A Bad Situation by xxxjxxx

This is a story about a guy, Alan that I briefly dated when I was 16. I had only known him for maybe a month at the time that this happened. He was staying in a motel with an older friend/coworker, Ray, and they were working on a construction site in that town. The day after this happened, they left town, so I guess they had planned to do it the night before they were leaving.

That night we were all drinking in their motel room and I ended up passing out early.

The next thing that I really remember is that it was dark and Alan actually ripped my cotton shorts open at the crotch and started fucking me. I was really turned on by the aggressiveness of it. He was always changing positions a lot during sex and making sex into a nearly athletic event sometimes, and this was no different. He kept moving me around into different positions – I was felt very mold-able that night. I was still pretty drunk, and I was very comfortable and really getting into every position.

After awhile, he moved so that he was laying on his back and I was laying in between his legs performing oral, sloppily, I'm sure because of how drunk I was. Then, he shocked me by forcing it down my throat and holding me there while he reached over and turned the light on. Still holding me on his dick, he let me up just a little bit – I remember that because I took a much needed breath, and he tilted my head to the side so that I could see his friend, Ray, who had to have been 35 or 40, sitting on the other bed slowly stroking his dick.

Ray, as I said, was older, he was not particularly attractive, and his was the first uncircumcised penis that I had ever seen, so the look of it really struck me in that first glimpse. It was also pretty large, but I noticed the different look of it being uncircumcised more than anything. Of course, I also caught on pretty quickly to what was on their minds and I started shaking my head because I didn't want to get into any really freaky shit. I just wanted a normal sex life with one man and one woman.

So, I started shaking my head when I saw that it was about to get freaky. When I shook my head, Alan forced it back down, hard, cutting off my air and making me gag. He held me that way for a few moments, long enough to make me start moving frantically in a panic, then he let me up just enough to breathe for a moment before doing it again.

I started making noises in my throat the next time he let me up as if I could communicate to him to let me go, but that isn't how it went down. He told me to get up on my knees and Ray got up off the bed, stood behind me and started touching my body and making creepy noises. I started whining, and Alan slammed my head back down again, again, holding me long enough to make me panic for air.

He let me breathe again and told me not to be difficult, and at that point, I realized that I was in it, like it or not, so I cooperated. When Ray entered me from behind, Alan started pumping my head up and down on his dick. I started to cry a little from embarrassment and feeling stupid more than anything, but when I did, he quickly slammed my head back down and told me that if I would behave this kind of shit wouldn't happen to me. Ray was saying that I liked it, and at that point, I just closed my eyes, focused on breathing, and thought of how stupid I was for getting myself into such a stupid situation.

As I was blocking things out and focusing on breathing, I was shocked back to reality when Alan pulled my hair really hard, pulling me off of him and holding my head back, roughly by the hair, as Ray managed to roll onto his back on the bed, pulling me with him so that he never came out as he did it. Then, Ray started moving me by the hips in an almost grinding way, really slowly while Alan, half standing on the bed, held me by the hair, forcing my head back and jacked off.

He told me to open my mouth, and I did, thinking he was going to put his dick in it again. Instead, he shot load after load all over my face, all over my eyes and a lot in my mouth. I kept my eyes closed, though he told me to open them as he was cumming and pulled my hair really hard and painfully when I didn't.

Then he told me to swallow what was in my mouth, and I did. He told me to open my eyes again and he slapped me when I didn't, so I tried to, but it was difficult and it burned. When I opened them just a little bit, he said I was a good girl, told me to open my mouth, and he put his dick in it, telling me to clean it up and suck on it, which I did.

Alan still had a hold of my hair and it was painful. All of this was going on while his friend continued to grind me up and down, slowly on his cock. I was in pain because the guy had already been slamming it into me before the position change and he was large enough for that to be painful if the guy's not careful, which he obviously wasn't. The grinding wasn't as bad as the pounding, but it was still really uncomfortable because it was so deep. Meanwhile, my eyes were burning from the cum and Alan had my head in a really uncomfortable position, holding onto my hair while I sucked on a mostly limp dick, feeling humiliated, and wondering how much longer this could go on for.

I finally felt some relief when he let go of my hair and took his dick out of my mouth. Then, Ray quickly maneuvered to roll me over, slammed me on my stomach on the bed and started pumping it really hard from behind again. When he finally came, it took forever for him to finish, making weird noises and pressing my body really hard against the bed, making it difficult to breathe again. While i was down there, though, I wiped my face against the comforter, trying to get some of the cum away from my burning eyes.

I thought that for sure they would be done and they would let me just go home, but I was wrong. When Ray finally stopped cumming in me and pulled out, he half staggered to the other bed and laid down on his back. I think he would have been fine to leave me alone then, but Alan told me to go over to him and clean him up. I asked if I could just wash my face and he told me to just do what I was told, so I did what i knew he wanted me to do. It was really awkward and uncomfortable because it was the first uncircumcised dick I'd ever seen, it was limp, and now, I was expected to suck on it.

Alan still seemed to have some energy and this seemed to turn him on because he entered me from behind as I was sucking on his friends limp dick. I didn't want Ray to get turned on again and start getting into it, so I was doing what I could to keep from making him hard until Alan pulled me up by the hair again and told me to start licking it.

There really wasn't any way to do that in a way that was careful to keep from arousing him, so I just did what he told me to, doing what I could to keep it from being a turn on. I looked up at him once to see if I could read his expression and he was staring at me intently with a grin on his face.

It didn't take him very long with me licking it up and down, to get hard again. I really didn't want this one down my throat because it was so big, so I held onto the base of it with my hand trying to keep that from happening. At that point, Alan pulled my hair really hard again and told me not to be a pussy as Ray moved my hand, sat up on the bed and pushed his dick deep into my throat.

He didn't hold it there though the way Alan had. Instead, he pumped it in and out really fast and as he did so, I felt Alan getting a lot harder inside of me like it was really turning him on to watch his friend face fuck me so hard. After a couple of moments, they started talking to each other, stopped what they were doing, and told me to get on the bed.

From there, Alan pulled me to the edge so that my head was hanging upside down off of the edge of the bed. Then, he got on the bed with me while Ray started fucking my face in this new position which gave him deeper penetration into my throat, made me gag, and made it harder to breathe. As he was doing that, Alan lifted my legs up, held them together and started fucking me again in that position.

This position seemed to bore him, because he wanted to change it pretty quickly. Now that they both had their second wind, I thought that this could really go on forever and I was so tired of it. I knew from experience how Alan liked to change positions frequently and I wondered how much more of this I was going to have to deal with. However, instead of just changing position, I heard Alan say that he wanted to see “this bitch” swallow some more cum. So, they had me lay on the bed and both started jacking off over my face with me instructed to keep my mouth open. This time, I kept my eyes tightly shut and neither of them said anything about it. In a way I was relieved because I was pretty sure it was almost over.

They were fondling my tits and seeming to take forever, but finally I felt the first hot load from Ray hit my cheek. The next one went in my mouth, and he rested his dick on the edge of my mouth so that the rest of it went in. Alan, on the other hand managed to cum all over my face again, but still got the majority in my mouth. I was told to swallow it and I did. After that, they let me wash up and go home.



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