Found: (my girlfriends secret videos) by blueheatt

A literotic sexstories: Found: (my girlfriends secret videos) by blueheatt
Found: (my girlfriends secret videos)

* This story evolved from a combination of several true stories.

A hidden camera video I saw of a girl secretly masturbating on a train, A guy who found a video of his wife’s fetish to exposing herself to strangers, both male and female, A young girl who got involved in incest with her dad, by flashing her body at him….and… actually watching two very young girls flash their tits at each other and giggle. Then… flash me as they left a restaurant I was in.


___I’m Darin. I have a hot girlfriend, Zina, I have been living with for about 2 years. To look at her she appeared to look good, nice face, body with nice full tits and nice legs. She had long reddish brown her that I really liked. She acted ordinary when we were out in public. She was really good in bed and we had a very hot sex life.

Certain things made her really turned on. When she saw me watching her undress, she would start getting turned on, and do a slow strip. She would stare right in my eyes to watch me get turned on, and she was good at it.

I found out about her secret life, and the girl she really was. I found out by accident.

I was in the garage and looking for something when I noticed a panel behind the corner of the garage. It looked loose. It was a little. It had very cleverly been pulled back, then returned. Hmmm…strange I thought. I pulled out the panel. I saw a small box with some CD’s. Nothing but numbers written on them. I was off that day and Zina was at work. She took the train each morning to her work. I took the box in to my computer and put in disk #1.

It showed Zina sitting across from a guy on the train who was video taping her. You could see his pants and shoes at times. She had this sneaky coy little smile on her face I had never seen before…


Darin and I are telling this story together. I need to tell my side of this so far.

When I was little and started to get some girl shape, I started getting tits. I got a nice ass, hips and legs pretty quick, but my tits were the best feature. I started getting some looks from boys. I liked this. I wanted more. I was shy but I started getting this urge to show off my body for attention. I was to shy to do it, except with my dad. When no one was home he let me show off my body.

I jumped at the chance. In the mornings after all had left but him and I, I would wear my shear nightgown under my robe. He would be on the couch and just watch me walk around acting sexy in front of him. I got aroused doing this and dropping my robe real sexy like to see his smiles and sexy stares at me. Soon I started feeling my own tits as he nodded his head in approval. I would unbutton my night gowns top buttons and let him see quick flashes my tits.

The look on his face made me real horny. That’s about the time I got sexual feelings for my dad. Each morning I went further. Now when I would let him peek real close to my pussy, he would start getting a hardon. He was getting a hardon over me?….now I was getting real hot and more horny. I went further to give him more of a hardon. In the mornings he would quickly get a hardon as I started rubbing my nipples and pussy.

His eyes locked on my fingers as I let one slide inside my slit. I got so wet that now my finger was wet as I moved it up and down my slit. I began to rub my clit gently which caused me to moan a little. He rested his hand on his huge tented hardon. I was to young to know why all these good feeling were happening, but I wanted more of them. I stood right in front of him, pulled my night gown up and started putting my finger inside my pussy. He put his hand inside his robe and was holding his hardon.

This was furthest we’d ever gone and I had the horny jitters. I wanted to see his hardon. I spread my legs and started pumping my finger in my pussy. For the first time he started slowly stroking himself under his robe.

I had overheard some other girls at school talk about having an orgasm. I had never had one but I felt like I was going to now. Someone was coming as dad ran to the bathroom and I ran up stairs. I closed and locked my door. My heart was so beating fast. I laid on my bed and put my finger back in my pussy. I closed my eyes and pictured seeing my daddy’s cock naked as he stroked it. I heard that guys had cum come out the end of their cocks when they had sex. I wanted to see my daddy do that real bad. I pictured him in the bathroom, maybe doing that now. I felt a good feeling rising up in my pussy as I pushed my finger in it and let my hand rub on my clit. I happened. I had my first orgasm as a great feeling ran thru my body. It took my breath away.

I’ll never forget that day.

Each morning my discovery of loving to turn my daddy on grew. I could now finger my pussy to orgasm while standing right in front of him. We both got so hot doing this he now was jacking off under his robe. I love to watch is face as he would cum hard, as I watched. He so far was not letting me see him cum. I was dying to watch him cum as I was driven to do even more.

One morning I got on my knees as I fingered my self, and got my face real close to him jacking himself under his robe. He got real hot and started really jacking hard. He had his eyes closed as he was about to cum. I watched him carefully and just as he was about cum, I quick pulled his robe open. I lost my breath as there it was. His beautiful hardon at it’s peak.

The head was big and bulging and so hot looking. He couldn’t stop and I got to watch him shoot cum way up in the air, over and over, splattering some on my face. His cum was warm and I orgasmed a big one with my fingers in my pussy. Some of his cum ran down on my lips. I just had to taste it. This was the most exciting thing I had ever done. My pussy was so wet it was dripping. I went weak as I wanted so bad to lick his hardon. He quick covered up as my shaky legs stood me up.

To think I made my daddy cum while looking and thinking of me,….I was hooked on the thrill. I couldn’t wait until our next session, I yarned to suck on his hardon while he was cuming. I had dreams about doing it.

Mom’s hours changed and our mornings were gone. We both wanted more sex play time. He would sneak in whispers to me about how sexy I was and how hot I made him. I told him the same and how when we got the chance I wanted to suck on his hardon while he was cuming. We didn’t get the chance until way later when I went to work for him at his business. Now we both rode the train in the mornings. We always sat across from each other and I got the idea to show a little tit to him. I watched him squirm and smile. Each morning I got bolder and soon didn’t wear any panties.

I would part my legs for him to just ’peek’ at my pussy. No one else knew what I was doing, that’s when daddy started taking his small video camera with him. He pretended to be taping out the window. The camera had a flip out screen and he was good at taping me and hiding what he was doing. We both got hot with our private show. I got up one time to use the restroom.

I drifted into thought how I wanted to suck on daddy hardon. I began to finger my self to a real quick orgasm. When I went back to my seat, I put my finger under my nose as daddy watched. I began to lick my finger and suck on it. Daddy started the camera as I casually sucked my middle finger. No one noticed me doing this.

When we got to work I whispered that my finger has just been in my pussy when I licked it. He told me how hot that was and that next trip he had a surprise for me, and would give me the camera so I could tape it.


…back to Zina being video taped on the train. You could see her eyes looking at the camera, as she smiled. She saw the little red light on the camera tell her it was on. She pointed to the camera and then to her cleavage. She unzipped the top on her dress and started showing him one of her tits. He picked the camera up and zoomed in on her top. She next opened her top and showed both her nice tits, then quickly zipped it back up smiling. She then slowly pulled up her skirt some and began to part her legs.

She had no panties on and now he taped her slit. She looked all around then ran her finger up her wet pussy, pulling it wide open. It was so pink and slick looking. She was very aroused. She fingered her clit and rubbed it some. She quick stopped and checked all around again smiling.

The next scene she was at the back with her legs across an empty seat. She open up her legs and began to play with her pussy as he zoomed in.

He must have made a copy for her. The next disk showed them inside the restroom. You could see a hand reach out and feel Zina’s tits as she sat on the seat. She had her eyes half closed enjoying the fondling. Next he pointed the camera down and she was pulling his jogging pants down and out sprung is cock. She stroked it and then got on her knees. She started sucking his cock and jacking it fast. Soon cum came flowing out of the sides of her mouth as the guy jolted and shot big loads.

The next scene was of a guy with a big coat on. She must have been taping him. I heard her voice a little and her breathing heavy as she taped the guy. It never showed his face. He slowly slipped his hand in his coat and opened it a little to show his erection. I heard her mumble something about ‘yummy, I’ll take some of that’.

Next scene, they’re in the train restroom. She must have been sitting on the seat. This time the guy is on his knees as she tapes him with his head between her legs. You can hear little moans from her as she can’t hold the camera real steady. He’s eating her pussy. She moans and tries to hold the camera steady.

She’s moaning and breathing heavy. He stands up and grabs his erection. He squats down and puts it in her pussy. The camera rocks as she and him moan and fuck. The camera goes sideways on her tummy. The picture bounces around as they fuck wildly. I hear her moan long, then no more picture.


Needless to say, I had no idea she was doing all this exposing and fucking on the train. After watching all this I had a raging hardon myself. The other discs were more of the same. What a turn on watching her perform her exposing style. Damn, she was so sexy doing it.

So…. she liked to expose herself, and liked it when the guy..(turned out to be her daddy) exposed himself to her.

I put the disks back and got an idea.

Zina and Darin….

“You didn’t know that was my daddy I was giving blow jobs to and sneak fucking then, did you Darin.”

“No I didn’t

“Did it you get you excited that I was messing with strangers?”

“It was a turn on to watch the tape of you exposing yourself, but then came the blowjobs and fucking in the train restroom….now that was mega hot!”

“Did you get a big hardon watching me turn on my daddy, then making him cum big in my mouth…then…fucking him?”

“Now what do you think, Zina?…of course I did!”….


Well that night after watching those videos, I watched you undress as I showed way more interest than usual. I could tell you got extra turned on exposing herself to me. Tell them what you were thinking, Zina.”

“I was turned on too!, I loved to slowly expose myself to Darin, it made me very hot. I knew something was up, but what ever it was making me very wet. I did a total show for him, rolling my nipples, rubbing my body and letting my fingers have their way with me in my pussy. He stood up fully dressed and began to undress as I now enjoyed watching him. I could see he had a big hardon thru his pants.

I fingered myself as he did a male strip for me. He jacked himself and came over and held it close to my face. I reach out for it, and he backed away and wouldn’t let me touch it. His teasing just made me hotter. He put on a trench coat and sat in a chair beside the bed. He flashed me, showing his hardon, teasing me knowing it was turning me on big.

I didn’t know at this point that he had found my secret discs with the videos on them. Something had changed and he was showing a lot of interest in me exposing myself. I liked this as I had always held back the fact I was pretty obsessed with flashing, exposing and playing with myself in front of a guy. Watching him (and my daddy) get turned on by me was my ultimate thrill…..

I stopped him. I went and got the video camera and put on my sexist black robe. My heart was beating so fast as I said: “Let’s make a video of us!” He smiled big and said: “Zina!, you’re a naughty girl, showing off your hot body just to tease me….and now you want to video tape it? I don’t know…that sounds awfully sick and kinky, don’t ya think?” I gave him my sexist, evil look and said:

“Step a little closer and I’ll show you just how kinky I can be.” He said that kind of talk turned him on and please not do that anymore. He was messing with me and it was making me real hot and horny. “Pull that chair closer to the bed Mr. Flasher and let me see if that big hardon of your is real. Let me hold it, jack it, and suck it. I promise I’ll try ‘not’ to make you cum?…although…. that’s ‘my’ hardon, I gave it to you.”…..

I watched him slowly stand up and remove his trench coat. The video camera was on our tri-pod, running. We were both at a fever pitch as he got on the bed. He quick grabbed my wrists. He lowered himself on top of me. I had never been held down like this and it was making me tremble with the excitement. He whispered: (“ a very naughty girl Zina. I may have to spank you and teach you a lesson.”) Oh my god he was making me hot. I said: “Ohhhhh…teach me Darin….teach me!” He said:

“…pretend your hands are tied to the bed posts and your legs are too, now don’t you move!” I moaned: “Oh god, what are you going to do to me Darin?” He started taking off my robe as I lay spread out for him. He kissed my body as he got me naked. He played with me like a hot toy he wanted. I got more tingles than I could keep track of. My nipples had never been this rock hard as he sucked them. His kissing trip down towards my pussy caused me to moan and squirm.

I was loving this new game as it was like he wanted me so bad, he was just taking what he wanted from me. I lay spread out and let him have his way with me. This was all new to me and it’s hard to describe the excitement is was getting. I could feel my pussy was dripping wet. After just a few teasing licks of my pussy, he got up on me and brought his hardon closer and closer to my face. He whispered in my ear: (“…this is what nice girls never do.”) He began to rub the head of his hardon across my lips. I jolted as squirmed with my first orgasm. As I moaned as he slipped his hardon in my mouth.

He started face fucking me as I kept moaning at the thrill. I couldn’t hold back as he fucked my mouth faster. My hands came in and felt him and massaged his balls. I knew what was on the way and I was squirming with anticipation. I slipped my finger around and just touched his back hole.

He shot a load instantly. I held and squeezed his butt cheeks as he pumped my mouth full to overflowing. I orgasmed hard as I joined him in the highest thrill we‘d ever had with our beautiful oral sex …..

Daddy came by on my birthday, we all went out to a fancy dinner. Afterwards I said what I wanted to do for my birthday. I got up and went and got one of our disks.

We all sat around the TV on the couch as I put in the disk. I had my daddy on one side of me and Darin on the other. I was in my kind of heaven. I put my hand on each ones leg as we watched. I had on my favorite exposing black dress. Low cut zippered top, and split long skirt, my hi top black boots and my favorite two men. Guess what I was thinking.

You guessed it,…. I wanted them both so turned on by me, I would end up being sexually fondled by them both. I wanted them to make me hotter than I had ever been. I wanted to have orgasm after orgasm and then have them both fuck me at the same time. This could be the high point of a fantasy I’d had for a long time. My two favorite men all over me with hungry lust in there eyes. Like two male animals after the same female. I was the only one then, that knew about my secret fantasy.


I could feel the jitter in Zina’s hand as she played with my leg. She was in heat and her dad and I knew it. Something about a woman’s aroma, her movements, smiles and that special look in her eyes, lets a man know she is oh so ready and turned on. The way she squirmed, I knew her pussy was very wet. It wasn’t hard to figure….she wanted us both, together and I was all for that.

I started it off as she fanned herself with her hand a little. I reached up and unzipped her hot dress down some. She jumped a little but just stared into space with her sexy grin. Her dad and I smiled at each other and up came our hands to feel her nice full tits. Her breathing made her tits rise up and down so hot. Dad pulled the zipper down further. Now we both had a nice tit to feel.

Dad was thinking…..

…a dad wants his daughter happy, and if this is what she wants, she’s going to get it. My memories go back to my hot little girl wanting attention. She was so sexy, there was no way I couldn’t notice.

Yes, I had those lusty thoughts about my own daughter, but I never thought it would come to this. I couldn’t say no when she started in to get my sexual attention.

‘She’ll get over it’ , I thought then…but she just had this certain way…. to make me so damned turned on, I just let it happen naturally. I watched her grow up in her teen years and she just got more sexy every day. I never dreamed she would be sharing herself with me and her boyfriend. I had a desire. She had a beautiful ass. I had always want to fuck her in that ass of hers…..


It was all coming together as my heart beat hard. They both knew just how to feel my tits so very good. I closed my eyes and just let them play with my body. I dug my fingers into their legs as I couldn’t hold still with all the stimulation going in. I guess they couldn’t wait anymore and my daddy started pulling my body onto the couch and parted my legs. Darin leaned down and sucked on my hard nippled tits. I felt my daddy’s warm face between my legs as he kissed all around my pussy.

Tingles shot thru my pussy. He knew just how to tease my clit with his tongue and I felt his finger slip in my wet pussy. I reached up and felt Darin and played with his hair with my jittery hands. I lifted my pussy up to meet daddy hot tongue. Next I felt Darin’s hardon on my face. I held it and started sucking on it. This was such a high for me to have my daddy licking my pussy and Darin to suck on. It was a first for me. I know I moaned as I was in a euphoric daze. Then daddy rolled me on my side an he came up and lay behind me. He rolled me on top of him, on my back. Next Daren got on top of me.

Then I got a shock. Daddy was putting his hardon gently in my back hole. I shook and squirmed at the new feelings. Darin started tongue kissing me as he put his hardon in my pussy. I moaned real long with all the new feelings. Daddy and Darin both were now fucking me, and…both feeling my tits. It was the best of both worlds for me.

I put one hand on my daddy’s hip and one on Darin’s pumping butt. Darin reached down to finger my clit as we all fuck faster and faster. I remember my head going from side to side as I felt I was losing my mind. Then I felt it.

My daddy started shooting cum in me and that triggered me to climax big…. Darin gasp in my ear. He started fucking me fast and shooting cum in me deep. We all shook, squirmed and moaned as cum was flowing everywhere. My mind was a mass of super high feelings as pussy pumped them as hard as I could. I got the shakes bad as felt the warm flow of cum filling me and between my legs. I couldn’t think or talk. I jabbered moans as they both fucked me hard. If there is a thing as ‘la la’ land, I was now there. They both felt me all over …I think…I wasn’t sure of anything at the moment.

I had sex tingles on top of my sex tingles. I know I loved the feeling of their body heat on both sides of me. I heard them both cum, one in each ear as they gasp for breath along with me. I loved the feeling of warm cum squishing between my legs. I was in a sex sandwich and I was the lucky girl in the middle.

I heard beautiful music, yet there was none. I started to drift away somewhere…but I didn’t want to leave… where I was at……I began to dream…

Daddy, Darin and I were all on a train…we were in the small restroom standing up…they were lifting up my skirt and pulling down my panties some. They were kissing me and my neck. I felt them both putting their hardon’s in me…daddy was behind me as I felt him enter my back hole just a Darin entered my pussy….Darin pulled my legs around his waist…..the train began to rock violently…we all held on tight…I started climaxing as they fucked me real hard and shot their hot cum in me……

I slowly woke up and opened my eyes. Daddy, Darin and I were all out of breath. I had been so out of it, it came out in a dream. I felt again… more of their warm cum in me and more euphoria. I felt like I was floating….. I hadn’t missing a thing…

as daddy and Darin just had to fuck me again….

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