My Descent with Sarah Pt. 15 by Infernalcock,Infernalcock

It was 6 months on from our wedding, a day which had proved to be the biggest, best and most popular event on Sarah’s website by quite a long way. Which is saying something, as there was a lot of competition on the site, what with all of the material which was available now. New members could spend months clicking through videos and pictures featuring my wife very willingly and enthusiastically fucking hundreds of men – and plenty of girls too – during which time masses of new content was being uploaded. Such was the volume of quality, hardcore ‘amateur’ pornography available.

I say amateur, but Sarah was in every sense a professional, her site brought in so much money we could have retired months ago. But there wasn’t a thought of stopping. Sarah had, from the beginning, done this purely for the love of it. The money was just a happy consequence. And, rather than diminish over time, her lust for having filthy sex for an audience increased daily.

The wedding day alone had yielded over fifty hours of video footage, once the material from Dave and Alex (the photographers), plus all the user submitted clips, were collated. It wasn’t long after this had gone live that Sarah had decided, against my better judgement, that the paywall should go, and her site would be free to all.

“I don’t want there to be any obstacles — if someone wants to wank over me, watch me naked or being fucked, I want them to see everything, I don’t want money to be a barrier,” she reasoned. She’d expressed similar thoughts before, and against my better judgement always encouraged anyone involved or watching her antics to take pictures and share to the world ass they pleased. For Sarah, the thrill of being seen, and as she now was, the most famous slut on the planet, was her only real motivation.

As it had turned out, the revenue available from just a few discreetly placed ads on each page, together with short ads at the start of the odd video, was actually more lucrative than the subscription fees when the huge influx of new views was taken into account. So the money kept rolling in, and Sarah kept on fucking.

This surge of new viewers had pushed Sarah’s website head and shoulders above any ‘adult’ website, worldwide. She had really become a phenomenon and was pushing into the mainstream — it was impossible for this not to happen, given that the latest statistics showed that over thirty percent of the adult population of the UK ‘regularly’ watched her content. And, tellingly, surveys showed that the nation’s attitude to Sarah, and pornography in general, was changing. Only thirteen percent of the respondents in a survey by a leading researcher expressed outright disapproval of Sarah and the material she produced.

This unexpected shift in opinion caused a more seismic change in attitudes in the media as a whole. Suddenly Sarah, rather than being a symbol of where our society had gone wrong, was an unlikely success story and one of the leading examples of the great British entrepreneur. She even featured on financial publications as speculation rose as to whether her business would be floated on the stock exchange.

“All this just because I like to fuck on the internet!” she’d say when she read some of the articles she inspired.

But the impact of her influence on British culture wasn’t to be underestimated. She’d made a throwaway comment in a magazine interview that she loved modelling for top-shelf magazines but found it frustrating that she had to hold herself back given the tame nature of the content that was allowed to be published for sale in this country. That had been latched upon by the public, leading to debates about how fit our laws were for the current world.

Not unreasonably, the argument was made that anyone with an internet connection could view Sarah in all her glory, performing any number of sexual acts on computer, tablet or phone, with no fear of censorship. But in a local shop, where the material is on the top shelf out of reach of the young, and with a ‘gatekeeper’ of sorts in the person manning the shop, the law prevented any depiction of sexual activity.

The ‘hardest’ act allowed in the magazines sold in the local newsagent was a vagina pulled apart to reveal the ‘pink’ inside. Where a penis was on view, it must be soft and unaroused. Licenced sex shops could sell uncensored material, but these were few and certainly not easily available to the general public

A petition was raised and presented to government, with over one million signatures, requesting that the UK’s pornography laws be reviewed and brought into line with the attitude of the country, the modern attitude to sex, and the material available over the internet.

As a result of all of this, a few months later Sarah and Annette were sitting behind a table in the shop where, a couple of years previously, I’d observed as she surprised the young lad behind the counter by signing a copy of ‘Aphrodite’ magazine, writing a message encouraging her to masturbate over the centrefold picture, which featured her spreadeagled and holding her cunt wide open for the readers.

Not stopping at that, she’d provided the poor lad with some relief, reaching over the counter and bringing him off as a reward for his hard work. And then, when her ex-students had entered the shop, she’d provided each with a signed copy too, giving each a personal message adorning the naked pictures in the magazine. She’d really loved the sexual tension this generated, and she loved openly authenticating her sluttishness by signing her own dirty pictures.

Today, her and Annette were to be signing copies of the new, relaunched Aphrodite magazine. There had been a change in management. We had used some of our increasing fortune to purchase the magazine as soon as the new, relaxed laws in the country had come into force. Sarah was, on paper, the editor of the magazine, but that was really my job. For this first edition, she and Annette were the only female models to feature.

There were queues stretching as far as I could see down the street as the doors prepared to open. Security staff, the reliable team we’d used many times now who had been recruited from Park Lane lap dancing club, stood at the door. Thousands of copies of the new magazine were piled up on the desk, in the front of the shop and on a palette in the back.

The girls had several pens, in case their ink ran out. I picked up a copy, feeling a sense of pride as I viewed the cover, which featured Sarah and her maid of honour at our wedding, Annette, arms around each other and giggling to the camera. Each was dressed relatively conservatively, considering the publication – a bit of cleavage on display, and stocking tops just visible below short skirts.

Opening up the magazine, even though I’d seen it multiple times already, I caught my breath at the first page. Annette and my wife, still fully clothed in the same outfits as on the cover, kneeling and beaming up at the camera, circled by eight very large, very erect cocks. I couldn’t resist asking the girls for a signature myself, getting each to sign this picture which could be considered the first hardcore sex picture to be sold outside of a licenced sex shop in this country.

“Dan, I love you so much. Thanks for making it possible. X x X,” was Sarah’s contribution. As it always did, this contrast between the deep, unconditional love we shared, and the sheer, unapologetic and unbridled lust for fucking any hard cock she could get her hands on, sent the blood rushing to my cock.

Thoughts of a monogamous relationship had, to be honest, never been on the agenda since the day we both realised what a kick we got from Sarah exposing herself to strangers — firstly anonymously over the internet, progressing to meetings and eventually descending into a career of Sarah being fucked for the watching world.

“Hi Dan, feel free to wank over me if Sarah’s not enough for you. X o X o” wrote Annette.

I’d witnessed the photoshoot for the magazines relaunch, and it had been spectacular. Dave, the photographer who had retired but had been tempted back by Sarah and her antics, had been persuaded to do one last shoot. Again, his son Alex was in attendance, and he was to take the reins for all the photo work moving forwards.

Dave had become a little frustrated at first; neither girl was used to having sex for the still camera, and couldn’t stop themselves fucking enthusiastically, which resulted in blurred images. But they managed to find a system where they would freeze for a few seconds to allow Dave to get some shots, and then continue fucking. They did three photoshoots in all, with a costume change between each. A solo set, where each girl had six cocks to herself, and a joint one, where they enjoyed each other and a further eight men.

Twenty cocks between them might have seemed a small number by their standards (‘but that’s only ten each!’ Annette had protested), but the photoshoots were magnificent. I’d been wanking slowly throughout, and at the end of the final shoot, with both girls kissing passionately in amongst eight loads of sperm, I couldn’t resist stepping up and adding a contribution of my own. The girls had then encouraged Dave and Alex to join me in providing tribute to them, leaving them with eleven loads to share.

The doors were opening, and people were allowed into the shop in an orderly manner. To try to keep things moving, each customer got a quick chat, a signature inside the magazine, and a selfie with the girls. It was a small shop, so no more than around twenty were admitted at any one time, on a one in, one out basis.

I recalled telling Annette about Sarah signing copies of her magazines in the past and she’d been captivated with the idea of it. The girls had done a signing session of their softcore appearances in Aphrodite during their gangbang some months previously, but watching Annette happily discussing and signing a large, double-page spread featuring a cock in her cunt, one in her arse and one shooting sperm into her mouth was something else.

I watched the customers shuffle in, buy a copy of the magazine from the same young man Sarah had wanked off that day a year or two ago, flick through the magazine to find a photo that caught their attention, then queue up patiently to meet the girls and receive their signature.

As I always did, I enjoyed watching the reaction of the people, and comparing the male approach with the approach of the surprising number of females who were arriving in the shop. Many were part of a couple, but there were regular groups of girls as well, proving again how attitudes had changed. There were also many unlikely attendees, and the couples in their fifties or even sixties particularly surprised me.

The exchanges between the public and the girls were fascinating too. Many were starstruck with only a brief interchange and a quick selfie before shuffling away with their prize. But others stopped for a chat, and the girls were always willing to indulge them.

The men who asked for a signature appeared to decide upon the obvious pictures to be signed, those featuring one or both of the girls naked and being fucked or ejaculated on — and there was plenty of those pictures to choose from.

The girls tended towards the photos where the girls left a little to the imagination — the early ones where they stood, fully clothed, surrounded by naked men and erect cocks, were very popular.

I noticed Annette, in particular, getting a little carried away with the situation, and Sarah had to remind her that they weren’t allowed to partake in any sexual acts today, it was a publicity exercise only. Nevertheless, she did take delight in a little more than a peck on the cheek when posing for selfies, regularly sharing a long and passionate kiss with the men and the women and allowing hands to wander to her beautiful firm tits when she felt like it.

It was a long day, even as sexually charged as it was. The schedule was for the signing to go on for four hours, however with half an hour to go the queue still stretched out of sight. So, the girls agreed to take a short break and continue into the afternoon.

Annette was super horny after the morning’s session, and Sarah suggested I ‘shut her up’ by sticking my cock in her mouth. Sarah knew I loved Annette’s oral technique, and I was delighted to oblige, fucking Annette’s throat as Sarah enjoyed a cup of tea. Although the door was closed, several pairs of eyes watched through the glass as I enjoyed Annette’s face, very quickly providing her with a good mouthful of sperm.

A further five hours later, and the queue of people still went on. All of us were tired by now, and so the girls took the decision to call it a day. Sarah didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so went down the line, giving a free copy of the magazine to all who were still waiting.

After the success of this event, and the impressive sales of the new, relaunched Aphrodite magazine, several more events were scheduled locally before the girls embarked on a nationwide tour with similar signing events occurring at venues across the country.

At the end of all this, the sales for the first edition of the magazine were known. The figures were unprecedented. Not only had the record for a pornographic magazine been beaten, as one might expect, but the record for sales of ANY magazine was also convincingly beaten. The country had acquired an appetite for watching my wife fucking which showed no sign of being sated.

With the new, free nature of the website, the removal of the concept of a site member had complicated things slightly for us, as a loyal member base had become an intrinsic part of a lot of our material — from providing participants in several gangbangs to guests at our wedding. So, instead we’d introduced a section called ‘Sarah’s Partners’, where people were invited to upload pictures and videos of themselves, in which they explained why they’d like to be involved in upcoming events.

Sarah would personally vet these submissions, and the submissions from those who were selected went into a special area of the website and they could expect to be considered when she needed some contributions for a video or event. Which was a frequent occurrence.

This submissions area of the site was open to all, and quickly became one of the most popular attractions, visited by millions daily. Some compared it to panning for gold. As you might expect, it attracted some crazy people, and some who might not have been considered traditionally attractive. But there was also a large number of incredibly horny, sexy and charismatic submissions daily.

The ratio of submissions dominated by males, as you might expect. But over forty percent were from females, so it wasn’t difficult to finds girls and women who were happy to send in pictures and videos pitching their case for consideration by Sarah as a contributor. The data showed that the viewership of the site had a similar sixty-forty split. This meant an enormous number of female eyes perusing the site every day which I found fascinating, having been brought up to think a woman took no interest in this sort of thing.

Several months passed, and each new issue of Aphrodite was as well received as the last, indeed sales numbers steadily increased. Sarah featured in every issue, and there was an appearance from Juliet, and even one much requested shoot featuring Annette and her daughter Holly. They stayed clear of allegations of incest – just — as there was no sexual contact between the two of them. But both were fucked on the same bed, shared cocks, the guys swapping between them throughout, and proudly sucked cocks which glistened with the juice of the family vagina.

The other models were all taken from the website, an unending stream of men and women eager to be exposed to the world in all their sexual glory. Although it wasn’t advertised, as Sarah didn’t want to attract the wrong ‘type’, all participants were well paid after the event, which was a nice surprise as they had all volunteered purely out of their desire to take part and be exposed.

The girls who appeared in the magazine were also treated like princesses — well fucked princesses anyway. They were given a full makeover, spa, manicure and massage, meaning they were relaxed and looking amazing for their photoshoots.

The themes varied according to their preference. A popular theme was lesbian scenes with Sarah and/or Annette, but there were also solo shoots and scenes involving several girls. But the most common scenario usually involved several more men than women, in keeping with Sarah’s usually preference.

Walking into my local shop each month and looking up to see another issue featuring my wife was as big a thrill as I could recall. I loved taking the magazine down and flicking to a scene where she was wantonly taking multiple cocks with delight. There was just something special about seeing those moments captured in glossy colour. However, and I guess inevitably based on her popularity and the recent relaxing in the laws, she was soon approached by a production company who suggested a TV show with Sarah as the main attraction might be a possibility.

Their suggestion was a show, the content of which would be totally down to us, which would be pitched to the adult channels which had also been benefitting from the recent relaxation of the laws and were now permitted to broadcast hardcore sex to their subscriber base each night from midnight. I thought it might be an interesting idea, but Sarah wasn’t impressed.

“Who’s going to watch on one of those dodgy channels at that time of night?” she complained. “You have to pay a subscription to even get on there. You might get people staying up every so often to watch, but it’s hardly going to be top of the ratings.”

“Well yeah, but you can’t expect to be prime time, no matter how popular we are now,” I pointed out.

“Why not?,” Sarah questioned indignantly. “I mean, what does the law actually say?” We tried to work it out ourselves, but eventually conceded we needed a lawyer to unravel what it all actually meant.

“Honestly,” said Mr Hartmann, the best media lawyer we could find, “the law doesn’t actually prevent anything, now, other than the 9pm watershed still being mentioned quite a lot. In theory, you could broadcast full sex at Nine p.m. on BBC One!”

Sarah got all excited by this but was persuaded that cancelling the ‘Nine-o-clock news’ in favour or a hardcore pornography show was, however much she might like it, unlikely. She did go back to the production company with her terms, though. If they could agree a slot at an earlier time, on a channel which had no subscription and was nationally aired, she was interested.

It was a month or two before we heard back from them, but we were intrigued by the offer we received:

“An hour-long slot, on the second biggest commercial channel in the country!” I read out loud. “Eight episodes, with the option of making more depending on both parties’ agreement.”

“What time?” Sarah asked.

“Ten p.m.”

“That’s more like it,” she said, with a hint of excitement rising which always preceded her sexual escapades.

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