The Old Slave

An adult stories – The Old Slave by OneWhoAdores,OneWhoAdores The Old Slave

My father died of a heart attack at age 46. I was 21, just as I was finishing my junior year in college. My mother had died in a car accident 10 years earlier. I was an only child, and I was now completely on my own. Not that this was so much different. After my mother’s death, my father always made sure that we were financially secure, and that my education and every day needs were provided for, and while my daily activities were never of much interest to him, he did demand that I try to keep out of trouble. And to keep such things in my favor, I did my best to comply. He otherwise remained emotionally distant until he passed. I always felt that in many ways, this worked out for me. It forced me to become independent, to know who I was, and what I wanted to be and do. And over time I developed the ability to act upon it all.

Our modest house was fully paid for, and the small life insurance policy he had left would provide me with living expenses for at least some period of time. The only debts he left me with were student loans he had taken out that in large part had paid to send me to the elite college I was attending. They were substantial. And I still had another year of college to complete my degree in business. And I’d always desired and planned to go on immediately after that for my MBA.

Now those plans were in serious jeopardy, as I had no obvious way to pay for them, let alone for the three years of loans already used. The good news was that they were obtained from a special program set up by the company where my father had worked, and were interest-free, and could be paid back over an extensive period of time. This didn’t solve of course, the problem any future expenses my education would incur, but I was determined to at least complete my college degree in any way that I could, even as it likely also meant forgoing, possibly forever, my quest for an MBA.

The interest-free student loan program was one of a number of very nice employee benefits developed and offered by the owner and president of the company, Roland Anderson, where my father had worked. He was the same age as my father, and in his early 20s had taken over the struggling family import-export business when his own father had died, and had, over 25 years, developed it into a thriving and hugely successful several thousand employee business, with multiple offices around the country and the world. I had met him a number of times over the years, at company picnics, and was ever astonished that he knew my name, and always asked about myself. He had attended both of my parent’s funerals, and at the latter one, he seemed particularly sincere in the oft offered, ‘If there is anything I can do, please let me know.’

Well, in this case, there was something I hoped he would do for me, and several weeks after the funeral I called to ask for an appointment to see him. I was gratified and pleased that it was immediately arranged.

I had practiced my presentation incessantly in my head leading up to the meeting, and steeled myself for the disappointment if my request was denied. But Roland Anderson put me at ease from the start

“I’m so glad you’ve come to see me, Anise. What is it that I can do for you?”

Here it went.

“Well, Mr. Anderson, I know my father, unfortunately, no longer works here, but I was wondering, and hoping, that I might still be able to avail myself of the student loan program you set up for employees and their families. My father used it to help me with my first three years of college, and I would be very thankful if I could use it for my final year to complete my degree.”

“And what are you studying, Anise?”

“Business” I replied.

He smiled. “And what are your plans after you finish your degree?”

I paused, a bit in sorrow. “Well, I had intended, and hoped to go on for my MBA, but that will obviously have to be put on hold now, but maybe later in night school after I’ve started working.”

“I see. And what do you hope to do with your degree, and then the MBA?”

I wasn’t sure that I wouldn’t sound ridiculous to this highly successful, and almost self-made businessman, but I didn’t lack for my own confidence.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to set up and grow my own business, of being in charge and responsible myself for everything in it from beginning to end. And I wanted to have the most tools and learn the most that I can to achieve all of that.”

He nodded, then sat there silently and stoically as if pondering what I had said. After many long moments, during which I came to the conclusion that I really had made a fool of myself, he finally responded.

“I’m not going to grant the loan, Anise.”

I had geared myself up for the disappointment, but I can’t claim that my spirits didn’t begin to plummet at that moment.

“Instead, my company is going to completely pay for your senior year.” He then went on to continue. “On the condition that you take a part-time internship during the year with our company”

I was stunned, but he wasn’t done.

“And if you perform well in the internship, and graduate with honors, we will pay for your MBA, and wipe away the first three years of your loans.”

When I rediscovered my voice, all I could do was ask, “Mr. Anderson. Why?”

He looked away for a few seconds, then back to me. “Your father was more than employee. He was a friend. We started working in this company at the same time, and were growing in it together. When your mother died so tragically, your father was never the same, and then he died far too young. This may be some small way that I can do something, anything, about that. But it’s also more than that. In this very short time today, I could see and sense something in you, Anise. Something different and special. And I just feel that you will prove me right. And you won’t be getting anything for free. You’ll be expected to work very hard here as an unpaid intern, and even harder, I suspect, to garner the honors that are required by my proposed deal.” He paused again. “So, what do you say?”

What could I say. No one had ever said such things about me, or offered me anything of such value. And I knew I would not fail. I would become all I was meant to be, and I swore to myself that Roland Anderson would come to know that.

“Yes, thank you, Mr. Anderson. I will do everything that it takes.”

And he was true to his word, every step of the way, as was I. Everyone agreed that my work as an intern was exemplary, and I graduated Summa Cum Laude. He attended my graduation, and I was very happy to have someone there to celebrate it with me. My previous student loans were erased, and the company funded my MBA studies, and even offered me a higher level paid internship to help with my living expenses during that time. He attended that graduation as well, and at a celebration dinner he treated me to that night, he made his pitch.

“I know that having done so well, Anise, that you are fielding offers of any number of very exciting opportunities. But let me also throw my company’s hat into the ring. I’m opening a new office in the city, importing a new product, and would like to offer you a position there to help get it off the ground. In no way though do I want you to consider taking it out of any sense of obligation. What you’ve been able to achieve so far, is more than enough recompense personally for me. But this is a chance for you to put your mark on something new and help it grow and succeed. It’s up to you, and I will be happy for you and supportive no matter what you decide.”

He was right that I had more than a few very interesting and lucrative offers on the table. But there were all in middle-management positions where I would initially just be another cog in the machine. And I needed to be so much more than that. As he pointed out, this would be an opportunity be involved in something at its beginning, and playing a vital role in its development. It was indeed very enticing, and though it hadn’t been often so far where I was ever in direct contact with him, it was comforting to realize that he always seemed to have his eye out for me. I accepted his offer.

Over the next several years the new endeavor became a big success, and I was amply rewarded with promotions, pay raises and bonuses for my part in it. And I loved working in the city. After selling my old family house in the suburbs, and with my increasing salary, I was able to afford a lovely little condo in midtown. I would have periodic contact with the big boss, Mr. A, when we had division meetings at company headquarters in the countryside. While he would never overtly praise me more than anyone else in public, in private asides he would always laud and encourage me on my progress and performances. I’m not sure that he ever fully understood how much all of that inspired and spurred me on to be who I have become.


As my public professional life prospered my private socio-sexual one also flourished. I’d known for quite some time that my particular interest and nature lay in proclivities involving dominance and submission. And I was most definitely a Dominant. While not considered a traditional beauty, I knew that I was regarded by many as quite winsome. But I wanted to win-it-all, not just some. I had to have total control, and needed to be showered in it, and also revered for it, by someone who not only hungered for, but also appreciated and gloried in my dominance.

As I experimented, my nature evolved over those early years, I found that I had no interest in whips and chains, bondage, or pain for pain’s sake, and only a little in mild forms of playful humiliation. My obsession was in adoration and obedience, unconditional, unquestioning, and complete. I would be worshiped, by someone whose only purpose would be in providing for my pleasure, with no consideration for their own. If there might be occasions when I would also desire the latter, it would only be because that would also please me, and only when I so wished. I didn’t want some obsequious drone though, except perhaps for some playtime together now and then, but never towards anyone else. I wanted an Alpha for my beta, whose more than evident worth, apparent to all, would serve to make my position above, only known to the two of us, all the more valuable and supreme.

In the beginning, my dabblings with subs were usually one offs, where I was learning what I wanted, with my pleasure as a bonus. As my tastes and desires became more refined and specific, my dalliances would at times become more prolonged. But they would always end when I realized that a particular sub would invariably begin to try to top from the bottom, and put his needs equal to mine, and sometimes even above. This could never be allowed. I did recognize that submissives also had wants and needs, and expectations. But I wanted none of that. I needed more than that. I fully wanted a slave. Someone whose only wants, needs, and desires were to provide for my pleasure and my happiness, and who only lived for all of that. Once that was offered and rendered, I would see to his own care and needs, but only on my whim.

A tall order, I knew, and as I approached my 30th birthday, I had yet to form any longer-lasting relationships or attachments. I would still frequent events on the scene, prowling for one night stands for some fun that would temporarily quench my carnal wants, but never, it seemed, my emotional needs.

It was one such time when I ventured one Friday night, to one of the popular alternative clubs in the city, which was having one of their twice monthly Femdom Nights. These were usually very popular and well attended, with a large number of Dommes, dressed in a wide variety of regalia, from full Catwoman leather, to various fashion statements of latex and rubber, to some like myself, who had no desire to preen for others, in every day clothes. There were an even greater number of prospective subs, and, of course, the usual voyeurs. There would likely be some juicy pickings for me to select from for another solitary moment of intense, but shallow kink.

As I made my rounds, accepting drinks and complements, and the obsequious banter and by-play before I made my choice for the evening, I saw him sitting alone in the corner, looking like a fish out of water, a deer in the headlights, and all the other clichés that fit so perfectly then. And he saw me at the same time, and turned white, before a very deep shade of red. My benefactor, my mentor, my boss… Roland Anderson. There was nothing else for me to do but approach him. Which I did.

“Mr. Anderson, how unexpected and delightful to see you.” There wasn’t any easy way to try to relieve the awkwardness.

“Anise,” he stammered desperately, “you must believe me that I didn’t think… here in the city… that I would ever meet anyone… that I knew.” He was totally flustered.

“This is your first time here, then?” I offered encouragingly.

“Ever… Anywhere… I just wanted, I thought… ” He looked at me imploringly, hopelessly. “Please, Anise, excuse me… I have to go”

As he started to rise, I put my hand on his arm. “Roland. Stay.”

That he instantly obeyed told me all that I had needed to know. It was my turn to be the mentor. “We need to talk.” I added, and after a stunned moment, he reluctantly nodded. “Not here, though.” I continued. “I want you to take me back to my place.”

I had taken an Uber to the club, and he had driven into the city, and now with my directions, he drove me back uptown to my condo. We both otherwise remained silent on the trip, no doubt each wondering and ruminating on, in our current positions, what we would say. Upon our arrival, he initially suggested that he would just drop me off at the entrance to my building.

“No, Roland. I said we needed to talk, and we do. I want you to come up to my condo.”

He parked, and we went. Upon entering I first offered him a drink, and poured one for myself to try to lessen the tension. He tried some small talk, complementing me on how lovely my place was. I allowed this for a period of time to help calm him even more. I had never seen him like this before, and it was oddly touching. And thrilling. It was time.

“So, Roland.” I began intently. “How long have you wanted to do what you did tonight?”

He looked down at his glass, sighed, and came to a decision. “All my life. I never married, as you may know, and have never even had a serious relationship.”

“And you thought you might find something like that in a place like tonight?”

“No, of course not. Not really. I just needed to see for real, whether there were truly people about whom I have fantasized forever, who really want what I so desperately need to give. And the few times I’ve tried elsewhere, it was never anything anyone ever seemed to accept from me.”

“And what is it, Roland, that you so want to give?”

He looked up from his glass, started, then stopped, clearly struggling with the prospect of exposing himself so, especially with someone he knew. I tried to help him along.

“I think you can see that my presence there tonight shows that I have some experience in this area, and I do want to help.” He nodded again, trying to be resolute, and looked down at his glass again, and came to a decision. I prepared myself for any number of possible fetishes and kinks he was about to reveal.

“Myself” he began. “I want to give myself. Fully and totally. For as long as I can remember all I’ve ever yearned to do is to lay myself at the feet of a Woman, who will want to accept what I have to offer, to venerate her as a goddess, to be allowed to care for her every want and need, with no thought to my own. To be whatever she desires me to be, and to live my life only as she sees fit and is pleasing to her”.

I was utterly staggered. There was no doubt in my mind that he meant every word of what he said. As if coming out of a trance, he looked up from his glass again and saw the utter shock reflected on my face. And he misunderstood.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Anise… Please forgive me… This wasn’t right of me… It’s never right… I should go.”

And, as before, he stood up to leave. I had only seconds to decide, but there was never really any question.

“Roland. Stop.”

This time he more visibly fought to obey. But obey he did. He stood, Stock still, waiting. I took several moments before taking the next very important step. I slipped my foot out of my shoe.

“Kiss my foot, Roland.”

A look of wonderment crossed his face, as if he couldn’t believe he had heard correctly.

“I never expect to be kept waiting when I’ve given an order, Roland, but I’ll forgive you this once. Kiss my foot”

This time there was no hesitance. He slowly went down to his knees before me, lowered his face down to my foot on the floor, and oh so gently, so reverently, brought his lips to the top of it. I had had my feet kissed so many times before, but never had it felt like this. Never had I felt like this. And I wanted more. I shimmied out of the shoe on my second foot.

“And now my other” I commanded regally.

He moved his face over, and again so softly, with even more seeming sacred devotion, placed his lips to the tops of my toes. I almost shook in my exhilaration.

“Thank you, Anise.” He whispered.

I strove to collect myself. There are still so many things that had to be done.

“Would you like to kiss my feet again, Roland?”

“Oh God, yes, Anise.”

“Well, you will have to earn that privilege. This was a gift tonight. You are going to have to work very hard for the right to lay yourself at my feet, to kiss them again, and offer yourself up to me.”

“How” he breathed.

“You’re going to have to woo me, of course, silly boy. Like anyone else. And you’re going to begin tomorrow night by dressing up in your finest clothes, and taking me out to the swankiest restaurant in town for dinner.”

This clearly wasn’t what he was expecting to hear. A simple date. With me. A worried realization came to his mind.

“Anise, I’m 25 years older than you. As old as your father was”

I smiled. “And you have been like a Sugar Daddy to me all these years, so now you will be a real one. Age doesn’t matter when you’re trying to seduce a Goddess. And to prove that you truly mean what you say, you will start by giving up a very small part of yourself to me. You are to remain completely chaste… including any and all self… manipulations, until I say otherwise.” I gave him a moment to take this in. “Also, I do believe that at this point when we’re alone, it should be Miss Anise, don’t you think?”

It took his own moment, but he came to his conclusion.

“Yes, of course… Miss Anise.”

“Good, I’ll expect you at seven tomorrow night then.”


He showed up promptly on time the next evening. He looked quite dapper, wearing a three-piece suit. I don’t think I had ever gone out with anyone wearing a three-piece suit, but then again, I had never been on a date quite like this. Actually, I had never been on many regular dates at all, and I found that I rather liked it. I myself wore a simple little black dress that I owned to wear to company, or other public affairs. His eyes showed that he not only approved, but was truly appreciative of being in my company. He had procured an almost impossible to get reservation one of the most exclusive restaurants in town. It was a wonderful meal, and we had a wonderful time, laughing and conversing about any number of topics. It took him a while though for his nerves to ease. I wanted them to ease so I allowed them to ease. And they did, which greatly added to my enjoyment.

Over the next several months, I allowed and expected him to take me to a variety of different places and outings, and he never failed to impress. Every Friday and Saturday night we attended a number of different shows, concerts, major cultural events, always preceded or followed by dinner at some of the best restaurants in the city. It was a social strata where I had had limited exposure and experience before, and I found it a very heady and delightful experience. But even more enjoyable was the time I was getting to spend with this increasingly fascinating man, and getting to know him far more fully.

At the end of these evenings, he was never yet allowed back into my condo. The time and process had to be right. I could see and sense how enthralled he was becoming with me. Even at his age, I knew that the specific commitment that I had initially insisted upon, had to be very difficult for him. It was never a consideration to enforce it with any mechanical contrivance. That would defeat the purpose. He had to maintain his abstinence on his own free will. It was the first part of what he would be giving up to me. If he was unable, then he wasn’t the one. And I would know, because I had no doubt that he would confess it to me, and that would be that.

I even began to wonder at times whether this amazingly accomplished and successful businessman, who I could now see was quite a social sophisticate and intellectually stimulating person, could also, at age 55, astonishingly still be a virgin. Never being one to completely disdain some mild humiliation, one night at dinner in a small quiet restaurant, I asked him the question. Turning the crimson shade of red that I was becoming to find so charming, he answered that it was so, and I relished the knowledge that there was now one more part of him that I would own.

It was some short time later, during another dinner, when he broached his thoughts and desire to promote me to the company home office.

“Absolutely not” I retorted.

He was visibly surprised. “Why not? You certainly deserve it with your work accomplishments so far”

“Be that as it may, and I do appreciate you saying so, there may well come a time when our public relationship becomes more widely known, and I don’t want anyone ever thinking that what I achieve is because of favoritism. I want my success to be fully my own”

I paused to let that sink in.

“But there is a position I would be interested in.” I continued. “The Caribbean division and office has been severely underperforming for years. Put me in charge there. If I can make it go, no one will ever be able to say that I haven’t earned my way up the ladder.”

He was more than taken aback. The Caribbean concern had been one of the few losing propositions in the company for years, so it could never be argued that it was a plum position, especially for a young, aspiring up and comer.

“Is this what you really want?” He found it hard to believe, but he was learning more about me every day.

“It is” I insisted.

“Then it’s yours” he conceded, as if he ever had any choice. He would give me my chance. And soon, I would give him his.

The time had come. Now that my new role in the company was secured, I was ready to secure my new one in private. I chose a Saturday after we had attended the ballet. He had casually mentioned several weeks before that ballet was the one art that he did not care for at all. So, of course, I insisted that we go, and that night we had two of the best seats in the house. It was wonderful, and I enjoyed the performance immensely, while he steadfastly endured it. When we arrived home at my condo, I surprised him by finally inviting him in.

“So, Roland,” I began once I was comfortable. “Did you like the ballet tonight?”

“I’m very glad that you enjoyed it” he replied.

“I did indeed.” I smiled brightly. “And we will do so often in the future. But now onto more important matters. Have you maintained my mandate?”

He cast his eyes down, understanding immediately. “Yes, Miss Anise.” Once again, when in private, he knew the proper appellation.

“I expected no less. Has it been difficult?”

He looked at me again. “Yes” he admitted. “But it has been far less so, knowing that it was what you wanted of me. That it would make you happy”

He had certainly passed the first tests. But I wanted much more. I wanted it all. I wanted every part of him.

“What else then would you be willing to give to me?”

He took a deep breath in. “Everything” he finally exhaled.

“That will be what I will demand, of course, if I decide to proceed. But first you should know, Roland, that since my edict to you, I too have remained celibate.” I noted his look of bafflement, and I smiled. “A Mistress needs to be as strong as a prospective slave.” I noted that he did not flinch at my first use of those particular words with him. I dropped my smile. “But that denial ends for me tonight.” I took a moment to let that sink in. “I think it’s time for me to see some of what I might possess.” I stared at him, unblinking. “Take off your clothes, Roland”

To be fair, I did not think that his initial hesitance to my command was disobedience. Rather, it was his real fear that he would be a disappointment. As I continued to implacably glare, he did begin to disrobe, and soon he stood before me, naked to his core.

As might be expected at 55, his muscles had lost much of their tone, and he sagged in a number of places. He had a little too much padding around the midriff, but with some work and discipline that could be addressed. I had him turn around. He had a nicely shaped if slightly wrinkly ass, but one that I was sure would be fun to play with. On my cue he turned back around, and I then directed my inspection to his groin. His manhood, which remained soft in his embarrassment, appeared less than average in size, at probably just a bit short of 5 inches, but was reasonably thick. I considered it all…

In sum… he was marvelous.

Given an opportunity for a touch of humiliation though, I finally spoke.

“There isn’t much there there, is there”

He turned that delightful hue of red that I had come to appreciate so.

“I’m sorry, Miss Anise”

“Well, there is little need for that anyway”

I stood up abruptly.

“I do hope though, that there are other parts of you that prove more useful.” I started to walk away. “Follow me”

I walked briskly into my bedroom with him trailing tremulously behind. I stopped by the end of my bed, my back still to him.

“Undress me” I ordered.

I felt his hand take the zipper at the top of my dark violet dress. I had expanded my wardrobe considerably to match all of the elegant places he had been taking me. He zippered it down, and then helped me shimmy out, leaving me in just my matching bra and thong. I heard him inhale deeply.

“These, too” I continued.

He unclasped my bra, and I let it fall to the floor. He got down on his knees behind me, and slid my thong all the way down to allow me to step out. I lay down prone on my bed.

“Let’s try out your hands first, shall we… Massage”

He rose and came to stand at the side of the bed. He placed his hands on my shoulders and neck, tenuously at first, but then began to squeeze more firmly. He alternated the pressure with his fingers fully across, and with the heels of his hands he began to rotate them into the muscles of my upper back. He continued this down with slowly expanding circles to the small of my back, his fingers trailing behind with soothing caresses. Reaching my buttocks, he vigorously kneaded each cheek, before meticulously proceeding down the backs of my thighs, my calves, and onto my feet, his thumbs pressing luxuriously into my soles and arches, and then rotating each of my toes individually between his fingers. I vibrated throughout.

I rolled onto my back, and he gasped as he beheld me in all my glory for the first time. I drank in the utter adoration in his eyes. Reaching up, I took both of his hands and brought them down to my breasts. Mine are not particularly large, but I’ve always felt that they are pleasingly pert and enticing. His ardent attention to them now only accentuated that belief. I wanted more though. I extended my hand to the back of his neck and brought his head down. His lips brushed softly around the circles of my areolae, sending shivers through me. And when the tip of his tongue touched the tip of my nip, it was like a jolt of electricity.

I pressed his neck down more firmly and he responded, expanding his tongue out to lavish the entirety of first one, and then my other breast, sending further tremors through. I pushed his head down, his tongue coursing to my navel, twirling within it. I bent my knees up, and spread them apart. Realizing what I now wanted, he repositioned himself between them.

This was his first experience ever with the magnificence of a woman. But he didn’t let his awe in the moment detract him from his duty. He was here for my pleasure, and my pleasure only, and all that he derived came solely from providing mine. He gently blew on my already glistening outer lips, and then brought his own to them. He coaxed them open with his tongue, and I wiggled slightly to urge him to further explore. And he did. For someone who would never done this before, he was amazingly adept. Or perhaps I was just more than usually receptive. He probed and swirled and sought out every recess, before circling back to find and then ardently lavish my hidden jewel. This took me over the top, and I came exuberantly.

But he was not done. As I floated down from my high, he continued to slowly lave. Despite my languor, his nibbles and nuzzles forced me to respond, and my clit began to thrum in gleeful anticipation as his tongue became relentless. My hips began to undulate in rhythm, but I was then shocked out of my comfort zone by the sudden intrusion of first one, and then two of his fingers.

They pushed and pulled and spread out deeply within, finally discovering my blessed G spot. His tongue and fingers work furiously in tandem as I arched up off the bed and exploded, my juices surging to drench his face, as he imbibed as much as he was physically able. I had never gushed before, and I was stunned at how he had been able to make me feel and respond. As I finally again came back down into myself, I gazed down at his soaked, upturned face, still between my legs, and saw nothing but his continued devotion.

“That was quite nice, Roland” I said in an understatement for the ages. “I do believe that you’ve earned your reward” I couldn’t help but admit. I brought my legs up to push down on his shoulders until he slid off onto his knees at the end of the bed. “You may now have the privilege of kissing my feet again.”

He stared at my soles as if mesmerized for several lingering moments before lightly nestling his face flush against them. Then, with a reverence that actually gave me chills, he kissed the bottoms of both of them.

“Thank you, Miss Anise” he whispered hoarsely.

Gathering all the pillows behind me, I propped myself up in a sitting position I looked down at him on his knees at the foot of my bed.

“Is that all you wish for as a reward, Roland?”

“Any wish or reward I can ever want is in pleasing you.”

It all seemed far too good to be true. I had to know. “I do seem to recall that when we started all this, you claimed that all you ever yearned for was to lay yourself at the feet of a Woman and give yourself up totally to her. Well, here you are, at the feet of a Woman. Was that just some submissive fantasy, or are you for real?”

He gazed up at me in aching, hopeful, surrender.

“Real” he breathed.

With a single glance, I saw that he remained rock hard and unrelieved, as he had likely been for much of the last several months.

“Ask me, Roland. Kiss my feet and ask me”

He brought his lips slightly to the bottoms of my toes. “Please, Miss Anise. Accept me. Take me as your own”

“You’ll have to do far better than that. Beg me, Roland. Worship my feet and beg me”

He began to smother my soles with gentle kisses up and down their length.

“Please Miss Anise, I implore you. Let me be whatever you want or need. To be anything that you desire”

He was getting close.

“Stroke yourself for me while you plead, Roland. Convince me.”

His hand went to his manhood, and his tongue now joined his lips and his adoration.

“All I will ever want is to give myself up to you completely. To exist only for your wants, needs, and pleasures. Please, please, Miss Anise”

I too was getting swept up.

“Swear to me, Roland. Tell me what you will be. Cum for me as our covenant while you make your vow, and catch every drop of it in your hand.”

“I will be your abject slave” he panted, his first hand a blur. “Every part of my being will be yours, I swear” He gasped out, as if with his last breath, “Please Miss Anise. Forreevvvveeeeerrrrrrr… ” he cried as he erupted, also seemingly forever, as months of his denial spewed out. And the thrill that I felt in that moment was more scintillating than any that I had ever experienced in any orgasm.

When he was finally drained, it was time for completion.

“Show me the essence of your vow, Roland”

He lifted up his hand, his palm fully filled.

“Consume it” I commanded. “To seal our covenant.”

He brought his hand to his mouth and took all of it in.

“It’s done then. I accept you, Roland.” I paused a moment. “But know that you will never be abject with me. You will be strong and resolute, and…” my lips curved up and my eyes sparkled, “… endlessly inventive in my keep. You will ever be lower to me. But everyone else will look up to you, as they always should and will. Do you understand?”

“Without any question ever, Miss Anise” he swore. Resolutely.

“Good.” I concurred. “Now come up and lie next to me. I want your body to keep me warm when I sleep from now on. And tomorrow I will tell you what your new life will be like””

And he did. And I had never been as comfortable and as warm in sleep as I was that night.


The next day I did indeed inform him of how our new lives would be. He would carry on as the owner and director of his ever-growing and increasingly more prosperous company, and I would continue diligently working my way up the company ladder, without any inside help or favoritism. We would also continue our active and vibrant social life on weekends, as I had come to relish that very much, and I thoroughly enjoyed the intellectual interplay with him in those settings. He continued to introduce me to so many new and exciting experiences in my life.

But we would now come home every night to this place, my place, where he would become my total and selfless slave. I had him keep his house in the country where we would occasionally go for weekend getaways, fully serviced by him. But it was important to me that I remain here, in my own domain, where he was just another of my possessions. Plus, I loved living in the city.

We had no need for a major cleaning service. He was responsible for all the menial domestic drudgery, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, washing all the floors, scouring the bathrooms and kitchen, and of course, the laundry. And all the while, he continued pampering me in every way he could think of, and that I desired. His luscious lips, his magical tongue, and his sublime fingers were put to very frequent and glorious use. And there would be times, for which he would never expect or anticipate, when it would amuse and please me to allow him his own relief, usually with his own hand, sometimes with mine, and occasionally, to his even greater joy, by and onto my feet. And he would always consume such offerings to continue to honor our covenant.

And the early years sped by in blissful contentment. Our public relationship gradually became evident and known, but our private lives remained our own. It would never serve either of us for any of that to be revealed, but, of course, it was understood that this would always be solely up to me.

Through hard work, I had eventually been successful in turning around the Caribbean division. It would never be the most profitable in the company, but it was no longer taking big losses and was actually in the black, and that was judged by all to be in very large part due to me. Despite his many entreaties, I still refused to accept a well-deserved promotion back to the home office, a place where I would have to appear to be in a direct and daily subordinate role to someone to whom I would always be the superior, which we both would always know was the true state of affairs. And really, I was quite happy remaining in control of my own little fiefdom in the city.

In that, and in all other regards, I felt that my life was proceeding exactly as I had wanted. But I began to get a growing sense that something was missing. And as time went on, I understood, to my incalculable surprise, what it was. And it astounded me. It was not something that I had ever thought I would need, but I now knew that I sincerely wanted. So, on my 35th birthday, I decided to act.

Following a sumptuous dinner celebration in one of the most select restaurants in town, at home that night as he was alternately massaging and worshiping my feet, after he had provided me with another one of his tongue-induced, toe-curling orgasms, I broached the subject.

“You know, Roland. I’ve decided that I would like to get married”

He stopped in mid rub. Speechless.

“Can you think of any suitable candidates?” I continued

He finally found his voice. “None that could ever deserve you in any way, Miss Anise”

“Awww. That’s so sweet of you to say, my slave.” I rested my chin in my hand as if pondering. “I guess it really would be quite a bother, searching and testing, looking for the right one, when he might even be right under my nose. Or my feet if you will.” I paused. “And then, what would I do with you?”

“I… ” I could see him crumbling inside. “I… don’t matter”

If he only knew. For such an intelligent man he could be so dense at times. I would have none of that.

“Really, Roland? How can you even think that? That I would ever want anyone else. That there could ever be anyone who could ever serve me as well as you.”

I honestly believe that while this might be his most fervent and wildest hope and dream, he truly felt it would never be right for me.

“Anise.” He had never before gone out of mode at home, but now that he understood, he desperately wanted me to understand. “You are fully in your prime, your peak. And I’m 60, so very much past mine. I will only become a burden to you, likely sooner rather than later. Please, I beg you, use me as you have for as long as I am able and you need. And if you do ever find someone that you want for more… someone far more suitable… I’ll… I’ll…” He couldn’t continue.

“Past your prime?” I bristled. “How dare you insult me like that, thinking that I would ever have a slave who was past his prime”

That certainly got his attention.

“Let’s just see how past your prime you are” I continued, appearing to seethe. “I think it’s well beyond the time for me to finally partake in something I have owned, but have never used, for far too long”

“What is that?” He croaked in alarm

I paused in radiant expectation.

“Your virginity” I proclaimed.

I savored his shock, and the white blanch that was followed by my treasured red.

“Strip now and get on your back, boy”

Despite his utter stupefication, he complied in short order, and lay there in naked trepidation, his joystick upright and quivering. I took my own sweet time to rise, shed my own remaining attire, and then stood over him, peering down the entirety of him, relishing the moment.

I slowly eased myself down, my eyes locking into his own as my nether lips enveloped first his tip, then his shaft, slowly all the way to the base of his groin to have him fully within. It had been ages since I had last fucked. In reality, fucking was very far down on my list of carnal desires. But this was so very different. He was certainly below average in size. Though many may quibble about a small penis, versus a large one, versus humongous, what really matters the very most to me, is whom it is connected to. And this one was connected to the very best. And it was wonderful.

I began to rock forward and back, and he, having no experience, just followed my lead. I picked up the pace, and he responded in kind. My humps became full plunges up and down, and he thrust back and forth with equal energy. I had no intention of ceding control but his frantic, almost frenzied urgency began to overwhelm. I became swept up in his passion, feeling sensations I had never before experienced. I didn’t want it to ever end, and I could sense him straining mightily to maintain himself for my maximum pleasure. How he was able to do so in his first time ever was beyond my belief, and he was taking me beyond where I had ever been before. Finally, I could take no more and screamed out, “Now, Roland. Give me everything you have.”

With three final massive thrusts up his primal guttural groan ignited my own, and we both burst forth simultaneously out of ourselves and into each other, expending every last flash of furious fire that we possessed. And when it was ended, I collapsed forward fully on top of him and simply whispered into his ear…

“Yes” I purred. “You’ll do.”


Our wedding was large and grand. He made every effort to spoil me with its extravagance. I more than suspected that many, if not most, people thought that this extremely well-liked and respected Titan of the business world had finally acquired a trophy wife. In reality, it was I who was obtaining a trophy husband, a powerful, much admired man, who, in every real and imagined way, was my slave. And what warmed my heart even more that night, was when several old hands at the company confided in me that they had never seen him as happy as he had been for the previous five years. It pleased me to my core that he too had found such joy in his servitude.

I also then felt comfortable finally transferring back to the main company headquarters. I had earned my spurs, and independently proven my worth, and the company, while now giant, was still at its root a family owned and operated affair. And I was now family. And it wasn’t long before it was made known that I was the heir apparent to eventually run the whole show, when the time came. I made it clear to my husband though, that this would be well into the future, as I would need him to teach and mentor me in all the aspects and nuances which that position demanded.

Our private life at home didn’t change all that much, although, if possible, he doted on and catered to me even more. And his ever ready and compliant cock now joined his wondrous lips, tongue, and fingers as another precious instrument to be utilized for my sublime pleasure. After a time, to my great surprise, it became a mainstay. I had never before been much turned on by intercourse. It implied, I thought, an equality with me that I did not believe warranted. But Roland, as with all else, always made it all about me, and brought me to truly want to share the ultimate passion with him as well. He became quite proficient in maintaining control until I was at the final verge, before I might offer him his own release. In the beginning, I granted this infrequently, as blue balls seemed to make him even warmer lying next to me later in the night. But over time I found that having his squeals of ecstasy join mine at the peak made my own even more exhilarating.

We also invariably had great fun along the way, with many of a variety of toys and other accoutrements. At least it always was for me. I’m not sure that he enjoyed them all, but I do believe that he always very much appreciated that I did. It was never meant to hurt. That was never my intention. It was to arouse, excite, stimulate, and of course, entertain. But, just as important, for him to further demonstrate his ongoing devotion. Sacrifices and surrenders of himself to ardently augment his adoration, and make it all, for both of us, ever more sublime. And it was, always. But also, for us both, to my great wonder, it had become so very much more.

As he turned 65, Roland felt it was an appropriate time to retire, and completely hand over the reins of the company to me. But I convinced him, ordered him actually, to stay on in an advisory capacity. It just made my new responsibilities easier and more comfortable knowing that he was around. Others might have thought that he continued to hover and run things from above, but we both knew he was ever, deliciously, beneath.

By the time he was 70, however, he no longer believed that he was serving any useful purpose there, and that it was time to let me soar on my own. I might have disagreed with the former thought, but I was ready. And it wasn’t as if I didn’t have him at my beck and call, available at home, at any time whenever I needed to pick his brains. Which I did. Often. I used every tool that I needed to succeed, in all ways, and he was by far and away the best and most important one in my box. Which I relished and greatly cherished, while he also continued to also so splendidly service all of my other needs.

The commute from the city had become annoying and wearing, and quite honestly, I no longer had the energy or the desire to continue to actively partake in the scene there, other than in specific weekend entertainment forays which I still enjoyed with my husband. We moved fully into his much larger home in the country, and with a far greater array of upkeep duties required there, it was more than enough to keep him busy in his new position as a full service house slave.

It was a delight to come from work each night to a meticulously maintained home, and have a delicious dinner awaiting me. He had taken it upon himself to become, frankly, a gourmet level cook. His daily neck and shoulder rubs would help ease out the tensions of my long, often stressed filled days. And his foot massages, while I read reports which I would frequently have to bring home, made those tedious tasks far more palatable. And it was only the rare night indeed, when I would neglect to have him provide the far more pleasurable activities that he was always available and ready to offer. I would have my moments, of course, when I would be irritated and out of sorts, and it was a joy to have him always be there to bear the brunt of my displeasure, even as he was never the cause. And his gentle patience, and humor, ever seemed to be able to coax me back into contentment.

Our life alone together was like a dream. Other than his always instant and enthusiastic obedience, we had no specific rules or protocols. I did not have him prancing around naked, except on those occasions when it might amuse me. There were no edicts of him never speaking unless spoken to, or always having his eyes cast down, or being bowed before me. I greatly valued his thoughts and opinions, and his strength, freely offered and given, although naturally only with the utmost deference. Other than for pleasure, he did not spend an inordinate amount of time on his knees. I fully wanted a companion as well as a slave, and he was always every bit the best of both.

But time and age do slowly exact their price and payment. By his mid-70s, Roland could no longer stay on his knees for any length of time, and had increasing difficulty getting up off the floor where, as a reward, he would often spend uncounted time lying prostrate worshiping my toes while I watched TV or read a book. I made the necessary allowances, such as having him sit at the end of the couch as I lay back as I relaxed, with my feet on his lap for him to massage, cuddle, and kiss. And his nightly worship and adoration of my body now took place exclusively on our bed. And to his ongoing chagrin, but at my insistence, I began to take on a share, growing over time, of the household chores. He implored me that this wasn’t how it should be, but in this, as in all else, my word was law.

What became far more distressing though, was that as he reached 80, he could no longer get hard. Medicine helped for a time, but not for long. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I missed this aspect of him, and he was devastated that he could no longer offer it up to me. But he made every effort to try to more than make it up to me with his lips, tongue and fingers. And with these, as always, he never failed.

At work I had taken a recent business school graduate, Michael, under my wing as an assistant. He was highly intelligent, hard-working, and his can-do, and want-to-do attitude marked him as an invaluable up and comer. He began to make my life at work almost as easy and as pleasurable as my slave made it for me at home.

As heartfelt as Roland’s adoration and devotion had always been, it was his heart that finally gave way. A series of small heart attacks in his early 80s was followed by a massive one when he was 85. He survived, but essentially had a bed to chair existence after that. I made sure to obtain and provide the best possible home and healthcare, but it soon became heartbreakingly evident that he was close to the end. When he had come home after his most recent hospitalization, we both understood and came to accept that it was his last one. As a lay next to him on the bed, he was silent for long time until…

“I’m so sorry, Anise.”

I had dispensed with the ‘Miss’ years before. At our ages, it seemed silly, and we were married in any case. I much preferred a simple, loving ‘Anise’ most of the time, although I did enjoy his occasional use of ‘Ma’am’ at appropriate moments.

“What can you possibly be sorry about, Roland?”

He was always Roland in public, and usually in private now as well, although he clearly appreciated those times at home when I would still call him ‘my slave’.

“I haven’t been able to perform my duties for you for so long now. I haven’t been what I’m supposed to be, what I want and need to be for you.”

“You’ve always been all that I’ve wanted you to be, Roland. You are everything to me.”

I hesitated a very long moment, but I wanted… needed… I had to know.

“Have you enjoyed being my slave, Roland? Everything that you’ve had to do? Everything I’ve made you do?”

He took so long to respond that I started to fear.

“Every. Single. Moment” he finally, quietly, emphatically avowed. “You have given me a life of which I had only dreamed, but yearned for. And that it was such a joy for you as well, made it an even greater joy for me. And that it then became so much more. That you came to love me, everything about me, all facets of me, and allowed me to love and adore you with my whole heart and soul… And I do… Truly… For all eternity”

I was overwhelmed.

He remained silent then for several more moments.

“I do have a request though, if that is permitted.”

How, after all of this, could I ever refuse anything to this unbelievably wondrous man.

“Whatever you want, my Love.”

He smiled at that, then took a deep breath. “Promise me that when I’m gone, you’ll find someone to fully see to your care.” He gave me a second to digest that. “I do think that young Michael would be an excellent candidate”

I was utterly taken aback. “Roland, you can’t be serious. How can you even believe that I would ever think about anything like that, with anyone else but you. Especially now.” I was at a loss, but for only a moment. And as much for me as for him, to divert such ridiculous attention away, I tried to point out. “And by the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m 60 years old, and he’s only 30.”

“Age has no meaning for a Goddess.”

He paused, as if he had just stated an eternal truth. “And I’ve seen how he looks at you, how he acts around you. And I believe I can recognize a kindred spirit when I see one. He is like me in so many ways”

“My Love, you’re one-of-a-kind”

“And soon I’ll no longer be here.”

That certainly brought me up cold.

“Please, Ma’am. It will be the greatest comfort to me to know that you won’t be unattended. Please, promise me, Anise”

A swirl of emotions cascaded and roiled through me. How could I ever refuse any request from this unique, special man. My man. Always and forever, MY MAN. Especially now. I sighed. What else could I do. But, as always, it would have to be at my own time and place, and completely under my control.

“I promise, my slave”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” He smiled. “I just have one last thing to ask”

I laughed. “You’re really pushing your luck here, slaveboy.” I sighed, more dramatically this time. “Alright then. What is it?”

“Please let me taste you one more time”

I sat up, alarmed.

“Roland, I don’t think that’s a good idea”

“It isn’t” he conceded. “It’s the very best idea. Please, Ma’am, grant me the joy of bringing you pleasure once more.”

I knew we shouldn’t. But I knew even more that I wanted, needed it as much as he. It had been too long. I lifted myself up off the bed, and deliberately making sure that I was in his full view, I slowly shed my clothes, item by item. I had never grown tired of the unwavering adoration in his rapt gaze. I crept back onto the bed, and with great care straddled over his chest with my knees, as I gazed down upon the length of my most precious possession. I gingerly eased myself back onto my ever eager throne, and was greeted by a bouquet of butterfly kisses on the already dewy petals of my open flower. I instantly knew that I was back where I ever wanted to be, after my necessary and prolonged self imposed denial, doing what I so loved to do, with the one I so dearly loved. I reached forward and took his long dormant manhood into my hand, and was surprised by a twitch. I gently started to caress it and was rewarded with several more, as his tongue beneath me urged me on with further encouragement. I leaned down to more closely inspect, and there was no doubt. It was making every effort to harden.

I had never before in my life offered oral to anyone. That delight was only meant for me to receive in ardent worship from others. But I now pressed my lips to entice his tip. I could feel as much as hear his agonizing groan muffled in my mound. His tongue began to lavish in earnest, and I extended my own out to envelop his entire head. His mouth moved back and forth between my two lower holy orifices, venerating them both over and over as I took the fullness of his shaft fully within my own above.

He now fervently concentrated on my priceless jewel, sending wave after wave of passion penetrating through, as I began to suck and swirl and slurp around my now miraculously fully risen man. We climbed to heights we hadn’t in so very long, as I began to buck wildly on his face, while bobbing furiously up and down with my own on his member. And when he thrust two fingers within me, finding my glorious G one more time, we both careened over the peak in a cataclysm for all time.

I gushed more than I had in forever, and he drank in every drop, savoring its sustenance as if for his soul. And it was. The nectar of his Goddess. Nature could not be completely overcome, however, and he did not produce much of his own. But he did so with such unbridled ecstasy, which seemed without end, that I knew without any doubt I had never been offered, or tasted, anything so precious and sweet. When we were finally done and recovered, I turned around and brought my lips and tongue up to deliriously dance with his own. And we shared our essences together, and renewed our covenant with each other.

Into eternity.

“Thank you, my Love” we both whispered as one, as I snuggled myself to his side to keep him warm for the remainder of the night.


Roland Anderson, my benefactor, my mentor, my student, my slave, my husband… My Love… passed on late in the afternoon of the following day as I sat by his bedside. I mourned him deeply. I would mourn him for the rest of my days. But I would not live my life in mourning. When the time was right, and my grief finally eased, I would keep my promise to him. Perhaps truly with young Michael. Truth be told, it had probably been my long unused subdar that had led me to entice him into my orbit. Not with this intention, though. Still… but it would take quite some time to even partially heal from my immeasurable loss. It would take a good long while. And if this Michael was unable to wait, then he would never be worth my while.

But my slave had usually been right about such things. My husband had usually been right about almost everything. Always to my benefit. And the one most important thing about which the Love of my life had always, certainly, been most right about, and to which he had dedicated himself, and how we had rapturously lived our lives together for the full and total benefit of us both…

A Goddess must always be Attended…

And, as I have so joyously come to know… must also Attend…

In every conceivable and most exquisite way.

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