Incestuous Harem 18: Bred by Our Brother by mypenname3000

A literotic sexstories: Incestuous Harem 18: Bred by Our Brother by mypenname3000 ,

Everything changes when two of Clint’s sisters turn up pregnant with his child!

Incestuous Harem

Chapter Eighteen: Bred by Our Brother

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2017

Clint Elliston

Shock and pleasure shot through me, my cock unloading a final squirt of cum into Lee’s hungry mouth as Melody kissed me and hugged me. My mind didn’t want to work. I had one half-sister swallowing my cum, after swallowing my piss, and the other kissing me, hugging me, excited by the news she had just proclaimed.

I had just woken up. I had just cum hard.

I was going to be a father.

“Really?” I groaned, my hand still gripping Lee’s short, black hair, her mouth sucking on my cock, drawing out the last bit of cum while she shuddered in orgasmic delight herself. Her two weeks abstaining from orgasms, her punishment for being a brat, was over.

“Yep,” Melody said, her blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders as she stepped back, brandishing the pregnant test. The pink line was quite clear on the display. “Pink line makes me preggers.”

“Holy shit,” I groaned. I had told my women I wanted to breed them. It was so hot saying it as my cock pumped in them, and then to hear them beg for my seed, to be knocked up by their brother or son or nephew… “Fuck, that’s wonderful.”

“You don’t sound like it’s wonderful,” Melody said, hands going to her hips, pulling the jacket she wore over her naked body tight against her torso.

“Just shocked. I mean… It’s only been two-and-a-half weeks.”

“You must have knocked me up almost right away,” she grinned the nudged her shoulder into nine. “Missed my period two days ago. Pretty certain yesterday, but I thought I’d wait to see if I woke up bleeding before using the test.”

I grimaced. I didn’t need to hear about that.

“Wow,” Lee said, popping her mouth off my dick. “That’s wonderful, Mistress! I’m so jealous.”

Melody looked down at Lee. “So, the two weeks is up?”

I nodded my head, still in a daze. I was going to be a father. Me. And with my half-sister. I stared at her, face framed by her blonde hair, such joy in her hazel eyes. She was thrilled about this. And there was something envious in Lee’s tone.

“Well, brat,” Melody said, grabbing her younger sister’s short, black hair. “I really have to pee.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress,” Lee moaned, the humiliation slut eager to be degraded further. She got off on drinking piss and being spanked.

As Melody pulled Lee’s head between her thighs, rubbing her shaved pussy on Lee’s lips, Pam burst into the room. “There you are, Clint!”

Our Asian half-sister—my father was a stud—rushed to me. She wore a beige jacket that fell down to her knees, her legs bare beneath. Her face was round, her glasses perched on her face. She also had contacts, but I liked her in the glasses. And she liked to make me happy. Publicly, she was my girlfriend.

And Melody’s.

That caused no amount of gossip at our college.

And there, in her hand, was an identical pregnancy test with a pink line on it. “I’m pregnant, Clint! You’re going to be a daddy!”

My jaw dropped. Both of them? Questions shot through my mind about the logistics of the situation. How would we explain it to others? We were still in school. What if other members of the family were pregnant?

“Holy shit,” I muttered again as Melody let out a wanton moan, her piss splashing into Lee’s mouth.

“We’ll be pregnant together,” groaned Melody, pleasure fluttering across her face as she pissed in her younger sister’s mouth.

Pam was already throwing herself at me as she turned in shock to Melody. “You, too?” she gasped, her body crashing into mine. I hugged her out of reflex. This was…incredible. I knocked them both up. Dad had come close to knocking up Aunt Vicky and Mom at the same time. They gave birth to Melody and me a month apart. And Ms. Hiragawa, Pam’s mom, had her a month and a half later.

“Shit,” I said, holding Pam, staring at nothing as my mind struggled to work.

“He doesn’t sound happy,” Pam said, glancing at Melody.

“He looks like we hit him in the head with a 2×4,” giggled Melody. “Perv’s been talking about breeding us for nearly three weeks, and now that he’s done it, he’s freaking out.”

“Such a shock,” Pam said, nuzzling to me. “But don’t worry. We’re a family. We’ll handle it.”

“A family,” I said, some of the shock wearing off. “We need to get the entire family together. We have to talk about this. Plan. Come up with stories. I mean, I can knock up Pam, but Melody…”

“I’m your cousin,” she said. Officially, Lee and Melody were my cousins, their “father” a deadbeat who ran out on my Aunt Vicky while she was pregnant with Lee. Being cousins was only slightly less incestuous than brother and sister.

And still illegal.

Melody shivered. “As much as I want you to lick me to orgasm, you filthy brat, we have a family meeting. Go get everyone up.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lee said, hopping to her feet, trickles of yellow piss dribbling down her chin towards her neck. She didn’t wipe them up as she charged off.

Then Melody threw herself at me, hugging Pam and me both. I put my arm around her, holding both my pregnant women. My queen and my concubine. Two of the three women I loved-loved. I cared for all the women of my family, but Alicia, Melody, and Pam were the three I thought of as my…wives. The others were my sex slaves or, in Zoey’s case, the older sister I banged.

Like we were fuck-buddies.

Stefani, her girlfriend, was included in that. We were siblings with benefits. Of course, she understood she had to follow the rules while living in my house, and I hoped she would never leave the harem.

“So you’re both pregnant,” I said, still blinking. “It’s really wonderful. I’m thrilled. It’s just…”

“Reality is setting in,” Melody said.

I nodded my head.

“Well, let’s go talk to everyone. We have to figure this out.” I took a deep breath. “I can’t have you all pregnant at once.”


Alicia Elliston

“But…I have to wait, too?” I protested as I sat at the dinner table with the rest of the family, Melody and Pam sitting on Clint’s right and left. The whole harem was here, Mom and Zoey, Stefani and Ms. Hiragawa, Aunt Vicky and Lee. They had just made their announcement and Clint’s decision. I was both so happy for Melody and Pam and so jealous that I wasn’t pregnant.

My period started this morning. The women in the family were all on a pretty close cycle.

“You have to wait,” Clint said, nodding his head. “If everyone comes up pregnant, questions will be asked. They will as it is. We need to come up with a lie for the father of Melody’s child. We can’t have people knowing about the incest.”

“Well, you can be the father,” I said, leaning back. “I mean, you can’t be for Mom or Zoey or me. Or even Aunt Vicky. But you can for Melody or Lee, big brother..”

Clint frowned at me. “What are you talking about?”

“There are 19 states where first cousins can marry legally,” I said. “Including California. And there are a further 20 states that allow first cousins to cohabitate and have sexual relations.”

Clint blinked. “What?”

“Really?” Melody said. “I thought like even second cousins was illegal.”

“Really,” I nodded and pushed up my glasses. “I researched it when we all first started.”

“Well, that does simplify things,” Mom said. “Pam and her mother use a different gynecologist, so the doctors shouldn’t ever learn that Clint has knocked up two separate girls.”

“What about at school?” Zoey asked, leaning back. “Clint can say he knocked up Pam, but what about Melody?”

“Let everyone know,” Melody said, reaching out and taking Clint’s hand. “If it’s legal, then there are no problems.”

“It’s all legal,” Alicia said, nodding her head.

“People will gossip,” Stefani pointed out, the redhead sitting next to Zoey. It was so beautiful that they were out now. Stefani’s family had disowned her for loving Zoey, but she lived with us now anyways. And they were so cute together.

And I had another big sister to love. And fist.

“So birth control,” Clint said. “Everyone needs to get on it.”

I blinked, looking up. “But…”

“Everyone, Princess.” He stared at me. “Don’t worry. One day, you’ll have my child.”

He reached out across the table, past Melody, to take my hand. I smiled at him and nodded my head. I was a good little sister. But I wanted it now. I was so jealous of Melody and Pam. Ooh, why didn’t Clint’s sperm take in my womb? We all must have been fertile around the same time.

“No problem for Stefani and me,” Zoey shrugged. “We’re on the pill.”

“I stopped taking it after your father’s death,” Mom said.

“I didn’t.” Aunt Vicky shrugged. “Habit.”

“After school, Mom and Aunt Vicky, take Lee and Alicia down to your doctor and get them on birth control.”

“Fine, Master,” Lee pouted. I could tell she wanted to be a brat right now. She really wanted to have our big brother’s baby. I understood. I wanted it so badly.

“And birth control tests for everyone to make sure no one else is pregnant,” Ms. Hiragawa said. “I’ll bring them home tonight from the drug store.”

“Good,” Clint nodded, taking a deep breath. He was so commanding.

“It does mean no having vaginal intercourse with your Mom, Alicia, Lee, and myself,” Ms. Hiragawa said, “until our next periods, Master.”

“What?” big brother said.

“Perv,” Melody said. “You’ll just have to enjoy the rest of us until then. And their mouths and asses.”

“I love it up the ass, Master,” Lee moaned. “Especially without lube!”


Cheryl Elliston

“The doctor will be with you in a few minutes,” the nurse said as she slipped out of the exam room.

Melody, in her bra and panties, stretched out on the exam table, her blonde hair in a tight braid draped over her shoulder. Her toes wiggled as she stared up at the ceiling, her hand rubbing on her stomach. It was her first prenatal checkup. It had been eight weeks since her last period, though you couldn’t tell she was pregnant with that flat stomach.

“It’s never a few minutes,” Melody said. “Not with Dr. Wilson.”

My sister snorted a laughter as she sat on the exam chair beside my son. A grin crossed Clint’s face as he stood up. He looked good in his t-shirt stretched over his muscular body, his jeans fitting snug, his cock bulging the front. “Well, we should find a way to pass the time.”

“Oh, how, Sir?” I asked, shivering in delight.

“Slaves, suck your master’s cock,” Melody moaned, sitting up, rubbing her thighs together. “I’d join it, but…”

“Dr. Wilson might freak out if she finds a little extra inside you,” Clint grin. “Big perv.”

Melody gave a wicked giggle as I rose from my seat, a shudder of excitement passing through me. This was so risky. We knew Dr. Wilson. Bernice had been the OB/Gyn to Vicky and me since I was pregnant with Zoey. Back then she was just opening her practice, only a few years older than us. I had seen her pregnant with her own children. I knew her.

And if she walked in on Vicky and me sucking my son’s cock… It would be awkward.

But the thrill made it even more exciting. And I could tell that Clint savored skirting the edge of discovery. He had relished his school learning that he was also dating Melody and had knocked both girls up. There were whispers about our family. Vicky had heard them. People wondered if he did other things with other members of the family.

It was so dangerous, but it made everything so much more exciting.

I fell to my knees before my son. He was so strong and hunky. My sister and I reached out, unzipping his jeans. I shuddered at the rasp. And then his cock popped out, so thick and hard, throbbing, needing to be serviced.

“Oh, suck his cock, you naughty slaves,” moaned Melody, the exam table creaking. Was she masturbating?

I bet she was.

My sister and I pressed our faces together, her cheek so smooth on mine. My dyed-blonde hair merging with my sister’s black as we attacked his cock. We had to hurry. We couldn’t get caught. My pussy clenched at just the problems that would cause.

“That’s it, you sluts,” grinned Clint as our tongues ran up the shaft of his cock to the throbbing tip. “Better hurry. You don’t want to get us in trouble.”

“No, Master,” Vicky moaned.

“Mommy-slut wouldn’t do that to her big, strong son.”

“Then make me cum,” he growled, hands seizing our hair. “Suck me.”

“Yes, Sir,” my sister and I moaned in unison.

I loved serving a man with my sister. I missed Clinton so much, but serving our son was the next best thing. Every few weeks, I dreamed of my husband. I liked to tell him about all the naughty things his son made me do.

My pussy aching, my sister and I licked the tip of his cock, swirling about his crown. His precum leaked out salty, coating our tongues and lips. We nuzzled at his cock, moaning, Vicky’s hand stroking his dick, mine playing with his balls.

The exam table creaked more, the paper covering it, crinkling and tearing as Melody played with herself. She moaned, breathy and excited. I knew she watched us pleasure her brother, her man, her king.

I stared up at my strong son, loving the domination in his eyes. I loved sucking his cock with my sister. Our tongues danced over his cock, brushing, caressing each other. Our lips met, kissed around his cock. It was so naughty. Clint groaned louder, loving our display.

A door opened outside. Footsteps padded down the hall. Was it coming to our room?

I engulfed the tip of Clint’s cock. My pussy clenched. I didn’t panic. I didn’t try and pull away. I was my son’s slave. I would do anything. I would let him fuck me for all the world to see. To ram that wonderful cock into my pussy.

Thank god I was on the pill again and could enjoy my son in every way.

“Suck his cock, sister-slut,” moaned Vicky as my cheeks hollowed. Her mouth moved down his shaft. “Make him cum into that slutty mouth. You want it. You’re such a pathetic whore. You want to drink your son’s cum.”

“So pathetic, Aunt Cheryl,” groaned Melody. “Oh, yes. Suck him. Hurry before you’re caught. You’ll be spanked so hard if we’re discovered.”

“So hard,” growled Clint, his hand tightening in my hair.

I obeyed. I sucked my son’s cock as hard as I could. My cheeks hollowed. My mouth bobbed. I slid my lips up and down his dick. I made as powerful a suction as I could. I made sure he enjoyed it. That he loved every second of my mouth loving his dick. Making him squirm and growl. Letting him feel the pleasure his Mommy-slut gave.

Pleasure crossed his face as I sucked and bobbed. My sister’s lips found his balls, kissing and sucking on them. She moaned, loving them. I pulled my hand away, letting her have access as I took more and more of my son’s cock.

“That’s it, Mommy-slut,” he growled, “swallow every inch of my cock. I want you gagging on it, whore.”

“Yes,” hissed Melody. “Gag on my man’s cock. I want his cum shooting down your throat. He deserves it. He gave me a baby.”

The table creaked louder. Melody must be frigging her pussy hard. I imagined her hand shoved into her sky-blue panties, rubbing hard at her pregnant pussy, fingers plunging into her hole. Her round breasts bouncing in her bra, moans escaping her clenched teeth as the pleasure built in her core.

My mouth sank down Clint’s cock. The crown brushed the back of my throat. I relaxed, taking more and more of his dick. I didn’t have a gag reflex any longer. My son groaned as his cock slid down my gullet. I breathed through my nose as I worked farther and farther down his shaft. I pressed my lips into his wiry, dark pubic hair.

“Yes,” he groaned.

“You naughty sister-slut,” Vicky moaned as she nuzzled at his balls. “Make him cum so hard.”

“Better hurry,” Clint panted, pulling back on my hair, sliding my mouth up his cock.

And then he fucked my mouth.

I loved it. Vicky leaned back, moaning her encouragement as Clint pounded my mouth. He thrust his cock in over and over, balls swinging, cracking into my chin. I savored it. My tongue swirled about the crown of his dick as he pounded me hard.

And then he ripped his cock out of my mouth and slammed it into Vicky’s. My sister moaned, cheeks hollowing as she sucked his cock. He drove it down her throat. She took it like the slutty champ she was.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my sister’s mouth. Ooh, my big, strong son is fucking her mouth. You have to cum down her throat.”

Another door opened and closed. Footsteps echoing. Was it Dr. Wilson heading for our door?

“Hurry up and make him cum, Mom,” moaned Melody. “You pathetic whore. Hurry. I’ll spank you just as hard as Aunt Cheryl.”

“Yes,” Clint groaned, staring at the door.

The footsteps came nearer.

Clint ripped his cock out of my sister’s mouth, leaving her shuddering, saliva dribbling down her chin. I opened wide. Clint rammed his dick down my gullet in a single thrust, his balls smacking against my chin.

The footsteps passed us.

I sucked hard as he drew back. My tongue caressed his dick. I stared up into his eyes—my son’s dark, strong eyes—as he pounded me. His face twisted with pleasure, coming closer and closer to cumming.

Then he was fucking Vicky’s mouth while I gasped for breath. My throat burned. He fucked us hard. Vicky gurgled on his cock, her lips forced into his pubic hair. The thwack of his balls cracked through the room, joining the wet plunge of Melody’s fingers.

“Cum in their mouths, Clint,” Melody moaned. “Please, please, cum!”

“Yes,” Clint growled.

Door closed. Heels clicked. Not footsteps, heels. It was Dr. Bernice this time.

Clint slammed his cock into my mouth and unloaded. “Take it, Mom. Fuck, you are such a slut.”

His cum splashed into my mouth. He grunted with each one. The clicking heels came closer and closer. I swallowed his cum as fast as I could. Melody moaned her orgasm in the background, cumming on her fingers. I savored the flavor of my son’s salty jizz.

He kept spurting, so excited.

The heels paused outside the door. A chart rustled.

She was about to walk in.

“Yes,” groaned Clint as the final blast of cum shot into me.

I swallowed and then stood. Vicky’s hands already moving, zipping Clint up. The door opened. I whirled, my face flushed, my pussy on fire. Clint sat down in the chair. Vicky darted to her daughter’s bed, grabbing Melody’s right hand, sticky with the pregnant girl’s juices.

“Melody,” Dr. Bernice Wilson said, staring at her chart as she walked in. I licked my lips, tasted something salty.

I gathered it before she looked up.

“So…you’re pregnant at nineteen.”

“Yep,” Melody said, sounding proud.

“Okay,” the doctor said, no judgment in her tone. “And it’s been eight weeks since your last menstrual period?”

“Yep,” Melody nodded, rubbing her stomach.

Dr. Wilson turned to my sister. “Vicky, it’s nice to see you.”

“You, too, Doctor,” Vicky beamed. “We’re all so happy for Melody.”

Dr. Wilson looked around the room. “Oh, hi, Cheryl, come to support your niece?”

I nodded my head.

“And is this young man the father?”

“I am,” Clint said. “Clint Ellison.”

The doctor blinked. “Your son, Cheryl?”

I nodded, beaming at my son. “They’ve been in love since they were kids.”

Dr. Wilson’s eyes went unfocused. “They’re…first cousins.”

“It’s perfectly legal in the state of California,” I added. “And studies show that there’s little danger of genetic problems with first cousins. So long as they aren’t double cousins.” I tried not to smile. They were far closer than double cousins. Butt the genetic risks were low if you didn’t have any major health problems in the family.

“Okay,” Dr. Wilson said. “I try not to judge…” She blinked again, staring at Clint and Melody. He moved to the table and took her left hand. Melody gave him a happy smile. The doctor shook her head. “Okay, let’s… Exam, right? We’re here to make sure that everything’s healthy and…” Her words trailed off, and she shook her head again. “I mean, everything’s going to be healthy, this is just a…precaution and…” She fanned her face. “Is it hot in here? You all look as flushed as I feel.”

I giggled, still tasting my son’s salty cum on my lips. “It’s pretty hot in here.”


Melody Samuels

“Oh, my god, I have to pee again,” I groaned. I wanted to keep masturbating. It was so hot watching Alicia fist Zoey and Stefani. We were celebrating Clint’s twentieth birthday in style—an orgy for the whole family. He was fucking our moms in the other room, their moans echoing. And Pam and her mother were having some quality time together.

I pulled my fingers out of my pussy. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I groaned as I stood up. At six months pregnant, my belly was round. My breasts were full and plump, my nipples darker than they used to be. I gained my feet, my bladder so full. My daughter pressed on it as she shifted inside of me.

“Lee, get that bratty mouth over here.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lee moaned, crawling across the room. She had a vibrating butt plug shoved up her ass, the hums muffled to a dull buzz. Her face was flushed as she fought against her orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes, fist me,” gaped Stefani, her red hair flying as she sat on the couch next to Zoey. The pair both had their legs spread, arms around each other’s shoulders, and Alicia’s fists buried in their pussies.

My eighteen-year-old sister worked her fists faster and faster, pumping them in and out of the two twenty-year-olds’ pussies. Alicia’s cute ass wiggled, her brown pigtails bouncing as she put her whole body into the effort.

Lee reached me. She nuzzled her face into my pussy. I groaned as her hungry lips found my wet pussy. She nuzzled, licking through my folds until she found my urethra. I rubbed my stomach, leaned my head back, and groaned.

My piss flowed out of me into Lee’s hungry mouth.

She moaned as she drank my piss. Her arms were locked about my hips, holding my ass. I shivered, eyes fluttering as the pleasure flowed out of me. The one nice thing about having to piss often was the three different mouths I had available to me to drink it—Lee, Mom, and Ms. Hiragawa. The Japanese MILF took to watersports like a duck to water the first time Pam urinated in her mouth.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned, shivering at the delight of pissing in my bratty sister’s mouth. “Oh, drink it all down.”

Lee did, gulping noisily. I slid my hands up to my breasts, cupping them as the last drops of my piss dribbled into her mouth. I never had much piss though, since I had to go so frequently. I let out a sigh of relief.

Which turned into a groan as she licked through my folds.

“Oh, that’s it,” I purred, “put that mouth to good use. Drinking piss, licking pussy, and sucking cock is all that mouth’s good for.”

“And rimming ass,” moaned Stefani, her breasts shaking, brushing Zoey’s pillowy mounds. “Oh, my god, Alicia, you’re going to make us cum.”

“Yay,” she moaned, pumping her fists faster and faster. “Cum, big sisters.”

“Yes, cum on her fists.”

Lee licked through my folds as I watched Zoey and Stefani writhe in passion. They turned their heads, lips meeting in a hot, passionate kiss. I shuddered, Lee’s tongue probing into my pregnant pussy. She swirled through it. I looked down but couldn’t see her, my round stomach blocking the view.

She attacked my pussy with such enthusiasm. Her tongue flew through my folds, licking, lapping, wanting me to cum hard on her mouth. And I wanted to experience that joy. I wanted to cum so hard on my bratty sister’s mouth.

“Oh, yes, you filthy shit,” I hissed. “Put that tongue to use. Make me cum on that dirty mouth. Ooh, you are so disgusting. You just drank my piss, Lee. What a fucking freak!”

Lee moaned into my pussy, tonguing me harder. Her fingers bit into my ass. I shivered, the pleasure flowing through me. I loved her. There were times over the last few year where I thought I hated the brat for how she behaved.

Now I was so glad she was my sex slave sister.

The pleasure built in me as I watched Stefani and Zoey cum on Alicia’s fists. Their juices gushed around her arms. She was so happy as she drove her fists so deep into their pussies. The pair both bucked and squirmed, crying out Alicia’s name.

“You did so good, cupcake,” I moaned. “Oh, you made our big sisters cum so hard.”

“I did,” Alicia beamed, pulling her fists out. Pussy juices soaked her almost up to her elbows. She turned around, licking at both her hands, savoring the flavors of both girls while they kissed each other hard.

I shivered, licking my lips. I pushed Lee away, my eyes locked on Alicia’s girlish, shaved slit. She still had such a tight pussy. With her almost nonexistent breasts and slim body, she looked so young. So innocent as she happily licked her wrists.

I went to her, falling to my knees before my little sister, and buried my face into her fresh cunt. I rubbed my lips on her shaved snatch, feeling her heat, and then licked through her folds, my own pussy clenching.

“Oh, big sister,” she gasped, leaning back against the couch, her eyes fluttering behind her glasses.

And then Lee grabbed my ass and buried her mouth back into my pussy. She licked me harder. I shivered, groaning into Alicia’s pussy. My orgasm built faster and faster. I trembled, my tongue swirling around Alicia’s little clit.

Lee found mine. She sucked hard.

I came. My pregnant pussy exploded. I shivered, my pregnant belly rubbing into my legs. I moaned into Alicia’s pussy, sucking so hard on her clit. My cunt spasmed. Juices gushed out into Lee’s hungry mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Alicia moaned, humping against me. “Oh, big sister. You’re so wonderful. I love you so much!”

I couldn’t answer. Too much pleasure shot through me. And I was having too much fun sucking on her little clit. I batted it with my tongue as the rapture rushed through my body. Lee jammed her tongue into my pregnant snatch, licking up my juices as I trembled and groaned.

Alicia grabbed my blonde curls with her pussy stained hands. She humped against my mouth. Her small tits jiggling, cute nipples so hard. Her back arched. And then she let out a shuddering moan, her fresh juices flooding her mouth.

“Damn, this is one hot birthday party,” Lee moaned behind me. “Mmm, I love it. May I cum, Mistress? The butt plug is driving me wild.”

“Sure,” I panted, shivering, staring up at Alicia’s cute lips as she shuddered, her orgasm shooting through her. I leaned up and kissed her hard while Lee moaned her orgasm behind us.

I loved our family so much. I couldn’t wait for the day my daughter was eighteen and ready to have her cherry popped by her daddy. What a beautiful day that would be. And Pam’s daughter would be right next to her, trembling with excitement.


Clint Elliston

“I am so horny,” Pam moaned as she lay stretched out on my bed. Sometimes, it hit me that my bed used to be my parent’s bed. Even after nine months of being in charge of the harem, of sleeping in here with a different pair of my women each night, I still found it weird. “The closer my due date gets, the hornier I am.”

“I know,” Melody groaned, cuddling into Pam from behind, her round stomach pressed into Pam’s back.

They looked so hot. My twenty-year-old sisters, both pregnant with my daughters. One blonde and sultry, the other coquettish and Asian. Melody’s paler hands stroked Pam’s olive-tinged stomach. A thick, black bush between her thighs, reaching to the swell of her belly.

My daughters were in them both.

“Come fuck us, Clint,” moaned Pam. “I need a hard cock in me. I’ve been so horny all day. And you were gone.”

“Working at the drugstore,” Clint shrugged. “Baby’s cost money. Have to pay off the nursery renovation.”

“And fucking Lee in the stockroom is such hard work,” Melody giggled. “How many times did you slip off to fuck her in the ass.”

“A few,” I grinned, stroking my hard cock. “She was teasing me. She kept bending over and flashing that thong she’s wearing. And, damn, but her ass has gotten gorgeous the last few months.”

“Come fuck your pregnant sisters,” Melody said, her hand sliding down Pam’s stomach to the thick bush. “She’s so wet for you.”

I moved to the bed, Melody reaching for my dick over Pam’s body, her pregnant stomach rubbing on our Japanese half-sister’s arm. I groaned as she stroked me. Then her tongue flicked out, gathering the drop of precum beading my dick’s crown.

“Get on your back so we can love you,” Melody said.

I arched an eyebrow at her.

“Please, Sir,” she said, a big grin on her face. “Follow your lowly, submissive sister’s advice and get your butt on the bed.”

“If you weren’t so pregnant…”

She giggled. “I love you, too.”

I spread out on the bed, Melody stroking my dick. Both pregnant girls moved, awkwardly, around the bed. Pam slid closer, stroking my muscular chest, playing with my chest hairs. Her breasts, like Melody’s, had grown rounder, plumper, her nipples fatter and darker brown. I reached out, tweaking one. Her milk was coming in. Both were due any day now.

I pulled on her nipple. Pam didn’t resist, leaning over so her breasts dangled over my mouth. I latched onto a fat nub, bringing a moan from my sister’s lips. Without her glasses on, her face appeared even rounder, especially when scrunched up with pleasure as I suckled.

Her milk squirted into my mouth. The sweet, creamy delight made me shiver. I gulped it down and suckled again while Melody nuzzled at my balls. Her hand stroked my cock, her tongue lathing my nuts, sending delicious shivers through me.

“Oh, Clint, yes,” moaned Pam. “Oh, it’s so hot to nurse you. Ooh, yes.”

I suckled harder. I loved how her milk squirted into my mouth. I swirled the delicious drink around with my tongue. It was sweeter than cow’s milk, with an almost melony flavor, like cantaloupe. I gulped it down and suckled again and again, hungry for every drop of my sister’s milk.

My hand slid down her body, rubbing at her pregnant belly. I reached for her pussy. Her thick bush caressed my hands. I liked my women shaved, except for Pam and her mother. It was so hot having Japanese women with thick, black bushes. I probed through her silky forest and found her wet pussy.

“Clint!” she moaned as I penetrated her hot snatch.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her cunt, suckling from her breasts. I savored her milk. The cream flowed down my throat. It was wonderful. Delicious. I gulped it down, my cock throbbing as Melody’s thumb ran over the crown, massaging the tip. Her mouth sucked at my balls and her eyes peeked out on either side of my shaft, staring up at me.

“Mmm, drink all her milk,” Melody moaned. “Such a perv.”

I moaned a “yes” around Pam’s nipple while she giggled, her pussy clenching on my fingers.

I plunged them in slowly, teasing her, savoring her tight, pregnant snatch. I probed in as deep as I could reach, my cock aching and throbbing. Melody’s tongue climbed my dick, caressing the shaft, nearing the pinnacle.

And swirled her tongue around the crown. It felt better than her fingers. So wet and delicious. I groaned, shivering. I suckled as hard as I could, emptying the last of the milk from Pam’s tit. Luckily, she had another one.

Pam shifted her body, her breasts sliding across my face, and I latched onto her fresh nipple. I suckled hard, pumping my fingers faster now. She moaned and shifted, staring down at me as I nursed. Pleasure crossed her face, moans escaping her lips.

“Oh, Clint, yes,” she groaned. “You’re stirring up my cauldron. Ooh, yes.”

“Mmm, make her cum,” Melody purred before she engulfed my dick.

I groaned loudly about Pam’s nub, gulping down her milk as fast as I could. Warm, wet pleasure engulfed my dick. Melody’s mouth bobbed on it. She sucked hard, working her mouth up and down, her tongue swirling about the shaft, teasing me. She moaned, the humming vibration racing down to my balls.

My fingers pumped faster and faster into Pam’s pussy. The pleasure built and built, driving me wild. I wanted to cum. My balls ached and tingled. I had to explode, to release all the cum I could into Melody’s mouth.

But I wanted to save it for my girls’ pussies. I wanted to cum in one of them.

My thumb ran across Pam’s clit. I massaged the bud. Her pussy tightened on my plunging fingers. And then her moans exploded from her lips. Her snatch spasmed. Her orgasm shivered through her body.

“Yes, yes, yes, Clint,” she moaned. “Oh, you’re so wonderful.”

“Mmm, he is,” Melody moaned, her mouth popping off my dick. “And he’s all hard and ready for you, sweet sister. Park that pregnant cunt right on his dick.”

“Yes,” gasped Pam, sitting up, her nipple popping out of my mouth.

The pair moved around me, waddling awkwardly as they crawled, their pregnant bellies swinging beneath them. Pam reached my cock. She straddled my waist. I grinned as she grasped my cock, bringing it to her pussy. She swabbed it up and down her pussy. I groaned, my dick aching and throbbing as her hot folds caressed my dick.

And then she sank down my cock.

“Yes,” Pam moaned, her round belly and tits both jiggling as she took every inch of my shaft.

“Fuck,” I grunted, her tight, hot pussy engulfing my dick. I savored my Japanese half-sister’s cunt, loving the pleasure crossing her round face, her black hair falling loose about her shoulders.

“Give him a good ride,” grinned Melody.

“You, too,” Pam moaned, sliding her pussy up my cock, her hips swirling.

Melody laughed and threw her left leg over my head, straddling me. Her shaved, pregnant pussy glistened with her juices. I seized her hips, pulling her down hungrily to my lips. Pussy cream was the best follow-up after breast milk.

My tongue lapped through Melody’s sweet pussy. My first woman. The girl I had loved all my life. She was mine. The fact I got to have two other loves and a harem of women with her blessing was just amazing. All thanks to listening to the dream of my dad.

Damn, I wish he was here to see this.

And then the feel of Pam’s pussy sliding up and down my cock and my other sister’s hot cunt grinding on my face drove those thoughts from my mind. I licked through Melody’s snatch, sliding through her folds, drinking her juices as they trickled out of her and into my eager mouth.

“Did Clint leave me any milk?” Melody moaned, shifting on me.

“He did,” Pam moaned. “Other breast.”

Her pussy tightened on my cock as Melody suckled. I groaned into my sister’s pussy, sweeping through her folds as Pam rode up and down my cock. I pictured Melody nursing from Pam’s round breasts, their pregnant bellies rubbing together.

It was a hot image. My balls already boiled. I focused on licking and nuzzling Melody’s pussy. I couldn’t cum yet. I had to hold off. I had to make sure Pam came on my dick first. But it was so hard when I had two pregnant sisters, one nursing from the other.

“Oh, you taste good,” Melody moaned. “But Clint only left me a mouthful.”

“Just so selfish,” I grunted between licks of her sweet pussy.

“He is,” Pam moaned, her pussy clenching on my dick as she slid up it, sending hot pleasure shivering through my body. “But I get your milk all to myself, Melody.”

The feel of Pam’s pussy changed as she leaned forward. My cock rubbed along the back of her pussy wall. She groaned, now nuzzling at Melody’s tits. My blonde sister gasped, grinding her pussy on my face, as Pam noisily suckled.

“Yes, yes, yes, nurse from my tits,” groaned Melody. “Oh, I have such a sexy girlfriend! Mmm, every girl should date her pregnant sister.”

“Yes,” I panted, my balls aching.

This was too much. I focused on licking Melody’s pussy, exploring her folds, but hearing Pam suckle from Melody’s breasts, drinking her milk while riding my cock, made my balls unleash. I gripped Melody’s thighs hard, fighting the urge.

She squirmed on my mouth, grinding her hot clit against my lips. I groaned, sucking on her nub. I nibbled on chewed as she squirmed more and more on my body. My dick throbbed in the sweet embrace of Pam’s pussy.

“Oh, give me a taste, Pam,” panted Melody. “Let me taste my breast milk.”

And then they were kissing. And I knew Pam had a mouthful of Melody’s breast milk. They were snowballing it back and forth like they did with my cum. I sucked so hard on Melody’s clit, my nose pressed into her pussy’s folds. She squirmed hard on me. I could hardly breathe. My balls boiled.

I couldn’t hold back.

My cum erupted into Pam’s pregnant pussy. I groaned about Melody’s clit as blast after blast of my jizz spurted into Pam’s snatch. My legs spasmed. Every shot of spunk fired pleasure through my body. The rapture slammed into my mind.

Stars burst across my vision. I came so damned hard. My entire body convulsed with each blast.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Melody moaned, her pussy gushing juices as she came.

“Oh, Clint,” gasped Pam. “Cum in me. I love your jizz in me. I… I… Yes!”

Just as my cock spurted a final time, her pussy went wild about my dick. My crown, so sensitive after cumming, ached in her silky depths. More pleasure rippled through me. I licked through Melody’s pussy, drinking her juices and savoring this moment. It was wonderful. I was so close with them. I wish Alicia was here.

I wish she was pregnant.

Maybe next year, I would breed her. And them Mom and Aunt Vicky and Ms. Hiragawa. Zoey and Stefani had to be pregnant at the same time. And then Lee would be last. She would get off on it, being forced to be the last one bred, watching every other woman in the family have the joy of having my child.

“Clint,” groaned Melody, her voice throaty. “Oh, Clint…”

“Cum hard,” I grinned.

Pam’s pussy clenched on my dick. “Umm…” She shivered. “Oh, my, I think…”

“Yeah,” Melody nodded.

I beamed. “I made you both cum hard.”

“Too hard,” groaned Melody. “Dr. Wilson mentioned orgasms could trigger labor as you near your due date and… Oh… Yep.”

I blinked as Melody lifted her pussy off of my face. Pam’s still clenched on my dick. “What are you two saying?”

“Um, I think we should go to the hospital,” Pam said, her eyes wide.

“What?” My eyes went wide. “No, no. You’re both not due for a few more days.”

“You were too much of a stud,” laughed Melody as she climbed off the bed. “Our daughters can’t wait to meet you and…”

Juices flooded down her thighs.

“Well, my water broke.” She giggled again, though there was a bit of pain in her voice. “Good thing I got off your face.”

“What?” I blinked again. This really could not be happening. “Shit, let’s go. What are you still doing on my cock, Pam?”

“Savoring it,” she groaned.


Cheryl Elliston

I smiled as I walked into the hospital room. Pam and Melody had delivered within an hour of each other, five hours of labor for Melody, six for Pam, and they were both now sharing the same room. It was pure chance that the hospital put them together. They both were on their beds, lying on their sides, staring at Clint as he sat between them.

He held two pink-wrapped bundles in his arms, staring at them with such awe in his eyes, such love.

It hit me then. He looked just like Clinton had on the day of Zoey’s birth, right down to the look on his face. My son’s arms trembled as he held both his daughters with care. Tears fell down my cheeks. The rest of the family moved in around us, his sisters gushing over the babies.

Vicky hugged me from behind, her head on my shoulders. “Oh, god, Cheryl…”

“I know,” I said, my voice as choked as hers. “I wish he was here so badly to see this. To see the man Clint’s become.”

Vicky didn’t answer.

“Sometimes, I dream about him. And we talk. I tell him what he’s missing. He’s so excited about it.”

“That’s good,” Vicky whispered. “He must be so happy.”

“I think so.”

The rest of the family moved in. Alicia looked so cute as she leaned in, her pigtails falling off her shoulders. Lee bounced with excitement. Zoey and Stefani held each other, their heads leaned close, and I bet they imagined the day Clint held their children like that. Asuka sat down on the side of Pam’s bed, smiling at her daughter and her new grandchild.

The door opened and Dr. Wilson entered, her bleached-blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders. Her roots were showing. She needed to dye it again. I sniffed back more tears as she studied the chart. She wore green hospital scrubs but looked refreshed even after spending hours delivering Melody’s baby.

“Okay, Melody, how are you…?” Her words dropped off as she stared at Clint holding not one but two pink bundles. She glanced at the other bed, seeing Pam staring adoringly at him. “Wait, what?”

“That’s Pam,” I told her. “Clint and Melody’s girlfriend. It’s all very modern and progressive, you see.”

“What?” the doctor blinked.

“She had Clint’s child, too. They conceived very close together and went into labor at the same time.”

“Clint’s fault,” Melody said with a big, if weary, grin on her face.

“But…but…” The doctor looked around. “He impregnated two girls? At the same time?”

“Uh-huh,” I said.

“And no one cares?” the doctor asked.


Her jaw dropped. Then Lee, casually, said, “It’s three girls now.”

Everyone looked at the precocious nineteen-year-old. She had grown larger breasts over the year, and they strained the tight tank top she wore. She was well on her way to having tits the size of Zoey or my sister, Vicky.

“What?” Clint asked.

“You’re going to be a daddy again,” Lee giggled. “You knocked up both your cousins. Isn’t he a stud, Dr. Wilson?”

“I…uh… I’ll come back… You all want to…to visit.” The doctor swallowed and retreated from the room.

Clint stared at Lee who just put on the biggest, the most innocent, and the brattiest grin ever. “I sometimes forget to take my birth control pills. But I double up the next day whenever I forgot though. I thought it was okay”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Asuka groaned. “You have to take the pill every day for it to be effective.”

“Guess so,” Lee shrugged, her hands rubbing her tummy.

“You are in trouble,” Clint growled, not buying her “forgetfulness” for a moment. Well, Lee had gone nine months without being a brat.

And then one of the infants cooed. I didn’t know if it was Christie or Hikaru who fussed. But either way, Clint had turned his attention to his daughters, joy lighting upon his face. I sighed. They were my granddaughters. Clinton’s granddaughters. I smiled, feeling so happy as I stared at our family. It would grow larger bit by bit. We would all be so close, held together by the young man grinning at his newborn daughters.

More tears fell. I knew Clinton must be so happy right now. I hoped I dreamed of him tonight. I had a lot to tell him.


Author Note: I know a lot of you have really enjoyed this series and wanted it to keep going and going. I saw this series as focusing on the formation of the harem. With Lee learning not to be a brat (mostly) I felt the harem’s formation was complete. But their story will continue just in new series. Some will focus on brand new characters, like our good Dr. Wilson and her precocious son and daughter, experiencing the harem from the outside, and others will be about Clint and his women directly.

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