My Wife’s Wild Desires

An adult stories – My Wife’s Wild Desires by Amaturewriter1,Amaturewriter1 My wife is very beautiful and has got a very attractive figure. Many a times I have noticed people eyeing the sexy figure hidden inside the thin materials of clothes. She usually wears salwar suit. She is conservative in nature. So she never tries to wear sexy outfits. But even in traditional dresses she looks very hot. Her fair skin, big boobs and perfect ass always makes her the center of attraction.

Recently I changed my job. We changed the city and moved to a small city. I took a rented house in a society. It was a little bit outskirt of the city. Our house was the first house while entering the society. There was a locked house in front of our house.The houses were quite big and separated by boundary wall.It was a peaceful and beautiful location. But becomes quite very early in the evening. About 8 pm you will see hardly any people outside. Being outskirts of the city people generally do not prefer night life activity. Rather they prefer to be with families.

We were enjoying our life in the new location. One day I was just watching outside the window. There was a tailor shop just outside the society. It was a ladies tailor shop. I saw the master taking the measurements of a lady. Our house being the first house of the society, is the closest to the tailor shop. From others houses it can not be seen. I don’t know why but it attracted me. Gradually it became a habit.

Many a times I have noticed intentional moves by the tailor to touch the parts of girls.Those attempts makes my penis instantly hard. Sometimes I go to the roof top for better view. One night I was in dream, and saw my wife in the tailor shop and the tailor taking advantage while taking measurement. I woke up but the dream was revolving in my mind. I don’t know how but the feeling of somebody touching my wife was striking my mind. I unknowingly started liking the idea. But I also knew that it is not so simple to convince my conservative wife.

I started thinking how I can make my dream true.I started telling her naughty stories and incidents. I sometimes told her imaginary stories about my friends having affairs and sex relationship with girls, maids and neighbours. Initially she was shy to comment on those but was thinking that the stories told by me are true. gradually she became bolder and bolder. Then I took some pics of a desi couple from internet and showed her saying these are the photograph of one of my friend working in our company with her wife and we have secretly transferred the photos from his phone. My wife was shocked to see a high society couple nude in public. Slowly she started taking interest on those things.

After such small small efforts for a month, gradually I convinced her do some naughty jobs for me. My wife loves me and has great faith on me. So she agreed for small small naughty activities at home. Something we go to terrace completely nude in nights. Sometimes we sleep nude at terrace. All these we were doing when we were fully confident that no one is watching or no one can see us.

Gradually she became bolder and bolder. One night I showed her some nude pizza dare videos. She praised the daring of the pizza dare girls receiving nude pizza home delivery completely nude. Then I encouraged her to do something like that. The answer was a obvious no. But after several days requests she agreed for a little bit dare. She agreed to attend anyone just like pizza receive just in saree without bra or blouse. I was overjoyed. I selected a semi transparent saree for her. We had ordered a smartphone for her online with 24 hour delivery.

The next day she was wearing the saree only. She was looking like a model of fashion catwalk. Her boobs can be seen partially from the saree Her dark nipples were easily noticeable. She asked me whether any of her private parts are visible. I denied. Because if I would have told her the truth, she would not have dared to attend a stranger with her boobs and nipples visible. Then the courier boy came. I hugged her and wished her best of luck. In the process of hugging her, I intentionally shifted her saree covering her left boob slightly. My intention was to show her skin slightly to the courier boy.

But unfortunately her saree was shifted a bit more in hurry. Her left boob was almost half unprotected.She had not observed that. She went in a hurry to open the door. She had not carefully seen her saree condition. I was looking everything from the bedroom, hiding behind the curtains. She quickly opened the door and started answering the courier boy. The courier boy was eyeing on her partially exposed boobs. The nipples of both the boobs were clearly noticeable.

Then the courier boy asked for the ID. My wife came inside the bedroom and took the ID. The courier boy checked the ID and intentionally dropped the the ID on the floor as if it slipped. My wife bent down to pick it up. The process loosened the saree near the boob and her left boob was completely visible hanging for a second. Soon she got up and paid him and about to closed the door. But the guy asked for a glass of water.

My wife went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water. I knew that the boy was just taking his maximum time to see my semi nude wife. After his departure I told her the actual saree condition and told how much her figure was visible. My wife was completely red in shy. But we both enjoyed in incident and had nice wild fuck for several nights discussing about the incident.

Then I started convincing her to face someone absolute nude. She was a little bit hesitate. One day I planned a surprise for her. In the evening I ordered pizza without her knowledge. I knew exactly how much time the pizza boy would take. During that time I tried to make some romance and gifted her a almost full transparent night dress. I requested to wear only the top without inner wear. The top was ending halfway in her ass. It was full transparent. She was looking dam sexy. Just then I pretended as if I had a urgent call from a company friend who is waiting near the society. I told her that I will be back in few minutes.

I went outside and hide near the locked house that is in front of our house. Within few minutes the pizza boy came and pressed the calling bell. Just then I called her on phone. She thought that I am outside and calling her to open quickly. She opened the door in the full transparent top. All her parts can be seen clearly. She was in a state of shock. Her phone was still ringing. She had no option but to receive the pizza in the same condition.

After picking the pizza she was going to bedroom to get the money to pay. Meanwhile she received my call and I told that the pizza boy may come and I forgot to inform her. She told in a serious voice that the pizza boy is at the door. I thought she would come well covered to pay the money. To my surprise she came absolutely nude and paid him. The pizza boy got a shock but left with money.

After a while I entered home and my wife opened the door nude and was smiling. I was shocked because I thought she would be angry. Then he told me that it took her seconds to realise that it is not an accident but my plan for a pizza dare. So she planned to surprise me further to become completely nude which I was requesting her to do for days. When I asked her why she became nude. She laughed and told that she did to make me understand that she loves me and has complete faith on me and won’t mind to do such stupid dare if it is for my pleasure and I feel that it is ok for us. I don’t need to make such stupid plans. That night we had a wild sex for hours. Because she was really ready for the real dares.

After few days I got a call from my previous employer with a good hike. So I decided to change and go back to the earlier city.

But I had one month notice period.So I decided to explore maximum limit upto which my wife can dare.

I told her everything and started convincing her for bigger dare. I also convinced her that as we are going to leave the city with in few days, there is not much risk even someone catches her nude.

I thought it would be difficult to convince her, but Surprisingly my wife agreed to my idea at the first attempt with a smile. I felt that she was also enjoying the dares.It gave me the idea to fulfill my dream. I told her about my dream of her flirting with the tailor. I told her how I can see her from the house and told her how no other people can see her from the society houses. She asked me whether I would mind if tailor touches her. I told her that it was my dream. I also asked her to feel free whatever she wants to do and to any limit. I won’t mind till she does not cheats me. She smiled and gave me a tight hug.

The next day she went to the tailor for stitching a pair of ghagra choli. I was watching from the window. She was wearing saree. The tailor took all the measurement professionally. I enjoyed the moments when he was taking the measurement around boobs. Then my wife came home. I was disappointed with the short show.

My wife asked me to keep patience and to be ready after 3 days. She asked me to take leave from office so that she can tell the tailor that I am out of town for few days. So that he can dare to flirt with her. I could not understand the exact plan running in her mind but took leave from office. After 3 days my wife went to the tailor and collected the dress and came back home. But while chatting with the tailor she had told the tailor that she is alone at home as I am out of town.

She had already done tailoring course years back and has good hand in sewing We also have a small automatic sewing machine at home. She quickly did some alteration in the choli and waited till it was 8 in the night. The society was almost silent. There was no people outside the society. My wife quickly changed her dress. She wore salwar kameej without bra or panty. We saw that the tailor was almost winding up for the day. My wife took the ghagra choli and went to the shop. I knew my wife was planning something special for me. So I went to the roof. Because of darkness no one can see me.

She entered the shop and started complaining about the fitting.

Wife- “Masterjee, look what have you done. It is too tight.”

Tailor — “No no madam, I have stitched as per the measurement. Can you show me. You can change it in trial room. Please.”

Wife — “Ok”

My wife went inside the trial room. Removed the kameej. And wore the choli. The choli was backless with threads. My wife had altered the sleeves in such a way that the shoulder was too much tight. She only put the sleeves. The back was open. And came out.

Wife- “look masterjee, the sleeves are so narrow.”

The tailor was surprised to see the fitting. He came close to her and looked around. For few seconds he was amazed to see my wife backless. The boobs were popping out of the choli partially from the bottom. He tried to check the sleeves to know how tight it is. Then he asked her to remove the choli so that he can alter it.

My wife went inside the changing room to remove the choli. But it was so tight that she could not remove it. So she came out and asked the tailor for help. The tailor helped her and removed the choli from the tight shoulders. But it was too tight. He had to pull the sleeves with force. As soon as the the sleeves came out of the tight shoulders it came out completely. In the process my wife became topless. She quickly covered her boobs with hand and went inside the changing room. Now she came out with the kameej on. The tailor begged sorry.

Tailor- “Madam I think I should take a fresh measurement if you won’t mind”

Wife — “Ok”

Tailor- “Please stand here.”

My wife obeyed his instructions.

Then he started taking the measurements one by one. Soon he realised that my wife it not wearing bra inside. He placed the tape around the boob to take measurement. He placed over the nipples and started gently playing with the nipples. My wife was biting her lips in shy. Soon her nipples became hard. He gently squeezed one of the nipple over the kameez. The tape was still around the boobs. My wife had now closed her eyes. Seeing no objection the tailor got more courage. And moved his fingers on her boob. My wife was feeling excited. There was no sign of protest. After playing for a while,

Tailor- “Can you please remove your kameez”

Wife- “But why, no tailor takes such measurement removing kameej.”

Tailor — “Mam, it is only for the perfect fitting of your choli only.”

Wife- “But how can I do it here, someone passing by can see me.”

Tailor — “Relax mam. No one comes out of society after 8 pm”

Wife- “But I Feel shy.”

Tailor- “Relax madam, it is only for you.”

My wife hesitantly removed her kameej. The tailor was not much surprised to see her without bra. My wife was standing topless showing her beautiful boobs. Then he started taking the measurement. But this time it was not a professional job. It was sensual. He was exploring the boobs in the open shop. I was dam shocked to see the daring of the two. Unknowingly I had brought my cock out if my shorts and was stroking it.

He asked my wife to move the hands apart. My wife was obeying the instructions.

He wrapped the measuring tape over the nipples. He gently started playing with the nipples directly. My wife was gradually coming in mood. He then grabbed the boobs and squeezed slowly. My wife started moaning. Eyes of my wife are already closed.

But my wife was not objecting After few minutes of boob play, he started biting the nipples slowly, while he gently moved one hand down and pulled the thread of the salwar.

The salwar fell on the floor. But got a little bit shocked to see there was no panty. The tailor started squeezing her ass and asked her to lift her legs one by one so that he can remove the salwar completely. The tailor told her he also wants to take the proper measurement for ghagra also. My wife gave a naughty smile and came out of the salwar on the floor. Her shaved pussy was looking beautiful. He started inserting one finger in pussy while sucking the boobs.

I could not believe my eyes. My wife is standing nude in a open shop and is following the instructions willingly. It was way beyond my imagination.

He started feeling my wife from top to bottom. He was not at all in hurry. My wife was completely in his control. He gently lifted her and lay her on his marking table. Within seconds he removed his clothes and came on the table.Soon they were in 69 position. My wife was sucking the cock like a chocolate ice cream. I saw the large penis going in and out of her mouth.

Soon he started stroking quickly in her mouth. In between he was giving jerks so that the cock can go deeper and deeper. Sometimes he use to pinch her hard so that she would open her mouth more due to pain and he could push his cock deeper. I believe that the cock was going till her throat as her eyes were telling the pain and uneasiness. Soon they changed the position and he started pushing his cock in my wife’s cunt. His hands were squeezing the boobs hard and lips were locked. Although the cock was bigger but my wife had no problem getting it in. But it was the speed and energy that was making my wife more honey. He was fucking her like a dog. My wife was making moaning sound in enjoyment. They were enjoying the moment.

They continued the play in different poses for an hour. I had cummed twice in the process. I thought to have a close look near the shop. But my wife had locked the house from outside. Then the tailor also came to climax and cummed inside my wife cunt. They relaxed for a minute and then separated. His semi erect cock came out with a stream of white sperm. My wife was more than happy with the pleasure. He quickly put on his clothes. My wife was still on the table.

He lifted her in his arm and took her outside the shop. My wife was shocked a little bit. He then made her stand and asked her to pee in the street. He also started pee. My wife also followed the instructions like a good girl. While the pee the tailor asked my wife whether she had locked the door of the house or has left it open. She could not understand but answered that the door is locked. The tailor asked where are the keys. My wife answered that are in the purse in the tailor shop. The tailor gave a naughty smile. Before my wife could understand he finished pee and quickly pulled the shutter of the shop down and locked it.

Now my wife was completely nude in the street.She had no idea what is happening. He then asked my wife to sit behind him in his bike or stay nude till morning till all people wake up and see her nude. My wife was about to cry as she had no other option but to sit behind him.Hesitantly my wife agreed. Then they both went away. My wife was sitting nude behind him. She had hugged him tight and dug her face. I was feeling afraid. But I could not do anything.

I was waiting for them for 10 minutes but felt like hours. Then they came in bike. My wife was still nude but not shy nor afraid. He opened the the shop and gave her the purse. She did not tried to take her dresses. My wife gave him a kiss and he gently squeezed the nipples while kissing. My wife gave a naughty complain of pain in nipple. The tailor knew that my wife was telling lie. So he intentionally squeezed the nipples hard. This time my wife cried in pain and then both smiled. After a few minutes kissing and folding in street they departed. It was midnight. He went and my wife came inside.

I hugged her tight and asked whether she is alright. Where did he took her. She was smiling and told that it was the most memorable night of her life. Then she told that initially she was also afraid where he was taking her. But he did not took her to any private place. But first he took her on a long drive. Initially she was shy but then felt the quite streets and cold waves. It took me few minutes to be normal. He asked her to enjoy the ride as she had no other option. Initially she was shy but gradually got confident. But she was overjoyed on the ride.

Then she hugged me and begged sorry for going so far beyond her limit. She was actually planning to show her boobs to the tailor and come back. But the magic moments forced her to go beyond intended limits. I told her not to worry as we are leaving the city after few days. Then she told me that she was actually enjoying the nudism. We fucked again in night. And slept nude. I also didn’t hesitate to tell her the truth that I had also enjoyed a lot. We both laughed.

In the morning I got a call from the previous employer saying they want me to join with in days and are ready to pay the notice pay.

So we have to move after one day. I told her that this is the last day in the city. She smiled and told me that do you want more daring adventures. I told her that I don’t want any specific but she can fulfill any wild desires if she had or she wants to do for me, which would be difficult to fulfill in the other city.

She thought for a while and then gave me a naughty smile and asked ” Are you sure. ” I confirmed. Yes anything to any limit. She said she would like to spend the whole day nude and would not stop anyone taking advantage to any limit. I was surprised, thought for a while and said OK.

Just then the door bell rang. I knew that it would be the milkman. She ran nude to the kitchen,took the vessel and went to the door. She opened the door. The milkman was in a shock to react. He gave the milk. She asked him to make the calculation as we would be leaving the city. She paid him the money. The milkman praised the nude boobs of my wife and gave a light touch. My wife smiled.

Seeing a positive response he touched the boob more firmly. He then started sucking one boob while playing with the other one. He was in a hurry. Soon he brought out his monster cock. He took her to the sofa and started his quick fire. Undoubtedly his cock was much bigger than mine and she was feeling the pain. He then started increasing the speed. My wife was moaning with pain and happiness. He was increasing the pace like an engine. They had a good session.He ended the session in doggy pose and he sprayed some sperm inside and some sperms on her ass.

When the milkman went leaving her on the sofa, she was tired. I lifted her and took her to the bathroom to refresh. The milkman had ejaculated so much sperm inside that sperms were dripping from the cunt all the way. We had an hour bath. While bathing my wife told me that she had caught me masturbating while she was fucked. I had no answer. Because watching the live sex in front of eyes made my dick hard and I required to make it stress free. We both laughed at the situation and went to bedroom after bath.

We had our meal and were just relaxing. Just then the doorbell again rang. My wife smiled and went to open the door. I was a little bit skeptical as it was not known who is outside. But my wife was not at all afraid. She opened the door. It was a salesman representing a vacuum cleaner.

My wife gracefully welcomed him to come inside for a demo. The boy was completely in confused state how to behave. Somehow he managed to show the demo. But his eyes were on my wife’s boob and his cock was visible tenting the pant. The boy could not dare to say or comment on my wife’s nudity. So my wife initiated saying

Wife- “why are you staring? Won’t you try a demo”

The boy — “I wish, but…”

Wife — “Then, What are you waiting for?”

The boy was shy in nature. His hands were shaking while he first touched the boobs of my wife. It took him few minutes to realise that it was a lucky day for him.

Soon he started sucking the nipples like a baby. My wife was also getting hotter and hotter. My wife had now closed her eyes. The boy started roaming his hand all over my wife’s body while his mouth was busy in sucking. After 15 minutes my wife started removing his dresses. Once the boy was nude, my wife started sucking his cock. The boy had never felt that before. With in a minute he cummed inside my wife’s mouth. The boy begged sorry for that. My wife smiled and cleaned his penis by licking.

After that my wife started playing with his body. Then she started sucking his balls while her hand was playing with his ass. This was the first time I saw my wife dominating. She then smoothly entered her one finger inside his ass hole. He had not expected this.

But when my wife started entering her finger deeper and deeper, the boy started enjoying this. Then she entered one more finger inside while sucking his balls. The boy was getting more and more excited as I could see his cock erection. I could not believe that the boy had another erection within 10 minutes of earlier releasing sperms inside my wife’s mouth.

But this time my wife was riding him. My wife laid him on sofa came over him. She them started moving her body up and down. This was may be the first fuck of his life. My wife was riding him wildly. Something she was slapping his ass cheeks. Within 15 minutes the boy again cummed. This time inside her cunt. My wife brought his cock and cleaned by licking. When the boy stood, I could see the finger marks of my wife on his ass. He put on his clothes and left.

Just before leaving he tried to touch all the private parts of my wife for the last time. Then he left and my wife entered inside the bedroom.I commented her saying if she gets pregnant then whose baby it would be as all are releasing cum inside her cunt. She told me smiling that she would take I- Pill as she would only like to keep my baby in her body.

It was evening and my wife was waiting for the colony to be quiet. It was 7 pm. I could still hear people outside occasionally The tailor called her to take the dressing. Now I was thinking what would she do, as it would be risky for her to go out nude so early. But she was ready to cross all the limits.

Fortunately there were no one in the streets except few people little bit far away going away from the society. She did not hurried neither ran But went normal completely nude to the shop. The shop keeper also got a shock to see her nude at 7 pm.

She sat in the shop for a while, had few chat and paid him the money. She also told him that we would be leaving the city. He was disappointed. But did not missed the last chance to fold and suck the nipples.

Surprisingly he did not initiated for sex. My wife was also not much hungry for fuck. While she was coming out of the shop another girl of approx 25 years just entered the shop.

My wife gave her a smile and was coming out. I knew that it would not cause us any damage as we are just leaving the city in a day. The lady was a bit shocked to see a nude lady in the shop. Surprisingly the lady gave her( my wife’s) ass a light slap while she was crossing her. I think that the girl was a little bit lesbian in nature. My wife stopped for a while and went near the lady.

Before the lady could react my wife gave her a hug and lip kiss. It took her a moment to realise what is happening. But soon she opened her lips and started responding. My wife first started playing her boobs over the dress.

After few minutes her hands entered in side the t shirt while with her other hand my wife unzipped her pant and lowered it with panty. She didn’t protested. The rest was done by the tailor. Now the girl was only in her T shirt. Soon my wife opened the hooks of her bra inside the t shirt and freed her boobs. Then my wife took her t shirt upwards. Within seconds the girl was nude. My wife again started kissing and folding the girl. The tailor also took the advantage and started licking the pussy of the girl.

Before the girl could understand the situation the tailor sat on a stool and positioned his cock just below her pussy. My wife did the rest by gently pushing her down. The cock smoothly entered the already wet cunt. My wife helped her to give a motion to her body so that the cock would enter completely.

Within minutes the girl was in full mood.I could see the pleasure of penis going in and out. The girl was also shaking her body up and down. Just by that time a person in a bike just crossed. But he had not looked inside the shop. But they realised that it is not too late evening to such thing openly.

Soon my wife advised them to enjoy the season inside the changing room, because some one may notice them.They all went inside. After an hour all of them came out. Sperms were dripping from the cunt of the girl. The society was completely silent. The tailor and the girl put on the clothes and my wife her stitched clothes and salwar kameej in hand. The tailor closed the shop and all the three departed. The tailor had some personal work, so they did not go for a nude ride. Meanwhile my wife wished the tailor for the new partner.

She boldly came in the street completely nude with the girl properly dressed. The street was almost empty. There were few people far in the street. My wife hugged the girl in front of our gate gave her a good lip kiss and came inside.

The next day we left the city. I had never seen her showing further interest for a fuck from anyone else till day. Although I tease her for those few days. She also rarely tries to do such nude dare for public. Although we together sometimes enjoy nudity in streets after midnight when the streets are empty but rarely in front of others.

Sometimes I tried to test her wild desires in holiday resorts. She never minds to become nude in front of room service boy but she never had sex with anyone. She tells me that she would not like to make sex an addiction in her life and she is also afraid because once she is in mood she can not stop herself and may cross all limits which are not good for our relationship.

But still I am waiting for the next time I would change the job and city. May be that time I can see her wild desires coming out. But for me those days were the golden memories of my life. And gave me a sexy wife.

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