Becoming The Favorite (Formatting Fixed) by balloonanimal

A literotic sexstories: Becoming The Favorite (Formatting Fixed) by balloonanimal ,
Afraid of coming in second place to oldest sister, Lizzy seduces her big brother big time.
Posting this over because the first time the formatting was so jacked you could barely even read it. I couldn’t figure out what it said and I was the one that wrote it. Hope you enjoy this new unmarred version.Becoming Big Brother’s Favorite

Afraid of coming in second place to oldest sister, Lizzy seduces her big brother big time.

My older sister Emma always seemed to have everything I didn’t, so when our older brother Henry started sneaking into her room at night, my jealousy hit an all time high. Henry was sort of the pride and joy of our family. All three of us females in the house favored him for different reasons.

Ever since dad left us mom had sort of looked to Henry for help with us girls and things around the house. Since he was in college Emma looked up to him as a role model. To me, a nerdy 16-year-old who everyone seemed to ignore and forget, even at home, he was like a star. Even just a bit of attention from him would put me on cloud nine for a week, and that was partly because he never seemed to have time for me.

He was always busy with classes, homework, friends, girlfriends, helping mom with stuff that needed to be done. He made more time for Emma than he did me, which mom said was not because she was his favorite or anything, but because they were so close in age. Henry was 19 and Emma was 18. Even so, he still wasn’t the type to exactly hang out with Emma, so when I caught him going into her room in the middle of the night it struck me as strange.

I’d been awakened around 2:30 AM with the pressing need to go to the bathroom, so I left my room shuffling along in a drowsy stupor. The hall lights were out and it was dark, and I didn’t have on my glasses, but I clearly saw Henry dart out of Emma’s room and down the hall into his own room, shutting the door behind himself. He’d been wearing a white t-shirt and blue boxers. I cocked my head to the side, confused. What was he doing in her room? Were they doing something secret? Something…dirty?

Nahh, it couldn’t be.

I went to the bathroom and did my thing, then headed back to my room. But I was still puzzled and a little troubled by what I had seen. Why was Henry in Emma’s room at 2:30 AM?

The next day everything went as it normally did. Mom, Henry, Emma and I all had breakfast, went off to work or school, then straggled home at varying times during the afternoon and evening, only to meet for dinner then go our separate ways again until bed. All day long I kept an eye on Henry and Emma though. I wondered ‘are they up to something?’ Whenever they were in the same room they seemed perfectly normal. They joked around a bit here and there but went about their own business, the same as always. Maybe nothing was going on?

Late that night I lay in bed, unable to sleep. It was 2:00 AM and I’d been laying there for hours, my mind racing with questions and suspicions. Was he in there with her again? What were they doing? Should I go listen at Emma’s door? Or peek in? Just to see if she was alone? I told myself it wasn’t my business and I didn’t really want to know anyway. I told myself I should just go to sleep, but curiosity got the better of me. I knew that if I caught him in her room again tonight I would know something was up. And maybe if I was lucky I would hear something that let me know what was going on. I wrestled with my conscience a bit over spying, but eventually I decided it had to be done, so I got up and snuck into the hall, careful to put on my glasses for maximum snoop action.

I went down to Emma’s room and listened at the door. Nothing. Silent. I then went down to Henry’s. I could hear the TV on. Well, there it was. He was in his room asleep like he should be. A certain curiosity slipped over me, so I turned the knob and pushed. It was unlocked. None of us really locked our doors at night anyway. I poked my head in to see…no one. Henry wasn’t there.

Was he in Emma’s room again?

I turned around and went back to Emma’s room. I put my ear to the door and I heard what sounded like an erotic moan. It sounded like Henry, too! My hand went to my mouth. Oh god! What was that? What were they doing in there? I had to find somewhere to hide myself so I could see if Henry came out. Then I would know for sure that my siblings were having sex with each other.

I went into the linen closet and closed it, peeking out through the slits. A few moments later the door opened and Henry peeked his head out with a sneaky look on his face. He looked left, then right, then tiptoed out of the room. This time he was only wearing boxers.


It couldn’t be, could it? Once Henry was down the hall and back in his room I exited the linen closet and went to Emma’s door. I gently turned the handle and peeked inside.

My older sister was always afraid of the dark even if she wouldn’t admit it, and she never turned off all the lights. A dim stream of light from the closet illuminated her as she lay in her bed, naked as the day she was born. She was passed out, sleeping deeply. She was on her back, with her legs splayed open, the left one bent at the knee a bit. It was because of that position that I could clearly see a stream of pearly white goo dripping out of her pussy and making a generous puddle on the bed.

I gasped and slipped out of her room, quietly closing the door. I stood there for a moment heart beating wildly as I came to a shocking conclusion: Henry just fucked our sister. No, it couldn’t be. But how did she end up like that? Maybe she masturbated? No, I’d masturbated tons of times before but there was never quite that much cum. Besides, it was never white, it was clear. She couldn’t have done that by herself. There was only one place that cum could have come from. Henry.

God, Emma was such a slut!

That fact did not really surprise me, since everyone at our school knew that Emma was a complete whore. She had fucked so many guys, basically all of the hottest guys at our school, but she’d also done some homely ones too if it had suited her purposes. Like for example she’d slept with one of my friends just so he would do an important paper for her. He’d bragged for weeks even though I told him I didn’t want to hear that kind of stuff about my sister.

I didn’t understand why she was such a slut, she was very pretty and could get any guy to go out with her without dropping her panties. She was 5’2 and had long shiny hair, D cup breasts, shapely legs and a round firm ass. Everyone in our family had dark hair and blue eyes, but her shade of blue seemed to have a unique brightness. She was often compared to Megan Fox.

Who was I compared to? No one. See, you have to be actually noticed by people to get compared to anyone. I wasn’t an ugly girl but I was no Megan Fox. I was 5’9 which I thought was a little too tall for a girl. The big boob gene passed me by and I had waited for years to develop more only to realize all I’d ever have is a full B cup. My legs were long and slender as opposed to Emma’s petite ones with the muscular calves. And my butt…well, I guessed it was alright. It wasn’t fat or anything so I was grateful for at least that much. All in all, I was just average. I guessed that was why Henry never snuck into my room at night.

As I left Emma’s room I was pretty grossed out at first, thinking “ewww, how could they do THAT?” But the biggest question weighing on my mind was how could Emma be so pretty that even Henry wanted to fuck her? Mom was wrong, Emma was Henry’s favorite, and it pissed me off. I couldn’t believe she got all the guys at school worth having and she got Henry, too. He barely registered my presence half the time but he would sneak into her room at night and fuck her and leave her pussy full of his cum?

I tried to imagine how that went down – how they would probably roll around on the bed and hump each other while moaning and groaning. They must be two horny pigs, that was for sure, but it still burned me up to know that they were probably having a lot of dirty fun together while nobody knew about it. It made me feel…well, insanely jealous.

As I went back to my room and climbed into bed, I kept trying to figure out how they started sleeping together. Who went after who? It had to have been slutty Emma. My imagination went to work, showing me that she probably started hitting on him – she started touching him here and there and then she showed him her boobs making it look like an accident.

She probably dropped her towel in front of him one morning before school. She must have seen on his face how he was excited by the sight of her naked body. So she probably started trapping him in the kitchen and feeling him up. He’d protest and try to move her hands, but she’d just keep on touching him. And after all, he was a horny boy with only so much restraint. Finally he just reached a point where he couldn’t resist anymore and he told her “look, I’ll give you what you want, but nobody can know.” They had been meeting at night ever since.

Yes, that must have been it.

I lay there in my bed, trying to figure it out. How could Emma have developed a thing for Henry? Was she really that horny that even our own brother wasn’t safe? I was still a virgin but I was horribly horny lately. I felt like I wanted to lose my v-card but I didn’t have much prospects for getting laid since I refused to sleep with some random boy at school who only wanted to get some. Still even in my horniest moments I had never imagined getting it on with Henry. So why had Emma? He wasn’t even cute!

Well, I supposed he kinda was cute. After all, he was tall and I liked that. Henry was 6’1. He wasn’t muscular but he had a nice body. Kind of on the thin side, but solid and well-shaped, not lanky. He had a nice butt, too. Small but cute and firm, it always filled his pants well. His face was pretty nice. He had light blue eyes, nice skin and some good sized lips. Floppy dark hair framed his face well. Okay so maybe he was hot…Maybe even hot enough that a sister could notice it.

Sleep started to overtake me while I continued to think about it, and it was no surprise that my dreams were…interesting that night. I dreamt that instead of Emma’s room, Henry came into mine one night.

“Henry? What are you doing?” I asked.

His eyes traveled over me, filled with lust. “I…I can’t help it, you’re so beautiful,” he said.

“What? What do you want?” I asked, sitting up in bed.

“I’m really horny,” he said as he walked over to me, his hand fondling his hard-on through his boxers as his eyes roamed up and down my body.

I knew that it was wrong, that I should say no, but my pussy was starting to get so hot and I was practically squirming on the bed by the time he walked up to me and pulled his shorts down, showing me his cock. I watched his hand stroke it up and down and my pussy creamed into my panties.

“Would you suck it for me, sis? Please?” he asked. “I’ll let you be my favorite sister.”

All resistance crumbled at those words. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his hard shaft and leaned toward his cock, opening my mouth. I felt him slide it into my mouth, eagerly. It was hard and warm and I moaned, sucking on it.

“Oh Lizzy,” he said, stroking my hair. “Yes, suck me.”

In my dream world I sucked Henry’s cock for hours while he told me that I was amazing and beautiful and he loved me way more than Emma. Then he came all over my face and I exploded in orgasm.

When I woke up that morning I felt really disturbed at first, I mean I had had sex dreams about my brother all night. But then I thought it must not be that weird. I mean I was just dreaming about it but Emma was actually doing it. Sure that dream must mean I had some desire on some level to do those things but it probably wasn’t as strange as I would have thought a week ago. Since finding out about Henry and Emma’s nighttime “play dates,” I was starting to think there were probably many more sisters out there who slept with their brothers, they just kept it a secret like Emma.

It made a lot of sense when I thought about it. Why sleep with jerks at school, who only wanted to use you and dump you, if you had a brother at home – someone cute, nice and easily available, who already loved you?

My alarm clock went off and I shut it off, then headed downstairs to breakfast. Mom was already gone for work but she had left breakfast as usual. I went and fixed myself a plate then sat down across from Emma, who was eating and listening to her iPod, bobbing her head. She noticed me looking at her and raised a french manicured middle finger at me, effectively flipping me off.

I rolled my eyes and kept eating. Why was she always such a bitch?

The sound of footsteps bounding down the stairs caught my attention and I turned my head to see Henry walk into the kitchen. I perked up, about to say good morning and hoping for maybe some attention from him, but then he just walked past me and I knew I didn’t stand a chance. I sighed, continuing to eat. Figures he wouldn’t notice me. He headed to the counter to get some food, but on his way Emma stuck out her foot and tripped him, smirking to herself. He caught himself before falling though. He turned back to Emma and poked her in the neck.

“Ow!” she said, and pouted, grabbing her neck.

He laughed and kissed her on the top of her head.

Hmph. When was the last time he kissed me? I couldn’t even remember when!

When he’d fixed his breakfast he sat down next to Emma and they talked about SAT preparation, college entrance exams and other things I knew nothing about nor did I care. I just sat there eating and stewing. Then Henry finally spoke to me.

“Hey, you got lunch money and a ride to school?” he asked.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I mumbled. Mom gave me money last night and I always rode to school with my friend Kimmy.

“Good. See ya later!” he said, flashing me a smile then getting up and leaving his dishes on the table, just like a lazy boy.

And guess who had to clear them away and put them in the dish washer? Yep. Me. Cause Emma said she had to do her makeup and was running late.

Being the youngest sucks.

School went by that day slowly and painfully as my hormones were worse that day than usual. I was going to have to masturbate when I got home. I sat there in my last class after lunch thinking that I wished Henry liked me instead of Emma. Maybe I could get him to like me? Emma wouldn’t be happy that she had to share, that was for sure. But it would serve her right. Who was she anyway to think that she could keep him all to herself? I deserved some time with him, too!

Between classes I text him, which I usually never did.

“Hey, big bro, what are you up to?” I asked.

“Not much. Hanging in the student union. About to head to class. You?”

“Pretty much the same. Just wanted to say hi and I love you,” I said, wondering how he would react. Would he ignore it? Wait for hours before responding? Tell me to stop being lame?

“That’s sweet,” he text.


Is that all he has to say?!

“I love you too,” he text a few seconds later.


I grinned to myself, practically skipping to my next class.

That night Henry didn’t come home for dinner. He was out with his friends. Emma was out with hers, too. The only one who didn’t have plans was me. I stayed up for hours reading some new teen vampire love series until around ten o’clock when I heard giggling in the hall that let me know Emma was home. I kept reading and eventually I fell asleep on my desk. When I woke up it was 12:45 AM. I gasped and shot up in my chair. I didn’t miss my snooping time, did I? No, it seemed a bit early. Maybe he hadn’t gone to her room yet? Maybe I could catch him before he did? If I could catch him, maybe I could somehow convince him to spend tonight with me instead?

I snuck into the hall and padded down to Henry’s room, hoping to find him there. I knocked quietly and he didn’t answer. So I went back to Emma’s. I put my ear to the door and heard rustling. I went and hid in the linen closet, watching. Emma’s door opened and I saw Henry peek out, one hand still hastily shoving his shirt down into his pants. I could only imagine all the fun they must have already had. My jealousy grew to a ridiculous level and I just wanted to confront him. I just wanted to know why he was doing this with Emma when he never so much as looked at me. Was I really that inferior? Was I not pretty at all?

Seeing that the coast was clear, he came out and started toward his room and that was when I came out of the closet.

“Henry,” I said.

He froze. He turned around slowly and looked at me with a deer in headlights expression.

I crossed my arms over my chest. “I know your little secret,” I whispered. “I’ve been watching the past three nights. Just how long have you been doing this?”

He blanched. A look of horror came over his face and then he suddenly grabbed me, dragging me into the nearby bathroom.

“Hey! What – Let go!” I yelped, flailing.

He shut the door and pushed me against the wall, placing one hand by my head as he loomed over me with a frighteningly serious face.

“What do you want?” he asked sharply.

“What?” I asked, lost. His closeness was throwing me off. Looking at him this close up I was definitely seeing a lot to appreciate and all I could think about was how I wanted him to be touching and kissing me like he probably just did to Emma. But instead he just looked mad.

“What will it take for you not to tell?” he asked, slowly. “You can’t ever tell, Lizzy.”

My brow furrowed. He thought this was a blackmail thing? “I’m not gonna tell anyone. I just want to know why,” I said.

He sighed. “Look, I know it’s wrong. But I am a guy, I have needs,” he said.

“But you have girlfriends all the time!”

“Yeah, but they don’t always take care of me,” he said, looking like it was embarrassing to be talking about this.

“Well…but…but how come you never asked me?” I asked, shyly.

He looked confused. “Asked you what?”

Oh God, was he really going to make me say it?!

He stood there waiting, still incredibly close to me. He obviously was not going to help me out here. Fine. If I wanted to have any chance I was going to have to say it.

“How come you never wanted to do that stuff with me? I mean, I know I’m no Emma, but am I really not pretty at all?”

Henry blinked at me.

“Uh….No, you’re very pretty,” he said. “You’re just as hot as Emma in your own way. Probably hotter since you don’t go around showing off everything you have.”

“Okay, you don’t have to lie, I know I’m not all that,” I said, rolling my eyes. “I’m too tall and my boobs are all small, and ugh…”

His eyes widened and he looked at me in shock. “You really don’t know you’re pretty?”

Wait, he really thought I was? He wasn’t just saying that? My heart rate picked up as I shifted my weight to the other foot.

“Well, if I’m supposedly so pretty how come you don’t sneak into my room in the middle of the night, huh?” I asked, looking down at my feet.

“You mean you want me to?!” he whispered, sounding utterly amazed and totally excited.

“Kinda…” I said, pushing my hair behind my ear as I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Well…Well…But I never thought you saw me like that! I thought you were too young to even be thinking about things like that, let alone with me. How long have you felt like this about me?”

“Henry, just forget it,” I said, starting to get uncomfortable.

I tried to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“No, wait. Wait. Tell me, please?”

“Just forget it, I don’t wanna talk about it,” I whined. “Just forget I ever said anything.”

“But I don’t wanna forget,” he said, now cuddling me against him. “C’mon, talk to me. What kind of things do you wanna do with me?”

I didn’t say anything but I was enjoying the cuddling. He was hugging me to his chest and running his hands up and down my back. I slowly wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back. It wasn’t like our usual hugs, short and chaste, it was the slow lingering hugging I saw on TV and in movies. It was so exciting! I never thought we’d be doing something like this. As I ventured to run my hands over his body I felt something hard against my tummy, and I was pretty sure it was his cock. I started to get damp between my legs.

“Come on, talk to me, sweetie?” he coaxed as he pet me. “You can tell me anything.”

“Ummm, I want to do whatever you wanna do,” I managed to say.

“Well…I wanna do a lot of things,” he said. “Is that okay? I know you must be a virgin.”

“Yeah, but I think I’m ready to lose it,” I said.

“Hmm. Can I kiss you?” he asked. He placed a finger under my chin tilting my head up and then his face was getting closer and closer to mine. This was it, if I had any second thoughts I needed to speak now because if I let him kiss me there would be no going back. I stood there stone still, frozen as he got closer and his eyes drift shut. This was it if I didn’t move it would happen. What if I didn’t really want this? What if it felt weird?

I deliberated too long because the next thing I knew his lips were pressed to mine. They were soft and felt nice. He kissed me slowly and softly, giving me little tender smooches that made me cream into my panties. Seeing that I wasn’t pushing him away he went further, sucking and nibbling on my bottom lip. I sighed, lost in the pleasurable sensations.

“Run your fingers through my hair,” he told me.

I slid my hand into his hair to play with it as he kissed me, his tongue gently coaxing my mouth open. When it slid inside, warm and wet, I was partially shocked, I mean here I was tongue kissing my brother, but at the same time I liked the way it felt. His tongue explored my mouth and I had never kissed anyone before but I just tried to follow his lead. Soon our tongues were rubbing against each other and circling each other. Man, that felt really good.

His cock was really hard now and he started to press it against me sort of humping against me while we kissed. I was feeling hotter than ever and my whole body was tingling.

“Are you horny?” he asked me.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Good, cause I am really horny right now,” he told me. His hand went for my boob and I grabbed it, stopping him.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Touching you. Why? Too far?”

“Uh, no, it’s just…they’re not like Emma’s,” I said. I didn’t want him to be disappointed.

“I don’t care, they’re yours so of course I love them,” he said.

Reassured now, I smiled and put his hand on my tit. He started to fondle it and then he let out a sigh. “Mmm. Nice. Will you show them to me?”

I nodded, slowly.

“Let’s go to my room,” he said, eagerly.

I hardly got the chance to say OK before he’d grabbed my hand and was pulling me out into the hallway and down to his room. Once inside there he locked the door. I felt kind of awkward because I was usually never allowed in his room. It was kinda messy but that was the last thing on my mind right now.

He wasted no time in grabbing my t-shirt by the hem and pulling it off, revealing my black lacy bra. He let out a low growl as his eyes took me in, then he reached behind me and expertly undid the clasp on my bra, pulling it off of me and tossing it.

“Oh God,” he muttered, and put his hands on my breasts. He started to fondle them and squeeze my nipples. “I can’t believe this is happening…Wow, your tits are so nice. So round and perky. And these nipples…”

My eyes drift halfway shut as he squeezed and tweaked my nipples. It felt so amazing. The pleasure radiated down my body to my pussy, throbbing. I’d never been more turned on in my life, but I had no idea what to really do other than stand there. Fortunately Henry had his own ideas. He took one of my hands and put it on the bulge in his pants, encouraging me to touch it. I rubbed it through his jeans and it felt enormous. Surely it couldn’t be that big, right? It was just because I had no experience that it felt gigantic to me.

It seemed to be getting even harder as I rubbed it, and Henry walked us over to his bed, laying me down on it and settling on top of me. He kissed and licked at my nipples, making me arch my back and make these embarrassing moaning sounds.

“Don’t be shy,” he smirked, then sucked my nipple into his mouth.

My eyes nearly rolled back into my head as his tongue massaged my nipple and his teeth lightly nipped at it. How could that feel so good? Wow, I had really been missing out. Is this what Emma was getting every night? Well now it was my turn!

“Oh God, do the other one,” I breathed.

He kissed his way over to my other tit to show it equal love. I was getting so hot and so wet I could barely stand it but it felt so good and I never wanted it to end.

Henry started to kiss his way down my chest and stomach, stopping to dart his tongue into my belly button before continuing downward. He hooked his fingers in my pajama pants and pulled them off, along with my underwear, baring me to him completely. Okay now I was starting to have second thoughts.

“Nervous?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Don’t be. I’m going to make you feel really really good,” he assured me, his hand traveling slowly up my thigh and to my pussy. I gasped when his fingers brushed my clit. Nobody had ever touched me there before. Well, nobody but me, that is. And let me tell you, it never felt this good when I did it.

” Mm, somebody’s hot and wet,” he smiled as he touched my button, his finger sliding around in my slick fluid.

My pussy twitched and creamed as his fingers stroked my swollen clit. I rocked my hips against his hand eager for more as the heat in my cunt grew. I felt like I had to have something inside me now, but I also loved what he was doing way too much to stop him.

“Like it?” he asked.

“Mmm yeah,” I sighed, wriggling my hips.

“Can I put a finger in?” he asked.

I nodded.

“You’re really wet so it shouldn’t hurt,” he told me.

I tensed up a bit when I felt his finger dip into me a bit but it didn’t hurt so I relaxed and let him slide his digit inside me. It felt a little uncomfortable at first but then I began to like the sensation of his finger in my pussy. When he started to slide it in and out of me it felt fantastic. My pussy was clenching at his finger and drooling more of my juices as his finger rubbed against my inner walls, fucking me.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned. “Oh, Henry that is nice.”

“Yeah, you like being fingerfucked by big brother, don’t you?” he cooed, obviously getting off on this.

“Yes! Yes,” I gasped, unable to deny it.

He pushed in another finger and the pleasure amped up a notch. Oh God it was great. All I could think was that we should have done this a long time ago. Little did I know, my brother had even more plans. He moved his face down between my legs and at first I was wondering what he was doing but then I felt his tongue on my clit, licking it as his fingers pumped inside me.

“Ahhh! Ah! Nnng!” I started to cry out as heat spread through me all the way up into my stomach and little jolts of pleasure shot down to my toes.

He stopped. “Shh,” he said. “You’ll wake up mom and Emma.”

“Sorry, sorry,” I whispered.

He went back to licking me and I had to grab onto the sheet and bite my lip to keep from screaming. His tongue was rolling up and down and around my clit and when he sucked it I lost all control. I started cumming twitching and gasping, trying my best not to scream as his tongue kept stimulating me. My body convulsed as I came down from my high but his little licks still sent residual shockwaves through me.

Okay now I knew why Emma was such a slut. Sex was awesome! This was just oral sex and it was amazing, how good would it be when he put it in me?

When Henry came up from my pussy he had to wipe his mouth because it was glistening with my cum. Damn that was hot. I couldn’t believe he didn’t mind practically drowning in my pussy juice. What a kind and giving brother I had. And talented, too! I really wanted to make him feel as good as he’d just made me feel.

“My turn,” I said. “I don’t really know what to do so you’ll have to show me.”

“Later, right now I have to have some of this,” he said, still stroking my pussy with his fingers. “You still want me right?”

“Yes,” I said, without hesitation.

Henry got up and started to undress. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside, revealing a tempting expanse of smooth skin and a well-defined chest with bulging biceps. I didn’t know he had all that under those shirts. Damn, he looked good, really good. Then he unfastened his jeans and pulled them off. The boxers were the last to go. They were black today, and when he pulled them down I gasped and almost darted off the bed. His cock was even bigger than I’d thought.

It wasn’t that it was obscenely long, but it was long enough to be intimidating to a virgin like me. The most striking thing was how thick it was. I had seen quite a few on the net and some had fat heads but his was just fat period. It looked big, thick and heavy, like it would totally destroy me!

“Um what is that?!” I asked, my whole body having gone tense.

“Don’t worry about it,” he cooed, climbing back into bed with me. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“How is that not gonna hurt?!” I cried, staring at it. It was pointing at me and bobbing, practically mocking me with its mammoth size. If it could talk I was sure it would say “girl, I’m gonna wreck you! Ha ha ha!”

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea. Maybe we should just stick to making out. Maybe I should just go,” I rambled, trying to get of the bed.

“Oh my God, calm down,” he laughed, pulling me back to him and kissing me. “It’s not that big. You will be fine. Do you really think I would hurt you?”

I thought about that. Well, no…I didn’t think he would. And then there was the fact that obviously Emma had made friends with his cock and she wasn’t walking bowlegged or anything…If she could do it, I could do it. I could not let her outdo me in anything, even this.

“You’re really wet and we’ll take it slow, okay?” he said, as he kissed me again distracting me completely. “This is gonna feel so good, you’ll see.”

I let his words and his kisses convince me and soon he was on top of me rubbing that monster against my clit and oh God did that feel good. Something was telling me that this was right, that he should be inside me, especially when I felt the head rub against my entrance. In my mind I was thinking if I moved just a bit he would go inside, and my pussy quivered in anticipation.

“Are you ready?” he whispered.

“Yes, do it,” I said.

He pushed at my entrance and at first it didn’t go anywhere but then he pushed more and I felt my lips part and my pussy opening as the head of his cock slid inside. I expected pain but it just felt good. I wanted more. I was shocked by how much I wanted to fuck him.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes, more,” I breathed.

He pushed in more and the pleasure intensified but then it seemed that my pussy got incredibly narrow or something because it started to burn and I tensed up. He didn’t go any further he just moved in and out a bit within those few inches that he’d already gained and that was definitely keeping me hot. I started to rock my hips trying to get more of him in me. He pushed in some more and it hurt some but it felt good too.

“Okay this is it, I’m gonna pop your cherry,” he told me.

I nodded, bracing myself for horrible pain. He pushed forward and I felt it pop, giving way for him to slide deeper into me. I cried out because the pain was sharp but it was quick and fleeting. Now all I felt was the sensation of being stretched beyond belief. It was uncomfortable but good, too. One more thrust sent him all the way inside me and when his hips reached mine I knew he could go no further. This was it, he was in.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, though my body was still tense.

He kept still for a bit letting me get used to the huge invader lodged inside me, and instead busied himself with kissing my neck and my tits. His mouth was working over one tit so good I started sighing and fondling the other to make the pleasure spread. My pussy began to throb madly and each time it did it squeezed around Henry’s cock causing the most delicious sensation. It was driving me crazy. I began to arch my back, instinctively. Sensing that I was ready for action, Henry pulled out of me and slid all the way back home in a long stroke. I groaned.

“Oh God,” I moaned. Fuck he was huge, but it felt really good. The pleasure was bordering on pain but I loved it.

“God you feel good,” he whispered. “So hot, wet and tight. I can’t believe my little sister is so sexy.”

I didn’t know what was making me feel better, his words of praise or his cock, but I was in a state of bliss. He was pumping me slow but deep and firm, and I spread my legs as far as I could and grabbed two handfuls of his ass feeling it tighten each time he drove into me, sending a wave of pure pleasure through my body. I knew that if mom ever found out that we did this she would kill us but the pleasure I was feeling now more than justified the risk.

His pace increased and so did my little cries of pleasure as the bed started to squeak under the pressure of our consistent and eager humping. Our bellies rubbed together and his pelvis pressed against my clit as I thrust in tandem with him. Oh, it was heavenly. I’d never felt closer to anyone.

He raised up on one arm holding his weight off me and looking down at me while he fucked me faster.

I started to cry out loudly again and he had to remind me to be quiet. It was so hard because it felt so good. Each time he would thrust his cock in it would hit this spot inside me that made my toes curl. I couldn’t believe I was scared of this before. He was right, it felt wonderful.

“You love this don’t you? You love big brother’s cock fucking you in your tight little pussy don’t you?” he grunted as he fucked me harder.

“Yes, yes yes!” I cried, grabbing hold of his arm for support as the pleasure became almost unbearable. “Please fuck me. Please don’t stop?”

Henry pulled my legs up so that they were bent at the knees and my thighs were pressed against my chest, fully opening my pussy up to him. I looked down and watched as his cock slid in and and out of pussy. I reveled in the slight smacking sounds of his balls meeting my ass again and again. I was in a frenzy of lust. I had no idea how I had ever lived without Henry’s giant cock in me, but I never wanted to be without it again.

“Oh God, oh fuck, so good,” he was moaning as he pounded me. I could not get enough. I was frantic. My heart was pounding, my fingernails were digging into his skin and my thighs were tightening around his waist. Something was happening, the longer we did it the more a sensation was growing deep inside me, it was just a spark of electricity at first but it was growing with each moment and now it was a ball of warm and tingly ecstasy building in my belly and growing with erotic pressure.

Henry reached between us and started rubbing my clit. The pressure inside me increased, the tingles intensified, and oh God something was going to happen.

“Oh god, Oh Henry,” I started chanting.

“Are you gonna cum?” he asked.

I squeaked and nodded.

“Just let it happen,” he said. “Cum for me, cum on my cock, baby.”

Another thrust and the tingly pressure erupted. A burst of white hot pleasure shot through my cunt and down my legs. I let out a scream and my whole body tensed up. Henry had to clamp a hand over my mouth because I moaned loudly as I came and my insides began to tighten up on him over and over again, pulsing and throbbing with pleasure, juices gushing out of me as his cock continued to pump me. My body convulsed beneath him and my pussy gulped at his cock trying to suck it inside and keep it there forever.

“Oh fuck, Lizzy, God you are cumming so hard. So hot…I’m gonna cum,” he huffed out. “Where do you want it?”

“In meee,” I moaned, still riding my own waves of pleasure.

“But you could get pregnant,” he said.

“Just this once is okay, right? Just one time?” I pleaded.

“Okay here I cum,” he said, and pumped me faster. Then he groaned and bit his lip as he let go, filling me with a big gush of his warm cum. I was in heaven, just knowing that he was cumming inside me and bathing my cervix in his creamy cum made delicious little aftershocks shoot through me even after my orgasm had waned. He gave me one last thrust and relaxed against me.

“Oh fuck,” he said, rolling off me and onto his back panting. “That was incredible.”

I was beyond words. I was no longer a virgin and I’d had my first orgasm with a guy inside me. I was so happy!

I felt incredibly empty without his cock in me and I was already wondering when we could do it again. For the moment, though, I felt satisfied like never before. My pussy felt pretty battered and I would probably be incredibly sore tomorrow but for now I was ecstatic and I felt great.

We lay there for a moment in peaceful silence.

“Hey Henry,” I said.

“Hmm?” he said, turning over and pulling me into his arms.

“Who’s your favorite sister?” I asked.

“Well obviously you,” he laughed. “After that I think you’ve won the number one spot for a lifetime.”

“Aww, am I only your favorite because I let you do me?” I asked, poking my bottom lip out to show my disappointment.

“Nope, you’ve kinda always been my favorite. You’re smart and you’re not a slut like Emma. And you’re also not bitchy 99% of the time. Plus you look the most like me,” he said with pride. “I just didn’t really know how to talk to you cause you always seem so serious.”

“Wow, really?” I asked.

“Yeah. Course now I know that we have more in common than I thought,” he said, and kissed me on the nose.

I smiled and kissed him on the lips.

After a bit I snuck back to my bedroom to go to sleep because I knew I couldn’t get caught sleeping with Henry, that would raise too many questions.

All night I dreamt about Henry, him eating my pussy, him fucking me, and even his cock fucking my ass. I also dreamed about sucking him off again. I really wanted to do that. I hoped that we would hook up again soon.

I woke up the next morning sore but happy and well-rested. I got up and headed to the bathroom. I found Emma standing in front of the bathroom door, kicking it impatiently.

“Hurry up in there Henry, you retard!” she yelled.

“Why don’t you just go shower in the downstairs bathroom?” I asked.

“I don’t want to,” she said. “This is my favorite bathroom, it has the perfect water pressure.”

“Oh,” I said. “I hadn’t noticed.”

“Yeah, well it does. God, Henry takes forever in there. He’s probably jacking off,” she said, resentfully. Then she leaned close to me and whispered, “I heard from Jennifer Kaufield that he’s like totally addicted to sex. It’s all he ever thinks about. And she said his thing is like huge and she was sore for a week after they did it! EWWWW!”

I gaped at her.

“You…You heard? You mean you’ve never actually seen it?” I asked.

“What? No! Gross! Listen here, I may be a bit of a slut at times, but I’m not about to get on my own brother!” she cried, and turned around, prancing back to her room.


Just then, the door opened and Henry appeared, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair was dripping wet and little droplets of water were running down his chest. Wow, he looked sexy.

“Hey, baby sister,” he said, looking at me like I was a birthday cake and it was his birthday. “Are you about to shower? Want some company?” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Uhmmm, Henry….Question,” I said, holding up a finger. “What exactly do you do when you sneak into Emma’s room at night?”

“Oh,” he said, running a hand through his hair with an uncomfortable look. “Ummm not much, just jack off while I look at her. She would be so mad if she knew, but I couldn’t help it ever since I found out she sleeps naked.”

Was he serious?

“Plus sometimes her boyfriend sneaks through her window at night and fucks her then leaves her just lying there in a pool of his cum,” he said, laughing. “What a douchebag. But it’s kinda hard not to look at her splayed out there and drooling cum without touching myself.”

I could only blink at him in horror.

I did all that…and he and Emma had never…

They weren’t even…

He was only…

She didn’t even know that he…


“Why?” he asked. “Oh, did you think we were doing it? Emma would never let me fuck her. I tried to touch her tits once when I was 14 and she smacked me as hard as possible, called me a little pervert and told me if I tried that again she would end my life. That’s why I was so surprised last night when you said you wanted me. I mean really I was shocked, I could hardly believe it.”

I started laughing. Unbelievable! So all the stuff I did with him, it really was as perverted as I’d always thought. I was the only one thinking and doing these things.

“What?” he asked. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” I said, shaking my head. “Nothing.”

“Well, I’m really glad I have a cute little sister who loves me and is every bit as horny as I am. So why don’t you come in here, and I’ll show you how to do that thing you wanted to do to me last night?” he suggested, taking my hand and tugging me into the bathroom with a naughty smile on his face.

Now that I knew it really was wrong and out of the ordinary for us to be doing it, and I now knew that I had always been Henry’s favorite all along, I had no reason or excuse to go further. I had all the reason in the world to say no.

Instead I shut the door and locked it, taking my nightgown off and then tugging off Henry’s towel.

Emma would just have to wait a while for her perfect water pressure.

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