Sex In School by fbailey

Sex In School by fbailey

School used to be the safest place to send your children. Not any more. , Fbailey story number 680

Sex In School

Getting into high school was what every kid wished for, to be the big kid on the block, and to be respected.

My sister and I were in the same grade. It wasn’t planned that way. I was almost a year older but because of my birth date and the cut off date I didn’t get in when I should have. My sister on the other hand did…so we were in the same grade ever since kindergarten. We made out pretty good thought. We compared notes that we had taken, we did our homework together, and we even studied together for tests. Things were great.

The move from the fifth grade into middle school went well. However, the move from the eighth grade into high school did not.

You see I was fourteen and Stephanie was thirteen. She was also by far the prettiest girl in the entire school. Mother Nature had been very kind to her. That year between twelve and thirteen had turned my sister into a beauty queen. Her face was exceptional, her breasts were big and bountiful, her hips flared, her tummy was flat, and her legs went on forever. Then of course there was her fabulous butt. It was perfectly rounded in every way. To top it off she had naturally curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and a great tan.

That first day as we walked into the high school and down the corridor everyone stopped to look at my sister.

We had several classes together but not all of them. We had different gym classes, English class, and study halls. We also had different lunch periods.

Stephanie was very quiet on the way home that first day. Just as we turned the corner onto our street she said, “I need to tell you something.”

So I stopped and listened to her story.

She said, “The other girls were mean to me. They didn’t hit me or anything but they called me names and threatened me for no reason at all. I’m scared. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.”

My only advice was to tell Mom.

Mom said, “It’s just your first day. Things will get better. I promise.”

Well things did not get better for her. Things got better for me though. The other boys seemed to like me and the girls spoke to me.

During the second week Stephanie stopped at the corner on our way home again.

She said, “The other girls in my gym class made me get naked in front of them so that they see if I really was perfect. It was so embarrassing. Apparently I am perfect and that bothers them. The gym teacher came in and told me to get dressed. She then told the other girls to leave me alone. For the very first time I felt safe in that school.”

I was pleased.

After that guys started asking me things about my sister. I didn’t know any better so I answered them correctly.

They would ask me her birth date, her phone number, and especially her bra size. Then they wanted to know what color her panties were that she was wearing that day. When I told them that I didn’t know they wanted me to ask her. I didn’t ask her I just told them that she wouldn’t tell me.

Then they started telling me all about my sister’s panties. Like one day they said that Stephanie was wearing Hanes Her Way and that they were white with pink and red hearts all over them. They even told me that her crotch had a wet spot from her pussy juice.

Of course I thought that they were making it up. So in the way home I laughed about it and told Stephanie. She blushed and said that the boys were absolutely correct. She then told me that three of the girls had cornered her in the bathroom and checked out her panties for their boyfriends. She also said that it was going to be an every day event unless I started telling the boys what she was wearing every day.

That night before bed Stephanie took me into her bedroom and together we picked out the panties that she was going to wear the next day. I told her that I really liked her Victoria Secret red thong panties. They had an elastic waist and lace around the triangular patch in the front. The back was just a lace string.

I asked, “Shouldn’t I actually see you in them?”

Stephanie told me to turn around so that she could put them on. When she told me to turn back around I was astounded. Stephanie had put on the panties and she had also put on the matching bra. Her breasts filled out that bra perfectly as one would expect. Her panties formed to her pubic mound in the front and that lace string was perfectly centered in the crack of her ass.

I asked, “Do you shave your pussy?”

Stephanie replied, “Mom usually does that for me. Do you want the job?”

I could not answer, I could not breath, I couldn’t do anything but stare into her eyes.

Stephanie waited for an answer.

Finally I asked, “Are you sure?”

She replied, “I know that you shave your face even though you don’t need too. So I would feel safe letting you use a razor down there.”

I said, “Stephanie I would love to shave your pussy but I don’t know if I can without embarrassing myself.”

She smiled and said, “Because you would get a hard-on.”

I just nodded.

Mom called us to dinner so I went down and let Stephanie get dressed.

During dinner Stephanie said, “Mom, I want him to start shaving my pussy. He has to report to the boys what panties and bras that I am wearing to school, so he sees almost everything anyway. So I was thinking why not let him see everything?”

Mom just smiled and asked, “Is that what you really want? You do know that he’ll get erections every time and that it will be up to you to take care of them. I always had too for my husband and my brother too.”

Stephanie said, “I might just as well get used to it. I think the boys in school will want a piece of me before too long. All of the girls hate me because I’m pretty and all of the boys want to fuck me. I don’t know what to do.”

Mom said, “I guess you better let you brother start fucking you. You have been using my old dildo, haven’t you?”

Stephanie blushed and said, “Yes, every night just like you told me too.”

Mom said, “I’ll do the dishes. Take him up and let him shave your pussy and then let him make love to you as often as he can tonight. I figure he should be good for three or four if he is anything like his father.”

Dad was killed in a work-related accident. At least that is what the government told us. The settlement and the monthly checks are great and Mom doesn’t have to work.

Stephanie was awfully eager to get naked and sit up on the edge of the bathroom counter with her legs spread. I was nervous as all hell. I smeared shaving cream on her pussy and got out my razor. I made quick short strokes like I do to myself and like I had seen Dad do when he shaved. I had to hold her legs up one at a time and grab a hold of her pussy lips as I went but eventually I had it all clean. I washed her pussy and admired my work.

Then Stephanie said, “You need to get around my asshole too. A few stray hairs grow back there.”

She leaned back further and placed her heels on my shoulders. I spread some cream and shaved her there too, even though I couldn’t see any sign of hairs. After that I had to shave around her nipples…just in case.

When we were all done I was so hard that it hurt.

Mom was waiting for us in Stephanie’s bedroom. She checked out my work and then told me to fuck my sister while she watched.

I was not thrilled with having an audience but I certainly was thrilled to be able to fuck someone, anyone. Then again loosing my virginity and taking my sister’s virginity at the same time was priceless. I would have given a million dollars to fuck her. I had never told her…but she was my dream girl…the one that I jerked off to nightly.

She lay back on her bed, I got between her legs, and then I just slipped the head of my cock into her. I stopped to enjoy the feel of my first pussy and to admire the beautiful girl below me. I had always been in love with my sister and right then I was making love to her too.

I pushed in slowly and I paused to kiss her, I pulled out slowly and I paused to admire her, and then things started to speed up. I started to speed up. Mom cheered me on and Stephanie told me that she loved me. After that things were just a blur. I do remember cumming inside her hot wet pussy. I remember Mom congratulating us and I remember her telling me to keep doing it all night long.

Stephanie kissed me and said, “I’m all yours now and forever, just like Mom still belongs to her brother.”

I looked over at Mom and she just smiled. I knew that she and Uncle Dave were close but I had no idea how chose they really were.

I did as Mom told me. We made love three more times that night before we fell asleep. Then we made love twice before we went to school. The first time was before breakfast but the second time was just before Stephanie got dressed to go to school. I smiled as she pulled those red thong panties up her long legs and tucked them into her marvelous ass crack.

On the walk to school Stephanie said, “When the boys ask you about my panties maybe you should tell them that your cum is leaking out of my pussy and crusted to them.”

Between my third and forth classes the boys cornered me and asked about my sister’s panties. I said, “She is wear a pair of Victoria Secret red thong panties with an elastic waistband and lace around the triangular patch in the front. The back is just a lace string.”

I gave it a brief thought and added, “Plus my cum is probably leaking out of her pussy and crusting into them as we speak.”

The boys called me a liar and several other not so nice words.

At the end of my last class I couldn’t find Stephanie. One of the boys told me that I should go into the gym that I would find her there.

When I entered the gym Stephanie was smiling at me. I walked to her and she held my hand. Then Stephanie said, “They don’t believe that it is your cum inside my pussy. They want to watch you fuck me. Then they will leave me alone.”

There were four boys and four girls standing around us. I asked, “Can we at least go in the locker room and let her lay on a bench?”

One of the boys said, “Okay, but we want to see her naked.”

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