Educating Melissa by Wilderness Cry


Julie knows her teenage half-sister, Melissa, has a crush on her husband and wants him to take her virginity. She decides to make it happen for her. , Educating Melissa

Dominic had always been a bit of a heart-throb; six foot four, good-looking, well-built and well-endowed; he had it all. And he was still only in his mid-twenties. Julie adored him. She was two years younger, and petite by comparison; they were well-matched. They had been together for five years and married for three. They had both been around a bit before they had met and neither had a problem with the other’s history.

Julie had often joked that he was hornier than a goat, could get a hard-on at will, and should become a porn star. Her only problem was her fear that he might catch something off one of those ‘hard-faced, plastic sluts’, and pass it on to her, so they didn’t pursue the idea seriously, although he was tempted.

They lived around the corner from the house Julie had grown up in, and her mother and stepfather still lived there with her half-sister Melissa. In her mid-teens, Melissa was a lot younger than Julie, but despite their age difference, Julie and Melissa had been firm friends for the whole of Melissa’s life.

Melissa had confessed to fancying Dom from the first day she had met him, even though she had only been young at the time. Ever since then she had reminded Julie regularly, telling her to pass him on if ever she got bored. Julie knew she wasn’t joking, either.

Melissa was an extremely pretty girl with a good figure, and although boys her own age were constantly calling round, Melissa had told Julie that she was ‘saving herself for Dom’. Julie had laughed until Melissa told her she was serious. She didn’t want to steal him or anything; she just wanted him to be her first; when she was legally old enough, of course. And now she was.

Dom had known about her crush on him all along, and he had teased her about it on many occasions, but he had to admit she was rapidly growing into a seriously hot young lady. He and Julie had expected her to lose interest in him at some point, but she clearly hadn’t.

Julie mentioned it to him one morning, as they lay in bed together. “I was talking to Melissa yesterday.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. She’s still on about you being her first. She still hasn’t even kissed a boy her own age yet.”

Dom laughed. “She’s not still serious about that, is she?”

“Yep. She’s not going to be interested in any other boys until you’ve sorted her out.” Then Julie laughed. “And she’ll probably be even less interested in them once you have sorted her out.”

Dom started to laugh again, then stopped and looked at her. “What do you mean, ‘once I have’? You’re not serious are you?”

She looked back at him and shrugged. “Why not? She wants you to, and there are worse ways for a girl to lose her cherry.”

He stared at her, speechless.

“It might be quite cool to educate her, don’t you think? We could plan it all out for her, couldn’t we? It would be fun.”

He went very quiet, and she looked at him. “You’re thinking about it, aren’t you? You should. She’s certainly a looker. You’d enjoy it. And don’t tell me that men don’t get a kick out of shagging a virgin. I thought you’d jump at the chance.”

“But are you seriously telling me that you’re okay with me shagging someone else?”

She shook her head. “Not just ‘someone else’; this is Melissa we’re talking about. And I would orchestrate the whole thing. You wouldn’t just be nipping round to hers’ and giving her one when you felt like it.”

That made him laugh. “Well, if everyone else is thinking about it, I’d be a mug not to, wouldn’t I?”

“I’ll go and talk to her about it later, then.”

Dom shook his head in disbelief, but realised that the thought of shagging Melissa had turned him on. He rolled on top of Julie. “I’d better get some practice in, before the big event.”

Later that evening they were sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

“Here’s the plan,” said Julie. “I’ll go and get Melissa now, while you get ready for bed. Then I’ll leave her down here and come up and join you. We’ll get down to business as usual, but we’ll leave the bedroom door open. She’ll come up and ‘spy’ on us when she’s ready. Just ignore her, so she can watch us without coming into the room or feeling embarrassed.”

“Okay,” Dom replied. “You know, I still can’t believe this is for real,” he said, but he was smiling broadly as he got up and headed for the door.

He was laid naked on top of the bed, ten minutes later, when Julie walked into the room, and got onto the bed beside him, also naked. The bedroom door was wide open. They began kissing and cuddling, and Dom became aware that Melissa was watching from out on the landing almost immediately. He couldn’t resist moving to give her a look at him, full frontal, without acknowledging her presence. They took their time, with lots of foreplay, lots of oral sex, and lots of lovemaking in a variety of positions, always being careful to ensure Melissa could see exactly what they were doing, but without making it too obvious. Neither of them felt self-conscious about putting on a show.

When they were done, Melissa sneaked back down stairs, and Julie had a quick shower and slipped a nightie on before joining her.

“He’s got a massive willy!” Melissa whispered excitedly, making Julie laugh.

“Yes, he has, hasn’t he!”

“I’ve never seen a stiff one, before.” Her eyes were like saucers. “I can’t wait to touch it!”

“Slow down… he’s not even kissed you yet.”

“Shall I put that right now?”

They both jumped at the sound of his voice. He was stood in the kitchen doorway, wearing only his jeans. “Be my guest,” said Julie, rising to her feet. She kissed him on the cheek as she walked passed him to go back to bed.

Half an hour later, Dom returned to the bedroom, and gave her an update. “She’s just gone. We’ve been snogging the whole time. She’s definitely keen! She let me feel her bum and her tits, through her clothes at first, of course. Then I put my hands up inside her t-shirt and unfastened her bra. Her nipples were bigger than I expected, and very stiff! I let her cop a feel through my jeans. She’s not shy.”

Julie grinned. “Did you enjoy yourself, then?”

He grinned back. “Yeah, I did. I even got a semi-hard-on when I was feeling her tits and she was copping a handful. I think she felt pretty good about doing that to me.”

“I bet she did. I think things are going to progress quicker than I imagined.”

The next night, Julie collected Melissa again, and spent a few minutes explaining what was planned before she took her up to the bedroom, where Dom was sat waiting, wearing only his boxers. Then she retreated to the landing to observe from a discreet distance.

Dom pulled Melissa towards him. He was so tall that, even sitting down, he was almost the same height as her. They kissed for a while, and then Dom gently removed her t-shirt, put his arms around her and kissed her again as he unfastened her bra. He moved her away from him so that he could look at her, topless. She blushed a little, but made no attempt to cover herself. Her nipples were stiffening already.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered to her, “and very sexy.”

She blushed more deeply, and she closed her eyes as he caressed her firm young breasts, and began licking and sucking her nipples. After a few minutes he stopped, and moved her round to sit on the bed, standing in front of her. “Look what you’ve done to me,” he said, looking down. His groin was level with her face and she saw at once that his boxer shorts were tenting out towards her, the fabric stretched taut by his semi-erect cock, straining to be free. “Take them off,” he told her.

She couldn’t take her eyes off him as she slid his shorts down, staring wide-eyed as his cock sprang free just inches from her face. “Touch me,” he said, and without hesitation she reached up, wrapping her fingers around his long, rapidly swelling shaft. Within just a few minutes and with a little guidance from Dom, she was skillfully masturbating him and massaging his balls, making him moan with pleasure until he had to stop her, as she brought him dangerously close to cumming.

Then they laid on the bed together kissing and cuddling, and he gently slid his hand down inside her leggings. Her thighs parted willingly as he stroked her and his fingers gently probed and penetrated her. She moaned, softly at first, then more loudly as he caressed her, bringing her quickly and easily to her first orgasm.

They laid kissing and cuddling for a while longer, and then he asked her to sit up, with her back against the headboard. He straddled her thighs, facing her. He was still rigid, and she needed no invitation to take hold of him again, reveling in the length and thickness of his cock as she began to masturbate him once more. She cupped and massaged his balls as he played with her breasts. He was soon moaning under his breath, and urging her to go faster. She responded with enthusiasm, watching his cock the whole time.

Within moments he was groaning loudly and cried out “Faster sweetheart, faster! Wank me off all over your gorgeous tits!”

She went as fast as she could; staring in fascination as he suddenly grunted and sprayed jet after jet of his thick, creamy spunk all over her chest.

She smiled as she sat and watched his sticky white cream slowly running down her cleavage, and dripping off her nipples, while he got his breath back. Then he leaned over and collected some tissues from the box on the bedside cabinet, and gently wiped his mess off her.

Julie came in and sat on the bed next to them. She looked at Melissa. “Did you enjoy that, sis?”

Melissa nodded vigorously, her face beaming with pleasure. “Yeah, that was wicked.” She looked at Dom. “Are you going to fuck me, next time?”

He smiled at her. “Not so fast. We’ve lots of other good stuff to teach you first. All in good time, eh?”

She just laid back and sighed with contentment.

“Come on, you” said Julie. “We have to get you home before mam and dad wonder what we’re doing with you.”

Melissa laughed. “They wouldn’t believe me if I told them.”

A little later, as they cuddled up in bed together, Julie said “you said to Melissa exactly what you say to me.”

Dom looked confused, so she helped him out; “you said ‘faster sweetheart, faster! Wank me off all over your gorgeous tits!”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t think.”

“Hey don’t worry about it. Watching you two was a real turn-on. I couldn’t help fingering myself while I watched.”


“Yeah, and I came when you jizzed on her tits.”

That made him laugh. “Hell, my wife gets off on me jizzing on her little sister’s tits! I’m a lucky man.”

The following weekend, Melissa called round early on the Saturday morning, at the pre-arranged time. They’d given her a key to let herself in, and she went straight up to the bedroom where they were waiting for her, lying naked on top of the quilt. She sat on the end of the bed, expectantly.

“Today’s lesson is oral sex,” explained Julie, “but you have to get your kit off, first.”

Melissa stood up and quickly undressed, happily noticing Dom’s cock thickening more than a little as he watched her. Then she sat on the bed again and watched as Julie began to expertly lick and suck him, pausing at intervals to explain what she was doing, before inviting Melissa to have a go. Dom just laid back and let them get on with it, blissfully happy that two gorgeous ladies were taking turns to suck his cock.

Finally, Julie showed her how to get her rhythm right to suck and wank him at the same time, explaining that if she got the timing just right she could make a man cum really easily. She didn’t tell Melissa was that while she was demonstrating the technique she brought Dom as close to cumming as she dared, without bringing him off, and he did his best to hide it, too. He had Julie kneeling to one side of him, wanking and sucking him, and Melissa at the other, studying every move she made, and he was playing with both of their tits at the same time. He was in paradise. Julie got him right to the brink and stopped. “Okay, Melissa, your turn. See if you can get it right.”

Dom had just a few seconds to cool off before he felt Melissa’s lips sliding up and down over the throbbing, swollen head of his cock again, while her fingers rapidly stroked his shaft. Somehow, he managed to hold off for the best part of a minute while he watched her, squeezing one of her tits with one hand and stroking her hair with the other. Then his orgasm hit him like a train. He couldn’t help himself; he grabbing the back of her head and pushed her down, as his hips jerked upwards involuntarily, and with a loud grunt he emptied his balls in her mouth. She gagged at first, as she hadn’t expected it, but she quickly recovered and, not knowing what else to do, she continued wanking and sucking him for all she was worth, swallowing most of his cum in the process. When she finally came up for air, a little puddle of spunk had settled on his ball sack. Julie noticed it first, and asked Melissa if she wanted to lick his balls clean. She nodded and eagerly got to work, clearly not minding the taste, which Dom regarded very much as a bonus.

He asked her if she’d enjoyed it. “God, yes,” she said. “I’m soaking.”

“Good,” he replied. “Lay back and spread your legs, so I can return the favour.”

Dom took his time slowly licking and sucking Melissa’s clit, watching her hips roll and buck as he brought her to the edge of an orgasm before easing off and moving up to suck and tease her nipples. He repeatedly teased her, bringing her so close to cumming then suddenly backing off to cool her down before starting again. She begged him not to stop. She pleaded with him to let her cum. Finally, he relented. Focusing on her wet and swollen little clit once again, he licked, flickered and sucked, bringing her closer and closer as he massaged her g-spot with one finger. She moaned constantly, her hips twisting and twitching, until she grabbed his head with both hands, stiffened, shuddered, and bucked, screaming in ecstasy as she came and came, with Dom’s face buried between her thighs. At the same moment Julie cried out too, her fingers frantically rubbing her own clit as she watched her husband licking her young sister’s soaking wet pussy.

They had arranged the early morning session because Julie and Dom had arranged to go out with friends that evening. They got home at about half two in the morning, merry and in high spirits, kissing and nuzzling as they went upstairs to bed. Julie pulled Dom’s face down to her level and whispered in his ear, “Do you know what I really want to do, right now?”

“No, what’s that, sweetheart?”

“I want my gorgeous, sexy husband to fuck me, and then I want to watch him fuck my little sister, and I want to frig myself daft while he cums in her. Is that twisted?”

“Hell, no, sweetheart! That’s as sexy as fuck! Why don’t you phone her and see if she wants to sneak over?”

Ten minutes later, Melissa came into the bedroom in her pyjamas and dressing gown, and stood watching while Dom banged Julie in her favourite position, from behind on her knees. As she watched Dom’s slick, wet cock plunging in and out of Julie, Melissa slipped out of her clothes, sat down, and began stroking her own clit. Dom watched her fingering herself as she watched him fucking Julie. It was only when Melissa moaned as she came that Julie told Dom to stop. She leapt off the bed and told Melissa to lie on the bed on her back. Then she sat on the floor cross-legged and watched, as Dom moved between Melissa’s legs. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as he guided the tip of his cock between her moist, virginal pussy lips.

“Are you ready?” he whispered, and she nodded silently, but eagerly. Slowly and gently, he eased the full length of his long, thick, hard cock deep inside her for the very first time. She seemed impossibly tight, and she gasped, then whimpered, and then sighed and relaxed as she took him all the way in to the hilt. Just as slowly, he gradually withdrew until only the tip remained inside her. He waited as long as he could, resisting the growing urge inside him to fuck this gorgeous little lady as hard and as fast as he could. Instead, he slowly eased himself all the way back into her, making her moan with pleasure, repeating the slow motion ride all the way in and out of her over and over again. He glanced down at Julie, who was still sat cross-legged on the floor, but leaning back now, supporting her weight on one hand as she fingered herself. He was surprised how quickly she came, watching him through half-closed eyes as he continued to slow-fuck Melissa.

Melissa’s arms were draped lazily around Dom’s neck, and she moaned and cooed blissfully as she instinctively rocked her hips in time with his rhythm. He straightened his arms and supported his weight above her to look down at her taut, curvaceous body. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with lust, and he finally lost control. He quickly began to fuck her harder and faster, driving himself into her deeper and more forcefully with every thrust. She moaned loudly in response, sending him crazy with lust and he rammed her even harder and faster still, forcing the air from her lungs with every thrust, his cock throbbing and pulsating until at last he groaned and let go, flooding her deeply with thick powerful spurts.

It was only when he stopped that he realised Julie was cumming again, still sitting on the floor, moaning loudly, with her fingers clutched between her thighs and her eyes shut tight. Kneeling up, with his hard cock still buried deep inside Melissa, he began to stroke her clit with his thumb. She was already close, and it didn’t take much for him to take her over the edge. He continued to ride her slowly as she whimpered and came, her muscles quivering and pulsing along his length.

A short while later, once they’d all recovered and Dom and Julie had snuggled up together in bed, Melissa dressed, crept back into her own house, and back into her own bed, lying down with a satisfied sigh. Mission accomplished: she had lost her virginity to Dom at last.

It was only when she rolled over to switch off her bedside lamp that she saw the strip of contraceptive pills. Looking closer, she realised that this was the second day in a row that she had forgotten to take one. Her sister’s husband had just cum deep inside her and filled her unprotected womb! Her hand moved to her lower stomach. Could she already be pregnant with Dom’s baby?

She reached for her phone. Julie was half-asleep, but the shock woke her quickly. She thought for a few moments. “Don’t worry, sis. Get up early and I’ll take you to the pharmacy for the morning-after pill. You’ll be okay.”

“Are you angry with me?”

“No, it’s okay. Mistakes happen. Just be more careful in future.”

“In future? You mean, you’ll let me do it with Dom again?”

“Yes, as long as you bring your pills round, so I can see you’re up to date.”

“I thought it was just going to be the once. My first time.”

“Don’t you want Dom to fuck you again?”

“Yes, of course, it was awesome. I just didn’t think you would let him.”

“He’d damn-well better fuck you again. A lot. Watching him screw my little sister is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”



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