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A literotic sexstories: DINNER_(2) by Oldbutyoungatbheart ,

by Oldbutyoungatbheart

Fantasy, Bondage and restriction, Masturbation

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Posted Sat 27th of May 2017

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Okay second posting for me hpe you enjoy

In the still early hours of the evening you have your night of enjoyment planned and everything is setup. We had an early dinner that you prepared it special knowing I would devour it all. You had a small amount of sleeping powder in the mix and a Viagra as well. With the meal consumed we settled on to the sofa to cuddle and relax and not long after I was out. You cleared away the furniture and laid a blanket on the floor. Next you stripped me of my clothes taking time to excite me a bit but not to get carried away. You knew if I was excited a few times my load in my sac would be far greater than normal and you wanted a large load tonight. You rolled me into the middle of the blanket face up. Placed a blindfold on my head and then using ropes secured to the furniture you bound me to them spread eagle on the floor. Off you go to prepare yourself because when I awoke I would be yours for the using.

Sometime later I awaken and when I try to remove the blindfold I can’t, I try to roll over and realize I am bound and as I wonder what you are up to I hear your footsteps come into the room. The sound a little off, not your normal shoes or cowboy boots but solid. My mind goes into overdrive as I recall a comment I made about you could do anything to me in those boots…THOSE BOOTS!!! Oh my god how sexy and great you looked in them, how they hugged your calf’s and made me want to kiss you all over. You snicker and say. “My, my what a predicament we have here, all tied up and can’t move. I think I am going to have fun now.” You walk over and standing over me you squat, I smell your sex that pungent aroma that drives me wide. You lower it down brushing my nose and I reach out with my tongue hungering to taste and pleasure you. I manage to swab your lips and tickle your clit a little and then you rise. You reach out and run your fingers down my body pinching my nipples and slowly reach my stiffening cock. Several strokes later you decide it was time for your pleasure. You position yourself over my shaft and lower your wet, pulsating vagina onto me. Once you have me all the way inside you reach your clit and rub it slowly at first then faster and faster. Your juices are flowing down my hardness and at just the right moment your pinch your clit and a small orgasm takes over your body. When your shuddering subsides, you rise and depart leaving me in a rather excited state. You go to the kitchen and grab the small cucumber and wash it and grab a dish towel and return to me. You look at me and decide to sit on my chest, lean over and kiss me rather softly at first then more passionately finally thrusting your tongue into my mouth and running your hands over my head while pushing the blindfold off. You remembered that I loved the picture of you in the blue bra and a sheer white top from Christmas light pics. When I look at your legs you have on the boots I love. Your smile says it all – you are taking me up on my comment and I smile even bigger when you slide your pussy up to my shin just letting me lick from the bottom of your outer lips and just up to your clit. I lean my head as far forward as I can and start to feast on you until you slide back down my chest look at me and shake your head whispering not yet big guy. I see you lean over to the side and pull out the cucumber. A devious smile comes across your lovely lips and you take the cucumber and rub it around my face and then drag it down my body to wear your vagina sits on me It isn’t bigger than 7 inches long but narrow and VERY firm. You rise a bit and start rubbing your pussy with it all the while watching my eyes, whisper to me, what should I do now…. I swallow and say use it… shove it in your pussy and let me suck and eat it out. You knew I would say this and while watching my eyes you slip it inside yourself. My eyes get large as it disappears all but about an inch. Once it is in you tell me to be good to you and I may get some relief as well, but if I am bad I will suffer a long time. Now you slip up my body and place your vagina over my mouth once again. You tease me a lot lowering and then rising just out of my reach until I finally manage to get the end of the veggie and slowly suck it part way out of you. Then you put your full weight on my face driving it back inside, wiggle a bit then rise again. Some how I managed to keep hold of the cucumber but I know what you want so I slip my head up and shove it back in again. Over and over I repeat, shoving it in and my nose striking your clit. Finally, your legs give out as your body convulses in orgasm you fall to the side and shake in bliss. I managed to hold on to the cucumber and when I see you watching me I crunch on the veggie slowly eating it and your cum at the same time. My hard cock is stand straight and my balls are aching for relief My hips are rising in involuntary thrusts, begging for release… Once you have calmed down you leave to let me do the same After 10 minutes or so you return seeing me laying there you decide you can’t wait and slip between my legs and leaning forward you lick my cock and then blew your cool sweet breath across it. Once again, I am like steel and with glazed eyes you crawl up place your fantastically wet puss over me and lower your body on to me. Slowly agonizingly slowly you slip down my hard cock until I am fully inside your furnace like tunnel. You lean down and kiss me deeply all the while working your hips up and down rubbing your clit on my shaft. When you feel the beginnings of your orgasm you whisper in my ear – “cum, cum in me NOW”!!! I thrust my hips once, twice and on the third stroke my juices come rushing from my sac and out the end of my shaft flooding you completely. You feel the heat of me orgasm enter you and it triggers your climax as well. Both of us continue to thrash about the floor for what seems like hours but is less than a couple of minutes moaning and groaning the whole time. You realize finally my arms are around you and my legs have you trapped between them. A little giggle escapes you and then we both start laughing for the ropes held but the furniture didn’t. You have fulfilled another of my fantasies and I can hardly wait to try to make one of yours come true. maybe that new lady you work with who keeps staring at your ass when you bend over will help?

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