Wife first time with a dog 2 by Kevinpainkiller


Daughter gets caught and gets mom to join , The next morning as I get up I notice the sun is up and the girls are in the kitchen eating breakfast and apollo is laying under the table licking my wife's feet which are sensitive and makes her horny if played with. I set down to eat and as I am eating I notice Becca is dressed in her panties and bra and my darling wife is wearing her white teddy so I'm dressed in baggy night shorts and as I look across the table I see becca's nipples and they are hard. My wife catches me staring at becca's tits and smiles then I feel her hand in my lap. Startled I look at her and she says she is going to give becca some of her clothes to sleep in I say great.

Becca says that she didn't have much time to get stuff barely able to grab her meds the dog food and some clothes, I tell her not to worry as her mom can take her shopping and I didn't mind her wearing what she had on my wife says don't mind him he wishes I would run around naked all the time not when its just us. Becca then says just pretend she's not here and do whatever we usually do as its our house and she doesn't want to be a problem.

As Becca get up from the table I get my first look at her ass and I must say she has a nice one. My wife says get used to your dad looking at you and she says her husband liked showing her off so she's used to guys looking and kind of likes it. My wife says she doesn't mind me looking and if she wants she can go naked around the house.

Becca just rolls her eyes and says mom if she went naked dad would be hard all the time Kim says so how is that a problem. Then she laughed and says don't forget your dog which is now getting up and following becca towards her room

As she disappears into her room my wife gets up and moves in front of me and reaches to my crotch and says I guess it's a good thing she left before you got up or she would have seen your cock sticking out and I don't know if I could have stopped her from sucking it right here in the kitchen. I get to my feet and lower my pants and look at my wife and say you can suck my cock right now Kim looks down the hall and says what if Becca walks in I smile and say if she walks in she can suck it too.

After cumming in kims mouth I help her to her feet and head to take a shower as I pass becca's room I hear her moaning and keep walking thinking to myself she is a hot little bitch thinking she is masterbaiting. I shower and let Kim know I'm heading for town and will be gone for several hours.

Kim heads to take a shower and as she is going down the hall she hears sounds comming from becca's room and slowly opens the door just to check on her when she sees Becca naked on all fours with her back to the door and apollo standing on his hind legs and his cock in her mouth humping away at her face and her pussy leaking cum down her legs.

Kim can't look away and starts fingering her cunt standing there watching her daughter suck the dogs dick and moaning like a slut Kim slowly steps inside the room and as she moves closer she can see the dog cock sliding in and out of her daughter's mouth looking to be about ten inches long and red and fatal she sees her daughter holding the knot which is the size of a lemon and her daughter is letting the dog cock deep throat her as she moans with juices running down her chin.

Kim drops to her knees and moves over to Becca she reaches out with her free hand and pinches becca's nipples, becca's eyes fly open but she doesn't stop sucking. The dog let's out a howl and stops moving with half his cock in her mouth he starts cumming and Becca reaches up and starts playing with his balls after what seemed like forever she let's his cock slide out of her mouth she swallows and looks at her mom and says let me recover and I'll explain everything.

They both head for showers and when they finnish they meet in the kitchen and Kim pours them both drinks extra strong and Becca takes a sip then speaks saying that it what split them up as he (her husband) had walked in on her much the same way as her mom had and he couldn't handle it. After all the dog was better. Then she says that her mom needs to try the dog and if she wants to she will help her. Kim says that she is still sore from fucking dad but maybe if she can figure out how to make it look like an accident then maybe it would be hot but then they need to occupy her dad so he can catch her and hopefully join in

So they start working on a plan. Kim says that Becca needs to get her dad to fuck her while I fuck the dog. They continue to put the details together and start drinking wine as they don't want to get drunk mom suggest they watch a porn movie together after dinner and that way her dad will be horny and they can get him involved and to make sure we set on each side of him on the couch and to make sure apollo is In the room. Now that they have a plan they both take naps as it will be a long night.

Dinner goes off without a hitch and as they mix drinks they go and change clothes dad grabs a shower, they meet back in the living room both women have robes on and dad is wearing a pair of worn baggy shorts that are see thru he grabs a bourbon and coke and the girls grab wine they start the video and it's about two women and a black guy.



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