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A literotic sexstories: The first meeting_(1) by lilpet_2364 ,

A Pet meets her Master

So this is my very first story on this site. So hey, hullo. If you want more of my stories comment and rate me or something ^^’. Anyways.. Here we go!


Gathering up my skirts I hurried up the steps of his home. It was the first time I would be meeting him in person. We talked on the phone numerous occasions and we message each other throughout the day. I was worried at first when he asked me to meet him. I feared he would not like me. I feared once he saw me, saw my age, he would turn me away.

He sent me this dress, it was big and poufy, it took me a while to figure out how to put it on. The top was a laced up corset, with blue ribbon and trimming with a white bodice. The bottom half mimicked the colors of the top and had four layers of tool and a hoop skirt. It was an older styled dress from a designer that I had never once heard of. My blonde waves of hair fell around my bare shoulder my blue eyes shining, barely standing five feet off the ground.

He told me on several occasions that he really did love me. But would he really? Would accept me? These thoughts rain through my head as I stared at the grand door in front of me. I knew I had to knock. I couldn’t. I was frozen in my place. He said I could turn away at any point, even getting to his door he said he would understand. He was always the patient one.

Knocking gently I stood there, visibly shaking from being so nervous. I knew what I was getting myself into. That’s what I keep telling myself anyhow.

The door opened slowly and for the first time I looked up at the hazel eyes and melted in my little flats. He stood more than two heads taller than I. His brown hair was neatly cut and he wore a suit with a bow-tie that matched the color blue in my dress. He opened his mouth to speak but I could not hear him. I didn’t mean to shut him out and he knew that. He reached out and took my hand in his and kneeled before me, kissing the backside of my hand.

Inwardly and outwardly I blushed fiercely. He knew little gestures made me melt and he was doing so with me standing there on his doorstep. I wished that I could say hello to him. To the man I knew I loved but I couldn’t bring myself too.

He led me by the hand into his home and as the door shut behind us I squeaked loudly, breaking my gaze on him for the first time, the shock of being there finally starting to slip away and he grinned widely, speaking once more this time I actually could hear his deep and soft voice, “Sophia, can you hear me now?” Nodding weakly he smiled a sparkle twinkle in his eyes as he continued to speak. “Good, I’m glad that I can finally meet my princess. You look better than I have ever pictured you. Come along, I want to show you around.”

He took me through all the rooms in his home, he showed me his study, the kitchen that was the size of my parents’ small home, the ballroom was the last place he showed me, he purposely left out two other rooms, but I knew I would see them at some point. He pulled me over eagerly to the piano and he sat down. “I waited a long time for when I knew you were ready to come here. I know you are not ready for me to hear your beautiful voice but I eagerly wait for it. And I did promise you that I would play for you one day.” He started playing something slow and beautiful. The melody wasn’t anything I had ever heard before. It was beautiful and the longer he played the more relaxed in the house that I felt.

He ended the song and looked up and smiled gently looking for some sort of approval and I nodded once more the heat rising to my cheeks. “I take it you like it?” I smiled gently, the dimples showing for the first time in front of him and I knew he was feeling the same way I did and he stood up and took my hand once more and led me to the middle of the room and put his strong hand on my waist and hummed softly a tuned I again never heard of and I followed his lead, I knew he was trying his best to make me feel at home and to impress me. I was glad he was doing so and the tingling feeling in my stomach grew with each passing moment I was with him.

“Sophia, can I ask you something?” I nodded in response and watched him as he got down on one knee and took out a long box from his coat pocket and held it out to me. “I will never hurt you unless you were to step out of line and I know you would never do that. You have been so loyal already. I want to officially make you mine. You can still leave if you wish.”

He opened the box revealing a small choker resembling a collar with a small silver bow pendant at the clasp the initial P showed fancifully on the tag. And I opened my mouth and whispered softly. “I have always been yours, Master.”

He smiled and jumped up from his position hugging me tightly in his strong arms. He took the collar out of its box and walked behind me and moved my hair to side and clasped the collar around my neck gently. He was so close he breathed into my ear. He knew it was one of my spots and instinctively I pressed into his back and mewled softly for the first time. I felt his member press into my lower back. I knew he was trying to savour every moment as was I, seeing that this was the first day of forever with each other but the longer we kept prolonging the inevitable the more frustrated the two of us would become and we would both see a side we both tried to suppress.

He intertwined his fingers with mine and he guided me out of the ballroom and started leading me to the place where I would become his forever more.

“Master,” I called to him weakly knowing I could no longer keep up with his strides to his room. “M-master please slow down.” I spoke a bit louder and he stopped and looked back at me and nodded and walked along side me, never once letting go of my hand. “M-master, do you realize how old I am?” I peered up at him curiously almost nervously.

“Almost 18, no?” I nodded weakly and drew nearer to him and he knew what I feared without me having to say anything. “I will always protect you from this point forward. I will train you; I will be your mentor, your father, your lover. Whatever you need me to be in that moment. You should know that by now, Princess.”

I nodded a bit and smiled my nerves subsiding all together and I spoke cheerily to him for the first time, “I really am yours now aren’t I?” He chuckled softly stopping at the last door on the second level of his home and opened it revealing his own bedroom, where I would now be sleeping in.

He pushed me carefully in the middle of the floor and he turned me around, a mirror standing in front of me and I studied my collar for a moment before I felt his fingertips grazing over my shoulder and touched my neck gently, causing me to suck in my breath and by doing so I received another chuckle from him.

He began working the lace out of the corset and as he did so he would stop ever so often and lean down to plant a kiss down my spine. He placed the lace down on the floor and reached around pulling the front off of my body slowly, relishing my hardening nipples as they met the cold air of the room. From there he kissed my slightly bulge of a stomach and made his way up my stomach and stopped to put a hand on my back to steady myself from falling over from his ministrations.

He continued, working around my C-cup breasts never once coming in full contact with my nipples, teasing me long enough to illicit a soft whimper from my lips. He circled his tongue around one and then again to the other, bringing his mouth down onto the right. He sucked softly, biting it gingerly. It felt like forever and I felt myself getting wetter the longer he kept it up. He moved to the left doing the same he did to right and moved his free hand to the back of my skirts expertly undoing them all in mere minutes, they pooling about my feet and he lifted me out of them and sets me down on the bed and stood over me for a moment.

I blushed going to cover myself, not wearing any panties as per his request. He stared hotly at me; I peered up at him seeing the hunger in his eyes. This was when I had my only doubt in my mind that this was not okay. I was horny but my mind overrode that need. I felt my heart begin to race and I scrambled up pulling my knees up into my chest and he stared at me and he started to worry. He sat down at the edge of the bed and gave me a moment before speaking. “I will not hurt you Princess… I promise. I will not hurt you like the last man you were with.” He reached out seeing I was shaking and placed a hand on my knee. “I promise.”

I believed him and I nodded slowly my shaking started to subside. He pulled off his coat and undid his tie and placed it on the floor besides my dress and crawled over to me and nudged my knees apart with his head and mewled teasing me for my own reactions making me giggle softly. He kissed the inner thighs of my legs and looked up to see my face and grinned before dipping his head down and planting a kiss on my outer labia. “Hello my kitten.” He spoke to it causing me to giggle and blush fiercely. He looked back up to me and moved towards my face. He pinned me down underneath him, his groin going into mine, his still covered by his black pants. They seemed like a thin barrier. I felt his member twitch inside them and I blushed up at him.

He face was inches away from mine and he leaned in brushing his lips on my forehead and trailed down to my nose and gently caressed my thigh as he did so. His lips touched mine, not fully meeting but he rested them above mine and he breathed lowly, trying to control himself and last a little longer. He was teasing himself and he was teasing me.

I put my hand on his shoulder and mewled once bring my lips up to his catching him off guard at the sudden boldness I showed. He eagerly kissed me back and we quickly grew into a tongue match his winning over mine. He explored my mouth as he hands ventured over every inch of my body, making melt even further. He released my mouth letting me catch my breath as he started to unbutton his shirt. I leaned up grabbing his hands pushing them aside and began unbuttoning his shirt for him and pushed his shirt off his arms and looks up at him as I threw the shirt off the bed. I went for his fly and he pushed me down and kissed my neck causing me to tense up and moan softly.

“This isn’t about me tonight. It’s about you. Tonight you are my Princess and you will be treated as such.” He stood up at that proclamation and undid his pants pulling his underwear with them. I didn’t get to see how big he was. He climbed back onto the bed and he spread apart my small legs apart slowly moving between them. He brought his father down to mine and kissed me softly positioning his cock against my entrance. He pushed himself into me for the first time, spreading my inner walls slowly to fit himself into him. A whimper mixed with a moan came out of me and into his mouth. He slowly made his way to hitting my cervix.

He released my mouth and held my knees in place and slowly pulled out almost all the way and pushed himself back in, creating a slow rocking motion. He kept the pace up and traced a line from my knees to my collar and leaned down, my nipples scrapping against his skin causing me to wiggle underneath him causing friction between his upper groin and my clit. He grinned and quickens his pace, pushing even farther into me hitting my cervix each time bringing me to a rolling orgasm the first of many. I bucked and spasmed underneath him nearly losing my own consciousness.

He had me writhing underneath him for a good long while and I felt him throbbing inside me. It scared me for a moment and he felt that, seeing as my pussy clenched onto his cock and he pause for a moment and put his hand on my lower stomach, “I’m close Princess.” I nodded weakly understanding what he meant.

His eyes glinted something I never had seen before. He picked back up on his previous pace he had set, and in a heated frenzy he nipped my neck and my chest. He plunged his cock into me once more, holding himself inside as ropes of cum shot into my womb, filling me up with his hot fluids. He exhaled deeply kissing my face lightly collapsing beside me, still lodged inside my cummy pussy. He wrapped his arms around me exhaustively and murmured softly into my ear. “This is a start to a beautiful relationship Princess.”

And I nodded in agreement. It was and will continue to be as such.

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