Cat Fight 27 The Last_(0) by pars001

A literotic sexstories: Cat Fight 27 The Last_(0) by pars001 ,

The mission is complete”


tinton – 2 1/2 seconds

specton – 2 1/2 minutes

Toton – 2 1/2 hours

minton – 2 1/2 days

daycon – 2 1/2 weeks

Malant – 2 1/2 months

quant – 2 1/2 years

galant – 2 1/2 centuries

Metson – 2 1/2 inches

maclon – 2 1/2 feet

heckson – 2 1/2 miles

tetson – 2 1/2 acres

unit – 2 1/2 ccs

Tac – 2 1/2 pounds

Mayan Terms

p’uchik – spank

nohchil – Chief

Ahau – King

k’aat – Claim

k’iimil – Death

taak’in – gold


Bill Axor (AKA Ambrose) – Lion clan, Cit-Chac-Coh

King Tomco Traxor – Bill’s dead father, Lion clan

King Tobias Traxor – Bill’s dead brother, Lion clan

Queen Trianna Axor – Bill’s dead mother, Lion clan of Mandria

Queen Niaco Traxor – Tiger clan, Tobias mate, now Bill’s

Twitty Glax – Grey Tabby clan, bill’s body guard and mate

Glenna Nox – Bengal clan, Bill’s body guard and mate

Mikos Glac – Chartreux clan

Skylos – Commander of star cruiser – Wire hair clan

Henna Glac – Chartreux clan, Mikos mate, Xendran Doctor

Theta Panadon – Cheetah clan

Cornelius Glax – one of Bill’s Uncles, Grey Tabby clan

Conrad Nox – Bill’s other Uncle Bengal clan

Assassin group – Jaguar clan

Second assassin group – Ocicat clan

Typree Maxor – Sub King of Mandria, Lion clan

Adina Maxor – Paladin Princess of Xendra, Sub-princess of Mandria, Lion clan

Timora – The great mother of the feline people, mate of first tribal leader

Hippacamp – Timora’s father, father of modern Xendran doctors

Kindra – First Queen of the Realm


General Roth – Leopard clan

Gregor – Cougar clan

Gwayne – Panther clan

Thomas – Lynx clan

Paladins – Female Knights

Wrena – Leopard clan, Roth’s mate

Cetana – Cougar clan, Gregor’s mate

Dawney – Panther clan, Gwayne’s mate

Mileen – Lynx clan, Thomas’s mate


Ambrose and his party moved swiftly back into the boundaries of Tikal. As they approached the king and his men the king breathed a sigh of relief.

“We are glad to see you back amongst us Lord. Many of the men were afraid that you might have abandoned us and our city. I assured them that you had a plan to save most of the city. It didn’t help that you were gone as long as you were Lord.” The king told them.

Ambrose nodded then stood before them, “as I said before I am here for a few more of your days. I intend to save as many of the city as I can. If I could I would be here to battle your enemies with you. I am afraid this I cannot do, the others have plans for this city. Fight and die well Warriors of the great city of Tikal.”

A great cheer went up from all those there as they started to chant Cit-Chac-Coh as Ambrose and his party moved off toward the city it’s self.

“Skylos?” Ambrose said when they were out of ear shot of the king and the warriors. “Are we close yet?”

“Almost there sire, shouldn’t be more than another specton or two. I have repaired all I can the ship’s auto is finishing the rest.” Skylos replied.

“We need to get going as soon as possible. I might have gained us another half minton though I’m not sure. I’ll be glad to be moving them again.” Ambrose told Skylos.

“Yes sire I understand,” Skylos said then there was a hissing coming from further back from the com. “I have to go it appears that the others are anxious to get going also.”

Suddenly in the background Ambrose heard Twitty yelling, “Skylos! We have work to do! I do not intend to stay here the rest of my life. Who are you talking to?”

“As I said sire I have to go.” Skylos replied.

“Sire?” Ambrose heard Twitty yell. “Mate,” Twitty said as she snatched the com from Skylos. “Unless you intend to stay here when this place is over run, please don’t disturb our work again!” With that the com went dead as Ambrose started to laugh.

Turning back he spoke to Roth and the rest of his knights. “It appears that we are almost ready to go again. If we can bar other break downs we should barely have enough time to complete this.”

All of them nodded as they ran to their positions, turning back toward the city Ambrose hoped they could get all of them. It was a quarter toton later that Skylos informed Ambrose that they were ready to go.

A moment later Adina walked up to Ambrose, “Cousin I know that you feel that the people would be calmer if you went. I am feeling that there is a great unrest with those that are staying and waiting. Perhaps you should speak to them. I am sure those that are going can send Hippacamp back.”

Ambrose’s eyes went wide then he was nodding in agreement with her. “I see your point Adina, I am also glad that your voice has finally returned.”

Adina was eyeing Ambrose with her eyes narrowed not sure if she could believe him or not. “I am glad also cousin, though I am not sure if I can truly believe you. I know you are not like my brother though you are a male. Please forgive me you are different yet it is hard to believe that you are that different.”

Ambrose’s face held a look of shock then he bowed to Adina who gasped in surprise. “I apologize for you having doubts cousin. I’ll try to not do that again.”

Adina was staring at Ambrose even harder it truly appeared as if he was telling the complete truth. Then a radiant smile lit upon her face. “Thank you cousin, if you can achieve that then I will do everything for you I can, always.”

Ambrose could only nod at her after her declaration. “Thank you cousin, as I said I will do all I can to not give you doubts again.”

Adina was nodding with a large smile on her face as she led Ambrose to a large clear area of the city. Looking around as they broke into the open Ambrose could only stare at Adina.

“What is this?” Ambrose said indicating the huge throng of people that were waiting there.

“I thought you might agree with me on this so I had the people converge here.” Adina told Ambrose.

Still hardly believing his eyes Ambrose thought for a few moments. “Good people of Tikal. I know you feel better when I travel with you. I also know that many who are here still have fears. I will soon send Hippacamp to help allay your fears.” A mighty roar went up as Ambrose nodded to all there.

Turning Ambrose saw that Adina had another huge smile glued to her face. “By the great feline! You are such a powerful speaker. I am so glad that you will lead the realm.”

Sighing Ambrose nodded then said, “I hope that I will, we first have to return. As you remember the last time this almost drained me.”

“I remember, though as you pointed out each time you use it, the next time you are stronger. Besides,” here she paused, “you won’t be doing more than one thing like last time.” Then almost in a whisper she said. “I pray to the great feline you aren’t required nor have to.”

Ambrose’s eyes went wide then he nodded agreement. “I am hoping also cousin; I personally don’t want to expire before I can do any good.”

Adina’s face was shocked then it held anger as she spit, “Don’t joke about that cousin! You are far stronger than father was, you’ll make it; that I am sure of.” Then she sided up to Ambrose purring, rubbing her face on his hand. “We all have to survive, you more than the rest of us.”

Ambrose watched her for a moment then pulled his had back pulling her face up. “We are all just as important, remember that. I don’t want to think that I’ll have to punish you when this is done.”

A look of shock registered on Adina’s face, “Punishment? What are you talking about cousin?”

“I learned of it while I was on earth though somewhat primitive, this seemed quite effective.” Ambrose told her.

“Primitive? You mean barbaric what was this punishment called?” Adina smirked as she replied.

“It was called a spanking though primitive I didn’t find it barbaric at all. Quite the more, at times even sexual,” Ambrose replied a huge smile on his face.

Adina still unsure pressed on, “So this punishment was a normal thing for all on earth?”

Here Ambrose smiled wider, “No it seemed to be reserved more for misbehaving children.” Ambrose’s eyes then looked more intensely at Adina.

“Cousin! I am no child I…” Adina started.

Another voice came from behind both of them startling Adina, “Hmmmm cousin a p’uchik might do well in this case.” The voice of Typree said.

Adina’s mouth dropped open as her eyes narrowed looking at her brother then flitting quickly to Ambrose. “You wouldn’t dare! I am over eighteen summers you therefore have no right even as king of our world!”

“In that respect you are right though as king of the realm, our cousin has more than the right. Besides,” here Typree’s face held a devilish grin. “You really do deserve it!”

Adina’s teeth bared as she growled at first her brother then Ambrose. “I do not deserve such…”

Ambrose had heard enough as he swiftly had Adina over his lap, pounding his flattened paw on her hind quarters. Typree had started to chuckle ’til Ambrose sent him a look that almost made his blood freeze.

Finally finished Ambrose stood Adina growling at her. “You are a princess of the realm. It’s about time you started acting like it! You can’t keep carrying on like the little child that you once were.”

Adina more embarrassed than hurt lowered her head tears falling from her eyes softly growled, “I will remember cousin, my king.” Rubbing her hind end she swiftly made her way away from the others.

Standing Ambrose turned toward Typree growling he said, “Had I not stopped you she might have committed a crime that I’d have to severely punish her for. You also are no longer a child cousin; you also need to take a mate. Alone the line cannot continue, and I for one do not want another contest to place another on the throne. I might have to kill them all.”

Typree gulped as all that his cousin had said was true. “What of Adina? It has been a full time job with her AND the kingdom.”

Ambrose’s face broke out in a large smile as he stated. “I think she won’t be a problem much longer. Take what I said to heart, find a mate when we return or would you prefer I find you one?”

“NO!” Typree quickly shouted shaking remembering years ago when Ambrose had found him a female. Still shaking he replied, “I’ll begin as soon as I return.” Typree said with a sigh.

Ambrose clapped his hand on his cousin’s back, “It will make things far easier though at times far more complicated. I am sure I’ll be finding that out as soon as all of this is over. Having a mate is much like an irritating sister only there are more benefits.”

Typree was nodding then looked at his cousin with a strange look. “Cousin you have mates yet you haven’t mated yet? By the great feline no wonder you are frustrated!”

“As I said cousin there is far too much to do at the moment to contemplate such things. Plus there is a traitor out there that needs to die as soon as possible!” Ambrose said as he growled swiping at a stone wall taking a large chunk out of it as his cat form slipped to the surface.

Typree was agreeing his eyes wide when he saw his cousin lose control a moment. “We’ll get him cousin, we’ll get him.”

Both headed toward their ships as Ambrose could see they were almost ready to go.

It was a grueling two days later as Ambrose awoke to the ship landing. At the last count they had finally gotten fifty two hundred the first day with all the repairs that had delayed them. These last two had Ambrose feeling better. As of this trip they had moved twenty eight thousand, five hundred forty. Ambrose could feel almost half of what had felt wrong finally slipping where it should be.

With a sigh Ambrose watched another load of people move onto the ship. They had almost half of those were left in the city. So many had died before they’d arrived, looking at his arm he just hoped that they had enough blood to help all of them. The last few thousand were going to have a few days to wait before they had any more.

Shaking his head he hated not using his blood nor his cousins. As he remembered his family was the only ones he knew of that had these gifts as Adina had said, or curses as Typree had said. Thinking of Adina he’d not seen much of her since her ‘lesson’ had occurred. Nothing more than an appearance each time; she appeared to be exhausted as she rendered aid to those still there.

All of his knights had told him that the surrounding armies had withdrawn a bit after his visit to them. ‘Good,’ Ambrose thought, ‘no need to kill those that kept their word.’ Then his thoughts turned to his two uncles as his blood pounded. To think that they were as jealous as they were.

This time it was Skylos that was backing away as he saw Ambrose form slip into his cat form his long claws scarring the tough inner walls of the ship. Shaking his head he knew the king was strong though not this strong.

By the end of the third day Ambrose could see that the endurance of everyone was starting to wear thin. They had just finished with their last load for that day. Ambrose nodded he could see the fatigue on all of their faces. This was going far beyond duty. They all knew what was at stake plus their sense of pride was also pushing them on.

Grabbing his com Ambrose contacted his cousin, “Cousin? We have to finish this soon.”

“We will cousin; I just hope we have enough of them to make a difference.” Typree answered. “By the way have you see Adina?> I haven’t heard from her in a few days most odd. I…”

Came Adina’s tired thoughts.

Ambrose smiled as more people started to move onboard. ”

A happy gasp from Adina made Ambrose smile more. Adina started.

Ambrose told her expecting her to question more. Un-expectantly she told him thank you then was quiet. ‘My, my,’ Ambrose thought, ‘perhaps I should have spanked her sooner.’

“Cousin,” Ambrose spoke into the com again. “We need to have more rest between shifts with everyone. None of us will be any good if we crash because we are half asleep. I want all crews to divide in half, at least eight hours of rest and sleep.”

“Good maybe they will be calmer now. Every one of them are as cranky as if they had their feline naps disturbed. I’ll tell them at once, they’ll obey knowing that you have ordered it.” Typree advised Ambrose.

“Good, I estimate we’ve moved 39,760 with all that died at the start I feel we’ve got most of them.” Ambrose relayed.

Typree sucked in his breath. “There were that many who died?”

“I’m afraid so, from all I read of this time of a city of 100,000 almost half died from a mysterious element. Then a few weeks later Tikal was attacked all its warriors defeated falling in the battle. The victors moved into an empty city, it almost made them flee the whole city having a ghostly feel to it.” Ambrose told of the history he’d learned.

“I may not have said it Sire but I am proud to be able to help bring about the beginning of our people.” Typree told his cousin.

“It’s not over yet cousin, we still have a day and at least another 11,000 people to go. We have returned a great many things to how I feel they should be. Well over seventy five percent now though there are a few important people I feel that are still missing. One of them is in our family I am afraid.”

Ambrose heard the gasp at the other end, “You still don’t know who cousin?”

“No, I have been over the family history many times, but I can’t find an answer.” Ambrose told his cousin.

The last day they worked as hard and fast as they could. Finally the last of those that were to go were on board. Everything felt like it should, or rather should have. Skylos was about to close the hatch when Ambrose stepped outside.

“Sire? Should I hold?” Skylos asked.

“Something doesn’t feel right. I need to go in the city, have the other two launch I want you in the air, but low orbit. I’ll call you in a few spectons.” Ambrose replied.

“Alright sire, though how I am going to keep your mates and knights calm is beyond me.” Skylos advised Ambrose.

Ambrose nodded as the hatch closed and the ship took to the sky. Running as fast as he could Ambrose began to search every building then groaned. It would take all day even with his speed. Changing to his full feline form Ambrose reached out hoping that he was correct about his abilities. At first he growled when he felt nothing then took off at full speed to the other side of the city.

On the far side of the city he found a small living structure. What he was feeling was inside. Bursting through the entrance way he stopped short when he saw the small little girl curled up asleep.

Walking to her Ambrose gently shook the girl whose eyes snapped open. “OOOOO a big kitty!” The little girl exclaimed throwing her arms around Ambrose’s neck.

“Why are you here? You should be with the others going to the new place.” Ambrose told her.

“I was tired so I came home to take a nap. I’m sorry mister kitty, can I still go? I won’t be bad.” The little girl told Ambrose her large eyes filling with tears.

“Oh my dear you have to go.” Ambrose told her as he scooped her up running out of the building toward the other side of the city. Already he could hear the close sounds of battle. Increasing his speed he called Skylos.

“Mate! Don’t you ever do this again!” He heard the aggravated voices of Twitty and Glenna.

Skylos set down as Ambrose approached on a run. A welcoming committee was there lifting him and the little girl on board.

Twitty and Glenna had their arms crossed staring at Ambrose as he got aboard. With the hatch closed they made for space.

“What was so important that you had to go back?” They both growled at him.

“I take it neither of you recognize the little girl I brought back with me?” Ambrose asked.

Both females softened as they looked at the child then they both shook their head no.

“She,” Ambrose said taking a big breath, “is the female half of the first of my family. Timora’s son and here are the very first of my family. So you see I couldn’t just leave her.”

All of his knights, paladins plus both his mates gasped. “Sire you mean to tell me that little girl is the first queen Kindra?” Roth said almost spell bound.

Ambrose could only smile at the looks of shock on all their faces

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