Raped whilst riding part II by mobile lust

A literotic sexstories: Raped whilst riding part II by mobile lust ,

Further to Claire’s organised rape of me whilst out riding I continue to tell you stories of my experiences.

Since Claire confessed her feelings to me after the rape incident our friendship blossomed. Although she worked for me as my groom she proved to be a very attentive bed fellow. She adored me and would do anything I wanted whenever I wanted it.

I would come home from exercising one of the horses, my fanny wet with the constant rubbing in the saddle and she would be there to finish me off! She would take the horse from me and untack it and make it comfortable. In the meantime I would go upstairs to the privacy of my tack-room and wait for her there. By the time she came up the stairs I would have peeled my tight jodhpurs down to the top of my boots and would be sitting on one of the trunks waiting for her to finish me off.

She would home into my wet glistening pussy like a bee to a honey pot, fall to her knees and lick me out to a body juddering climax! Alternatively when she was hosing the horse off I would catch her bending down and rub my hands up and down her tight breeches feeling her crack through the material, I would keep on rubbing her until her wetness appeared and make her cum.

We had fun at my flat too, she would come round for supper, I would cook us a meal and afterwards we would sit on the settee together and tease one another. The attraction and craving for sex was never ending, we seized every opportunity to sexually please one another. She particularly loved tribbing, rubbing her hot wet slippery clit against mine and bringing us both off to climax. I discovered an online website which sold all different sex toys; I purchased a double ended dildo, not too long. We could insert in both our cunts and impale ourselves deep enough to still trib.

We grasped each other and ground ourselves on each end of the dildo so that our clits touched each other and would fuck ourselves stupid. Afterwards we would lie side by side and stroke each other’s pussies until our climaxes subsided glistening in sweat and well and truly fucked.

All was rosie until one of Claire’s brothers Steve re-appeared on the scene, these where the guys that Claire had organised to rape me whilst I was out riding one of the horses. Both brothers were nasty particularly the older one Steve, but I used to get so turned on by his dominant attitude. Claire became quite subdued on the yard and our relationship was being affected. I repeatedly asked her what was troubling her and she continued to avoid the matter.

One day on the yard she appeared very red eyed and withdrawn. I took her upstairs and sat her down and crouched before her, looked her in the eyes and held her hands and pleaded with her to tell me what was troubling her. She eventually confessed that her old brother had been abusing her; she had told him she had fallen for me in a big way and was no longer interested in boys. He had apparently gotten quite mad and had raped her in her bedroom.

Having enjoyed sex on both sides, I was a little turned on by the thought and asked her what had happened. She said she had got home from the yard and taken a shower, when she returned to her room in just a towel her brother sat on the bed waiting for her. Immediately she closed the door he stood up and yanked the towel from her body. Eyeing her pert little tits and her freshly shaven pussy he commented no wonder her boss liked eating fresh pussy especially like hers. Claire’s brother is a big man and no match for Claire and he man handled her across her dressing table, he crudely spat saliva onto his hand; wiped it on her pussy lips to lube his cock and plunged his thick cock into her. Her head was facing the mirror and he got off on seeing the shock and pain registered on her face has he rammed his cock into her.

Not happy fucking her there, he withdrew, flung her on the bed and kneeled over her face and forced his cock into her mouth, he continued to push his cock until he reached the back of her throat causing her to gag and continued to fuck her face as hard as he could. She realised that unless she relaxed she would choke, she accepted her fate and sucked his cock. She figured the sooner he came the sooner his attack would be over.

He soon cottoned on to her, feeling her tongue caressing his hard cock as he felt his balls tighten. He pulled out of her mouth, flattened her knees on to the bed and once again rammed his cock into her gaping cunt. He fucked her as hard as he could, grasping the flesh of her hips to bury his cock as deep as he physically could until he came, jettisoning ropes and ropes of his cum into her tight cunt.

He lay over her sweating and panting until he got his breath back and then merely hauled himself off of her, wiped his cum dripping cock on her bath towel, threw it at her and left.

By now in the tack room Claire was sobbing in my arms recounting the incident and mumbling that he wanted to fuck me too. I am so wet; it’s all I can do to keep clenching my thighs together to itch my wanton cunt. I am so horny I want to get a broom handle and fuck myself with it the thought of Steve fucking me in his brutal way was too much to think about!

I sat with Claire quietly until she was calmer, it has taken all my will power to not turn the situation into a fucking session as I am so horny and forget that I need to allow her to get over these horrible thoughts of her brother. I have my back to the door hugging Claire and I realise that her body has gone rigid; I look up to her face and she is staring at the doorway; I turn around and see her brother standing there. He closes the door and locks it from the inside and puts the key in his coat pocket.

He passes some crass comment about there being two ripe pussies in the room that both need a good cock and comes towards us both. He orders us to strip, Claire is very reluctant but of course I am desperate for a fuck in any shape or form and strip without hesitation! What a wanton slut I am! Eventually with some persuasion from me Claire stands naked also.

He tells me to lay on my back on one of the trunks with my legs apart dangling off one end. He then tells Claire to lay in a 69 position on top of me but with her knees either side of my shoulder so I have full view of her pussy. He then tells us both to eat each other out, neither of us hesitates at this instruction and I immediately feel Claire’s tongue on my hot sensitive pussy, so I dive into hers and lap furiously at her clit knowing that if I get her turned on she will be more relaxed and possibly enjoy this diversion in our relationship. We start to bring each other to climax and her brother orders me to stop eating her out and slide his huge cock into her nice wet cunt. I have full view of this and watch intently as he peels open her pussy lips and pushes the head of his thick penis into her. He withdraws slightly and I watch her cunt lips being sucked out gripping his cock. He pushes in again deeper and deeper and withdraws again and I watch as the flesh of her cunt sucks against his cock in and out of her love hole.

In the meantime she has my clit grasped between her teeth flicking her tongue back and forth and I start to feel my orgasm building. The sensation of her chewing on my clit button and me watching my girlfriend being fucked right in front of my face causes an orgasm that gives me such a rush that I feel like the cum is squirting from me, the release tightens my thighs and cunt muscles into continual spasms.

My loud moaning, coupled with Claire’s brother watching his sister eat me out causes his thrusting into her slippery cunt to increase in momentum as his orgasm builds and I watch his balls tighten and the vein on the underside of his cock become prominent. He grunts and slams his cock into her has he spurts his spunk into his sister’s cunt once again. As his orgasm subsides and his hard cock softens it plops out of Claire’s cunt and drops onto my face.

I quickly dart out my tongue and lick the cum off the end of his dick and suck some of his and her juices of the end. He looks down, grins at me licking his cock of its juices and asks if I like the taste, I of course nod greedily. So he tells Claire to sit up and squat over my mouth, I do not need to be told to enjoy the juices that will soon drip from her fucked cunt.

By now his cock is hardening again and he walks round to the end of the trunk watching my open mouth and Claire’s cunt waiting for his spunk to travel down her fuck hole and dribble out and into my hungry waiting mouth. He pushes open my knees further, splits my pussy lips and pushes his cock into my wet waiting pussy. As he starts to fuck me slowly he watches the first drip of his cum leave Claire’s cunt and fall into my mouth. As the first proper rope of cum, dribbles like string in my mouth, I show him his cum on my tongue and move it around in my mouth enjoying the salty taste, then I swallow it down into my throat. He tells Claire to clench her cunt muscles to push more of his juice out as I suck them from her and savour them in my mouth.

Claire is by now turned on by my tongue sucking and licking her and starts to grind her clit on my face; I continue to probe her cunt with my tongue to taste the last of him as I start to make her cum. He starts to fuck me faster and puts his thumb on my clit massaging it in circular motions he is rough and does not have the caring touch of Claire but I love it. Claire cums quickly watching her brother fuck her lesbian lover and as his climax builds he pinches and tweaks his sister’s nipples and she moans in pain.

His orgasm and mine are not far behind and as he grasps my thighs, his balls slap against my arsehole as he plunges his cock in and out of my hungry cunt and as I tremble to another orgasm and coats his cock with my juices, he sprays the back of my cunt with his sperm. Panting with the exertion he orders Claire to come lick his cock clean of our juices, she has finally started to enjoy his cock and amenably licks him clean as I lay prone on the trunk watching her.

Once he is clean, he orders her to crouch between my legs and clean me up too. She greedily slurps at my familiar pussy sucking his cum out of my cunt. He pulls his trousers back up and leaves without a word leaving Claire to continue lapping at our juices. Once she has finished, we hug and I hold her close telling her it wasn’t so bad was it, she admits she enjoyed it too but still prefers having sex with me, I am not sure if it was because it was her brother or just cock in general that she does not enjoy.

After that her brother disappears off the scene and Claire becomes happy again but I must confess I am getting bored and our sex life no longer seems to satisfy me completely.

During the school holidays, a parent who lives in one of the neighbouring villages approaches me to see if I will take on her daughter for some work experience, she is just 16 and is seeking a full time groom position once her exam results are released but would appreciate some work in the summer until she could cement a full time position somewhere.

I met Sam and interviewed her. She was very quiet, petite, short dark hair almost undeveloped for a teenager and we agreed she would work for me for the summer until she could find long term employment. She proved to be very dedicated, had a passion for horses and keen to learn. I gave her training on my horses and she showed good potential but I was struggling to get her position truly correct in the saddle.

One day, Claire wasn’t on the yard as she was having a well deserved day off, I was trying to explain to Sam whilst she sat on the horse, and how she should position her ‘fork’ in the saddle. Which in crude terms is how you seat your pussy in the saddle to be able to sit upright and correct. It was a very hot day and I had earlier removed my bra as it had rubbed my shoulders, so I was wearing just a t-shirt and whilst trying with raised arms to position Sam in the saddle, my nipples couldn’t help but rub against Sam’s leg and become very obviously erect.

In the end I became so frustrated at being unable to get Sam to grasp the concept together with my aching nipples being rubbed against this young girl’s legs I told her to put her horse away and come up to the tack-room and I would show her what I meant on by sitting on a saddle on a saddle stand.

First of all I set up the saddle on the stand and sat astride it to show Sam what I meant. I put my hand between my crotch and the saddle to show her the position I was trying to explain. Sam still looked at me querulously so I grasped her hand and shoved it between my legs to show her what I meant. The erotic shock my body received as her hand touch my pussy nearly caused me to jump up. I was so worried my reaction would bother her I immediately looked up at her face to gauge her reaction but she hardly seemed to have noticed.

Hoping she had understood what I was once again explaining I got off the saddle and told her to hop on. Frustratingly she still did not seem to have grasped what I was struggling to explain so I stood closer to her and placed one hand on the lower part of the small of her back near the start of her buttocks and the other upturned between her legs. As I put pressure onto her back I tried to roll her ‘fork’ forward more so her clit was touching my hand, I could feel the warmth of her body as it touched and I really had to prevent myself from wiggling my fingers against her pussy.

I removed my hands and told her to reposition herself but she still could not grasp it saying she could not feel what I meant. I stood back and looked at her, asking myself if I dare ask her to do it. In the end I bit the bullet and suggested she remove all her clothes and sit back in the saddle and I would place a mirror so she could see the outline of her spine and view the position correctly. To my delight she just shrugged her shoulders and said okay and stripped off completely. For a 16 year old she was so under-developed, she had tiny little buds for nipples and her pussy was tiny but covered in a very fair down fuzz that failed to hide her young little pussy lips.

I started to feel an itch in my pussy but tried desperately to ignore it as she sat astride the saddle once again, this time her naked little pussy lips were on show not touching the leather seat of the saddle. I sighed to myself at the erotic sight sitting in front of me. I stood close to her and looked in the mirror at the image of a barely developed girl naked in front of me. Once again I placed one hand at the top of her arse cheeks and the other hand upturned between her legs and the saddle and slid my hand underneath her.

I rolled her lower body onto my fingers so her clit was pressing quite hard onto my fingers. She finally started to grasp what I was saying and I suggested she try to simulate a sitting trot to see if she could hold the position. She started to jiggle around in the saddle and I could feel her clit rubbing against my hand. She continued to practise holding her position and I started to feel her wetness in my hand. I quietly told her she had got it right now and she could stop what she was doing.

She continued to rub her wet clit against my hand and started to moan softly, I looked again in the mirror, what an erotic sight my hand between an innocent young girls’s legs her face the picture of ecstasy. Without wanting to distract her I removed my hand from her buttocks and lightly caressed her little budding nipples. They instantly responded to my touch and became hard little knots.

She started to grind against my hand more urgently and I realised she was about to make herself cum. I removed my hand and sat astride the saddle stand behind her and gently pulled her body back onto mine so that she was leaning into me. With one hand cupping a tiny breast and pinching her nipples I placed the other hand at the top of the start of her pussy lips and slid my fingers down her slippery opening all the time looking in the mirror directly in front of us.

I lightly stroked backwards and forwards over her clit and cunt opening as she lay moaning softly in my arms. I asked her if she wanted me to make her cum and she softly answered yes, so with my index finger I started to massage her clit button in gentle soft circular motions. As her breathing increased so did the speed and pressure of my finger on her little clitty, I could feel her body start to tense as her orgasm built. I strummed her little virgin clitty as fast as I could as her body jangled and built to orgasm, her soft moans built up to loud cries as wave after wave of orgasm coursed through her young body. As the feelings subsided I gently stroked her pussy and softly tweaked her nipple in my hand and nuzzled my lips into her neck kissing and licking her soft sweet smelling skin telling what a clever girl she was.

Eventually she came out of her orgasm induced trance and quietly asked me if that was an orgasm, so I smiled and told her yes and asked if she enjoyed it and did she want to taste herself. She immediately nodded so I brought my cum soaked fingers up to her mouth, she gently drew my fingers into her mouth and sucked and licked them clean. I asked her if she liked the taste and she replied yes she did, I then asked her if she would like to taste me and see me cum and she nodded her head keenly.

She got off the saddle stand and I noticed the huge we smear she had left behind on the saddle so I leant forward and licked if off tasting her juices, probably some of my own from rubbing myself against the saddle when riding and the taste of the leather. I looked up and saw her watching me licking her juices up as she ran her tongue around her lips. I stood up off the stand and pulled my t-shirt over my head and removed my boots, breeches and peeled my very wet panties off my hungry cunt.

I stood naked in front of her, my nipples were hard in anticipation and my clit was so erect it felt like a molten rock, I begged her with my eyes to come and touch me and explore my very willing body. She walked towards me and reached out to stroke my tits, she very gently held one in her small hand and felt the weight of it before she grazed her thumb over my aching nipple. I groaned as I felt her touch me and the feeling rippling down into my pussy region like a tingling electric shock. I whispered to her to kiss me, she had such an angelic, young face, she put her lips to mine I opened my mouth and gently pushed my tongue into hers, licking the inside of her mouth dancing round her tongue. She sucked my tongue so erotically I nearly gushed there and then!

Her mouth left mine and ventured down to my aching tits, she licked round one of my aureoles and drew my nipple into her mouth and sucked on it rubbing her teeth on the nipple she then proceeded to do the same to the other one. Her hands traced my ribs and my navel drifting tantalisingly slowly towards my pussy lips. As she reached the cleft of my pussy she applied a light exploring pressure and pushed her fingers further between my lips until two of her fingers forked between my clit, she rolled my clit between her fingers. To allow her better access I placed one of my feet up onto the trunk, opening myself to her investigating fingers.

Her fingers slipped up and down the folds of my pussy feeling my clit and just touching the opening of my love hole, moaning with pleasure I urged her to insert her fingers into my cunt. She slipped two of her fingers in easily straight up to the knuckle and wiggled her fingers against my cunt walls. She slowly started to plunge her fingers in and out of my cunt; it was so wet I could here her digits making slurping noises against my juices. Why the feelings felt any different from Claire’s ministrations I could not answer, perhaps it was because Sam seemed so young and keen to explore my more than wanting body.

My straight leg started to tremble and was starting to buckle so I moved from her fingers and sat down on the edge of the trunk and opened my legs as wide as possible. She seemed glued to my pussy as I sat and slowly dropped to her knees between my legs, I watched her young face as she moved closer to my pussy until I could feel her hot breath against moist lips. With her tiny hands she carefully opened my lips further until she could see everything and she leaned in and licked up from my cunt to my clit and savoured my juices. Again I moaned as I sat and watched this young girl enjoying my pussy.

For the first few minutes she just seemed interested in licking my fanny clean of juices, then she started to chew on my clit button and my orgasm started to build and my moans became louder. Breathlessly I told her to jam her fingers in my cunt; she needed no more encouragement and pumped her fingers in an out of my hole. My orgasm blew big time! My cunt walls chewed on her fingers coating them with my cum juice, I had to tell her to stop fucking me with her fingers the feeling was so intense, She lay with her cheek to my inside thigh and gently licked my pussy again gorging on my juices.

Once I recovered, I pulled her head up to mine, kissed her hungrily and suggested she stay over at my flat as long as she had her parents’ permission. She went and grabbed her mobile from her abandoned clothes and gained her parents’ approval before I had time to dress. We finished off the horses and walked across the yard to my flat. I cooked her spaghetti bolognese whilst she chattered away, as I watched her I had to keep reminding myself that she was 16 not about 12 as she looked.

After supper, I asked her if she wanted to watch some tv, she declined and suggested we took a shower, I was quite surprised at her forwardness but who was I to argue. I have a large ensuite shower come wet-room so I showed her to my bedroom where we removed our clothes. I grabbed her hand and lead her into the bathroom, she said she needed to pee and squatted on to the toilet and pissed right there in front of me, I watched her urinate continuing to be turned on by her.

I turned the shower on, we both stood under the water jets feeling them massage our bodies. With a sponge soaked in shower gel, I lathered her body taking time over her small breasts massaging the suds into her tiny pert nipples, I then moved my hands down to her bottom letting my slippery hands slide between her arse cheeks feeling her arse hole. I continued rubbing the bubbles into her moving round to her pussy and pushing my fingers between her tiny pussy lips.

She took the sponge from me and lathered my whole body, her tiny hands soaping my tits and lower area. Once we were both lathered, she reached for the shower faucet and putting the shower head in her hand washed the lather off of both our bodies. She then turned the setting on the faucet on jet and pointed the hard stream of water onto my nipples. The sharp pulse of the water against my nipple was electric and once again I realised I was becoming wet with juices. I took the shower head from her hand, returned it to its holder and turned off the water.

I passed her a towel to dry herself, she looked at me so disappointedly thinking she had done something wrong so I softly told her I wanted to make her cum and it didn’t involve the shower faucet. As I opened the door into my bedroom, I gasped as I could see Claire sitting on the bed naked, Sam and I stepped into the room obviously also naked also and Claire’s eyes opened wide in shock. She then blurted out that she had missed me today and had called over hoping to see me, then started to get upset as she realised I had obviously been up to something with Sam.

I came to her and hugged her closely, kissing her face to reassure her, I then explained what I had been trying to teach Sam the right position in the saddle and things had developed from there. Claire reluctantly offered to leave, so seizing my opportunity I asked if she wanted to stay and join us, although Claire seem to struggle to make a decision I guess although she did not want to share me, she didn’t want to miss out either. She agreed to stay and I kissed her passionately hoping to reassure her and massaged her nipples with my fingers.

She soon started to moan softly as I rolled her nipples between my fingers pinching them quite hard. Sam stood back slightly watching us, I told Claire to lie down on the bed and went to the bedside cabinet where my stash of ‘toys’ lived and pulled out a medium sized vibrator. I sat down beside Claire and told her to open her legs and show me her sex and I stroked her pussy with the cold vibrator. I turned the vibration on and held the point to her clitty so she could feel the full impact.

Sam obviously could not see where she stood so I told her to come and sit the other side of Claire. Once she had sat down, I slowly slid the vibrator into Claire’s cunt twisting, pushing it in and out of her. Sam leant over to watch, so I asked for her hand which I took and placed it on Claire’s clit and told her to massage it. Claire’s moans and breathing increased as between us we started to build her to climax, her thighs started to tense and she tilted her hips further off the bed as her orgasm took over her body and caused her cunt to spasm against the buzzing toy.

Sam removed her fingers and opened her legs and started to massage her own cunt, she then looked at both of us and asked if we would fuck her with a vibrator. Claire asked if Sam was still a virgin, to which she nodded so Claire then explained that her hymen was still in tact and that perhaps she shouldn’t. Sam pleaded with us both that she wanted to be fucked and wanted us to be the ones to do it. I told her to lay on the bed whilst I found another ‘toy’ as the one I had used on Claire would be too big for her.

I rummaged in the drawer and found a long thin vibrator which would not stretch her little cunt too much. Claire was already on the bed next to her and was sucking on her little nipples so I lay down on the other side and stroked her downy pussy lips. She opened her legs further and I slipped my fingers down into her wet folds coating them in her juices I felt for her little cunt hole and pushed my finger into her little opening. She was really tight and I pushed in a little further stretching her a little more at a time until my finger was in knuckle deep. I gently rotated my finger from side to side to open her up some more.

I removed my finger and without turning it on, slowing slipped the vibrator into the little opening. Because she was very lubed up the plastic penis slid in quite easily until it reached her hymen, so I turned the vibration on and slid the vibrator in and out the little way I could. She was obviously enjoying the sensations as she started to moan loudly, Claire stopped chewing on her little titties and moved down to her pussy and started to lick her clit. She moaned even louder and between breaths begged me to insert the rod deeper, I continued to hesitate as I felt I was deflowering a virgin, Claire obviously lost patience with my dithering and grabbing my hand holding the vibrator jammed it up into Sam’s cunt as far as she could.

Sam squeaked a bit but the more I moved the vibrator in and out of her cunt the easier it felt and the soreness subsided. I twisted and pumped it in an out of her and Claire chewed and licked at her clit and before long Sam was screaming as her orgasm wracked her body in appreciation of our attentions. Whilst she lay there in a trance from her mind blowing orgasm, Claire realising I was lacking in attention, found our favourite strap on in the drawer and put it on. I kneeled next to Sam with my arse hanging over the edge of the bed and Claire rammed the cock into my very wet snatch.

The strap on was quite large but it also had some bristly ribbed bits where the balls would normally be and as Claire slammed the cock into me the bristles rubbed against my clit. Claire grasped my hips and pulled herself into me, gyrating her hips to rub me at the same time, fortunately she did not need to exert herself too much as I came very quickly. Exhausted we collapsed on a heap on the bed, hugging one another with arms draped and cupping breasts or a hand lying over a pussy and fell asleep.

When I woke in the morning, Claire had already gone but Sam lay soundly asleep so I got up, put on a short silky wrap and went to put the coffee on. As I stood in the kitchen reliving the past few hours the door chime rang, so I pressed the buzzer without thinking as I assumed it was Claire having forgotten her keys and waited at the top of the stairs. I was surprised to see it was Claire’s brother Steve, as he walked up the stairs toward me I realised he had full view of my naked pussy. As he came to the top of the steps he roughly pushed his hand between my legs and grunted that he wanted a fuck. I moved away from his hand and walked back in to the flat for him to follow.

Aware that I had a very naked young semi innocent girl lying on my bed, I wanted to keep him occupied in the kitchen in the hope I could send him on his way with a quick blowjob but it didn’t take him long to realise I was trying to hide something. He walked through the flat looking in all the rooms until he came across Sam in the bedroom. I stopped him going in and dragged him back into the kitchen begging him to leave her alone, he growled at me that he wanted her and I had to help him at least that way he would be nice about it. If I didn’t help he said he would mutilate her young body so I bargained with him and suggested if I help him would he be gentle to her, reluctantly he agreed.

He rips open my wrap and gropes my tits roughly, pinching and squeezing my nipples until they hurt. He ordered me to suck his dick whilst he undressed and pushed me to my knees, unbuckling his flies he pulled out his erect thick cock and grabbing my head he rams it into my mouth. I adore this man’s cock, it is thick and meaty and I love to push it deep in my throat whilst my tongue lovingly licks around his shaft.

I place my hand at the bottom of his penis and pinch the base together trapping the blood, this makes his cock even harder and as I bob my head hungrily up and down I feel his cock tighten as he becomes closer to orgasm. I suck hungrily on his cock craving his salty spunk and as he blasts his juices into my mouth I suck his cock dry.

I lead him into my bedroom and he goes to sit on the bedside chair facing the bed. Sam is fast asleep naked on top of the bed covers; I gently crawl on to the bed and lay down beside her. I lean over her and lightly lick and nibble at one of her nipples, I softly stroke the little cleft of her pussy lips. She wakes and stretches like a cat and immediately opens her legs to allow my fingers better access.

She suddenly sees Steve sitting there stroking his soft cock and asks me who he is, I explain he is a friend and wants to play with us this morning. She seems very unsure saying her Daddy told her not to play with boys, I reassured her saying that I would be here all the time and would not leave her with him alone. In the meantime I had continued to stroke her pussy folds which had already becoming wet which seemed to distract her and relax her so she agreed.

I realised that I did not have long to work on Sam’s cunt to stretch her opening big enough to accommodate Steve’s thick cock, he’s an impatient person and I knew if he lost the plot he would ram his cock into her without a care of the damage he would do to her. I grabbed the long thin vibrator, eased it into her wet hole and started to rotate it, stretching her cunt walls.

I then got Claire’s thicker vibrator and inserted the head into her opening, she moaned that it was tight; I thought to myself you think this is tight wait until Steve rams his pole into you! I leant over and licked her little clitty in an attempt to relax her and lube her up more, I let my spit dribble from my mouth down onto her lips and the vibrator hoping it would slip in easier. With some more firm pushing the larger vibrator slowly slid into her cunt as her walls stretched open further.

Eventually I managed to push the thicker plastic cock in and out of her tiny stretched cunt and she started to moan appreciatively at the sensation. By now Steve was massaging a huge erection and getting impatient so I mouthed at him begging him to please be gentle with her. He came to the bed and told Sam to crouch over me with her cunt over my face and her knees either side of my armpits. I continued to pump her cunt with the vibrator trying to buy time to make her bigger to accommodate him. He pushed her head into my cunt to gain better access to her and told her to eat me out; I then removed the vibrator and watched as he placed his huge cock head against her tiny cunt.

Now I was seriously worried, her tiny body against him alarmed me, he was never going to get his cock into her without hurting. I pulled her pussy lips open as far as I could to stretch her as much as possible and started to rub her clitty with my thumb. He pushed his cock just inside her cunt and she moaned into my pussy that it was tight, he pushed a little way further and she complained it was hurting. I licked and spat as much saliva as I could around his cock and her opening hoping it would help.

He pushed further and further in, I watched as her cunt slowly started to accommodate his thick member. Eventually his cock was buried deep in her cunt which was stretched so wide, it just didn’t seem possible. He tried to pull out a little to push back in but she was so tight so he grabbed her hips and pushed his pelvis up, impaling his cock even deeper into her she grunted as her rammed her.

She continued to moan into my pussy as she licked and sucked my clit between her lips and teeth. Steve started to pump his cock back and forth into Sam; the force rammed her face against my pussy as he started to bury his cock faster and faster. I rubbed her clit as fast as I could hoping she would be able to feel it enough to come too. I saw his cock tighten and watched as he rammed his cock into her, spurting ropes and ropes of cum up into her. Her stomach muscles tightened and she wailed loudly as she came too, I think she was being fucked so hard she could barely breathe let alone make me come.

Steve’s dick eventually softened and he withdrew from her, leaving a huge hole going deep into her womb, I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could and tasted their combined juices, Steve told Sam to sit up on my face as he knew I loved to eat cum juice and stood stroking his cock watching his cum leave Sam’s cunt and drip into my mouth. I savoured her young virgin juices mingled with his thick salty cum; I loved it so much I sucked at her opening like a greedy little whore.

By now Steve’s cock was hard again, I desperately wanted him to fuck me but I also knew Sam would not be able to take him a second time. I pleaded with him to fuck me and hard as I needed his cock so much. He pulled my arse to the edge of the bed and flattened my knees to my chest completely stretching me open. He held his cock head to my opening and rammed it straight into me; he grasped my knees and pumped his cock viciously into me. I could hear his skin slapping against mine with the force of his cock fucking me, my cunt grasped his thick cock and I clenched my pelvic muscles stroking his member. I lay there enjoying the feeling of his huge cock ramming into my hungry cunt.

I started to feel my orgasm build, his cock pushing against my g-spot, I tilted my hips further towards him trying to take more of his cock into me. We both came gasping as our orgasms ravaged through out bodies, his cum spurting deep into my cunt as my own cum coated his thick cock with my own sweet juices. As he rammed his last spurt into me he fell onto me burying his mouth into my neck gasping for breath, I held him close to me enjoying his tight muscley body raking my fingers down his back as my spasms subsided.

Sam lay on the bed next to us, quietly watching us slowly recover from our orgasms. Steve pushed himself off of me and stood up looking down at us both, Sam quietly got off the bed; she knelt between my legs and started to gently lick our juices off of my gaping pussy. My pussy ached so much from Steve’s vicious pounding I could barely cope with her tongue on me but the thought of her eating and enjoying our juices like I did to her coupled with my lack of strength to tell her to stop let her continue.

She placed her lips at the opening of my cunt and sucked the juices which were now trickling out of me into her mouth. Steve stood watching for a while but eventually I heard him go off to the kitchen to retrieve his clothes and then I heard the flat door close. I wasn’t worried, he would be back, he and I could not leave each alone.

In the meantime I had two very willing playthings to entertain me!

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