How Firm a Foundation Ch. 01 by lustdarkly,lustdarkly

Showing how our friends supported my wife during her pregnancy.

Chapter 1 of 3


There’s nothing more disappointing than waking up in the middle of a dream. Especially a nice dream. Especially and erotic dream like the one I was having! Reality hits us like a sledge hammer normally leaving us deflated, disappointed and sad – but not this morning! This morning I woke up to find my beautiful little wife on top of me, naked as the day she was born, lips clamped around my solid penis, head bobbing like she’s going for gold in the sex Olympics.

Oh, fuck! I grinned from ear to ear, clenching my buttocks and tensing in her mouth, finding her swollen breasts with my hands. God, they’re huge now! Huge and incredibly erotic!

Karen’s over seven months pregnant and almost ready to pop, so to speak. I’m looking forward to the birth of course (dreading it too! if I’m honest! gulp!) But I’ve loved her pregnancy. Her hormones have been in constant overdrive – for a while there, her balance was too! Her equilibrium was all over the place and we, her loving devotees, had to be ready to catch her when she started to fall. Extremely nerve-wracking! There’s been a few months of uncontrollable laughing and crying as well – but the part I’ve enjoyed most is… she’s been horny as fuck from the start. When the second term began she went nuts! and demanded round the clock fucking! That was the first time I was grateful she had her two extra-marital lovers – James Thompson, my old school bully and our elderly neighbour, Mr. Rippendale, from across the cul-de-sac. The old man, John, naturally struggles to keep up with her demands but no one makes my wife cum like he does. Pleasuring herself while he watches is a mind-blowing aphrodisiac for Karen. James on the other hand, he fucks her like an animal whenever and wherever. He’s most attentive.

And which one of us knocked her up? Who is the father? We just don’t know. Karen doesn’t want to know and she won’t let us either. A difficult thing for us men to accept in the beginning but it’s added a frisson of excitement to our relationships and… anyway, the three of us are obsessed with her, each of us in our own way. My wife is adorable. Being petite, with full boobs and a tiny waist, long gorgeous hair down her back, she’s by nature, uncommonly fuckable (even more so now that she’s fully pregnant, hard as that may be to believe). No. It’s more than that. She exudes a kindness… a joy in life that is intoxicating. It’s hard to not fall in love with Karen.

And here she was, grinning up at me, her teeth softly biting into my cock-head, her tongue probing my slit – naked – her breasts on both sides of my dick, tickling my pubic hair, brushing my belly – enveloping me with her small perfect mouth.

And tragedy! When I saw the clock my world shattered. “FUCK! I forgot the alarm!!!” I didn’t even have time to ejaculate. I was chairing a meeting in 17 minutes!!! I’d summoned down all the big-wigs from head-office to listen to a proposal – a business opportunity that had fallen into my lap. Absolutely critical!

Heart breaking, erection swinging, I leapt out of bed and seized my clothes, apologising to my gorgeous, frustrated wife. “S’okay.” she grinned, amused. She intercepted me at the front door though, blocking my way.

“Honey, please! I gotta go!” I laughed.

She kissed my mouth hard. “Hurry home.” she smiled, melting my heart. “As fast as you can. My little pussy needs some attention.” My cock twitched. Fuck! It was still hard! She squeezed it through my trousers and giggled.

“I will. I’ll come home early. The first chance I get!” I promised.

And I was as good as my word. Breaking at least three traffic laws, I sped home at around three in the afternoon with a giant bunch of roses. My heart was racing and my penis semi-hard in my pants as I hurtled into our cul-de-sac. When I saw James Thompson’s expensive BMW parked in front of our house however, I knew I’d missed my chance. Devastated, he was probably fucking her right now. “FUCK!” I cursed, slamming the wheel!

My stomach fluttered as I stepped inside, closing the front door. I could hear Karen’s laughter and James’s voice coming from upstairs. They were in our bed! Every time I saw them screwing was like a dagger through my chest. Even after all this time… I’ve never gotten used to seeing them together. But my spirits raised as I suddenly heard Mr. Rippendale’s voice too. Good. It was highly unlikely they’d both be making love to her so I felt some hope as I ascended the stairs. I could hear John arguing with James in a friendly way and Karen was giggling and talking between them.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

All three of them were naked! My wife was lounging on her back actually on top of James with her legs splayed apart and his fully erect cock resting against her wet, flushed labia. Both her arms were comfortably behind his head, playing with his hair as he caressed her belly and nuzzled her neck. Mr. Rippendale lay beside them on one elbow like a Roman Emperor, stroking her thigh and kissing her breast which brushed against his lips as he chatted. From the way his enormous cock lay flaccid, glistening wet… and from the redness of her pussy, it was quite clear he’d already used my wife.

“Full natural! I like to explore the jungle!” Mr. Rippendale objected cheerfully, waving hello to me.

“Rubbish!” James argued. “I like my pussy like I like my coffee. Absolutely no pubic hair!”

Laughing, my wife smiled sexily at me and explained, “John wants me to grow a bush. What do you think, sweetie?”

I glanced at her bald pussy as she gently gyrated her hips for me, luxuriating as James’s erection slid lusciously over her surface. She made an appreciative little gasp as he reached down and pressed her clit, digging his strong fingers into her glistening flesh.

John said, “The hair shows something! It also makes it… I don’t know… mysterious!”

“Mysterious?” scoffed James. “Don’t be ridiculous! It’s like fucking a gorilla!”

“And you’ve fucked a gorilla?” asked John.

“I’ve fucked many! And the one thing they all had in common – they were all too hairy!”

Oh my God, what a sight! Naked, in the arms of these two men, my sweet little wife – the sight was enough to stop my heart. My cock was instantly hard and I didn’t care if it looked ridiculous in my trousers.

John lazily licked Karen’s nipple and then kissed her mouth. Karen’s tongue licked lips appreciatively and she smiled.

“Maybe I could grow a little landing strip?” she moaned, still kissing.

“But it looks so good bald!” said James, pinching her clit, licking her neck. “You have the sexiest little cunt!”

“Hmmm. Thanks babe.” she grinned, turning and kissing him openly with her tongue. At the same time, she lifted her hips slightly so James could enter her. I watched mesmerised as his hard member slid between her labia, sinking slowly into my wife’s wet, sensual cunt. She moaned with pleasure.

“What is a Brazilian?” asked John.

Karen and James snickered, grinning at the pensioner.

“It’s more than a million but less than a trillion.” James offered. Karen swatted his arm playfully and told him to stop teasing. She kissed John’s lips and sighed, smiling as the old man caressed her bald pubic mound, circling the bud of her clit with his large rough fingers. “Oh… wow… uh…” she breathed, rotating her hips slowly on James’s huge veiny cock.

“Right. How about you two leave now so I can screw this little slut in peace?” said James, making my wife giggle.

“Would you please not call this wonderful woman a slut?” John objected, frowning, kissing her cheek. Karen’s lips kissed his and she started laughing.

“Oh, but it’s kinda true!” she said. “James is right! I am a slut! I’m a horny little fuck-slut!” Proudly, she demonstrated this by sliding up and down on James’s cock for us.

“That’s right, baby.” James said. “Who’s little slut are you?”

“Yours baby! I’m your little slut. I’m James’s little… gasp! little, fucking slut!”

James put his fingers in her mouth and she started sucking and licking them, fucking his huge pole slowly from tip to balls. “I’m James’s horny little… fucking cunt. Oh, God! Fuck, that feels so good! I love your cock in me! I’m such a fucking whore!”

“That’s right. You’re a cheating, cock-obsessed little cunt.”

“Oh, James! Fuck, yes!”

“Can I stay?” I asked suddenly, hating the little whine in my voice. My cock was an iron-bar in my trousers. It was the first thing I’d said to my wife since walking into the room. She smiled at me somewhat pityingly. “No, sweetie.” she said. “James likes to fuck me in private. He likes to do really dirty things to me. Isn’t that right, baby?”

“That’s right.” he said, closing his huge hand around her slender throat. My wife’s eyes rolled back with pleasure and she spread her legs wider, fucking with more urgency.

“Come on son, let’s leave them to it.” said John, gathering up his clothes and following me out of the room. “I’ll make us a big pot of chilli for dinner. While we wait downstairs.”

It turns out we had to wait more than two hours. Humiliated, I sat listening to our bed slamming and creaking for two fucking hours! At one point I heard my wife scream out “I love you James! Pound that fucking cunt! Fuck! I love you!” John glanced at me and then quickly away, ineffectually hiding the pity on his face.

Karen, showered, hair slicked back and carrying a luscious aroma of rose soap, entered the living room wearing a long bathrobe. She was glowing. James, now that his balls were empty was interested only in the chilli and made for the kitchen, fixing two bowls.

“Come here, babygirl.” Mr. Rippendale beckoned to my wife who skipped childishly past me into his inviting arms. He was sitting on the edge of the sofa. “Was that nice honey?” he inquired opening her robe to reveal her nakedness, cupping her ass with both hands, kissing her belly.

“He did very naughty things to me.” she grinned, running her hands through his white hair, leaning down and kissing his lips. Giggling, she batted her boobs against his cheeks making him laugh. He kissed her nipples gently, causing her to close her eyes and sigh with pleasure.

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