What a Wonderful Day to Watch Her by Nakedcraving,Nakedcraving

She asked me whether wife swapping was normal. I told her the term was outdated. “”Now swinging, wife sharing, or Hot Wife, is more commonly used. “Changing partners has been going on for centuries,” I said. “Some cultures even incorporate it into their system of good manners. Some places a man will share his wife with a house guest, like extending a courtesy to a friend. “Why do you ask about ‘wife swapping’?” I asked her as we cuddled after sex.

“Because Nancy says her boyfriend wants her to try it,” she said thoughtfully. “You have told me that monogamy may be out-of-date reasoning. I don’t know how I feel about it,” she said.

“Sex is just physical pleasure unless you are trying to reproduce the species,” I said. “Many say that sex should not be the most important thing in a relationship, especially a marriage.”

“Well, how would you feel if I wanted to have sex with someone else?” she asked.

“Do you?” I asked. Thoughtfully she shook her head. “I’m not sure,” she said. ‘Maybe. I don’t know for sure. There are some men I look at and wonder about.”

“You mean you wonder about having sex with them?” I asked. She shook her head. “If you wonder, maybe you should decide whether you do. If you do, then I’ll be fine with it, especially if it’s just sex.”

“Well, how do you know?” she asked. I said you don’t, not until you find out for yourself. “So, really, what if I said I wanted to fuck Jake?”

“I’d say go for it,” I said. “Does he make your panties wet?”

“Sometimes,” she said shyly.

“Then we have to get you and Jake together,” I said. “Seriously, you should let him know. Tell him you’d like to sleep with him. Tell I think it would be fine, if you want. Tell him your husband believes in open marriage. Since we’ve only been married for six months it is something we need to think about. Tell him I think he should fuck my wife,” I said. “Tell him you get wet panties when he is around.” She blushed and said, “Not always. “Well, any time is enough. Ask him to come over to the house to talk to me about fucking my wife. Do you know his phone number?” She said she did and that told me a lot. “Call him. Tell him I’m all for it. Tell him I said he has my word I don’t mined at all if he fucks you. I don’t want him running off with you, but that could happen whether he’s fucking you or not.”

She studied for a few seconds. “You really wouldn’t ‘d mind me having sex with him?”

“I really would not. I want you to enjoy sex, not just from me. If you have enjoyable sex with someone else, then I should be happy for you, and I will, believe me.” She sat down and just thought for a minute.

“You don’t get jealous?” she asked.

“I might get jealous of someone who has something can’t have. I have you, but jealousy is not a positive emotion and I couldn’t defend myself for being jealous of someone having something. If he has sex with you, he is giving you something and I surely should not be begrudging of him giving you pleasure, giving you something I did not give you. It’s like if someone gave you a gift and I was resentful because I didn’t give it to you. Make sense?”

She called Jake and he came over two days later. We introduced ourselves and I asked him to sit down. I said he had made an impression on my wife. He smiled at her and said she made an ‘impression’ on him as well. “My wife would like to have sex with you,” I said being as direct as possible. She blushed and looked away. “Why don’t the two you go someplace together. See what happens, how you feel together. If you decide to have sex, more power to you and I hope you enjoy her.

He got up, smiled at her and took her hand. He leaned in and kissed her tentatively. “Give her a real kiss,” I said. “That’s a kiss you’d give your sister. She’s not your sister. Give her a real kiss,” I said. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. This time their kiss was long and intense. “That’s it,” I said. “That’s a real kiss. Now take her and show her a good time.”

They left and she kissed me before they left. “Thank you,” she said with a grateful smile. When they returned later that night I waited in the family room, giving them a chance to say goodnight. When she came in I asked her if she had a good time. “I did, yes,” she said. Finally, I asked her if they had sex. “We did, yes,” she said with shy smile. Five stars,” she said with a grin.

“That’s good,” I said taking into my arms. “I want you to have good sex, whether it is with me or not. Don’t feel ashamed or regretful, because I gave you my consent, not that you have to have my approval. Your body belongs to you, not me. I am truly happy that you did. Might you want to do it again?” I asked her.

“Yes, I would like to. We talked about next week, on Saturday. I would like to spend the night with him at The Wagon Wheel Hotel in Ventura. That night we had sex then snuggled together and talked. “Tell me about your date,” I said.

She turned to face me and cheerfully told what they had done. ” I let him give oral and he really liked doing that. He said many girls feel uncomfortable letting a guy go down on them. I can’t imagine why they would feel uncomfortable.”

“That’s because people are taught that the body is unclean. It’s like any personal hygiene issue. You can keep yourself clean by bathing and other good hygiene habits. The pussy is not simply unclean. You can have urinary infections, but if you do you should tell your partner about. No matter who your partner is, your husband or your lover.”

“Is Jake my lover?”

“Sounds like he is to me, don’t you think he is?” She nodded and smiled.

“He is, yes,” she said. “I guess he is my boyfriend. My friend with benefits,” she said with a grin. “He has been my friend for a while,” she said. “I guess most wives don’t have boyfriends,” she added.

“More than you think,” I said, “but most women who have boyfriends don’t have their husband’s approval.

“I know,” she said kissing me. “I like Jake, but I love you. There are few husbands who would tell their wives to go have sex with a friend of hers. I can’t say how lucky I feel.”

Jake and Claire and I went on a boat cruise along the coastal islands off California’s Channel Islands. On the way across Claire stripped down to nothing and sunbathed in the foredeck. Jake and I chatted at the wheel and he thanked for letting be with Claire. I told him Claire decides who she will be with, not me.

When we anchored in a small cove Jake and Claire dived in and swam naked to the shore another boat came in and anchored next to us. Claire and Jake stayed nude and eventually the people in the other boat stripped down and swam to shore. I saw them all standing naked chatting, standing in a circle just visiting.

When Claire swam back to the boat she told me the couples were swingers and were each with the other’s spouse, “They are like us,” she said. ‘They are all having sex with other people.”

“It’s more common that you’d think. There not just like us because they are the same age, not married to someone old enough to be their father. Jake is your age. I am nearly twice as old as you, but I truly love you far different than any father. I watched the two you together and you do enjoy one another,” I told her. “But I actually get pleasure from seeing you together. Does that make any sense?”

“I can share you because I love you,” I told her. She smiled at me and gave me a hug.

“Jake and I are going with that other couple on their boat,” she said. “I like them. They are very open and easy to talk to.” I told that was important and I hoped she enjoyed the boat. “They’re nudists as well,” she said. “I feel comfortable around them.” She laughed and said they said how lucky she was.

“You are,” I said. “And so am I.”

She kissed me and dived off the boat to swim to the other vessel. I watched her with the binoculars and felt a sensation of pride how how her naked body looked in the sun with the water glistening off her bare skin. Jake put his hand on her bare ass and cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand. “Lovely,” I said out loud. I wondered if he’d be fucking her with the other couple there, or if they would switch partners and fuck the other person’s mate. I hoped so, actually. It seemed such a waste to let a beautiful situation go unexploited, unfinished, unfulfilled.

She is absolutely radiant, I thought. What a gift for an old man, although fifty-five is not too older to still get in up in a pinch. I napped and before I dosed off I thought about them out on the island swimming and fucking in the sun. It was such a great day for sex, no matter who was having it. It was wonderful to be able to see Claire so happy and sexually satisfied and not have to be the one that depended on.

I have not been much of a spectator over the years, had not enjoyed other people playing things I wish I were, but I thought I just might ask Claire to me watch she and Jake make love on the boat deck when they returned. I did like watching porn, and that–of course–was watching people do something you were not, but then you could masturbate and take part with them,

“Have you been able to rest?” she asked when they returned. I told her I had, and then asked if they would do me a favor. “Of course,” she said. “Anything you want.””Would you fuck for me?” I asked.

She raised her eyebrows and moved her head back an inch or two. “Fuck?”

“Yes, I’d like to watch you two have sex. I really would enjoy seeing you two pleasure one another out in the open, maybe on a pad on the deck,” I said, motioning to the foredeck. “You two are really so beautiful.” She smiled and nodded.

“Of course,” she said.

Before they got on the pad, I watched them kiss. Funny how sexy a kiss can be. They held their lips together and played with other’s tongue, then they slowly sank to the pad. The first thing he did was open her legs and kiss and lick her pussy. He then moved slowly up her body and again kissed her mouth. She put her soft lips on his as he positioned himself at he sweet slit and pushed between her labia lips gently, moving his hips up and down to wedge between those wet and puffy lower lips. As he pushed through, his penis disappeared into her slowly, forcing her puffy lips inward as he moved into her, his cock vanishing into her pussy.

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