Spicing it up for Amy Katy by ironworks,ironworks

Neil listened to the click clack of Amy Katy’s high heels as they walked across the hotel foyer. She was looking good in a green mini dress, matching nail polish, hair down. She was wearing the special ankle chain, symbol that she was his only. He felt his cock stirring as he caught a whiff of her perfume.

He walked behind her up the carpeted stairs enjoying the roll of her firm buttocks as she ascended. Demurely she tried to hold the hem of her dress tightly across the back of her thighs so as not to reveal too much leg.

Neil smiled. Very prim and proper he thought to himself. But that would change when he did things to her that she had never imagined, ravished her sexy little body till she couldn’t think straight.

Amy Katy looked back over her shoulder and flushed as if she realized he was thinking about how he was going to use her……

‘Come here,’ Neil said coldly when they were in their room.

Amy Katy obediently went over, head down. He turned her round so that they were both facing the big wardrobe mirror, lifted her hair and kissed her neck. Her eyes closed and she only opened them when she felt him cup her bare breasts through her dress. He unzipped her and yanked down the dress till it pooled around her feet. She stepped out of it, standing completely naked now except for her heels.

His fingers went to her firm, little breasts and he rolled her nipples the way he knew got her going. They hardened and she moaned when he pinched them and pulled them away from her tits. His other hand dropped to her shaved pussy and caressed it lightly. She wriggled when he worked a finger up her sticky pussy and her mouth went slack.

‘Wet already slut,’ said Neil, getting her by the hair and yanking her head back. He licked her sensitive neck, sucking her ear into his mouth, making her squirm. She shivered when he ran a possessive finger down the cleft of her rear.

‘ I have a surprise for your tight little bottom today,’ Neil whispered, working his tongue into her ear, exciting her aching nipples and moistening pussy even more.

‘Get on the bed, face down, up on your knees,’ he ordered.

Amy Katy tingled at his control of her.

‘Yes master,’ she whispered. going red as her lewdly exposed pussy and bottom went up in the air.

Neil roped her hands to the bed head. He tied her pretty ankles to the bottom posts, savored the spread of her aroused pussy and the wrinkled pucker of her other hole. He rummaged in their luggage and brought out a plastic container. He removed a smooth, peeled lump of ginger root shaped like a butt plug from its foil wrap. The natural oils were leaking slightly from it.

Neil held it close to Amy Katy’s nose letting her get the smell of it.

‘Ginger root. Sometimes used for punishment, sometimes for pleasure but whatever it is for you, you will remember this for a long time. I’m going to stick it up your anus,’ said Neil

Her eyes widened. Already her legs were trembling.

Neil turned on the radio, found some soft rock and upped the volume. He felt her tense as he guided the ginger root to her anus and pushed about an inch up her. Her head reared up and she gasped..

‘Oh, oh’, it’s burning hot,’ she howled.

She thrashed about as Neil worked it further into her anus. The next two minutes were exquisite pain.

‘Please take it out it’s so hurting,’ Amy Katy groaned

He spanked her hard on her exposed buttocks and she involuntarily clenched them only making the sensation up her hole intensify.

‘Oh, oh,oh,’ she groaned.

Neil watched her frantic writhing as he stripped off his shirt, dropped his jeans and released his throbbing penis.

‘Look round’, he commanded.

Amy Katy twisted her head back her eyes glazing as she stared at the object of her adoration. Neil’s cock jerked further upright, his exposed glans already glistening.

After what seemed an age to her the pain in her anus eased a little but was replaced by a terrible burning itch that she was desperate to scratch as she gyrated on the bed.

‘Stop wriggling around and flaunting your fuck holes or I’ll spank you again,’ Neil warned. He eased the ginger root further up her relishing her discomfort as he moved it around inside her stimulating her itchy hole.

Suddenly he began pulling it out of her making her squeal. Her bottom made a lewd plopping sound as it emerged.

Neil stared greedily at her wet ass gape as he stroked his rigid cock.

Amy Katy moaned her submission. She knew what was coming, was desperate for relief hoping for something, anything to soothe her itching bottom.

She panted as Neil mounted her, guiding his glistening helmet to her pulsing brown ring. Steadily but relentlessly he forced inch after inch of his penis up into her.

Amy Katy urged him on with little cries, churned her hips, made circles on his cock as he began to ride her.

‘You insatiable little slut,’ said Neil.

He timed his words with his thrusts as he began to pump into the juiced up depths of her anus. Breathing heavily he fucked her furiously yanking on her hair.

Amy Katy groaned and whined clawing at the duvet as he drove at her mercilessly, She began to beg as Neil raked his nails down her back grunting with pleasure. He loved her begging, loved his domination of her, loved that she needed that.

‘Master please please,’ moaned Amy Katy.

Her ginger root stimulated anus clutched at his cock as she came.

She felt Neil’s cock growing inside her nearing the point of no return. She climaxed again and a third time as Neil exploded, spurting his hot load deep up into her.

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