Cindy_(4) by xsamuraix

A literotic sexstories: Cindy_(4) by xsamuraix

This is a story in continuation of the “My first camping trip” series. it features the same main character, Cindy, but takes place a few years later.

Cindy was 14 now, a freshman in high school. 3 years had gone by since that first trip into her sexual life at this point, and physically, she had grown a bit. She was still fairly short and petite, skinny, 5’3″, had long straight blond hair. She still wore glasses, now a style resembling that of Ashliegh Banfield from the news, black rimmed and although somewhat stylish, her overall demeanor was a bit more geeky than that of most high school freshman girls. She didn’t wear flashy or very trendy clothes, wasn’t very interested in the big big fashion race that most young girls her age get obsessed with. Her style was somewhat plain, although still quite cute. Her breasts hadn’t grown much though, she barely filled an A cup, but it fit her petite stature. In school, she was quite reserved, didn’t have many friends, mostly quiet but had wonderful grades. All her teachers loved her but she didn’t really participate in any extra curricular activities.

It was the beginning of the school year, only 2 months into her first experience of high school. Unfortunately, she had been a bit depressed recently, her best friend Tracy, who had in the last few years been more of a girlfriend than best friend, and Tracy’s older cousin Blaire, had moved away at the end of the summer. It had been over two months now since she had experienced what she had gotten so used to, lesbian love with her 16 year old girlfriend. Aside from her and Blaire, Cindy had never been with any other girls. The last three years had been wonderful, but it had been very hard trying to keep it a secret from her older sister Allison who she still lived with. She didn’t think she would mind so much or judge her, but felt it extremely awkward to talk about her relationship with two older girls. Well, the only relief she felt anymore from this was that she wouldn’t have to hide or sneak around anymore.

A week ago though, she had gotten a package from Tracy and Blaire, a going away present. She was confused at first, but very glad that her sister hadn’t been home to see her get the package, because what was inside it, would not have been easy to explain. Inside the box, on the top, was a letter from Tracy.

“I’m so sorry we had to move away Cindy, you know how much i cared about you and how much I’ll miss all the fun we had. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit sometime, but I doubt it will be soon considering my families financial situation. But, until then, Blaire and I got these gifts for you. We know how much of a little perv you are, and how hard it’s going to be having to refrain from the kind of fun that your accustomed too hehe. So, enclosed in this box are some gifts we thought would help you get through it, a bunch of lesbian porn mags that Blaire and I collected, and, something I know you love (and wasn’t easy to get a hold of), a butt plug =). I know how much you love all things anal, and I hope you’ll be thinking of me whenever you use it.

Love you forever Hun,


“Oh my god….” Cindy said quietly to herself as she looked through the box. 15 very nasty porn magazines, and as promised in the letter, a medium sized, purple, butt plug. She just stood there for a moment at the edge of her bed staring at it all. She didn’t know what to think, she was excited of course at the prospect of the fun she could have with all this…. but so surprised at the gesture, and the plain boldness, of the gifts. Her excitement was cut very short though, as she hear the front door open and her sister start coming down the hall. In a panic, she knew she had to get rid of the stuff quick, or her sister may walk in and see the gross display of perverted pleasures. Quickly, she grabbed the mags and butt plug, and hid them in the closest available spot, her half-opened back pack that was sitting on the bed next to the box. Quickly after she hid the goods, she threw the box into the closet, turned around, and walked out of her room.

“Hey sis, good day at school?” her sister asked

“yeah… fine. Just got done with my homework. How was work?”

“Eh, it’s work. Thank everyday that your in school and don’t have to have a job, I’d take teachers and homework any day over having to support us everyday in that stupid office.”

“yeah…. not looking forward to that part i guess” replied Cindy finally. The rest of the evening, her and her sister shared dinner, sharing the typical small talk and chat that they had almost every night. Her sister asked again, as she did often, about what boys Cindy was interested in at school, which of course Cindy replied to as always with the same quiet shrug, and something short about how they were all stupid. Her sister laughed, Cindy didn’t know if her sister suspected her to be a lesbian, she probably did, but neither of them ever brought it up.

The next day, she walked the two blocks she did to school everyday, completely forgetting though that she had left her new gift in her back pack the night before. She got to her first class, sat down at her seat and went through the normal ordeal of school. A few minutes into the class of course, her teacher told everyone to pull out their books. Cindy grabbed her back pack that was sitting on the floor next to her, and opened it up to grab her book. A very unmistakable look of surprise came over her face as she realized that she had brought 15 lesbian porn mags and a butt plug to school. She was so shocked that she just stared at it for a few seconds before snapping out of it, digging past them, getting her book, and closing her backpack, hoping that no one would would find out what was in her back pack.

She was unlucky that day though, the girl sitting behind her HAD seen into her backpack, and although she didnt see the butt plug from her vantage point, she did see part of the cover of one of the porn magazines, the very very nasty, LESBIAN porn magazines. She of course stayed quiet but thought of what she should do with this information…. should she tell everyone? Should she confront Cindy about it? She didn’t know yet.

Her name was Kathryn. A year older than Cindy, being that Cindy was somewhat advanced and in a more advanced class, and quite a pretty girl. Not the typical, porn star hot style, but more of a very cute, somewhat tall, 15 year old sophomore in decent shape with perky B cups and a very firm ass. She’d been in soccer for the last 2 years, but wasn’t really much of a jock. Kind of an, in between girl. Friends with most, but not especially popular in any sense, except with the guys who all thought she was hot. Kathryn was a little reserved though with the boys, although she wasn’t especially smart in any right, she definitely didn’t want to be the center of any rumor mill floating around through high school.

So, as Cindy sat there in front of her, nervous as all hell, Kathryn decided she wouldn’t be the person to do to this girl what she would never want done to her. But, she did decide that she had to figure out a way to confront her about it. Kathryn had never thought about being with a girl, and still wasn’t even sure that it was where she wanted this to go, but the thought of looking at those magazines with Cindy, who she barely knew, was starting to excite her. Maybe Cindy was a full on lesbian and would try to seduce her? Maybe she was just curious and had never actually been with a girl. She didn’t know, but decided she HAD to find out.

Cindy had moved on from the incident, and decided that no one had probably seen into her backpack. What were the chances anyways? She spent the rest of the class in attention to the subject at hand, until the bell rang, and it was time for the 15 minute morning break. She usually used this time to use the bathroom, or get started on her homework out in the grassy area where most people hung out and talked. She didn’t feel the need to use the bathroom so she decided to get a quiet spot on a bench a little ways away from everyone where she could concentrate and try to get a few things done. What she didn’t notice, was that someone was following her. She sat down, and reached into her backpack, around the contraband, and grabbed out her history book to start going over the new chapter they were covering.

“Hey, that the only interesting reading material you have in that bag?” a voice said. Cindy was in shock…. someone saw!!! she hadn’t looked up yet, she was so embarrassed, but she recognized the voice. It was the girl who sat behind her in that last class, Kathryn. What could she say?

“umm…. why do you ask, Kathryn?” she finally muttered while slowly looking up but trying not to look her in the face.

Now Kathryn was nervous, she hadn’t planned this well was what the situation was obviously proving. She didn’t count on how obviously embarrassed and scared she was making Cindy. She didn’t want that, so she tried to think fast and come up with something to make it less so.

“I’m sorry, this is a little weird, I saw inside your backpack earlier…. the magazines and stuff. I didn’t want to freak you out, I wanted to know if I could look at them sometime, I’ve never seen inside one before” ok, that was a pretty good way to get it across she thought. Cindy should understand that without feeling too weird.

“ummm… well honestly I haven’t even looked at them myself, someone gave them to me and I had to hide them real fast, I just forgot about them. so, I uh, don’t know what to say, I guess you could borrow one but please don’t say anything to anyone.”

“Oh, thanks. Maybe um, since you’ve never looked at them we could just look at them together sometime? I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing but I couldn’t stop thinking about it in class. I won’t tell anyone I promise, I’m not one of those snobby stuck up girls, I’m just curious…”

“Well, umm, I don’t know if we should be looking at those right now, so when would you want to do this?” Cindy asked, now alot less embarrassed, and starting to feel a little turned on. Kathryn was really pretty, maybe she was into girls? Cindy started looking at Kathryn, imagining her coming over and looking at these magazines with her, and where it might lead.

“Are you busy afterschool? I walk the same way as you, I live a few streets over. Any ideas?”

“Well, my sister doesn’t get home till about 5, we could go to my house if you wanted, since its on the way and all.” This got a flutter in Cindy’s stomach going. Kathryn coming over to her house to look at porn with her? How lucky could she be. Hopefully she would like what she saw and maybe things would get steamy. But, she probably wasn’t really into girls, Cindy thought. She was probably just the kind of curious about what was in those things, and not into the whole girl-girl thing in real life. But, she would find out.

“Sounds good, meet me here after school?”

“Sure, I’ll see you then I guess.”

Kathryn walked away, back over to her group of friends, and went on with her normal day. Cindy watched her walking away, unable to take her eyes off her cute little ass. mmmm, she thought, would she like to get in there. She tried to keep herself realistic though, she didn’t want to get her hopes up. She was just so horny since Tracy had left, she had never been much into masturbating much, but recently she was having to satisfy herself at least once a day. The idea of a new girl was wonderful to her, but she couldn’t blow it. She’d have to play it off like she’d never done that kinda thing before, and try to just play off Kathryn’s reactions.

The day was horribly long. She couldn’t stop watching the clock, not even able to get distracted in her notes and school work like she usually could. The fantasies floating in her head, Kathryn naked in her room with her, Cindy pushing that new butt plug up her ass, the two of them kissing…. she was already starting to develop a crush on this girl and she barely even knew her. She wished she could be more like Kathryn, so bold to just walk up to someone and talk to them like that. She didn’t think she could ever do that. She was still so shy with new people, maybe Kathryn could teach her a thing or two?

Finally the time came, Cindy was so nervous but so excited at the same time. She walked quickly to the area, but once she saw Kathryn already standing there, her nervousness took over and she slowed down a bit, passively hesitating but not stopping nonetheless.

“Hi Kathryn” she said, trying not to smile too much.

“Teachers and parents call me Kathryn, you can call me Kat”

“Oh, sorry, Kat, wanna get going?”

“Yeah, lets go. So, who exactly gave you those magazines anyways?”

“My friend that moved away, she thought it would be funny to send them to me I guess” Cindy obviously didn’t want to tell her the truth about her being into girls quite yet.

They walked and chatted the rest of the two blocks, moving on from the subject of porno presents and onto more normal girl stuff. Kat talked alot more than Cindy, about school, friends, stupid things that friends said that day at lunch, her soccer game that was coming up that weekend. But, eventually, the false mood came to an end as they got to Cindy’s house and walked in.

“K, lets go in my room, just in case my sister comes home early we can pretend that were doing homework or studying or something”

“Sounds good to me. Maybe we should lock the door and get naked too” Kat said, obviously being sarcastic and laughing a little.

They sat down on the bed, and Cindy pulled the formidable stack of magazines out, never actually looking at them herself. She had only realized in that quick glance that they were girl-girl magazines, but had no idea what to expect. She laid them out like a dealer with cards at a casino, and let Kat pick the first one.

They sat on the edge of the bed, the magazines in between them, and their books out over to the side in case they had to quickly stash the mags and look busy.

“Hmm, this one looks interesting” she said, picking up one displaying a girl on the cover in fishnets in a compromising position. Flipping it open, she casually looked through it without much change of face, just curiosity. Cindy was a little disappointed. She was hoping to see some sort of look of being turned on coming from Kat. Not satisfying that wish yet, she turned her attention to the magazine.

“Wow, people really do this stuff? haha. Look at this girl, she’s got a banana in her butt. I’m sure that feels GREAT haha” Kat went on, while all Cindy could think was, yeah, that probably would feel good. Sure looks like it does anyways….

“At least all the girls in this magazine shave. It would be gross if they were all hairy and stuff”

“Yeah for sure. Hairy vagina, no good” replied Cindy

“hahahhaha. Yeah, or even worse, hair ASS!” Kat laughed pointing at a picture of a girls clean, hairless asshole

“What about this weird one, lets check that out” Kat said, picking up a thinner magazine, that had “Golden Wishes” on the front, and a picture of two naked lesbians in a shower on the cover.

Kat opened it, and started going through it, obviously not aware of what golden wishes meant…. pee. When she got a few pages in, a nice great big picture showing a closeup of a girls pussy pissing into another girls wide open mouth.

“Oh WOW….. People DO THIS? That’s crazy! I’ve never even heard of this stuff before” exclaimed Kat, as she sat transfixed, going through page after page of girls in different positions drinking piss or being bathed in it. She was obviously quite fascinated by it, but Cindy couldn’t tell if it was good or bad. They moved on through another magazine. Then another. Cindy was getting extremely turned on now, she didn’t know how much more she could take. She wanted to either do Kat right there or get onto so serious, serious masturbating. She noticed that Kat started to look like she might be into this, and it took all Cindy had in her bag of bravery to do what she did next…. she leaned over to Kat, and kissed her.

“mmmpph… Whoa there!” Kat said in amazing surprise, backing away a little.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I thought you were…. you know… umm…” Cindy was so mad at herself. She knew she shouldn’t have done that, but couldn’t help herself. She felt so embarrassed now.

“Hey, no, I’m sorry, I guess I gave you the wrong idea, I should have known, a girl with all lesbian porno was probably a lesbian, I was just, I don’t know… curious anyways…” Kat replied. Now she felt bad, she figured her for a lesbian, she should have known that this situation would seem like a come on to another girl. She didn’t want to embarrass Cindy, she was really nice and didn’t deserve that. “Hey, it’s ok. It’s ok really, my fault not yours ok?”

“I’m really embarrassed, I’m sorry… I don’t know what to say now. Maybe we shouldn’t have done this….” Cindy said lowering her head.

“No no, it’s OK. This is fun. I just wasn’t expecting you to kiss me, you caught me off guard, I’ve never um, kissed a girl before.”

“Well you seemed really interested in the magazines, so I thought….”

“Well yeah, I’m into it, I’ve never really thought of girls like that before, its just, all new to me ya know…..” They sat there quiet for a minute, both feeling quite awkward. Kat thought to herself about how unfair it really was for Cindy, a girl comes over to her one day and embarrasses her about seeing her personal stuff, and then wants to spend the afternoon with her doing something that is obviously very private to her, and must be really excited, and then makes a move that anyone could see coming, and she rejects her. She looked over at Cindy sitting there, less of a look of embarrassment now but more disappointment. Disappointment in not getting with Kat, and disappointment in herself for making the wrong move. Well, Kat thought, maybe she can get a LITTLE more….

Kat put out her hand, placing it on Cindy’s shoulder “Hey, come here…” she said. And as Cindy lifted and turned her head slightly to look at Kat, Kat kissed her back. Now it was Cindy who was in shock, but she wasn’t going to back away like Kat did. She leaned in hard to kiss her, closing her eyes and slightly moaned into kats mouth, which was followed by her tounge.

That surprised Kat a little bit, but she didn’t stop her. She didn’t know yet if she was totally into the girl thing, but she was having fun. She hadn’t kissed anyone since she was in 7th grade, some stupid boy during lunch. It hardly Meant anything, she really wasn’t too impressed with it. Cindy’s kiss was actually much better, like she had done this a few times before, like she wasn’t just trying to make out to impress her friends, like she really wanted it.

They kept kissing for a few minutes, and ended up laying on their sides, on top of the open lesbian magazines, getting more and more into it together. It was surprising to Kat, that she was enjoying it this much, maybe she was bi? Maybe she was a lesbian and had just never thought about it before? She didn’t know. All she knew was that she was enjoying this. Alot. Should this go further though?

Her question was soon answered… Cindy’s little hand moved up to her chest and started rubbing her right tit. The feeling of a girls hand touching her there made up her mind. Today was her day to try out a girl. She was gonna let this go wherever it went she decided. Cindy obviously knew what she was doing, and she should be so lucky to find someone who wasn’t going to clumsily fondle her, get off, and leave her wondering what happened.

Cindy was so hot now she couldn’t take it. She knew that Kat had probably only intended for it to be a kiss, to make up for pulling away and making her feel weird earlier… but she had her now and was going to push it. She noticed the positive reaction coming from Kat as she kneaded her breast with her hand, And picked her next move. She moved her hand down lower, to Kat’s hip, a small part of naked flesh where her shirt had ridden up slightly. She rubbed her skin for a few seconds, and slowly moved her hand under the hem of her shirt, and then slowly up the front. She was making her way for the goods, she wanted to feel those perky B’s in her hand, in her face, in her mouth. And now that it had gone this far, she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Kat didn’t mind Cindy’s little hand moving up to her tits. She didn’t mind at all. Feeling emboldened, feeling hot, and feeling feelings she had never felt before, she went with it. She went with it, and did something that surprised little Cindy quite a bit, she gave her a little help. She took her hands off their resting spots on Cindy, and moving onto her back, she moved them up to her top, unbuttoning it to give Cindy the access she so obviously wanted. Cindy’s hand no visible groping her tit, and her blouse now wide open and revealing her bra covered chest, Kat let her a little more access, and unbuttoned the front of her bra, leaving it loosely draped over her tits.

Cindy wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. She pulled the right side of the bra covering that beautiful 15 year old breast away, and softly felt it with her hand for a moment, still kissing Kat with not just passion, but pure lust. She Slowly and gently rubbed over her nipple, which was clearly at full attention to her touch. Squeezing a little more and more, she couldn’t stand it anymore, she wanted that tit in her mouth. these were the biggest tits she’d ever touched, Tracy’s had never gotten very big, and although these were still only B’s, they still excited the hell out of Cindy. She broke off her kiss, and opened her eyes, staring into Kat’s also now open, and very dreamy blue eyes. She looked at her for only a second though, and scooched her little butt down the bed a little to line up her face with Kat’s chest. Without hesitation though, that nipple was Cindy’s meal. She sucked both the nipple and a good amount of Kat’s tit into her mouth, and while keeping suction, started flicking her tongue across her nipple. The softness of the skin on Kat was heaven. Cindy couldn’t get enough of the soft feel and warmth of Kat’s chest against her face. This was something she would hopefully, get used to.

Kat was really beginning to enjoy this. The situation wasn’t what she had planned on…. or was it? She loved looking at the girls in the magazines, just seeing the magazine in her back pack that day might have awoke something inside of her. She wasn’t too concerned with where it came from right now though, she just knew she liked it, and wanted more. She put her hand on the back of Cindy’s head, and moaned to her cute little lips sucking away on her tit.

Minutes of this breast sucking went by, Cindy had no conquered both boobs and Kat felt it was time to return the favor, and get all the way out of the shirt and bra that were draping on her loosely.

“Take off your clothes” she simply said to Cindy, who needed no encouragement. The thing that surprised Kat though, was that Cindy didn’t stop at taking off her shirt (revealing her braless, perky little tits and small pink nipples), but continued to dropping her shorts and panties in one quick motion. Kat watched while taking her own top off, and not to be the only one with the clothes on, she started at her buttons on her pants, and a little nervously, started pulling them down with her panties as well. Both girls took a few seconds, sitting up on that bed, staring at each others bodies. Kat had never even been naked with another girl before, and had certainly never thought her first time would be like this. Cindy could tell that Kat was feeling obviously a little shy about the being naked thing, so she wasted no time at all in getting back on top of her, pinning her against the bed. She resumed first, with the kissing. The level had heightened a bit now. Now it wasn’t just her mouth attacking Kat, she used her whole body. She had her skinny little left leg in between Kat’s, and was starting to grind her hip into hers. Her pussy hardly floating over Kat’s, the slime from in between each others legs legs beginning to mix as their shaved mounds began to grind against each other, and their nipples occasionally rubbed one another, sending small jolts of pleasure to each other through their tits.

The fun ensued for several minutes, but Cindy needed more. She knew that her new little partner wasn’t inexperienced though, and would take some coaxing to get her to eat her pussy. But, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t teach her. Cindy broke their kiss once again, and started kissing down her body. She wanted to get between those legs and taste that beautiful slit, but she needed to get her into the idea big time first. She needed to send this girl to cloud 9 if she was going to get Kat to suck her little twat dry, let alone get her to do what she really wanted and suck her ass ring to heaven and back. But, she’ll get her, she knew it.

She’d finally moved her lips to meet Kat’s lower lips, and she looked up at kat who was nervously, but willingly looking down at her to meet her gaze. Cindy held her eye contact, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out, to lightly lick up and down her still unparted, but steaming hot and wet, pussy. She slowly teased around the edges, liking the insides of her thighs, up around her mound, and even down at the taint by her asshole, to which Kat bucked her hips a small amount to in shock from the feeling. She took her right hand, and started rubbing the front of her pussy while licking up at her clit, and tried to use Kat’s juices to wetten her fingers, and get them ready to really explore this virgin little pussy.

Kat was laying there in a nervous, but amazingly turned on state. She knew it would probably go here but hadn’t really grasped the fact that this cute little freshman would have her tongue and fingers up her pussy. She’d never even masturbated before, and now she was having lesbian sex in this 14 year old’s room. As crazy as this all was though, she couldn’t help what she was feeling, and she loved it. Her nervousness subsided the more that pretty little girl worked on her, and soon she had here legs spread as wide as she could, just as Cindy started trying to push a finger up her virgin little twat.

“Oh my god Cindy, that feels so good. Where the hell did you learn to do this….” Kat asked, obviously a rhetorical question, she didn’t expect an answer just yet. Cindy’s tiny little finger continued its journey inwards and onwards. Her virgin pussy was tight, very tight. Tighter than her own even, being that Cindy masturbated so damn much. Kat’s pussy flexed around her finger, now soaking wet, as she moved it in and out slowly to really get Kat’s engine revved. Her tightness never did let up, just started squeezing tighter and tighter. Cindy had a plan, she needed to get her to the edge of orgasm, maybe a few times before she let her have it. She needed her hotter, and willing to do anything, because she wanted her to do it all right now.

She stopped licking, and decided it was time to use her new toy on herself, she had a feeling that the sight of her putting the plug in her own ass would be quite a shock, and turn on for this little pervert in training. The whole idea of her, shy little Cindy in the glasses, the quiet girl in the class, turning this older sophomore girl into the slut that she wanted her to be, her new little girl toy, was driving her passion completely in this.

She got up on her knees, leaving Kat a tad confused, but curious there with her legs spread wide. Cindy reached over into her bag, and pulled out her toy. Kat’s eyes lit up, she didn’t know it was a butt plug yet, but she knew it was some kind of sex toy and that was gonna get nastier. Cindy put it in her mouth, to get it wet and lubricated, and then did something that really got Kat confused. She stood, up, turned away from Kat, and bent over. With her free, left hand, she spread open her ass, revealing to Kat’s eyes for the first time, a real life female asshole. NASTY is all that was going through Kat’s head, it was something to see it in a magazine, but something else to see it in real life, only feet away. She couldnt take her eyes off of the sight in front of her though, as she watched Cindy do something she didn’t think she’d ever see, even in these circumstances, she watched Cindy stuff that little toy right up her own ass.

Cindy didn’t take too much time displaying her new little butt toy though, as much as she loved the dirty feeling of displaying it to her, the shy girl who’s outlet this was, she wanted to get back to the job at hand. She still didn’t want to let her new girl pal orgasm yet though, she could tell that her little plan to get her ready for anything was working, and she wanted to keep it going in that direction. So, it was time to show Kat what else was on the menu this evening. She got back between Kat’s legs, and gave her another couple good licks, resulting in the little 15 year old dropping her head back to the bed, in pleasure she hadn’t yet ever known. But the licking of her cute little bald pussy only lasted a few seconds before her young new friend grabbed both of her legs, and pushed them up as far as they would go, putting them almost completely over Kat’s head. She was a little confused at where this was going, she could feel how close her face was to her pussy from her breath, but she didn’t continue by licking her pussy. Cindy’s cute little tongue reached out very slowly, and ever so gently, it made its way around Kat’s pale pink little butthole. “What was wrong with this girl?” is all that Kat could think, she’d never imagined that people ever even did this kinda thing, how the hell did this shy, freshman girl who’s tongue was circling her asshole, ever get into such dirty things? As she wondered this though, she became more and more aware that the pressure from Cindy’s tongue was getting greater and more direct on her little sphincter. And what was even more interesting to Kat though, is that there was a very clear reason why she did this (aside from her just being a big butt-perv), it felt GOOD. Not the kinda good like her tongue on her pussy did, that feeling that something was building inside of her, a different kind of good, a sexy, dirty, bad kind of good. It made her feel excited and turned on, like she was REALLY doing something she wasn’t supposed to be right now, and in her position, that’s exactly what she was signing up for.

Cindy was so excited to get this reaction out of Kat, a little bit of her worried for a second that as soon as her tongue touched asshole, that her new friend would object and try to get out of bed, but, that wasn’t going to stop her from trying her favorite meal! Every time that Cindy got to lick ass, she just felt so so dirty, it was as if all the world didn’t matter anymore, her shy self that she was in public was the complete opposite of the person she became when she got to participate in dirty sex with another girl. She kept on digging with her tongue, but Kat’s virgin little butt was too tight to get her tongue into… for now. She hoped she would get to work on that later, maybe Kathryn would want to borrow her new little toy sometime? Well, to keep the ball rolling and not let her get too far back away from her orgasm, she started to lick up and around her inner thighs again, over her clit and down her lips, back to her asshole, and again and again. She wanted to stimulate her in all areas so that it all just became a blur (she loved it when Tracy used to do that to her). Her tongue only at first, soon became a swirl of lips, licks, kisses and sucks to all the different parts of her undercarriage. Kat was obviously enjoying this, her breathing had risen significantly, although she hadn’t started yet into the dirty talk that Cindy was hoping for, but, that as with the ass play would probably come a little later. It was time to give this girl her first, and in Cindy’s mine, much overdue, orgasm. Cindy turned up the level of attack on Kat’s pussy, which was now near gushing with fluid. She hadn’t really seen a girl get this wet before, but, everyone’s different she guessed, she must just be a wet one, and a tasty one at that! She was getting almost as much enjoyment from this being a delicious drink as she was from the depraved act she was doing with a medium sized piece of plastic lodged up her ass. Attention brought back to that toy in her ass, she came up with an idea. A very, very dirty one, that knew would take Kat by surprise. Cindy quickly reached behind her, and pulled the plug back out of her ass, without Kat noticing of course from her obvious state of distraction. With her other hand though, which let Kat’s legs both fall back onto the bed, she started fingering her pussy again, reaching in, and curling her finger back against the front wall of her canal to really ge her stimulated. Her tongue kept up its attack, but now focusing on her clit. She started to increase the pace of her fingering and licking, which provided a very quick and unmistakable reaction from the 15 year old. Cindy knew she was on the brink of her orgasm, just now going into the beginning of it, convulsing and exhaling rapidly and sharply, so Cindy put the next part of her depraved idea into play. With her free hand, the one with the tainted butt plug in it, she lunged up and forward. Her mouth came off her friends clit, her finger going in just that much deeper, and the butt plug, straight into Kat’s open mouth. Kat’s eyes sprung open immediately, at first in curious surprise and shock, then in real shock when she realized what was in her mouth… the toy that was just up Cindy’s butthole!!! She would have tried to spit it out immediately, but now in the middle of her first raging orgasm, and with Cindy’s hand holding the plug in her mouth, her orgasm brinked, her cries being muffled by the slick and juice covered butt toy.

She didn’t even know what to think anymore. Kat’s brain was racing so fast, she had no idea where she even stood anymore on any of this. Was it just fun that was getting out of control? Did she want it to stop because of what Cindy had just done to her? Or did what Cindy just did, make her that much more hot and her feeling that much better? She had no idea and didn’t care. She didn’t want this to stop. This crazy little 14 year old was showing her a world she had never thought existed, that she never would have in her wildest dreams predicted herself to be enjoying herself in.

As her orgasm subsided, her breathing not yet returning to normal but not quite the sharp gasps as only a few seconds ago, she just lay there, with that plug in her mouth, staring at the ceiling. The finger in her pussy was slowly withdrawn, and Cindy, beautiful blond, nerdy looking Cindy in those little black rimmed glasses, moved on top of Kat to meet her face to face. Cindy took the plug out of her mouth, with a big, adorable smile on her face, and just looked at Kat, in her pretty blue eyes. Kat returned the gaze, and looking at that cute little face, obviously so excited about what had just taken place, not even having an orgasm yet herself, Kat couldn’t help but to smile back at her. She knew now what her position was on this. She loved it. She knew that she made the right decision this morning keeping this secret, instead of telling her friends like she first thought about doing. She knew she made the right decision to approach the shy young freshman reading by herself. And now she knew that part of her, this entire time, had wanted what was happening right now. That feeling of mutual appreciation, of mutual understanding in something, with someone so pretty, and of something that very, very few people would ever understand. There was nothing else she could do but lean up to meet her lips to Cindy’s. Of course, Cindy was waiting for it, hoping that was the reaction she would get after taking that toy from her mouth. Cindy’s little heart was in heaven. She did it, made this girl hers, and she knew it. Kat knew it too. She didn’t want a boyfriend, she wanted this freshman girl.

They kissed for quite a long time. Not hot and steamy porno kissing, but the kissing that happens when two people, although not in love, realize how much they truly like each other, and care for each other, and how that other person feels. This attitude is what brought the new found lesbian to make her own move. She didn’t know if she could do to Cindy what she had done for her, but she would try, and if her technique was anything to be questioned, her passion for it was not. She reluctantly but meaningfully broke their kiss, both of their eyes now open, and stared into her green eyes just for a moment long enough to pass a message with them of what was going to happen. There was no mistake to be made from that look. Cindy gracefully rolled over onto her back, bringing Kat up on top of her. Kat went back to kissing Cindy, but not on her lips. Her mouth slowly, just as Cindy had done, made it’s way down this petite little frame, kissing various soft spots like her neck, clavicle, a nipple, the underside of her breast, her stomach… her hips. She was now in Unknown territory. Nothing in her life’s experience, save for the few moments leading up to now, had prepared her for what she was going to do. All she had as a basis was the session that had just transpired on her. But, a good map had been laid by Cindy, She had shown Kat what feels good. Her tongue tentatively reached out, and touched for the first time, another girls pussy. Very softly, and somewhat nervously, she slowly started licking all over and around her vagina. A few moments of this passed as Cindy lay there experiencing this and taking it in with a huge smile on her face. The tongue worked it’s way around, and finally, it spread open the folds of her sex and started working the inner areas of her young pussy. Cindy’s breathing got heavier just as Kat’s had been only moments earlier. More vocal than Kat, she decided to give her guidance through this while she enjoyed it.

“Mmm, keep licking honey, that feels so good”

Kat didn’t take the guidance as anything but reinforcement for what she was doing, and was actually thankful for it. The silence broken by nothing but breathing before was only making her more nervous, and the dirty talking was helping tremendously.

“Don’t be scared Kat, you’re doing great, keep going, mmm, suck on my clit” Cindy continued.

Kat took her advice, and knowing what a clit was only from basic sexual education in school, and her own inspection upon herself through the years, began sucking and slurping and licking on Cindy’s clit and surrounding area. Her methods may have been crude and unpracticed, but it was working. Cindy hadn’t had another girl for months now, and her orgasm would come fast. She desperately needed this and couldn’t think of anyone else at this moment that she would rather experience it with. This girl needed her, it was clear that although older and more socially apt, Kat was a novice with massive potential in the bedroom.

Her clitoral assault continued for minutes and both girls found their rhythm. Kat was learning fast what to do, and was loving everything about it. The taste, the smell, the sight, the dirty talk coming from Cindy, and the shear act of this forbidden act. Her head was swimming and she wanted to keep up with Cindy, she may have been new but had a new found excitement for this situation that she had initiated, and wanted to amaze Cindy as much as she was being amazed. Much less graceful and smooth as Cindy had done, Kat stopped her attack on her pussy, and rolled Cindy onto her stomach. Cindy was so surprised but knew exactly what was happening, and was so excited despite Kathryn being a little clumsy. Clumsy maybe, but her intentions were obvious and almost hotter that they weren’t so well practiced. With both hands, she spread open the skinny girls butt cheeks and dove straight in, no holds barred. Her tongue went straight for the money, as deeply and violently as she could manage, if for no other reason than because she didn’t know if she could go through with it if she dragged it out. That taste was familiar of course, as she had just had something from that same hole stuffed in her mouth a few minutes ago. The taste at the source she found, was opposite of what she expected, and even more tasty than the plastic covered in its juices. This encouraged her efforts two fold, and Cindy couldn’t have been happier. She was really convinced now, if not before, that this new friend of hers would be a VERY good person to keep around. She wished that this ass-eating would just keep going forever. For a girl like Cindy with an ass fetish, this was like getting a back massage after a very hard day. It was not only relaxing, it was invigorating at the same time. It turned her on more than anything else to have a pretty girl stick her tongue up into her butthole and stab it in and out.

The eating continued for minutes, but to Cindy, no amount of time would have been too much. She knew that Kathryn would probably have a very sore tongue now, and had proven herself committed to the situation, and now, it was time to cum.

“Stick two fingers in my pussy babe” she said softly “and kiss me again”

She said this while rolling over to meet Kat again, face to face, and resume the making out while her pussy got what it needed. Kat’s fingers found their target quickly, and worked as hard as they could to get her friend off. It did not take long, Cindy was so primed from the activities thus far, that within 20 seconds of fingering and kissing, she exploded. Her orgasms were not like Kat’s. Kat was new to this and didn’t know yet how to go with it. Cindy did. Cindy’s hips bucked against Kathryn’s hand, pushing her fingers all the way to the back of her hole, her nails almost scratching the back wall of it. The kiss now, not soft and sweet like before, was a vicious festival of mouth, lip and tongue as the two completely lost themselves, Cindy practically screaming into Kathryn’s mouth.

After everything calmed down, they just lay there for nearly 30 minutes together. They’d pushed the porn off the edge of the bed so they could be more comfortable holding and stroking each other, relaxing together without saying a word.

It was still early. In fact, only roughly an hour and a half had gone by so far since they got home, leaving still another hour before Cindy’s sister was expected to be home at the earliest. So, this in mind, Cindy got up off the bed, taking Kat by the hand, and led her to the bathroom. Cindy wasn’t about to get into another sexual escapade again with only so much time left, but wanted to keep the experience going somewhat. Arriving at the bathroom, she turned on the shower, hot. Kat felt completely comfortable nude with this girl now, and couldn’t stop looking at her. All she could think of was what a great idea this all was, and how much better it kept getting.

They stepped into the shower together, and went through the motions of rinsing off while still rubbing against each other with their small, underage bodies. Cindy did have one more little surprise for her though. A little crazy she though, but it would be funny and it would feel her friend out for one more little thing she enjoyed. Cindy grabbed Kat’s hand and pushed it against her pussy, in almost a cupping shape. Kat looked at her a little confused, but let her lead her hand with complete confidence that she would be up for anything that she had her in for. Cindy just grinned, almost giggling, and started pissing. Pissing into Kathryn’s hand. Kathryn didn’t know at first what was happening, as they were in a shower with warm water running over them, but only after a few seconds, she did realize it, and connected it back to the magazines they’d read. She didn’t pull her hand back, just kept it there, containing the piss that was flowing into it, while alot of it spilled out and onto the ground. Cindy, her hand still on Kat’s, let up her stream, and lead her hand back up, cupping it upwards as to not spill it, and brought it to her own lips. While staring straight into her friends eyes, with a cute little smirk on her face, she drank down the entire amount of the piss in Kat’s hand, and let her hand drop back down slowly. Kat’s look back was part amused, part turned on, and part about laugh. They were of course, only 14 and 15 year old girls, drinking pee, no matter how hot either of them thought it was sometimes, was still kinda funny. They both giggled a little bit, and Cindy pushed her face to Kat’s and gave her a short kiss. The taste of the pee was only slightly still on her lips, but recognizable, and not at all obtrusive to Kat. She didn’t think that anything Cindy could do now, would offend, or surprise her.

They finished their shower without a word passed still. They went back to Cindy’s room, cleaned up the porn while still naked, stacking it up on the bed, and put their clothes back on.

“Hey….” said Cindy.

“Yeah?” was all that Kat replied while looking over to Cindy.

“I hate to say it, but you should probably go soon, my sister is going to be home in a little bit.”

“Yeah, I know. My mom is probably wondering where I am. You mind if I tell her that I was getting some help with that class with you?”

“No I don’t mind, thats fine. But I want you to take these with you” Cindy said as she handed Kat a few of the magazines, including the one with the lesbians drinking piss. Kat just looked back at her with a knowing smile, and put them in her bag.

“K, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow in class then?” asked Kat.

“Yeah, I miss you already” she replied smiling.

After a few seconds of last minute goodbye-kissing, Kat was on her way home, and Cindy left alone in her room again, but with a big smile on her face and a very relaxed mind. She found someone, and she was happy. All that went through her mind now… was how was this going to go from here on out? What was it going to be like going to school with a lesbian lover?

to be continued

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