Casual Sex with a Public Figure by Violetsimbi,Violetsimbi

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One night stand that led to attachment.

658 words

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It all started after i got this job at this hospital as a medical social worker. My work was to conduct ward rounds, capture the social history of patients upon admissions and waive those with financial constraints. My first few weeks were boring since we were a few new girls recruited to this task. My colleagues got noticed by the doctors but as for me it wasn’t working out well.

There was this trend where the patients who required waiving went through their politicians for help. These politicians would first negotiate with the hospital administrator then come to our office to air their grievances.

This particular day, i was left alone in the office. This mature good looking guy came into our office and asked me to process for him a waiver receipt as he had been sent by the hospital administrator. Through the social investigations i had conducted by interviewing him, i realized he was a politician. So i helped him, coordinated the waiver with the nurses in charge, got the patient ready to be discharged and now it was time for them to leave.

The guy called me a side and offered to buy me lunch. Being single and in my early twenties, i accepted the offer. We exchanged numbers and he did send me some cash.

Later that week, he had a meeting at the county assembly which was just next to the hospital where i worked. He called me and asked me out. Being a friday evening i was very ready to spend the rest of the evening out. Truth be told, i love money and having fun.

The guy came and picked me up in his four wheel vehicle. off we went.

After dining, he asked me to spend the night with him. I never hesitated. We booked and room and off we went. I was keeping it all official but he on the other hand decided to play out of character.

He started touching me and asking me all sorts of questions about me. His hands around me made me so uncomfortable. I couldn’t even understand the flow of the conversation.

The tension was high but he was already all over me. kissing me, lifting up my dress. He asked me to hug him. i hugged him tightly, feeling his boney. He was so erect and his dick was so huge. I could feel it through his trousers. By this time, i was so horny,y pussy was wet and craving for some dick.

I decided to let myself enjoy the moment. i felt his fingers reach out for my panties. He could feel my juices on my panties. He unzipped my skirt quickly, pulled my panty down and started playing with my clit with his fingers.

The least i could do was to open my legs a little bit wider for him. His lips were so good for kissing. i slowly unbuttoned his shirt and had a feeling of his chest. i continued to the belt and down i pulled his trousers. i couldn’t wait any longer. i needed him inside me.

I took his dick by my hand and started rubbing it on my wet pussy. He was so excited and he too was hungry for it. He slipped the dick in my pussy. it was so big that i felt it ripping me apart. it was a painful pleasure moment.

I had gone for long without sex. This was one of the best encounters so far. We went for a couple of rounds. after that we all reached climax, mixed our juices and we were sweaty. we jumped into the shower and extended some moments under the shower.

After that we parted ways. Being a public figure this was a casual encounter. i lived to eye for a day it would happen again but he became too busy to be found. By this time, i had started falling in love.

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