He Gets What He Wants by Finger-Licking-Good

Nicole was sitting in darrens BMW, she had been out celebrating his birthday but had drunk way too much. Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure and d cup breasts were starting to get too much attention from other guys who knew she was way too drunk. Darren was her friends dad, Louise was 20, 6 years younger than her, but they hit it of straight away. Darren was young at 37, he was about 5ft11, short brown hair and brown eyes. He was like a father figure to her, her own parents were dead. She often stayed at their big house, he had done well for himself, owned a livery yard that she worked at, 2 bmw's, property that he bought and rented.

A huge crowd of people had gone out to celebrate his birthday, he was well liked. Even though nicole knew he had drunk too much, she still agreed for him to take her back to his where she was staying the night.

Her head was against the headrest and her eyes were closed, she knew they were out in the country now, she couldnt see the orange glow of the street lights come through her eye lids. She knew she was going to pass out.

Wakening up she could tell they were stopped, but more disturbing was the feeling of someone touching her leg and her hands held above her head. It jolted her awake, she could feel the person moving to her panties, rubbing her against them. She was frozen in fear, slowly letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. She was startled to find darren leaning over her, putting his hands inside her panties to find her moist cunt. She tried to scream but he quickly placed a hand over her mouth.

She regretted wearing the skirt tonight, she was going to wear trousers but Louise convinced her to wear one of her short skirts and belly revealing tops. His fingers were teasing her now, threatening to enter her at any moment. He stopped to remove her panties, he turned on the light and started to look at her near hairless mould. Returning his fingers to her wet pussy, he started to rub her harder. She was horrified that she started to moan, could feel her nipples push against her bra.

“Please darren, stop, please” she begged

“Give me 10 minutes, and see then if you want to stop” he replied

“NO, please stop, please, im still a virgin” she answered

Looking around she noticed he had pushed her seat right back, her hands tied up to the handle above the door

He seemed excited with her last comment, as he quickly entered a finger into her, causing her to throw her head back in shock and arousal. She had never touched herself this way before, and although it felt good, she was shocked it was darren doing this to her.

She knew he could feel her hymen, and she knew she was getting very wet. He removed his finger and brought it to her mouth, but she quickly turned it. Turning back in time to see him sucking her juices from his finger.

“You taste very sweet nicole” he commented “I want to taste more”

She watched helplessly as he lowered his head to her pussy, she tried to close her legs but he was much stronger. The touch of his tongue on her, made her body tingle. His tongue skimming quickly over her clit, teasing her vagina entrance. He felt him reach up and lift up her top, she tried to struggle but he was no match for her. His hand wandered her still enclosed breasts. He seemed to lick and suck at her for ages, her head was dizzy, she was unsure if it was from the drink or her current experience.

“Ok honey, you need to make my dick nice and hard” she informed her

She watched him strip from his clothes, his manhood appeared half erect. She had only seen a penis in books and tv before, she couldnt help but look at it.

“If i untie you, do you promise not to misbehave? If you do I shall tell Louise you made a move on me” he threatened.

Nicole thought for a while, Louise was really her only family since her parents died, she was at the house/yard everyday, they went horseriding together and had girlie nights. She didnt want to give that up

“Ok” she relented

Moving over her, he untied her, darren put his penis to her lips, involuntary she struck her tongue out and tasted the saltiness at the tip of his dick.

“Open your mouth hun” he ordered her

She did so and he moved his cock into her mouth. She knew she would never be able to take it all, she thought that it must be 8-9 inch long, surely her mouth couldnt accommodate that.

“Now keep your teeth away from it hun” he instructed her.

She could feel him moving his cock in and out of her mouth, looking into his eyes she could tell he was enjoying it. She watched as the cock moved slowly back and forth from her mouth, could feel the drool beginning to form at the side of her mouth. Everytime his cock went further in, she could feel it hitting the back of her throat and she tried to protest.

“Just relax hun, its easier if you relax”

She tried to gag as his cock tried to continue down her throat, wondered how any girl could enjoy this. Her throat seemed to stretch as his cock entered, she could feel his balls hitting her chin with each thrust. She wondered when he was going to stop, tears swelling in her eyes. His thrusts getting faster and more intense. She wanted to bite down on him, to make him stop but she couldnt. Her head felt light and she thought she was going to pass out.

“Im going to cum down your throat hun, dont fight it”

She tried to break away from him, she didnt want him to cum in her, panic spread across her body, she tried to squirm but he kept pumping into her mouth. She could feel the warm sensation in her throat, she guessed he had cum, he held his dick fully in her, until the warm sensation passed.

She watched as he removed his dick from her mouth, his eyes wondering to her heaving breasts. Her bra was front fastening, and he quickly released her, her hands automatically going up to cover her tits. Darren removed them and continued to give her breasts his full attention, reaching forward he gave her nipples a little tweak and felt her jumping reaction. His face lowered his mouth to her nipples, teasing them with his tongue, she was ashamed that she was enjoying it, letting him tease her in such ways, arching her breasts towards him. She didnt want him to stop, she could feel herself getting wet with excitement, his hand wandering down to her wet vagina, his fingers teasing her like before. She thought she was going to go over the edge when he put his finger inside her. She could feel her body tremble and she called out as she hit her climax.

He removed his finger and once again moved them to her mouth, she didnt protest this time, taking his finger greedily in her mouth, licking it clean.

She noticed that he was repositioning himself between her legs, his cock once again hard.

“Darren dont do this, im still a virgin, it will hurt”

“I wouldnt hurt you pet” he replied “I will be easy”

She could feel herself tease as his cock touch her pussy entrance.

“Relax pet, if you relax it wont hurt”

She could feel his pushing himself into her, she tried to move up away from him, but he held her tight. He lent down and started sucking and licking at her breasts again, his cock pushing softly into her, he pushed through her hymen and she squealed. He stopped pushing to allow her to adjust to the feeling.

Slowly he started pushing himself further in, her face twisted in pain and pleasure. He pushed until he was fully in her, she felt him slowly fuck her. The pain started to slowly subside, she brought her hands around to his back, digging her fingers into him. His thrusts were getting more quicker, his balls hitting off her with every thrust.

She felt herself relaxing and begging him for more, he needed no persuasion, his cock scratching her insides, her tight pussy squeezing his cock. Her body arched as an orgasm took over her body, she felt the warm sensation as he released his seed deep inside her.

Recovering together they slowly dressed, both with a smile on their face, darren drove back to his house, the smell of sex filled the car. They couldnt wait to have each other again, they made love on the kitchen table.

After lying naked on the large leather sofa, darren turned to her

“Theres one more thing i want you to do, it would make it a perfect night, i want you to let Duke lick your pussy”

Duke is darrens very large rottweiler dog, he often came out on hacks with them through the fields, he seemed very large for a rottweiler, but he was very friendly.

“I couldnt do that” she replies

“I will hold him back, just let him lick you, thats all”

“You will hold him, and he will only lick”

“Yes” he replies stroking her face

“I dont know, it seems very wrong”

“No one will know, it will be our secret”

“Ok” she replies, unsure.

Getting up and getting her a foot stool, she gets her to lean over it, with her bum sticking up in the air.

Dressing andleaving her there he goes out to the pen and brings duke in, he watches duke sniff the air as he enters the house, taking him into the living room and leads him towards Nicole.

“Only licking hun, nothing else” he reasures her

The dog puts his wet nose against her aching pussy and she jumps but stays in position, duke starts to lick her pussy, she cries out in pleasure, darren watches as the dogs tongue ventures her pussy, taking long full licks, his tongue working hard with the juices flowing from her pussy. He can feel his cock starting to stir, he lets go of duke and makes his way to her head. Dropping his trousers and boxers he places a leg at either side of her. She grabs his cock and places it in her mouth.

Looking at duke he sees the dog getting excited, his long pink/purple cock coming from its sheath, he watches as duke rises and aims his cock at her pussy, Nicole tries to protest but duke is too quick and he soon finds his target.

“Oh god” nicole moans

“Relax pet, he wont hurt you”

Duke was working his cock quickly in and out of her freshly used cunt, pushing his knot into her pussy, he wasnt going to let her go

Nicole tried to push him off.

“Oh this hurts, it hurts, i feel like ive a baseball in me”

“Its his knot, just stay relaxed”

She was sucking him hard now, he could feel his orgasm growing, he quickly came in her mouth, watching some cum leaking out of her mouth.

Duke seemed to cum too, his heavy body leaning on her back for a few seconds, turning around so his ass was to her ass.

Later lying together, he told her about anal, but thats a different story!




2008-03-16 20:36:31
i like the knot part


2008-02-01 22:39:11
Good Theme, you need to give more detail. If you are a girl as you claim imagine the dogs cock in you. The pleasure you get and then the pain when the knot enters etc. You have potential but you need to use spell check. 6/10


2007-04-05 06:41:12
Lol at the first reader, i wonder why you hide behind the “reader” status. Your opinion means nothing to me


2007-04-04 23:50:18
You suck as a writer. Your he's and she's were mixed up. Fuck you.


2007-04-04 20:28:37
coulda been better, more dog

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