The Other Forgotten by Cutestarr65


Sequel to The Forgotten. Trigger Warning – Non Consensual sex, blackmail, anal and fisting. All characters are over the age of 18. All are fictional and not based on anyone living or dead. , The skype calling chime rang from the laptop. Margo hurried over and clicked the “accept call” button. On screen was her son, Steven, smiling despite clearly being exhausted.

“Hi mom! How's it going?” he asked.

“Steven! Were you away?” Margo asked. “I had no idea. How are you?”

Steven sighed. “I'm all right, mom. Just very busy. Is Kevin there?”

“I think he is. Maybe? I'll check,” she said, turning around and yelling for Kevin, who rushed toward the laptop.

“Hey buddy! What's up? How's the trip?”

“I'll tell you all about it later. What are you guys up to?”

“I was going to help your mom with her yoga exercises. The other day she told me how she wanted to get back into it. Remember, Mrs. Brooks?”

“I suppose I did,” Margo said, with a shrug.

Steven noticed she was wearing a workout shirt and a pair of yoga pants, which pleased him. Ever since the incident, his mother hadn't been able to do much of anything anymore. He was glad to see Kevin was helping her out.

“Hey, I have to make this call short. I just wanted to check up on you guys. You have fun, all right?”

“We will,” Margo said to her son. “Take care, darling.”

“Oh, and Kevin?” Steven said.


“Thanks for looking out for her. I owe you, big time.”

“Oh no. The pleasure is all mine,” Kevin said with a grin.

The call ended, and the image of Steven vanished, replaced with an empty desktop. Margo Brooks had already retreated into the living room and began stretching and doing her warm-up exercises. She did not notice that Kevin had taken his briefs and shirt off after hanging up with Steven, and that he now approached her, buck naked and rock hard. It was only when he grabbed her chest from behind that she realized something was amiss.

“Kevin! What-!”

He said nothing, instead ripping her shirt open. He large breasts flopped out. In a panicked frenzy, she pushed herself away from Kevin, who released her from his grasp and looked at her exposed chest, lust steaming from his breath.

“Kevin! What are you doing! Please, stop-,” Margo muttered.

He ignored her pleas, instead rushing forward. With one hand, her grabbed and pulled her hair back, causing her to yelp in pain. With his other hand, he began kneading her left tit. Her nippled hardened instantly, but she gasped in fear when he began to push her to her knees, lining her face up with his hardened cock.

“Suck it!” he grunted.

One more tug on her hair instantly convinced Margo to do as he wanted. She opened her mouth, allowing Kevin to push his dick down her throat. She gagged, and the taste was bitter. But the feeling of a man's cock grinding over her tongue excited her somehow. She couldn't remember the last time she even had sex, let alone when she sucked one off.

Kevin began to thrust himself in and out of Margo's mouth. Thick globs of her drool coated his young cock. He gasped out in ecstasy when her tongue rolled over his head. He'd need to pace himself, lest he'd blow his load right there and then. There was so much more he wanted to do first.

He pulled out, slapping his wet cock against Margo's face, then lifter her up by the arm and pushed her head down onto the couch, raising her ass into the air.

“Please stop!” Margo begged, despite secretly enjoying the sensation of a young man taking what he wanted. “Don't-,”

Kevin ignored her. Instead, he dug his fingers into the fabric of the yoga pants and, with one powerful pull, ripped them open. Margo shrieked, but her protest was silenced when Kevin slapped her ass cheek, leaving a red palm print on her skin.


“You be quiet now,” Kevin hissed.

He began stroking his fingers past her moistened pussy. It was hungry for a good hard cock. He could tell. But what he planned for that afternoon would not require her pussy. He instead lined his dick up with her ass, pressed firmly against it, and plunged his cock into her bowels.

“Aaaaargh! Nooo!” Margo screamed.

She couldn't believe it. Kevin was sodomizing her in her own living room. He just went for it and stuck his dick right up her ass. She was astonished it went as easily as it did. Nor could she believe that she was actually enjoying this savage raping of her body. She cried, but between each cry was a light gasp of enjoyment. With every wild thrust, Kevin brought her closer to an orgasm like she couldn't remember ever feeling. Like an expert, Kevin pounded into her body, pulling her hair as he went deeper and deeper inside her.

“No…I'm gonna—!” Margo muttered.

“Do it! Cum for me, you slut!” Kevin hissed in her ear.

Margo yelped, as she felt fluids gush from her pussy and her legs give out underneath her. She toppled over head first into the couch, her ass raw from the ravenous fucking it just endured. She gasped, trying to collect herself, while her skin still shuddered from her orgasm. The reverie was broken when Kevin pulled her from the couch, grasping onto a clump of her blonde hair.

“On you knees,” he ordered, stroking his cock furiously.

She did as commanded, sitting before him and watching his hand glide over his cock, going faster and faster until it began to twitch. Then, with a loud grunt, he came, unloading blast after blast of his cum onto Margo's face. She twitched and flinched with each spray hitting her, doing her best not to gasp out or look disgusted. Within moments, Kevin had covered nearly her entire face with his seed.

Margo looked up, biting back tears. She was humiliated. How could he do this to her? She wanted to ask why, but Kevin already pulled her up from the ground and dragged her off into the bathroom. He pushed her into the shower and began hosing her down. She gasped as the warm water washed Kevin's cum from her face, which he took care to remove. When he was done, he simply walked away, leaving her a sobbing mess underneath a stream of warm water.

As she cried, Margo began to plan everything. She'd call Steven. Or the police first. She'd get someone to save her. Then everything would be okay. But how could she live with herself? A survivor of the most brutal of violations. By a friend of the family, of all people. Then she began to calm down. When did she get in the shower? Her breathing was erratic. Had she been exercising? And why was her body on fire? Like she'd just made intense, passionate love to someone. She couldn't have, could she?

A knock at the bathroom door. “Mrs. Brooks. Are you all right? Need anything?” Kevin's voice said.

“Oh, no, dear. I'm all right. Thank you,” she said.

What a sweet young man, she thought. Always so considerate.


It was quite extraordinary, really. Kevin still had trouble believing it from time to time. A few months earlier, Mrs. and Mr. Brooks were the victims of a car accident. One that killed her husband, and left Mrs. Brooks with brain damage that prohibited her from retaining any new memories. After a while, anything that occurred to her simply vanished from her mind. With nothing retained, there were no lasting memories for her about anything, be it what she was reading, what she saw on TV, or who repeatedly violated her in her own home. A fact Kevin took advantage of whenever he could.

Margo's son, Steven, was now the head of his late father's company. Being bombarded with new responsibilities and meetings left him rather spread thing, leaving little time for the care of his mother. He had asked Kevin to take care of her in exchange for free housing, unaware that the spare room and the food wasn't the only thing his friend was helping himself to.

Nearly every day and every night, Kevin would come up with a new game to play with poor Mrs. Brooks, who was constantly unaware of what would or had happened to her. Kevin was careful, erasing all evidence of his rapes after each time. And each time, Margo would be oblivious to anything that had occurred to her.

But all things must come to an end. Isn't that the way it goes?Steven would be gone for almost one more week. With so little time left to enjoy his abuse of Margo, Kevin felt that if this was going to be his last hurrah with Margo, he would need to make it special. That was what he was pondering that night, as he laid in Mrs. Brooks' bed while her forced her head down onto his cock, joined with soft moans, noisy slurps and the quiet sobs coming from her as she bobbed up and down.

Then inspiration hit him. He waited until he was getting close, then leaped up from the bed to grab his phone. He ordered Margo to sit on her knees again, plunged his cock into her mouth, and unloaded himself onto her tongue. When he pulled out, a thick glob of cum leaked out from the side of her mouth and ran down her chin. She was about to spit it out, when Kevin aimed his phone's camera at her.

“Stick your tongue out,” he said.

She did as told, revealing her tongue to the camera, all covered in sticky semen mixed with her own saliva and mucus. Her tears running down her face made the picture complete. With a press of his thumb, Kevin immortalized the image of a throat fucked Margo. He took several more, prodding his still hard cock against her cheek. The revulsion on her face made it even more perfect.

Kevin then pushed Margo's mouth shut and pressed her nostrils shut. In a panic, she swallowed the entire load. When he released her, she coughed and gagged, struggling to keep it down.

“Don't you throw up, or I'll shoot another load down your throat,” he hissed.

Some days, Kevin wondered where this cruelty in him came from. Was it only because he could revel in it without any consequences? Or had he always been looking for an outlet for these urges, and finally found one in a victim who could never remember, complain and snitch on him?

As always, once finished, Kevin cleaned her off, waited for her memory to fade, and then helped her to bed. She even smiled and brushed his cheek when she laid down.

“Thanks for being here,” she said. “Where's Steven?”

“Oh, he'll be here soon,” Kevin said as sweetly as possible. “But tomorrow we'll enjoy ourselves one more time. Goodnight Mrs. Brooks.”

Before she could ask what he meant by that, Kevin retreated to his bedroom. He had some planning to do, and he was getting randy just thinking about it.


Kevin was intensely studying the website of the restaurant. Most important to him was the layout of the place. Where the bathrooms were and such. He also studied the menu. The money Steven had forwarded should be enough to cover both the rental car, the restaurant and any other things he had planned. If this was to be his last hurrah with Margo, then he was going to make the most of it.

Stage one of the plan was about to commence. He went to Margo's room an picked out the white dress she wore for special occasions. It was perfect for tonight. It accentuated her large mature breasts whenever she wore it. He became hard just picturing her in it. He then laid her entire attire out, which included a pair of black panties and black stilettos. With her taken care off, he just needed to borrow some clothes from Steven's closet and remember to bring his cell phone. Then all he needed to do was wait for the evening.

That night, dressed in a fine suit, he came to Margo's room, where she was trying to read a book, another task rendered impossible by her constant fading memory.

“Mrs. Brook?” he said, tapping against her door.

“Oh, hi Kevin. How are you tonight?” she said.

“I'm well,” he said. “You might not remember, but we had a dinner reservations at Le Salon Rouge.”

“Did we? I'm sorry. Could you help me-?” she began.

“Already taken care of,” he said, revealing her outfit before her.

“You're so sweet,” she gasped. “Give me a few minutes to get dressed.”

He did, smirking as he stood there in the hallway. He flashed his phone out and took a quick peek at his handiwork from earlier. His cock jerked up, and if not for some self-control, he would've burst into that room and had his way with her. Fucking her ass. Making her suck him off, before cumming on those tits of her. But he was patient. For the night was young, and there was more fun to be had.


They arrived at the restaurant around 8 PM sharp. Margo looked stunning in her white dress. Kevin noticed a few other men, staring from the corners of their eyes at her chest and ass. He was beaming with pride, knowing that he was the only one to have her like that.

As they sat down and ordered drinks and appetizers. It was a perfectly normal dinner. Then suddenly, Margo needed to excuse herself.

“Are you ok?” Kevin asked.

“I'm fine. I've just gotta pop into the little girl's room,” she said with a coy smile.

Kevin chuckled as he watched her scurry off, taking her purse along to the bathroom. Just as he'd planned she would. In fact, he'd been making sure she drank enough beforehand so she would eventually need to go. He waited till she was out of sight, asked a waiter to keep an eye on their table, and scurried off to the bathrooms. He waited by the ladies' room's door, then texted Margo's cell phone.

“Are you alone in there?”

A response came quickly: “Yes, why?”

Perfect, Kevin thought. He forwarded her the picture from earlier, her mouth filled with his cum and his cock resting on her face. He pressed his ear against the door, waiting for a reaction. A reaction that came in a shocked gasp. That was all he needed.

Kevin swung the door open, pushed a trashcan under the handle to lock them inside, and strutted to her stall. Margo looked up at him, her hands trembling at the sight of the image on her screen.

“Wha…what is this?” she asked.

“What does it look like?” Kevin laughed. “A slut getting herself a nice mouthful of cock.”

“Where did you get this?” she asked.

“Doesn't matter. What matters is, what are you willing to do to make sure Steven doesn't see that?”

Margo gasped. “You wouldn't! You couldn't!”

“Oh, I would. Now, I think we both know that you're gonna do exactly as I tell you from now on, don't we?” he said.

Margo turned away. She seemed angry and despondent, but utterly defeated. Kevin didn't hesitate to enter the stall and unzip his pants, revealing his rock hard cock to her. He prodded it against her face, causing her to wince.

“Please-,” she muttered, wanting to say: Don't do this.

“Please stick my dick in your mouth?” Kevin finished. “As you wish.”

He grabbed her by her long hair and, by virtue of her mouth opening when she gasped in shock, rammed himself right past her lips. With violent thrust, he pounded away, enjoying himself as Margo drooled and coughed all over his dick. With one hand he even pulled down her dress, letting her buxom breast pop out and dangle as he ravaged her mouth. The excitement of raping her like this outside the comfort of her house added the extra thrill.

“Fuck me, I'm close,” he grunted.

With strong hands, he pushed Margo down even further on his engorged cock. He groaned loudly when he climaxed, unleashing blast after blast of sticky cum down her throat. Margo gagged, nearly throwing up, as she shook and quivered at the sensation of Kevin's cum gliding inside her. She coughed so roughly, strands of jizz shout out from her nose.

“Holy shit!” Kevin chuckled. “That's fucking amazing!”

He took out his phone and snapped another few pictures of Margo, in her finest dress, sitting on her knees by the toilet bowl, coughing up saliva and cum while her tits hung out. Another one for the books.

Once finished, he walked over and lifted Margo onto the toilet seat, raising her legs in the air and pulling her panties from her.

“What? No! Don't-!” she muttered, shaking as her dripping wet cunt was exposed to the cold air.

Kevin lowered himself to her crotch and lapped her juices up. She tasted sweet, meaning she was getting turned on by her ravishment again. All the better, he thought, as he greedily sucked on her clit. He raised his head up, dripping with her fluids, and looked her in the eye.

“Do you want my cock?” he asked.

Margo gasped, but nodded. “Yes, I want it.”


“In my pussy,” she moaned. “Fuck my pussy!”

Kevin laughed. “Pfft, good luck with that.”

“What?” Margo gasped.

Kevin walked over to the sinks and filled his cupped hands with water, splashing it against Margo's face. He wiped away any trace of his violation of her, then zipped his pants up.

“You want to cum, go finger fuck yourself. I've already had my fill.”

“But…but-,” Margo gasped.

“Go on,” Kevin said. Do your thing.”

Despite being shocked, Margo did as told and spread her legs, rubbing her fingers against her clit. Kevin watched for a bit, and enjoyed the sight quite a lot, but quietly retreated, taking Margo's panties and stuffing them into the pocket of his jacket. He still heard her moan as he exited the bathroom and headed back into the dining area.

Ten minutes passed before Margo showed her face again. Her cheeks were bright red, but it was obvious she was confused as to what happened to her. The last things she remembered was sitting on the toilet and rubbing herself into a loud orgasm. Why did she do such a thing, and why here of all places? And where had her panties gone? She looked around, and sighed in relief when she saw Kevin, waiving to her with a smile.

“Kevin!” she said. “I'm so glad you're here. I couldn't remember how I got to this place.”

“We were having dinner. Don't you remember?” he said, smirking to himself.

“I think I do. And I remember you texting me?” she said.

Kevin's smile vanished, but he was relieved when she brushed it off.

“I guess it doesn't matter. Anyway, did we order anything?” Margo asked.

As if on command, the waiters came and delivered wine. Margo was pleased, and the two of them enjoyed a lovely dinner, with only mild gaps in Margo's memory that Kevin needed to fill in. But inside, he was scheming again, as well as enjoying the knowledge that Margo was now going commando in her dress, as well as the last act of the evening that was to play out.


“Where are we going?” Margo asked. “This isn't the way to my home.”

“It's a surprise,” chuckled Kevin, as he drove the car down a small dirt road that led to an open field.

The field once belonged to a farm, which has since been abandoned for years. He knew the place from a lone withered tree that stood in the middle of the several acres of tall grass and weeds, with only the odd rabbit to act as a peeping tom. It was perfect.

Kevin parked the car and asked Margo to get out. She did, and stood there, wondering why they drove out here of all places. To her shock, Kevin pushed her against the car and raised his hand up her dress.

“Kevin! What-!”

“Shhh,” he said, before pulling her dress down.

Margo stood there on the path, now naked baring her shoes. Kevin retrieved a blanket and dragged Margo along by the arm. They marched into the field, with Margo trembling as the cold air danced over her skin, asking over and over again what Kevin was doing with her. When they reached the dead tree, Kevin draped the blanket onto the grass.

“On your back,” he said.

Margo did as told, and laid down. Kevin roughly spread her legs to reveal her still soaked pussy. He caressed his fingers over her clit, causing her to moan. She was writhing and gasping as if she hadn't been touched in years, even though it'd been only a few hours earlier since her last violation at his hands.

“Do you want to be fucked?” he asked.

Margo bit her lip with uncertainty, but eventually conceded. She even raised her legs further, allowing Kevin a greater view of her pussy. He began to stick his fingers inside her, rubbing and stroking her clit and pussy.

“Mmn,” she moaned. “More! More!”

“You're such a slut,” Kevin smirked. “You want more? Here you go!”

Then, to her shock, Kevin pushed his entire hand up her vagina. She shrieked as she felt her pussy being fisted. She tried to protest, but Kevin didn't falter for a second. He aggressively pounded her, while Mrs. Brooks laid there, letting the young man fist-fuck her cunt with a blind fury. It didn't take long for her to gasp out.

“Kevin! I'm…I'm cummmmoooshitttt!” she shrieked, spraying a stream of liquid from her moist cunt.

Kevin laughed, licking his hand clean while Margo panted, trying to recoup her senses. But as she did, her memory of her fist-fucking faded as well. She sat up, confused why she was naked, horny, and outside in the cold. But Kevin, always a few steps ahead, was already moving onto his next game. He'd undressed, put in a ski-mask, and pressed Margo's head down onto the grass.

“Stop! Who are you? What are you doing?” she shrieked.

“What does it look like, slut?” he grunted, lining his cock up with her ass.

And so it went for the next few hours. Kevin raped Margo's ass, cumming violently inside her and making her clean his cock off with her tongue, after which she'd forget moments later, allowing Kevin to think of a new depraved act to live out on his charge. To his own surprise, the more depraved he got, the more Margo seemed to react to it with delight. When he made her suck his balls, she moaned in ecstasy. When he came on her tits, she gasped with delight. Even when he fisted her again, this time with one hand up her cunt and one up her ass, she gasped out with a quiver and a smile. She loved it, and he loved abusing her.

It was nearly three AM when the ravaging died down. Kevin sat there, panting and collecting his clothes, while Margo passed out. He wrapped her gently in the blanket and carried her back to the car. The drive home didn't take too long, and he was cleaning her off in no time, before putting her to bed. He then stumbled to his won bed and planted himself onto it. He was exhausted, but man, that was the most intense sex of his life. What a rush.

Margo's sleep was restless. He dreams were flooded with the thoughts of intense delight, as well as a dark shadow having his way with her. It was nearly demonic, but she loved the attention. Even when she was used as nothing more than a cheap whore, she enjoyed exploring this slutty side to herself. But who was this dream man, who fucked her so raw? Why couldn't she remember his face? But as the night went on, these dreams faded, as did the memory of them. And soon enough, Margo Brooks was back at her basic state. A state of blissful ignorance.


No matter how many times he used and violated Margo, even when she seemed to either enjoy it or be ashamed of her violations, it always made Kevin step back a bit when he saw her again. Her memories were gone, and she was back to being the bubbly woman who had no idea she'd been abused and fucked with such careless abandon.

There were moments he wondered if she remembered. Little things she said, or conversations she suddenly continued, only to forget again. But there was nothing to worry about. There was no trace of his actions.

He sighed. Tomorrow, Steven would be back. The end of the joyride. He had fun while it lasted, and he'd be dreaming of these last few weeks in the years to come. But now that was at an end.

He looked at margo, making her coffee, and stared as her short pants she wore when she went running.

“Just once more,” he thought, as he grabbed her by the arm, pulled down her pants despite her protests, and stroked the tip of his cock against her lips. “What a cunt,” the though, before ramming inside her wet pussy.


Steven was calling it a night. He was beat. Thank God this retreat was almost over. He could go home and sleep in his own bed for a change. He checked a few e-mails and his Facebook feed, when he remembered he still needed to synch his phone to his iPhoto account. He knew his mother would love to see some of the pictures of California, even if she might've forgotten he was out there.

He waited for a few seconds, when he noticed something. His mother's phone had been set to automatically synch up pictures onto the account a while back. There was the usual stuff: dishes she liked, flowers she happened to see, friends who came by. But at the very end, there was an odd photo. He enlarged it, and to his horror, he was confronted with a picture of a cum-stained Margo, he breasts hanging out from her dress, draped over a toilet bowl. He check further, coming across a few of her and a thick cock jabbed into her mouth.

What the hell was going on?




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