Last One To Know, Chapter Ten by treborkat

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we are moving along and meet more of the family

Last One To Know, Chapter Ten

Dad had taken us through the dark day of his and Mom’s younger years and we could better understand why they felt so strong about certain things. I ask if there were a lot of families like us. Mom told us that she thought maybe one family in every five hundred was like us. Dad told us the knew of three other families not counting Kim and Dave.

Beth ask about Grandma Kate. Mom started crying again so Dad told us what happen. Kate got up early one morning to make coffee. Mom and Dad was awaken shortly thereafter by a loud noise from the kitchen. They rushed to the kitchen to find Kate laying in the floor, not breathing. Dad started CPR and Mom called the EMT’s. They tried everything they could to revive her with no success. The Doctor told them she had a massive heart attack and he didn’t think she suffered any as fast as it happened.

Tammy was about six months old at the time so she didn’t remember her but Grandma Kate knew and loved her. Dad ask if any of us was upset about anything they had told us or the open lifestyle we were now living. I looked at Tammy and Beth then said ”I think I can speak for the three of us. I was the last one to find out about the sexual activities that was going on in the family. I have loved everything that I have experienced with each and every one of you. I think the thing that surprised me the most is how much closer I feel to the others in the family. I used to think of Beth as a little brat and Tammy as a bossy older sister. Even seeing both of them naked I really didn’t really think of them sexually. I did have fantasies about Mom but that was about it Now I feel so much closer to all of you, not just sexually but a love and trust that I had never know before“

Beth ask if we were going to Aunt Kim and Uncle Dave‘s tomorrow. Dad told her we were planning to, they were planning a little cook. We were wanting to get a little better acquainted. If you recall their youngest daughter is about to turn fourteen and she had just ask and was told about the family secret. She still has a lot of questions and not sure she is ready to deal with anyone outside the immediately family. We will all be wearing clothes and swim suits in the pool unless Shannon says different.

Beth said “no problem with that, I was just thinking, If Bobby is interested I think I would like to give him my virgin pussy tonight”. I told her “baby sister that will be up to you. I feel so honored that you chose me to be the one to take your cherry. Beth smiled and said “Yelp, that’s what I want to do. I would also like to have all the family with me.

Tammy suggested we all go to the bathroom and do a good cleaning in case some of us gat lucky and get a good ass fucking. We all laughed and headed to the bathroom. When it was Mom’s turn for her enamel we all pitched in to make it special for her. As soon as she was on the toilet Dad pushed a couple of finger into her pussy while massaging her clit with his thumb.

Mom already had one bag of fluid in her ass and Tammy was holding the tube in her ass with more fluid flowing in as the first bag was gushing out. Tammy was also sucking on her left tit while Beth was sucking on her right one. I was licking her neck, ears and lips. When she open her mouth I pushed my tongue as far into her mouth and she started sucking on it. I pulled back and placed my cock to her mouth. She sucked it in, grabbed both my ass cheeks and pulled me forward until my cock head was down her throat.

When Mom started Cumming she was trashing around so much we all had to help hold her to keep her from falling of the toilet. When she had calmed dawn Dad and Tammy helped her to the shower. Beth ask me if I had cum in Mon’s mouth. I laughed and told her no, that I was saving a big load for her virgin pussy.

When we were through in the bathroom we moved to the master bedroom. Dad told Beth this was her special night and we would do whatever she ask us to do. Beth was massaging her small breast and pinching her nipples. She said “I want it all, I want it in my mouth, my ass and anything any of you can thing of except fuck my pussy. I’m going to give that to Bobby when I’m ready.

Beth stretched out on her back in the middle of the bed. Tammy climbed her in a 69 position. Beth lifted her hips and Dad slipped a pillow under her hips, better exposing her pussy and ass. Tammy lowered her pussy down to Beth’s mouth. I watched as Beth’s tongue licked up and down on Tammy’s pussy lips. She then took hold of Tammy’s hips and pulled her down her until her mouth was covering Tammy’s pussy. While Beth was devouring Tammy’s pussy Dad was at the other end licking around Beth’s asshole. Mom straddled Beth in front of Tammy and was leaning over licking and sucking on Beth’s clit.

Tammy looked at me like what are you going to do. I looked over the activities then took Tammy’s hand and placed it on Mom’s pussy. I pulled Mom’s ass cheeks apart and spit on her little rosebud. I spread it around a little then pushed my finger in her asshole and stopped at the my knuckle. I moved it back and forth a few times then pulled it out. I looked at Tammy and smiled. She got the idea and pushed two fingers into Mom’s pussy and one in her ass.

Mom raised her head from Beth’s pussy for just a second as she let out a loud moan and pushed back against Tammy’s hand. As she buried her face back in Beth’s pussy I moved around to Dad and took his hard as steel cock in my mouth. I started licking and spreading my spit up and down the shaft.

When I had it dripping wet I took his cock in my mouth and started sliding it in and out, going a little deeper each time. I wanted so much to get all of his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I managed to get about half of it in my mouth but when it started pushing in my throat I couldn’t help but gag.

Mom heard me gag and pulled her face out of Beth’s pussy just long enough to remind me to open my mouth wide and breath through my nose. Next time I started down on his cock I tried this and managed to get the head into my throat . I still had tofighting not to gag but I was able to hold his cock there. I started swallowing causing the muscles in my throat to massage the head of his cock. I must have been doing something right because the per-cum was flowing like a faucet.

Mom reached over and started to stroke my cock. As much as I hated to I reached down and pulled her hand away. She understood why I had done what I did. By now I could hear Tammy. Beth and Mom all moaning and letting out little squeals from time to time. All three of them cum at about the same time with such hard humping and thrusting I was afraid they were going to hurt each other.

I thought poor Dad, he’s not going to be able to get off with me sucking his cock. Then to my surprise the first big shot of his cum hit the back of my throat. It was suck a surprise most of it run out before I could swallow. I was ready for the next shot and all the others that followed. I felt like I had swallowed a cup full of cum.

We all just lay there for a few minutes, all in the same position but not very active. I was cleaning the cum off Dads cock as it begin to soften. I let it slip from my mouth and raised my head up a little. Mom looked over at me and started laughing. She pulled me over to her and started licking the side of my face and chin. She told me “son, you are going to have to learn to swallow faster if you are ever going to make a good cock sucked. We all laugher at that.

I heard Beth call my name. I answered “yes sweaty, I’m right here. She said “I’m ready big brother, My pussy is dripping wet and I’m ready for your big cock in my pussy”. Every one moved out of the way and Beth got up on her knees. She told me to lay on my back and let her get on top.

As I moved around to get in place Tammy moved up on her knees behind my head. I lay my head back on her legs thus getting a better look at Beth as she straddled me, looking down at me smiling. She seemed a little nervous and I realized I was too.

Mom and Dad got on either side of Beth, moved in close and put their arms around her. Beth used her fingers to hold her pussy lips open and Mom took her free hand and held my cock in place as Beth lowered herself down. I could feel my cock go just a few inches in then stop. I could feel the head pushing against the thin tissue. Our eyes met and I could see a tear forming in the corner of Beth’s eye. She mouthed “I love you big brother”. I mouthed back “ I love you too baby sister.

With that Beth pushed down until my cock was completely buried in her pussy. She cried out a little as my cock pushed through the thin tissue and my heart almost broke wishing she didn’t have to go through this pain. She held still for a few seconds then she started moving her hips back and forth. She had put her arms around Mom and Dad’s neck which made it easier for her to move.

She was really going at it and I started pushing my hips up to meet her thrust. I knew she was getting close when she started talking dirty “ FUCK ME YOU DAMN SISTER FUCKER, BUST MY PUSSY OPEN YOU BIG DICK FUCKER, FUCK ME FUCK ME”. With Mom and Dad holding her she was free to really slam back and forth. Several times we banged together so hard there was some pain but neither of us stopped. I could feel myself getting close but I was determined she was going to orgasm and get her fill before I stopped.

She was going wild. She started moaning and talking again but not as loud this time. “Fill me up sweet brother, I want your cum in my belly. Fuck me hard and fill my little pussy full of cum and I will share it with all of you”. The words stopped but the sounds continued “OOOOHHHHH, AAAHHHHH, MMMUUUU. Then there was one last thrust and her pussy clamped around my cock like a vise. I could feel the first shot of my cum as it shot in her tight little pussy. She was making her pussy milk my cock and I was unload shot after shot of cum into this tiny pussy.

Beth was shouting “I can feel it, I can feel your cum shooting in my pussy. Oh my, thank you Bobby. You have made a woman out of me tonight“. I was very quite and deep in thought. Maybe all this is supposed to be wrong. Fucking my own baby sister, sucking my own Dad’s cock and all the other things I had done with my family. Right or wrong all I know is even though my cock and balls are empty my heart is full of love the this darling girl as well as the rest of my family.

Beth moved off my deflating cock and moved back a little. She lean down and started to take my cock in her mouth. I stopped her telling her that maybe she should not do that this time, there was some blood and every thing. She looked me dead in the eyes and said ’ my blood, our mixed juiced, only time in my life it will be like this. Mom looked at me and nodded. I didn’t make any other effort to stop her as she licked and sucked me clean.

When she let my cock slip out of her mouth I thought turn about is fair play. I pushes her back on the bed and got between her legs. I could see some of the off colored mixture had run down her thigh. I first licked that up then followed the trail up to her cum filled pussy. I could taste some blood but I found that it didn’t really bother me. I used my fingers to part the lips on her tiny pussy, as I did a big glob of cum come rolling out.

I quickly licked it up as Tammy was pushing at my side trying to move me out of the way. She said ’don’t make a pig of yourself, this is a once in a lifetime thing and we all want a little of it. I moved over as Tammy moved in. After a couple of good licks Dad moved in and got his licks. Mom was left to finish things up. We all lay back on the bed to take a break. We were not there but just a couple of minutes when I noticed Beth had her eyes closed and sleeping peacefully. I quietly got off the bed and Dad helped as I took Beth in my arms. I took her to my bedroom, lay her on the bad and cuddled in behind her and fell asleep with my arm around her and my hand holding her small firm breast.

When I awoke the nest morning I found I was in bed alone. I could hear voices coming from another part of the house so I knew I was not alone. I eased out of bed and started for the hallway to find the other voices I heard. I heard one of the females laugh and thought that was a good sigh. As I got closer I could tell the voices were coming from the kitchen and I could now smell the coffee and bacon.

When I walked in I saw that Dad and Tammy were by the stove cooking. Mom was setting at the kitchen table and Beth was setting in her lap. When I looked a little closer I could see Beth was sucking on one of Mom’s tits. I guess I looked a little surprised and I ask “is everything alright here”. they all laughed and Mom told me every was wonderful. Tammy wanted to make breakfast with her Dad and Beth wanted a little Mother’s love, so here we are just waiting for your sleepy ass to get here. Everyone laughed again, even me as Dad and Tammy was bringing breakfast to the table.

We ate quickly as everyone seen to be anxious to getting ready for our little visit with our family across town. I thank we all had mixed emotions about the meeting an Dad reminded us that they probably felt the same way and we would just take it easy and see how thing go. He cautioned us to remember that the youngest girl Shannon would be kind of calling the shots on the dress code and how we all would behave. He reminded us she was very young and this was a lot for her to deal with;

We all agreed and assured both Mom and Dad there would not be a problem with us. Dad told us there was another bit of news her wanted to share with us. He had already discussed it with Mom and it looks like it is a sure thing. He told us the new training facility was almost completed and training would start from that location within the next three months. He had been told that he had been selected to head the new program and a promotion would be in order. He had been told to start selecting his staff. Some of the men he had been working with would be moving to the new location bu several would be retiring soon and he would have to select new people to replace them.

He told us if he took the job he was going to ask Dave to be his second in command. He had already spoken to Dave and the powers to be and everyone agreed. Now the questioned was how we, the kids, feel about staying on in this area, maybe until he retired. He ask what we thought of the neighborhood, our house, our schools and he ask Tammy if she still planed to go to collage.

Tammy said she could only speak for herself but she loved it here, she was doing well in schools. Even if Dad was transferred she would stay in the area because the collage she wanted to attend was only thirty miles away. Beth said it was great with her. She loved everything about the place and it would be great not to nave move again.

I told him I was the happiest I had ever been and like Beth, I didn’t look forward to moving again. Dad said “one more little surprise I hope. All of you know the house we pass on the way to town that we all like so well“. All ears perked up and our eyes grew wider as we listened. Dad said “I found out about a month ago that it belongs to my present Commanding Officer. He has been offered a promotion and a chance to teach at the War Collage. It is quite an honor for him and he would be there until he retires. I told him we many be interested in the house“.

Dad said “to my surprise the General told me he would make me a really good deal that would benefit both of us. It seems when the General transfers he will be living in a furnished condo and will not have room for all the furniture he has now Hr told Dad if he would consider taking the house just as it was, furniture and all so the General could just pack his and his wife’s personal things and not having to worry about storing or trying to sell the stuff peace by peace would be worth a lot to him


Dad ask him what kind of price he might be talking about The General wrote a figure on a peace of paper and handed it to Dad. He also told Dad he would finance it himself if Dad needed him too. Dad looked at the price and told the General if he was serious about the price he wouldn’t need financing. The General told Dad to talk with his family and he would talk with his wife again but he was sure she would agree with everything.

Mom said “so, what Dad is asking if we would like to move to this beautiful house with the large pool, great hot tub and a private lake on the back of the property”? Dad smiled and said “don’t forget the furniture, plus there is another little secret. There is a really nice lake side cottage that you cant’s see from the road”. Mom smiled and said “ hey kids lets take a vote and see who would like to get the house”. We all jumped up and raised our hands, cheering and hugging Dad.

We all started getting ready to go to Kay and Dave’s. We all seen to be a little nervous and I’m sure the family we were going to meet was the same. Mom reminded us to go easy with Shannon. She is still very nervous about all this. Kay tells me she is a lot more at ease with their family and is turning out to be a little bold and aggressive but she is very uneasy about being naked and playing with us.

We all assured Mom we would follow Shannon’s lead and not push the issue. Beth mentioned the two of them were about the same age and she would try to talk with her and let her know the family secret was safe with us and no one would do anything she didn’t want to do.

The phone rang and Mom went to answer it. When she return she told us it was Kay on the phone. She said everything was ready and we could come over any time we would like. The weather was great and we could hang out around the pool and get better acquainted before we started the cooking.. We all put on swim suits then clothes over top, loaded things in the car and headed for Kay and Dave’s

When we drove in the driveway Kay and Dave come out to meet us. As we were getting out of the car the kids walked out. Everyone was smiling but seemed a little uneasy. Kay started the interdictions, for those of you who don’t know this is my husband Dave Bowers, our oldest son Mark, our next Phillip but prefers Phil, then our oldest daughter Suzan or Sue and our youngest daughter Shannon.

Mom done the honors for us and I thought it was a good sigh when we all hugged instead of shaking hands. Kay suggested we all head for the pool, relax and talk a little. I was very pleased when Sue took my hand as we walked through the house to the pool. They were all wearing gym shorts and pullovers. When we reached the pool area everyone started stripping down to our swim suits . Sue told me to follow her to the deep end where we could dive in and swim back to the shallow end.

As Sue walked in front of me I couldn’t help but notice much she looked like her Mother. Not quite as tall but already showing off a nice set of hips, great looking ass and a very nice rack for her age. Mark and Tammy were following along behind us. When we reached the deep end we all line up and dived into the pool together. When I come up Sue was right there facing me. I looked over to see Tammy and Mark doing the same.

Sue looked me in the eyes and ask if I would mind answering some personal questions. I told her to ask and I would try to answer. Sue told me that would be fine. If you do answer, nothing but the truth. I told her that was the only way. I could see Tammy and Mark was treading water and listening to every word Sue and I said.

Sue smiled then ask “have you ever fucked anyone outside your immediate family”. I was a little shocked at the very blunt question, so before I answered I looked over at Tammy. She was smiling and nodded yes to me. I turn back to Sue and told her “no, not yet and how about you”. Sue told me she was asking the questions now. She told me I could ask questions later.

Next question “ do you like fucking Tammy”? I looked at Tammy who was still smiling and nodding yes. “Yes I do and I also love to eat her pussy and tongue her ass. “Which member is the best as a sex partner“?. I didn’t even have to think, there is not a best, they are all good and each has something that they are really good at. All together we are the total package”.

Sue was smiling ear to ear as she reached over and grabbed my now very hard cock then ask “would you like to eat my pussy and fuck me”. Oh HELL YES and do many other things I can think of but I thought we were all supposed to go easy because of Shannon”. “That’s why we are here in the deep end of the pool talking. Shannon will be okay given a little time. She is already asking questions about how to give better blow-jobs and she can’t keep her mouth off mine and Mom’s pussy“

I looked at the other end of the pool and saw Beth sitting on the edge of the pool with Phil on one side and Shannon on the other. They were talking and laughing and everyone seem to be at ease. I could see our parents up by the cooker and no one seem to be paying us any attention. To us. I decided to take a chance as I took a deep breath then went under the water. I pulled Sue to me and was about to pull her small bikini aside when I felt one hand on my shoulder and her other quickly moved to pull the little strip of fabric aside to reveal an smooth shave pussy. I knew I didn’t have much time under water so I quickly moved forward, put her legs over my shoulders and pulled her pussy to my mouth.

I pushed my tongue as deep as I could then started licking up and down. Sue pulled my face tight into her pussy as I moved up to her clit. I sucked hard moving my lips up and down over her clit. She was using her hands to hold me close and her legs moved back and forth on my back as she fuck my mouth I had been under water about as long as I could stand when I felt the gush of her sweet pussy juice fill my mouth. Just a couple hard thrust against my mouth and she released me to come for air.

As soon as my head popped up out of the water Sue, still treading water, leaned over and give me a quick kiss on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She pushed back smiling and said “ I think I’m gonna like you a lot Cus“. I smiles and looked over just in time to see Marks head pop out of the water. Tammy was looking at us with a big grin on her face.

Mark was licking his lips and had a grin that matched Tammy’s. Sue moved toward Tammy just a little and Tammy leaned toward her. They kissed each other on the lips and I saw Tammy reach out and caress Sue’s left tit though her bikini top as Mark did the same to Tammy.

Sue suggest we head for the other end of the pool and join the others. She laughed and said “ that nosy little Shannon has not miss a move we have made down here. As we started swimming toward the other end I told Sue I was a little surprised at what she had said about Shannon, I thought she was kind of in dough about all that was going on sexually with the family.

Mark heard what I ask and said “that little shit is really a perverted little slut, she just don’t want anyone to know. We had our first full family sexual encounter a week ago. We let her be the star of the show because it was her first time with all of us. We knew she had found Mom’s toys a couple years before and lost her cherry to a fucking vibratory. She also admitted that she had been use a dildo and but plug on her ass for over a year“.

Sue said “I don’t think she knew the other things that was going on the family and she was afraid we would find out about her playing and think there was something wrong with her. She started asking me questions about sex and I told her she needed to talk with Mom. She was very hesitant at first but finally ask and Mom and Dad explained about the family secret. The first time we were all together she was a little slow to start but before the night was over she done a hat trick several times over and fucked and suck everyone there. She had cum running out of every hole, was so exhausted she couldn’t move and still wanted more“.

I laughed and told them “Well, she is in the right place now hanging out with Beth. That would be two perverts together. There is no telling what they are cooking up”. I ask why Phil was hanging so close to them. Both of them laughed and Sue told me during their first get-to-gather Shannon had Phil piss on her little tits and in her mouth to see what it would feel and taste like. He is trying to stay on her good side hopping it will happen again.

When we were about waist deep in the water we stood up and started walking. Sue took me by the arm and stopped me. She ask if she could ask both of us a couple more questions. Tammy and I both nodded. “Okay, so does it bother you that you are having wild sex with your parents and siblings”.

Tammy and I looked at each other for a second then Tammy raised her hand. I nodded and she smiled and said “Yes it does, it bothers me that I didn’t know about the secret sooner, that my Mom is better at sucking cock than I am, that my baby sister can take it in the ass better than I can, that my Dad and brother shoots such a big load of cum in my mouth that I have trouble swallowing it all some times”

“Now that bothers mw but if you are asking if it bothers us because society as a whole thinks what we do is wrong, Hell No, that don’t bother me. They are wrong and I understand this not for everyone but it is good for us. I now love Mon, Dad, Bobby and Beth more than I ever thought possible. We are kinder, more understanding of each other now. My wish is to some day find a man that will love me as much as we love each other and can understand the way we are as a family.. That will be the man I most likely will marry.

Sue reached out and took mine and Tammy’s hand, Mack took Tammy’s other hand and we started walking out of the pool together. Sue squeezed my hand and told me she was really pleased to meet us and laughed as she said “I really hope to SEE MORE of you all. Besides, I owe you for my little treat awhile ago”.

End of chapter ten

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