One Wild Night Pt. 06: Rylie

An adult stories – One Wild Night Pt. 06: Rylie by pinkysurprise,pinkysurprise Rylie sighed, and kicked her covers off again. It was impossible to sleep in this dorm room. Without her blackout curtains, it seemed intolerably bright. The temperature was somehow both too hot and too cold. She missed her weighted blanket. And with no white noise machine, all she could hear was the sound of the lesbians fucking in the next room.

Marcy, her roommate, had slipped out almost an hour ago to meet her girlfriend, Bonnie, and they’d been going to town on the other side of the thin wall ever since. Rylie had a moment of hope when she heard Coach Sam come to their door and tell them to go to sleep, but they’d just gone right back to it.

Rylie wished she’d packed earplugs. Or a vibrator. She squeezed her thighs together, confusingly aroused by Bonnie’s cries of pleasure. Idly, she caressed her breasts, imagining the two girls kissing her. She tried to picture Marcy licking down her stomach and nuzzling past her pubes to gently spread her open…

Meh. The fantasy wasn’t doing it for her. Listening to them fuck was enough to get her horny, but not enough to get her off.

She rolled onto her side and pulled up one of her favorite porn videos on her phone. The girl’s shoulder-length brunette hair made her look a bit like Rylie. She dragged the play indicator to the best part. A big guy was behind her, gripping her hips and jackhammering her. The girl’s cheek was mashed into the mattress, and she was grunting with each thrust.

Rylie slipped a hand into her underwear and teased a finger between her lips. She didn’t really care for the guy in the video. He was too veiny, and his leathery skin was covered in fading tattoos. He slapped her ass, mumbled dumb porn phrases, and fucked like a machine. But Rylie didn’t care because the best part of the video was about to happen.

The girl cried out as her eyes rolled back in her head and she started spasming. As a genuine orgasm washed over her, for just a moment, she forgot to perform. The porn star facade dropped away, and she was simply a woman overcome by stimulation.

Rylie bit her lip and dipped her finger deeper inside. The girl in the video blinked and quickly snapped back into character, loudly squealing and begging the guy to fuck her harder. Rylie rewound to watch her cum again.

She played it three times through. At the end of the third time, she let it keep playing. Through the wall, Marcy was moaning loudly, and Rylie felt a growing heat in her core. The guy in the video pulled out, repositioned himself, and the girl enthusiastically begged him to fuck her ass.

Rylie imagined herself in the girl’s position. Feeling rough hands spread her cheeks, and the pressure of a cock against her back door. The girl squealed and gripped the sheet tightly as he thrust forward. She urged him to go slower, then groaned, looking directly into the camera as he filled her.

Rylie knew what that felt like. Being stretched out as her body resisted the intrusion. She hadn’t had real anal with a guy yet, but she had a dildo at home that she regularly practiced with. Once she was able to get past the initial tightness, the resulting stimulation was intense.

Abruptly, the camera angle changed to a closeup of the guy’s ass. Ugh. She didn’t understand why anyone would choose that angle. Annoyed, she closed the video. Marcy and Bonnie loudly continued to fuck each other senseless on the other side of the wall. Rylie groaned in frustration. She was turned on, but not quite in the right headspace. Getting off was going to take too much work. She wished there was a guy here to help focus her arousal.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and walked out the door to the bathroom. The lights buzzed annoyingly as she washed her hands. She stuck out her tongue at her reflection, which was dressed in an oversized button-up pajama shirt and white panties.

As she stepped back into the hall, she hesitated, reluctant to return to her room. Bonnie and Marcy were much less audible out here. Apparently, the door did a better job of blocking sound. She was considering what to do when she caught some movement in her peripheral vision.

She peered down the hall. After the brightly lit bathroom, her eyes hadn’t adjusted yet, and she couldn’t make out what had attracted her attention. Slowly, she padded toward the common room. Peeking out, she could see the coaches had fallen asleep on the couch watching a late night show, but there was no sign of any movement.

Then she caught it again. Down the hallway on the other side of the common room. Someone was barely visible standing by one of the doors, as if hesitating to open it. For a moment, she felt self-consciously aware that she wasn’t wearing any pajama bottoms. But given the choice between seeing who else was still awake, or going back to her room to listen to Bonnie and Marcy fuck, it was an easy decision.

She moved through the common room like a ghost and entered the dark hallway. As she got closer, she recognized Ian. He was wearing boxers and a t-shirt, and had his back to her. His hand was on the handle of the door, which was cracked open. She could hear quiet moaning coming from the room. Fuck, was everyone in this place having sex but her?

She sneaked up behind him and peeked around to look through the narrow opening. Inside, she could see Wally and Amy fucking. Amy was on her back, with her legs wrapped around Wally as he thrust frantically. The sight was so distracting that it took her a moment to realize Ian had his hand down his boxers, stroking his hard cock.

Rylie bit her lip. This was so fucking hot. Before she knew she was doing it, she stepped closer, brushing against Ian’s arm. He jumped in alarm, but she quickly held a finger to his lips. Once she was sure he was going to be quiet, she slipped in front of him so she could see more clearly through the cracked door. Ian hesitated a moment, then looked over her shoulder.

He tried to avoid pressing against her, obviously worried she would notice his erection. Too late for that, Rylie thought. Amy was moaning with each thrust, and Rylie felt her arousal climbing. She turned her head to whisper in Ian’s ear.

“I thought you two were gonna hook up. Why’s she fucking Wally?”

Ian opened his mouth to reply, then simply shrugged as he watched Amy writhe under his best friend. Rylie grinned and leaned back against him, pressing her ass into his erection. He gasped and started to pull away, but she grabbed his hand and brought it to her chest to keep him there.

“Does it turn you on to watch them?” She breathed the question, squeezing her breast with his hand.

He swallowed and shrugged again, but the way his cock twitched between her cheeks said more than words. She wiggled her butt, rubbing against him as she pulled his other hand to her chest. She squeezed her thighs together, excited to find an outlet for her desire.

“It turns me on,” she purred. Ian squeezed her breasts more firmly. Her nipples stiffened under his palms, sending little crackling sparks down her spine. He pressed forward, grinding his cock into her, causing her underwear to pull taut, and she gasped softly.

Amy was clawing at Wally’s back, demanding he fuck her harder, deeper, faster. Rylie watched in delight as she saw the tell-tale signs of Amy’s approaching orgasm. The blonde’s legs were wrapped around his waist, and she was eagerly meeting his thrusts.

Ian was humping Rylie’s ass frantically, gripping her tits, his breath hot against her ear. She felt her insides clench, and her wetness soak into her panties as the gusset pulled tight with each thrust. Urgently, she reached down to rub her clit.

Abruptly, Wally rolled off Amy, to her obvious frustration. Rylie and Ian froze, praying they didn’t notice the door was cracked open. Wally was mumbling something, but Amy told him to shut up and climbed on top of him. Her back was to the door, and Wally only had eyes for her tits. Relieved, Rylie started unbuttoning her shirt. It was awkward with one hand, but Ian helped, pulling it open so he could touch her directly. His hands were hot against her skin. She reached up to grab his hair, pulling his face down her kiss her neck.

Rylie watched as Amy rolled her hips, riding Wally in pursuit of her denied climax. She rocked forward, trying to stimulate her clit. Wally raised his head to suck on her nipples, and Amy groaned, pulling him to her.

Ian’s cock throbbed. He grunted, and sucked harder on her neck, making her squirm. In the room, Wally stiffened under Amy and cried out, but she covered his face with her hand, shoving her fingers in his mouth, telling him to let her cum first.

Rylie wanted more. She turned around and dropped to her knees, tugging Ian’s boxers down. He leaned against the wall as she wrapped her lips around his head. The salty taste of his precum was mixed with another flavor it took her a moment to recognize. Surprised, she released his cock and looked up at him.

“Ian!” She whispered in a mock outrage. “Whose pussy am I tasting?”

“Uh,” Ian looked guilty until he realized she wasn’t upset. His response was barely audible. “Kara’s?”

Well, that was a surprise. Lucky for him, she didn’t mind the taste. Rylie grinned and pointedly licked up his shaft like a popsicle. She would never have guessed Kara had the guts to seduce Ian, especially after Amy had spent all day flirting with him. Did Amy know? Did she jump Wally to get back at Ian? Is that why he was standing in the hall stroking his cock, still covered in Kara’s cum, as he watched Amy fuck his best friend? Rylie realized she’d involved herself in a complicated situation. Not that she was going to stop now.

Her hands moved wetly around the base of his shaft as she swallowed him deeper. He watched her with lust-filled eyes, trying not to make any noise. With one hand, she reached back, lightly teasing behind his balls. He tensed up, squirming, as she eased a finger between his cheeks. He looked like he might protest, but she sucked harder, and was rewarded with a squirt of precum on her tongue.

In the room, she heard Amy squealing as she started to cum. They didn’t have long.

Rylie bobbed her head excitedly, savoring the combined flavors of sex in her mouth, and worked her finger deeper in Ian’s ass. He squirmed and grabbed her hair, shoving his cock into her throat. She gagged, and used her free hand to push back on his stomach, trying to keep him from going too deep. He thrust urgently, fucking her mouth.

He was going to finish soon, she could tell. Part of her wanted to make him climax right here. To keep going until his cock swelled and filled her mouth with cum. But, no, she wanted more.

She pulled away, gasping. Ian stifled a surprised noise as she removed her finger. His cock twitched urgently, and another drop of precum drooled out. She got to her feet and pulled him into a rough kiss that was less romantic and more a declaration of intent.

“Ian,” she said huskily, “Do you want to fuck me?”

He nodded eagerly.

Grinning, she grabbed him by the cock and led him down the hall. Her shirt was hanging open, and the cool air felt good on her bare skin. Her panties were soaked. Ian’s cock throbbed in her hand. Breathlessly, they ran into her room and quickly discarded their clothes.

She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, and he followed, kneeling behind her. Eagerly, she positioned him between her lips, coating his head in her wetness. Before she could say anything, he thrust forward, burying his cock in her pussy.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out, arching her back. For a long moment, he held his cock deep inside her, twitching. She gasped, savoring the way he filled her, and tense with anticipation.

Then he started fucking her, hard and fast. After being frustratingly aroused for so long, her body blossomed around his cock. On every backstroke, her pussy clenched, unwilling to let him go, and eagerly welcoming him back with each thrust. Her nipples dragged on the blanket as she rocked in place.

She reached between her thighs to touch her clit. It protruded from its hood, swollen and demanding stimulation. She ground her palm against it, and reached further back to caress his cock as it entered her. His thick shaft was hot to the touch and slick with her wetness. As she pressed against her clit, colors danced behind her eyes, and everything rose to a sudden crescendo.

She grabbed a fistful of sheet and screamed into her pillow. Her first orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. Ian groaned as she pushed back against him, wanting more. He squeezed her hips and held his cock deep inside as her walls rippled along his length. Her entire body went rigid, until she shuddered and collapsed on the bed.

“Holy fuck,” Ian groaned as his cock slipped out of her with a wet squelch, her juices dripping off his tip. He rocked back on his haunches, one hand wrapped firmly around his shaft.

Rylie could only moan in response. For several minutes, all she could do was squeeze her thighs together as the aftershocks rolled over her. Finally, she got up and flung her arms around his shoulders, kissing him passionately.

“Fuck, that was hot,” she purred.

“Wow,” he agreed. “You came really hard, huh?”

“Yeah, I did. I needed that. Marcy and Bonnie were fucking on the other side of the wall earlier, and it got me all kinds of turned on. And then I saw you jerking off in the hallway to Amy and Wally…”

“Yeah,” he trailed off, clearly unwilling to discuss that situation, which suited Rylie fine. She resumed kissing him to get his attention back on her. When she felt his cock twitching and bumping into her hip, she grinned and put it between her thighs. He took the hint and grabbed her ass, thrusting forward so he rubbed against her.

“Ian,” she mumbled between kisses. “Did Kara let you cum in her?”

“No,” he gasped, his shaft gliding across her slick lips.

“Do you want to cum in me?”

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, slowing down long enough to look her in the eyes. “Can I?”

“Yeah, but not in my pussy.”

“What?” He looked confused. “Then… where?”

“I want it in my ass,” she blurted.

“Oh!” He blinked. “I mean, yeah!” She felt his cock throb against her. “Fuck yeah.”

“Okay, then I want you behind me again. Start in my pussy, but play with my ass, okay?”

Eagerly, they got back into position. Rylie moaned happily when he slipped back inside her, and for a few minutes, they fucked like that. It felt good, but knowing what was coming next had her heart pounding with excitement. Finally, she felt a tentative probing against her back door.

“Yeah, just like that, nice and slow,” she moaned, as he eased the tip of his thumb into her tight opening. She rocked back against him, encouraging him to keep gently fucking her as he pushed deeper. She let out a long, low groan as he kept going, until his thumb was fully buried in her ass.

“Is that good?” He asked, a bit hesitantly. She swallowed a moment of irrational annoyance, wanting him to just know how to read her signals.

“Yes, just–ah–just keep fucking me like this.”

He quickly fell into a rhythm, pushing his thumb deeper when he pulled his cock out, and then reversing. She felt a quickly growing heat in her core as he squeezed her hip and fucked her slowly and firmly. Her fingers moved back to her clit, adding more stimulation, and soon she felt her legs stiffen, as she clenched around him.

“Ian, fuck–oh!–that’s good, keep doing that–ah!–if you keep going like that, I think I can cum again.”

“Rylie,” he groaned, “you feel so goddamn good around my cock.”

Fuck, she loved this. The evening had started out frustrating, but now that she was up on this plateau of arousal, it didn’t take much to trigger a climax. Now, she felt deliciously filled, every thrust bringing her closer. She laid her head on the pillow and closed her eyes, focused on her approaching orgasm.

It came on slower than the first, less like a tsunami and more like the tide rolling in, getting higher with every wave. When it finally crested, she moaned happily into the pillow, as pleasure washed over and through her.

“Oh, I’m cumming,” she breathed. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”

She could tell Ian was getting close, too. His grip on her hip was a little more urgent, his thrusts a bit more insistent. It was time.

“Okay,” she breathed, raising back up on her elbows, “Now.”

Eagerly, Ian pulled out of her and pressed the head of his cock against her ass.

“Go slow,” she warned him, then groaned as he pushed forward. There was a moment of resistance, then his head slipped inside. They both moaned.

“Slow, slow, slow,” she repeated. “Uh! Yes. Like that, nice and–Ah!–nice and slow. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

“Are you okay?” He paused, halfway in, the thickest part of his shaft stretching her out.

“Yeah,” she groaned, “It just–fuck–takes a minute to get used to.” She took some deep breaths. “Okay, go ahead.”

And then suddenly he was all the way in. She gripped the sheet tightly, trying to relax around him.

“Ah!” He exclaimed, “Your ass is so tight!”

She could only moan in answer. He was bigger than her dildo.

“Can I…?” he asked, trailing off.

“Yeah,” she gasped. “Yeah, do it,”

She felt his hand grip her hip firmly, and he slowly pulled partway out. She squirmed at the confusing mix of sensations, and then moaned when he pushed back in. Slowly, he started pulling her back to meet him as he pushed forward. Her body seemed to be crackling with stimulation.

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” She squealed, reaching to rub her clit again. “Your cock feels so big in my ass!”

He quickened his pace, thrusting more eagerly into her. She started seeing flashes of color each time he bottomed out. Every flick of her clit sent a buzzing arc of delight rolling up her spine. She shoved two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, needing something to squeeze. Her ass was stretched out and achingly full. Every movement he made sent waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

“Fuck me, please, fuck my ass,” she begged. The pillow was in the way, so she threw it to the floor. Her cheek was pressed into the mattress, mouth open, panting with exertion, fingers flying on her clit. He was squeezing her hips roughly, no longer trying to go slow or be careful. He thrust forcefully, grunting and cursing, using her for his need. That thought drove her over the edge. Several intense orgasms rolled through her, one after another.

“Yes! Fuck my ass!” She cried loudly, echoing the lines from her favorite video. “Take me! Fuck me harder!”

“Rylie,” he grunted, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it, Ian! Oh god, do it! Cum in my ass! Fill me up!”

“Ugh! Ah! Ah! Ah!” He thrust forward one last time and held her firmly against him as his cock pumped cum deep inside her. She laughed and screamed and clawed at the mattress, completely overwhelmed.

At last, he released her, and his cock slipped out, making her squeak. He sat back on the bed, breathing heavily, and she clamped her hand tightly over her vulva. Her insides clenched in one final spasm of pleasure, making her giggle as some of his hot cum squeezed out over her fingers.

“Fucking hell, Rylie, that was amazing.”

She grinned as she dug a packet of wet wipes out of her bag. She passed one to him and set about cleaning herself up, humming happily to herself.

Soon, they cuddled under her blanket. She had her head on his shoulder and her thigh thrown over his. Finally, she felt drowsy and ready to sleep.

“Hey, Rylie?”


“Is it cool if I stay here? I’m not sure if Amy’s still in my room.”

“Probably a good idea,” she murmured. “But you’ll have to sneak out in the morning, so the coaches don’t see you.”

“Yeah, okay.” He hesitated for a long moment. “Um, would you want to, like, go out sometime? Get some coffee or something?”

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