Breeding Mrs. Gray pt 1 by amigo333


Brandon finds the perfect women who's married , This story is a little slow going and the sex is short, but this is only the beginning of the story line so let me know what you think and I will get you part 2 shortly.

I just graduated from college and wanted to take the summer off. My parents were okay with it as long as I helped around the house. My parents were gone on a 3 week vacation, and I was outside cleaning the pool when I first saw her. She and her husband bought the house next to ours.
Her name was Mrs. Gray and she was gorgeous. She had shoulder length black hair that was curly at the moment, she seemed to be from my estimations 5’9” about 115lbs and more importantly her breast size seemed to be large B size or small C size. I just pictured her in her bra and panties as she walking in from her SUV. I was brought back to reality when I noticed she was waving at me. I quickly acted like was looking at something else as she walked toward our back gate.
“Hello. My name is Heather Gray and I’ll be your new neighbor.” She said flashing a pearly white smile behind her sexy cherry red lips. “Oh hello to you. My name is Brandon White. Can I help you with moving anything?” I asked. “Aw that sweet Brandon, but that’s what my husband Chuck and I have paid these big strong men you see behind me for.” She laughed and continued. “I just wanted to introduce myself, and say hello. I don’t want to seem rude, but I take it you don’t own this big house? I don’t mean to offend, but you just seem a little young to afford a house like this.” She said with a wink and another laugh. “Oh” I said with a forced laugh. “Yeah I only just graduated, but my parents are currently on a 3 week vacation. They just left two days ago so they won’t be back for a while.” I finished and realized I just told her way to much information for what she asked. She laughed again, and I noticed I was getting a boner from making her laugh. “That’s great for them. I just wanted to invite them over for dinner tomorrow night so we could introduce ourselves. That’s all. I will ask them when they get back. I’ll let you finish cleaning your pool.” She finished with another smile and wink and walked away.
The way her ass giggled as she walked away. She was wearing a black and white polka dot top and tight maybe even spandex pants that hugged her nice bubble ass. “It was nice meeting you” I yelled back, but I’m not sure she even heard me as she was around the corner and most likely in her house by that time. I quickly finished cleaning the pool and ran upstairs to jerk off. All I could think about where her lips, ass, and breasts. I wanted to fuck this girl so bad my balls ached. I never had great success at fucking girls my own age. I mean at college it’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel, but for a real relationship I’ve maybe had 2 or 3 in my short life time. As I laid on my bed day dreaming after having jerked off to Mrs. Gray sweet body for the 3rd time. All I could imagine was finding a girl like her and settling down. Not to mention fucking the shit out of her ass and pussy anytime I wanted, but that was just a fantasy of mine. My day dreaming was interrupted by a knock on the front door.
I walked down the stair wondering who it could be and as I opened the door my jaw almost hit the floor. “Hello Brandon. I was wondering if I could borrow some milk?” Mrs. Gray asked. She was wearing a pink floral shirt and white jeans with a apron covered in flour marks. “Um sure no problem come on in.” I told her. Trying to hid the excitement in my voice that the new woman of my dreams is in my house right now. “Great” she said with another flash of those pearly whites and continued. “I’m trying to make these new cakes for the house warming party, but they keep coming out wrong and I don’t have time to run to the store.” She finished looking around the house at our pictures and stuff.
“Here you go.” I said handing her a gallon of milk. “Oh no I don’t need that much milk, and I don’t want to take all of yours.” She said taking a step back shaking her head. “It’s okay. I have another gallon in here, and I’m going shopping Tuesday. So please take the milf.” I said not realizing what I just said. She was very nice about it and answered. “Okay thank you for your milf” she said with a smile. “Oh my God I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that i….” She interrupted me. “It’s okay. Hey I know you’ve probably got better plans, but if you’re not busy around 6 come by for dinner and drinks at our house. The entire neighborhood is coming. Well the parents, but hey you’re an adult.” She said touching my shoulder and walking out with milk in hand.
I did have plans that night, but I cancelled them. I couldn’t wait to go over there. I was totally picking up “fuck me” vibes from her. This would be something out of a sex magazine if I got to fuck her tonight or ever. I got my clothes ready and just in case I made sure I had a condom on me. The time was 5:30 and I walked outside to the back and had a drink trying to work up the courage to actually go next door and try to make a move on Mrs Gray tonight; when I heard shouting coming from next door.
“I didn’t even want this fucking party!” I heard a man yell. “Sorry I wanted to actually be liked by our neighbors this time around.” I heard a women yell back. “Why don’t you go fuck your assistant again? Then maybe when she sues the company again they’ll final fire you instead of another transfer.” She yelled once more. “Don’t tempt me! Maybe if I didn’t have such a cold and heartless wife I wouldn’t want to fuck other woman.” The man yelled. I heard running I think then I heard out of their bedroom window. “Cold and heartless huh? Okay. Fuck me right here and now. Come on baby. Fuck your cold heartless wife.” She said. I felt my dick pushing against my pants. “Get the fuck out of our room before someone hears you.” I heard the man say back. “That’s what I thought limp dick. If it weren’t for the fact that you wasted away all our family money I would have left you years ago. Thank God we never got pregnant when we were trying.” I heard her yell again. “That’s it! I’m leaving enjoy your fucking party with all your new friends.” The man yelled. I moment later I heard a house door slam and a car peel off.
“Wow!” I thought to myself; did not see that one coming. I finished my drink went back inside and finished getting ready for the party. If there still was one. It was around 6:15 and I saw a few people walking into the house next door. I heard people talking on the back deck, and I thought this was the best time to go. As I was walking over my heart was pounding in my chest. I can’t believe what I was about to try and do. I did feel a little bit better since the yelling match, but I don’t think Mrs. Gray would be in the fucking mood, but I thought I’d try anyway. I got inside, and I saw several neighbors and friends of my mom and dad’s. “Hey Brandon what are you doing here?” Mr. Tallman asked me. “I thought I’d be an ambassador for my parents while there away.” I said with a laugh. “Cute joke” He said with a smile. Just an FYI for you Mr. Tallman was an ambassador for the US to Germany for several years, and also has a smoking hot younger wife.
I went through the house looking for Mrs. Gray, but I couldn’t find her at all. The house wasn’t as big as ours because we’ve added an addition space, but they were all cookie cutter houses and I remembered how the house is set up so I walked upstairs and walked to the master bedroom. I knocked and didn’t hear anyone in there. So I opened the door a little “Hello? Mrs. Gray? Are you in here?” I asked and again I didn’t get an answer. It was a nice size room, and I walked in. I don’t know what made me do it, but I got a sudden urge to look for her underwear. I started opening up drawers until I found her panty drawer. “Oh man, jackpot!” I whispered as I went through the drawer taking out some pairs. There were black ones, red ones, thongs, granny panties, and boy shorts. The sexiest one I found though was a black pair of thongs with a white floral pattern. My dick was getting rock hard thinking about Mrs. Gray in these.
As I continued to look I heard someone coming up the stairs. I quickly ran into the only place I could think of; the closet. I was hoping it was Mr. Gray’s because there were only a few things in here. Just as I eased the closet bifold doors closed I heard the bedroom door open. I saw through the slit in the door that it was Mrs. Gray. She sighed loudly and walked over to the bed and sat down. “What a fucking night!” she said. She was wearing a loose short skirt with almost dark rainbow colors on it, a nice black blouse, and a pair of ankle high boots. When she sat down on the bed her skirt rode up a little and I could see the light tan part that covers her crotch of her pantyhose. My dick was now aching, and I had to adjust myself as not to cry out in pain. My watch hit my buckle and I thought she heard this, but she seemed not to notice.
Mrs. Gray got up and walked over to her door. I thought she was leaving, but I heard her lock the door and walk over to her chest of drawers. She bent over in such a way or maybe she just hiked her skirt up so that almost all of her ass was visible when she bent over. I gave a little moan and just as fast as the visual came it went and she was back on the bed with something in her hand. It was a dildo and this time lifted her skirt up and started pulling down her pantyhose and panties. I couldn’t get a good view of her pussy from where I was at until she started to work on it with the dildo. I could see her nice, neatly trimmed bush and pussy lips I unzipped my dick; I couldn’t take it anymore I started jerking off.
This went on for about 3 mins and I was close to cuming, but then she stopped. She got up and fixed herself walked out. I couldn’t believe what just happened. My balls were killing me. I need to cum, but I now have to wait. I zipped myself painfully up and walked out and back into the party. Mrs. Gray was in the kitchen talking to Mrs. Tallman. The sight of these beautiful ladies together made my already hard dick hurt as it pushed up against my jeans. “Oh hello Brandon.” Mrs Gray said. “Oh hey how are you sweety?” Mrs. Tallman asked. “Hello, I’m fine. How about you two ladies?” I asked. “I’m just peachy.” Mrs Tallman answered first. “I’ve been better Brandon.” Mrs Gray said with a smile.
I chatted up with the ladies a little bit longer and before I knew it the guests had dwindled to about 4 or 5 people. I found myself talking to just Mrs Gray alone now. “So I just wanted to say I’m sorry if you heard my husband and I yelling earlier.” Mrs Gray told me. “It’s okay. I didn’t really hear anything anyway.” I said politely. I took my phone out and saw that it was 11:30. “Oh I’d better leave I have to be at my friends house tomorrow to help him move into a new apartment.” I said. She thanked me for stopping by and gave me a hug and nice kiss on the cheek. “You’re a very sweet boy.” She said and it seemed to bring a tear to her eyes, but I wasn’t sure.
As I was walking across the lawn I realized I forgot my phone and walked back to her house. As I walked in I noticed everyone else had left. I saw Mrs. Gray in the kitchen cleaning up some drinks and plates. I also noticed she was crying. I don’t know why I thought of this, but maybe it was because of the conversation I heard her having with her husband earlier, but I thought she might like it a little surprise rough sex. So I quietly walking up behind her, and grabbed her ass with my left hand and I put my right hand over her mouth. She tried to scream, but all that came out was a muffled sound. “I’m going to fuck you like you deserve to be fucked Mrs. Gray!” I said as I pulled up her skirt and felt her silky ass through her pantyhose. I took my right hand off of her mouth. “What the fuck took you so long. I was hoping you’d come out of my husbands closet and fuck me. I thought me dildoing myself was invitation enough.” She said with a smile. “You dirty little girl you!” I said spanking her ass.
I bent down and pulled her pantyhose and thong down to her mid thigh. I ran my hand up her inner thigh until I felt her moist pussy. I plunged two fingers into her tight nicely trimmed pussy. “You like that? You want to get fucked by me don’t you? The way you should be fucked.” I said to her I pumped my fingers in and out of her quickly. “Yes, Yes I do! I love it” She said between each breath. I slipped my cock out of my jeans and got behind her. “Tell me you want my young cock!” I ordered her. “Yes, I want your hard young cock deep in my pussy.” She said and then let out a loud moan as I stuck my rock hard cock in her. I pounded away at her for what seemed like forever, but in reality it was only 6 mins. “Oh my Goddd..I’m cuming” she yelled as she grabbed the counter in the kitchen tight and bucked widely. “I’m about to cum to baby. Where do you want it?” I asked her, and to my surprise she growled back at me. “Inside me! I want you to try and knock me up baby.” I don’t know why, but I found that really hot and I thrusted two or three more times and came deep in her pussy.
We stayed there for a few moments. As my hard cock fell out of her and all our juices started dripping out of her. She stayed bent over and asked me. “Do me a favor honey. Pull up my pantyhose and panties. My arms are like Jello.” I did what she asked then helped her straighten herself up. She turned to me and put her arms around me. “I’m old enough to be your big sister you perv.” She said and then kissed me hard. “Were you serious about me knocking you up?” I asked trying not to ruin the mood, but I had to know. “Yeah baby. If you can get me pregnant my husband can’t do shit to me. With all the shit I have on him he can’t leave me.” She saw the concerned look on my face and put my fears to rest. “Don’t worry baby. Even if you do get me pregnant no one except you and me will know. I won’t tell my husband who the father is, and you won’t have to do anything except fuck me when you think I need it.” She finished and gave me another hard kiss.
My husband will be home soon and I think its best if you go home. Come over tomorrow and fuck me if you want. My pussy is now yours baby. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to final get what I’ve been waiting for, and I’m happy it was you.” She finished with a wink and she gave me another flash of her ass as she walked up the stairs. I went home and got ready for bed. I took my phone out of my pocket and my wallet. I noticed that I still had the condom in there. I looked at it for a moment and then threw it in the trash can. If I’m going to do this I’m going to do this right. I told myself.



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