Shy Wife's Revenge

An adult stories – Shy Wife's Revenge by SamUKmale,SamUKmale We met when we were 18 and married at 21. She was gorgeous – pretty face and slim with small tits and a full bush – the normal style at that time. Never flirty or sexy in public, people could easily think she was shy and frigid. After years of persuasion we went to a nudist beach in England. It was such a turn-on having her nude in public even though she kept her legs tightly together and nothing was on show. She did it to keep me happy but did not enjoy it.

At the time we lived close to a naturist club with a clubhouse, bar, swimming pool and nice grounds. It was risky, but she came for a trial visit and we joined. The place was a genuine naturist club. Everyone was well behaved and although everyone was naked it was not sexy. It was going very well until our 3rd visit when we met a young guy who worked in the same office as my wife. She was embarrassed about him seeing her nude and worried by what he might say to her colleagues, especially as she had created an image of being superior and untouchable. She was beyond furious with me and said I would pay for forcing her into this situation.

The next weekend we went to the club. She stripped to reveal her new closely trimmed pussy – with her pink slit on view for all to see. I was shocked and initially really pleased. Her behaviour was transformed. She played volleyball, walked around getting to know the members, and took every opportunity to display herself in a provocative manner. When she sat on a chair her legs seemed to automatically move apart. While sunbathing she made sure the rays reached parts that had never seen daylight. Quickly she became popular with the men, and everyone noticed the dramatic change in her behaviour. Even though she totally ignored me, I was always on the brink of an erection watching her flirt with her new admirers. However, when we came home she wouldn’t touch me, and sex was not on the agenda.

The next weekend she went to the club alone in the morning – when I joined her in the afternoon she was in the bar with Steve. She told him that she was sexually inexperienced and wanted him to fuck her, telling him he could do anything he wanted. His cock was much thicker and longer than mine – she wrapped her hand around it and said “I can’t wait to feel that inside me”. They left together and I sat there, obviously I had been replaced. At 01.30 she got home and told me he had fucked her long and hard that it was fantastic. While she was telling me exactly what he did, my cock was getting hard. This annoyed her and she moved to the spare room saying it was obvious that I still had a lot to learn.

My wife continued to have sex with Steve, without telling me any of the detail. I stopped visiting the club because she would really show off with Steve and although the other members were very nice, some were laughing at me.

We were now living almost separate lives, and for me it was no fun at all.

She had joined an evening art class for portraiture – she was quite good. One Saturday she asked me to pose nude for her in our own living room. I was happy to do it, and hopeful that it might lead to us having sex again. She arranged my pose on a high stool — making sure that my cock and balls were on full display. After about 15 minutes the doorbell rang and, and 5 women walked in with their sketch pads and joined the “class”. Saying it was brave of me to agree to pose for them — I had been tricked, and I would look like a complete wimp if I tried to back-out.

I knew all the women, and I knew why my wife had chosen them. There was Katie – her best friend. Jane, in her 20’s who worked in our local pub. Sheila – a very popular woman from the naturist club who knew everyone. Carol, a girl of nineteen who worked in my office, and Marie, a neighbour in her 50’s who was well known as a gossip who found it impossible to keep anything secret. Carol and Marie didn’t know that I would nude, and both started laughing at me.

They drew for around 20 minutes and said I should take a break and look at the work. I was asked to resume the pose and work continued. My wife started some friendly chat and said that I had forced her to strip on a nudist beach and join a Naturist club, and that I got-off forcing her to be nude in public. Understandably they were all on her side, and I was some kind of pervert. She went into some detail and then told everyone that I got excited when she talked about Steve fucking her. Sheila mentioned that she was a naturist and Steve had the biggest cock she had ever seen. Everyone laughed. At this point I started to get an erection and I couldn’t stop it. Carol was a talented artist and achieved a very good likeness – asked if I could hold the pose so she could show it to her friends at the office next week. Everyone laughed again. Marie said the only man she had seen with an erection was her husband, and she would love to see me getting a hand-job.

Every one of them said yes please – and my wife quickly obliged.

I had to sit for another 15 minutes with a drip of cum on the end of my cock. They all thanked her for organising the class and there was a lot of girly laughter as they left the house. From now on, most of the people I knew would hear about this. When I went to the pub, the naturist club, the office – and even in my own street – everyone would know. She said that her original plan was just to have me nude and embarrassed, and reminded me that this whole thing started when she was exposed to her work colleague at the club. The hand-job was never planned, but she was really pleased with the way it turned out.

The affair with Steve continued through the winter and spring. I heard from a friend that she had a reputation for flirting with the men – she had become a very sexy “prick-teaser”. Some of the wives were not happy with her behaviour. I also heard that her relationship with Steve was going downhill. In the late spring Steve had a party. There were around 20 people there with only three women – including my wife.

The party started with drinks and Steve made an announcement – that his girlfriend (my wife) had come to him for sex and would do anything he wanted. He said that she had become a total prick-teaser, showing off to all the men – showing them what they couldn’t have. She is obviously an exhibitionist, so I am going to take her hobby one step further. Most people here have seen her nude, but have no idea how sexy she can be, so if anyone is likely to be offended, they should leave now. Nobody left. Steve said – I know you love it, so take your dress off and let us all look at you. She didn’t move – so Steve said – let’s help her. She was quickly stripped and groped, Her young work colleague ripped her nickers off and she was totally naked in seconds. Now she realised she couldn’t stop what was happening she didn’t resist – she cooperated opening her legs and posing in the most provocative way possible – and making encouraging comments to the men groping her.

The two women were nowhere near as attractive as my wife, they were jealous of her, and annoyed by her flirty behaviour. They wanted to watch Steve give her the fucking she deserved, and they wanted to see her humiliated and tearful.

There were also two male friends of ours from the tennis club – we had socialised with them in the past and they knew we had sort of broken up, but because my wife had been so prim & proper in the past, they never expected to see her like this. They had never even seen her in sexy clothes. The rest of the crowd was mostly from the naturist club, plus a couple of Steve’s friends she didn’t know, and a married neighbour who we saw frequently – he had never seen my wife nude and thought we were a normal respectable couple.

There were plenty of lewd comments from the crowd – “she needs a good fingering to get her ready for Steve’s big cock”.

Almost everyone in the crowd felt her tits and some of them fingered her, even the two women took the opportunity to feel her and rubbed her clit until it hurt.

Steve stripped to the cheers of the crowd. She lay on her back and opened her legs so everyone could see his big hot cock stretching her as it went in. He fucked her in a number of crowd pleasing positions and pulled it out leaving her with her legs open and her hole gaping. She didn’t even try to cover up.

Steve said anyone was welcome to do what they want with her. But first in line should be the

men from the naturist club who had been tormented by her exhibitionist behaviour. She said she was sorry and ashamed for being such a tease, and that she deserved to be fucked for being such a slut. She also said that she knew most of the men were married and they should think carefully about the consequences because their wives would certainly find out about this. Some men stood back, but 4 of them couldn’t resist. She allowed them to do whatever they wanted — making it easy for them to stick their cocks into her and would move so they could try her in any position they wanted. She told me later that she faked orgasms to try and make them come as quickly as possible to get it over with. One was an enormous guy in his 60’s who wouldn’t have had the slightest chance of fucking such a gorgeous woman. She started on her back and then moved to let him take her from behind. He made the most of this moment, and his fat cock was going into any hole that could take it. The crowd cheered him on.

Our friends from the tennis club couldn’t believe their luck. They said they had no idea she was such a nympho and she was on her hands and knees so she could suck one while the other fucked her from behind. They both came quickly, and she said that their girlfriends would be really pleased to hear about this…..

Her young work colleague had stripped naked. She took hold of his cock and pumped it, sucked it and then spread her legs and snogged him as he pumped into her – she even got on top and rode him saying I knew you wanted me to do this – he finished off pounding her doggy style and she had her first real orgasm of the night – he would have something to talk about in the office next week!

Even our neighbour couldn’t resist the opportunity to have her. He had only come to the party for a drink and a chat. His wife was plain and boring. He apologised saying she was so horny he just couldn’t stop himself, and he thanked her for giving him the best sexual experience of his life.

Some of the married men did not fuck her – worried that their wives would hear about it – they just enjoyed the show, and some got their cocks out and wanked as they watched her perform. Finally, one of the naturists put her over his knees with his stiff cock poking into her tits and said she was a very naughty slut and deserved a spanking. He spanked her on the butt and on the pussy. He slid a finger in and said she is still nice and tight after all this fucking. She lay on her back and said “please fuck me and I will be a good girl from now on”. It wasn’t long before she was on her knees sucking him until he came on her face.

There were still plenty of hard cocks in the room, and some were clearly thinking about having a second go, but it was getting late. Most people thought the evening had gone way beyond what they expected. Some knew that Steve planned to fuck her, but they had no idea he was going to share her with anyone who wanted to try her out. Even Steve thought it had gone out of control.

She started the evening as the victim and ended as the star of the show. Steve was the guy with the big cock who couldn’t make her come.

The party broke up and she came home in a taxi – dried sperm on her face and her tits poking out of her torn dress, no bra and no nickers. It was our usual taxi driver. He must have been totally surprised.

She said she had been fucked in public with lots of people watching but couldn’t do anything about it because it could easily be argued that she was obviously willing to do it. She said it was over with her and Steve.

Her tits and pussy were sore, and she had a long soak in the bath. Tomorrow she would arrange test to check for std’s and if everything was ok we could start having sex again if I still wanted her.

We would have to change jobs and move house, and that’s what we did.

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