Elise Ch. 15

An adult stories – Elise Ch. 15 by BillyTripp,BillyTripp “Elise,” Chapter 15 (MF old/teen18, forced striptease)


It had started Sunday evening after dinner. In the beginning, everything was on the table. I considered all the various devices I’d used over the years to discipline Beth and bend her to my will. I considered taking Elise directly to my “special” room, hoisting her up on my rack, whipping her with no mercy, and letting her stay there until it was time for her to go home.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was overreacting. I asked myself: Sandy, what the fuck are you thinking? She’s just turned 18, after all. She’s new to this. She’s fresh, exciting, she trusts you completely, and she’s eager to learn a bit about this particular sexual kink of yours. Why would you just throw everything at her from the beginning, risk her hating you, chasing her away, and even potentially being reported to the authorities for abuse?

At one point in this self-flagellation I was putting myself through, I even broke down and started sobbing. Elise had come into my life so suddenly and so forcefully, and I felt so much tenderness toward her. I was almost frightened of how much she could affect me; this kind of strong reaction toward anyone or anything was really atypical of me. What kind of monster would even consider putting someone that young and inexperienced through something like that, for the “terrible” sin of causing me to have one of the most powerful orgasms of my life — the first time she ever massaged me intimately, no less? And all because she desperately wanted, even at the risk of incurring my wrath, nothing more than to cause me to feel the same kind of pleasure I’d already made her feel twice that very afternoon.

After I composed myself, I set about devising an appropriate punishment. And once I was again thinking clearly, what I wanted to do for her discipline became blindingly obvious. I had done this very thing many times before with Beth, and without fail every time, as they say, “a good time was had by all.” I had all the equipment at hand to ensure that she would have a mind-blowing experience, yet be properly disciplined for not following her Master’s orders.

Had I really, already, come to think of myself as Elise’s Master? Sure, it was natural, because if I had read her right, and I had a lot of experience at that, she was on the way to becoming completely ready to become my sex slave, to follow her benevolent Master and unquestioningly do his bidding in the bedroom. Just thinking about her being trained to this started me hardening in my pants, creating that familiar excited but slightly queasy feeling in my gut, making me yearn to have her back in my house, at my command, as soon as I could.

I knew Elise had a busy week, with three volleyball matches, all away from home, so I held off contacting her while I planned what I had in store for her misbehaving self. It was Thursday before she texted me, and we quickly arranged a meet on Saturday afternoon at my house. I asked that she wear an outfit that she’d normally wear to school.

By then, I had her punishment all planned. It was going to be a memorable time for her; as I had promised her, one she would never forget.


Elise arrived right on time, after lunch on Saturday. I answered the door with a rather formal greeting. I wanted her to know that at least the first part of today was to be all business. I let her enter ahead of me. In response to a question, she let me know that she didn’t really have to be back at home until dark, so we had lots of time today.

Once inside, I immediately went for two bottles of water from the kitchen. Handing her one, I said, “You’re going to need this to stay hydrated.” I then took her hand and led her down the hall, directly to my bedroom.

Entering, she gaped at the bed. It looked much different than it had on Tuesday. This time, it was unmade. On top of the bedsheet, there was a full bed-sized soft pad. Just inside each of the bed’s corner posts, was a small pile of cloth and leather.

She started “Daddy, what’s –”

I brought my finger to my mouth, saying “Shhhhh. Be quiet.” Immediately, she stopped in mid-question, looking at me with curiosity and uncertainty.

I took charge from there. Walking over to a spot about six feet from the foot of the bed, I looked straight at her with a serious face, saying, clearly and assertively, “Elise, baby, come stand here and face the bed.” I was not going to use the word “please” at any time throughout this entire session. I was going to make sure she was fully aware she was being told, not asked, what to do. She was going to learn who was the Master and who was the slave in our arrangement, and thoroughly, so she would remember.

Right away and unquestioningly, she came to stand where and how I had just indicated. Without touching her at all, I moved back to the foot of the bed, where I sat facing her, my eyes trying to bore a hole through her to set the proper effect I wanted.


“Yes, Daddy.”

I was deadly serious. No smiles, no levity. “You will now follow each of my commands, when I give them and exactly as I instruct you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. During this entire time, you will not speak to me, except to say ‘Yes, Daddy’ or ‘No, Daddy’ in immediate response to each of my commands, or to answer a direct question from me. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“As long as we are in this bedroom this afternoon, you will not resist any command I give you, or anything I say or do to you. You will use your safe word to protect yourself from excessive or unwanted pain or discomfort. If you so much as resist me once, if you so much as not immediately obey any command I give you, we will immediately cease what we’re doing, return to how we are at present, and then I will immediately send you home and end our relationship. Do you understand?”

As I say this, a look of horror crossed her lovely face. “Daddy, please –”

My hand shot up in front of my face, my finger waving back and forth in warning. “Ah ah ah, what did I say, Elise, about speaking to me?”

She fell silent. I could see that this little game was becoming less and less fun for her now. In a tiny disconsolate voice, she murmured, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Say it like you mean it, Elise.”

“YES, Daddy.” There was a touch of defiant heat in that response, but I ignored that for the time being. I could see how emotional this was for her, and I was not going to overload her circuits just then, by hitting back against that.

“Do you understand and agree with everything I have told you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“What is your safe word, Elise?”

“‘Bruton,’ Daddy.”

“Elise, who is the Master in this arrangement?”

“You are, Daddy.”

“And who is the slave?”

“I am, Daddy.”

“What will you do at all times, Elise?”

“I will obey you, Daddy.”

“And who am I?”

“You are my Master, Daddy.”

“Very good. I pray you keep all this in mind, because I will not hesitate to carry through on any threat I make if there is any disobedience. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy, I understand.”

I’m finding that going through this drill with a novice sub is not that easy for me. It is not my way to be overly harsh in my instruction. But Elise, a free-spirited but secretly submissive young woman, had to be put in her place, to be told the ground rules so she would understand and retain them. The incident in the car on Sunday had obviously been a pleasurable experience for both of us, and in my primitive feelings of lust and self-indulgence I gave in to it, but I could not accept the risk that she and I were placed in by her insubordination. An accident while we had been engaged in that very erotic activity could have been disastrous, not only for us but for any innocent person who happened to be driving near us at the exact wrong time. I could not and would not be responsible for such dangers in the future. I would much rather do without this or any relationship first.

So I was hoping that the properly emphatic message would be sent and received. Now, to a more fun part of this process — definitely for me and hopefully for my young slave.

“Very well. Now, Elise, slowwwly unbutton and remove your blouse.”

I saw no reaction but a raised eyebrow and the tracings of a smile. “Yes, Daddy.”

She started undoing her buttons at a normal pace. “Slowwwly, Elise,” I quickly reminded her. I wanted to see every inch of her bra and the lovely skin of her midriff, heretofore unseen by me, revealed in turn. As the last button was slowly unclasped, she opened her shirt, revealing her glorious front body above the waist.

“Hold it right there.” She stopped, holding the shirt open, exposing herself to my gaze for a moment. Even from where I sat, I saw the points of her erect nipples making an impression through her beautifully sheer bra. I knew, even at this early stage of our little tease, that her body was starting to react to what we were doing. I shook my head a little in wonder, saying “Now you may remove your blouse and toss it aside. We will collect it later.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She did so, standing tall and proud, her long athletic body breathtaking in its grace and elegance, topless except for the sexy white undergarment covering her small breasts.

“Now bend down and remove your shoes and knee-highs.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Gracefully and with perfect balance, she bent, removing each in deliberate fashion. I admired her steadiness on her feet, as she continued to look directly into my eyes while completing the task.

Her bare feet were now exposed, showing me her long but somehow still dainty toes. The nails were adorably painted in alternating colors of pink and light blue, same as her fingernails. Funny, I’d been so enraptured with Elise’s face and other parts of her, I have to confess I had hardly noticed the painted nails until now. But now, those, like every other detail of her extraordinary body, were being seared into my brain and my memory.

“Very good. Now, slowwwly unbutton and remove your skirt.”

With a bigger smile than before, she responded “Yes, Daddy.”

As it turned out, this became her chance to begin an avocation as a stripper. She unsnapped the skirt, and, slowly revolving around in a circle, she continuously removed the part of the skirt that covered whatever I could currently see. By the time she came all the way around, she had shown me every part of her as it was being uncovered, revealing a scintillating pair of black satin briefs, and she was holding the now completely removed skirt by her side. With a cute little side bop at the waist, she flung the skirt aside, to land near her discarded blouse.

Up until now, I had maintained the very serious face of a stern Master who is intent on effectively training his slave. But this ribald display of sauciness on her part now forced my face, against my will, to break out in a grin. At that moment, I could not help but say “Bravo, babygirl” in tribute to her wonderful little performance. With no wasted motion, she cutely curtseyed for me, then resumed her dignified erect posture, standing tall a mere six feet in front of my practically drooling visage. My penis, concealed as it was, had been fully erect for some time, and it was throbbing in time to my rapid heartbeat in response to the sight of her, mostly naked now and utterly at my mercy.

I was almost ready to tell her to move on, but I absolutely had to get a nice long look at her panty-clad bottom. “Turn around, Elise,” I ordered.

“Yes, Daddy.” With her usual athletic grace, she turned a one-eighty and stood with her back to me, then gave me a seductive glance over her right shoulder. We locked eyes a moment, and, I swear, I was almost ready to forget the rest of the strip tease, the punishment, and everything, and deflower her right there on the bed, consequences be damned. Her partially covered backside was absolutely ravishing, and it was like I was seeing it for the first time, like I hadn’t seen it up close while spanking her on her bare ass cheeks just six days ago. Her broad, toned, muscular back was evenly tanned, a work of sheer artistry in the human form, and I almost couldn’t resist going to her and running my hands up and down every square inch of it, feeling all its firmness, contours and valleys for myself.

Almost regretfully, I instructed her to turn back around to again face me. “Yes, Daddy,” Elise again responded as she instantly complied.

And now came a moment of truth, my girl’s first opportunity to show that what we were doing did not scare, or even embarrass her.

“Slowly unhook and remove your bra, Elise.”

“Y-yes, Daddy.” The first sign of any nervousness escaped her lips as she began to obey my latest command. I was focused on her young chest, even then perhaps still developing. My cock was steel-hard with anticipation, my mouth was dry, and I felt like my rapidly beating heart had moved to my throat.

Elise unhooked herself from the front, slowly opening her sheer cups to reveal the perfection underneath. A little lighter than the rest of her, but not completely white, her lovely breasts came into view. I judged them as approaching B cups. They looked fabulous, just right for the rest of her frame. I was absolutely spellbound as I gazed upon her unspoiled teen tits for the first time. Her areolas were average-sized, brownish, just slightly darker than the surrounding skin. They were each topped by an enticingly pink nipple, not too large, but each visibly standing up with excitement.

Removing the bra and holding it in one hand, Elise looked at me shyly, but with still enough confidence to thrust her chest at me from where she stood. Just looking at her questioning gaze, I knew that she wanted badly to ask me if I liked her breasts, but just then she remained smart and disciplined enough to say nothing.

I eagerly answered the question that was not asked. It was a silly question, anyway; the answer was so obvious. “My dear, your breasts are absolutely fetching. I have no idea how something so perfect was ever created.” I believed that, as I was sitting there, I would have been willing to travel to the ends of the earth to have one touch of those swelling bumps. Would have risked anything to flick those pointy nubs on the end of each, to suckle on them as long as I wanted. Just the thought that, that day, right then, they were mine to control and do with what I liked, and that Elise was willingly giving me that control, made every pore of my body break into a sweat. I was clammy all over, but quite sure the moisture inside my pants at that moment was not sweat, but much stickier stuff.

Elise was looking at me with a mix of lust and gratitude. I wanted no more than to go to her, embrace her tenderly, and whisper how wonderful she was — before I took full possession of those breasts and the rest of her. But I remembered why we were there.

Back in serious mode, I looked her in the eyes. “Toss the bra aside. Are you ready, babygirl?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she countered eagerly, knowing what would come next, while her sexy little bra joined her other clothes on the floor.

“Then slide those sexy little black panties slowly down your long, beautiful legs and take them off, Elise. A little at a time.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The thumb on each of her hands went to the corresponding side of her waist, and she dug them under the band of her gorgeous satin panties. They started to slide that little black piece of fabric, the only cloth still covering anything on her precious body, down, a bit at a time, the girl pushing down on it a little more each time. By the third push, the top of her girlish slit became visible, and after two or three more times, the panties rounded over her tapering hips, exposing the entire slit of her vagina to my view. I could see nothing but the outer lips that formed a slit; the rest of the treasures in her pubic area were hidden inside the thin crease. Before the panties could get to her knees, she closed her legs a bit, and the silky black undergarment slipped all the way to her feet, from where she casually stepped out of them, kicking them toward her other clothing.

The ravishingly lithe, lovely Elise was now standing before me for the first time with not a thread of clothing. Her arms were relaxed at her sides, making no effort to indicate that she was modest in the least. I was determined that it would not be the last time I would see her like this. “Spread your legs a little, Elise,” I instructed her in a husky voice.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered, as she spread her feet about another foot apart. I could only see a hint of a little pink inside her outer pussy lips, but I was thrilled to see a couple of droplets of liquid closely along her slit, trying to escape down the middle of her “V” toward the inside of her thighs. This was my indication that this little strip-tease she had so obediently completed under my supervision had started to arouse her. I remembered the wonderfully heady taste of her juices on my fingers the last time she was here, and I resolved to have a good long taste directly from the source before the afternoon was over.

I was ready for a last view of Elise’s glorious nakedness as she stood before me. I had to get a brief look at her delectable ass. “Turn around, Elise,” I ordered, and she did so without hesitation, again responding “Yes, Daddy” as she did. Her bum, so toned and athletic, but unmistakably rounded and feminine, was now displayed to me in all its glory. I knew I would see a lot more of it during what was soon to come, and I said, “Bend over at the waist until your hands go to the floor.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She bent down away from me. Now I saw it all — her rear, from which peeked its little tiny, asterisk-shaped hole, as virginal as her front hole. I then saw the full length of her pussy down to her mons, and a little more of its insides was now revealed. It was all a healthy pink, and, all told, the sight I gazed upon at that moment was literally mouth-watering. There was not even a hint of stubble on any part of her pubic area. To repeat an overused phrase, her entire body under her hairline was “as smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

As my eyes feasted on the sight, I fantasized about taking my lovely little slave from the rear, my man-cock buried in her vaginal channel as deep as it could go, and one or two of my gnarled, lubed fingers buried in her rear hole. In my vision, I was pumping my rigid penis into one hole while my fingers withdrew almost completely from the other, then I was quickly reversing those motions, over and over. The thought of completely possessing her, claiming her, completely owning her in this way made my already impossibly hard cock lurch, and I knew I had just expelled more precum, a true tribute to not only how sexy she was, but also how hot and dirty my vision of us was at that moment. If she accepted ass-play as part of her training, I knew this vision might well become real in due course, but there was no need to rush things. If Elise was as studious and cooperative a slave as I thought she would be, she would welcome and greatly enjoy such double penetration, done lovingly and in consideration of her comfort and safety, when the time came.

But now it was time to get down to the genuine business of this afternoon, in effect the beginning of little Miss Elise’s training as a slave. So I told her, “Elise, stand back up and turn around,” again assuming an authoritative voice.

“Yes, Daddy,” she responded, and complied, thus completing the entire course of the day’s preliminaries flawlessly.

To me, this was an indication of several things: that she regretted and was trying her best to atone for her flagrant misbehavior the past Sunday; that she wanted to make me proud of the way she was obeying me on this day, which I most certainly was at the moment; that she didn’t mind displaying her entire body, in all its glorious nudity, at my command and in the exact ways I prescribed; and that overall she decided to be completely receptive to any regimen of training as a sex slave that I might impose.


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This all pleased me no end, to the point that I almost had second thoughts about administering her upcoming punishment. But such punishment was absolutely necessary to send a message about the wages of noncompliance with my commands, and to establish my absolute authority and her total compliance. Besides which, I was confident she’d thoroughly enjoy it as well. I knew that we would very soon see.

I walked to the bedside to fetch the two bottles of water we’ve brought to the bedroom. I handed her one, telling her “Drink up, Elise, refresh yourself before we continue.”

At the word “continue,” I saw her eyes light up with interest and curiosity, as she stared at both me and the bed behind me. With this look, her young flawless face was irresistible, and between it and her thoroughly un-self-conscious adolescent nudity on full display, the totality of my attraction to Elise threatened to draw me in and drown me. She is ready for what comes next, I realized, as we both took a good long drink before I returned the bottles to the bedside table.

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