Father and daughter by JessiRae


this is just the first isntallment… there's more to cum… 😉 , One day Martin was with his daughter Taylor, who just turned 20, while she was away at a nearby college. He couldn't help but notice how she’d turned into a beautiful young woman. Watching her go about the dorm she was sharing with her roommate Mary at age 17, Martin started to feel sexually aroused every time Taylor walked by him.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you come sit by me a while and we’ll watch a movie.” Martin suggested.

“But daddy I have so much homework and chores to do.” Taylor replied. “Besides, what will we watch?”

“How about something you like,” He said. “I don’t really care what it is as long as we watch it together.”

Taylor then went to the movie cabinet and found one of her favorite movies put it into the player and then sat down by her dad. As they watched the movie, her dad put his arm around her shoulders. Taylor then leaned against her daddy and couldn’t help but notice the hard on her daddy had.

“Daddy are you okay?” Taylor asked.

“Yes baby,” he replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Because… There’s something hard in your pants daddy.” Taylor responded with a bit of a chuckle.

“Oh that…” Martin said a little embarrassed. “Just ignore it sweetie, daddy’s just got a hard-on.”

Taylor looks up at her daddy, “What is a hard on?”

Martin looks down at his daughter in astonishment, “Uh, well honey, a hard-on is where daddies get a hard penis… and uh… well it’s a little hard to explain beyond that.”

“Please try daddy?” Taylor pleads. “Please try?”

Martin just looks at his daughter as he tries to think of a way to explain this to her even though he’s sure that her mom told her all about this before she left, but he’s not about to ask her. He knows that Lydia, his second wife hasn’t told her about the birds and the bees… so now Martin feels like he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place that doesn’t include the hard-on he has right now.

“Well honey, have you ever seen a boy’s penis?” Martin asks.

Taylor starts to blush a little bit, “No daddy… I haven’t.”

Martin starts to shift the way he’s facing his daughter and turns off the movie, thanking his lucky stars her roommate is gone at classes.

“Well honey, a penis is almost like what you use to go pee but it’s on the outside for boys. Would you like to see what it looks like?” Martin asks.

Taylor nods and gives her daddy some room so he can show her his penis. When Martin gets up he watches Taylor move back and forget to pull her skirt down. Martin then opens his pants and drops just his pants to the floor leaving him in his boxers, and while he’s standing there he sees Taylor watching him and he feels his cock get harder.

“Daddy, why did your penis just jump?” Taylor asks.

“Uh, well honey… because daddy’s penis, also known as a cock gets really excited when daddy see’s you and also if I’m only in my underwear like I am now.” Martin replies.

As Taylor looks up at her daddy, she asks him if it’s okay for him to take off his shirt… and Martin agrees as he takes his shirt off. She then reaches her hand out to her daddy’s chest. Once Taylor’s hand touches hers daddy’s chest, Martin inhales sharply and feels his cock stiffen.

“Did I hurt u daddy?” Taylor asks.

“No sweetie,” Martin replies. “The way your hand touched my chest and how you feel to me… and look… you’re so beautiful… and so young.”

Taylor starts to blush and looks away from her daddy’s face. Martin see’s this and places his hand under Taylor’s chin and leans in to kiss her lightly on the lips. At first Taylor pulls away… but then after seeing that her daddy will stop when she wants him to stop and if she doesn’t want him to stop he won’t.

“Daddy…” Taylor says shyly.

“Yes, baby?”

“Can… Can I please…” Taylor starts out. “Can I touch your cock?”

Martin smiles lovingly at his daughter and nods at her to go ahead, as Taylor tentatively touches her daddy’s cock, Martin closes his eyes and relishes in the tender touch from his daughter. Although Martin still has his boxers on… he still has Taylor gently rub him through the material.

“That’s it baby,” Martin says. “Just like that… ohm… yes.”

“You like that daddy?” Taylor asks.

“Yes sweetheart I do. Stop for a little bit honey.” Martin replies. “Let daddy take his boxers off so you can see what you’ve been touching.”

“Okay daddy.” Taylor responds as Martin takes his boxers off, she backs up a little bit so she can have a good view.

“Wow daddy…” Taylor says in amazement. “I didn’t know boys had those… or that they looked like that.”

Martin just smiles at his daughter and says, “Yes honey all boys/men do.”

Taylor again reaches out for it and just barely touches her daddy’s cock when it jumps again as her daddy inhales sharply.

“I didn’t hurt you again did I daddy?” Taylor asks worriedly.

“No sweetheart,” her daddy replies breathlessly. “That happens when daddy gets very excited remember?

“Yes daddy I remember.” Taylor says shyly, and starts to resume her gentle rubbing. While rubbing her daddy Taylor feels something in the depths of her body and asks her daddy what’s going on.

“You’re becoming aroused baby.” Martin replies gently, he then reaches out to his daughters privates and gently tells her that he’s going to show her what her body does in response to what she sees going on with him. As Martin does this, he starts to kiss Taylor on the forehead and down to her lips and reaches between her legs to where her panties are. When he touches Taylor’s pussy, she jumps a little bit but doesn’t pull away since she’s too enamored with the kiss her daddy is giving her.

“Want to see what happens to women like you baby?” Martin asks.

“Yes daddy…” Taylor replies breathlessly. Martin then pulls his fingers from Taylor’s pussy and shows her the wetness on them.

“This is called vaginal fluids.” Martin informs his daughter. “But men also call it pussy juice or juices.”

As Martin is rubbing his daughter's pussy through her panties, Martin suggests that she take her bra off but leave her shirt on for now. As Taylor shyly takes her bra off from under her shirt, Martin kisses his daughter some more.

“Mm sweetie, your lips are so soft…” he says. “Here… come sit by me.”

As Taylor sits down Martin guides her to his lap and starts to kiss his daughter again and play with her breasts as well. Becoming more and more aroused Taylor starts to moan softly against her daddy’s lips starting to get a little scared, she tells Martin.

“There’s nothing to worry about honey,” Martin soothes. “It’s perfectly natural to feel what you’re feeling right now. Why don’t you stand up and take off your panties?”

“Are… are you sure daddy?” Taylor asks hesitantly.

“Yes sweetheart.” Martin replies. “Would you like daddy to help?”

“Would you please daddy?” Taylor responds.

Martin scoots to the edge of the couch and before he takes off her panties he grabs Taylor’s hand and guides her to her bedroom where he closes and locks the door so they won’t be disturbed. He then reaches up his daughter’s skirt as he kisses her some more and slides his hand down inside her panties and pushes them over her ass and hips. As he’s pushing her underwear down, Martin kisses down his daughter’s body through her clothes until her panties are on the floor in a puddle on top of her bra that he’d thrown into the room earlier.

“Oh sweetie!” Martin exclaims. “You’re so beautiful…”

Taylor feels her daddy start to rub her pussy and feel embarrassed seeing as her pussy isn’t clean like her daddy’s dick.

“Daddy…” Taylor begins. “I have too much hair in my privates… please stop looking at it, it’s embarrassing.”

“I can help with that baby. Don’t you worry about it.” Martin then gets up and leads her to the bathroom where he takes the biggest towel and lays it on the floor.

“Lay down right here baby.” He says, while getting a bowl of warm water, a washcloth, some shaving cream, a razor and a pair of scissors.

“Okay daddy. I trust you.” Taylor meekly replies. She then feels her dad start to use the scissors to trim her hair, and once that’s done she feels the washcloth which is warm from the water wash off her pussy and mound. Next she feels the shaving cream as Martin lathers her up in preparation for being shaved clean. Once that’s complete, Martin starts to shave Taylor and hears her moaning softly. When he’s done shaving her, Martin suggests that he and Taylor take a shower together to clean off any stray hair and shaving cream.

Once they had showered, Martin has Taylor towel dry him and then he towel dry’s his daughter off. As he towels dry’s her off… He starts kissing her sweetly and then lets his hands roam over Taylor’s body. While touching his daughter’s breasts Martin starts to feel his daughter touch her daddy’s cock and rub it gently.

Taylor then starts to get a little braver with her daddy by rubbing his cock a little faster and harder than before. Martin starts to kiss his daughter a little deeper, and fondles her breasts even more. He then carries his daughter to her bed, and once they get to her bed Martin then lays Taylor on it… and just looks at her admiring her lithe body.

“Daddy,” Taylor begins. “Make me feel good.”

Martin then kneels down by her bed and just smiles at his little girl who’s now a young woman.

“When did you get so big?” Martin asks rhetorically. “One minute you’re this little angel barely bigger than a doll… and now you’re a beautiful young woman.”

Taylor just smiles at her daddy and leans over to kiss him deeply. All the sudden she feels her daddy push her back against the bed and place a hand on her mound. Martin starts to gently probe his way between her pussy lips while kissing his daughter deeply, he then starts to rub her clit and begins to kiss down Taylor’s body.

“Ohm… daddy…” Taylor breathes heavily, “That feels so good… please… fill me with your cock daddy.”

Martin kisses down her body and then flicks his tongue against his daughter’s clit, afterwards he starts to kiss back up her body and then guides the head of his cock to the entrance to his daughter’s pussy. Once he starts his slow journey he then hits Taylor’s hymen, Martin stops just before he breaks through and looks at his daughter.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” Martin asks.

“Yes daddy,” Taylor replies.

Martin looks lovingly at his daughter and starts to pull back from her pussy. Taylor lets out a little gasp when her daddy starts to thrust… and at first Martin is scared that he hurt his little girl but he knows that she isn’t hurt badly.

“You’re okay baby,” Martin says. “I’ll stay still so you can get used to feeling daddy’s monster in you.”

“Ohm… daddy…” Taylor replies breathlessly. “It feels so big…”

“I know baby,” Martin soothes. “I know. It’s okay.”

After 10 seconds of being still Martin starts to thrust in and out slowly as Taylor nods her head to let him know it is okay to move in and out of her pussy. Every time he thrusts into his daughter he goes a little bit deeper each time, and soon he’s just barely going in and out of his daughter’s pussy.

“Ohm… daddy…” Taylor grunts. “That feels so good…”

With Taylor on her back, Martin leaned down and started to suck and lick on her nipples… bringing them to nice hard pearls. After giving each breast some attention Martin starts to thrust faster and harder trying to control himself as he feels close to coming.

Taylor starts to beg her daddy to help her relieve the pressure she feels and he tells her to just accept the feeling and let it flow through her body. Once she does, Taylor feels like someone released the flood gates as the pressure builds up to a pinnacle and then gushes out of her. Martin feels Taylor cum he tells her that she feels so good, he then slams his cock into his daughter’s tight pussy a couple more times and then on the last thrust he stays inside as he comes. After both Taylor and Martin come, they fell on the bed and fell asleep.




2016-01-29 21:16:12
A 20 yr old with a 17 yr old roommate at college? Really? And a 20 yr old that knows NOTHING about sex and the difference between males and females? Also, where the hell was the 17 yr old roomie during this fuck? The daughter talks like a 12 yr old. Hope the next chapters are better. 5 out of 20!


2016-01-29 16:10:36
Your off too a good start, wish the daddy had not shaved his daughter though. 8/10

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