My First Real Submissive Experience by sexybaby@17


A few things: 1. This is my first story. 2. This is a fictional story (unfortunately). 3. Any and all feedback is accepted and encouraged , When my mom told me of her, my brother, and the dog going to the beach for a week, my heart started pounding like a jackhammer in my chest. This is what I've been waiting for! Master and I can finally be alone and do what we want!! And that, dear reader, is none other than BDSM.
It is the day of my family leaving for the beach and I wait impatiently through the normal good-byes and rules. Once my mom closes the door I scramble to the window. And as soon as I hear my mom's car pull out of the driveway I rush to get my phone. After about 30 minutes with nobody returning, I text my Master, telling him of my unsupervised week alone.

Within minutes I get a reply back. “Slave, strip naked and prepare yourself. When you are done, sit by the door waiting for me. I will be there in about 30 minutes.”

Rushing around, I strip off my clothes and put on the collar, cuffs, nipple clamps, and ball gag Master got for me. Then I wedge the vibrator into my pussy, turn it on, and pull my hair into a tight ponytail. I set out the toys on my nightstand and clip one end of each handcuff on my headboard. Finally I am ready. On my hands and knees like I have been instructed to move in the presence of Master, I crawl to the door, unlock it, and sit in position.

Soon Master arrives and praises me for preparing myself correctly. I glow with pleasure at the compliment. I love pleasing my Master.

“Slave, for your good behavior I have decided to reward you. Go to your room and get on your bed. Don't disappoint me, my perfect little slut.”

My eyes shine with thanks and I quickly crawl back to my room. I climb into bed and wait for Master with my hands by my side. In a few minutes he comes in, goes to my nightstand, picks up the handcuffs, and secures my wrists to the headboard. Then he takes the rope and spreader bar and secures my ankles. Finally, he places a blindfold over my eyes, so I have to rely on my other senses to figure out what he is doing.

“Now,” He whispers, “time for your reward”

With that, I feel him turn off the vibrator and slide it out of my pussy. Next I feel something wet on the inside of my thighs. I gasp around the gag when I figure out that it is Master's tongue. He creeps closer and closer to my pussy and I whimper in anticipation. Finally his mouth meets my pussy and I moan in ecstasy. He knows I love being eaten out, which is why he only uses it as a reward.

He rips off my gag so he can hear me moan as he devours me. It is not long before I am screaming and writhing on the bed. Suddenly, he stops. I'm shocked, but soon am granted an answer when his cock presses into me. Once again, I moan in pleasure. He bumps into my hymen and I get nervous. He senses my discomfort and promises to be gentle. He ties a smaller ball gag into my mouth so that I will have something to bite down on. Quickly, and in one smooth thrust, he deflowers me and I cry out in pain.

“Shhhh,” He quiets me. “I'll go slowly. Remember, this is my first time too.”

He waits until I have quieted down and adjusted to him and then he slowly begins to thrust in and out of me. I gradually begin to enjoy it and am soon moaning in pleasure. He goes faster and harder and soon I am trying to beg him to let me cum.

He removes my gag and I quickly beg for release.

“Yes,” He moans. “Cum for me Slave. Cum now!”

With no further encouragement, I squirt my juices all over. This triggers his orgasm and he pumps his seed deep inside of me. I can't do anything but close my eyes and moan in pleasure.

When we are both done, Master unties me and removes my gag. Quickly, he reattached the cuffs on my wrists.

“Clean this mess up, you slut!” He orders. Without hesitation, I clean him off and when there is not a drop of our combined juices remaining on him, I lick the cum that had spilled out of us onto the bed.

I am wondering what to do about the juices inside of me, when Master produces a dildo the same size and width of his cock and shoves it in me.

“I want you to keep our juices in you until you go to take a shower, understand?”

“Yes, Master,” I answer in a breathy voice. He smiles at my easy compliance and smacks me on the ass, making me cry out in pleasure. He smirks at me and I blush.

With him done teasing me, he pulls me down on the bed and lays down beside me. He puts his arms around me and tells me how proud he is of me. He kisses me deeply and then we fall into a deep sleep wrapped in each others arms. I am proud to be my Master's Slave and his girlfriend. I don't want to be anyone else but his, and anywhere else but in his arms.

Like I said, this is my first sex story. I hope you like it. All feedback, both negative and positive, is encouraged and accepted. This is what I hope to do with my Master someday, so this isn't true… Yet.



master McDReport 

2013-06-04 17:57:00
Though… I will say, needs more foreplay to be interesting.

master McDReport 

2013-06-04 17:55:56
This is Master McD, the master who this story(however fake story) is based off on. A message to sexybaby@18:Good work, slave. She is an ecceent writer, though her normal works are usually less sex and more romance based. I say this was a great story in ll, but needs a sequel!!!!

anonymous readerReport 

2013-06-04 02:08:35
Super but very burring 4 ur master en being ur fast day ur brave enough.

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