Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 02: Mr. G by profanity89

A literotic sexstories: Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 02: Mr. G by profanity89 ,

Hey All, continuing my series based on my early 20’s… Thought I’d get it all written out before I hit my 30’s. 😉 Most of the chronicles I’ll be releasing are based on real-life experience as I explored my sexual urges with other men. Again, feedback on writing is enjoyed! I love some constructive criticism.

Craigslist Chronicles: Mr. G

What can I say… Some of the keywords I’ve been using include; midnight, late, watch, chill, and hang out. It seems a lot of people on here want to hook up right while I’m at work. It seems my work breaks have become my dedicated casual encounter search time. Over the past few months, I’ve come to learn most of the CL talk and acronyms. It’s like a whole other language of blunt speech.

bi guy, horny as fuck! -29-

Bi guy here, looking to get blown. Maybe more. Maybe watch some Futurama then see where it goes? Hit me up. 28, 6′, 180, 7″ cut. Ddf. ub2. Looking for tonight, anytime after midnight.

Sitting in the break room at work with still a few hours on my shift ago, I thought I’d shoot this guy a message. It’s been a few days since Alex and I hooked up, I was craving more. Alex and I continued to text regularly, but his schedule has been pretty hectic. Ever since I first hooked up with Alex, I couldn’t help but notice a feeling of fullness returning to me periodically. Like a ghost cock, stretching my anus pushing deep into me. Sure enough, I did a bit of research online, and that’s what people actually call it. Ghost Cock. Some people, both men and women, experience it for a few weeks after their first time doing anal.

It was driving me crazy. It felt fantastic. Every time I started to feel it, I couldn’t help but image Alex thrusting into me. As the feeling faded, it left behind an urge for more. About an hour later, I finally got a reply from him. Attached to his email was also a pic of his cock. As soon as I saw it, the feeling of fullness hit me yet again like a freight train. It looked pretty similar to Alex’s, but it was a tad bit thicker, and he sported some bright red pubes. Just gazing at it made my cock stir.

After some back and forth, he wanted to meet at his place, but we’d have to be quiet since he has quite a few roommates. He wanted to sneak me into his room. “God I need to get my own place” I thought to myself.

At 29, he was almost a decade older than me… When I first started this escapade, I wanted to keep it around my age, but in the heat of the moment and growing hornyness within me, I thought I’d go for it. When he sent me his address, I quickly looked it up on my phone. Thankfully he was only a few miles away. Letting him know I’d be there around 12:30, I continued the rest of my shift horny as hell.

Starting to plan ahead, I began bringing a change of clothes with me to work for just an occasion like this. When my shift ended, I quickly made my way to the locker room and threw on some sweatpants and a hoodie, I figured I’d leave my boxers off. One less thing to take off…

As I parked my car down the street from his house, I shot him an email saying I was here. Patiently waiting in my car, a few minutes later I saw him walking towards me wearing a tight wife beater and grey sweatpants. He looked pretty damn fit, had short red hair with a matching short red beard.

We exchanged a quick hello, and he promptly and quietly leads me around the house to the back entrance. As we entered the house, he moved his pointer finger up to his lips gesturing to be quiet. We unnoticeably walked past a few of his roommate’s gaming in the living room as he guided me towards his room.

We sat down on his bed, and he flipped on the TV to start an episode of Futurama. He didn’t talk much; we were rather quiet. It was odd. As the show went on, I slowly started to move my hands towards his bulge, rubbing it ever so slightly. As it began to stiffen, I slowly guided my hand under his waistband, grasping his cock in my hand, slowly stroking him. The only feedback I received from his was a swelling cock.

As the show ended, without saying another word, he got up off the bed and pulled down his sweatpants revealing his semi-erect cock stretching down towards the floor in between two low hanging egg sized balls. His neatly trimmed red pubes traveled up towards his abs. After a few seconds of staring, I licked my lips as I moved towards his cock. As I moved towards him, he laid back down on the bed next to me. Taking the head of his cock into my mouth, one hand reached towards the base of his cock while the other caressing his warm sack. Slowly bobbing on his cock, he steadily grew while he reached for his keyboard on his nightstand. He continued to type, then what seemed to be a porno started playing on the TV. Sounds of an overly pleasured woman begun to fill the room softly. A suttle slapping sound was incorporated as the guy’s cock continued to ram harder into her pussy.

“Hope you don’t mind,” he commented as his cock steadily hardened.

His cock was quite a bit different than Alex’s. I don’t know how to describe it, but he was literally rock hard with far more veins protruding from his shaft. The head of his cock was quite rounded, fading into the shaft resembling a torpedo with a blunt tip.

As I changed my position on the bed, he slowly began to pull my sweatpants down revealing my flaccid cock. After a few more minutes of his cock exploring my mouth, without saying a word, he sat up and moved off the bed and reached for a condom and lube out of his dresser. Gesturing me to stand up at the end of his bed, he began putting the condom on, eyes still fixated on the TV. As I stood at the end of his bed, he twirled me around and pushed me towards the middle of the bed positioning my legs on the floor, so my ass was in the air. WIth my arms resting on his flannel sheets, I anxiously awaited what was about to unfold.

Looking behind me, his eyes were still glued to the TV as he lubed his cock up. I looked back down towards the head of the bed and tightly gripped his sheets with my hands as I felt the head of his cock align with my hole. With the head of his cock being rather blunt, there was no easing in. With a sharp pain, my ass began to stretch to accommodate his penetrating member. The sensation was entirely different than the last cock that entered me. His cock was as rigid as compressed rubber. Grasping the sheets more firmly to alleviate the pain, my anus begins to stretch to accommodate him, as if I was taking a cucumber up the ass. Pain and pleasure flooded through me, not knowing where his head ended and shaft began.

Once he was about halfway into me, he began these perfectly timed rhythmic thrusts. Going deeper and deeper with each push while still keeping on beat like a metronome. His balls slapped against my ass like clockwork. The fullness I felt within me was beyond capacity as I felt his pelvis ram into my ass.

As soon as he bottomed out, his rhythm dramatically changed. Quickly withdrawing his cock until just his head remained, slamming his entire length into me, pausing, then quickly withdrawing himself again. It was the perfect rhythm.

“Oh, Fuuuuuck.” I moaned as I grasped the sheets harder.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

On 1, he would withdraw, on 2, 3, he would thrust into me, on 4 and 5 he would keep himself deep within me. Repeating this process over and over. It was rhythmic clockwork of ecstasy. His motions went on perfectly uninterrupted for what felt like an hour.

Then, like a change in sudden tempo, he changed his rhythm. A more fast pace 1, 2, 3, 4 was applied. The controlled steady 2, 3 turned into a more forceful 2. Removing 3 from the equation entirely. Burying my face into the bed, I couldn’t help but began loudly moan and grasp the sheets tighter as the palm of his hand firmly gripped my tailbone.

As he thrusted, his grip on me grew stronger and stronger. Starting to trust upward, I began standing on my toes. Rubbing my inner walls with a controlled force. God was he hard. He felt like the bottom of a glass coke bottle plowing into me.

The slap of skin coming from the TV mimicked the slap I was feeling. His balls, slamming into my taint. Faintly hearing the screams of the busty chick telling the man she was cumming, so did the cock that was deep within me. With one final thrust, he plowed deeper than ever before. Moving his hands to my side, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his cock spasm as warmth spread deep inside me as he filled the condom like a balloon.

With his cock still plunged deep, he began to gyrate his cock in a circular motion, causing me to let out another moan as it stretched my hole further. After a few moments, he slowly exited me. As he removed his condom, he picked up my sweats off the floor and tossed them next to me. Slowly lowering my ass, I began to loosen the tight grip I had on the sheets and reached for my sweats.

Just as quiet as he lead me into his house, he began leading me out. As he started walking towards my car, he softly said, “We’ll have to do that again sometime. Thanks for that.”

I smiled, “Anytime” I replied.

With that, he made his way back towards his house. I never got his name, just the handle on his email… Mr. G.

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