Building a Dream: Part Eighteen by Steveandjay


“ACTION.” Patty shouted, a little too loud I thought considering the enclosed surroundings. Sonia sat on the sofa flicking through the magazine; her long legs stretched out in front of her and low cut top showing an ample cleavage. , Building a Dream: Part Eighteen

Continues on from part seventeen. The group are at Sonia’s house in Dorking and about to film a porn film as part of the deal to retrieve Kylie’s paintings from her horrible step-father.

“ACTION.” Patty shouted, a little too loud I thought considering the enclosed surroundings. Sonia sat on the sofa flicking through the magazine; her long legs stretched out in front of her and low cut top showing an ample cleavage. The doorbell rang causing her to look towards the front door and stand up. She turned to face the camera, put her hand up to cup her ear towards the front door, smiled and said in a bright manner,

“Someone is at the front door. I know who that is. It is my lover who has come to fulfil my sexual needs since my husband no longer has any interest in satisfying me.” The doorbell rang again and Sonia continued,

“I am now going to answer the door and let him in so he can take me right here in any way he wants.” Sonia approached the front door followed by James with the hand-held camera and pulled it open.

Simon, Jim and Manus were stood in the doorway, hands on hips and looking confident.

“’Hello darling,” Said Jim leaning on the doorframe. “We’re mobile gardeners and we just wondered if you would like you bush trimmed.” Sonia turned to the camera and put her hand to her mouth in surprise.

“Oh my,” she exclaimed. “Three very handsome men asking if they can trim my bush. I only trimmed my bush yesterday and it is now very neat and tidy. I will have to turn them down.” Sonia turned back to them and said, “My bush is neatly trimmed already, but thanks for the offer.”

The three men looked at each other then Manus grabbed Sonia and forced in her to back up down the hall while Simon and Jim entered and shut the door.

“Oh my, Oh my!” Sonia exclaimed as Manus pushed her into the lounge and sat her down on the sofa. He stood in front of her while Simon and Jim began to pull drawers open and open cupboards moving stuff around but not disturbing the contents.

“Where’s your money, bitch?” Manus growled at her. Sonia looked over at Patty and asked,

“Does he have to call me ‘bitch?’

“CUT,” Patty shouted approaching and standing next to Manus in front of Sonia. “They’re here to rob you and has to put a bit of fear in you. He needs to be aggressive to scare you and calling you a ‘bitch’ is meant to belittle you and show that he is in control.”

“Okay,” Sonia said.

“Right,” Patty said standing back behind a static camera. “Let’s go again from where Sonia has just sat down. Positions everyone. ACTION.”

“Where’s your money, bitch?” Manus growled at her, pointing his finger in Sonia’s face.

“I don’t have any,” she replied in a scared voice. “Please don’t rob me. I only have a few trinkets and they have great sentimental value. Please leave me with them. I’ll do anything not to lose them.”

Manus turned to the camera, winked, turned back to Sonia and asked, “Anything?”

“Anything,” she replied. Manus slowly unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock and held it close to Sonia’s face.

“Suck this.” He ordered. Sonia looked directly into the hand-held camera close to her face, shrugged her shoulders then slowly reached up and wrapped her hand around the stem before bring her mouth forward and taking the helmet into her mouth. She sucked the helmet for a moment and rubbed the stem with her hand before moving forward to bring it fully in and out of her mouth. Simon and Jim stopped going through the drawers and moved to stand next to Manus. They both dropped their trousers and held their cocks out to Sonia, who then took turns sucking each of them going from one cock to another while all three men reached down and groped her breasts.

Simon reached over and stood Sonia up so he could pull her dress off over her head. She was left in a G-string and her gorgeous large breasts unrestrained. Manus leaned forward and kissed her while Simon ran his hands over Sonia’s breasts and Jim put his fingers down the front of her G-string, rubbing her pussy lips and inserting a finger making her squeak. He pulled the G-string down completely and entered another finger followed by another until he had three inside her now very wet, pussy.

Manus laid Sonia on the floor to put his head between her wide open legs. He licked her pussy lips before clamping his mouth over the clit and sucked hard while Simon and Jim got undressed. They offered their cocks to her mouth and she eagerly sucked both cocks alternately, moaning with joy as Manus sucked and bit on her clit. After a few moments he said to her, “Kneel on the sofa slut.”

Sonia got on her hands and knees and yelped as Manus thrust his cock into her pussy in one swift movement. He gripped on to her shoulders and began fucking her hard, ploughing into her as she continued taking each of Simon’s and Jim’s cocks into her mouth and sucking hard.

Manus stopped fucking her and swapped places with Jim who also gripped her shoulders and fucked her hard.

“Take that you fucking whore,” Jim said as he thrust into her, only receiving moans from Sonia who had her mouthful of Simons, then Manus’s cock. Jim swapped with Simon who parted her pussy lips with his fingers and then thrust his big, black cock into her. Her eyes widened as her pussy stretched against first the width, then the full length of one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. She moaned continuously as Simon fucked her, taking the cocks out of her mouth to catch her breath.

“Do you like my big, black cock?” Simon said as he fucked her, sweeping his cock into her and bringing it almost fully out before plunging quickly and firmly back in.

“Mmm…mmm.” Sonia replied, her mouth full of Manus’s cock.

As the four of them continued to fuck and occasionally swap places, I crept along the wall and into the kitchen. The rest of the group were either sat or stood leaning on the kitchen island watching the action on the monitor. Mike was holding a stopwatch and looking between the action on the screen and the item in his hand.

“Cheryl, Mary and Sue,” He said quietly. “You’re up.” He silently opened the back door and let the three woman leave before following with a *********** in hand.

I moved around and stood next to Jay who was leaning forward on the island watching the fucking going on in the next room.

“Alright?” I asked as I put my arm around her and squeezed a bum cheek.

“Yep,” she replied turning and kissing me before nodding to the monitor. “Sonia’s having fun.”

“Isn’t she just.” I said and ran my hand under her dress and running my fingers up and down her bare arse crack, the G-string now discarded.

“No butt-plug?” I asked as my fingers ran up and down her arsehole.

“I took it out for the filming,” she replied giving my cock a quick squeeze. “I’ve got my name down for DP, DVP and, maybe, if I can handle it, double anal.”

“Fuck, are you sure you can handle that?” I said surprised, considering exactly a week ago any anal play was out of the question.

“Maybe. You never know until you try though,” she replied.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Jim was fucking Sonia while she had her mouth on Manus’s cock and a hand on Simon’s. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and looked directly into the hand-held camera close to her face.

“Oh my,” she said as her body moved back and forth from the thrusting of Jim’s cock. “That is probably my lover who has come to have sex with me, but here I am already having sex to stop these intruders from robbing me. What am I to do?”

“Answer the door and get rid of them of them quickly. We haven’t finished with you yet.” Jim said, pulling his cock out of Sonia and throwing a short and silky nightgown at her. Together, Jim and Simon marched her to the front door followed by James with the camera and stood behind it as Sonia pulled the door open and peered around it, to be greeted by the smiling trio of Cheryl, Mary and Sue.

“Hello,” they all said in unison smiling at Sonia. “We’ve come to see your cuttings that you told us about at the horticultural society meeting the other night. You said that you had managed to make three of them grow thick, hard and long in a very short space of time.”

“It’s not convenient now,” Sonia said out of breath as Simon ran his hand under her arse and started playing with her pussy.”

“That’s a shame,” Cheryl said, looking disappointed. “We were so looking forward to handling some long stems. Are you sure there isn’t time now? We won’t be long. Just a quick look and maybe a touch is all we want.”

“No…no…sorry.” Said Sonia as Simon went off *********** and shoved his cock in her from behind having bent Sonia forward.

“Oh please,” Pleaded Mary who had started to flap the front of her dress up and down revealing no underwear beneath. “We won’t be long and it’s so hot our here.”

At that, Jim stepped from behind the door, fully naked and still sporting a hard cock.

“GET IN HERE.” He shouted at them waving his fist. The three woman looked scared and did as they were ordered. They trotted into the lounge where Manus was waiting, hand on hips and also still hard.

“Sit there and shut up.” Manus demanded, pointing at the sofa. Sonia was bought back into the room by Jim who moved her to kneel on the floor facing the woman on the sofa. Manus slid his cock into her and carried on fucking her while Simon and Jim stood close by, wanking to stay hard and waiting their turn.

“Please don’t hurt us,” Pleaded Sue, opening her legs slightly. James lowered himself and pointed his hand-held camera directly in front of Sue, clearly showing her own lack of underwear.

“Shut it you sluts.” Jim said nodding down at Sonia who was now starting to scream with delight as Manus fucked her faster and harder. “We’ll let you go once we’re finished with her.” He knelt on the floor and moved Sonia’s head down so she could take his cock deep into her mouth, her sucking and the sensation on Jim’s helmet assisted by the back and forth movement of Manus behind her. They then swapped places and Jim kept up the hard thrusting while Sonia took Manus’s cock readily into her mouth.

Mary sat staring at the sight before her. She slowly moved her hand under her dress and started to gently rub herself, keeping a transfixed stare as demanded by the ***********. Cheryl looked sideways at Sue, nodded towards the door then jumped up and ran to the door, followed by Sue. Simon ran after them and grabbed them both by an arm and pulled them back into the room.

“We said sit down and shut up. But you can’t be trusted to do that, can you?” he growled at them. “Get undressed. That should stop you from doing a runner” He stood in front of them as both woman put on scared faces and pulled their dresses over their heads and dropped their underwear until they were naked. Both woman’s naked breasts with firm, hard nipples and waxed smooth pussy’s made my cock twitch a bit more, not just by the little squeezes I was receiving from Jay as I continued to finger her arse.

Simon pushed them firmly to sit the sofa and stood in front of them. His hard cock a few inches from their faces as he moved back and forth in front of them. Both woman stared at the cock moving between them. I knew they had known Simon for many years and had tried to seduce him, but this was the first time they had actually seen it.

Cheryl slowly reached forward and, taking hold of it, started to slowly rub up and down before leaning forward to take it in her mouth. Simon put his head back and let out a loud sigh as Cheryl blew him. She gripped hold of it and moved her head movements to bob up and down on it, occasionally pulling it out and running her tongue up and down the shaft before licking the helmet and taking it back in to her mouth again. Sue reached under his cock and slowly caressed his balls, giving them a little squeeze before Cheryl pointed Simon’s cock at Sue’s mouth who took hold of it and started to suck with long, slow strokes of her head up and down on the huge cock.

Both woman knelt on the floor in front of Simon and took turns in sucking the big cock and then licked it together, one either side of the helmet, before their tongues met and they started kissing. They took hold of each other’s breasts and fondled, pinched, licked and nibbled their each other’s nipples. Cheryl turned back to sucking Simon as Sue slipped her hand behind Cheryl’s arse and began to finger her. James expertly moved his position to catch the action on a close-up while Stacey held the other camera and filmed the action from the side.

Simon moved behind Cheryl and slipped his cock into her pussy. He gripped her thighs and slowly slid his cock in and out of her while Sue laid down in front of Cheryl allowing her to lick and suck on her pussy as she entered two fingers in. Jim watched the action as he fucked Sonia and gave a little smile. He was probably thinking the same as me. This was going well.

Stacey’s camera moved to face Sonia who was still being thrust forward and back by Jim fucking her. She pulled Manus’s cock out of her mouth, looked directly into the camera and said,

“Oh my,” she said, a little out of breath, “I never expected my poor friends from the horticultural society to get involved in this. I do hope they’re not angry and have me thrown out.”

Simon fucked Cheryl harder, causing her head movements to thrust harder down on Sue’s pussy who let out a sudden shriek and started to judder and shout as she started to cum. This was quick and definitely not in the ***********. The camera moved quickly and just managed to catch the view as Sue squirted over Cheryl’s fingers as she bucked hard against Cheryl’s face and fingers and screamed as her orgasm pummelled her body.

Cheryl lifted her head, a few drops of Sue’s ejaculate dripping from her chin and shut her eyes and panted as Simon continued fucking her. She moaned over and over as the big, black cock filled her and, judging by the look on her face via the monitor, she seemed that she too was about to cum. Simon, keeping to ***********, pulled his cock out, turned to where Jim was knelt fucking Sonia next to him and moved his cock to her mouth. She took it in and sucked as Jim carried on pumping into her. Cheryl laid on her back and opened her legs wide, allowing Sue to go down on her, gripping Cheryl’s arse and pulling her pussy firmly on to her mouth.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned my head to see Mike holding his copy of the ***********. “Front door, mate,” he said. “You’re next.” Jay gave me a quick kiss.

“Good luck,” she said, winking. I had a quick look down at Mike’s ***********, ran through my lines quickly and followed him out of the back door. I reached the front and watched Mike as he counted down quietly the time on the stopwatch.

“3, 2, 1…now.” He said and I rang the doorbell.

A few moments later the door opened and I saw Mary’s head poking around it at a low level. I knew from the *********** that Manus would be stood behind the door, having bent her over and was now fucking her.

“Not…today…thank…you.” Mary spluttered, trying to get the words out but having trouble as, I imagined, Manus’s cock ploughed in and out of her.

“Who are you?” I asked, remembering my lines. “Where’s the lady of the house. It’s her I’ve come to see.”

“She’s…busy, oh fuck,” Mary said shutting her eyes as Manus fucked her harder.

“Busy? She won’t be too busy to see me.” I said and pushed the door open and walked straight through to the lounge, remembering not to look at the cameras.

I stood hand on hips and stared down at Sonia as Jim and Simon spit-roasted her.

“What is going on here?” I demanded of her. Simon pulled his cock out of Sonia’s mouth and moved to one side allowing James to point his camera for a close-up on Sonia’s face.

“Oh my,” Sonia said, addressing the camera and moving back and forth on Jim’s cock. “Here I am having sex with complete strangers and my lover is here. I have already had all three penises in my vagina….do I have to say, ‘penises’ and ‘vagina’?”

“CUT,” shouted Patty. “Keep your positions. Chris, take polaroid’s all around the room. What’s wrong with saying ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’?”

“Well,” Sonia said moving forward from Jim’s cock and sitting on the floor. “I’m getting fucked in all manner of ways, as is other people all around the room. Surely I would be a bit more, well, crude with what I say. Wouldn’t I say something like ‘Prick’ and ‘pussy’ or ‘dick’ and ‘snatch’ ‘cock’ and ‘cunt’ or even ‘todger’ and ‘twat’?”

“Sounds like a bad solicitors,” said Jim which got us all laughing, well, all apart from Patty.

“I didn’t want to have too much vulgarity in the film,” she said to all of us. “I’m not overly fond of bad language. However, if you want to say something different, I think we should decide on what.”

“We could put it to the vote,” I suggested.

“Okay,” Patty said, her pencil at the ready to adjust her ***********. “Everybody, who’s for ‘prick’ and ‘pussy’?”

A solitary ‘aye,’ came from the kitchen

“’Dick’ and ‘snatch’?”

A couple of ‘ayes’ came from the kitchen and a hand in the air from Stacey. Patty took a deep breath, shut her eyes and said, “cock’ and ‘cunt’?”

Everybody said ‘aye’ at once making it the clear winner. Patty scribbled furiously on all the pages of her ***********. “Okay, ‘cock’ and ‘cunt’ it is then. So nobody wants ‘todger’ and ‘twat’ then?”

“Oh, I’m always partial to that,” Cheryl said followed by a little laugh which bought more laughter from us all.

“Okay, let’s get back into position and take it from Steve entering the room.” Patty said stepping back behind a static camera.

“Does anyone need ‘fluffing’?” Stacey asked looking at the four men in the room. We all looked down to examine our cocks, even me and I was still dressed. Jim had his hand rubbing his cock throughout the conversation and was semi-hard. He winked at me and said to Stacey as he stood up,

“I could do with a bit, if you don’t mind?”

“Okay.” Stacey replied who then walked over and knelt in front of him. She took hold of his cock and started to lick the helmet before reaching under with her hand to cup his balls. She slowly pushed her lips over the helmet and slowly, very slowly moved her head back and forth, taking his cock further into her mouth with each movement. Jim put his head back and exclaimed, “Oh fuck, that is good.”

I saw the stem of his cock get firmer with each movement of her mouth and within a minute of her starting, she had got him rock hard.

“Thank you Stacey, you can stop now” Patty said. “Chris, can you get everyone in position please?” Chris nodded and used the few polaroid pictures in his hand to get everyone back into position, either by describing how they were or by moving them with his hands, although this was only for the women.

“Everyone ready?” Patty asked. We all nodded. “Okay, Steve, you’ve just come into the room. We’ll start from Sonia’s piece to camera. “ACTION.”

“Oh my,” Sonia said, again addressing the camera while moving back and forth on the thrusting of Jim’s cock. “Here I am having sex with complete strangers and my lover is here. I have already had all three cocks in my cunt and I don’t doubt that they will want a repeat visit.”

Stacey pointed the hand-held camera she had in my face and looking directly at it I addressed it in an angry tone,

“I’ve come over here to sexually satisfy my lover who’s needs are ignored by her husband and I find her with two cocks in her either end. Does she not need me anymore? Am I not enough to fulfil her urges? I intend to find out. I’m am not a happy-chappy. I am going to leave now and never come back”

“Oi,” Manus said over his shoulder to me as he knelt behind Mary, fucking her as she knelt on the sofa. “You’re not going anywhere until we’re done. Get undressed and sit on the sofa. We don’t want you running away now, do we?”

I feigned fright on my face and quickly undressed, throwing my clothes to one side. I sat directly in front of Mary so her face was a few inches from my cock as she was pushed back and forth on Manus’s cock. She slowly moved her body so she was kneeling closer and stared at my already hard cock. She lifted a hand and gripped it before enclosing the helmet with her lips and taking me in her mouth. Fuck, it felt good. The movement of Manus fucking her helped her tongue to run up and down the shaft and take me further into her mouth. The sensation was outstanding. I ignored the cameras filming from all directions and put my hands on her head, holding firmly her to my cock as she used her tongue and lips to incite a wave of pleasure over me.

Cheryl had just stopped squealing from an orgasm bought on by Sue’s tongue and fingers and was laying on her back on the floor panting; her nipples hard and firm and evidence of a very wet pussy, judging from the glistening around her inner thighs and the way that Sue was licking her lips and gently wiping some vestige from her face. Cheryl looked up at me, gave a little wink then got on her knees and crawled next to Mary and took hold of my cock. Mary pulled back from me and let Cheryl take over sucking me, firmer and harder, maintaining eye contact with me throughout.

Manus was fucking Mary who was now knelt on the sofa next to me and shouting with each thrust while Simon and Jim were spit-roasting Sonia. Sue laid under her and sucked on her nipples as each man got a good rhythm going of a cock going in one end as the other pulled out. I hadn’t discussed with Patty, nor Cheryl, how I was to fuck her and considered changing position, Cheryl stopped sucking and climbed up to put her knees either side of my legs. She gripped my cock and lowered herself down on to me, her warm and wet pussy accepting the full length of my cock as she sat on me. She put her arms around my neck and leaned her mouth to my ear and whispered,

“I am going to fuck you all afternoon. You’re mine and no one else’s for today.” She then kissed me softly and both our tongues met, not in a frenzy of sexual wontedness, but tender and slowly as if it was two lovers embracing to share a passionate moment. I held on to her arse cheeks and gently assisted her with her fucking, lifting her a little with each movement. We still kissed and didn’t separate for what seemed like an eternity but realistically, must have only been about a minute. The sliding of my cock in her pussy felt tremendous. She was smooth, yet tight and the grip she had was nothing I had ever encountered before, not with Jay, Katy, Sonia nor Sara. This, I privately admitted to myself, felt like one of the best fucks I had ever had.

Just then there was a loud banging on the front door together with repeated presses on the doorbell and I knew that, in a moment, I would have some lines to say. Cheryl pulled her face away from mine and looked at me smiling and started yelling ‘yes, yes,’ out loud as she lifted herself up and down on me. For the cameras benefit, we both froze and looked at each other when we heard Jay shouting,


I had never heard Jay shout like that before. We had minor disagreements now and then but never anything that led to a shouting match. This was definitely a side to Jay, all be it pretend, that I had never encountered before.

Simon, who was fucking Sonia, turned to Sue who was now sat against an armchair fingering herself and watching the action around her, and ordered,

“You, slut. Go and answer the door and get rid of them.”

Sue got up, smoother her hair down and trotted to the door where Jay was still shouting and banging on it. Sue opened it a crack and said,

“Sorry, we’re busy at the moment. Can you come back later please?”

“WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE?” Jay shouted as the shouting and yelping from Mary and Cheryl got louder, being exaggerated with their volume. The door was forced open by Jay who marched straight into the lounge followed by Katy and Kelly. She went wide-eyed and open-mouthed in shock at the scene before her. She first looked at Sonia getting fucked by Simon with Jim’s cock in her mouth and then at me and Cheryl. In the corner of my eye I watched as James moved slightly forward with the hand-held camera to zoom in on me. Remembering my lines, I looked around Cheryl directly at the camera and said,

“Oh bloody hell, it’s the missus! She’s followed me here to where I’m meant to be satisfying my lover and now I’ve been caught in an even worse situation. What am I to do?”

All three women stood with their hands on their hips and stared at me. Jay moved slightly forward and started wagging her finger at me shouting,


She pointed at Sonia who had stood up and stepped away from Simon and Jim and stood cross armed facing Jay as the rant continued


Sonia walked slowly up to Jay with her hands out to calm her while Simon and Jim moved behind Katy and Kelly who stood very still with looks of shock on their faces.

“Shh, it’s okay,” Sonia said softly to Jay and moved to stand in front of her. “It’s not like you think. Yes, I have been having sex with your husband but it’s only because I asked him to. He didn’t come after me. We met when he did work on my house and I wanted him as soon as I laid eyes on him. You see, my husband has lost all interest in me…” Sonia moved closer towards Jay as she spoke with her hands up defensively in front of her.

“…for a year I haven’t had sex with my husband. I haven’t had that feeling of a man’s touch on my body, that gentle caress…”

Sonia moved her hand to Jay’s face and gently and lightly stroked her cheek.

“…that feeling of being wanted, that feeling of excitement knowing that ultimate pleasure will be shared…”

She moved her other hand around Jay’s back and caressed Jay’s back, running her fingers up and down her spine with the gentlest of touches.

“You know that feeling, don’t know? When you feel a hand on your breast..”

Sonia moved her hand from Jay’s back and gently pulled down the top of her summer dress allowing both firm and beautiful breasts to be released. She caressed Jay’s breast circling the nipple with her fingers,

“…the gentle touch as excitement builds, the shiver that run through you when you know that very soon…”

Sonia moved her face close to Jay’s until she was a couple of inches away, still maintaining eye contact.

“…very, very soon, you will be kissed.” Sonia moved in and gently kissed Jay. Jay face softened as she closed her eyes and received the kiss. It was a small kiss to begin with and then their lips parted and I saw the tips of their tongues meet, gently touching at first before Jay moved her hands up and, holding Sonia’s face, pushed her tongue into Sonia’s mouth. They embraced and stood there kissing, slowly at first before holding each other tight and frantically began kissing harder, Sonia holding Jay’s face with both hands as their tongues moved from mouth to mouth. Sonia, not breaking from the kiss, pulled the summer dress down from Jay and on to the floor, leaving her stood naked. Both girls started running their hands over each other’s body’s; their breasts, their arse cheek’s and then slowly touching each other’s pussy’s, parting the wet lips and exploring with their fingers.

“CUT.” Shouted Patty.

“No!” Jay exclaimed breaking away from Sonia.

“Sorry,” Patty said approaching the girls. “We’re going to go again but this time you will say your piece directly into camera as you slowly move forward. Jay, you will look directly into the camera as Sonia speaks so we can get your reaction. The two pieces of film will be edited in.”

Sonia moved back and allowed James to stand in front of her with the camera pointed in her face while Jay pulled her dress back up and did the same to Stacey holding the other camera.

“ACTION.” Shouted Patty and Sonia repeated her speech staring directly into the camera and slowly moved forward while Stacey filmed Jay’s reaction which went from angry, to calm, to turned on as she parted her lips and softened the look on her face, the camera moving slowly closer.

“CUT” Patty shouted. “How did that look?” she asked James who gave her the thumbs up along with Stacey.

“Okay, we’ll go from your embrace and then follow you down to the floor as Sonia seduces Jay. Stacey will film Kelly and Katy with Simon and Jim simultaneously. Positions everyone.”

Manus hadn’t moved from his position behind Mary although he had slowed his pace. Cheryl was still sat on my hard cock deep inside her and we had kissed tenderly as Sonia and Jay had done their piece to camera.

“ACTION,” Patty shouted. Manus continued fucking Mary and Cheryl began moving up and down on me again, still embracing me and kissing me, our tongues not wanting to part. I saw Sonia pull Jay’s dress down and then run her fingers to Jay’s pussy. They laid down on the rug in the big open space in front of the sofa’s and continued kissing, sucking and biting each other’s nipples before Jay laid back and Sonia lowered her face to Jay’s pussy and started running her tongue up and down the lips before sucking on her clit. Jay let out a yelp and held Sonia’s face to her while playing with her own nipples with her other hand.

James filmed this out of shot from the static cameras while Stacey did the same to Simon and Jim who had begun to undress Kelly and Katy who were stood very still with looks of shock on their faces as they watched Sonia going down on Jay.

Simon laid on the floor and indicted for Katy to sit on his face. Jim moved Kelly to an armchair next to them and knelt Kelly on the floor in front of it. She gripped the arms of the chair as he slid his cock into her, making her squeal and then pant as he proceeded to fuck her fast. Katy panted fast as Simon attacked her clit with his tongue and began to buck her hips up and down on his face. He tapped her arse and indicated for her to turn around which she did, enabling her to take his big cock into her mouth while he ate her pussy and licked up and down between her arse cheeks, probing her arsehole with his tongue.

Sonia and Jay had moved positions and were now eating each other pussy’s and fingering each other. I glanced down and saw Jay probing Sonia’s arsehole with the tip of her middle finger. Sonia had told Manus and I that anal play was definitely not an interest for her but she didn’t react negatively and allowed Jay to gently push the finger in to the first then second knuckle.

Sonia lifted her face away from Jay’s pussy and silently exclaimed, “Oh fuck,” as Jay began moving her finger quicker in and out of her arsehole while pushing two fingers into her pussy. “Oh fuck,” Sonia said again, this time louder. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…I’m cumming!” she shouted followed by a loud scream as her body stiffened and she squirted over Jay’s hands and face. James had moved lower down and, out of sight of the static cameras, had caught the whole orgasm with his hand-held camera. Sonia’s body shook as the orgasm run its course, still shouting “Fuck, fuck,” until it subsided, allowing her body to relax.

As Sonia began to relax Jay let out a yell and also started cumming. Sonia’s fingers were still firmly implanted in Jay’s pussy and had stiffened as she came, bringing on Jay’s orgasm. Jay shuddered and I could see Sonia’s fingers becoming wetter as Jay’s ejaculate covered them. Jay screamed several times, her eyes tightly shut as she shook and jerked. She eventually quietened down and lay still while Sonia moved around and gently took her face in her hands and kissed her. They laid kissing for a short while and holding each other tight.

Cheryl was still moving up and down on me and held my face to her breasts. I gently bit her nipples and maintained my tight grip on her arse cheeks, lifting her up and down on me before moving my face up to kiss her again, her arms tightly wrapped around my neck.

We stopped kissing and held on to each other, her face next to mine as we quickened our pace. I glanced around and watched the activity in the room. Simon was fucking Katy on the floor who was on her back while he held her legs over his shoulders. Jim was fucking Kelly on her knees against the armchair with a bunch of her hair in his hand, pulling her head back as he slipped his hard cock quickly in and out of her. Next to us, Mary had swopped with Sue who was on her knees against the sofa and being fucked by Manus. Mary moved behind the sofa and had started to kiss Cheryl over my shoulder. I could hear them as their tongues met emitting little groans and pants from Cheryl. I had no doubt that Mary was fingering herself as she kissed Cheryl, judging from her own little pants.

I causally looked around the rest of the room. Stacey was crouched down behind a chair and was zooming in with her camera on Jim and Kelly with Simon and Katy in the background. James was also crouched down, alternating between filming Cheryl as she fucked me and Sonia and Jay on the floor who were now embraced and kissing. I saw him move the camera and follow Mary as she moved from behind me to sit on the armchair and open her legs wide in front of Kelly who moved her face and tongue down on to Mary’s wet pussy.

Patty was stood behind one of the static camera’s watching the action around the room and crossing out sections of her *********** in pencil as each part was met. Chris was stood close by also watching with a *********** in one hand while the other held the Polaroid camera. The fact that he had a big hard on was clearly evident through his jeans.

Cheryl leant her lips close to my ear and whispered, “No one else is going to cum in me, on me nor anywhere near me today. I only want you.” She moved her face in front of mine and our eyes met. She looked at me with a mixture of passion and pure feeling. This wasn’t just a fuck we were having; this was becoming a moment and I knew that she was the only one I wanted to fuck. Despite the situation and the naked bodies on offer around us, I knew she meant it and I agreed. I only wanted to fuck her.

Just then, I heard the front door open followed by a shout of “Honey, I’m home.”

Phil walked into the room followed by Keith, Clive and Sara, who was carrying the holdall with the sex toys provided by James. They stopped in their tracks and took in the situation before them, looks of shock on their faces.


Leaving Jay on the floor, Sonia stood up and faced Phil. She put her hands on her hips and addressed him.

“Yes, I am having an orgy. It wasn’t planned, it just happened and you know what? It’s been good, very, very good. I’m getting some sex at last. Something you haven’t wanted for a while. Do you even remember what sex is? Let me remind you…”

She pointed her finger around the room at the couples having sex, although we had all frozen in our positions.

“..It’s when a man and a woman join together and enjoy each other’s bodies. It’s when two people want to share an experience together and satisfy their desires. It’s a hard cock and a wet cunt. It’s sordid and yet, loving. You haven’t come near me in over a year and why is that? It’s because I won’t satisfy your perversions, your demands of sexual practices that are just not what I want to do. Do you really think I want your cock in my arse? Do you really think I want to be pissed on? Do you? Is that something that everyone does?”

Sonia turned to everyone in the room who had started nodding and smiling before turning back to face Phil.

“Well, I don’t and I won’t.”

She turned and pointed down at Jay who was laying on her side, her head propped up on her hand watching Sonia give her speech.

“I’ve been having sex with her husband because you won’t go near me. I’ve had sex with these men…”

She pointed at Manus, Simon and Jim, then Jay.

“ …and I’ve just had sex with her and do you now what? It’s been wonderful and I’m going to do it again and again and again because they want to and they want me. Unlike you.”

Phil looked seriously berated. He dropped his head and said,

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. You hear about those sexual practices more often nowadays. It’s on the TV and in a lot of films. I just wanted to try it. I didn’t realise how you felt. I never meant to hurt you or make you feel unwanted or unloved. I was just curious, that’s all. I thought that I had put you off having sex forever when you said no so forcefully. In a way, I think I was giving you space until you were ready to be with me again. I love you so, so much. I’m sorry”

Sonia approached Phil and put her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her.

“Do you mean that?” she asked. “Are you really sorry?”

“Yes, yes I am. Very much so. I love you and I just want to make love to you all the time.”

Sonia kissed him and he responded. They stood kissing for a little while until Sonia dropped to her knees and undid Phil’s trousers. His large, hard cock was released and she took it in her mouth, sucking hard and fast which made him gasp. He pulled his jacket and shirt off then pulled her up towards him to kiss again while he stepped out of the rest of his clothes. She took his hand and moved to the back of the sofa where myself and Cheryl were.

James moved on his knees with the camera and crouched to film close up as Sonia bent over the back of the sofa and let Phil enter her, giving out a gasp as his cock filled her. I tapped Cheryl’s arse and motioned with my eyes to move to the floor. She stood up and laid down between the sofa and an armchair, opened her legs and pulled me down onto her. I slipped in quite easily and kissed her, keeping up a slow pace with my fucking. I did have a problem though. I knew I was going to cum soon and was unsure of how to indicate this to Patty for the close up.

I put my mouth to Cheryl’s ear and whispered,

“I’m going to cum soon. All of this is too exciting.”

“Cum in me,” she whispered back. “I want you to fill me with your cum and never stop. I want every drop to stay in me forever. I never want to let you go.”

This did it for me and I started fucking her harder and got shouts of “fuck me,” back from Cheryl as I did so. I pumped harder and faster and could feel the familiar feeling of cum rising and getting ready to meet her request.

“Aaaarrrggghhh…” Cheryl shouted as I felt her fingernails dig into my shoulders as she gripped me tight, “I’m cumming.” She looked at me and we maintained eye contact as our resplendent orgasms came to the climax

“And me,” I shouted and did so. I began to cum and fill her, each stroke and movement letting out more into her as she screamed and her body became taught with her own orgasm.

“CUT.” Patty shouted but there was no way I could stop and carried on doing so, feeling myself getting drained with each stroke. The room was silent apart from the two of us as we groaned, moaned and let out a final gasp. I stopped moving and kissed Cheryl as she put her arms gently around my neck. This was a moment of not just hard sex but of passion and feeling and I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it.

“Are you done, Steve?” Patty asked sounding very pissed off, standing hand on hips behind me.

I looked behind me and nodded, “Yes, sorry about that.”

Patty furiously scribbled in pencil on her *********** and said to the group,

“If anyone, and I mean the men here, think they are close to cumming you will have to make some sort of indication so we can get the camera shot. Did either of you get that?” she asked James and Stacey.

“I did,” came a quiet voice from behind an armchair. Stacey stood up with the hand-held camera in her hand. “I caught them cumming from the side but not a close up of the genital area as they came.”

“Okay. Steve don’t move. I want a close up of you pulling out and of Cheryl’s vagina as the cum leaks out. Jay, would you like to go down on Cheryl and, er, clean her up?”

“Sure,” she replied with a smile and moved into position behind me.

“Okay,” Patty said, “Stacey, get in close on the floor and get this. We’ll continue with the rest afterwards. If any of you are going to cum, stop having sex and say out loud, ‘Eureka.’ We can then stop and get the close ups.”

Patty moved back behind a static camera and shouted,


I kissed Cheryl again and pulled my cum sodden cock out of her. As I stood up Stacey moved in close and filmed the thick trickle of my cum slowly leaving Cheryl’s pussy. Jay then laid down between Cheryl’s open legs and ran her tongue up and down Cheryl’s pussy lips getting globule after globule of my cum on her tongue and swallowing each drop. Satisfied she had got it all she moved up and kissed Cheryl and then knelt in front of me to suck and lick any remaining cum dripping of my spent cock. Having cleaned me she sat back and smiled up at me.

“CUT.” Patty shouted.

Cheryl kissed Jay again then stood up, leaving Jay on the floor and moved next to me behind a static camera putting her arm around me as I hugged her. She was still a bit out of breath and her panting was quite audible.

Patty noticed this and said,

“Sorry Cheryl, you’re a little bit too loud. Why don’t the two of you go and get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat in the kitchen. You can still watch on the monitor in there.”

“Quick shower?” Cheryl asked me with a smile.

“Okay,” I said.

“Tell you what,” Patty said to the group. “Let’s take a twenty minute break and start from Mary and Sue seducing Keith and Clive. Chris, polaroid’s please.”

Chris went around the room taking pictures of everyone from different angles while I led Cheryl by the hand to the downstairs shower. I ran it cool and the two of us got in together, Cheryl tucking her hair into a shower cap before we washed each other with the gel’s provided. Every so often we would embrace and kiss, holding each other tight as we did so. I think we spent more time kissing in there than washing. I was so attracted to Cheryl and I felt a tinge of regret knowing that today would be the last day of our sexual adventures and that I would never get to be with this wonderful woman again.

We stepped out, dried each other and, still naked and hand in hand, joined the rest of the group who were in the kitchen munching on the remains of the lunch buffet. We helped ourselves to a sandwich and a couple of sausage rolls and poured a coffee from one of the fresh pots Sonia had just made.

Jay came over and kissed me. “This is fun.” She said as she drained her coffee cup. “And you came quick. There should be a forfeit for that.”

“Okay,” I said hugging her. “I’ll cook for a week when we get back tomorrow.”

Jay laughed and said to Cheryl, “That’s not a forfeit, that’s a punishment for me. He can’t cook. No, I’ll think of some form of forfeit for you.” She winked at me and left to go to the loo.

“ONE MINUTE.” Patty shouted from the lounge and I could see her on the monitor discussing the next camera angles with James and Stacey. Everyone left the kitchen apart from myself, Cheryl, Paul, Kylie and Mike who I saw had taken out a large, cream covered cake from the fridge. Cheryl and I took a seat at the kitchen island and watched the monitor with Paul, Kylie and Mike stood behind us..

The view from the four cameras was on the screen and we could see Chris indicating to people where they should be. I saw Manus, Simon and Jim say something to Stacey who then dropped to her knees as they stood in front of her and started to blow each of them, one after another, gripping their balls as she bobbed her head up and down on each cock. The looks on their faces told me that she must have a great skill in this as, within moments, all three were hard and put into position by Chris and Patty using the polaroid’s. I picked up the remote and turned the volume up a little so we could hear what was being said.

Sonia was bent over the back of the sofa with Phil behind her while Manus was on his knees fucking Sue on the floor against the sofa where she rested her arms for support . Simon was fucking Katy on the floor in front of Jim who was fucking Kelly as she knelt on the floor with her face between Mary’s wide open legs who was sat in the armchair. Each man was doing slow movements to keep them ready for when Patty shouted…


Keith and Clive were stood watching the action before them looking unsure of how to react. Mary stood up from the armchair, knelt down and kissed Kelly. Jim stopped fucking Kelly and sat back on the floor, gripping his cock to keep it hard and watched as both women approached Keith and Clive and began to kiss them. Keith started to grope Kelly’s breasts and dropped his head to suck her nipples while Mary had unzipped Clive’s trousers and was bobbing her head back and forth as she sucked him. Both men got undressed quicker than I expected and I watched as both woman got on their hands and knees next to each other and began kissing as Keith slid his cock into Kelly and Clive did the same to Mary.

Through the kitchen door I could hear the moans from the woman as they got fucked in the various different positions. Jim moved in front of Kelly who took his cock in her mouth and was duly spit-roasted. Jay had taken one of the strap-on’s from the bag that Sara had dropped at her feet in shock upon entering and was plunging the large dildo attachment in and out of her pussy and squealing with each stroke.

The view from one of the hand-held cameras changed as the camera moved behind Sara, who was stood in a very business-like attire of smart blouse and skirt, arms crossed watching the orgy. She turned to the camera, smiled and said in her exaggerated Dutch accent,

“You British, you do make me laugh. Why are your orgies always unplanned? Why are they so disorganised?” she pointed her thumb over her shoulder in Phil and Sonia’s direction. “A man comes home from work with his work colleagues on his way to a sex toy convention, to pick up some papers he’s forgotten and finds his wife having an orgy and he is shocked and angry. Why? He should be thrilled to find his wife enjoying several different cocks and cunts. Isn’t it every mean’s dream to watch his wife getting ravaged? In the Netherlands we are so, so much more liberal. Swinging is almost a national pastime. We have plenty of sex clubs where couples can go and live out any desire they may have whether it is a threesome, a foursome, a gangbang, anal sex, fisting and even watersports. To us, all of those activities are perfectly normal. What girl wouldn’t want to have a cock in her mouth and cunt at the same time? What girl wouldn’t want to have a cock in her cunt and arse at the same time, maybe with a big cock in her mouth as a bonus. What girl wouldn’t want to have two cocks in her cunt or two cocks in her arse or maybe even…”

Sara raised her fist up to the camera.

“… a fist in her cunt or arse. It’s not freaky or unusual, it’s just another way of heightening the pleasure of sex.”

As Sara spoke I saw Jay in the background fit the strap-on belt around her waist and approach Sara from behind. She stood behind her, reached around and started to unbutton Sara’s blouse and slip it off her shoulders and onto the floor. Sara didn’t react as she continued talking.

“I personally like to go to a club on my own and have someone film me so I can show it to my husband later. I wander around the place naked, looking in all the rooms to see what the action is. If a man approaches me then I will fuck him. If two men approach me I will fuck them both. If they want to fuck my cunt and arse, I will let them…”

Jay had reached around and had been playing with Sara’s breasts as she spoke, still not reacting. Jay unzipped Sara’s skirt and let it drop to the floor. She wore nothing underneath and we got a clear view as Jay parted Sonia’s legs, reached under and play with her bald pussy lips before entering a finger.

“…and if they want to cum in me that way, I will also let them. I will take cum anywhere; my mouth, my cunt and my arse-the more the better. I will have gangbangs where an endless amount of cock will fuck my cunt, arse and mouth over and over. As for fisting, well…”

Jay stopped fingering Sara and bent her forward, the camera lowering to keep focussed on her face as she spoke. I saw Jay kneel down, part Sara’s arse cheeks and push her face in to, I presume, rim her and lick her pussy.

“…if a man has a small hand and wants to fist me, then I will let him; my pussy and arse are always willing to be filled that way. I might find a lovely lady in there. If so, I will finger her, lick her, taste her juices…”

Jay stood up behind Sara and held her bent over as she lined the dildo attached to the strap-on she was wearing to Sara’s pussy.

“…fist her and fuck her in every way imaginable. I love sex. I want sex all the time. So, what I am trying to say is, be more open, more liberal and let yourself go. You’re only young once….aahhh.”

Jay slid the dildo into Sara causing her to shut her eyes and gasp. Neither girl moved for a few moments before Jay held on to Sara’s hips and proceeded to slowly fuck her. Sara opened her eyes, winked at the camera and started to gasp quicker as Jay fucked her faster. The camera moved around and under so we could get a close up of Jay fucking her. The big dildo easily slid into her and out again as Jay got to a steady rhythm. This continued for about thirty seconds before Sara bought her body up and moved away from Jay. She laid down on the floor, opened her legs wide and beckoned Jay to join her which she did so, kissing her before sliding the dildo back into her and fucking her.

“Okay,” Mike said to Kylie and Paul while looking at his stopwatch. “Let’s get you two out to the front door. You’ve got about 2 minutes until you ring the doorbell.”

“Good luck,” I said and got a wave back from Kylie as, together with Paul, they followed Mike out the door, shutting it behind them.

“Nice speech,” Cheryl said pouring a mug of coffee and nodding to the monitor where we could see Sara getting fucked hard by Jay with the strap-on. “Patty has a way with words, doesn’t she?”

“She certainly does,” I replied. “Although I reckon Sara ad-libbed most of it and I don’t think ‘cocks’ and ‘cunts’ were in the original.”

“That’s one thing I’ve noticed about Patty.” Cheryl said reaching down to hold my free hand. “She’s written the *********** for a porn film including detailed scenes for anal, DP, watersports etc, but with no swearing and it’s all very organised and professional.”

“It’s probably just her manner. I mean, she’s very polite, well-spoken, confident, has experience with writing ***********s for her am-dram group and from what Mike said, got right on to it last night. It’s probably the type of challenge that brings the best out of her.”

Cheryl nodded in agreement.

“She’s also very, very sexy.” Cheryl said, pouring me another coffee from the pot on the island. “She has a great body and that attire she’s wearing is such a fucking turn on. I love girls in rompers. If I was her and was writing the *********** for this, I would have written a part in for myself.”

“Well, she’s not had sex with Mike for nearly a year, not since her affair with another woman ended.” I said. “Apparently, the other woman ending it upset her so much that she swore herself off sex. That’s why Mike was in the peep show. He needed to let off steam and, lucky for him, Jay was there to help him get that release.”

“Poor woman,” Cheryl said as we watched Patty on one of the static cameras walk around the wall of the room as James was filming a close-up of Phil fucking Sonia. “I would love to help her get over that, given the chance.”

I took a sip of my coffee then shook my head,

“Not a chance. She may be the type to write about porn and direct, but I don’t think she would be the type to take part. Besides, apart from the ‘blip’ in her life and Mike’s shag with Jay, they’re happily married and committed to each other.”

“So are you and Jay and me and Phil, but we still enjoy fucking other people.” She leaned in, took my face in her hands and kissed me, her tongue gently pushing past my lips and meeting my own. I put my arms around and we kissed for a short while before stopping and turning back to the monitor with an arm around each other.

The action carries on in part nineteen where the filming continues.



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