Making New Friends by MrAnonYmous999,MrAnonYmous999

Kelly lay in the bath and wondered to herself; ‘what horrendous state will my fiancé Billy be in this time?’ However, she was trying to put that out of her mind and thought the new toy she bought especially for today would bring a smile to her face.

She didn’t know what had come over her to make her go into the sex shop for a new dildo, but she knew that she deserved to enjoy some time to herself.

She had already started to slowly rub her clit, thinking about how good this new toy would feel.

Using a soft, circular motion, she began to enjoy her afternoon bath even more. She started to apply a little more pressure with her fingers and was getting ready to use her new, specially purchased toy.

However, just as she picked up the dildo from the side of the bath, the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting anyone, or any deliveries, so just ignored it.

After thirty seconds, she got back to business, but then the doorbell rang again! ‘Who the fuck is that?’ she thought to herself. ‘Can I not have any time to myself?’

She decided to quickly go and see so that she could then jump back in the bath. She pulled on her dressing gown and went downstairs. There was a noise in the kitchen.

Kelly slowly peeked her head around the door and saw Billy lying on the sofa. “What the hell have you been drinking to get in that state? It’s only 6 o’clock!”

As she yelled at her comatose fiancé, Tyler and Tom-Billy’s best friends appeared. They said they had used his key to get in, as he was in no fit state.

Kelly was furious, but apologised to them for having to look after him. “No problem,” said Tom, looking her up and down. “It was worth it.”

Kelly was momentarily puzzled, but then realized that her dressing gown was open, and she had on nothing underneath. She got embarrassed and quickly tied it back up. “Don’t mind us,” said Tyler. “Billy has shown us pictures before.”

Kelly couldn’t believe Billy would do that, but also got excited knowing he thought she was sexy enough to brag to his friends. Kelly laughed. “It’s nothing you haven’t seen already, then is it?”

As Billy was usually an angry drunk, Kelly asked what he had done. She then asked, “Would you wait until he wakes. I’ll get us some drinks? Would you like one as well?”

Tom and Tyler said they were happy to have a drink if Kelly was having one. “I need one,” said Tom. “Billy has been drunk all afternoon, and his hands have been all over my girlfriend.” Kelly apologised for Billy. “I’ll definitely get you a drink. It’s the least I can do.”

Kelly was still feeling excited from playing with herself in the bath and knowing what the boys had seen. She bent over to pick up the vodka bottle from the cupboard. Her dressing gown raised a little, but the boys couldn’t see from where she was standing.

The next thing she knew, two hands had grabbed her round her hips. Kelly was startled but didn’t say anything. She knew one of the boys was just being overly friendly from all the alcohol; plus, it was getting her all excited, which she enjoyed.

But when a hand then moved between her legs, she didn’t know how to react. She was a bit startled, but was enjoying how he was taking advantage of the situation.

Kelly opened her legs a little wider allowing him to be able to rub her pussy. By now, Kelly was soaking from the fingering she was getting and all the attention she already had from the handsome boys.

Kelly moaned as she orgasmed on his fingers. She had to catch her breath and was now just standing there with her legs spread and her bum on show to everybody. She tidied herself up and took the vodkas to the table.

Tyler then said he had wondered where the drinks had got to and laughed. Kelly wondered if that was because Tom had followed her in or was it Tyler just being sarcastic?

The vodka and cokes were finished quickly so Kelly asked “Would you both like another?” wondering what would happen next? Both Tom and Tyler said they’d love another, so Kelly went back to the kitchen to make three more drinks.

Kelly thought she would intentionally take her time making it, hoping for a repeat of the last occasion in there.

As she bent over to get the vodka again, a hand pushed on her back to stop her getting up and she could feel a rock-hard cock pushing against her bum. He then pulled up her dressing gown and she heard a zip being opened.

Kelly didn’t know what to do but was getting more wet by the second. He started to rub his hard cock on her clit. It felt so big, much bigger than Billy who was still asleep.

Kelly pushed back to let him know she wanted to go further and at that point the big cock entered her roughly from behind.

Kelly gasped as she’d never had anything that big. She’d only ever had sex with Billy as they had been together since college. Kelly did always wonder how another man would feel inside her, now she has the chance and couldn’t wait.

He was being rough with Kelly and she still didn’t know who it was. She was imagining it was Tom, as he had been annoyed with Billy from earlier in the day. He was fucking Kelly, harder and harder. Pulling at her hair and scratching his nails down her back.

Kelly then said “Please I’m begging you not to stop, I’m about to cum.” He then did as she asked and got faster and orgasmed deep inside Kelly. Kelly loved the warm feeling of it that she hadn’t had before.

He walked back to the kitchen table as Kelly cleaned up the cum running down her hot, sweaty, gorgeous thighs.

Kelly took the drinks back to the sofa where Tom was sitting. He said he was feeling neglected and said “Can you do anything with this,” as he took out his cock which was even bigger than the last.

Kelly realised it was Tyler who had already made her cum twice already. Before she had time to think, Tom ripped off her dressing gown.

Kelly was now standing totally naked in front of them. Tom grabbed her hips and pulled Kelly down to straddle his huge cock. She said: “Please go slow as you’re too big, you might hurt me.” He promised to let her go slow as she lowered herself onto him.

Kelly moaned as she gradually took more and more of his huge cock until she’d took all 10 inches of it. It was hurting, but she was being fucked better than ever.

At this point she looked over at Billy who she hadn’t noticed had been watching all along. She expected him to go mad with anger but all he said was “Go on fuck her harder, make the dirty slut scream.”

Tom then said to Billy, “If you insist. I’ll show you how to fuck her properly,” as he pushed her off him and got her on all fours and started fucking her hard from behind.

Kelly thought she was going to pass out as she couldn’t take the size of it. She couldn’t believe Billy was enjoying her being fucked by a much bigger cock than his, making her moan louder than ever. She had never orgasmed like this before.

Billy then told Tyler to fuck her mouth as he could see Tyler was once again hard. So, Tom and Tyler were both fucking Kelly, whilst Billy was now playing with his hard cock and telling the boys to use the Kelly however they wanted.

Tyler orgasmed in Kelly’s mouth but she swallowed it all, whilst Tom ejaculated in Kelly from behind. Billy came too at seeing all of this happening with the love of his life.

Billy then turned to the boys and said “So as we agreed, that covers the debt I owe?” The boys nodded and left.

Kelly then realised it was planned all along for the boys to fuck her today but she loved it and hoped it would happen again. But what will her fiancé’s thoughts be about it all tomorrow.

Had this changed everything now? Kelly couldn’t wait to find out what is in store for her next?

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