Sharing is Caring! Pt. 01

Sharing Is Caring!

Part One. 

This whole story started during our third year of high school. My best friend, William, and I, Simon, were home alone at my parents house watching Star Wars the Clone Wars. We were both 18 and my girlfriend, also 18, came by to chill with us. My parents are very wealthy, both working for large Swedish international corporations at the very top of the “food chain”. At this time they were traveling with work around in Asia so my girlfriend was often over, making my house feel less empty. 

William and Bella are good friends and we all get along great. We often went as a group during parties with our other friends, worked out together, went on roadtrips, holidays and had movie nights, etc. We usually talked about sex in our little group, we were not shy when it came to openly speaking about wanting to do it, having done it or what we want to do, to  being naked together. William and I had seen each other naked many, many times in the shower room at our gym, while changing clothes, going for a piss while drunk, etc and the same could be said about Bella and her closest friend, who happened to be Williams girlfriend. It sometimes happened that we caught each other once or twice in bed with our respective girlfriends, getting slight glimpses of certain parts in motion. 

I am an only child and live in a big mansion with my mother Emma and father Alexander. We are a happy family with the exception that they work a lot out of the country. It kinda sucked sometimes since I missed them but we’d come up with a pact between us. Every time they got back from working out of the country they’d promised to spend a full day with me, eating at a restaurant, going bowling, playing mini-golf or go boating during the summers.

I have my own grand room all by myself with an accompanying luxurious bathroom and a balcony on the second floor by the eastern wing situated towards the sea, closest to our private dock. I often have friends over and we always sit in the jacuzzi looking out over the sea, drinking and talking. 

Growing up wealthy definitely made me appreciate William more, he pulled me down to Earth and did not allow me for a second to become a spoiled little brat, as I most likely would’ve become being unchecked. We’ve always stuck together, him and I, spent many sleepovers together as children and talked openly about everything that’s on our minds.

William and I are similarly built. We are about as tall as each other, him being 1.91 meters tall and me being 1.93 meters. We are like brothers from different mothers, very similar except for our skin colour. Him being mixed Nigerian and Scandinavian, his mother being a black woman and his dad a white man, which gave him light black skin. I myself am a fully white Scandinavian boy only giving me a nasty sunburn every year while on vacation in the Mediterranean. 

We were quite muscular having been working out together, pushing and supporting each others goals, goals we both shared, since we were 15 years old when we started. We kept our body hair trimmed everywhere, something our girlfriends liked very much since they were always clean-shaven. William, being mixed black and white, had brown eyes and curly black hair that he kept relatively short with faded sides, use the pornstar Jason Loves hair as a reference to paint you a picture. 

I am Scandinavian and have green eyes, dirty blonde hair with a few curls. I always keep it faded on the sides and longer on the top with a center parting. He kept his face clean-shaven while I had a stubble that I trimmed at five millimeters.

Having been bestfriends since we were about one year olds, we knew everything about each other. We watched porn and jerked off together back in the day as virgins. Something we still do sometimes. We played sports together, we fought, we made up, we built massive fantasy fortifications and fought dragons, we were always there for each other. We even compared dick sizes from time to time when we noticed them starting to grow during puberty. Something we still kinda do while showering in the gym since we are a bit competitive. 

We were basically the same size as William and I. He usually went on about him having a BBC and teased me while watching porn. I happily reminded him each time that I’m thicker and only a bit shorter, often with a wink. 

Me being 19 centimeters long with it being slightly bent to the left and a thickness of 17 centimeters in circumference, my head is large and pink and it stand proudly at attention when I’m hard.

William had an impressive 23 centimeters in length, fully straight as an arrow and a slightly less girthy, 14 centimeters in thickness, something that slightly bothered him to my delight. He doesn’t get as hard as I do, his cock hangs a bit at a 90° angle. We both have our foreskin since it’s quite uncommon for swedes to remove them as well as a big set of balls, full of cum to our girlfriends delight. We even compare how white it is and how much we shoot. Our balls are kept clean-shaven while we only trim the pubic hair on the front above to nine millimeters. 

Our bodies are similar too, him being slightly bigger, believe it or not. A strong muscular physique on their way to look like Captain America within a year if we kept going the way we did. William had started filling his body with tattoos, something I was going to do soon as well, however in a different way. I was going for patchwork tattoos instead of full body style. He had a large eagle on his chest with its wings spread, some Star Wars related numbers on his throat that was sort of climbing up his neck. He had two sleeves of two lions, representing me and him, a naked girl, representing his now ex or his future girl, a sun and moon representing his mother and father and a few decorating trees, stars and mountains. He was going to get more tattoos on his stomach and back as well but tattoos are expensive.

So, back to the storytelling!

My girlfriend came and sat next to me on the couch putting her legs on me. We were rewatching the Clone Wars down in the living room area and had just reached the return of Darth Maul episodes, “Brothers”, and “Revenge”. 

Being huge nerds for Star Wars legends, Lord of the Rings, Halo, etc we didn’t notice Isabella that much, as our full focus was on Maul returning. We loved these two episodes. Isabella, however, did not fully share the enthusiasm for Star Wars… Yet. She was getting there but she had a different idea coming over.

She wore a white tank top without a bra on and if we had looked we could’ve seen her nipples poking through the fabric. Her well-worn light blue jeans really showed off her amazing, tight latinas curves, her big booty and sexy hips. 

After about 15 minutes into the second episode I noticed that she was bored. She began to touch my arms and pressed her titties against me, finally leaning in and whispering sensually in Spanish the way she knows I like it:

– Mi amor, quiero que esa gran polla tuya me folle, estoy muy cachonda y lista para ti. And gave me a horny smile, kissing my cheek. I was immediately extremely turned on.

That’s also when I casually dropped the ball to William.

– So, Willy, do you want to help me fuck Bella? I asked him. 

You see, he and I talked about everything as previously stated. One late night while hanging out, drinking, we talked about sex. We talked about and compared our fantasies, kinks, fetishes and other things that we like about sex. 

We talked about wanting to fuck MILF:s, having threesomes and foursomes, fucking our girls in certain ways, what kind of dirtytalk we like, etc. 

While talking about threesomes and group sex we got into talking about him and I potentially sharing our girlfriends together. 

It was a slow start but we agreed, like, why not? We’ve been sharing basically everything from a very early age. We were comfortable with each other naked, there was no jealousy, only a bit of competitiveness and there were no massive differences in our sizes so that it might leave an imprint on the girls.

We could tell that the idea of fucking each others girlfriends turned us both on a lot and we started talking about how we would spit-roast them and dp them, it felt natural talking about this between the two of us. We were discussing the size-difference between our cocks and how we thought they’d handle them, joking about how ours would be a nice change for the others girlfriend since I’m thicker and he’s longer. 

We were both very excited and we decided to watch some porn together as we used to do back in the day. 

So it was that we had agreed on sharing our girlfriends. There was however a problem. William and his girlfriend broke up before it started…

He thought that it was put on hold. Boy was he wrong! 

Isabella and I had been together since we were 16, we began talking over text during the later part of the first year of high school. We met at a school event and we clicked immediately. The type of clicking you only see in romantic Hollywood movies, but without all the drama. It only took us a short few weeks of texting and flirting before we shared our first kiss on our first date, it only took another week after that until we began fucking. We fell in love quickly and became inseparable. 

Fast forward to the last year of high school and we are still an adventurous couple, madly in love, with a high sex drive and a lot more experience than our fellow classmates. We were each others firsts in everything and we had recently talked about our fantasies a few days before I popped the question to William. 

She had confessed that she thought she was bisexual and that she’d like to try out threesomes as our next step. She admitted that she was very curious and wanted to try both types of threesomes with another boy and especially with another girl so she could explore her sexuality, preferably someone close to our age. She wanted me to be a part of that so she could feel safe but also because she knew I’d love to fuck two girls at the same time. She wanted us to increase our body counts together. I was happy to oblige to both types since I was sure of myself and because of the talk me and William had had previously. 

William, taken aback by the spontaneous question, just looked at me and asked: 

– Are you sure about this Simon?, he smiled and jokingly added the way we usually joke back and forth:

– You know… once she goes black… and winked at us. 

It was the traditional boys banter between us that we both knew and loved. Both me and Bella nodded smilingly and she added: 

– I guess I have to check who’s better then. winking at me, referencing our competitive sides at the gym, thinking that we would compete for first place during sex as well. We all chuckled a little at that one. 

We got up off the sofa and stood next to each other, looking back at Bella. She came over to us, kissed us each once on the lips while grabbing a handful of our covered crotches. We went upstairs and into my bedroom. William and I got undressed while she checked us out from the bedside, waiting for us to be fully naked before she commented with a smile: 

– Wow, nice cocks boys! A great white and a BBC, I’m a lucky girl!, to which I answered: 

– Shall we?, while looking at William who nodded in affirmation.

My girlfriend is a dark brunette latina, her body is tanned with hazel eyes, perfect eyebrows, a cute nose and a beautiful pair of naturally red, full lips. She is 1.73 meters tall. A mix between the pornstar “Autumn Falls” and the actress Jenna Ortega, would give you a pretty good picture as a reference to her face, just more innocent looking. Bella proudly carries a nice set of 32 double D:s, with beautiful brown areolas not larger than the circumference of a lime fruit. Her pussy is also absolutely perfect, a small pink and rather sensitive clit, slightly visible and no excess lips hiding the entrance, always clean-shaven and begging to be eaten out! Use the pornstar “Mia Malkova” as a reference.

Her body is well toned and trained, a round ass, strong legs with a flat stomach and a strong back. She’s a full on 10/10 with an amazing personality on top of that! 

I’m a really lucky man to have her. As she is a lucky woman to be mine.

We shared the joy of undressing her together. She stood fully naked infront of us, smiling. She was finally getting dicked down by two guys at the same time, two big cocks! I was touching her naked body and it was intoxicating as it always was. I, however, noticed that William wasn’t touching her much, a bit of booty grabbing and cupping her tit. Was he getting nervous? 

We paused and I told him that everything was okay and for him to relax and have fun. 

– Simon and I have talked about this and I couldn’t think of anyone else that Simon and I trust as much as you Willy. Let’s take it slow and have some fun, said Bella before giving him a hug, his big cock poking her stomach and her titties pressing up against him.

I put my hand on his shoulder and told him: 

– I love you man! You and I are brothers and this will be so much fun! It’ll help you get over Alissa and I have zero doubt that you won’t enjoy yourself, I promise you that there’s nothing to worry about, no jealousy or contempt. 

This seemed to calm his nerves and we continued with renewed energy. 

Bella began to make out with him while I finished undressing her, pulling her jeans and panties off, exposing her amazing ass and pussy. I dove right in between her cheeks, licking her ass and working my way down to start eating her amazingly sweet pussy out. She slowly started jerking his big cock and we both could tell that he had relaxed considerably. 

Their makeout session started to slow down a bit. He must be enjoying the moment and her hands massaging his dick in long, slow strokes. 

She was moaning in his mouth from me teasing her clit and asshole, she likes it a lot when I do that. I was building her up for William to finish off, to build his confidence a bit more. I had a finger in both her holes and licked her juicy, wet pussy, focusing on her clit a bit extra.

Eventually, I stopped and she told him to switch places with me. He went down on his knees as I got up on mine and aggressively started eating her out his own way. Bella started making out with me, she leaned forward and placed her arms around my neck and whispered: 

– Thank you sooo much papi, I loved it. 

I grabbed her left tit, spanked her softly and smiled at her before resuming making out with her. Her hands jerked me the same way she did William, who was working his magic, he fingered her pussy while slowly licking her clit in circular motions. 

– Oh my God, he’s so good papi! It feels so nice! She exclaimed, pulling away slightly, she continued whispering in my ear teasingly: 

– I think you might have some competition, she winked at me before she started to suck on my earlobe, moaning into my ears from the pleasure of me pinching her nipples and William eating her out. 

Williams pussy-eating skills proved too much for my little latina girlfriend. She began to shake and came hard from all the stimulation, his tongue continued working on her clit and she moaned even louder into my mouth before she told him to stop. He moved up next to me, standing in front of her sitting on my bed, recovering. I put my arm around him, smiling at him. Our differently shaped and coloured cocks dangled in front of her cute face.

She clearly enjoyed the view and seductively licked her lips before slowly starting to jerk us off with each hand, pulling down our foreskins, licking our big heads, pressing them together while looking into our eyes with a teasing smile and kissing them both at the same time. 

We’d never touched cocks before so this was new. Me and William looked at each other and just shrugged as if it was a normal thing for two straight guys to touch cocks. She rubbed them against each other with the biggest smile on her beautiful face. 

– This is SO HOT! I love how they kinda represent Yin and Yang, you know, being black and white, she said before she started to suck on mine.

I stopped her.

– Guests first, my love, I told her with a very horny grin on my face, yet, with a tone as if I had given her a command.

With that she let go of me completely and started to suck on Williams BBC, both hands on his long black dick, sucking almost all the way down to his pubic hair. It felt surreal, My girlfriend, sitting on her knees in front of me and my bestfriend, sucking his cock while I was waiting for my turn. His cock was wet from her saliva and she sucked it slowly and hard while her hands followed, jerking him in equally long motions. Her hands had a firm grip and she expertly jerked him with a half circular motion while going up and down.

William followed my example: 

– Don’t forget your awesome boyfriend now, he said smilingly with the same tone but in a more joking manner. 

She looked up into his brown eyes and acknowledged him, yet she continued to gulp up and down on his black cock, switching them over to me, looking me straight in my green eyes with her beautiful hazel ones. She moved a wet hand over to my cock and started jerking it off. Sucking one and jerking the other. 

Not long after she switched and began sucking mine. Finally! I impatiently thought to myself.

We were both rock hard, capable of hammering nails with our erections. I was so turned on by seeing the black monster in her mouth, seeing how he had slid it out and smacked it on her face and how she had smiled from that. 

– Mmmm, just like papi does it, she had told him with a devilish smile.

It was beginning to overwhelm me a bit. She switched over to mine and focused on my cock for as long as she did on his. She spat on it and spread the saliva down my cock with her hands while sucking on my head, licking it.

She bobbed up and down along my girthy, long cock. Just like our favorite pornstar, Mia Khalifa. I kept eye-contact with her as we used to do. I could see the love in her eyes and the fire within. I smiled at her before following Williams example and smacked my cock on her face as well, William joining in while she massaged our big, cum filled balls. This was more strategy than horniness since I was close to cumming in her mouth.

– I want to get fucked! She said while feeling our cocks smacking her face.

She let go of us and jumped onto the bed and into the doggy position, her pussy was so wet it was dripping sweet pussy juices. She bent her back in a very seductive stance for us, wiggling her ass invitingly at us. We stood there for a moment and just watched her continuing to wiggle her ass while we were stroking our big cocks next to each other. She was practically begging for us to fuck her now. 

I stepped forward, got on my knees, grabbed her ass and licked her from clit to asshole. She moaned with pleasure as I continued to do this for a minute while William stood and watched me enjoy my girlfriends pussy.

– Man, this is so hot! I love how you two love each other, it’s so wholesome, he said to us with a genuinely happy smile. 

I got up and motioned him forward to fuck her first, I told him: 

– Let me get sucked a little more while you fuck my girlfriend. I’ve had her plenty! I said with a wink to her, which was met with a playful sour face.

He answered simply with a cocky smile, gave me a brofist as a second later my girlfriends pink pussy was engulfing his big black cock. 

I loved seeing the blackness of his cock in her pale, pink Spanish pussy, I always thought it looked hot watching porn. Seeing them enjoying fucking each other gave me joy, the two people I cared the most about having a good time.

She moaned with pleasure as he grabbed her hips and fucked her harder, her head being forced forward down my dick by his powerful thrusts. Their bodies clapping when making contact, the sound her wet pussy made when she almost took him all the way. She spoke dirty to him when she managed to come up for oxygen. 

– I’m such a lucky girl! Having two big dicks to play with, all for myself!

I could see how the dirty talking was affecting him as he continued. He spanked her ass, leaving a red handprint on her left asscheek. She enjoyed that!

– Mmmmmm, fuck me you big, black, stud! I love that big dick of yours! She continued.

This proved too much for him and he hastily asked me: 

– Is it okay if I fill her up? I’m getting close! I simply nodded my approval and Bella began urging him on!

– Yes, yes, please fill me up baby! Creampie my little pussy, I want it, give me it! Wide eyes, saliva all around her mouth with a few tears of mascara running down her cheeks.

And with that he couldn’t hold it anymore! He slammed all of his cock deep inside her pussy and busted hard, grunting loudly pumping her full of cum. You could hear Bellas happy “Mmmmmmm:s”. 

We switched places and he took my position in front of Bella. He kissed her, not caring about that she just seconds before had sucked my cock, or all that saliva. He thanked her so much. 

– Are you having fun Willy?”, she asked him while I was entering her cum-filled pussy. 

– If I’m not mistaken I’d say that you are, she continued smilingly, having been satisfied by her second ever cock, whilst waiting for her main one to start fucking her the way she liked it. 

– At least I hope so because I definitely am! She said in her normal smiling voice while slowly jerking him back up to life. William nodded with a gigantic smile on his face and fire in his eyes. 

We were all extremely turned on at this point. With long slow strokes up and down his entire length she managed to get it harder and harder. She sucked on his head while keeping eye-contact and continuing to jerk him as if she was milking him for more cum.

As I began fucking her cum filled pussy I found it easier than normal, I still had to stretch her out a little before I could pound her but the cum had the same effect as lube and made it easier.

Again, it didn’t feel weird at all! Feeling her wet pussy together with his cum around my dick felt natural.

When she engulfed me she let out a cute little happy yelp, teasingly saying:

– Ooooohh, daddy’s home! Fuck me my love, fuck me and show us who’s the boss! While looking back at me, smiling.

Being naturally competitive I drove my big dick inside her, grabbing her hips, going hard on her, spanking her. I pounded her and enjoyed the view, her sucking his cock, while my own was pounding her, my shaft was full of Williams cum mixed with Bellas pussy juices. I reached around and began playing with her sticky clit, driving her insane. She stopped sucking him as I drove her to orgasm, making her legs shake from pounding her and playing with her clit simultaneously. Still standing on all four she managed to recover relatively quickly from the heavy orgasm as I never stopped fucking her. My cock was moving slowly inside her as she continued her recovery, shakingly. She began to dirty talk to me while continuously jerking Williams resurrecting cock.

– Oh my God baby! You’re such a fucking beast! She told me. 

– Fuck me papi, I love it, you’re sooo biiig papi! Fill me up, pleeeeeease. Encouraging me onwards. 

With that I couldn’t hold it anymore. I loved when she called me “papi”, I loved when she seductively spoke Spanish to me, so combined with her moaning and her ass wobbling as I thrust into her and her sucking my best friends cock, it was simply impossible to hold it. I came inside her, filling her up with even more hot white cum than William. I pulled back and sat down in my gaming chair all sweaty while watching a lot of cum oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy. 

I decided to take a little break and get some water for rehydration. 

– Do you guys want some water? I asked them. 

Both answering in affirmation. I went down the stairs and into the kitchen, my semi-hard cock wiggling between my legs, sticky with cum and Bellas juices. I grabbed a tray and filled up three big glasses of cold water. As I walked back up to my room I began hearing the sound of two sweaty bodies slapping against each other, accompanying with female moans.

William had managed to get hard again and had already taken my place with her in missionary. As I entered my room, my semi-hard cock dangling between my legs, I witnessed Williams hard one sliding into my girlfriends cum-filled, wet pussy, using my cum as lube. He was passionately fucking her, slowly and with hard thrust, yet gentle, while making out with her as cum was oozing out of her now well-used pussy. She was moaning softly from the feeling and it became too much for him as he filled her up with even more cum. Being young has its perks, as previously mentioned. Both William and I had a near endless amount of cum, we almost always managed to produce just the right amount in time for orgasms, something my cum-loving girlfriend loved. 

– Is her pussy too good for you bro? I said slightly mockingly in a brotherly manner. 

– It seems you know how to pick the best one! He answered with a smile in an acknowledging tone of respect.

He got up and sat down next to Bella on the bedside. I had just finished my glass of water and gave them theirs. 

– So! How are we feeling? I asked with a smile. 

William had just downed his glass, and Bella was sipping hers. William got up and hugged me, not caring about us being a bit sweaty or that our dicks were poking each other. 

– You’re awesome Simon! A better bestfriend and brother is impossible to find! 

I looked at Bella who had finished her glass and was watching us, smiling and motioning me to come to her. I got down between her legs, her right hand on my cock, guiding me inside her while her left hand pulled me in for a deep kiss. She’d wiped away the saliva and mascara right after William had filled her up and we shared a passionate moment. 

– I love you so much Simon, this experience has been really amazing so far! You are so wonderful! She told me as she kissed me again.

I’m just happy you are on the pill, I think you’d be popping out either a black or white kid within nine months. I joked back at her before kissing her deeply again. 

I love you too Bella, you are my entire world. I later responded as I felt a rush of happiness and love in my body being in her arms like this. Fucking was different, making love as we did was unbeatable in both our opinions. 

William sat in my gaming chair and relaxed, watching while I was fucking my girlfriend. Hearing her moan and our sweaty bodies clapping against each other, seeing my cock entering her pussy got him ready once again and when I finished inside her, we stayed there for a little bit, looking into each others eyes, sharing short sweet kisses and hugging each other. After a while I pulled out.

Are you ready for him? I asked her, giving her a kiss on her forehead. She nodded, still a little flustered from our shared moment. I moved up towards her head, sitting down in front of her. 

Bella switched back to doggy position and felt the big black cock enter her again while she lovingly was sucking on my big white one. 

I had gotten up on my knees by that point and William and I high-fived each other as we spit-roasted her, slowly thrusting our cocks in her. 

We later shared her separately many more times the same way. Not until late in the night did we lose our erections. 

Cum leaked from her pussy the entire time. It had been a messy session that had been going on for five hours, we were sweaty, our cocks sticky by a mixed formula of pussy juice and cum. All Bella could say was: 

– Give me those cocks and I’ll clean you two up. 

She laid down in front of us on her stomach, rubbing them once more gently together and kissed them both before starting to suck us clean. We were all spent by this time, none of us had the energy to go on. 

– So… do you guys wish to know who fucked me the most? Now when we are all spent and sore? She asked.

William and I curiously looked at her as she revealed that I had “won” by one fuck. I made a face towards William before he went and got into the shower. Bella and I laid in bed and cuddled, we talked a little but were mostly hugging and keeping close. I didn’t know what to do, I was so in love at that moment that I couldn’t think of a way to express my feelings. I was “saved” by William getting out of the shower. We got up and hoped in the steamy shower. Sensually soaping, kissing and massaging each others bodies. “I love you” was said many times as we held each other tight. 

We packed up the bed sheets, threw them into the washing machine and put on some new ones before saying goodbye to William. We shared a hug before he walked home.

We were sore for days after, we had bonded even more than I thought possible, we loved it! We were so happy for our new experience, we wanted to do it again and again. It felt great to have shared this with William and to see Bella so happy and content made me feel like the King of the World! 

Isabella took my hand and led me to the balcony. I filled up the large jacuzzi while she went and found us a bottle of wine and two glasses before getting in the hot water. Laying there, drinking wine and cuddling while talking, looking out over the ocean and the stars in the sky. It felt like paradise, it helped my sore dick recover as well. We kissed and she rode me one last time before we got up, emptied the water and went to sleep, her in my arms, happy and smiling, as was I. 

— — — — — —– — — — — —– — — — — —– — — — — —– — — —

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