How Diana Overcame Her Shyness Ch. 04 by zenmackie


Diana's story continues. , CHAPTER FOUR

Diana had been half-hoping, half-terrified that after her last words James would have simply pushed her back onto the floor or thrown her onto the bed, spreading her legs and taking her roughly like the slave-girl she had become.

But she should have known better. Although obviously very much aroused by her words, James spent a long moment just looking into her eyes, considering, before nodding slowly and saying, “All right, Diana.”

He stepped away from her and rummaged through his dresser drawer, eventually coming up with a condom. Then he returned to stand in front of her, the huge bulge in his pants practically in her face, and said, “Take it out, slave.”

Diana didn’t hesitate; her hands flew to his belt and in no time she had unfastened and unzipped his pants and pulled them down, along with his underwear. James stepped out of them, along with the beat-up old sneakers he’d been wearing, and pushed them aside with his foot as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it onto the bed. Diana, almost by habit now, replaced her hands behind her back.

James made her wait a few moments, leaving her to stare at the huge, erect cock in front of her. She wanted so badly to kiss it, to take it into her mouth; but no, good little slave-girls waited to be told what to do. Finally James unwrapped the condom and then showed her how to put it on him, his hands over hers as she unrolled it down the length of his shaft.

“Good girl,” he said, lifting her to her feet and taking her in his arms once more. He kissed her deeply, his tongue probing her mouth and his hands roaming her body. His latex-covered cock felt odd against her stomach but strangely exciting.

Then James pulled back and looked into her eyes, asking silently if she was ready. Diana managed the slightest of nods. James then sat down in his chair and, taking her by the hips, led her forward so that she was straddling his lap, his cock directly beneath her. Then slowly, slowly, he guided her downward until the tip of his cock was pressing against her pussy lips.

He looked into her eyes and asked the silent question one more time. But Diana simply continued to lower herself onto his shaft, feeling the head pushing into her pussy.


There was some pain and discomfort, and for a moment Diana worried that she might be too small. But she began rocking her hips slowly back and forth as she descended, her mouth falling open and her eyes closing of their own accord as she felt him filling her up.

Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh…! He was inside her! She had his cock inside her!

And it felt…amazing. It felt…wonderful.

Diana opened her eyes. James was looking at her, as she’d known he would be, making sure she was all right. But looking into his eyes while he was inside her sent electricity surging through her; it was as if a circuit had been opened and the energy was flowing from his eyes into hers, down her spine and directly to her pussy. Then out again and back through his eyes and into hers, over and over.

His hands were still on her hips and Diana felt him urging her slowly upward. She moaned as she rested her hands on his shoulders and raised herself, feeling his cock withdraw, and then moaned again as she sank back down onto his shaft, taking it almost all the way in this time, and was thrilled to hear James release a short grunt of pleasure as she did so.

“Am I doing it right?”, she whispered, and received his nod in return. She raised and lowered herself on him once more, a little faster. Ohhh… It felt so good! Again, faster, and then again…and again. She could not get enough of feeling his cock fill her up, over and over, of feeling her pussy stretch and moisten to receive him.

“Mmmmm…” she heard James moan, and moaned again in response. Her thigh muscles were already beginning to ache with the unaccustomed effort but she didn’t care.

Faster. She was now almost dropping herself onto his shaft, loving the feel of him shoving into her like that. She kissed James hungrily, her mouth open and her tongue probing.

Faster. Oh god, yes, faster.

Oh, and there it was, she could feel it gathering deep down inside of her, ready to erupt. Her legs were shaking as she forced herself up and let herself drop, faster and faster, her head now thrown back as she gasped. “Uh!… Uh!… Uh!…”

James had his head thrown back as well, his hips now thrusting up to meet hers, his breath hissing through his teeth.

And then, almost simultaneously: “AHHHHHHhhhhhhh…”

Diana felt her pussy spasming and squeezing his cock as it throbbed inside of her. She managed to keep going for a few more thrusts but was quickly overwhelmed by her orgasm; she collapsed onto him one more time and then rested her head on his shoulder as she groaned and shuddered with pleasure.

A moment later she felt James resting his head on her shoulder as well and heard his gasping breaths close to her ear. Little by little they both settled, their breaths slowing and quieting. Diana wanted to just melt into a puddle on the floor. But more than that she wanted James to tell her that she had done well, that she had pleased him.

That she was a good girl.

She waited for him to raise his head from where it still rested on her shoulder and speak to her, feeling his cock subside within her and begin to slide out, his breathing quiet and steady. “Sir?” she whispered. No response. “James?” she said, a touch more loudly.


She raised her head and turned it, as best she could, to look at James. His head rose and fell gently in time with her breathing; his eyes were closed.

And Diana realized that he was asleep.

Of course, Diana thought to herself. He’d been up for two nights in a row already and had obviously used his last stores of energy just now. Diana began to gently shake him by the shoulders but then stopped.

That’s not what a good little slave-girl would do, she thought to herself.

Instead she eased him back so that he slumped against the back of his chair, his head lolling to one side, then used her aching legs to rise to her feet, reaching down as she did so to grasp and remove the condom from his now delicate-looking cock and toss it into a nearby wastebasket. She removed everything from his bed and turned the covers back. Then she took his hands and tugged them so that he half-shuffled, half-fell into his bed, muttering unintelligibly as she tucked his feet in and pulled the covers up to his chest.

A moment later he was sound asleep again.

Diana was leaving for home tomorrow – Today, she realized, glancing at the clock on his desk. She wanted to leave him a note saying all the things she was thinking and feeling right now, but she was exhausted as well and couldn’t get the words to appear in her mind. And she hadn’t spoken with him for so long before this night that she had no idea what his summer plans were. They might not see each other until fall – if James even wanted to see her, she thought to herself. She had asked for this; there was absolutely no understanding between them, no relationship other than their shared history.

I should just go, she told herself, and when we see each other in the fall we’ll just be friends again.

The thought saddened her immensely. And then she thought: No.

She dressed quickly…but she left her panties on the floor. Then, picking them up, she went over to James’ desk and quietly rummaged through the top drawer until she found a black marker. Placing her panties on the desktop she wrote across the front of them:



Then she turned them over and wrote the same words across the back:



Replacing the marker in the desk and carefully shutting the drawer, she took her newly-inscribed panties and knelt down next to the bed. James was now fully asleep, his breathing slow and deep. Diana carefully spread her panties out on the blanket above his chest, then grasped his hands and raised them to his chest as well, gently curling his fingers around the elastic of her panties.

Then she kissed him lightly on the mouth, whispered, “I’m your little slave-girl, Sir,” and was gone.




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Oh, wait until he wakes up and claims her as his own!

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