So This Man Asked Me Out Pt. 04 by VanessaEvans,VanessaEvans

When it came to put some clothes on I was spoilt for choice, I liked all my new clothes instead of having to choose one drab outfit or another. I brushed my hair trying to decide then I slipped on one of the summer dresses and some shoes on and went looking for John.

“I see that you chose one of the see-through dresses.” John said, “Just confirming that you are an exhibitionist.”

“”Yeah, okay, let’s go.”

“That pink antenna looks good Jade, I can see the end of it below the hem and I can follow it right up to where it disappears.”

“You really don’t mind me wearing this dress?”

“No, I love that dress nearly as much as what’s in it.”

“I suppose it will be dark outside, no one will be able to see that it’s see-through.”

I replied but at the same time I was hoping that John was going to take me somewhere where there would be bright lights. As we walked out to John’s car I thought,

“Jeez Jade, what the hell has got into you? Last week you’d never even worn a dress like this at home, with underwear on, never mind going outside in it with or without underwear. I must be crazy?”

John opened my door for me and I made sure that he saw where the antenna disappeared before lifting my outside leg into the car.

“Tease.” John said as he shut the door then went round to his side of the car.

“Roof off?” John asked as he pressed the start button.

“Off.” I replied and minutes later we were driving down the road.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Patience little one.” John replied as we drove out into the countryside and minutes later we were pulling into the car park of a little country pub called The Drunken Duck.

“Is this yours?” I asked.

“It is but I have a manager, Ken, running it for me.”

“Does that mean that we’ll get free drinks? I asked.

“Of course but don’t go getting drunk, I want you to remember everything that happens here.”

“And just what is going to happen to me here?”

“I have no idea yet but I’m sure that you will enjoy everything that does.”

“Can I really go inside dressed like this, I mean there will be bright lights, someone might get offended?”

“If they do they can leave but there aren’t many people about that would get offended by the sight of a naked beautiful young woman.”

“Thank you John, but I’m not naked, unless you are intending to take this dress off of me.”

“No I’m not going to strip you Jade, but you might want to take it off.”

“I doubt that.”

By then John had parked the car and was coming round to my side to open the door for me. I made sure that he could see the antenna again, then we walked to the pub door.

When John opened the door I stepped in and almost instantly everything went quiet. I looked around and saw about twenty five men of various ages all looking at me. I also saw a sign saying ‘Function Room’ pointing to a door that I guessed led to some sort of extension out the back of the pub.

Then I saw a middle-aged man come from behind the bar and walk over to us.

“John, great to see you again, and who is this vision of beauty?”

“Ken this is Jade, my new girlfriend, Jade, Ken, the manager, and Ken I haven’t come to check on the books. I’m sure that they are in perfect order.”

“They are but I wouldn’t mind talking to you about an idea that I have had but some other time, come and introduce your new friend to all your friends here. Your usual John, and what would you like Jade?”

“Do you do cocktails Ken?”

“We don’t get much demand for them out here in the sticks, but we do, what would you like?”

“Surprise me Ken.”

I looked around the room and saw seven tables, all with just men sitting round them. Most of the men were still looking at me and I suddenly became very aware that my dress was see-through and that every one of those men could tell that I wasn’t wearing anything under the dress. I felt my face warm up.

John took me to four of the tables and introduced me, and at each he introduced me to each man sat there and each pair of eyes staring at my tits and slit close up made me tingle a bit more. Some of the men gave me a compliment of some sort, quite a few of them being about my dress. No one actually said that they could see everything through it but why else would a man say that he liked a dress?

Anyway, we finally left the fourth table and John took me to the end of the bar where there were two, high stools vacant. John sat on one and patted the other to tell me that I was to sit on it. I had to climb up using the bar between two of the legs and when I sat I could feel the wood on my bare butt. I tried to pull the hem down but it was going nowhere. I tried to cross my legs but the stool was too close to the bar and the overhang got in the way of my legs. I resigned myself to sitting with my knees together.

I smoothed the dress behind me and discovered that the hem only just touched the wooden seat causing me to think that I shouldn’t bend forward.

I was just about to ask John why he’d only introduced me to the men at four of the tables when Ken appeared with a drink in each hand.

“There you go, one pint of Dogs Bollocks and one Sex on the Beach, I’ve got some Pigswill coming in next week John, you’ll have to come and try it.”

I looked at John then Ken and wondered if they were talking in some sort of code. John saw my puzzlement and said,

“This is a Free House pub Jade, we can sell any beer that we can get our hands on, and real ale goes down well around here, that’s why it’s so popular.”

I assumed that Dogs Bollocks and Pigswill were names of beers and let it pass.

“So John, where did you find this beauty, and one that is so, shall we say ‘liberated’?”

“In a pub in the city. I had to go back five times before I saw her again and asked her out. It’s taken a few days for her to start to find her real self but I think that she’s getting there.”

“I wish that more girls would stop trying to hide behind society and be their real selves.” Ken said.

“You got that right mate. Now you wanted to talk to me about something?”

“Yes, it won’t take long, the function room, I thought that maybe we could rent it out to some of the more, shall we say, ‘specialist’ clubs rather than sticking to the usual weddings and Christmas dinner type events.”

“Ken, you’re the manager, it’s your decision but what sort of ‘specialist’ clubs were you thinking of?”

“Well I wasn’t thinking of the Anglers or the Train Spotters brigades, they’re the run of the mill stuff, I was thinking of the CMNF, the BDSM or the Multiple ‘O’ Club, that type clubs, I’ve heard that there is a shortage of places that will accommodate the more liberated sections of society and being out in the sticks a bit the function room would be ideal for them, it wouldn’t be a problem if scantily clad or tied up girls were wandering around the place. Last week I got asked by a photography club that wanted to turn the room into a mini studio for the night so that they could photograph naked girls.”

“I’m more than happy for you to you to accommodate them Ken, it’s good money coming in. Just one thing though if you take a booking for any event that you think that Jade here might be able to display herself at can you let me know, I’d hate for her to miss an opportunity to show herself.”

“No problem John, if I had a body like Jade’s I would want to put it on display all the time.”

“Yes, she does have nice, cute little tits doesn’t she?” John replied as his right hand came and cupped my right tit then tweaked both my nipples through the dress.

“Gotta go.” Ken said, “city guys just here for the beer. They should be leaving soon.”

That was my opportunity to ask John what the acronyms were,

“CMNF that’s Clothed Male, Naked Female and they have meetings and dinners.”

“What, where all the women are naked?”

“Yes, apparently it’s a big turn on for the women.”

“That doesn’t surprise me, can we join that club?”

“I’m sure that I can organise that, you really are getting into this nudity aren’t you Jade?”

“Yeah, I am aren’t I, and I guess that I have to thank you for that John, I’ll thank you properly later.”

“BDSM, that’s ….”

I interrupted John by saying,

“Bondage, Discipline and Sadism and Masochism, yes, I’ve heard of that, I watched a few films about that, the 50 shades series are great movies.”

“Yes, and we’ve already started down that road Jade.”

“We have haven’t we, are we going to go further down that road?”

“Do you want to Jade?”

“Yes please.”

“I was hoping that you’d say that.”

“I don’t know what this Multiple ‘O’ Club is though.”

“You’ll kick yourself when I tell you, you’re already quite good at having multiple orgasms Jade.”

“Bloody hell, I should have worked that one out. Do they really have clubs for women who what to have multiple orgasms? What do they do at their meetings, have competitions to see how many orgasms they can have in a certain time?”

“Precisely, you’d do well there Jade, and it will be great fun practising.”

“Yes it would. So how do we join these clubs?”

“All of them?”

“Well the CMNF and the Multiple ‘O’ Club to start off with, BDSM scares me a bit, I’d hate to be whipped so many times that I bleed to death.”

“I’m sure that it’s not that bad but we can leave that one for now, just have some fun on our own at home.”

Then I had a thought,

“Hey John, coming here and you talking to Ken about these clubs wasn’t a setup to get me to join these clubs with you was it?”

“No, definitely not Jade. Okay I’d started thinking about how we get get you your kicks but I hadn’t thought about joining clubs, and yes I’d heard of those clubs before but I’d never even considered them, but now that you say that you are interested in two of the three then I’ll certainly start making enquiries.”

“Okay John, I believe you, it’s just that it seemed to be the perfect setup.”

“Honest Jade, it wasn’t.”

“I believe you John, how can I prove it to you?”

“You don’t need to prove anything Jade. Just keep being you, the real you.”

“Oh I intend to lover, you’ve opened the doors for me and they’re one way doors, no going back in to the closet.”

We both drank some more then I said,

“John, can you look at the men behind me and tell me if they are still looking at me, I’m pretty sure that part of my butt is showing.”

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