Sister is a lot of fun by Jim2066

A literotic sexstories: Sister is a lot of fun by Jim2066 ,

My sister recently moved in with me and I learned that she is a little wild and embraces my kinky side.

My sister called and wanted to meet for a drink. She admitted that she had really been struggling lately. She and her boyfriend (who I hated) had broken up, she was tired of sleeping on a friend’s couch. She did not have a job or a place to stay. I own my home and had a spare bedroom, so I offered her to stay at my place for a while. She had all of her stuff in her car, so she came over and moved in that night.

That night we stayed up late talking. When I learned that she lost her job over a year ago, I asked how she was paying bills. She admitted that she had a “sugar daddy’. After pushing a little harder, I learned that she was basically a prostitute with about 10 regulars that she had sex with every week and had been doing this for over a year. Since her bedroom was near the front door and mine was at the other end of the house, I reluctantly agreed to let her meet her regulars at my house. Since I mostly work from home, she felt that would be safer.

About a week later, we were drinking late on night and the subject turned to sex. I opened up and said I was bisexual and that I had a cum fetish. This was a little tricky because I love cum but hooking up with strangers made me nervous about diseases. She said that most of her regulars were exclusive with her (I am sure none of the lied) and were clean so she let them fuck her raw. She said she had a guy coming over tomorrow that liked to pull out and shoot his cum on her tits. I love licking cum off of tits. She offered to let me lick her tits when he finished if I wanted. We agreed that licking cum from my sister’s tits is kinky and taboo, but got me very excited.

The next day, she texted me when he was coming over and said to come to her room as soon as he left. I moved over to the living room and could hear them having sex. When I heard him grunt loudly, I knew he had cum. Visualizing this made me very horny. As soon as he left, I ran into her room. She was laying on the bed, completely naked with her tits covered in cum. This was the first time I had seen her naked and she looked amazing. She told me to lick her clean and I practically jumped onto the bed. I licked her tits, sucked on her nipples. I slurped up a pool of cum that had settled between her tits. I licked the cum off of her neck and then licked her tits again. I licked the cum on her stomach and then licked my way down the trail.

When I got to her pussy, I saw that she had cum in her little bush so I started to lick and suck on that. She began to moan and pushed my head down. We did not discuss me eating her pussy, but it was open, wet and she obviously wanted me to. I licked her pussy lips and then probed her pussy with my tongue. After I had all of their juices cleaned, I began to suck on her clit. She gabbed my head and pulled me tight against her pussy. She squeezed her legs tight on my head as she began to scream and thrash about. When her orgasm ended, she pushed me away.

I rolled over and laid next to her while she recovered. She told me that was amazing and that it was her brother eating her pussy made it extra special.

After we relaxed for a bit, she said that she had another guy coming over in a few hours. He would usually meet with her about every other week and leave a huge load of cum in her pussy. She asked if I wanted to clean up another mess for her. I quickly agreed.

The next few hours I tried to get work done, but could not stop thinking about my sister, her pussy, and the cum I was about to eat. After a few hours, I heard a knock on the door and her bringing someone into her bedroom. I quickly ran to the living room so I could hear what was going on. Within minutes I could hear him moaning. After about 15 minutes, I could hear them having sex. She was really getting into it. They would be loud for a little while and then quiet down and then get loud again. I really wish that I could have seen what was happening. After nearly an hour, I finally heard the sounds getting louder and that build up to an orgasm. She was especially loud as she screamed for him to fuck her hard and shoot his cum deep in her pussy.

After they finished, within just a couple of minutes, he was walking out the door. Those minutes felt like forever as I pictured her laying in bed with a big load of cum leaking out of her pussy. As soon as the front door was closed, I rushed into her room. She was laying there with her legs held tight together. She said that knowing I was listening and that I was going to eat her cream pie made her have an amazing orgasm. She said she held her legs tight together to keep as much in as she could, but some had leaked out. As she spread her legs, I saw her pussy completely soaked and a big wet spot on the bed.

I dove between her legs and began licking. I licked her lips and dug my tongue into her pussy. I sucked on her pussy while she squirted a big load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed and sucked for more. I think licked her lips, sucking each into my mouth until they were clean. I licked down her crack and pushed her legs up. I licked the cum that had leaked down and across her ass. I licked everything and then shoved my tongue in her ass to be sure to get every drop. I licked the small amount of cum off the sheets. I licked my way back up and across her pussy. I licked and sucked on her small bush, getting a good mix of her juices and his.

This whole time she was moaning and telling me how good it felt. Each time I licked across her clit, her whole body would shake. After I had her completely cleaned up, I took her clit in my mouth and began sucking on it. She began to clamp her legs on my had and thrash about. She tried to push me away, but I held tight as I kept sucking and flicking my tongue on her clit. She let out a scream and then gushed my face with her juices. After she was done squirting, she collapsed on the bed. I sat back and looked at her. She was beautiful. Completely exhausted and drained from multiple orgasms from multiple guys.

I am really glad my sister is staying with me and we can have this fun together.

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