep into her cunt. In one swift thrust I bottomed out at the hilt. A deep wail escaped from Jessica’s lips, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck!!!” as my balls hit against her clit. During most other fucks I would hold this moment. I would take time to let the woman I was fucking adjust to my presence inside of her. But not here; not now! This was immediate, this was necessary. I spanked her ass and pulled most of the way out again. I could almost see the tip of my dick leaving her pussy – then bam! I rammed my cock inside of her sopping, wet cunt. Her buttocks rippled and shook with the force of my thrust. Then I banged her again. “Ohhhhh…. God…. Fuck my dirty pussy. Use it on your DICK,” Jessica screamed. On the next thrust Jessica bent over at the waist, bracing herself on the tile bathroom wall. Her hands were extended and her legs were in a braced straddling position. I grinned. We were stable – now I could really fuck her!

My hands gripped Jessica around her slender waist. My fingers dug into her wet skin, feeling her supple muscles ripple underneath my touch. I began a forceful power fuck as I growled, “Take it. Take my fucking cock! Take it, you student whore.” She whipped her hair back and moaned in response. Her head was turned to face me, her blue eyes boring into mine. She licked her red bee-stung lips as she panted. My cock was pistoning in and out of her slick, smooth pussy without remorse. It felt so tight and good. I loved fucking Jessica. The shower was raining down on both of our backs. Warm water sluiced off our naked bodies in several streams. “Fuck, you are such a good slut! You feel so wrapped around on my cock!”

I was banging into her mercilessly, pummeling her with my rock-hard rod. I drove into her again and her again. Jessica wailed, “Ohhhhh, ohhh, oh fuck…. oh God, oh fuck it…. unh, unh, unh!!!” Her head slumped, as she took my assault. Jessica was only focused on the cock beating time in her pussy. I looked down at the perfect ass that I was banging. It was lovely and heart-shaped, with the arrow of my cock spearing it down the middle splitting it apart.

But then I smiled at a new thought: so delicious and evil. Her puckered asshole – her beautiful little starfish – was winking up at me. It was calling my name, telling me it needed my cock. I slowed my thrusts and pulled out of Jessica’s cunt. She turned her head to look up at me. Her face was contorted with pained confusion. “What? No fuck me. DO IT! Put your cock back inside of me. I need it! I was sooooooooo close. I neeeeeeed your fucking cock!” she whined. I just chortled and slapped my cock against her pussy. She bucked in jolts of pleasure, but she needed far more. So I made preparations to give her what she craved. I kneeled in the tub and spread her butt cheeks with my hands. I moved closer and gave her sexy asshole a lick. My tongue twirled around the outer circle, and speared her once, twice, three times for good measure. Jessica’s body convulsed and she released and deep and throaty moan. Her little, pink rosebud was so delicious. That was just a taste (for both of us), but I knew from her reaction that she would gladly take the next step of my devious plan.

I stood up. I placed my thumb at her wrinkled asshole and began to rub. At first my touch was gentle, but I could sense she needed more. I built the pressure, rubbing circles around her sphincter ring. Jessica moaned and twitched. I slowly slipped my thumb inside of her ass. It was so warm, so tight. For a moment the pressure on my thumb was almost unbearable. Soon, though, Jessica began to relax. This was the first time I had truly been inside of her delectable ass. I could feel her clutching me, holding me as I penetrated her nether regions. I pushed in further, beyond my knuckle, and she groaned, “Oh, my ass. That feels so good. I have wanted you in my eighteen year old ass for so long.” My thumb was all the way inside of her backdoor. I rotated my hand, spinning my thumb inside of her dark channel. I pulled my thumb most of the way out of her ass and then slowly slid it back in again. I was fucking her ass with my thumb – in and out – working and loosening her forbidden hole with my touch. She was ready. Jessica needed something bigger in her ass. It was time to replace my thumb with my cock.

I pulled my thumb out of her butt. I leaned forward and placed my ass-covered thumb at Jessica’s cherry lips. Without hesitation, she eagerly took it into her mouth – sucking and slurping my thumb down to the base. Perfect. “So Jessica, are you ready?” I said. She was trembling beneath me as I kneaded her ass cheeks. My voice was calm, but insistent. I knew what I wanted, but I needed her to want it too. This act had to be completely her decision. Without her clear and total consent I would not go forward. “You know what is next don’t you?”

Jessica looked up at me from her bent over doggie position. She said, her voice dripping with sultry desire and need, “You are going to fuck me in my ass with your rock-hard cock, Professor.”

“Do you want that, Jessica?”

“Oh yeah. I want your cock so badly. I need it in my fucking ass. Do it, Professor. Fuck my ass.”

My cock was resting between the crack of her butt cheeks. I lathered it up with bath gel, making my dick slick and slippery. I rubbed the tip around the perimeter of her delicate, little hole. Jessica’ body went tense beneath me. She was taut with the anticipation of my log being shoved up her ass. I wanted to ask one more time. “Are you sure this is what you want Jessica?”

“Oh yeah, Professor.”

“Then fuckin’ say it like you mean it, you teen slut!”

“Do it Professor! Fucking ram it UP MY ASS!!!!!”

I pushed my way into Jessica’s tiny, little, butt hole. I felt her muscles contract as she sucked in air through her teeth. The crown of my dick was past the tight outer ring of her ass. I looked down and I asked her, “Do you feel ok? Do you want me to continue?” I did not want to hurt her; I needed her to feel good too. Jessica just moaned and nodded her head yes. I accepted her answer and pushed in deeper. Oh, the warm dry heat of her back channel felt so good raging around my cock. I needed more. Slowly, I worked my way further inside of Jessica. My hip thrusts were gentle, but yet firm and insistent. I tenderly rubbed the small of her back with my hands, massaging her skin. Jessica’s face was a volatile mixture of pleasure and pain. I wanted to ease the passage of my dick; I needed to take away the tension that had built up in her waist. I acutely wanted her to feel the pleasure of this fuck.

My entire length was now inside of Jessica’s anal cavity. Her tight ass ring was stretched taut by my fat cock. I waited a moment to let her adjust to the invader up her ass. To my surprise, I was not the first one to move. Jessica bent her knees and was pulling forward, sliding off of my dick. Did she want it to end? But then she stood up again pushed her asshole back onto my throbbing slab of meat. So that’s how it was; Jessica wanted to fuck! She wanted to feel my cock splitting her ass open. Fair ‘ enough. I slowly started to slide. The friction was incredible; I had never felt anything grip my dick quite so tightly. It felt like an iron vice, coated in velvet, was clutching my cock – sliding up and down – demanding that I fuck. I couldn’t help but moan. She was so good. This was so fucking naughty, perhaps the dirtiest of all acts. “Fuck!” I shouted. “Where’s my dick Jessica? Tell me where my dick is?

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