Would you like to share a young girl with me? by CecilBCK

A literotic sexstories: Would you like to share a young girl with me? by CecilBCK ,

“Would you like to share a young girl with me this Friday night honey?,” my lady Veronica asked me on the Tuesday night while I had her close to her second orgasm with her ass supported in my hands as I teased her cunt lips my tongue.

“Tell me more,” I managed to mutter.

“I have been grooming Zahra for weeks, she is rather exotic, early twenties, I love the twenty-year age gap. I told her all about you and how well hung you were. I want to seduce her while you watch and see what develops from there. She is very keen on the idea. So am I.”

Just after eight on the Friday I was sitting in a corner looking at Zahra and my lady on the couch. They were very comfortable with each other despite, or because of the age difference. Veronica was dressed in a black shirt, just long enough to cover her knickers, with most of the buttons undone to show her cleavage, her legs highlighted by her killer heels. Zahra, s size-10 brunette, looked gorgeous in cut off denim shorts, a white blouse and modest heels.

Veronica took the initiative and kissed Zahra lightly, before Zahra eagerly returned her tongue kisses while Veronica parted her legs and ran a hand along the insides of her gorgeous thighs. It was apparent Veronica had obviously groomed her very well as they soaked up each others erotic, tongue kisses.

“You are so beautiful Zahra, let me help you with that,” Veronica whispered as she removed her blouse, then her bra, before she cupped her girlish tits in her hands. The look of absolute delight on Zahra’s face was something I will long remember as Veronica licked, kissed and sucked each of her tits in turn.

Despite her girlish giggle and young age, Zahra did not hesitate as she took the initiative when she told Veronica, “Leave it to me,” before she removed her shirt for her. She was very adept as she had Veronica’s sexy black bra off in a flash. “Beautiful big tits, so good,” she whispered as she licked, kissed and sucked each of her tits in turn, much to Veronica’s delight as she looked at me for my reaction, while soaking up the sexual pleasure a young girl was providing her.

Zahra was kneeling and resting her elbows on the end of the couch as Veronica slid her shorts and knickers off in one motion. “Gorgeous tight ass,” Veronica told her as she licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

“Oh my god, that’s huge?,” Zahra whispered as I let my black silk dressing gown drop to the floor.

“We are going to teach you a whole new world of sexual pleasure, that’s what you wanted isn’t it?,” Veronica told her as she watched her sucking the tip of my cock while running a finger along her cunt lips.

“You are very good Zahra,” Veronica whispered as she watched and enjoyed at close range. “A big cock for you, a very big cock, almost ten-inches, just like I promised. Wonderful eye candy for me watching Veronica naked, licking and kissing Zahra’s ass cheeks while she ran her thumb tip along her cunt lips.

Veronica moved Zahra on the couch so I could lick and and suck one of her small tits while Veronica teased her other nipple with her fingertips as they tongue kissed before I licked my way down to her cunt lips.

I was teasing her cunt lips with a finger tip as Veronica continued teasing her nipples with her fingertips while they tongue kissed. “I love your big tits Veronica,” she told her as she licked, kissed and sucked each of her tits in turn, again.

Incredible attraction between the two women while I was on my back, Veronica riding my erection, Zahra behind me, sitting on my face as they passionately kissed each other tongue

Then my turn to fuck Zahra while Veronica knelt behind her, playing with her hair, teasing Zahra’s nipples, while teasing her own clit.

Then Veronica back on top, while Zahra was giving me the most exquisite tongue kisses as she ran her small hands over my nipples

Then Zahra sitting on my face as Veronica kept on fucking me, using me. Then Veronica kissing Zahra’s ass as she kept fucking me, using me. Her hands on her ass.

My erection was all the way up to my balls inside Veronica, no movement as she commences kissing me, while she concentrated on kissing and licking Zahra’s ass

“You are so big, and so hard,” Zahra told me before she commenced sucking my erection

I had never known Veronica to be so passionate as she kissed me while standing as Zahra had two hands wrapped around my erection while she licked and sucked the tip of it

Exquisite sexual pleasure as Veronica expertly licked the tips of my nipples with a hand on Zahra’s back.

“Keep going Zahra, keep on sucking, keep going, keep on sucking. Now swallow.”

“We are not finished yet Zahra. Would you like to give him a golden shower as a finale?”

“I would, but I am not sure how to do it. Will you teach me Veronica?”

“I usually get him to lay on his back on the bathroom floor naked. Then I stand over his groin, naked, with my legs spread, looking directly at him while he concentrates on my cunt while I tease it with a fingertip as I prepare to release. You can always create some extra tension and excitement by asking things like, do you really want this? Or, I expect you to get a new erection for me while you watch me pee over your cock. To build the tension he likes me to count from one to three for him, slowly, before we both enjoy my golden shower.”

“Like this Veronica? This is so exciting for me. I am sure the girls at work have never even dreamt of this. Wow, me giving a man a golden shower,” she whispered as she stood over my groin, naked, with her legs spread, hands on hips, looking directly at me while I concentrated on her newly trimmed cunt while she teased it with a fingertip as she prepared to release.

“Do you really want this? I expect you to get a new erection for me while you watch me pee over your cock. I am going to count to five, slowly, to build the tension and excitement for me, and you and Veronica before we all enjoy my golden shower,” Zahra told us full of confidence.

“One, … two, …. three, ….. four ….. five. Oh wow, I am doing it, giving a man a golden shower. And he likes it Veronica. So do I. So good.”

“Until today, I never realised little me could turn on an older woman and her man, Zahra told us In the afterglow after we had watched each shower.

“Do you always have sex like that Aunty Veronica? Do other people have sex the same way you do? I learnt so many new things today. Will you teach me some other new ways I can have sex?”

“You are a very quick learner. and for your age a very talented lover Zahra. Let me show you this technique on the new erection you gave my man after you watch me clip on his cock ring?”

“Why is he wearing a cock ring Aunty Veronica? It looks evil, so sexy though.”

“Ii enhances his erection and helps him keep it up for longer. And look at that big bulging vein on his erection. Now watch and learn.

“Eight shallow sucks, taking just the tip of his erection between my lips. Then seven shallow sucks and one deeper one. Follow up with six shallow sucks and two deeper ones. And keep on repeating, until you have two shallow sucks and six deeper ones. Then just one shallow suck and seven deeper ones.”

“Awesome, just awesome. Can I try that next time Aunty Veronica?”

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