Lisas Transformation 17-18 by tpwmuc


Do not read this if you have a problem with any of the themes in that story.

Some themes selected will occur at a later point. , —————————– Chapter Seventeen – The wrong hole

As she woke up again, she was tied to what seemed to be a wooden horse.

Also she felt, that somebody had cleaned her and her body felt full to the maximum.

But she had no time figuring out what had happened since she noticed quite quickly that her master was standing in front of her.

“OK you dirty slut, I had you cleaned inside and outside really good. Now you're really prepared for what is about to follow I guess.”

Lisa was confused. What should be following? She just wanted to be dead immediately.

“At the moment your ass and vagina are filled with a Horse Dildo. Both are the exact reproduction of our breeding stallions penis.

You see, he is beeing prepared right now to inseminate you. Since we don't want to kill his fun, we also prepared your ass. Sometimes he hits the ass first and we

want him to be happy, so penetration should also be possible up this hole. I guess you understand this, don't you?”

He simply walked away after this. Lisa was in fear now.

She tried to free herself but every movement caused the dildos in her holes to move and this led to unbearable pain.

Seconds after she felt the dildos beeing pulled out of her and she felt her holes beeing left wide open.

Not having any time to think about what was next, she heard hooves and felt something behind her.

By that time she already had goosebumps all over her body and was shivering in fear.

What she couldn't see was, that there was a gigantic muscular horse behind her. It's fur was midnight black and his eyes were dark red.

Is penis was already fully erregated and it didn't waste a single second before it's front hooves were lifted into the air and over Lisa.

In a single thrust it stepped forward and his cock slid all the way into Lisa's ass.

Lisa screamed in agony. She immediately coughed up blood and started breathing heavily.

The horse leaned forward a bit and the last inch of it's dick sunk into Lisa's defenseless body.

Lisa stopped screaming quite quickly. Blood was dripping from her mouth and she looked like she was not far from collapsing.

All she could do was to focus on staying alive – and the horse hadn't even started yet.

After what seemed like a small break it furiously pulled his body back a little and slammed it back forward in a hurting thrust.

The process was repeated slowly again and again. Soon though it began to pick up speed.

It's dick was already covered in bloody smear by that time and Lisa's breathing had nearly stopped.

Finally after what must have been a quarter of an hour the horse thrusted forward for a last time and then neighted loudly as his balls contracted and

it shot it's huge load deep into Lisa.

As he pulled his dick from her, her bloody asshole was left wide open. A football would have easily fitted into it.

Lisa's breathing was flat and she didn't make a single sound. Sperm and blood dripped from her mouth aswell as from her ass. She didn't move and had gone quite pale.

Nearly an hour passed until Lisa slowly started to recover a bit. Feeling returned into the lower part of her body.

As the horse had penetrated with his full length, half of her body had gone numb. As she noticed now, this had been a good thing.

The pain her insides were in, especially her bowels, was nearly unbearable. She cried out louder and louder as more and more feeling and pain returned.

Not long after, the barn door opened again and she heard the horse neighting once again.

Seconds later his dick was once again buried to the balls in Lisa's asshole and the whole procedure started over.

This was repeated for about 8 times before her master entered the room again. Lisa had no feeling in her lower body, everything was numb.

She was constantly coughing up blood and found it extremely difficult to breathe.

“OK slut, you're alive – congratulations. This means, you're in for round two. We'll start tomorrow and I'll give you time to recover until then.”

He untied Lisa from the wooden horse and since she collapsed onto the floor, he dragged her into her barn box where he locked her in.

Lisa immediately fell asleep and only woke up hours later in the middle of the night. Her body felt sore and extremely hurt and she felt really weak.

Also she felt sick and her belly felt bulged.

As she groped for her asshole, she could feel it beeing wide open and lose. Fluid was dripping from it and it felt really sore.

Her asscheeks were spread wide without her doing anything and her legs were covered in what must have been horse semen.

Suddenly she felt the urge to puke and as she did, she coughed up large amounts of horse sperm and blood onto the hay in front of her.

The semen also came like a torrent from her ass and she couldn't stop it.

Her body emptied itself without her having any power over it. In the end her bulging belly was gone and she fell asleep once again.

By the time she woke up, it was already sunny outside. She could tell from the sun she could see shining through the barn's wooden walls.

She found herself in a huge puddle of horse semen and blood, herself, her hair and her tail were covered in sticky semen and everything smelled disgusting.

Her legs still felt quite numb but at least a little better than yesterday. Quickly she groped for her asshole once again but found it still beeing wide open.

She still felt really sore around it and easily would have sunk her hand and maybe her whole arm in it. Also it was still dripping fluid, blood and maybe some semen.

Lisa tried to get onto her feet to get herself away from the smelling and disgusting puddle.

She stumbled a couple of times but finally managed to get onto her feet and tiptoed across the barn to the other side where she sunk to the ground once again.

Slowly her body recovered a little more and suddenly she realized, she hadn't eaten in days. She was feeling really hungry all the sudden and quite automatically checked

if the feeding device on the wall was filled. But of course it was empty.

Over the next couple of hours Lisa stayed on the ground, every now and then her body emptied itself onto the ground. She had no control and was now somehow used to it.

She simply moved herself a couple of inches forward and kept on waiting.

It was already getting dark outside as her barn's door opened and her master entered.

“Get up!” he commanded and Lisa did as she was commanded and trained.

“Turn around” he said and she turned around.

“Lean forward and remove your tail to the side” – Lisa did as she was told.

“Look at that destroyed ass of yours. Does it still hurt slut?” he asked. Lisa nodded.

“We'll check if it is OK. Just don't move”.

Lisa nearly cried out as he inserted his hand with a single strike forward and began pushing his arm up into her bowels.

“Feels warm and soft, nothing special there. Pretty straightened which is a good thing.”

His forearm was now completely buried in Lisas ass and he kept on pushing deeper. Lisa coughed as she felt his arm slide deeper and reach the upper part of her body.

“You're okay I guess” he said and pulled his arm from her as without stopping for a single second.

Tears ran down Lisa's cheeks and her body shivered. It was a mixture of pain and somehow she also felt pleasure. But only for a second.

—————————– Chapter Eighteen – The breeding

“Follow me slut. We're going to breed you now”.

Lisa followed him, fearing what was about to happen now.

She was tied to the wooden horse again, her ass a little higher up this time. Maybe to prevent the horse from penetrating her ass.

Seconds after she already heard the hooves entering the room and felt the horse's hot breath before it mounted her.

His penis slid right into her vagina this time and she immediately felt enormous pleasure. This felt so right and she felt so extremely aroused this time.

She felt herself becoming dripping wet in only a second and the horse easily slid all the way in. Lisas legs began shivering and this time there was no pain at all.

The horse just mounted her as deep and as hard as it could and Lisa went from orgasm to orgasm.

Suddenly Lisa felt his dick contracting deep inside her and his load shot right up into her cervix.

Her insides felt warm and began to bulge as the huge amount of semen stretched her more and more. Lisa orgasmd once again and her whole body was shivering and covered in


The horse thrusted forward even deeper and then bit into Lisa's neck to keep her motionless. She didn't feel any pain, only pleasure and more then 20 minutes passed quickly until

the stallion finally pulled his dick out of Lisa and left.

This time no semen at all dripped from Lisa's cunt. Only her vaginal fluids kept leaking onto the floor and ran down her legs onto her heels and tail.

She was left tied to the wooden horse for the night and slowly the pleasure faded and the lack of movement caused her legs and arms to go numb.

She could feel the semen inside her womb, it was still warm and somehow pleasurable in a strange way.

The next morning she was untied and locked into her box.

For a couple of days her master left her alone, her arms tied to her back and only fed her twice a day using the device on the wall.

Lisa became more and more hungry and she suddenly felt hot. Her body temperature must have rised and also she could feel her pulse becoming more intense.

Unfortunately her ass hadn't recovered from what was done to it and she still had no control of it but that was the only downside during these days.

Everything else felt just right.

Disregarding her ass and her constant need for food, her whole body felt like it had fully recovered and everything was in the right place.

One morning Lisa was taken from her box and her master brought her back into the house without saying a word.

In front of the door he cleaned her with a hose and cold water but somehow Lisa still felt so hot, she didn't care or dislike it.

She was lead inside into an examination room where he tied her to a gyn chair. Her legs were spread wide and her arms were fixed to the sides.

Slowly he examined her ass and vagina. He also sweeped her belly which felt a little bulged the last days.

Soon after he used an ultrasonic device to take a look.

That moment Lisa realised what was going on!



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