Clementina, Chapter 7 – Goddess & Afterward by JackDRipper

A literotic sexstories: Clementina, Chapter 7 – Goddess & Afterward by JackDRipper ,

Slime, tentacles, strange body modifications, gender fluidity, supernatural beings, caves, pink stalks, gargoyles, lots of sex…there has been no lack of action since Clementina first seduced Russel in the crawlspaces under her house. But where has all this led? Is there a happy ending in here somewhere?

This is Chapter 7, containing only part XXX, which is the conclusion. There is a brief author’s afterward at the end, so stick around. If you found the ending bewildering, be sure to read the afterward.

The usual reminders apply that this is partly a horror story (though there really isn’t much horror in this last part), and that the story takes liberties with the genders.

Thanks for coming along on this ride. Enjoy!

Clementina, Chapter 7 – Goddess


The room glowed purple as the tentacles lowered me to the ground. Another pillar of light appeared at the far end of the room opposite the door.

Makala took my mother’s hand and led her to the pillar of light, placing her next to it, almost inside it.

A soft, feminine voice called out from the light.

“Earth,” it said. Makala stood next to the light.

“Water,” it called next. Alura took Makala’s hand.

“Sky,” the voice said. Bathory took the other two spirits’ hands and they formed a circle around the light and my mother. Slowly they began a rhythmic dance around the light pillar and my mom, moving this way and that, twisting and shaking. A hum began to fill the room.

Then suddenly they stopped. The light had turned bright purple and engulfed my mother. The three spirits dropped their hands, stepped two steps backwards and slipped to their knees, pressing their foreheads to the floor and bowing in supplication front of the pillar.

There was a long pause, then a woman – my mother – stepped out but she was transformed. She still had the full phallite features – heavy chest, narrow waist, full hips – but her tentacle labia were gone, replace with the typical phallite thick labia, and she sported a meaty cock instead of a clitoris. She was heavily adorned in gold jewelry and purple jewels all over her body – her ears were pierced up and down the lobes, her nose, her eyebrows too. She had jewelry wrapped around her biceps, hips, ankles. She wore bangles on her wrists, along with pierced nipples, pierced labia, pierced cock, etc. Everywhere you looked there was gold or violet gems.

From the slime at her feet, a light phallite climbed her leg and her body, coming to rest on her shoulder.

She moved and stood in front of me.

“My son, you are the One,” she said. Not a question, a statement.

I nodded. “Mom? Who are you?” I asked.

“I have many names,” she replied. “Perhaps the one you may be most familiar with is Gaia.”

“Wow,” I heard Clementina say from behind me.

I had never been in the presence of a true god or goddess before. I knelt on one knee and bowed my head. Gaia laughed a high lilting laugh that was beautiful, like the sound of birdsong on a sunny spring morning.

“Oh please,” she said, smiling. “Stand up. None of this silliness. I’m still your mother.”

“As you wish,” I said, climbing to my feet. “How long have you known…I mean…what the fuck?”

“I knew nothing until you touched the Sigil of the One. Then I knew everything. Things in your, our, world – and in the world to which you are now bound – have changed. I will leave it to you to see the new world waiting for you outside. But know this – I am grateful. Were it not for you and your quest-mates, the part of me that is Gaia would have eventually died from what our people are doing. And with Gaia, would have gone the planet, and everything on it. And everything in the bubble universes tied to ours. It would have been catastrophic.”

She held out her arms and we embraced.

“With the unlocking of the final door, a curse has been lifted on the phallites. They will no longer kill men who take one on,” Gaia said.

“Will men become like that statue in the main chamber leading to the house?” I asked.

“Men and women will become what they were meant to become. If a man is truly a man inside, yes. If he is actually female in his soul, he will become so. If he is somewhere in between, he will become what he truly is if he takes on a phallite. That was what the phallites were really for, to let you become your true self, until humans screwed things up.”

“Thank you,” I said, resisting the temptation to bow.

“But there is one final thing to be done before we leave this room.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

Gaia took my hand and led me back to where the pink tentacles hung down below the switch I had thrown. The tentacles slipped down around Gaia, slipping under her knees and under her arms, lifting her slightly off the ground. They pulled her legs apart, revealing the thick labia between her thighs and a heavy cock that was coming to attention and rising up between her pendulous breasts.

“I need your seed inside me,” Gaia said.

I stammered. “I…I’ve never had sex with a deity…”

“Oh come on,” she laughed and chided. “I’m still your mother.”

She reached up and gently pulled my face down to hers and we kissed. Her kiss was intense, electric, amazing. I felt it through every inch of my being. My cock, which had been flagging, raced to attention, pressing hard between our tits and against Gaia’s thick member as well. I felt my asshole and my cunt gape open, my sheaths slide slickly out. I felt Gaia’s sheaths slip against my leg as she prolapsed out as well.

“Oh wow,” I said as we pulled back. “That was intense.”

“Get inside me,” Gaia murmured, squeezing one of her breasts with one hand, and stroking her hard cock with the other. “Fuck me.”

I slipped the gaping tip of my sliming, pulsating, purple cock all the way down the underside of her hard meat, pulled aside her thick, purple, slimy lobes, and slid my shaft into the goddess Gaia’s – my mother’s – deep purple cunt.

She moaned. “That’s it. All the way in. Tighten those muscles. I want everything you’ve got. Fuck me.”

I pushed deep inside her and tightened all the muscles in my cock. I expected at any second the end of my cock would erupt from the goddess’s mouth, but she took it all. I wasn’t sure how that was physically possible for her to take everything I had inside of her – but she was a goddess and I was just a mortal. Who was I to question? Instead, I just fucked.

Our breasts and hips shook as I rammed my meat in and out of Gaia’s waiting cunt. I leaned down and we kissed again, our pendulous breasts pressing against each other, thick phallite milk pouring from long, hard erect nipples topping wide aureoles. Gaia’s long, hard meat was squeezed between our four tits and thick globs of purple slime and semen slid out. I leaned down and planted my lips on the goddess’s nipple. Her licorice-tinged milk was even sweeter and more intoxicating than our phallite milk. I moaned as I drank voraciously, still keeping up the pace with my hips even as I sucked greedily at Gaia’s milk-engorged breasts.

My own tits were gushing milk on their own.

I felt something press against my asshole and glanced around. A swarm of pink tentacles had slid down from the ceiling of the chamber and two heavy, thick stalks were poised outside my ass. A second later they pushed inside, stretching my hole wide and pressing deep into me. Another thick tentacle slipped into my cunt. Against my cock inside Gaia I felt yet another pair of meaty tentacles slide into her asshole and press against my meat.

I realized I had slowed my pace when Gaia poked me in the chest.

“Come on,” she said. “You’re the One. I need your seed inside me to finish this. Get busy.”

I reached down, we kissed again, then I slammed my cock inside her hard. She gave me encouragement and I began pounding my gargantuan meat in and out of Gaia’s cunt. The feeling was intense, it was as if all the energy on the planet was focused on my meat and Gaia’s vagina. Every stroke felt like an earthquake.

Slime poured from our orifices and around my heavy cock buried inside her. I ramped up the pace even harder, my stomach bouncing against the underside of her cock, our tits bouncing against each other, our hips shaking.

The thick tentacles inside my cunt and asshole expanded, stretching my holes wider than I had ever experienced. It was incredible – slightly painful but unbelievably pleasurable.

Inside, I felt something tighten and knew I was close. Gaia felt it too.

“Finish this!” she commanded.

I gave one, two, three tremendous thrusts and I came, unloading thick slime and seed into the goddess Gaia’s endless cunt. She moaned and threw her head back, heavy loads of milk pouring from her breasts and long, ropy threads of semen gushed from her cock between our four tits. My own body poured out milk, slime, and come.

I had never come the way I came into Gaia. I felt pulse after pulse of my juice pour into her body, overflowing her seemingly bottomless hole and pouring out her cunt around my cock, gushing down my thighs. The purple jewels that adorned Gaia’s body glowed bright. It was the most earth shattering orgasm I had ever experienced.

“Oh wow,” my mother said after a moment. She lifted her head and we kissed. “I guess sex with mommy just got upped another notch.”

“Hell yeah,” I whispered back.

When we had recovered, Gaia stood and turned to the rest of the crew who had been watching silently.

“Thank you,” she said. “What you have done for humanity is exceptional. You should be proud of yourselves. You have reset the clock on the world’s destruction and unleashed a tide of silliness and happiness on the planet. It would be hard for folks to fuck things up at this point, even humans.

“Each of you now has a choice. Option A is to stay the way you are, biologically. You are all now different from everyone else. You have become spirits or demigods like Alura, Bathory and Makala. You have an eternity of beautiful life ahead of you, but you are not human nor will you ever be human again. Unless…

“Option B, if you want, we can turn you back into what you were before this adventure began. You can then leave and slip anonymously back into the stream of normal human life. Nobody ever need know you were part of this. However, if you choose this option, you will also lose the long life and health that comes with your current forms.

“Each of you needs to decide this, and soon.”

“Hold up,” Olympia said. “Why would I ever want to go back?”

“Yeah, really,” said Ona.

“Seriously,” Clementina said.

Gaia looked at the group before her. “Does anyone want to go back?”

There was a long silence, then my grandmother spoke up. “To the contrary, I want to thank all of you, and in particular Roshele, Clementina, and Eva…or Gaia, for this adventure and this new body.”

There were quiet murmurs of assent.

Gaia smiled. “Wise decision. Then let’s go. Your world has changed. Your home has changed. Your life has changed. Enjoy!”

“Party time!” my grandmother said.

As we turned to go, I tapped my mother/Gaia on the shoulder.

“Um, just out of curiosity…” I started.


“Well, um, I mean, it used to be that when you and I… know…it used to usually be back there. But this time you insisted it was up front. I was just curious if, now that you’re a goddess, if things have changed.”

My mother/Gaia smiled. “The One had to put his seed in Gaia’s womb to rebirth the Earth, it was all ceremony. Don’t worry, now that’s done we can return to ‘party in the back’. And now that I’ve got a big, real cock like you, I will be returning the favor.”

“I can’t wait,” I replied.

She winked at me and slapped my ass, then turned and shook her purple anal sheath at me, being a tease.

Some things never change. Thankfully.

* * * *

[Meanwhile…on the television…]

“I’d like ‘Science Trivia’ for a thousand.”

“The answer is ‘This part of the human body is used primarily for repro…’”

Screen goes blank. Long silence. Queue ‘ABC News’ theme music.

“We are interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you startling news on a global scale. Thirty minutes ago, gigantic purple clouds appeared over world capitals, global financial centers, and other key population centers.

“Concurrent with the appearance of the clouds, many of these cities have undergone startling, even shocking changes. Cars have vanished from urban roadways, to be replaced by trains and trolleys in many locales. Some buildings have transformed into strange Gothic, almost medieval structures.

“Fossil fuel plants around the world have vanished, and hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, and other energy sources have popped up. Around the world, gasoline-powered vehicles have either vanished or transmuted into electrics except in the cases of heavy-duty transports like tractor trailers. The worlds carbon footprint has been cut by at least 75% in less than an hour.

“Armies in non-defensive postures have had their weapons vanish, only to be placed in the hands of the rightful defenders. Nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons have simply disappeared.

“Meanwhile, reports are coming in from all quarters of the appearance of mythical creatures. Elves were spotted buying souvenirs in Times Square. A bat-winged hominid was seen flying above Miami, only to land on the beach and begin sun-bathing. A troop of angry unicorns and ogres was reportedly circling the Kremlin.

“And in the southeast US, a gigantic castle has appeared on a farm in southern Georgia. This castle seems to be the locus of this change of events, but no word has come from that quarter, except a cryptic note that just read ‘You’re welcome. Please try not to [expletive] things up this time.’

“We will continue to monitor this situation and bring further updates as events warrant. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.”

Long silence.

“And our Final Jeopardy category is…Sexual Perversions! Clue after this!”

* * * *

As we emerged into the newly transformed world, the evening sky was full of purple clouds, many of which seemed to be racing this way or that.

The barn was different, it was larger and more spacious. Outside, surrounding the property, a huge castle wall had appeared, and our house had grown larger – taking on a gothic architectural style.

The gates to the castle were open, and lurking in the archway were several creatures. One was a large unicorn, another an elfin woman, a third a creature that looked like a werewolf or something like that, and the fourth was a small, pint-sized fairy flying through the air.

“Wow,” I said.

“Anybody up for a party?” my grandmother called. The creatures in the doorway nodded, and trotted into the courtyard. There were more creatures behind them. Just about anything you could name was there. A bigfoot-like creature, several more elves, a pegasus, a half-dressed vampire girl, lots of others. Into the castle courtyard they streamed.

From the Citadel, which stood off one side of the courtyard, the gar-girls swooped down to join the party, and from the direction of the barn, Princess Rosie appeared. Everybody was coming out. Music began pouring from hidden speakers somewhere in the courtyard. The party was definitely getting underway.

I had lost track of my mother and Clementina as the courtyard filled up, but Makala appeared by my side.

“Wow,” I said. “The way this turned out is unexpected.”

“If I had told you this was how it ended, would you have believed me?” she asked.

“Probably not,” I answered.

On the castle ramparts, I spotted my mother – Gaia – and Clementina watching the sun set. I joined them.

Us three – the saviors of our world and all those connected to it – stood arm-in-arm in loving silence watching the red sun under the purple clouds disappear below the horizon. None of us said anything. There was nothing more to be said. We were just happy to be there, in each other’s arms, at the very beginning of the ever after.

You know, the ever after…

As in…

They lived happily ever after.


* * * *


(Note that this afterward was originally written in the summer of 2022 when this story lived on another site from which it has since been removed. I made a few edits to the final version of the story I posted to XNXX, so the word counts below aren’t exactly perfect, but they are still in the ballpark.)

Thank you for reading this story and coming on this journey with me. I hope that you found the ending to be a satisfying conclusion to this long strange trip.

Clementina started in January 2021, eighteen months ago. I never expected it would last as long as it has, and I didn’t foresee every twist and turn it would take.

A lot has changed in the world since Clementina first seduced our protagonist in the crawlspaces under her house. I hope everyone of you is safe, healthy, and protected.

So…about that ending…

In planning this story out, I basically had three possible endings in mind. One ending was recursive, where they unlock the last door, pull a switch, and suddenly they are back at the beginning with Clementina calling Eva to have Russel come over and look at her plumbing – in a sort of time loop.

The second ending was a super-dark, they-pull-the-switch-and-it’s-the-end-of-time ending. When I was writing the first three chapters, that was my preferred ending.

The third ending was what I considered the “silly” ending, which is the one I used. The idea to include Gaia came in later, and it became a little less silly, but it remains the more whimsical ending. I chose to go with this ending mainly because the world is so full of terrible things right now, I figured everyone could use a fun, silly, happy ending rather than something dark or indecisive. I hope you agree.

This is an interesting little world I have just created and I may decide to revisit it someday in the future. I also may explore some of the other bubbles of the multiverse. But for now, I think Clementina and the gang need some personal time.

Finally, if you want to geek out, here are some interesting rough word count statistics:

Chapter 1, Parts 1 – 7: 33,900 words

Chapter 2, Parts 8 – 12: 24,900 words

Chapter 3, Parts 13 – 17: 24,300 words

Chapter 4, Parts 18 – 21: 15,500 words

Chapter 5, Parts 22 – 25a: 21,700 words

Chapter 6, Parts 26 – 30: 18,300 words

Chapter 7, Part 31: 2,700 words


To put that in perspective, Clementina is slightly longer than Tolkien’s “The Return of the King”.

Thank you again for reading this story. I love you all dearly.

Peace out.

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