Our Family Adventures Pt. 03

An adult stories – Our Family Adventures Pt. 03 by RDiamond,RDiamond Yeah Yeah, all persons were/are over the age of 18. Yada Yada Yada and Blah Blah Blah.

To understand the full context of this story, you should read part one and two first.

Sunday, Day 3 of Our Family Adventure…….

I did not reply to John and just kept walking out the door to Adam’s room. I never even bothered to get dressed. His door was shut, I tapped lightly and entered. He was on his bed, naked, with a rock-hard cock. He jumped of course as I entered, but I could tell he had been stroking it as he was at my bedroom door.

“MOM! WHAT THE HELL?” he yelled in shock as I entered his room. His eyes wide as he realizes that I’m naked as well. “What are you doing?” he asks me as he grabs a pillow and covers up his junk.

“What do you mean, what am I doing?” I mischievously say grinning. “I’m doing exactly what you were hoping I would do. Now, isn’t that, right?” I asked him teasingly. “Or I can leave if you’d like.”

Adam moved to the edge of the bed, still holding the pillow over himself. “What do you think I was hoping you would do?” he asked me as if he didn’t already know.

“Adam let’s not play dumb here and let’s not waste a lot of time playing games. We are both adults and you know damn well what I’m talking about. How about we just be straight with one another and see where it leads.”

His eyes kept glancing my way as I stood just a couple feet from him not covering my nudity at all. He would take a peak and then look away quickly, but his eyes kept returning to my body. I realized though that he wasn’t going to give in and start the conversation, so I decided to do it myself.

“Adam, what you said the other morning, were you serious about that? And before you go and say you don’t remember what you said, it was about, if you could suck my tits, you would be interested in doing so and your sister’s as well. Were you serious about all of that?”

“Umm yeah, I guess, but you said only in a different lifetime.” He shyly said in return.

“Okay, and just now, were you not standing at my bedroom door stroking your cock till you father moved and then you ran off and came in here to finish off.”

I could tell he was embarrassed, and I didn’t want him to feel embarrassed, so I tried to help him out some before he answered.

“Before you answer, let me say this. I know you know that I saw you. And I know that you know that I was awake and showing you myself. I also know that you realized that Ashley was in bed with us, and we are all nude. And lastly, I know that you are not stupid and can figure out for yourself that your father and I had sex with Ashley. So, the only real question to you right now would be, what questions do you have for me right now?”

This seemed to help him relax some as it brought most of the attention off him and I could tell his breathing was much better now, I waited for him to gather his thoughts and go from there. It took him a couple of minutes, but he finally spoke up all in a flurry of questions.

“If you knew I was there, why would you show me yourself like that and yeah, why was Ashley in your bed naked. What’s that all about? How long has that been going on? Why are you in here naked now? And why did you ask me if I was serious about what I said the other day?”

I think he would have kept going with the questions but he ran out of breath so I started answering his questions before he could ask even more.

“Okay Adam, I’m going to tell you straight out as an adult and then you can decide what you want to do with that information, and we’ll go from there. Okay?

“Please do, because right now, I’m confused as fuck.” He answered.

“This is not in the order you asked your questions, but I think it will help make everything make sense when I’m done.” I prefaced before starting. “You heard what you heard the other day, I know you did, so you know that Ashley is exploring her sexuality right now. She told me that she read my journals, and she discovered some things about your father and me.”

At this Adam looked away and I could see his shoulders tense up. I had to interrupt myself and ask him, “You’ve read my journals as well, haven’t you? Tell me the truth.”

Adam hesitated and was still looking away. I moved over to his bed and sat next to him. “Adam, look at me when I’m talking to you. You may be 20 years old, but you will not disrespect me, you understand?”

Adam slowly turned towards me with some slight moisture in his eyes. I knew he felt bad, and I didn’t want him to feel bad or feel embarrassed. I wrapped my arms around him, my breasts pressing into him and held him tightly. His arms wrapped around me, and he began to sob slightly.

“I’m sorry mom, I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. I kept seeing Ashley go down into the basement and I followed her one-day after a while, and I saw her reading your journal and she was masturbating while reading them so after she left, I went down and read some as well. I’m so sorry mom.”

I could tell his apology was sincere and at this point it really didn’t bother me anymore. I just wanted to lighten the mood right now.

“Did you masturbate to them after you read them as well.” I asked him. “Tell the truth Adam.”

He pulled away from me and wiped his eyes and kind of smiled, “Yeah a couple of times.”

“Good.” I said, “Then you must have liked what you read, correct? What parts did you read?” I asked him.

He fumbled for his words, not really wanting to tell me.

“Come on, speak up. Be an adult, use your words. Tell me the truth now and always and I will never get mad at you.” I reassured him.

Softly he cleared his throat and started to talk in a whisper.

“No, no, speak up. I know what I wrote, you can tell me, speak up.” I demanded of him.

Another throat clearing and he said, “I read the parts about you and dad both having sex with your parents and his mom and how you two swing and the fantasies of having sex with Ashley and me someday.”

“Well, then if you read all of that, you know why then I’m in your room naked.” I laughed as I shoved him in the arm. “Look Adam, Ashley liked what she read as well, and we ended up having a talk about it and she decided that she would like to have the same kind of relationship your father had with his mother, and I had with my parents, with us. She is also considering you as well, but she must give it some more thought. But I can tell you this, if she does, you are going to have to be more straight forward with your words then you’re being right now. Ashley is in exploration mode right now and she needs guidance and love from all of us.”

A couple of minutes went by in silence as I let him think about things, then I continued.

“Back to your questions, I was showing you myself because I liked what I saw you doing, and I thought you might like to see me as well.” Adam didn’t reply so I went on.

“Ashley was in our bed naked because the three of us had sex most of the night. As far as how long that has been going on, last night was the first time for all three of us and Friday was the first day for Ashley and myself. This all began Friday morning when you overheard what Ashley, and I were talking about.” Again, no reply.

“Why did I ask you if you were serious about what you said, because if you were, then I would very much like you to suck on my breasts, and if you’re interested in more, then, yes, I would love to share myself with you as well. Does that answer all your questions now?”

Adam sat there stunned at what he had just heard but he was mulling it around in his brain I could tell.

“Was last night just a one and done thing or are you guys going to do more?” he asked me.

“Everything is up to your sister as far as that goes. Right now, she wants to continue as much as she can. But if she ever wants to stop, we would stop. It will always be up to her. The same as if you decided you want to engage in play and then stop at some point, we would stop.”

He didn’t reply right away so I took the opening to try and explain things more.

“Adam, you know we have always been open with each other in this house and that will continue. There will be openness and respect and no judging of one another. You are a grown adult now and if you don’t feel comfortable with our lifestyle, we will respect that and only engage in play when you are not around. But you will also not disrespect your father, myself or your sister. Nor will you go outside this house and speak of the goings on to anyone else. What happens in this house stays in this house. Or what happens between anyone in this family stays between this family. Agree?”

“Yes mom, I understand, and agree and I would never say anything to anyone. I love you all too much for that. And to answer your other question, yes, I would like to be a part of whatever this is.”

I thought for a moment, ‘what is this called?’ I asked myself. The only thing I could come up with.

“I’m gonna call it love. Our love, our special kind of love, but love, nonetheless. Your father and I have always used the word ‘play’ or ‘playing’ when we are discussing the act with someone else. So, if that works for you as well, then good.” I tried to explain.

“Works for me.” Adam said in return. “So, umm back to you being naked in my room. So, am I correct on my thinking that you came in here naked cause you wanted to have sex with me, or ‘play’ with me, is that right mom?”

I was suddenly aware that Adam now understood everything and was turning the tables from a serious conversation to what started this whole thing in the first place, and I was pleased.

“Why yes Adam that is why I came into your room naked. Or to put it quite frankly and simply, I came in her to see if you were interested in fucking me.”

Adam’s face turned red, but he wasn’t about to lose the hand now. Looking me straight in the eye he said, “I would love to fuck you mom.” And with that he threw the pillow he was holding back on the bed and leaned in to kiss me.

I returned his kiss as I reached out to take his still hard cock in my hand. I still had not gotten a solid look at it so I broke the kiss first and leaned away from him so I could take in his sight. Oh my god, Ashley was right, his cock was beautiful. Yes, longer than his father’s, but just as girthy, straight as an arrow and the head was perfectly proportionate to the shaft. I don’t know an exact inch, nor do I ever measure a man’s cock. I’m more worried about if they know what to do with them than length. But for anyone that watches older porn, knows who Peter North is, then Adam’s cock looks just like Peter North’s. And I hoped he could cum like Peter as well.

I stroked his cock for a minute admiring the aesthetics of it. Then without warning I dropped to my knees and wrapped my mouth around it. Adam sucked in a deep breath as his hand went to the back of my head. I wasn’t so sure I was going to be able to take his full length down my throat, but I was going to give my Babyboy a good try that was for sure. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft a few times, my left hand cupping his ball sack and slightly tugging on it. My right hand wrapped fully around his shaft, stroking the full length as I chased my own hand with my wet tongue. I squeezed his head and a droplet of precum appeared, I looked up at him to see if he was watching, as I suspected he was. I put the tip of my tongue right at his opening and took the droplet onto it then licked my lips covering them with it. I noticed his cock tasted a bit musty and I quickly realized that it wasn’t musk I was tasting but it was pussy I was tasting. I stopped suddenly, took my mouth off him, looked up and asked. “Whose pussy am I tasting?

The look on his face was priceless, his face the reddest I had ever seen it. “What? No, what do you mean mom. Pussy? Ummm.” He fumbled and stuttered. I thought he might try to lie his way out, so I stood up and started for the door.

“After what we just talked about, if you can’t be truthful with me always, I’m not interested in sharing myself with you.” I said seriously but playfully as well, but still headed for the door.

“Okay, okay, okay, just wait a minute mom. I’ll tell you, but you must promise not to tell Ashley.” He said to me.

“Ashley? Why Ashley?” I asked confused, and then it hit me. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed, “You’re fucking Brittney aren’t you.”

Adam lowered his eyes and just nodded his head in agreement. Then he softly said, “Please don’t tell Ashley, mom. Brittney made me promise to never tell her, until she was ready to tell her herself.”

I thought for a minute of the ramifications, but I just had to know, “So do you know about Brittney and Ashley fucking?” I asked him.

His eyes went wide, and his jaw dropped to the floor in total shock. “What? Who told you that? Are you sure? Fuck me, Brittney is cheating on me.”

“Okay, now look. Ashley confided in me about her and Brittney’s relationship and from what I can tell it isn’t much that they do anyway. I’m sure Brittney is just waiting for the right time to tell you as well. She’s probably trying to figure herself out just like Ashley is, so don’t go getting all mad at her and you don’t tell Ashley I told you either. We both have a secret, and it stays with us. Okay?

“Yeah, I guess, but wow it is kinda exciting to know that my girlfriend likes to eat pussy too.” he said and then busted out laughing.

I came back over to him and dropped back to my knees. “Okay where was I” I ask rhetorically. And I engulfed his cock with my mouth again. I licked and sucked for a minute then came up off him again. “You can tell Brittney that your mom says her pussy tastes good, and she wouldn’t mind getting to taste it straight from the source sometime.”

“Right mom, I’ll do that.” Adam said sarcastically.

“I’m serious, I already told your dad that I was planning on fucking her sometime. You wouldn’t mind sharing your girlfriend with me now, would ya?” I asked him teasingly.

“Well, I guess I’m going to share her with Ashley so what’s one more.” He replied.

“Two more.” I corrected. “Don’t forget your father. He’s been wanting to get into her as well. She is like a daughter to us, ya know.” I smiled up at him and then went back down on his cock.

“Damn, you guys take ‘keeping it in the family’ to a whole other level, don’t you?” He laughed as he said this. “But yeah, I would share with you, Ashley and dad. And I must admit, I sure hope Ashley shares more than just Brittney with me.”

“You really want to fuck your sister don’t you Babyboy?” I asked.

“Forever have I wanted to, and my main fantasy has always been fucking you and her together.”

“Well, your fantasy will probably come true if I’m reading Ashley correctly. You just need to be patient and let her decide when she’s ready.”

“I will mom. As you said, everything at her pace.” He agreed.

“Good.” I said, “Now shut up and let me suck my son’s cock so he can fuck his mama proper.” And I went back down on him.

I stroked and licked and sucked all over his cock and balls. I even teased my tongue at his asshole just to see the reaction I would get. I’m pretty sure no one has ever done that for him. I had only been down on him for a few minutes, and he tensed up and I pulled off him again.

“Fuck mom, you’re going to make me cum before I even get a chance to fuck you.” He said breathlessly.

“OH, I’m sorry, I just thought you could cum in my mouth and then you could eat my pussy for a while as you recoup and then you could drop another load in my cunt for me. Or are you not able to cum more than once a day?” I teased him.

His look was pure delight, and I could tell he had caught his wind now that he understood what I was wanting.

“Yes mom, I can cum more than once a day and it don’t take me long between rounds. I must warn you though, I cum a lot and I do mean, a lot.”

“Oh good, you mean like Peter North cum a lot?” I asked excitedly.

“Whose Peter North?” he asked dumbly.

“Fuckin kids now a days, never mind. No worries, just show me what you got Kido.” And I went back down on his cock.

It didn’t take long now, he was shaking and tensed up, his body went ridged with his legs kicked out straight from the bed. I covered his cock as much as I could with my mouth, and he shot spurt after spurt after spurt of cum down my throat. I swallowed all he had to give, only keeping the last spurt in my mouth. I raised off my knees and moved up to kiss him. He opened his mouth to receive my tongue and as he did, I let his cum fall from my mouth into his.

Adam’s body shot backwards, and he rolled away from me gagging. “WHAT THE FUCK MOM!” he yelled. “Why would you do that?”

“What, you don’t like the taste of your own cum?” I asked him mockingly. “But I bet you want Brittney or any other girl that has sucked you off to eat your cum, don’t you?”

“Well yeah, but I’m a guy and straight, I’m not supposed to like eating cum.”

“You have so much to learn Kido. Good thing you’re going to have your mom and dad to teach you these things. We are going to make you into a great lover, trust me.”

“What, so you’re going to tell me that dad eats cum?”

“Well, normally I would never divulge your dad’s personal proclivities, but I know he won’t mind you knowing because you are going to find out anyway. But yes, your dad will eat his own cum and will eat another man’s cum out of me when we are swinging. And as I said earlier that information stays within this family.”

“Wow, I would have to see that to believe it.” Adam said untrustingly.

“Well, get that beautiful cock of yours hard again while you eat your mama’s pussy and then fuck me good leaving a big load in me deep and I’ll show you.”

I moved onto the bed and laid on my back, spread my legs wide for him, reached down and spread myself open so he could get a good look. Adam hesitated a bit before moving.

“You, okay?” I asked him. “You don’t have to eat me if you’d rather not.” I assured him. “Also, the family safe word is ‘red’. Anytime you need to stop whatever is going on fast, just holler out ‘red’ loudly and everything will come to a stop, okay?”

“Okay. And yes, I’m okay. I just hope I do a good job for you. I don’t really know how to eat pussy all that great or at least not at the level you are probably use to.” He said concerned.

“Babyboy, no matter what you do, it is going to be exciting to me because my son will be eating his mother’s pussy and that excites me as it is. Besides, do what you can now, and we have the rest of our lives for you to learn how I love it the most.”

This seemed to have calmed his nerves and he settled in between my legs. It took him another few seconds, but he finally lowered his face to my sex and commenced in tasting his mother for the first time. He was a bit clumsy at first, but I didn’t correct him. I just let him go and see if he would pick up on my cues as I let out sounds to convey if I liked what he was doing or not.

“Put a couple fingers in me Baby.” I instructed him. “Yeah, just like that, now curl them up like you want to scratch the top inside of my cunt.”

He followed instructions good and in no time at all I was building a good orgasm. I do admit that I was thinking mostly of the fact that my own son was eating my cunt and fingering me and that alone was enough to get me to where I needed to be. I was moaning and trying to encourage him to work his tongue on me.

“Suck your mama’s clit Babyboy. Drive those fingers into me like you want to do with your cock. Make me cum all over your face.” I kept encouraging him on and within another minute I was squirting onto my son’s face. He tried to pull away, but I had already reached down with both hands and cupped the back of his head. I pulled his face into me tight and closed my legs against his head even tighter. I grinded my soaking cunt against his face still squirting onto him. I knew I must have been drowning him. My orgasm finally started to subside, and I released his head and opened my legs to let him free. He shot backwards and off the end of the bed.

“GOD DAMN MOM! DID YOU JUST PISS ON ME?” he asked loudly.

I busted out laughing, “No I didn’t piss on you. But I can if you want me too.” I teased him. “But that’s better if we wait until we get the basics mastered first.” I said jokingly. “You made your mama squirt; you did good Kido. Now get back up here and put that cock in me.”

His cock was hard, I could see it plain as day where he stood. I spread my legs open wide. I pulled my labia apart with both hands to show myself to him freely. “Come on son, fuck your mama. Fuck me good. Give me that cock like you’ve been wanting to.”

His eyes were glued on my open cunt and his hand was stroking his cock. I thought he was in a trance and just as I was about to say something he moved towards me and crawled up on the bed. He settled between my legs, guided his cockhead right to my opening. I raised my hips to meet him, but he just held there.

“You okay Baby? Don’t worry about hurting me if that’s what it is. I want you to take me the way you’ve wanted to take me. Don’t worry about me or making me cum. I want you to enjoy this. You just use my cunt for your pleasure.”

Adam started to push into me slowly and I pushed my hips forward to try and take him faster. He caught on and in one quick thrust he buried his entire length into me. I expected him to hold there like his father does, but he immediately pulled back and shoved forward again. His cock slammed into my cervix with an explosion of pain blasting outward. I didn’t care, I wanted my son to use me, to fuck me the way he had been fantasizing about fucking me. I was his right now. My sex was his.

There was no real rhythm or style, he just pounded and pounded me. I wanted to talk but every time his cock buried into me it took my breath away. I tried to meet his thrusts to fuck him back. I wanted him to know that I was enjoying it, even if it was a bit crude. It was almost like he was raping me and had to get it over with so as not to get caught. I knew I could slow him down and show him a better way, but I wanted him to take what he wanted. There would be plenty of time for learning finesse later. I could feel his cock throbbing and growing even larger if that was even possible. I knew he was getting ready to cum, so I bucked into him harder as he pounded me. I decided to help him along, so he didn’t destroy my already bruised cervix.

“Cum for mama Baby. Fill your mother’s cunt full of cum. Fuck the hole you were born from. FUCK YOUR MOTHER SON!” I yelled out as I reached a body ripping orgasm and let lose a gusher of juice all over my son’s cock. That was enough to push him over the edge as well and he thrusted forward one last time, his cock totally buried inside me. I could feel his cock jammed against my cervix, his cum emptying inside me. As he shot spurt after spurt against my cervix it felt like I was being ripped apart. I held him close not wanting this to end. Both of us breathing hard and sweating. The whole thing only lasted a few minutes, but it felt like I had been run over by a train. Adam finally rolled over off me. He was only off me for a second and I could hear wet slapping sounds coming from my bedroom. I reached out and grabbed Adam’s arm.

“Listen, your dad is fucking your sister.” Turning my head so I could hear better.

“Holy fucking shit!” Adam exclaimed. “Their fucking right now?”

“Yeah, come on.” I said as I jumped off the bed and headed for the door.

“You want me to come with you?” Adam asked me.

“You want to watch your dad and sister eat your cum from my cunt, don’t you?”

Adam jumped up and was behind me in a split second and off we ran to my bedroom. When I got to the door, I had a moment of realization and decided to play it safe. I knocked on the open door. I could plainly see John’s cock fucking Ashley’s wet pussy. No answer. I motioned for Adam to wait before coming closer to the door out of respect for Ashley and their father. I cleared my throat loudly and said, “Hello.” As I knocked again. John quit thrusting and turned to see the doorway. When we made eye contact, I smiled and said.

“Hi, um, I have Adam out here with me and I have a load of Adam’s cum in me if you’d be interested in eating it out of me but before we just barged in, I wanted to make sure it was alright with both of you if he came in as well.” I directed the next bit to Ashley. “Babygirl, nothing must happen. Adam is aware of the rules and will be respectful of your wishes. I was just hoping it would be okay that he came in the room with me so I could prove something to him, but it’s up to you.”

John spoke first. “You know I’m okay with him coming in here.”

I heard him speaking to Ashley in a hush tone. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Babygirl. I’m sure Adam will understand.”

A second lapsed and we all heard Ashley say, “I’m okay with Adam coming in as well.”

We both walked into the room, and I smiled at John. “Roll over onto your back Baby. I have something to prove to our son.” John did as I asked, and I crawled up on the bed then stood up. I straddled over John’s face and lowered my cum filled cunt to his face. He knew exactly what was happening, but I directed the action anyways.

“Eat our son’s cum out of me John. He fucked me so fucking hard and he cums gallons like Peter North.” I said excitedly, knowing he knew who the hell Peter North was.

John went to town on my cunt. His tongue thrusting up inside my hole, curling and digging with it to get every drop. And he would have too, if Ashley hadn’t spoken up.

“Bring that cunt over here to me mom. Let me taste my brother’s cum out of our mother’s hole.”

I didn’t even ask John if he was done. I just jumped off him and planted my cunt onto Ashley’s face where she hungrily licked and tongued at my deepest regions making sure she got it all. She wasn’t eating me to be eating me for my pleasure, but what she was doing sent me over the edge and I reached orgasm out of nowhere and gushed my juice onto her face. Her mouth opening wide to take as much of it as possible as well. I couldn’t hold myself up any longer and collapsed onto the bed. I was done for. I looked over and saw Adam stroking his already hard cock. I noticed Ashley staring at it in awe. John’s cock was hard as well, but I had no energy to do anything about it right that second. Lucky for me I hadn’t a worry.

“Dad, get back over here and fuck me some more. Adam, come put that big, beautiful cock in my mouth.” Ashley said grinning ear to ear.

Nobody questioned her this time. I think we all wanted the same thing and if it was going to happen now, then we were going to let it happen. John rolled back over onto Ashley and pushed his cock back inside her. Adam moved to the top of the bed and kneeled over onto it as he held out his cock for Ashley to take into her mouth. What a beautiful, wonderful sight I thought as I reached down to play with my own clit while watching my family get their fuck on.

I watched as Adam cupped the back of Ashley’s head and pulled her onto his cock. I hoped he would have the good sense not to force too much onto her this early into play, but she didn’t seem to mind so I let them be. Adam reached down and started pinching Ashley’s right nipple, tweaking it hard. Again, she seemed to like what was happening to her, so I rolled over on my side and took her left nipple into my mouth and started to roll it between my lips and flicking it with my tongue.

“Damn Sis, I have always loved your tits and when I said I would love to suck on them the other day I didn’t know it would be just a couple days later and I would be.” Adam said to Ashley.

“You haven’t sucked on them yet so don’t get too excited over them.” Ashley responded back teasingly.

John was trying to hold himself up and off Ashley as he fucked her. He wasn’t pounding her hard or anything. More like he was trying to make this last. I could tell his arms were getting tired from holding himself up. My pussy was sore as hell from all the hard fucking I had been taking the last couple of days and just after Adam’s big cock pounding in it. I had to wonder how such a skinny girl such as Brittney could take his cock at all. I planned on finding out. Even though my pussy hurt I laid back over onto my back and looked up at Adam.

“Hey son, why don’t you come over here and give your mama some more of that wonderful cock of yours.”

I knew this way John could lay further down on Ashley without his face being right where Adam’s cock was going into Ashley’s mouth. Not that he would have cared but I’m sure he didn’t want to freak out his son. Adam pulled his cock out of his sister’s mouth and ran around to the foot of the bed and crawled up between my legs. He was the same as earlier and without any prelude or warning he just fell between my legs, thrusted his cock forward, luckily hitting my opening and luckily, I was still very wet. His cock tore into me, bottomed out, and backed out, he went in for a second time, his head mashing into my cervix again without remorse. I took him like that for a few more thrusts and then finally reached out and grabbed him by his hips.

“Whoa Baby, slow down. Just stop for a min.” I said to him.

“What’s wrong mom. I thought you just said to come over here and fuck you again.”

“I did Baby but you’re fucking my cunt like it’s nothing more than a hole for you. Let’s try you fucking my hole for me as well, okay?” I asked pleadingly.

I looked over at John and Ashley. John had lowered himself more onto Ashley now. They were kissing and his hips were in a nice rhythm that was plain to see that Ashley was enjoying and able to match him back so both were fucking each other at the same time.

“Look at you father and sister. Notice the pace and the rhythm they have going. See the sexiness of it. Your dad is just not drilling her hole for his pleasure. Trust me, there is a time for that, and I love it, like earlier but right now I want to enjoy you, enjoy your cock and what we can share sexually as mother and son. Understand what I’m saying Baby?” I hoped I explained it the right way without making him feel inadequate.

“Sorry mom, I’m just so excited. You turn me on, and Ashley turns me on and I’m just kind of lost in my head right now, but yes, I understand what you’re saying. I’ll try and do better.” He sincerely replied.

“It’s okay Baby, just go a little slower till its time to go faster. You’ll know when that is. This won’t be the only time we are ever going to play so there will be plenty of time for wham bam thank you mam to come.”

Adam started to move slower. He turned his head to watch his dad and sister. He tried to match his father’s pace, so I tried to match him and move with him. Hmmm so much better.

John and Ashley could hear our exchange of course and they broke their kiss and looked towards us as well. They were watching us fuck while Adam and I watched them fuck.

Adam kept staring at Ashley while he moved inside me. I wondered if he was thinking of her or me. That would be a discussion for another time. Right now, I let it go and just enjoyed my son’s cock inside me.

I also didn’t know what was going through Ashley’s head either, but whatever it was must have been good because she started to rotate and buck her hips faster and harder. John quickened his thrusts to match her, and they were outright fucking now.

Ashley turned back to face her father. Her hands roaming all over him. “Fuck me daddy, make me cum and give me the seed I was made from.” She said and then kissed him deeply.

Adam was still watching, and I don’t know if it was the act itself or the words spoken but he began to trust much harder and laid completely down on top of me. His head next to mine but his face turned towards Ashley. His hips thrusting now faster than his father’s. His cock pummeling my cervix again. I was so sore and felt like I was being ripped apart. I thought of poor skinny Brittney again. I had no idea how she could take this punishment. I knew I had to slow him down some and at the same time speed this up.

“Yes, fuck me son. Fill my hole up with your seed. Fuck your mother. Come on Babyboy cum in me.” I encouraged him.

I don’t know if Adam was trying to match his father, or it just happened. Ashley started cumming and let out a piercing sound as she announced her orgasm. John stiffened and thrusted a couple more times and filled her as she wished. Adam came at the same time as his dad, thrusting one time hard and holding there and I could feel his cum splatter against my cervix again and again. He really could cum a lot. He wasn’t kidding about that. I didn’t cum but it was okay, and I didn’t mind. I wanted my family to enjoy their time.

The guys rolled off us in opposite directions and the four of us laid there listening to the others’ heavy breathing. After we caught our breaths, I looked at the clock and it was 9:10am on a Sunday morning and here I had sucked my son off and he had fucked me twice and John had again fucked our daughter. All this after John, Ashley and I had spent almost all night fucking each other. What a start to the day.

I announced to the others the time and asked, “So what are we going to do for the rest of the day?”

Ashley was the first to pipe up, “I think dad and Adam should make pancakes for breakfast while mom and I shower. Then after breakfast I think we should fuck some more. Then have lunch, then fuck some more. Then have dinner, then fuck some more. And let’s not forget dessert and then fuck some more. Then we should go to bed for the night and.”

We all interrupted her with, “And fuck some more.” And all busted out laughing.

“Hey good idea guys, how did you know what I was thinking? Ashley asked sarcastically.

We fell silent for a moment and then John got up and said he was going to go shower and then yes, he would make pancakes. “You going to help me?” he said, looking at Adam.

“Yeah, I’ll help dad, but I need to shower as well.”

“Meet me downstairs in 15 minutes.” He told Adam and off to the bathroom he went.

Adam stayed where he was for a minute and I asked him, “What’s wrong Baby?”

Adam got off the bed and looked towards Ashley. “Sis, I think you are one of the most beautiful, sexiest women in the world, right next to mom.” He smiled as he looked my way but continued, “And I want nothing more than to stay home all day with you and finally get to fuck you.” He paused and took a breath for a second, “But I had already made other plans and if I cancel them, I’m going to disappoint someone and I don’t want to do that, so I’m gonna have to pass on your plans for today. I’m sorry Sis.”

We could tell he was sincerely sorry and really wanted to stay but he was also taught that if you tell someone you are going to do something then you better damn well do it. So, I respected him for his decision. I was going to comment on this, but Ashley spoke up first.

“Adam come here.” She told him as she patted the edge of the bed and rolled towards it. Adam walked up to the edge, his limp cock hanging low and still bigger limp than some guys I’ve seen when they are hard. It truly is a wonderful cock. When he got to the edge of the bed, Ashley reached out and took his cock in her hand and leaned over just a bit and took it into her mouth. Adam’s head fell backwards, and he reached out for the wall for stability. Ashley sucked up and down on his shaft for a few seconds and he began pumping in and out of her mouth. I couldn’t believe his cock was already getting hard again. Ashley licked it clean and then let go.

“Damn mom, your pussy tastes good on his cock.” Ashley said laughing. Then looked up at her brother.

“Adam, I love you and thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate them. I know if you hadn’t already made plans that you’d be here, but I must be honest with you. I’m not sure I’m ready to take that cock into me yet. It’s beautiful and I’ll suck you anytime you want to be sucked, but I’m just not ready for it to be in my pussy. I do want to fuck you, and I will, I promise, but just not right now. Okay?”

Adam leaned over and kissed Ashley the way a man should kiss a woman, which gave me hope that he could learn technique and composure. I saw their tongues dancing with each other’s, and his hand was caressing her breast and she had taken hold of his hardness again, stroking it lovingly.

When they parted Adam said, “I love you sis.”

“Love you to Bro.” Ashley said grinning.

Adam left the room and Ashley rolled back over on her back. I leaned over her and kissed her deeply, using my tongue to make love to hers. I parted after a minute, looked her in the eye and said,

“I love you too Babygirl and that was a wonderful way you handled that. I’m so proud of you. Now give me some more of that tongue.” As I pressed my mouth to hers again and went after her tongue that she gave freely.

John came out of the bathroom showered but still naked. He stopped to watch us make out for a second before asking, “What round is this?” smiling as he headed for the dresser for some shorts.

Ashley and I parted, and I answered John, “This is just an intermission while we were waiting on you to get out of the bathroom. This doesn’t count as a round.”

“Why are you getting dressed dad.” Ashley asked.

“Because I’m going to the kitchen to cook. Ain’t, I suppose to get dressed?” John asked quizzingly.

Ashley spoke up, “I think we should make a new house rule that while in the house there are no clothes allowed.”

“I’d second that rule.” I said laughing.

John stopped getting dressed and removed the shorts he had put on. “Sounds like a great rule to me. But there won’t be any bacon for breakfast this morning then.”

“OKAY OKAY!” Ashley hollered out. “Exception 1 to new house rule. Can wear clothes while making bacon.”

John didn’t reach for his shorts and came across to Ashley’s side of the bed. He stood over her and she rolled towards him. He leaned down as Adam had earlier and kissed her. Ashley and taken her dad’s cock in her hand as she had Adam’s. John raised and said, “I’ll just wear an apron. No Clothes and you still get pancakes and bacon for my little girl.”

Ashley kissed the head of her father’s cock, giggled like a little girl and fell back onto the bed. “Thank you, Daddy.” She said in a little girl’s voice to fit the act.

“Nothing to good for my Babygirl.” John said as he turned to leave. I noticed his cock was hardening just from that little kiss his daughter had provided for him.

“What about me?” I said, “What am I, chopped liver?” I asked playfully.

John stopped, turned back to the bed. Leaned over Ashley, his now fully hard cock pressing into her tits. Ashley let out a moan and I could see John move his hips as he intentionally rubbed his cock into her tits. He lifted my chin and kissed me deeply, his tongue filing my mouth, his hand finding my breast and tweaking my nipple. I pressed my mouth and body into him enjoying his attention. I could tell John’s hips were rotating in a circular motion as he grinded his cock into our daughter’s breasts. As he broke our kiss and stood up, I could see the trail of precum he left all over her and I leaned over and ran my tongue through the trail licking her clean.

“Nothing to good for my big girl either, my love.” He said as he winked at me.

I fell back onto the bed and did my own daughterly act. “Thank you, Daddy.” I said playfully.

“Hey, no fair, I want some.” Ashley pouted.

John took his cock in his hand and stroked it just a couple of times stopping with his hand just below the head. He squeezed it hard and took the slightest of strokes back and then back forward causing the eye to open and precum to ooze to the tip. I wanted that in my mouth, but Ashley raised up and beat me to it, licking the droplets off him as fast as they appeared.

“Yummy, I love the taste of your precum Daddy.”

“You better share with your mama or you might get stuck doing chores today instead of having fun.” John told her in a more serious fatherly voice while still playing the game.

“Yes Daddy, but you’ll have to give me some more.” She said in her little girl voice all innocently.

John held out his cock level with her face and she wrapped her lips around it and took him down her throat about halfway. She came back off him and licked down the underside of his shaft as I had taught her that her father liked. Ashley looked up at her father pleadingly for more precum.

“You know what to do Babygirl.” He said to her as he nodded towards his cock.

Ashley wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it full shaft a few times then stopped just below the head as he had done earlier. She squeezed the shaft tightly as she pressed her hand forward into the veiny part of his cockhead. Precum oozed out. More than usual in fact than when John does it himself.

“Look at you Babygirl, you’re a natural, you’re a pro.” John encouraged her.

Ashley used the tip of her tongue and licked up all that was there. She turned toward me with her tongue out, the precum resting right on the tip. I sucked her tongue into my mouth taking it all and then pressed my mouth to hers and we swapped it back and forth a few times all the while John watched and stroked his cock.

“One of my biggest turn-ons is watching two women kiss but watching my daughter and her mother kiss is on a whole other level.” He said with lust in his voice.

As Ashley and I parted our kiss, I leaned across her and ran my own tongue across the head and through the eye of his cock. My breasts pressing into Ashley’s breasts. Our nipples hardening against one another’s.

“I want to kiss you like that with a whole mouth full of dads cum mom.” Ashley said to me.

“We can do that.” I promised. “And let’s not forget about your brother. My God he cums a bunch.”

Not to be outdone Ashley shot back, “Ohhhh both at the same time. Dad cums in my mouth and Adam cums in yours and then we kiss and share it.” she said so excitedly.

That sounded so hot, and my hand moved down to my sex and started playing with my clit. Ashley noticed and moved her body around to have her face between my legs. “Let me help you with that mom.” she offered.

John turned for the door again and began to make his way out. “You two have fun, I told Adam 15 minutes like half an hour ago. I gotta go cook. Breakfast in 30 minutes. Be there.” And out the door he went.

Ashley looked up at me. She glanced over at the clock. I could see her brain turning in her eyes.

“30 minutes. Ummm, 5 minutes to get you off. 15 minutes to shower, and we save time because we don’t have to get dressed.” She said.

“What do we do with the other 10 minutes?” I asked her.

Ashley broke out in a grin, giggled, and slyly said, “More play time in the shower.”

I spread my legs wide and pushed my hips up towards her face. “Get to eating girl, we only have 29 minutes left.”

Ashley buried her face in my cunt. I know she could taste her brother’s cum still in me. I rotated my hips against her face and cupped the back of her head with both hands. I pressed hard against her, grinding even harder. My clit smashing against anything I could on her face. She hardened her tongue and stuck it out. I was looking down at her as she was looking up at me. Our eyes glued to each other’s, conveying exactly what we both wanted. She had said before that she wanted us to use her as our fuck toy and that was exactly what I was going to do. I pulled her head into me even harder, wrapped my legs around her head, crossing them tightly. My hips bucked wildly as I tried to ride her tongue as best I could, but I was out of control. My hips couldn’t maintain a regular rhythm as I was thrashing against her face uncontrollably. I had to slow this down.

“Slower Baby. Go slower. Mama needs to catch her breath.” I pleaded with her.

Her eyes had lust in them, and she was not relenting as she lapped at my cunt feverishly. I undid my legs so she could breathe and move but she pressed her face back hard against me. My clit was swollen and sensitive beyond belief. I tried to squirm away, but she pinned and held my arms to the bed. I had no control over my body. Orgasm after orgasm rocked through me in one continuous wave. I thought I was going to lose consciences as I suddenly released what felt like a gallon of fluid.


I could feel her mouth open, as she drank down as much liquid as she could. I could hear her slurping and swallowing as I continued to cum all over her face and drown her in my juices. Which she continued to swallow as fast as she could.

As the last of my orgasm ripped through me, I shot backwards, and I relinquished all control of my own body. I fell flat to the bed, my body jerked and flopped uncontrollably. I looked like something straight out of the ‘Exorcist’. Ashley quickly jumped up and covered me with her body pressing her body weight onto me. It took a few seconds, but I finally started to calm down. As I caught my breath, I realized Ashley’s breasts were pressed perfectly to mine and our mounds were pressed together as well. I could feel her moving against me. Not really a true trib but just rubbing our sexes against one another’s. I knew she still needed release.

“You need to cum some more Baby?” I asked her.

“Yes Mama. Please.” Was all she replied.

I brushed the hair from her face and wrapped my arms around her. Our lips met and we kissed passionately. As our kiss increased so did the movements of our hips. We pressed harder against each other. I was leaking juice from my cunt freely and it was flowing down, soaking the bed. My hands went to her ass, and I cupped each cheek and pulled her up and into me as I raised my hips to meet her downward push. Her knees were bent up towards our hips and soon it was if she was a man trying to fuck me.

Considering her submissiveness, I was surprised of this action by her, but did nothing to stop her as I wanted to be fucked by my own daughter.

Her hands were everywhere on me. Grabbing at my tits roughly, then down at my thighs pulling my legs up as well. Our kiss never broke, and I couldn’t stop cumming. It didn’t take much longer and Ashley let out a deep moan through her throat but still did not break our kiss. Her body rocked and her hips trusted forward as she squirted her own orgasm out and onto my cunt, our juices mixing as they dripped everywhere. Ashley collapsed onto me as a small laugh escaped her as our kiss parted.

I didn’t want this to end so I placed my mouth to her ear, “Swing around in 69 and let’s taste our juices mixed together.”

Ashley didn’t hesitate and she rotated her body against mine and I felt her tongue thrust into my very sloppy pussy. I returned the favor as she settled down onto my face. We both licked and suck at our juices. Our tongues fucking the other’s cunt and sucking at each other’s clit. I couldn’t believe it was going to happen so soon but within a minute we were both gushing our juices into the other’s wanting mouth. I drank hers down as if I was drinking water from a fountain on a hot day as she did the same to me. As our flows came to an end Ashley spun back around using our slick stomachs as a pivot point and pressed her mouth to mine and we kissed deeply again. Our hands in our hair, not caring about the mess or the time. All I cared about was wanting my daughter’s love and sex. She did break first and looked down at me.

“I love you mom.” she said quietly.

“I love you, Ashley.” I returned to her.

She smiled as she started to get off me and said, “And I really, really love fucking you and could all day, but I’m starving.” As she headed for the bathroom and the shower.

“I looked over at the time, we had 10 minutes left to shower and get downstairs. I know John would never be mad at us for being late especially knowing we were up here fucking, but I didn’t want to disrespect him either. I ran into the bathroom where Ashley had already started the water and got into the shower with her.

“No time to wash our hair. We have under ten minutes to get downstairs.” I said to her as I leaned over and took a tit into my mouth.

“Oh, fuck mom, no fair.” I can’t wash in ten minutes with you doing that.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t do that. I’ll just do this.” As I reached out, cupping her mound and running two fingers up inside her slickness.

Ashley fell against the shower wall. The water sprayed her in the face. Her mouth gasping for air as I took it away from her with my fingers. Her hands came down trying to stop my now plunging hand into her.

“FUCK, FUCK, MOM, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” she yelled out. As her body quaked and she fell forward almost impaling herself onto my fingers. I pulled out of her and helped her to the shower floor.

I stepped over her and into the water stream and began to wash myself as quickly as I could. As I was done and stepped through the shower door leaving her still on the floor recovering from her orgasm I said laughing, “Five minutes left, don’t be late.” I grabbed a towel and ran out of the bathroom.

I made it downstairs with just a couple minutes left. John was cooking in only an apron as he had said he would do. Adam was naked as well, so I assumed John told him about the new house rule. It was hard to take my eyes off his naked cock as he set the table for breakfast. I went over to him, turned him to me and pressed myself to his body. I tiptoed up to reach his lips and I kissed him deeply for a few seconds.

“Can you taste your sister’s juice?” I asked him.

Adam licked his lips, thought for a moment and only said, “Delicious.”

“Speaking of Ashley, where is the little princess whose idea this was for breakfast.” John asked.

I quickly did a verbal replay of the events that took place upstairs minutes earlier. Both John and Adam started getting hard, so I stood between them with a hand on each of their cocks stroking them as I told the rest of the story. Both was dripping precum by the time I was done. I dropped to my knees and squeezed each cock separately trying to expend more precum as I licked it off their cocks in turn.

“Jesus Christ mom, don’t you ever get enough.” We heard Ashley say as she entered the kitchen totally nude as well.

“Of sex? Yeah, I can get enough.” I said at first but followed it up with, “But of sex with my family? No, I could never get enough.” I walked towards her on the way to the table, stopped and kissed her, letting her suck her father’s and brother’s precum from my tongue. She smacked me on my ass as I walked on by. “Careful now girl, you have no idea what you’re starting with that.” I said grinning ear to ear.

Ashley looked towards her father for clarification. John only said, “She’s right, don’t start shit you know nothing about unless you don’t mind walking away with some welts and a red ass.” His grin saying it all. “Let’s eat” he ended it as he brought over the tray of food to the table.

Normally we sit with John at the head of the table and I at the other end with the kids on each side. Today I sat right next to Adam to just have some fun. He looked at me funny and ask, “Okay, what’s going on?”

Ashley was quick to speak up, “Don’t trust her Adam, you should hear what she did to me in the shower.”

Adam laughed, “We heard and don’t act like you didn’t like it girly.” His nickname for her when he wants to get on her nerves because she hates to be called girly.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it, but it did make me late for breakfast. Sorry daddy.” She said the last part with a pouting lip and in her little girl voice.

“It’s okay Princess, Daddy understands. I’m not mad at you. Besides, you can make it up to me after breakfast.” John reached out and tweaked Ashley’s nipple. She jumped but smiled at her father knowing she was saved.

“I can get into this new house rule.” John said to no one in particular.

“I think I’m gonna like it as well.” I mused as I reached under the table next to me and cupped Adam’s ball sack in my hand.

“MOM, FUCK! I’m trying to eat here.” Adam let out as his body jumped and twitched.

“The only thing you should be eating is mine and your sister’s cunts.” I said to him as I placed some bacon into my mouth. And before Adam could argue, “Yummy, great bacon John, Thank you. You always serve up the best meat.”

“Oh brother, she’s on a roll.” Adam said and we all started laughing.

As we were finishing up, Ashley got up and moved over to her father’s lap putting on her little girl act some more. “So, Daddy, what’s this favor you want me to do for you?” she asked him playfully.

John leaned his head down to her breasts and took one into his mouth sucking hard at her nipple.

“MMMM, that feels so good Daddy, do more.”

“And I will.” John said, “Right after you do me the favor of washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.” And with that he smacked her on the hip and stood to go dumping her onto the floor.

Adam and I broke out laughing so hard I had to pull my hand from Adam’s ball sack because I was afraid, I might squeeze them to hard I was laughing so much.

Ashley, still on the floor, looked over at me with a sad look on her face. “Mom, you going to let him get away with that. He just dumped me here like a sack of potatoes.”

“No Babygirl, he dumped you there like the fuck toy you said you wanted to be. Apparently, he doesn’t need to use you right now other than for cleaning the kitchen, so you better get to cleaning.”

I know it wasn’t exactly the nicest thing to say and it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, but it seemed to have the effect I wanted on her. Ashley’s eyes gleamed and a smile broke out across her face, and she got herself up and started for the kitchen as if she was proud to be doing what her Daddy demanded of her. As she walked close to me, I reached out and grabbed her by her wrist. I yanked her down close to me so I could kiss her the way we had been kissing all morning. As I let her go, she shivered a bit and smiled a loving smile.

“Love you, Mom.” She said as she walked away.

“I love you too Babygirl. So much so, you can strip those cum soaked sheets off my bed and wash them. Oh, and don’t forget to make the bed with fresh sheets so we can soak them again later.”

Ashley walked back into the room; I could feel her presence behind me, so I turned to face her. “Problem?” I asked her.

She smiled at me for a second, “You’re going to use this to your advantage all you can, aren’t you mom?”

“You’re damn skippy I am, and you are going to love every bit of it.” I winked at her and blew her a kiss.

“She blew me a kiss back, “Oh you know I will, you know I will.” She repeated and into the kitchen she went.

I turned back to Adam who was just sitting there mouth agape. “What just happened?” he asked me.

“Your sister is getting everything she ever wanted, that’s all.” I said as I folded myself out of my seat to the floor and under the table. “Just like you are.” I said to him as I wrapped my mouth around his already hardening cock.

Adam pushed his chair back from the table, looking down at me, he took my head in one hand pressing me onto him further. I sucked his cock down my throat as far as I could, held him there while I used my tongue on him from the inside of my mouth. I slid back up and off his head with a plop. “Can you cum again?” I asked him, “I’m still hungry.”

‘I don’t know but I know I’m willing to try.” He replied in earnest.

I went back to sucking his cock. Using my hand to stroke his entire length as my mouth followed. When I would get back to the top, I would take just his head into my mouth and suck hard on it flicking my tongue across his vein. This drove him wild, and he stood up out of the chair, but I chased him with my mouth and followed him up never letting go of his now very sensitive cockhead. I eased up a bit and he started to sit back down. I was on my knees now and I said to him, “No, stay standing and fuck my face. Shove it down my throat until you cum. Don’t worry about hurting me, I can take it. I want you to face fuck me.”

Adam didn’t have to be told twice, both his hands wrapped around the back of my head, as he squatted a bit, and he began to move back and forth. I let my mouth salivate as much as I could and as he would trust into my mouth I would let some squirt out. He was looking down at me, our eyes locked. The lust in his eyes was beautiful. To see your own son look at you with that kind of lust in his eyes is indescribable. My pussy was soaking, and I placed two fingers inside myself and fucked my own cunt while my son face fucked me hard. I couldn’t talk, hell I could barely breathe but I was excited beyond belief. Adam was short stroking my mouth, I figured it was because he didn’t want to hurt me. I used my other hand and placed it on his ass and pulled him into me harder, released and then did it again. He understood what I wanted and quickened the pace and increased the force.

When I sucked Adam’s cock earlier that morning, I couldn’t seem to take his entire length and I wanted too so badly. I figured if he was face fucking me and didn’t let up, I would be forced to take it.

Adam was now jackhammering into me. I was seeing stars, but I relaxed my throat even more and he was now long dicking my throat, his entire shaft burying down my throat repeatedly. My spit was gushing from my mouth which looked like a sloppy pussy being fucked. I held perfectly still as he fucked away at my mouth. Every stroke now went as deep as he could. My fingers were slamming into my own cunt, and I was gushing all over the floor. ‘Thank God for hardwood floors’, I thought out of nowhere. I was brought back to reality suddenly when Adam pulled my head hard into his abdomen and thrusted his cock as far as it would go down my throat. His balls mashed up against my face covering my nose and now I really couldn’t breathe. His cum didn’t even squirt across my tongue his cock was so deep in my throat. I never even got to taste it. One, two, three, four spurts I counted as he emptied his balls into his mama’s stomach. His body was shaking, and I thought he was going to collapse. I reached out and grabbed the chair behind him and pulled it to behind his legs. He let my head go and sat down still shaking.

My neck hurt from the force he was pulling on it and my throat hurt from the pounding it just received but I leaned into his lap, took his shrinking cock into my hand, lifted to my mouth and began to lick and suck him clean. He just sat there stunned as I did so. When I was done, I stood, grabbed a napkin from the table, dabbed the corners of my mouth.

“Now that was a good breakfast.” I said to nobody.

“That was amazing.” I heard Ashley say behind me. “I want you to teach me how to do that.”

I smiled at her and said, “Babygirl, your father and I are going to teach you so many things. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.”

“Damn Mom, that was fantastic. Especially there at the end where you cleaned me up. That was hot.” Adam said excitedly.

“Any good woman would do the same Babyboy. Don’t you forget that. If she doesn’t, then you’re dealing with a girl. If she cleans you up, you know you’re with a woman.”

“And you are that, mom, all woman, thank you.” Adam said sincerely.

“Thank you, Baby, Mommy appreciates that.” I leaned down and kissed him as a woman would her man. Not as a mother to a son. I let my tongue explore his mouth and his mine. His hands cupped my breasts, and he caressed them gently. I broke our kiss and leaned my mouth close to his ear. “Bring me back Brittney’s cunt taste on your cock tonight and I’ll suck you off again.” I kissed his cheek, smiled at him and walked away.

As I walked by Ashley, I asked her, “You done with the kitchen yet?”

“No, I got sidetracked watching you get face fucked.” She said with a little attitude.

I stopped short and walked up to her face on. I reached out behind her and grabbed a handful of hair yanking her head back hard. “Look here little girl, you will not speak to me with that attitude or I’m going to fuck it out of you.”

It took her a second to understand the new game. At first her face twisted up in shock and I could tell she was scared, thinking I was serious. As she came to the realization she played along. “I’m sorry Mommy, please don’t punish me too hard. I’m trying to be good.”

I pushed her away from me but held onto her hair, the distance now giving me room to maneuver. I reached out and twisted a nipple hard, pulling on her tit at the same time then letting go and slapping her whole tit as you would a person’s face. She let out a scream and her breath caught in her throat. Before she could recover, I slapped her other tit and twisted that nipple as well, just the opposite as I did with the first one. Her legs gave out and she started to fall to the floor. I guided her down by her hair but then held her from falling all the way. I wrapped my hand in her hair even more. She was half sitting, half squatting on the floor. I stepped over her face and lowered myself down onto her mouth. I yanked up on her hair pulling her into my soaked pussy.

“You’re going to be a good little girl now and eat your mama’s pussy till she gushes her cum juice all over your beautiful face. Ain’t that right, you little fuck toy?”

“Yes Mommy, oh god yes Mommy. I’ll do a good job I promise.” As she commenced in eating my soaked cunt.

I grinded down onto her face still pulling her up at the same time by her hair. My hips thrusting back and forth across her face. I reached down with my free hand and spread myself open exposing my clit better so that I could make more contact with whatever I could. Her tongue was darting in and out of me like a piston and although it felt wonderful, I wanted something more. I pulled off her face for a second giving her time to catch her breath.

“Stick out your tongue all the way.” I demanded of her. She did as she was told. “Now flatten it out and leave it there.”

I lowered my self back down onto her tongue, my exposed clit pressed hard against it. I rode her like that hard for some time just grinding my clit against her tongue. Back and forth, hard and fast. It started slow but then it hit like a hurricane. My fluid erupted from me in a torrent I had never felt before. This wasn’t a squirt and then another squirt and it wasn’t a gush like a quick cup of liquid. No, this was a full fledge release of fluid. It felt like all the liquid in my body escaped at once followed by even more. I looked down at my daughter between my legs and I could see her throat swallowing as fast as she could. Shallow after shallow of my juice she ingested into herself. My orgasm shook through me hard, and my body convulsed, my head snapped back and forth, and my abs tighten bending me over in one large cramp. I let go of Ashley’s hair and I fell forward losing my balance. Ashley tried to catch me, but I was too far gone, my eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I passed out.

I awoke to being splayed out flat on the floor. My head resting on a pillow from the sofa and my feet propped up on John’s legs as he sat on the floor. Ashley was sitting beside me and Adam on my other side. All were still naked, even myself as no one took care to cover me up.

“How long was I out?” I ask any of them.

“Almost five full minutes.” John replied. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“I think I feel great.” I said, even surprised at myself for how I felt. “I think I can stand up.”

They all moved out of the way and John went to one side and Adam the other as they both lifted me to a standing position. It struck me funny as I thought, ‘only in this house would I pass out naked, come to, and my family is naked as well, helping me stand’.

“Do you think you should see a doctor?” John asked me.

“And tell them what? That I passed out from cummimg so hard cause my daughter was eating my cunt so good and swallowing my juice as if she was dying in a desert?”

They looked at me incredulously for a second and then we all busted out laughing.

“I think you should tell them exactly that.” John teased. “I would pay good money to see the look on their faces.”

“I’m sure it would make the news.” Adam said.

“Put it online and I bet it would go viral.” Ashley remarked as well.

We were all laughing as I made it to a chair and sat down. Ashley got me a bottle of water and they all sat with me for a while as we joked about the whole affair. We later decided that it was as simple as the fact that I had came so much over the last couple days, and not just a normal cum here and there, but gushing orgasms and a lot with no hydration in between. Simple dehydration.

Ashley joked, “Teach me how to gush like that mom and I could give it all back to you.”

“Oh, I plan on that. Not every woman can gush or squirt, but you’ve already shown that you can squirt so you should be able to gush. We just need to find your triggers for it.

Adam interrupted by saying, “Mom, I’m glad you’re okay and all, but I need to go shower, get dressed and get going.”

“It’s fine Baby, have fun and remember what I asked you.” I reminded him.

“I will, I just don’t know what time I’ll be back tonight.” He answered.

John spoke up, “Better make it early. We have that job bid at nine in the morning and it’s an hour drive there and I want to stop at the office first. I’ll be leaving here at seven in the morning. Don’t be late.” John warned him.

“I won’t dad, promise.” And with that Adam turned and left the room.

(For clarity, Adam works for us, well, his dad directly. John and I own a business and we employ Adam. He is a crew leader, and his best friend Tommy is on his crew as well. We also employ Ashley part-time for tax reasons. We pay her a salary that we give her part of, and the rest is banked for college or whatever she wants with it after she graduates. I think I mentioned once before that we also employ Susan, Brittney’s mom. She is John’s personal assistant at the on-site office, and I work out of our home office. I take care of the scheduling and overall business duties. John runs the day-to-day affairs and travels to other places for job bids and supervision when needed. And Susan does whatever John, or I need and want her to do, and I do mean whatever. It’s not just all work with no fun. Susan will even travel with John at times when he must go out of town when I can’t go with him. Sometimes we will all three go depending on the needs of the job or if it’s an exciting place to go, like Vegas.)

After Adam was out of the room, I realized how tired I was and wanted to go lay down for a while.

“I think I’m gonna go lay down for a bit. Ashley, babe, would you run up and change the sheets for me please.” I asked her.

“Not a problem mom.” She replied and off she went upstairs.

“How are you really doing.” John asked me when no one else was around knowing I was more likely to be more honest with just him than with the kids around.

“I’ll be alright.” I replied and reached out to take his hand to help me up out of the chair I was in. “I just think I could use some more water and a good nap.”

John pulled me to him and kissed me, “Whatever you need Baby, just no more passing out, unless it’s because I’m fucking you so good.” He said laughing.

“That’s a good pass out.” I said without thinking. “Is that a word or a thing?” I asked him chuckling.

“It is for you apparently.” He teased back.

We went upstairs and Ashley was just finishing making the bed. I thanked her and crawled in. John and Ashley were fussing all over me and I was about to shoo them away. When Adam came in.

“Hey Mom, just wanted to check on you before I left. You need anything?” he asked.

“Just what I told you I wanted earlier today.” I replied.

“I’ll do my best.” Adam said, then turned to leave. “See ya ‘all later. I won’t be late dad.” He reassured his father.

“Tell Tommy I said hi.” Ashley said as Adam was walking out the door and he stopped short.

“Umm yeah, I’ll do that.” He told her and quickly left the room before she could say anything else.

I could tell he didn’t want to lie to her but really didn’t have a choice, so I kept my thoughts to myself.

Ashley asked, “Is it alright if I lay with you mom?”

“Of course, Babygirl, anytime.” And I moved more to the center of the bed so she could get in on the side where she was standing. “But only sleep for now please. I need to recoup.”

“Í understand mom, no worries.” she said caringly.

I looked over to John who was sitting in the chair. “How ’bout you, you want to take a nap with us?”

“Nah, I’m gonna get a workout in and relax in the hot tub and then I think I’m gonna take the truck in for some new tires.

John had gotten up out of the chair and leaned over Ashley and I and kissed each of us.

“Rest well my loves.” He said as he went off into the bathroom and closets.

I snuggled down into the bed, turned to face Ashley and laid my head on her breasts. She wrapped her arm around me to hold and pull be tight. Kissed the top of my head and told me she loved me. And I returned in kind.

My thoughts were wandering. Things were bothering me. I didn’t like the fact that Adam had to lie to his sister. I wasn’t sure what was going on with Britney, but I didn’t like that she was having sex with both Adam and Ashley and keeping it from the other. I also didn’t like the fact that I didn’t know what was going on with Susan. I hate lies and secrets. And now, especially with this family entering the territory we were in, it just didn’t make sense to me. I mean, it’s okay that we play with one another, but we still have secrets and must lie about things to protect someone. I didn’t like it one bit and I planned on doing something about it. Just after I get some sleep first, and off to sleep I passed.

When I awoke it was almost three pm. Ashley was not in bed with me anymore. I reached for my phone to find a text from John. ‘Home now, sleep as late as you need. I’ll handle dinner. Love you.’ I got out of bed and made it to the bathroom, took a long hot shower, shampooed my hair and just took some me time. Trimmed the pubes, cut and filed the nails, etc. etc. When I was done, I grabbed a robe, threw it around me and headed downstairs.

As I neared the catwalk overlooking the family room I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex. I stopped at the railing, looked over and there on the sectional was John and Ashley going at it hot and heavy. Ashley was riding on top of him in the cow-girl position. She was facing my direction but wouldn’t see me if she didn’t look up. John, being on his back, was looking the other direction and he would have had to crane his neck around and look up as well to be able to see me. I moved one of the chairs we keep on the catwalk over to the railing trying to be as quiet as I could. I sat down, threw my robe open and placed my feet up on the railing. I could see perfectly.

I could see Ashley’s perfect breasts bouncing as she bounced on her father’s cock. I could see John’s cock in her when she would raise far enough up with the help of her father’s hands that were on her hips and ass pacing her movements as he fucked up into her. Such a beautiful site to walk into. My legs pulled up and spread, my ass on the edge of the seat. My right hand working my clit. My left hand kneading my left breast and nipple. I knew I should have hydrated more first before attempting anymore orgasms, but this was just too good to pass up. This is what I’ve always wanted, our family free to express our love and desires freely whenever and wherever without concern if others see them or not. I knew I could go downstairs and join in, and they wouldn’t mind at all, but I wanted this. I wanted to watch from afar and enjoy their intimacy.

I don’t know how long they had been fucking, but it didn’t take me long to reach my build up stage and a tiny shockwave rolled through me. I came but it wasn’t much, and I was only partially wet. Not my normal soaking. I knew I needed water, but I was so transfixed watching my daughter and her father enjoying themselves carelessly and freely. I left my hand where it was on my sex but slowed my pace. I could hear that they had quickened their pace. The slapping of John’s balls against Ashley’s ass was clear as if the were fucking right next to me. Ashley was reaching her peak and she rang out.

“Fuck yeah daddy, fuck my cunt, use me, give me all that cum.” I could hear her saying.

John’s hips were thrusting upwards into her, his hands still on her hips and ass controlling her as he would a fuck toy which is exactly what she wanted to be for him. Suddenly he stopped, bucked her up but not off. Held onto her tightly and twisted his body, rolling himself and her over with him. He slammed her back onto the sectional, his legs parting her legs roughly. His cock slipping from her. He reached down and repositioned himself and shoved hard back into her burying himself to the hilt. Ashley grunted from the shock and pleasure. John’s hips started thrusting hard and fast. His left hand holding himself up by holding onto the sectional frame under the cushions, his right hand grabbing at her tits roughly, his cock slamming in and out. Ashley now cumming freely over and over.

I didn’t even think of the sectional, nor did I care. I love watching my daughter cum. I could hear her squirting. The wetness splashing against John’s body. The sloshing as his cock slammed back into her each time. After that it didn’t take long, John let out a loud grunt and moan and released himself into his daughter’s sex slamming as far in as he could get and holding there. He stayed like that through his orgasm and then slowly pulled back. I thought he was finished but he didn’t remove himself completely and pushed back into her slowly. I saw his hips rotate and then he withdrew a bit and then pushed back in. Almost as if he was making love to her but after the fact. I could hear how wet she was, and I knew that had to feel especially good to him. I realized he was saying something to her quietly, I turned an ear to try and hear.

“I love you, Ashley. With or without the sex you will always be my special one. My special love.”

“I love you too Dad and I’m so glad we found our way to this. I never want it to end. I want you and mom to always want me like this. I love you both so much.” I heard Ashley say and a tear found its way to my eye.

John was still moving slowly within her. He slowed even more. Lowered himself down on to her. Her arms wrapped around him, and their lips found one another’s, and I witnessed one of the most passionate, heartfelt kisses I think I have ever witnessed between two people. Their kiss lasted almost a solid five minutes and it wasn’t just tongues fucking, but tongues dancing to their own music. Their lips, mouth and tongues were making love if that makes any sense. All the while John’s hips never stopped moving his cock within her. Their hands roaming over each other’s bodies, exploring, caressing and reading the other’s flesh. It was one of the most beautiful sites I ever held.

When they parted their kiss. John rose back up on his arms out straight. He looked between them, and Ashley followed suit and looked where her father was inside her. His cock still hard from earlier. I thought he was going to start fucking her again, or maybe even make love to her which is what I was secretly hoping for. He started pulling out slowly as they both watched the movement. It was hard to see from my vantage point, but I thought I could see his cock covered in white. At first, I just thought of his cum but there was too much for that and then I realized that Ashley must have come thickly. It’s not unheard of, it’s almost like a man’s cum, thick and white. I have done it myself at times, but it takes me something special for it to occur. Like when John makes love to me. I wouldn’t say John was making love to Ashley even when he was moving slowly but maybe it felt that way to her. Which made me wonder how she was going to react when he finally did make love to her.

John pulled completely out of her and sat backwards and fell into the sectional. Ashley was transfixed on her father’s cum covered cock and she sat up, flipped herself around and put her face there as her lips wrapped around his cockhead. She licked and sucked at all the cream covering him.

I heard John tell her, “Oh, Babygirl, you don’t have to do that.”

Ashley rose off him for a second, “I want to Dad. I want to taste us together.” And she lowered her mouth back onto him. Her hand was holding his cock upright and she licked from the base to the tip and back again. She would stop and squeeze his cockhead just under the vein trying to expel more of his seed. Every time, licking it up with just the tip of her tongue. When she had him completely cleaned off, she rose to her knees, leaned into him and placed her mouth on his where they shared their taste back and forth. His arms wrapping around her and resting a hand on her ass he caressed her cheeks and ran a finger through her crack stopping at her tightest of holes, pressing just slightly at the opening.

“One day Babygirl, I’m going in there.” He teasingly said.

“You can have it right now if you want it daddy.” Ashley replied in return.

John smiled and pulled her closer. “I love you Babygirl, but I want that when it’s a more special time and I’m full up so as I can flood your insides completely.” I heard him tell her.

“Hmmm that sounds wonderful.” She cooed back at him.

Ashley sat up now and tucked her legs under herself. “I’m hungry.” I heard her exclaim.

“ME TOO!” I hollered down to them startling both. They jumped and I started laughing as I got up, pushed my chair back and walked down the stairs and over to them.

“How long have you been up there?” John asked.

I thought about not wanting to let them know that their special moment was witnessed but I had that thought about lying in my head, so I fessed up. I looked at Ashley as I sat down next to her. “You were still riding him when I came in. Just a couple minutes before he rolled you over.”

“You could have come down and joined us.” John said.

“I know I could have, but I just wanted to watch you two for a change.”

“How are you feeling?” Ashley asked me.

“Better.” I answered, “Better enough to want to taste what you have mixed in there.” My eyes shifted downwards to Ashley’s crotch.

“Oh, hell yeah mama.” Ashley cried out.

“You two get up and let me lay down on the sectional. Then you mount my face.” Looking at Ashley as I said this and then turned to John, “Then you can eat me or fuck me or both, your choice.”

They both jumped up and I laid down. One whole cushion was soaked but I didn’t care. It was our family’s juice and that just made it more exciting. After I got comfortable Ashley straddled across my face on her knees and lowered herself down onto my mouth, her hands tangling themselves in my freshly brushed hair. Again, I didn’t care.

John splayed himself out the rest of the way across the sofa and lowered his face to my sex and began eating me the way he knows I love to be eaten.

I could immediately taste them together. I was right about Ashley having an orgasm of not just juice. It had to have been when they were kissing, and John was moving inside her slowly. Her cream flowed from her as she self-lubricated as I ate her pussy. My tongue pushing its way inside her. I curled my tongue so I could pull out all she had to offer.

All the while I could feel John eating my pussy in almost an identical way. My legs spreading as wide as I could get them for him to have the most access. I draped my left leg over the back of the sectional and placed my right foot on the floor.

Ashley was grinding down onto my face and I knew it wasn’t going to take her long before she would reach the top.

John let up on my pussy and I could feel him shifting positions. His weight coming down onto me and his cock sliding in my now wet cunt. John lowered himself down as far as he could go with Ashley still on my face.

Ashley could feel him behind her, and she leaned back as far as she could go and to the side against the pillows. John leaned in the opposite direction to maneuver around her a bit and then back to her. His mouth even now with her left breast and he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

Ashley’s hips were bucking back and forth across my face. She wasn’t grinding hard, just rubbing herself against my now flattened tongue as I had done to her earlier that day. She learns so fast.

John was now fucking me at the same pace as Ashley’s hips moved back and forth. When she would increase her tempo John would increase his, never letting her nipple fall from his mouth. I could hear Ashley moaning and her breathing increasing.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” She repeated. “Drink from me mom. Take back all that you’ve given me. Drink our juice!” she hollered out as she released herself down my wanting throat.

I drank from her as fast as I could, swallowing everything I could get as her hips bucked wildly across my face.

John was having a hard time keeping her tit in his mouth as she would buck this way and that it would pull her breasts away from him, but he latched on harder and rode with her. Her nipple looked as if it was going to be yanked off her breast.

From Ashley flooding my face and seeing her tit being pulled at like that my orgasm reached climax and I let loose as well. I didn’t squirt this time as I was still dehydrated but I had more of an internal orgasm, and it felt wonderful. My cunt cinched down on John’s cock, my legs shot closed around him and I spasmed upwards throwing Ashley off me against the pillows. John let loose of her tit and lowered himself the rest of the way down on me and banged me hard. Pound after pound for a full minute before he shot forward burying himself inside me, holding there. I could feel his cock spasm inside me as he emptied his balls into me.

Ashley had recovered her balance and was already up and on the move. She moved down to where John and I were connected. Her left hand moved to my breast, and she caressed it while she moved her right hand to her father’s ass and kneaded it. When John was empty, his body settled down and he pulled away from me.

Ashley didn’t wait for him to get seated before she latched onto his cock with her mouth and started sucking him clean. Her tongue licking up his cum from him. Then she lowered her mouth to my still quivering cunt and pushed her tongue inside me. She curled her tongue as I had done to her just moments earlier. She was still holding her father’s cock in her right hand and her left still on my breast. Her mouth working at my cunt with fever to collect all she could of her father’s seed.

There was no way I was going to cum again and I could see in John’s eyes that as much as he was enjoying this his overly sensitive cock was needing a break. I brought my legs together, forcing Ashley’s head up from me.

“Hmmm that felt wonderful.” I cooed.

Ashley let go of John’s cock and my breast and sat back onto her legs. Her tits looked so marvelous hanging from her chest and although I was totally satiated, I wanted them in my mouth but knew we all needed a break.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked John.

“I have some fresh steaks I picked up while I was out earlier, I thought I would do on the grill and salad.” He informed us. “It’s still fairly hot out so I thought we three could sit out by the pool, get some sun and I’ll grill. Maybe have some drinks.”

“Sounds wonderful.” I said as I sat up, leaned into him and kissed him. Ashley rose as well but stayed on her knees on the floor. Just leaned up into us and we shared a three-way kiss.

“Ashley, help your dad with whatever he needs. I’m gonna make us all some drinks and I’ll meet you two outside.”

With that we all got up and attended to whatever task we had. I made three drinks making sure Ashley’s was light on the alcohol and strode outside to meet them. John was already preparing the grill for the steaks and Ashley was moving lounge chairs around to where she wanted them apparently. I waited until she was done and asked which one was mine. She pointed and I sat my drink next to my chair.

“Which one is your dad’s chair?” I asked her, pretty sure I already knew though.

“That one there.” She pointed to it, and I was correct. Ashley had positioned her chair into the middle of her dad’s and mine. Also, the chairs were very close to one another. Damn near touching. I sat John’s drink next to his chair and handed Ashley her own drink, then sat down in my chair. Ashley followed suit and John followed a minute later.

We all sat there totally nude outside. Our legs rubbing against one another’s with the chairs so close. Ashley reached out and placed a hand on each of our thighs. Her smile spoke volumes for her peace of mind and happiness, which made me happy as well. We sat there and talked about this and that and the plans for tomorrow with Monday the next day we would be back to work and school. John reminded me again of the bid he had to give in the morning. Ashley talked about the last game of the season on Tuesday, and I couldn’t help but think about the meeting with Susan on Wednesday. I didn’t know how anything that we had started was going to fit into all the other things going on, but I was excited to find out.

John grilled the steaks, and we ate out at the patio table. When done we all chipped in to cleanup and then settled back in on the sectional to watch a movie. Still all nude and entangled across the sectional trying to avoid the still wet spot that yes, we covered with a towel. I did make a mental note to strip the cover tomorrow and wash it and let the cushion air out. Maybe some Febreze. Although I did kinda like the idea of it always smelling like our sex. Nothing happened during the movie really. A little touchy feely going on but that was about it. We did pop some popcorn, just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. When the movie was over, I was more tired than I thought I would be. It was only 9pm but I was exhausted. I didn’t know if John and Ashley had any plans, but I needed rest.

“What you two want to do now?” I asked them.

Ashley spoke up first and excitedly, “Let’s fuck some more!”

“Of course that’s what you would want to do.” I teased her.

“What, you don’t want to fuck me.” She pouted.

“Babygirl, I always want to fuck you. I’m still feeling the effects of the last couple of days. I think I’m gonna go see the doc tomorrow.” I told them.

“You, okay?” John asked me.

“Yeah, yeah. I just want to see if he will let me get an IV to hydrate faster and get back on track.”

“You want me to take you?” He asked.

“No, you have that bid in the morning. I’ll be fine by myself.”

“Okay, just be careful.” he said caringly.

“Here is what I think needs to happen right now. I think you two should go to Ashley’s bed and fuck some more. I’m gonna go lay down in our bed and when Adam gets home, he is supposed to let me know something, so he will be waking me up. Then when you are done John, you come to bed like normal.”

“What is happening with Adam?” John asked concerned.

“Oh, nothing important. He is supposed to get something for me and if he does, I want it tonight while it’s fresh. I’ll explain more tomorrow if he can get it.”

Both Ashley and John looked at me strangely and I hated having to play this game and my mind went back to my earlier thoughts. I had to do something about all of this, that was for sure.

Even if Ashley was curious about what was going on she was more interested in fucking her dad. She got up, turned towards her father, reached out a hand.

“Come on dad, let’s go fuck before I have to go to sleep. Instead of tucking me in you can fuck me to sleep.” She said laughing.

John got up, turned Ashley around and smacked her across her ass. Her body involuntarily stumbled forward. John’s hand left a very noticeable handprint on her ass cheek.

“Get on upstairs Babygirl, I’ll meet you up there in a minute.” He told her.

Ashley leaned down to kiss me good night. Not the old daughter, mom kiss goodnight anymore either, but full-on mouth on mouth, tongue to tongue kissing. I reached up and took a breast in my hand, found her nipple and pinched it hard. Her legs crossed and she stumbled forward down onto me.

“Damn mom, you really know how to tease a girl.”

We all laughed, and Ashley turned and ran towards the stairs and up them.

When she was gone John asked me, “Okay what’s going on with Adam that Ashley can’t know about?”

I never keep anything from John, so I didn’t even hesitate or sugarcoat it. “Remember, Adam is fucking Brittney and Brittney hasn’t told Ashley and won’t let Adam tell her either.”

I could see the gears turning in John’s head. “Wait, I thought Ashley and Brittney were fucking.”

“Well, I wouldn’t call what they do ‘fucking’ perse but yeah, they share something sexually.”

“Well, that’s not good. That’s gonna hurt Ashley when she finds out.” John said concerned.

“I know. I plan on talking with Adam about it more and see if I can’t get those two to talk with Ashley about it all before it goes much further.”

I could still tell John was thinking about something. “So, what is he supposed to be getting you tonight?” he finally asked.

I took a second before answering. Not because I was scared to answer but to just make his curiosity peak that much more. “Umm, he’s out fucking Brittney tonight and I told him to bring home her fresh pussy taste on his cock so I could taste her on him tonight.” I said coyly.

John broke out in a huge grin, “You’re bad.” He said. “And I love you even more for it. You better bring that taste to me as well. You know I’ve wanted to taste and fuck Brittney forever.”

“I will Baby, I promise. Now go fuck our daughter some more and have her taste all over your cock when I come to you.” I reached out to him to help me off the sectional. John took my hand and pulled me up and straight into him, his arms wrapping around me. His mouth found mine and we kissed our kiss, he patted my ass then lead me upstairs. As we passed Ashley’s room, we stopped so he could tell her that he would be right back and was going to tuck me into bed.

After John tucked me in, kissed me again and gave my nipple a quick nibble, he left the room and I laid there for a while thinking of this and that trying to go to sleep. I was only about five minutes into my thoughts, and I could hear Ashley groaning and moaning. By now, I had learned her sounds, and I knew these particular ones were from John eating her pussy. She makes different sounds when she’s getting fucked. I thought about masturbating while listening, but I didn’t and just laid there listening to the sound of pleasure from my daughter. That pleasure gave me intense pleasure knowing it was coming from her father. I don’t know how long I listened, but I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, Adam was standing over me and giving me a gentle shake. As I woke up, I realized John had not returned to bed, but I couldn’t hear any sex sounds coming from Ashley’s room. I noticed the clock read 11:24pm. I guessed they could be downstairs, so I asked Adam.

“Did you see your dad anywhere when you came in?”

“No, house is dark, and no one is up. Where is he.” Adam asked me.

“Probably still in Ashley’s room. They were fucking when I came to bed. He probably fell asleep in there.” I explained to him.

“Damn, I missed all the fun.” He said sadly.

“You missed more than that Kido, but that’s a story for another time. Tell me, did you get to fuck Brittney?”

“Yeah, twice.” He said curtly.

“What’s wrong with that?” I asked him, sensing something amiss.

“I don’t know. I like fucking her but all I could think about was you and Ashley and what I was probably missing at home.”

“I see. Well, you did miss a good time but probably not as you think you missed.” I tried to give him a quick rundown of the day and nights events after he left. I wanted him to understand that even though we as a family had embarked on this journey, that didn’t mean that was all we were ever going to do and that not everyone would always be involved. Just like right now, that I wanted to play with him, and it would just be the two of us as it was just his sister and father earlier. This seemed to make sense to him, and I could tell he relaxed some.

“So, you up to giving your mama some of that cock of yours or are you to puttered out from fucking Brittney twice?” I teased him. “Also, don’t forget what your dad said about 7am, so let’s not waste time playing silly word games. Be a man, say what you mean and mean what you say. Take control of the situation.”

Adam hesitated for a moment but then seemed to have his thoughts in order. He stepped back away from the bed and started taking off his clothes. “Hell, yes, I want to fuck you mom. I’ll never be too tired for that.”

“Good, now please tell me that you haven’t washed, and I’ll be able to taste Brittney’s cunt all over your cock.”

“Haven’t washed and the second time we fucked I made her squirt all over me and I didn’t wipe any up thinking of you sucking her off me tonight.” He said as he was stroking his cock and I turned in the bed so he could see my sex as I played with it.

“Bring that cock to mama before you rub off her taste.” I instructed him. “Come lay down on your back and tell me all about what you two did tonight while I suck your cock Baby.”

Adam moved onto the bed and laid down. I shifted around and found my way between his legs looking up at him, my ass pointed towards the end of the bed and the doorway. It was late and we had an early morning coming up, so I wasn’t going to waste any time. I picked up his cock, licked him from his balls to the head and then engulfed him with my mouth. His hips thrusted upward to meet my mouth as I went down on him.

“Holy fuck Mom, that feels good.” I heard him say.

I used my tongue to wet him down from base to tip, coming off him only for a second. I could taste the remnants of Brittney’s cunt on him. Her smell musky now, her taste fading but still there for now. I thought to myself, ‘I really am a dirty cock sucker’. I chuckled to myself and continued. I also thought that if Brittney’s cunt tasted this good, this long after the fact then I just had to know what she tasted like fresh.

“Tell me Adam. Tell me how you fucked Brittney.” I encouraged him.

Adam relaxed down onto the bed better, and I could feel him trying to get his breathing under control. He was looking down at me as I looked up at him. He took a deep breath and began.

“When I got over there, she wasn’t ready of course so I waited for her in the kitchen. I didn’t see Susan, but I could hear crying coming from somewhere, so I went looking. I found Susan in the living room curled up on the sofa. She looked miserable. I asked what was wrong, but she just waved me away saying that it was nothing and she’d be fine. I didn’t believe her of course but didn’t want to pry so I returned to the kitchen. Brittney finally came in ready to go and we left.”

I stopped sucking him for a second to ask, “Did Susan look sick or upset?”

“More upset than anything.” He answered.

My brain was trying to figure out what could possibly be going on with her. It wasn’t like her to keep things from me. We had been more than friends for over ten years now. She knew she could tell me anything. I needed to know but resumed back to sucking my son’s cock and Adam continued his story.

“We went over to Tommy’s. He wasn’t there but he let’s us use his spare room to hide out and fuck in.”

I was shocked to hear this. “Wait, so Tommy knows you’re fucking Brittney?” I asked him.

“Yeah, he is sworn to secrecy too. He is never there when we are over there. It’s just a place to go because we can’t come here, and we don’t want to get a room just for a few hours.”

I was starting to get upset the more secrets I found out and the lies being told. It was late so there was nothing I could do about it now anyway, so I went back to sucking his cock. Adam continued.

“There was really nothing special we did mom. I ate her pussy, and she sucked me. Not as good as you do but she’s alright. And then we fucked. The whole thing lasted about ten minutes and then we went and got something to eat.”

I came up off his cock laughing. “Boy you need to learn some story telling skills. That was about as unexciting as having a root canal.”

Adam broke into laughter as well. In between laughs he tried to say, “Okay, okay, I’ll do better. Just please don’t stop sucking me. Please.”

“You have to do better than that last story if you want me continue.” I teased him, putting my mouth back on his cock.

“Okay, umm, so we went and got something to eat and then went and watched a movie and just hung out with some friends. Tommy was home later so we couldn’t go over there so we drove down to the river where Dad likes to fish. We made out in the Jeep for a while and then got out and sat on the back with the tail gate swung open.”

As much as I liked the details, I needed to hurry this along more. “Just skip the details son. Tell me how her pussy is and how you fucked her.”

As I said this, I felt movement behind me and realized John had come into the room. Adam started to rise but I clamped down on his cock with my mouth and placed my hand on his stomach to calm him and press him to the bed. He got the message and settled back down.

John kneeled on the bed behind, grabbed my hip with his left hand and guided himself into me with his right. No need for lube as he knew I would be wet from sucking our son’s cock. Before I could say anything, John spoke up.

“I heard some of your story Adam, please continue. I too want to hear all about Brittney’s pussy and how you fucked her.” John said as he started slowing pushing in and out of me.

“Adam, you see how your dad just walked in here and entered me, told you to continue with your story and is now taking what he wants from me.”

“Yeah.” Was his only reply.

“That is what I was talking about earlier. You need to be more like that. More in control. Don’t waste time with silly word guessing games. If you want to fuck, let me know you want to fuck. More time fucking less time guessing at what you want, understand.”

Adam didn’t reply. I hoped I didn’t come across as I was scolding him. I was about to apologize if I had when Adam propped himself up on his elbows, reached down placing his hand behind my head and pressed me down to his cock.

“Then use your mouth for more sucking and less talking Mom.” I heard him say. At first, I thought we were going to have to have another talk about respect again but at the same time, this act really excited me, and the thought ran through my head of my own son taking me roughly anytime he wanted. I knew how Ashley felt when she said that she wanted us to take her like that. I pressed back onto John’s cock some more and lowered my mouth as far as I could go on my son’s cock.

“You both want to fuck Brittney, don’t you?” Adam asked us.

I was about to answer but Adam’s hand kept me pinned on his cock, so I only nodded my head and mumbled out a yes. John said enthusiastically, “Fuck yeah, I do. She’s just like a daughter to us and hot as fuck. I bet her cunt tastes and feels good. Don’t it son?”

Adam smiling as big as he could cause he knew he had gotten something we wanted and hadn’t had yet. “Fuck yeah, it does. She tastes so good and fucks like a wild woman. I really want to fuck her ass, its perfect and would be so fucking tight.”

Without being prompted Adam continued with his story from earlier.

“When we were sitting on the end of the Jeep, I ended up going down on her. She had taken her shorts and panties off, leaned back with her feet up on the bumper, legs spread and resting back on one hand as she played with her clit with the other. I went down on my knees and buried my face in her wet cunt and ate her out good. She ended up coming on my face and I stood up and put my cock in her.”

Envisioning my son’s big cock entering what I could only imagine would be a very tiny cunt made my pussy twitch like crazy and my orgasm started to build. Adam went on.

“I pushed her top up and off so I could get to her tits. You know she doesn’t have as big of tits as Ashley or even you Mom, but they are firm, and her nipples get so fucking hard. I leaned over to suck them while still fucking her.”

Brittney’s tits were not big at all, but they were very firm, and her nipples stuck straight out off of them, and I wanted them in my mouth soon. Adam was still telling his story and I tried to focus.

“We kissed and she told me that she likes to taste her own pussy on my lips. I fucked her harder and faster until she squirted juice out all over me and that made me cum too. I came a lot and as I pulled out, I could see my cum leaking out of her. Brittney put her fingers inside herself and pulled out a glob of my cum and ate it. It was so fucking hot. I thought about going down on her and eating my own cum out of her like you said and then sharing it with her, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

John was fucking me harder now and I was sucking feverishly on Adam’s cock. Adam’s story was rushed but much better than the first one, so I didn’t interrupt him and just let him continue.

“You guys want to fuck Brittney and I want to fuck mom and Ashley and I would love to see you guys fucking her.”

I heard John talking behind me as he pounded into me. “You should have Son. You should have eaten your cum out of her. Nothing to be ashamed of, and most women will find it sexy. Dirty sexy, but sexy, nonetheless. Doesn’t make you gay, makes you a better lover.”

I came up for air and spoke up myself, “Speaking of cum I want you both to cum in me at the same time if possible and then switch. John, you come up here and kiss me sharing our son’s cum and Adam you go down on me and eat your father’s cum from my cunt.”

Adam didn’t seem too excited about this, but John started pounding me harder and faster. I put my mouth back on Adam’s cock and sucked him for all I was worth. Within a minute both men were shooting their loads into me. First John let loose and when he announced he was cumming, Adam let loose into my mouth. I had purposely drawn back on his cock so his cum didn’t go rushing down my throat and I could catch most of it in my mouth. I wanted a lot to share with John. I could feel that John had not come that much. A little disappointing considering I was hoping for a big load for Adam to eat out of me, but I remembered him and Ashley tonight and wondered how many loads he had given her after I went to bed. After the men settled, I pulled my mouth off Adam and pulled away from John and flipped myself over to lay flat on the bed. John moved up beside me and we started kissing. Me dumping Adam’s cum into his mouth. I patted Adam’s chest beside me without looking and pointed down below. He got the message and moved into position. He was hesitant at first. I raised my hips up to him and rolled my hips back towards me, placed my right hand on the back of his head and lowered his face into my cum filled cunt. He licked gingerly at first but after a minute he started picking up the pace and before long he was eating me with abandon. I broke my kiss with John for a second. Still holding Adam’s head to me and my hips grinding into his face as he ate me.

“That’s it Babyboy, eat your mama’s cunt. Suck all your father’s cum from me. Make me cum on your face.”

Hearing this excited Adam and he went to work on me even more. His tongue deep inside me, then sucking at my clit. It didn’t take long, and I exploded all over his face. I didn’t think I had much to give but I gushed out a torrent, flooding his face. I could tell he wasn’t used to that still and he tried to back away, but I held him in place, and he relented to my hold.

“Drink it up Son, drink my cunt juice and then bring it up here and kiss me.”

Adam drank down what he could, and I let him go. He moved up from the bed and leaned in to kiss me but stopped short.

“What?” I asked him quizzically.

“Umm, you have cum all over your lips and chin.” he said nervously.

“Oh, for fucks sake Adam, its your cum. Kiss me as a man should.” I chided him in response. I reached out and grabbed him behind the head, lacing my fingers in his hair and pulled him roughly to me. My mouth covering his, my tongue shoving into his mouth. I pulled him further inward and parted just slightly but kept my mouth on his. I found John’s eyes, and he knew what I wanted. John leaned into us, his tongue working its way into what little room there was left in my mouth. I could feel Adam tense up and want to pull away, but I held him steady, and he stayed put. Our three tongues worked and swapped what little cum was left. John licked up whatever cum was on my chin and face while Adam watched him. John’s tongue went back inside my mouth along with Adam’s. It wasn’t so much they were kissing each other as they were both kissing me at the same time. After another minute we all broke apart and collapsed back onto the bed catching our breaths. I wanted to keep encouraging Adam.

“That was hot as fuck!” I exclaimed. “Imagine if Ashley was kissing us like that as well with her juice mixed in. Yumm!”

John pipped up, “I would love that. Our daughter has a great tasting cunt. Wait until you get to taste her Adam.”

“I want to so bad, and I want to fuck her but I’m not so sure she is going to let me do that.” Adam replied to his dad.

“Why you say that?” John asked him.

“I think she thinks my cock is too big and will hurt her.”

John started laughing and I followed him, knowing what he was thinking. “Look son, I realize your cock is bigger than mine in length but as far as girth goes, we are the same and mine is only a couple of inches shorter than yours. Besides, Brittney is as skinny as Ashley, and she takes you just fine right?”

Adam was thinking for a moment and then replied, “Well, she doesn’t take my full length. I just short stroke her as I’ve done with other girls. Mom is the only one to be able to take my full length.”

I blurted out a laugh at this, “Are you saying I’m loose Son?” I teased him.

“What, no mom. I’m so sorry. That’s not what I meant at all.” He nervously replied.

“I’m just teasing you Baby, relax. Mama just knows how to take a cock is all. Ashley will learn in time and I’m gonna teach her.”

Adam nodded and I glanced at the clock. It was now almost 12:30am and we were getting up at six.

“Okay, it’s late and you and your father needs to be up at six, so we need to get some sleep.”

Adam started to get out of bed.

“Where are you going?” I said to him.

“To bed. You just said.” I cut him off before he could continue.

“I know what I just said, I should have said we need to get some sleep. You are welcome to sleep in here with us as Ashley did last night.”

Adam smiled and laid back down in bed. John was on his back to my right and I turned to him, threw my left leg over his left and placed my left hand on his balls cupping them. Adam rolled to his left as well and spooned me with his cock resting on my right inner thigh. He threw his arm over me and cupped my breast and before any of us knew it we were fast asleep peacefully.

Peacefully that is, until 5:05 in the morning when there came a loud shriek. I sat straight up in the bed and saw Ashley standing at the foot of it.

“What the fuck Ashley?” I muttered out. The guys, now stirring as well.

“What the fuck is right.” Ashley said a bit too loudly.

“What?” I asked, “And keep it down, it’s early and we didn’t have to be up for almost another hour.”

“Well, I set my alarm for five so I could come in here and get fucked before dad and you had to get up for work and I walk in here and find Adam in here. What the hell did I miss out on last night?”

“You didn’t ‘miss out’ on anything. Adam came home late, gave me what I wanted. We started to have sex and your dad joined us. It was late as I said, and I asked Adam to sleep with us. Just like you slept with us the night before. Let’s not go get all jealous now. It’s not a good look on you. Especially at five in the morning.”

Ashley simmered down a bit. I saw her bite her lip as she came to a conclusion in her own head.

“Sorry Mom, sorry dad, Adam. I guess I was a bit jealous. It’s just I don’t want to ever miss out on anything.” she said sincerely.

“Look Ashley, you are not always going to be a part of everything just like your brother or I wasn’t apart of you and your dad playing yesterday and last night. It’s just the way it’s going to be. Our schedules are not always going to align and sometimes someone is in the mood and sometimes they’re not. You are just going to have to get over being jealous and relax. Let what happens come naturally.”

“I know, I know. I said I was sorry.” She said but didn’t turn away or move. Just stood there looking at us.

I looked at the clock again, there really wasn’t enough time to go back to sleep. I patted the bed between my legs for her to sit. She broke out in a huge grin and jumped on the bed, turned and laid into me as I wrapped my arms around her cupping each breast. I tweaked her nipples a bit and kissed her neck lovingly.

“Now look, there isn’t enough time to get into a big play session. The guys have to be up at 6 for a job bid this morning out of town and I’m going to go see the doctor and run a couple of other errands and you, Little Miss, are not missing school today after missing Friday so you can get that thought out of your head right now if that was what you were thinking.”

“Ahh mom, such a party pooper. But yes, I’m going to go to school today. I was just hoping to have dad fuck me before he left is all.”

John had been lying there with his eyes closed but I knew he was awake. Same with Adam. John rolled towards us throwing his right leg over our rights and reaching out to tweak Ashley’s right nipple.

“Don’t worry Babygirl, Daddy will fuck you this morning. Give you some good vitamin D to start your day.”

Ashley grinned from ear to ear and giggled her little girl giggle. I pushed her away from me playfully.

“Such a daddy’s girl. Spoiled little brat.” I teased her.

Ashley hunched her shoulders together and tucked her chin in swaying, turning her torso side to side. “Yep” was all she had to say as she giggled some more with her pouty lips pursed.

I rolled away from her and pushed Adam to get him up and out of the way.

“Come on Adam, get your ass up and take a shower with me.”

Adam just laid there playing like he was asleep. I pushed him again, “Come on.” I said. Still nothing.

“Okay if you get up now and take a shower with me, I’ll let you fuck me in the shower.” I offered him.

Adam was up off the bed in a split second. Halfway to the bathroom before I could even make it off the bed.

“Damn gets more motivated by sex now than anything else.” I mused.

Adam stopped short, turned around, “I’ve always been motivated by sex. Just even more now that it’s with you mom.”

“Same here.” Ashley said as she put her hand in the air to be counted.

“Such flirts.” I teased back and joined Adam to walk to the bathroom. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Ashley and John already locked into a kiss as he helped her lay back. Adam turned on the water, waited for it to be the right temp and stepped in.

John fucking his daughter shortly after five in the morning and I fucking my son in the shower. What a start to day four of ‘Our Family Adventure’.

(to be continued)

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